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tv   Book Discussion on The Wind in the Reeds  CSPAN  November 30, 2015 1:53am-2:01am EST

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freest america that ever lived. it will be an american century. god bless. [applause] thank you. >> i have traveled the world actually never thought of myself that way. but coming international with the places that they europe it is a unique demonstration of the american anesthetic.
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one of gregarious and passion and vision. and a great opinion. it is very need to have that epiphany and awakening today. it reminded me of what i went through. but first and foremost, i am from new orleans. but minnesota defining of who i am it is like a loved one or even as a person
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there n. dear to my heart. so ted years ago with the disaster of katrina i thought that i had lost in thought she had died. many of us can remember where rework when we heard the notes. ♪ ♪ ♪ we thought she was gone forever. a funeral procession that storm destroyed 80 percent and i knew 20 years from now some kid would come up to me to say in the darkest hour
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why did you do? i wanted to have an answer so i decided i am an artist first and foremost, so i along with the creators and the founders of the classical theater of harlem in new york did a production of an existential play from 50 years ago this our real about two men in the wake of nothingness other than a sense of who they are looking up side of themselves to find purpose and a sense of their own humanity. who they are and what they stand for. something outside of
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themselves and it is an image of two men in new women's in the water abandoned ikea is looking at something in the air. the classic play that it speaks to humanity no matter where we are across time and space from not the occupied paris where the play was written to sarajevo in 1984 doing in the midst of the balkan war so many people were suffering that we saw the ugliest part. because it moved the inmates to read they can see purpose
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to their hopelessness and then we went to new orleans that miles around everything was destroyed what the flood did and how many lives were destroyed. and let's do the play here. and that is why i decided to do the play. . .
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