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tv   General Stanley Mc Chrystal on Team of Teams  CSPAN  June 30, 2015 1:51am-3:19am EDT

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so i do think we -- did the to occupy to build a stable afghanistan cemetery remember the first time i went to afghanistan a few years ago i think that trip is a really got me started about writing because this is about 2006 we have already spent tens of billions of dollars on construction in afghanistan and. i expected to see some evidence of those tens of billions of dollars and driving around the city there was absolutely no evidence of any improvements based on anything from economic reconstruction. everybody still lives there
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virtually no paved streets, it was terrible and i kept thinking as a reporter i have to think about where is the money going? over time reporters figured out it was going on flights to dubai been going right back out to private bank accounts sinecure book "pay any price" tells the stories of the gold rush to cash in on all the spending some of it went to do to buy or corporations that did very well to contract. jihadi ince has been listening to you must have questions and we have time for two or three. if anybody would like to move to the microphone. >> if we had not gone into iraq with the war it up -- were on terror me over by
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now? >> i think a good chance of that. >> counterfactual is hard but i think had we defeated to set sufficient troops to afghanistan in 2001 tour trap al qaeda there at that point, the ideology would have been almost discredited they would not have to stay with that poorly conducted invasion of iraq and occupation and we would have seen a far more effective reconstruction ever in afghanistan for remember he is right it remains of talk -- a tough place not a hot
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vacation spot but the people think it is going right direction and just coming up from such a low base there were phone numbers in afghanistan were three digit in on september 11 and there were fewer than 1,000 in the country and today there are 50 million every other afghan has the telephone think of the multiplier effect like banking is extraordinary. i think by failing to focus on the war in front of us us, by a very early that will pull its was whispering in president bush's year we need to invade iraq on the day we already talked with
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the countries that have nothing to do with al qaeda or the attacks but that decision had that not happen and i think this would be a decade-long rather than a century long and we would have a panel on education or something. [laughter] >> afternoon. you have been critical of both the bush and obama administration one of the criticisms u.s. policy has gotten is we have supported dictators for temporary security so given the failure of the arabs during and just about every country except to meshach, what do you recommend going forward
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for the united states with policies that we support? the rise of democracy? or do we go for temporary security? >> super complicated because there is no one size fits all answer. we are doctorate -- toward democracy to evert than saudi arabia hold onto your hat the most radical the source said 15 of 19 hijackers and they have been more radicalized since then so that is not something i am in favor of. i. this is one of the reasons the obama administration is pursuing a relationship with iran with a veneer of the entire
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american government 790 surprise to see saudi arabia and iran flap places with their importance with policy in the middle east. this is no easy answer in general i am not in favor of military intervention i think only when we are committed to remain for generations as germany and italy japan and south korea and only pay as we go to raise taxes in advance of the operation they do believe the world is on the strongly democratic trend you can see that over the past century and i think it will continue over time. >> to more questions. >> good afternoon. you mentioned i says to be al qaeda of a bite to borrow a term not university of mexico but was bush's
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personal brief her from the cia referred to it as then give no generation emerging. the way we conducted ourselves in the eyes of the people of the arab world, how do we correct our mistakes? is of grave and to get well -- guantanamo. >> i concur completely with that assessment that both episodes are extremely harmful to american foreign policy to the perception of the united states in the arab world and the obama administration have the right answer to move those
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who are stateless to maximum-security prison inside the his states congress has prevented that from happening one instance where they have been injuries to the united states but i am interested in your answer. >> i agree. this goes back to what we've talked about earlier the degree to which u.s. actions have had a negative effect with the unintended consequence it is one of many. part and parcel of a decision to invade iraq to continue this tactical approach if you thank you can kill your way out then you're not understanding what is going on in front of you. we have to be smarter about
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how we intervene in the whole region. and this is just one of those issues that goes to the heart of it. what bothers me politically inside the united states there is no political incentive for the president or congress or anyone else to step back to say stop i think the war is not conducted in the right way because the only political cost to day, was there an attack inside the united states? somebody blown up? a pipe bomb? so if we have taught the politicians that is the only thing they have to fear. that leads you to a very tactical short term
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approach. . . or in the white house has any time to think about are we doing it the right way? let's just kill al qaeda guy number three again. >> i think we have time for one more question as long as we answer each in 90 seconds. >> good afternoon. mr. nagl. you refer to the u.s. drone war as one of the successful parts of the u.s.' war on terror. imcurious with the civilian deaths deaths and collateral damage is not creating more resentment. >> it is creating are more resentment but first, the drone strikes are far more precise than tank warfare is, the subject of which i have some experience certainly in previous bombing campaigns and so collateral damage is inherent in the use of violence. you're always going to kill some people you don't mean to on balance we have, i believe destroyed al qaeda 1.0 and done
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grave damage its successor organization through the use of drones, but i agree with jim's broader point we have not conducted an effective information operations war in order to minimize the effect of those accidental deaths, and more broadly to attack the ideology of our enemy. >> i would say that it's probably -- if you were looking purely at a military tactical standpoint, the drones have been generally successful. but i do think that i would have to disagree on the point of the degree -- if you look at -- on balance, i would say that the resentment that it's stoking especially in places like the northwest frontier in pakistan, and in yemen and places like that that ultimately it's like a drug. akind of like crack. it's helping us in the short
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term helping us us get through the short-term periods where american counterterrorism officials are looking like week by week. they're not looking down the road at the long-term consequences and we're creating new generations in that part of the world that say when i grow up i'm going kill an american because they killed my father. >> that has to be our last word. thank you both very much. thank you james risen. author of "pay any price." and john nagl, author of "knife fight. "thank you for joining us today.
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