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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  June 20, 2015 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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s the bureaucracy and some areas of the political establishment. i think this challenge for us right now i would say all the stakeholders, how we can connect these dots. the top-level meetings' trying to put together this kind of business community other bureaucracies that are very much engaged with a positive agenda to check if we have a knew chapter. >> one thing that has been lacking's having a coalition amongst multiple and a lot of other countries that are incredibly important. >> it is important to stress that role.
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when they get together but if you look at any given moment let's look at the movie and it tells a different story's a complex narrative and chose a relationship that is growing and complexity and as it moves it becomes more important for the leaders of the countries to get together and have a good high-level dialogue's. not only picking up but now we have to make it much more difficult, sometimes it has to do with the legislative branch and civil society if you want to move forward in advance. already very complex.
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>> now it is more climbing up the apple tree. it's there has been, the option was presented about coming to washington the option of an official visit for a state visit further down the road. why did she choose to visit washington now? 's and from the brazilian government what are you hoping are the results to come? 's. >> why she came now? as fast as possible. we would not allow. but these visits are special visits, not just an official visit. lots of elements.
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the american government is attaching importance to this visit, and we appreciate that very much. you will see when she comes the gestures are included in this visit's. the details of the program itself's. i can tell you it's very much satisfied with the preparations for the visit. >> i was going to interject committing to the next checkpoint. it presidential visit i used
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's they are checkpoints we have to report on what you just did. the amount of time we cannot let that happen again which would be an amazing outcome but the right level of urgency on all parties and all folks involved. >> let's drill down a little bit more on the substance. come up to visit. of course what can and cannot be said. you mentioned a couple of issues talking about science, technology, health, education's defense cooperation, climate change and the collaboration of regional and global issues haiti among the regional issues. further into depth a lot of talk about climate change
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being a marquee agreement's. what can you say about what that agreement could potentially look like? is that going to be the bedrock foundation that will come out of this agreement? and also if you could talk more about beyond us brazil, the areas of cooperation and we are looking at brazil. >> a fair question but i am afraid i may disappoint you with the answer. i tend i tend to like to leave some of this to my presidential analysis'. presidents get a little tense not to say we're not talking about the areas of interest. and i would not say although i think this administration places a very great importance on moving
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toward the climate conference in paris in the fall and trying to work with brazil's. it is hard to say that that is the centerpiece of this because there is so much diversity and what we will be talking about. i am low to say that there is a particular piece, the barometer of whether we succeed or fail. i i think that is just not the way we measure this visit. in in some respects it is more a question of you know, we have ten's or 15 things, all of them important and in no a way that is the breadth of it that is the measure of how important. i i also think that the fact that there is a part of this visit we will talk about the
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economic and trade relationship's which has been a a difficult part of the relationship over the years, a very important part of this visit that there is an ability to talk about that you know, work together on trade facilitation agreements. picking one and saying it is the bedrock is not quite possible. i do think other regional and global issues there are a number a number of things that are clearly going to be under discussion. no doubt that every meeting we have had regionally or with individual countries that are particularly important such as brazil lately have touched on the issues in venezuela.
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it has to be true given our countries critical roles. the leaders will discuss haiti. again, i think our ability to partner with brazil and other places as the president looks forward to the peacekeeping summit that he will hold in the fall at the un general assembly obviously is a critical role as leader of the mission in haiti another area that will be discussed. >> one of the things you mentioned eliminating trade barriers but specifically talking about a service sector moving beyond goods and one of the areas that we see as ripe for growth, knowing brazil domestically. but is that -- i no we
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cannot preview too much, but do you see the phils -- the facilitation? >> you know, i think that we at the us have been in a position of being ready to talk about greater engagement on trade issues for a while. i think that it is something of interest but it is a question of taking that issue at the pace of our brazilian colleagues. i am not sure i can get into it much further than that. >> just to add something how they know the bureaucracy and looking ahead you know that they have just sent to the sitting congress a defense
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agreement, a kind of framework agreement that appears not to be that crucial. if you're not someone who has studied the matter but this agreement the last time you had an agreement like this was 1977, an agreement from the 50s during the cold war and 77 a brazilian dictatorship of the time. since then we have not had any agreement and the defense area. now the deals have just been sent to the congress. because we think that's important and take a strong signal from the brazilian side that we want to improve our relations in defense moving forward to create
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knew partnerships for the defense industries. the global issue of climate change is also a priority. and this is something that we can work together to move the global agenda forward and this is because brazil and the us have done a lot in this area. it is not that we just announced targets and did not do anything but it is easy to announce targets. the difficult part is to comply. the over complied. of course we have to respect the difference that we are
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kind of looking at right into monday the 31st the trade barriers between the two countries. >> minister of development came to me. first visit to a foreign country. and it is really a priority for the united states as a central practice of central trade partner. the 1st destination. it is important for us. i think there is an emphasis now trade facilitation.
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if we move fast in this area the trade, 10 percent or even one that if you engage in more comprehensive kind of negotiations that is for long-term. i think that we have to create momentum in the trade facilitation area is a new area another element we are working on and both areas can have a positive impact. >> you are all about metrics.
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you have to be. you have to be. i want to ask you the private sector perspective business-to-business engagement is so critical. it is different from the us relationship. a lot of times it's very much about government to government level. in many ways the fruits of collaboration between the two countries happens with the private sector. brazilian companies provide tens of thousands of us jobs and vice versa. what do you see as the obstacles from a us company standpoint that are currently in place for us-based brazilians looking to expand to the brazilian market both as a a result of us policy and as a result of brazilian policy and what sort of policy changes would need to happen to make companies like multinational
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corporations and small and medium-sized see greater opportunity for that market. >> good question. first and foremost 200 million people rising middle class, 100 plus million people already in the workforce which generates more activity rising education levels. the levels. the state itself for brazil and the brazilian population, the economy for businesses to do more. i want to start with that and say you have almost 30 years working in the country that said, there are opportunities to go faster. every multinational in a liquor brazil recognize also on the flipside the complexity can't be that complexities world bank the world bank puts out a measure, is a doing business
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enable velocity. again, technology can enable some of that some of the localization requirements, there are opportunities for the government for the policymakers to look at measures and metrics of adoption as the way to look at it as opposed to saying how the ict is produced. that would enable a more thriving ecosystem that would generate hundreds of millions of workers using
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technology that would self-sustaining. >> a huge amount of us investment, but we are reminded by the chinese premiers visit 53 billion. but there is still many more us and chinese companies investing in brazil, china overtook brazil. imagine if more of this business was going to us that chinese companies. what could be done to really from a business perspective allow us businesses to be able to kind of thrive in the brazilian market and a time when there is increasing interest from other strong countries.
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>> that's for you. >> look, i don't think it is an or. one thing we share is hope for what will come. now is the time. the us and brazil need each other. 200 million consumers, great opportunity. there's a lot that they can gain if they provide easier access. i hope it is an and conversation more than just what is china doing. >> you were nodding your head yes. >> far too often is what you are doing about the chinese incursion. as long as everyone plays by the rules.
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>> a critical. it's two different negotiations. if you take the discussion in the level of interaction we are a thousand years ahead dealing with china's from a different perspective attracting basic investment. you can see the difference. the challenge right now is trying to number two to -- trying to move the negotiation forward regulatory issues of the key not anymore's. we're talking about the way
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that us develop technology how we approach issues, redefine the framework's. this kind of more complicated issues have nothing to do with the relation. we have an opportunity in the sense that we have an avenue for dealing with it in this sense. we just don't have that with china. we cannot avoid that relationship. it is not as strategic. >> to add a few i'd, i agree completely it is not either china or the us. we see in brazil to international affairs a zero sum game.
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the addition and multiplication and subtraction's. the complement of foreign relations' to explore new opportunities for development. several companies are investing in research and development. we have knew investments in pnd, -- r&d. several companies that are here today, microsoft ge several others. investing in brazil and this area. and when you are human resources training to meet the new demand of engineers europe.
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in this regard this is why cooperation is so important. several universities over 20,000 of them have come to the us and are bringing back this new package not only the knowledge but also learning the system, how it works, how to make things happen command they will be ambassadors of the united states and brazil something that people sometimes do not realize. and the idea she had this vision and is implementing it. is there something more? i don't think so. you're bringing back several brazilians they will become advocates of the stronger brazil us relationship.
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>> and it is important. we have been talking about business-to-business from us companies investing. it is incredibly important to.out the number of brazilian companies investing in the united states as well. members are not too well known. >> a new study will be launched next week in preparation for the visit sponsored by brazilian trade investment promotion agency that impact brazil and the brazil industry coalition. the members are here. and it is amazing the findings that they have in this new report. what we find is -- i won't tell everything because it is still confidential but i can tell just one. >> a lot of preview. >> 2001 and 2012 brazil was the emerging country. country. the us increase the most which was impressive. you look at who are the
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emerging countries. nowadays they like to travel. >> am actually in rio right now. [laughter] >> if you like to travel there's a good chance you'll probably fly on a brazilian aircraft. if you get hungry you can order brazilian hamburger and drink your brazilian beer brazilian orange juice in the cup paper plastic manufactured in the us by a brazilian petrochemical company. >> coming, coming, lots of recognition of how important brazilian multinational and now many jobs they provide's
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>> i want ~ members the figures. >> we are going to use the last 20 minutes. plenty more questions. we will take the remainder to ask questions. if you're watching via webcast you can tweak your question. >> if we were having this conversation five or ten years ago at a meeting between the two be about to happen we would be discussing support for
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brazil and the security council, the united nations. why is this an issue anymore >> i have i have to look down my panel to see. >> trying. in a sense. two very important movements in this. good defense and some element of the global issue. why it's so important. understand this kind of agreement as a way the two countries are going in a direction we finally find common political realm between the two countries. more broad political agreement to find a more
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concrete agenda. the brazil us relations of blood -- broad political platform. brazil and the us don't have it. this kind of element now start to have a sign that we can have something in common coming around across the political platform. ten years ago yet he is a little bit different. now we have a different time to discuss this kind of issue. the security council, but there are the issues of
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defense it used to be a very complicated element. >> other questions? >> with the financial times. 100 percent. why should we be skeptical? to be skeptical and think that this visit might be a bit more talkative substance. >> , and optimist.
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>> no reason to be skeptical. >> the biggest thing would be a missed opportunity. nothing tangible comes out of it that would be the skepticism nothing tangible. could argue businesses are groups the one action out of this figure frustrated that of it. again, given what we have have come from to where it is, i think it seems very unlikely given the breadth of the conversation education to science technology to defense cooperation the climate change to global regional issues. but thank you for that doesn't skepticism you read. [laughter] >> other questions. first row over here.
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>> the council of economic effective of economic affairs. it's to the us afghanistan moscow the senate deal to the carrier broken for the past ten years give or take. talk more about any possible deals when they come to washington. >> okay. defense deals. >> high. this question is for secretary jacobson. the growing political and economic crisis. >> on the 1st issue on the defense issue not
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necessarily the right person answer the cooperation between the two government decides and nondefense industry issues. a pheromone already. but i think our brethren my brother and at the department of defense are qualified you a broader answer. >> the two companies, the
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brazilian company an american company that offered to create a reserve center to pass the biofuel this is something interesting that will help us to reduce the mission in the future. and the and the center is going well and they are already products in the market. it seems that they qualify for commercial views. maybe in the future you will have for brazil, the us, private sector proffering to solve this kind which is a lot of value in terms of research and development in science and innovation. this will also be very
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competitive advantage in the future since we have all countries. >> to raise the question. >> on that question we believe and have for a long time that brazil is a crucial actor venezuela its influence is critical not only bilaterally because of there relationship but obviously in the important role you played vis-à-vis venezuela and certainly at one time the foreign ministers from brazil, ecuador, and columbia can reemerge important in terms of getting a date both of
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them have individually on the election issue. >> second row and peter has a question as well. >> how much is this helped politically domestically? >> thanks. >> here in the 1st row. >> thanks. i want to ask if we can address where we are on some of the forms particularly the economic forms that are happening in brazil and, of course the bilateral relationship is critical. things cannot happen unless
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some of the changes the pres. is president is proposing, the finance minister is proposing are actually going to occur. i would love to here about that is. >> thanks. >> start on the reforms. >> okay. i think from the political side facing a very complicated domestic political conquest. basically the visions the shoot breaking down. facing the risk for political relations. and the situations have to do with the emergence on the position groups from the more right side of the political spectrum. and in this context when they have been meeting with
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the us try to recall that part of the issue that used to be associated for a more liberal or right-wing group. i think for her it has been part of the timing of this. try to indicate, look, i'm not just national or whatever. but also to have this kind of global engagement the relations with the us. whether i think it is important, it's an opportunity for her to have an effect with the media. right now it's in a position to have a good agenda a good agenda with the brazilian media. for her it is important from the political side. >> the question. >> am sorry. a brisk -- a business engagement.
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economic reform. >> politically. >> again i think that economic reform -- the status -- i will let my colleagues comment on the status of the economic reform that we need to see -- businesses need to see business being done in the country the use of which has to do with reform and tax structure's the need to happen. you will see more confidence in the private sector to continue investment at four or five years ago was pretty obvious and evident. a lot of folks looking for the stability. >> other questions? third row. a row. a quick question and then some closing remarks. >> john sanchez. the president must sense to bills to the congress yesterday's about terrorism.
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this means that we can see some movement and global entry and also we can see some increasing tourism flow particularly from us to brazil. >> thank you. >> i guess what i would say is i anticipate that there will be a positive conversation on global entry is part of this visit. i cannot -- i do not know whether that will be you know, and announcement of actual implementation or anything. you know, it is getting close but obviously we are pleased by movement of the bill and we will continue to discuss with brazil, you know, how to move forward on that issue. >> just to add some of the low hanging fruit from the perspective to enable business to happen getting business happen, getting
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business -- visitors in the country, a real example, our chief officer is supposed to be -- actually ran in brazil on monday and some of his entourage that would have come within could not get visas process in time or vice versa. folks trying to come to the united states to do the exchange programs and things of that nature the complexity on our side not our side but equally not easy to do. again, i see that as low hanging fruit to let the private sector. >> the global enterprise is also a matter of what else can happen in the future. visit is future. the visit is an opportunity to kind of push things forward that might not have happened and to give it the presidential direction to make that happen. just a quick final question. the perspective. what has happened in washington?
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>> for the trip to be a went? a when? to come back to brazil and say, this trip was successful. >> from the western perspective the private sector, american private sector perspective to indications that there is room for improvement in economic gains would be the key element. if she had these had in her hand when she comes back to brazil it's the asset that she needs to move forward, forward, to go forward in a sense to build this, the kind of political. >> president obama his 4th quarter what does
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this have to look like for it to be a went from a went from the us perspective? or is it already? >> i think we do not set the bar too low, but i think that the fact that we are back to having regular conversations there's a lot going on below all that we set up at the ministerial level and below are working and the movement ahead is on some tougher issues whether it is internet governance or defense of climate. we will have at advances. all of that to me speaks of victory. >> i think that is an appropriate way to conclude the panel. before panel. before they come up to give closing remarks, please join me in a round of applause. [applause] >> and a great pleasure to introduce the representative
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from the us brazil business council, or partner in this event and our partner in multiple events we have done on brazil a great a great working relationship. also vice president. >> thank you. as you can tell from my appearance you get to for the price of one. i am here representing but the brazil us business council and the us private counsel that does business in and with brazil and also the gentleman who had the honor of serving as chair of the us brazilian counsel the last three years. what we like to say is we are approaching a 50/150 it is our birthday, 150 years old this year. fifty years in brazil. it is an honor for us to be here. for the panelists and guests alike i like to see familiar
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faces. that was an outstanding discussion. they give they give us a glimpse into the future of the bilateral relationship and the pres.'s visit to president's visit to washington, but not only as we heard about the bilateral relationship, but the focus on the global relationship on global partnership on issues and also the original partnership, which is quite important. but, we are pleased that you have saved some for the president and look forward to her visit. a special a special thank you to secretary roberta jacobson. we know that you have a lot on your plate and a proud to have you leading the dialogue. we're definitely looking forward to your next steps. to our deputy chief admissions thank you for being here with us today.
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peter, i wanted to say thank you for bringing all of these important issues to the front burner. burner. thank you very much to the atlantic council and the brazil council. we are grateful for you being gracious hosts. i want to congratulate the center so this information now we believe will provide a great base for future cooperation between our two countries and for the larger benefit of the trade discussion taking place between the two countries. brazil countries. brazil and us are at a pivotal moment in the private sector plays a crucial role we know in helping to define a clear agenda with concrete steps. we have remained engaged in conjunction with counterparts over the last
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few years as the relationship has taken different twists and turns and are hopeful for the outcomes on the commercial side of this visit. after hearing from our distinguished guests, it is clear that the relationship has been forward. our agenda is appropriately ambitious you still achievable and worth pursuing. on behalf of the brazil us business council and the us private sector i want to reiterate our commitment to strengthening the brazil us relationship and contributing to a positive agenda for the president's visit that benefits both countries and citizens. a pleasure to be here with you and thank you for our host and have a wonderful a wonderful and restful not only did the weekend. you deserve it. thank you. [applause] >> thank you very much. much. i want to thank adrienne for being with us today. [applause]
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and i want to thank our fantastic team led by natalie. [applause] spearheads are brazil work in this event would not be possible without her vision and dedication and that of the entire fantastic team. if you team. if you have not received your copy of the report, it is out there. interactive online. thank you.
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