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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  February 7, 2014 2:00am-4:01am EST

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onto the next amendment. >> faq. i would like to reflect on what we covered in terms of my image moved with the last. up before i offered to modify that amendment choose talk about that content of modification. . .ield?
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>> yes. >> i want to thank the gentleman for his courtesy which he just said is absolutely incorrect and not true.
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letters were sent out as the ranking member. i'm the ranking member of this committee. i did nothing different with what mr. issa has done with looking at situations. and i don't want to put out there that i was trying to act on behalf of the committee or anything unusual. we were basically looking into voting situations and whether voters were in any way, in any way being impeded from voting. i want to thank the gentleman. and we have the letters by the way. and chairman issa was sent copies of all the letters. it wasn't like we were hiding anything. >> and i thank the gentleman and certainly wanting to make sure that you have the opportunity. and so miss engelbreach. the gentleman from one that i would let him follow up on that
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and give him the yield in terms of following him to assure you that near he nor his staff nor anyone would have contacted the irs to investigate you and to do that. so i yield to the gentleman and let him give you those. >> i can assure you. and i want to thank the gentleman for that. there is no one that i know of that can care more about the rights of our citizens than i do. and i'm sure all of us do. but just as you all have a passion, and i respect that, i too have a passion to make sure that no one, i don't care if it's tea party, republican or democrat, nobody is blocked from voting. there's no way that i would be sitting here today, no way, unless it was for -- unless we had fair voting in this nation.
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my 88-year-old mother who is probably watching us right now could not vote. and the last thing i said, ma, one of the things she said to me, i do not want to die with a thought that my peep are losing their right to vote. and so i got to tell you, i want to thank the gentleman, because i want that to be clear. and i will fight until i die -- until i die -- for the right to vote, because it's not about me. it's about generations yet unborn and their rights. and just like you all care about irs not doing the things that you feel they did. i feel the same way. i don't want the irs targeting anybody. but at the same time, i have the same passion about that right to vote. and again, i want to thank the gentleman for yielding. >> i want the gentleman to be able to assure her that -- and i'll let him speak to this --
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that he did not direct his staff nor anybody at the irs to investigate you and look into this particular manner.
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