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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  June 23, 2013 1:45pm-2:01pm EDT

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200 minnesota, and one in seven and 100 in missouri. but the proportion of people actually turning out and voting in these primaries was so small, and yet they are driving the nomination for that process. that is going on all over the country. people actually participating. one of the points i made in that recent article, 57 million have not watched fox news and the same thing for obama and dc. now, people aren't watching them. >> host: is there a solution?
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politicians a figure that the piece of the issues that motivate segments of voters. it. >> every time it has something positive say. i have been a professor for four years. i have never been more concerned about the future. the costs. the same time, have great faith in public. all of the proposals that are put forward, redistricting, there won't hurt, but they are unlikely to do much more good. i think that some point you're going to see another david brooks center called it, ross perot. i think something like that, a third-party movement, someone from the common sense center shakes things up enough.
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probably our only real hope. >> host: what to use each year as stanford? >> guest: the american course for 35 years now. certain seminars. >> host: are your students different today? they ask the same questions? >> yes. now, a small sample of people in a highly effective university, but this is there are not politically -- my senses and people are not politically involved as we work. coming out of vietnam. there was a real reason to be politically concerned during the 60's. i think there is a sense in which dissolution from politics, there is an understanding. one of the things republicans are missing is that obviously you have problems among the young because of social issues. yet i, when i find youngsters i
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find a sense of openness to new economic policies. they know that the old policies are not working. they realize that they're worried. not too far away. it will not be there for them. they know medicare is unsustainable. think they're open to a new sort of economic appeals. it makes it acceptable, just like silicon valley which will drive change. there's only so long. we are seeing today, for 1976 and 1992. we have a party that is gone off course relative to the american public. haul them back in the senate. it may take awhile. it took the democrats 20 years.
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>> host: well, the chair just announce that there will open up an office here. >> guest: he is an optimist. >> host: we have been talking with morris fiorina, political science professor here at stanford university, author of this series "culture war?: the myth of a polarized america" as well as this book, disconnect the breakdown of representation in american politics. you're watching book tv on c-span2. >> visit to watch any of the programs you see your online. type the author or book tyler the search bar the upper left side of the page and click search. you can also share anything you see on easily by clicking share on the upper left side of the page and selecting the format.
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book tv streams live online for 48 hours every weekend with top nonfiction books and authors. >> book tv attended a publication party for eric draper, chief white house photographer during all eight year to of -- eight years of george w. bush's administration. we talked to mr. draper. this is about 15 minutes. [inaudible conversations] >> how are you doing? [laughter] >> it's about time.
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[inaudible conversations] >> a great turnout. yes. thanks. good seeing you here. >> where not going to see you otherwise. [laughter] >> thank you, steve. >> thank you so much. >> a great crowd. >> hell are you? how are you? >> that is a big line, the way. >> okay. [inaudible conversations] >> sent you for coming out. now, different kinds of events.
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this is been the best so far. >> the first time. >> they're is a long line outside. >> really? okay. get to see you. >> first of all, i worked here at edelman. thank you so much for coming out in support of this man, eric, and his new book, "front row seat." i had the honor and privilege of referring to this. so every morning we started obviously, and it was like a blank slate. dexter video or all the other avenues, but i always told eric that the photos will like the paint. so it helps tell the story of the george w. bush presidency. so good to see so many former
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colleagues and is really a presence for edelman to host the event tonight. former chief of staff for former president bush. >> good evening, everyone. thank you so much for coming. this has been an incredible turn out. in fact, as you know, he was on fox news as one of his interviews. i went on facebook and said, when are you going to do your party in washington. he responded right back. who is going to hostess? so thank you so much for us to miss here at edelman. all of the costs that are here. i will forget of 30 via that were willing to support this. also, we thank you so much for
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doing that. we know that we had an incredible turn out because there have been about 200 people that we have responses, as you know. a waiting list. so we know that we have run out of books. i was just told. however, we were prepared that that was possible. you can still order the books. and they're nice and big and beautiful. the thing go. he will sign this tonight. we don't what you to wait any more. these books is selling like crazy everywhere that there are on sale. so we're so proud. it is a great thing. all the photographers that worked on the staff and supporting this for a years. so we congratulate you. [applause] >> thank you. >> okay.
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>> especially those that were waiting outside. you can get there. you have earned it. there is beer and wine. wonderful sponsors who supported us. rebecca who has supported us. so thank you for making it possible for to enjoy. thank you all. >> thank you. [applause] >> well, first of all, i want to thank the institution for hosting the event. overwhelming to see everyone here. most of all, anita for responding. i am so glad i got the message from you. [laughter] and wonderful. i mean, i cannot thank you enough free doing this for me. appreciated. and you know, i never thought that something like this could happen to someone like me, an ordinary guy.
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but all of you out there, especially the folks that worked for the administration, thank you all. you helped me with my success. i wanted thank you from the bottom of my heart. i'm overwhelmed. but i would like to -- which i am more comfortable behind than in front of the camera. i would like to show you some photos. a quick little presentation. and what i have decided to do was to take a favorite photo from each chapter. are the questions i get a lot is, what is your favre folks. well, i will pick a photo from each chapter starting with -- [laughter] -- chapter one. and this chapter is called the beginning. and a lot of you who know president bush remember how timely he is.
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and we know how timely is because he started on time or early, particularly early. so this was a great -- this picture was made the first week his administration. and that vp is in sync with the president, which is great. chapter two, this chapter is called life in the bubble. by the way, this is not representative of the relationship with the president and mrs. bush. do not give me in trouble. let me set the stage here. this is, in fact a buckingham palace. the president and mrs. bush are clowning around for the camera for me. so the president had a great sense of humor. in buckingham palace is like the white house, but bigger. [laughter] chapter three is called family. and whenever the two presidents
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were together, for me, it was like a magical moment. first of all, you have a history the only second son of a president to become president, and one of the things that i learned was whenever you say mr. president around him, they both turnaround. i had to learn president 41, president 43. chapter four, this is truly one of my favorite photos from the book. this is a great illustration of the president on the ranch, proud texan. something about this picture you cannot release the, barney is setting as lap. chapter five is september 11th in this moment here was very critical. you notice there is:00 on the wall there. it is around 925. and the president was so focused
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on gathering information coming gathering his thoughts, preparing for a statement to the country and the world. at this moment on the television they are replaying the video of the second targeting it and the horrific image of the fireball. we have not seen it at this stage, at this time. and so he alerted everyone in the room at this stage, and the president turns around and saw that horrific images of burning rubble. chapter six, at this moment in terms of intensity is pro we obviously september 11th was off the charts, but this was the moments after the president decided to commit troops. he made that decision in this situation room just moments earlier before this moment. and i photographed the beginning of the meeting, and i
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photographed the president walking around the foot south lawn. i notice that he was very emotional. and i knew something was big. added on nice if it was happening. i made this image, and received a way that this is still on his face. the president actually spoke to me right after i took this picture. and he said, eric, are you interested in history? of like it's there was yes sir. he said, the pictures you're making are very important. the one in the situation room and hear on the south lawn. and just as he said that and of the core of my right, the secretary of defense and a vice president came walking out of the oval office. president watch over and they had decided the timing of the star of the war. tapis seven is called to the world. i travel to nearly 70 countries with president bush. and on this trip, believe this is 2007, the president's travel to cause of.


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