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tv   The Daily Show With Trevor Noah  Comedy Central  August 17, 2022 11:00pm-11:46pm PDT

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it's not the end of the world. aaaah. [ laughing ] i love you, sharon. >> coming to you from new york city, the only city in america, it's "the daily show." tonight down goes, and john boyega. this is "the daily show" with trevor noah! (cheers and applause). >> trevor:s what he's going on, everybody, welcome to the daily show, i'm trevor noah. thank you so much for tuning in. thank you for coming out. in person. in the flesh. good to sigh, take a seat, let's do it, everybody.
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man, we have got a great show for you tonight. take a seat, take a seat. wyoming republicans took liz cheney out behind the barn, we're going to look at why overdraft fees are a lot worse than you think and the hot new trend at the office ask not care being your job, burst plus john boyega is joining us on the show, let's do, this let's jump straight into today's headlines. all right, before we get into the big stories let's catch up on a few other things going on in the world. first up the fda has ruled that hearing aids can now be sold over-the-counter without a prescription making them easier and cheaper for people to get. that's amazing. yeah. and you know what is crazy, that you ever needed a prescription for a hearing aid, why. it is not like you can abuse it it is not like there are drug dealers on street going yo, yo, you want some of that extra loud? yo, yo. meanwhile, in travel news, american airlines has announced that they will be buying 20
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supersonic jets that will be able to get passengers to their destination twice as fast as current airplanes. yeah. wow, that is great, it also means the annoying guy setsing next to you on the plane will have to talk twice as fast, so yairks you fly often, going on vacation, a work thing, checking a bag, where you go. he cleveland, rock 'n' roll hall of fame, and we're here. also in, i will call it culinary news, papa john has unveiled a new menu item called papa bowls which are bowls full of pizza toppings without the crust. and i just want to say congratulations, america, you did it, you finally found the opposite of a salad, well done. congratulations. let's move on to. so biggest stories of the day, starting with the 2022 mid
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terms. last night the primary that everyone was watching was in wyoming. they have a population almost as big as a new york subway car. the reason everyone was watching this race is because liz cheney was running for re-election and of course liz chainee has been cheney has been the most prominent anti-trump republican in congress. she voted to impeach him, she lead the committee investigating him. basically she just will not stop talking about that one time he tried to overthrow the american democracy. that was like, like a million years ago, lady, move on. so anyway last night's primary was the chance for wyoming republicans to he declare whether they stood with liz cheney or with donald trump. and they answered bigly. >> overnight out of wyoming a clear message from that state about the direction of the republican's party. congresswoman liz cheney who was re-elected easily less than two years ago lost badly last night in her primary fight against her trump-backed challenger harriet
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hageman. >> cheney landslide loss was no surprise. she knew she would pay a price for voting to impeach donald trump and then serving as the vice chair of the january 6th committee. >> overnight the former president writing liz cheney should be ashamed of herself. now she can finally disappear intoed depths of political oblivion. >> trevor: okay, okay. first of all, there is no way that trump wrote that. disappear into the depths of political oblivion, really? this is the same guy who said i don't like saying yesterday, that is a hard word for he me, really? really? you know, if i was to bet, he probably has some guy who just fancies up his words for him, he is like i want to say something like liz cheney, go bye bye now. he is like how about disappear into the depths of political
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oblivion. >> he is like that one is goodly, maybe the bestest, i like it. and look, say what you want. say you what want about liz cheney but you have to respect how she stood up against trump even when she knew she was going to get blown out of her seat. and yes it is saying something about the state of the gop that the brave stands was don't hang the vice president but still she stood by it. and liz cheney isn't the only republican who, remember there were only ten republicans in the house who voted to impeeve trump, out of those ten four lost their primaries to a trump chal he enger and four retired so they wouldn't lose to a trump challenger because now anyone who opposes trump they will flush that away like some of those top secret documents. but the liz cheney story isn't over yet because she vowed she will still do anything to stop trump from becoming president again even mobly runsing gerches him in the republican primary. yeah. and look, i mean we must admit
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it is probably is a long shot but don't forget she is a cheney. and if there is one thing they're committed to it is reason i'm change. and to be honest if she wants to stop trump, she doesn't have to beat him in a presidential race, you know. put a bunch of reeses pieces in a line off a cliff, you know. he will be like and this one, and this wuuunee. >> let's move on from donald trump, to another plague america can't get richard the coronavirus pandemic, last week the c-- cdc announced quote covid-19 is here to stay. yeah. which sounds less like a public health announcement and more like something your mom says about your new step dad. >> i love jerry so whether you like it or not he's a the new man of this house, jerry, don't eat that, that's cat food, honey, come on! now because of this, and because fewer people are dying or being hospitalized from the disease,
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the u.s. is dropping some of the big restrictions that we have all gotten used to over the last few years, no more quarantining if you have been exposed to the virus. no more testing at schools, no more six feet apart of social distancing and we can go back to washing our hands just after number twos. yeah. so basically the new cdc guidance is looking at what everyone was really doing and like yeah, just do that, we don't care any more, we don't care. but if the u.s. decided to live with covid the situation is very different in china. they are still doing lockdowns at the drop of a hat. and st not always going over very well. >> chaos and panic at an ikea in shanghai, china. >> this is video from an ikea store on saturday after it was announced the store was going into lockdown. a customer had tested positive so workers tried to put the entire building on quarantine, customers rushed to the exit to try and leave before the doors closed. those who could not get out were taken to a quarantine hotel for several day, chinese have
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restricted covid rules they locked down entire cities over just a few positive cashes. >> trevor: gosh damn, did you see that like a reverse black friday. and i don't blame those people. like no one should have to spend one minute longer than necessary in an ikea, okay. can you imagine finally finding the-- just when the door closed, like no, i just wanted to buy this shvernglot, and that really slows you the different approaches countries can take to the pandemic. because china has shown that you can basically prevent all covid deaths. but every now and then, you might get locked into an ikea for a week with no warning. and then america is looking at that like okay, how bad is that really. i mean although honestly, you have to quarantine for a week, is kie keya the best place to be, they have fully done bedrooms, living room,
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bathrooms, they say you can't poop in the toilet but you can. you know? i have. >> anyway, let's talk about jobs. how we trade time for money like witches, almost everyone has to work but let's be honest. there's working and then there's work, as more and more people are discovering. >> we begin with young workers refusing to go the extra mile. they're embracing a trend they're calling quiet quitting, if you need to get paid you only willing to do the bare minimum. look at these videos on tiktok and youtube of people celebrating their lack of enthusiasm for their jobs. there just going to mail it in, just going to do exactly what they are supposed to do and not go above and beyond the descriptions of the job. some are like literally turning off the phone the 5 p.m., not answering email after 5 p.m., not doing anything above and beyond the 9 to 5 of the job.
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and saying that's good because i don't need to work for the man, you know, and not have any kind of a balance in my own life. >> trevor: yeah, that's right. people are quiet quitting, just going to their jobs and doing the job from 9 to 5 and then, and then hold on, that's just working. that's work. are you like that's work. you don't have to do the more. it's work. people in this country are so obsessed with work. guys, your job is just a place you go to avoid seeing your family, all right. it doesn't need to be the most important part of your existence. if your job is from 9 to 5 that means the work messages should stop at 5:00 too, that's right, any message after 5:00 is basically a booty call. if your boss texts you at 7:45 to see if you filed an expense reported it should start with hey, you up? bottomline, you need to establish a work life habit, if you hate your job, make sure you also hate your life.
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no, that doesn't work. but if you are thinking of quiet quitting, please keep in mind that stopping every day at 5 on the dot might be okay for office work but it is not something you can dwo for every job. >> all right, all right, don't do anything drastic, okay. we're going to work this out. we're going to work this out together. you and me, just as long as you let the hoss tajes-- hold on, it is 5:00. all right. whooo. oh man, all right, listen, you guys stick around, okay, if you are back here on monday, we'll pick it up at 9 a.m. oh man, we going to the bar? yeah? all right, that's it for the headlines, before we go let's check the traffic with our very own roy wood, jr., everybody. (applause) >> what's going on roy. >> what's up, man. >> trevor: what's going on roy. >> yeah, it's good.
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>> trevor: so good to see you. >> good to see you, man. >> trevor: what's happening? what's happening? what's happening in the traffic? >> i will get to traffic. traffic not going anywhere, it is traffic that is why it is called traffic. it's always. there i want to ask you about this ikea situation though. >> trevor: the covid lockdown. >> the people getting locked up. what store would you like to be locked in for two weeks, like what would be your covid lockdown store of choice. >> trevor: i would choose, probably a best boy, can i play video games the whole time. >> oh, that's dumb, you ain't got nowhere to sleep, nothing to eat in best buy, ain't no real food. >> trevor: i didn't think of that. >> you know what i where i am staying, mercedes-benz dealership where i am doing my lockdown, i want to get trapped in a benz dealership. >> they have got plenty of peppermints and at the end of the lockdown you get a free car, free mercedes. >> trevor: why its hell.
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>> you see what i do to the car after two weeks they going to give me that car. damn right you're going to give me the car. if i am locked in mercedes dealership, i'm farting, sharing, sleeping buck naked in that. you can't let somebody sleep it in buck naked and resell it you know what that would do to the blue book. >> trevor: all right, what is happening in the traffic. >> we will get to the traffic. but i hear you directly in saying that american airlines was buying 20 new jets,. >> trevor: supersonic jets. >> putting money down on new jets, new jets. >> trevor: yes, brand new. >> i thought the airlines, ain't they broke? they been crying broke for a long time, the airline industry is broke. that is what they keep telling us. i'm broke, i want to get your luggage but i sure would love to give you some snacks but i need $50. oh man, you want some leg room,
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well, i'm going to need $50. giving the airline all these 50 damn dollars and you went and put down on a new jet, bitch, no, you can't do that. this is like when you loan your friend $50 and you be on the instagram and they are on vacation in gentleman makea and they are in this line, parasailing and are you like ziplining my damn 50 dollars. you can't, you cannot cry broke-- . >> trevor: i agree. >> oh, we broke, we broke. let me get 206 them new jet, bitch, you can't get 20 new jets and plus we don't care, we just want to get. there we don't care, say what you want about greyhound but they understand that nobody cares. greyhound ain't bought a new bus ever. the greyhound you ride in right now, that is the same greyhound that harriet tubman was taking the slaves up north on, it is the same bus. (applause). >> trevor: oh man, roy, you
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are ridiculous. let's he jump to the traffic, man. >> i don't do overtime, do i the bare minimum. >> trevor: all right. >> oh, oh. >> trevor: roy wood, jr., everybody. (applause) i see what you did there, don't go away, because when we come back we'll be talking about overdraft fees and how you can overdraft fees and how you can dodge them, don't go away
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(applause). >> trevor: welcome backed to the daily shoarks you know, we all deal with things in life that are just annoying. like brain freezes or looking for parking or having to trim your nails all the time. because apparently it's cool when wolverine growing them out
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but when do i it it is gross. i don't understand how that is fair. but nothing is worse than when little annoyances also cost you money. which means two things in life are more annoying than overdraft fees, we have dealt with this shit before, you accidentally spend more than you have in your account so the bank is charging you more money gnaw don't have even if you go over by like a couple of dollars the bank hit you with a $35 fee, bitch, if hi the $35, i wouldn't be overdrafting, would i. if there has to be a penalty it should be a montana tear-- nonmonetary one, okay, you should to lick the atm screen or something like, that but not money, this has gotten out of hand that democrats in congress are working on a bill to rein in overdraft fees which is good because people are just about at their breakk point. >> this is just wild, a woman left over a bank-- leapt over a bank counter while arguing with a terl. she didn't want to pay overdraft fees so she went over-the-counter. it all happened here inside this
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bank in buford. in the video a woman is heard shouting at a bank terl. then the woman climbed over-the-counter and demands her money. the bank teller backed up and that is when the woman steals $750 from a cash box. >> trevor: okay. on the one hand, yes, this is an overreaction. but on the other hand, you also kind of are rooting for her, right? yeah? i mean that's how much we all hate overdraft fees. like watching this is a bystander must have been so confusing, hello, i would like to report a robbery, yeah, who is being robbed, well, to be honest, both of them, actually. you know what, actually this is bald. never mind. and i know what you are thinking right now, look, i hate overdraft fees too, but mi not pole vaulting over a counter over $35. once you know more about how these fees work, you just might. >> let's find out where these fees came from and how they screw you over in another edition of the if you don't
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know, now you know. >> so let's start at the beginning. in the 1990 a bunch of consultants pitched banks on overdraft fee, a cool new way to squeeze money out of their beloved customers and as evil as it s you have to hand it to them, it's definitely creative, in fact i bet the executives who came up with this idea blew everyone's mind but is he like you know how we usually take money from people who have money. well, what if we also took money from people who don't have money. my god, you have done it, jenkins, cocaine for everyone! yeah! >> but when they came up with this idea, they didn't call them overdraft fees, no, the phrase they used for it was overdraft privilege program. yeah. because you see, customer was now have the privilege of paying extra for being broke. and you got to admit that is kind of a spin right there. they should do that with everything, hire the same people, to give excuses like no,
11:23 pm
she didn't dump my ass, she enrolled me in a masturbating alone privilege program. everything is great, i'm doing great, i'm doing real good. so you see what happens is basically banks frame it like they're doing like they're doing you a favor by allowing you to take out extra money. in fact listen to what one woman says she was told by her bank after she got hit with these overdraft fees again and again without realizing it. >> 1400 overdrawn, funds obviously were not there. they had never been there, over a period of time, why did you continue to accept the charges. >> there was funds, you have been such a good customer for all of these years we did not want to embarrass you ste check out counter. >> trevor: wow. wow. you got to be kidding. the bank kept charging overdraft fees because they didn't want to embarrass this baddee-- lady, really? they didn't want to cause any embarrassment. everyone knows people value money over embarrassment.
11:24 pm
that is the only reason that reality shows exist. are you kidding me? also you know that explanation is bull shit because st impossible to get embarrassed in front ever a check out counter worker, they have seen it all, they soo ven every one of us buying 16 bags of cheetos, we say it is for a super bowl party but they know it's july. so the banks say to your service they extend to the customers but the truth is they spend a lot of effort to manipulating you to pay those fees like for instance, did you know that there is an opt out, did you know that. yeah, totally optional. since 20910 ruling by the federal reserve customers have to opt in to overdraft fees. and now you probably are thinking i never did that, but you probably did you just didn't realize that is what they were doing when the bank gave you a stack of papers to sign because nobody reads that shit. once people see the size of at greement they are like i will wait for hbo to turn it into a mini sires, i'm not going to
11:25 pm
read that and it gets worse because once the banks trick you into signing up for overdraft fees some of that will literally reorder the evented of your life to make sure that you pay the most. >> some large banks will manipulate the sequence of customer transactions to draw more overdraft fees. this is how it works. take joe, joe has 100 in the checking account. he buys breakfast on his way to work paying for it with his debit card. joe next fills later buys lunch and an afternoon cup of coffee. finally on his way home, he stops at the supermarket to buy groceries. the last purchase leaves joe's account overdrawn by $15. but rather than charge him one overdraft fee, his bank rearranges his purchases from highest to lowest, and charges him three overdraft fees. by clearing the highest purchases first, banks are able to get the overdraft quicker, thereby maximizing profits. >> trevor: goddam that is evil. bad enough that these billion
11:26 pm
dollar corporations are charging poor people overdraft fees but to make it worse they are manipulating the numbers to charge even more. yeah, the third purchase came before the first purchase, that is not how you count, all right. these banks are robbing people or they learn the numbers from star wars, it goes four, five, six, one, two, three, seven. that is just math, that is the math. >> 57bd this is another example of how corporations can commit crimes that none of us can, right because this is theft but they will be like oh no, it is just-- no t is theft. no individual can get away with rearranging the sequence of time. you try this. every sij within of you, try it at home, yeah, try stealing something from the store and when they catch you be like no, no, no. i know i took it today but i already paid for it next week. ha ha. now if you will excuse me. like most people, there is big money in what banks do, they checked more than $8 billion in overdraft fees last year, just overdraft fees. yeah, one bank made so much
11:27 pm
money off overdraft fees the c.e.o. actually named his boat the overdraft. yeah. and that vubbing it in, like if elvis had a vote called black people's music. i guess that is how you got rich but maybe you don't advertise it. >> imagine that on your boat. like shit where is the somali pirate when you need one, like look at me, look at me, huh, this is a bad name for a boat, look at me. now the good news is some banks seem to be getting the message that customers and congress are fed up with these fees, bank of america and td bank are setting major lawsuits while some banks have started ending their overdraft programs which is good. but until congress passes the law protecting customers from the most egregious overdraft customers we figured if there was an opening for a bank. >> think of overdraft fees that drag you into debt, wish there was a bank that treated you like
11:28 pm
an adult. well now there is. nope, you're broke. >> introducing broke bank, at broke bank we're not going to let you spend money and then surprise you with an overdraft fee, when you're broke, we'll let you know. >> $7, get a tab water. >> is it embarrassing, a little, insulting, definitely, but we're committed to honestly like really committed. >> come on, we both know you didn't win the blotry, just walk away. >> what is in your wallet. nothing. are you in the jet, you only got $12 and you need that for a shirt. >> with broke bank you'll never get tricked into opting in for fees the only thing you will get from us is the truth about how poor your broke ass is. >> you can scream at me all you want. but at least i'm not charging overdraft fees. >> broke bank, you deserve honesty. you broke.
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>> now that is customer service. all right, stay tuned because when we come back john boyega will be joining me. will be joining me. you don't want to miss it. i am a business hotel. i eat, sleep, and breath efficiency. i'm looking for someone who appreciates high rois and even higher rpms. i would be honored to be your perfect somewhere. ♪ breath. slow down. -is it still out there? i would be honored to be your perfect somewhere. dad, you see it? ♪ ♪ this is no regular lion. dad. -dad. please [ growling ] i've got to get my girls out of here. we're in his territory now. please dad. you have to be careful. i need you to trust me right now. i do dad. come and get me! [ screaming ]
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with ptsd in the new film breaking which will be in theaters nationwide on august 26th. >> this what i need to do. >> no, we're going to-- we're going to take care of you. >> this what i need to do, okay, okay. >> this one for me, is this all the motivation you need to get me what i need? you have hostages and they-- for their damn lives, i need a phone call. >> brian. >> you have my undivided attention. >> i don't need your undivided attention. i need the attention of the va. >> trevor: please welcome john boyega. (applause)
11:34 pm
>> john boyega. >> how are you doing. >> i'm doing well. >> looking great, man. >> thank you, decided to go agent gabriel, you know what i mean. >> trevor: are you pulling it off. let's jump straight into it the movie, congratulations, i know are you kanl of doing everything. i have seen you do come he de, i have seen you in action, have i seen in you in drama. this film feels like a slight twist on what we have seen you do before. it's really intense, and it's really a powerful story that i think comments on what is going on in america today. talk me through it, how did you get into this project and go this is the next movie for me. >> i read the scripted and it for me jumped off the page, the character of brian is complicated, the situation, the circumstances, going into the bank, trying to demand money back from the veteran's affairs was something interesting to me. and it took the combination of who you are working with,-- . >> trevor: you know what i love about the story like this is you know, that one, it is based on the truth. >> yeah.
11:35 pm
>> trevor: and the secondly you can see the humanity in the story telling. you have this man who goes i have served this country. i fought for this krirks a story many veterans have. and they come home and their country just deserts them. >> it was actually shocking that you hear about the story and shocking that i hadn't heard about it in that it happened in 2017. and literally a few years ago and something none of us, it happened under our nose but to hear the detail of what vets are going through when they come home, the integration into public life is complicated, for me, i am just to play a small part in exposing such a story. >> trevor: i think what you ought to do really do well can humanize the character. so it is not just a veteran strks much as a situation, this is about a human being who is in this situation. i mean you talk to the real version of the character. like ex-wife and talk about the journey. what you learn about the human being are you going to be portraying on the screen. >> she told us as an actor i
11:36 pm
want to hear about interest, very much into movies. so in scenes like i would remind you remember what brian's wife said, his walk, he had documentation about the case and that always helps the performance. >> trevor: you did a great job of on doing t the team that is working with you, everyone deserves to be lauded but obviously michael k williams, you have a legend who we lost, i think it will be the last film that we get to see him in. he might have one after i'm not sure but this is-- . >> trevor: the story getting to it was amazing because if i understand, you basically had to beg them. >> i begged. i megged. you know, they showed me respect when i come in, yeah, you requested for him to be in the
11:37 pm
movie. no, it was, i had to beg him, such a versatile actor and actor that doesn't need to come in, shoot my poor little-- this is it, you know what i mean. so it, to come in and do a few week's work and he just showed up and he was down to do it. i grew up watching him on empire to see michael k williams walk on set ready to shoot, i was like yeah, this is a dream come true. >> trevor: did he know what i fan he were of his. >> you had a dvd box seft the wire. >> even when i reached out to you, i let you know, i am one of those people, i have so many people, especially black individuals to me who i aspire and look up to, so yeah i'm going to let you know while you're still here, that you are inspirational. i told him straight up, i'm glad i got those meuments with him. >> trevor: that is really is beautiful.
11:38 pm
i like that, i said anyone who is nigerian has the ability to inspire the best of you as a human being. >> absolutely. i have seen criminals say you have to be better. >> trevor: oh man. speaking of, by the way, speaking of, yo, like we were so excited as soon as i saw you in a movie with viola davis, it was like, when is the movie coming out. >> me in a movie with viola davis, that move comes out september ofth. the woman king, with viola davis. yeah. >> trevor: it looks bad ass. >> it looks crazy. i was at the a m.c. at the grove the other day, and the breaking trailer came up, brad pitt, and also the woman king, the woman king trailer got a round of applause from the audience. i was tempted to say, i was in that. but i let that for the audience just to enjoy. i think this is going to be so
11:39 pm
ep-- epic. >> trevor: you know what i love for, i fell in love with you with the pack of lies one of the most amazing movies, i heard there is a sequel and hope it is true but i loved how you seamlessly moved between accent, embody characters, and this if i'm correct is the first film where you get to be like your family, like you get to embody your mother tongue. >> i use my-- dutch voice for-- i even wanted to grow a beard to emphasize that. but it was such a pow role as african man playing a king and playing a king who loves his people, who loved his women and supports them and protected by these women. was for me great. normally you get male lead wanting to be the number one movie star for all the action. that is overrated. i said go girl, go get it. go get it.
11:40 pm
so that was fun. i can't wait for you to see that movie. >> trevor: it is amazing. before i let you go, i would love to talk about the break that you took, john boyega, you launched on to the scene, everyone was loving you as an actor, i mean as a guest on show, you just have this-- i distinctly remember you saying i'm going to take a moment, to maip tain the courage to say no, john first and then i will get back into my career. >> i got to a point where i was like life needs a central balance. and sometimes you go forward towards something, achieve it, but no fulfillment because you have forgotten about the most important which is the most important thing which is self. and in think being that, i was like yeah, i need to sort me out so when i get to a certain stage and bigger opportunities come, i am genuinely ready for t not intimidated by t. >> i went on holiday, had some good times and i relaxed and got my stuff sorted, got in the gym, got into a routine and i think a
11:41 pm
lot of us need to do that to get back into it. >> this is who we are. >> yeah, man. >> john boyega, ladies and gentlemen, make sure you watch both movies, will take a quick break. we'll be right back after this. millions have made the switch from the big three to xfinity mobile. that means millions are saving hundreds a year on their wireless bill.
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the january 6th insurrection, using an app called voice map, "the daily show" has created a self-guided audio tour of washington, d.c. called in the footsteps of the freedomsurrection so if you are in d.c. voice maps used gps to automatically play audio when you get on the site of the walking tour, starting at the white house and marching to the capitol or listen the whole thing at home if you are lazy. so go to daily 6th tours to find out more, listen the tour on voice maps on the western site, at home or download it for ios or android and search for washington, d.c. to find the tour, until next time, stay safe out there. now here it is, your moment of zen. >> the party in the back. >> in the front, part in the back. >> the u.s.a. mullet championship, you know what they say when it comes to mullets, start them when they are young. >> this is 8 year old emmitt bailey also known as the mullet
11:44 pm
boy. >> the winner gets $2500. >> emmitt says he knows how he is going to use that prize money. >> the mul set just a hairdo, st a lifestyle ♪ i'm goin' down to south park, gonna have myself a time ♪ ♪ friendly faces everywhere ♪ ♪ humble folks without temptation ♪ ♪ goin' down to south park, gonna leave my woes behind ♪ ♪ ample parking day or night ♪ ♪ people spouting, "howdy, neighbor!" ♪ ♪ heading on up to south park, gonna see if i can't unwind ♪ ♪ mrph rmhmhm rm! mrph rmhmhm rm! ♪ ♪ come on down to south park and meet some friends of mine ♪
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