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tv   The Daily Show With Trevor Noah  Comedy Central  January 31, 2022 11:00pm-11:45pm PST

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- hey, stop it! - haah! - no! - ahh-ha-ha-haah! >> trevor: i went to south africa this weekend, was really fun, saw friends and family and everybody, in is so coolk i'm in south after africa and i meet people who have known me for many years either from my life or comedy, so i go to get my covid test to fly bag to back to the u.s. one of the guys there take the payments he is like trevor, i'm a big fan, thank you, thank you very much, yeah, man you, make us so proud in southafter can utica we love what you do. thank you very much, thank you. >> he is like but trevor, i've got one question, my man. >> what is the question. >> like trevor, why did you change your accent. >> now mind you he just changed his accent while he is saying this to me, right. so i go like what do you mean? so he's like oh trevor, i
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am-- when are you talking in america, like everything you say, it it sounds almost american. >> i'm like no, that is how i talk. >> yeah, i know but why don't you make it more african, you know. >> i am like what do you mean. >> i saw you in coming to america. that accent. >> that is what you should do. >> so you want me to go on "the daily show" and be like hello, everyone, my name is trevor noah welcome to this tv show. >> and he is like yeah, you can do it. >> and i is like but that is not my actual accent. >> he is like that is not the point, the point is they must know this accent is out there. when you are doing the dailgee show they must be wow, this accent is out there doing things. >> i was like are you going to get my canceled in america. >> they can't cancel you, tell them to come to me, they don't know you. >> introduce me. >> so like this guy was like he changed his accent to tell me the story because in south africa people you talk to your grandmother differently, the guy now imagine, part of me wanted to do it to be honest with you
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because i mean i don't know what people would say and i came here welcome to the daily show, i'm trevor noah let's catch up on today's headlines in congress. people are like what is he doing. and then they would cancel me, you can't talk like that, actually t is an accent, now i cancel you. coming to you from the heart of time square in new york city, the only city in america, it's "the daily show." tonight truckers in canada. joe rogan has a point. and representative barbara lee. this is the daily show with trevor noah. >> trevor: hey, what is going on. welcome to the daily show, i'm trevor noah let's jump straight into today's headlines. we kick things off with the 45th president of the united states donald jiminie trump. trump is basically the exthat america kicked out for throwing an open house party at the capitol.
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like many exs, he really wants a second chance. but instead of promising to do better next time, he is threatening to do even worse. >> former president trump returned to the campaign trail so to speak in texas last night and during this rally trump said he would consider pardoning those prosecuted for attacking the u.s. capitol on january 6th. >> if i run and if i win, we will treat those people from january 6th fairly. and if it requires pardons we will give them pardons. because they are being treated so unfairly. >> trump also urged his supporters it to hold massive protests in cities like new york, atlanta and washington d.c., if prosecutors investigating him in those cities bring charges against him. >> if these radicalling vicious, racist prosecutors do anything wrong or illegal, i hope we are going to have in this country the biggest protest we have ever
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had in reality, they're not after me,er they're after you. and i just happen to be the person that is in the way. >> trevor: yo, oh man, donald trump is the greatest con man of all time. you hear everything this guy said, everything he said. i mean part of it was like the racist-- who are they racist too? who is racist in this thing to donald trump, huh? and if you think about it, it is really smart what he is saying. he could have pardoned all of his people when january 6th happened, you realize that, he was the president. but he didn't pardon them. he let them get prosecuted and now they are all going to jail. he let this happen. but now that his ass is on the line, now he is like man, if i was president, if i was president, i would have never let this happen to you. but you did. it is like some dirt bag being like let me tell you something, if you were my girl-- but i'm your wife, yeah, but if you were my girl, this sh-- wouldn't have
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happened baby. you have to admit trump leans on his supporters really hard, first they had to storm the capitol because he lost the election. then their donations went to his legal fees because he's always getting sued. now they have to protest if he gets charged? like where does it end? if trump does go to prison, is he going to make these poor people smuggle cigarettes up their butts. worth more unopen so make sure you get the whole car ton up in there, and don't clench t will squish the filters. anyway, moving on from donald trump to posh donald trump. bore is johnson. the british prime minister and guy who starts every morning sticking a fork in an electrical outlet has been in quite a spot of bother lately which means it is time for another installment of keep calm and party on. british prime minister bore is johnson just apologized to parliament after a damning independent report was released this morning which condemns
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quote failures of leadership and judgment by johnson's office over those parties at ten downing street held during covid lockdown. >> the government being scolded like children, the report said there were serious failures to observe the high standards. it it says that excessive alcohol shouldn't be drunk at the workplace. it tre petedly describes te culture of drinking and partying. bore is johnson was back in parliament to try to justify the unjustifiable. >> mr. speaker, i get it. and i will fix it. and i-- and i want to say to the people of this country, i know what the issue is. yes, mr. speaker, yes, yes, it is whether this government can be trusted to deliver, and i say this, mr. speaker, yes, we can be trusted. yes, we can be trusted to deliver. >> trevor: i love how is he like eye identify the problem. i know-- yeah, you made the
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problem. of course you know what the problem. is guys, i've solved it, cuz i did it. but yes, according to this investigation, bore is johnson's office had a culture of drinking and partying throughout the pandemic. and i will be honest, i would be more convinced that bore is could fix it if he didn't always look like an upside down guy doing a keg stand, my favorite part about this scandal is how high school it is to get caught having a party. think about it, that is the level of scandal. other world leaders are staging coups and invading other countries. meanwhile bore is is filling vodka bottles up with water, hurry, hurry, the queen will be home soon. but let's plof to our top story which takes place in canada. friendliest country in the world if you don't count the french part. today the news broke that prime minister justin trudeau has tested positive for covid. and this is just another reminder of how con tablingus this virus is, even if you are
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vaxxed, boosted and in disguise half the time, covid will still find you. now because he's vaccinated, he is handling the virus just fine and that is good news for him because it turns out he has got a much bigger problem to worry about. >> right now a group of canadian truck drivers calling themselves the freedom convoy tieing up the streets of ottawa. >> thousands flooded the street over the weekend as the truckers are using their rigs to block streets and even the entrance to parliament. >> the demonstrations were initially aimented at pushback against vaccine mandates for truck drivers crossing the u.s.-canada border. but the movement escalated into an expression of disapproval with the canadian government's covid-19 policies. >> this convoy is all about freedom. it's not only with the truck drivers, it's actually for every single person, you, me, buddy down the road, it doesn't matter. it is all about your free choice. >> you can't lock up healthy people and expect them to remain
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healthy, okay. so the children have not been in school. i personally believe that is wrong. we need to drop the masks, drop the mandates and start living our lives again. >> trevor: yeah. what this woman is saying is probably point yent. i can't tell, you can barely hear anything over the honkingk watching this made me feel bad for anyone who is actually stuck in that traffic all day because you realize if you are stuck in that traffic, your honk sounds exactly as the protest honk. you can't separate the two. hey, i'm late for work, that's right, brother, down with the vaccine. but yeah, thousands of these truckers have ground canada's capitol city to a halt. and i'm all for vaccines but i do get why the truckers wouldn't think that they need it. think about it, they spend all day every day alone in their truck. the only person they would give covid to are the hitchhikers that they will murder or get murdered by. either way covid isn't their
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biggest problem is what i am saying. what i don't understand is why truckers are opposed to masks. i don't get that. masks are just mud flaps for your face, put a sexy lady silhouette on it and you will feel at home. these covid protests in canada are nothing new. actually they are not new anywhere in the world. you can walk around outside basically a day and will you see people yelling about how they are not allowed to go outside to do exactly what they are doing. but if you live you have in ottawa, it turns out you might be seeing this particular protest for a really, really long time. >> the people who have organized this say they will stay out there months if needed. >> they have raised well over 6 million dollars u.s. to their fund on the go fund me page. >> the truckers say they are prepared to stay for months as long as they are fuel. >> you are prepared to stay for a month. >> yeah. i got a month worth of food in there. >> knees are people who have arrived, friday in through the rest of this saturday. and plan to stay here many of
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them say until their demands are met. >> trevor: damn, you can really feel these truckers passion. i mean you can't hear it tbawser in's honking over everything but still you heard them, you know, they say they will be there for as long as it takes. and i believe them. yeah. nobody is more prepared for a month-long protest than a trucker. i mean think about it, they have all of our stuff in the back of their truck. next month will you see one of them giving an interview wearing the snuggie you ordered for christmas. tand is not just having the supplies, by the way, they make feblghtive protestors. they can make a lot of noise, they are used to be away from home and police are afraid to confront them because any one of those trucks could turn into a transformer, that shit is too risky. of course street protests in general is a healthy part of dem octoberly like putting up campaign posters or drawing dicks on campaign posters but things got out of hand in ottawa when some of the freedom protest teres decided they wanted more freedom than most were
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comfortable with. >> this morning police are investigating some incidents involving the des craigs of national monuments including canada's tomb of the unknown soldier. >> last night another protester was seen climbing on to the monument. this morning it was marked with urine stains. the swastika flag scene at protests denounced by conservative mps that had supported the protest. >> staff say protestors showed up showed up demanding food meant for the homeless. one member was assaulted and a security guard was called a racial slur. >> trevor: wow, nazi flags, peeing on war memorials shouting racist slurs in homeless shoal teres. honestly it is refreshing to see canada break their ster qulo type. maybe they did it in a polite way, go back to where you came from, eh, i will give you a ride. i feel bad for the majority of protester that aren't nazis. admit it, once a nazi flag turned into a rally the whole thing turned into a nazi
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raleigh, like when you put a canteloupe in the fruit salad, doesn't matter what other fruits are there n they taste the canteloupe now, it is the hitler of frowts is what i am saying. for mow let's go to desi lydic live at the protest. desi, what is the latest on the trucker protest? >> trevor, if one thing-- blank horns honking >> trevor: desi, you can say that all again please, the horns were drowning you out. we couldn't hear anything. >> can you please stop honking-- like the penis of a star fish. >> trevor: sorry, desi, the horn honking was too loud except for the star fish penis. you know what t doesn't matter, it can you tell us what is happening in canada, where is this going. >> let me try morse code. >> trevor: because we are ship captains in the 19th century. are you going to honk out your
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message? i haven't done this for so long. if one thing is clear, it's that the horns are too loud. i mean i knew that, you didn't have to morse code-- you know what, desi, this was a huge waste of time. thank you so much. >> oh, no, thank you so much for sending me up to freezing cold canada, you asshole, oh, now you stop honking. >> well, that was awkward. all right, when we come back we'll be talking about the fallout with diswroa rogan and spotify. you don't want to miss it. why i think they are honking for me now. >> still have my expwrob, right? right. >> trevor: oh yes, your job doesn't go anywhere, desi. >> are you cutting out, i can't hear you. >> your job doesn't go anywhere. >> i think i heard you say i >> i think i heard you say i still have my job. ♪♪
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smooth milk chocolate, crispy wafer, creamy hazelnut filling. it's kinder bueno. joe rogan, i mean you all know the story and if you don't know it, i envy the world that you live in where news just doesn't come to you. joe rogan had to respond finally to the whole spotify neil young thing. cuz i'm sure you remember neil young came out, rightk and he is like i am sick of joe rogan sprepped spreading this misinformation of vaccine, if spotify will let him say all of this trash on the app then i want them to take my music off. spotify was like all right, we will take your music off, you are neil young, this is joe rogan, we paid him millions of dollars, you know what i mean. and i get it, cuz spotify was never going to quit joe rogan. you give a guy a hundred million dollars you will keep that guy because you spent the money, the same reason i still drink tummy tea, i bought it in bulk.
11:19 pm
all it does is make me shit, but i spent my money, i don't approve but that is life. a lot of people said kneel young is an idiot for going up against spotify. mi not going to lie, i was lyco, thank you for laying your life down and things will carry on but it turns out one person can start a movement because over the weekend joni mitchell said spotify, take off my music as well. and people were like oh shit we know joni mitchell and brene brown came out, my podcast, i'm not putting out any more, and that is huge because brene brown is like oprah's therapist. think about it, that is huge because oprah is our therapist. and then on top of that harry and meghan came out and were like we have concerns. and that seems calm but for british people, we have concerns basically means oh hell no! so things got big over the weekend. and then on sunday night joe rogan comes out and he issues his own apology. >> right? this is how big this thing got.
11:20 pm
and so like after you watch that apology, there are a couple of things that i wanted to say about it. number one, in my opinion, i actually thought it was a pretty classy apology from joe rogan, you know, for him to say i can do better. i am not trying to spread misinformation, you know, i will try and do a better job at this. i thought it was pretty classy. and i know some people will say the only reason he is saying sorry is because his bosses are making him say sorry, yeah, but bosses or not, be honest, in this society we live in, who says i'm sorry and i made a mistake and i don't have all the answers, i am just trying-- people don't say that any more. nobody admits to making mistakes any more. i was half expecting him to be like guys, my podcast was hacked, that wasn't me, but he owned up to it. i thought it was pretty dope, refreshing. you know? secondly i also like that he said i'm still a neil young fan even though neil young was against his views in those podcasts, do you know what i mean, i think it is nice, it is nice to live in the world where we can say i don't agree with
11:21 pm
you but i still like you because that used to be a thing we could do as people. now we just turned into a group of people who are like i hate you, i hate you because you said the thing opposite of me, getaway, i disagree with you, [bleep] mom. now you don't talk to your mom any more. you know? like i like that he said that. i like a lot of people who i don't agree with on everything. like i don't believe that uptown funk is going to give it to knee. but i still love bruno mars. we agree to disagree. this is society. all right? and also i think this is like a really complicated point to make maybe. joe rogan says that he brings on people who he doesn't agree with all the time but people are pulling a handful of episodes out and are angry about those episodes, now here's, mi not trying to defend joe rogan and somebody will probably say take a part out and say trevor defends joe rogan, whatever, i am saying i understand the nuance of this point. joe rogan makes a shit ton of
11:22 pm
podcasts and in those podcasts there were maybe two where people were like we don't like what he said there. but is he not wrong in saying he sometimes brings people on who say the opposite point to that. and the reason we know that that is true is because we've all seen that clip of joe rogan where he is on his show being corrected by somebody on his show. so he is not lying when he says he brings people on to correct him. and we saw the correction in live, like you know what i mean, happening realtime on his show, so i go yes, he does bring that stuff on. but because of the internet age we live in, we shit on people based on the little we see of them, not the full content, people are like i'm not going to listen to all of joe rogan, just get angry of this and move on. i get that part of what he is saying, right, i get it. but everything in life needs context, like if you cut out one part then sometimes you can lose, you know, because you can watch a movie and cut out a clip and like is this a movie about some guy hooking up with his sister, no, this is star wars, there is a lot more shit. the context is very important is
11:23 pm
what i am saying, right? joe rogan does t he talks about mma, he has authors on, really cool authors sometimes. he talks to real doctors who disagree with him, et cetera, et cetera, he does that, in joe rogan's defense. i can't believe i'm saying that now but i also want to live in a reasonable world, in joe rogan's defense, he does bring other people on. now here is the issue that i have with the clip though. joe rogan then goes on it to say i'm not trying to spread misinformation. but let's be honest, a lot of the things that we're saying now you would be banned for saying a long time ago. right? and he says like remember a lot of things we said moptds ago like they weren't considered true but now they are true. and i have noticed this trend starting to happen where people are using what i like it to call like broken clock techniques where they go oh, it wasn't 4:00 earlier, but it is 4:00 now, yeah, you were wrong then. at some point it will be 4:00. it doesn't mean that now you were right all along. you can't just wait for the time, 4:00, no, 4:00, no, what
11:24 pm
is the time 4:00, yes, uh-huh, told you, i was right all along. no. at some point you may be right because here is the thing. i am not saying joe rogan himself, but i know joe rog ang has not been a covid vaccine fan, joe rogan and people like him say the vaccines are bull shit they are useless. and now they are saying look, we are right, omicron gets through the vaccines, vaccines will stale save your mother [bleep] life. you have seern the numbers, the rates of people dying, getting sick, if you don't have t7.8 out of 100,000 people with die and when you take the vaccine st nothing and when you go down to the booster it is even less than nothing, you hear what i am saying. omicron changed that. you can't say that i was right all along when i became right. no, you were wrong all along and now things changed, and now you are not as wrong as you were. that is the first point for me, you know. the second thing as well is if you say the cloth massks were useless back then, you would be banned, were you not banned for
11:25 pm
saying that, for months there has been research on the types of masks, that is another issue i have. people are taking the boards and cutting a few, see, i'm right. masks are useless. no, cloth masks are basically useless. cloth masks. all right? masks still work. but now people are using cloth masks to they gate all the other shit, you see, all masks-- no, my friend, what we realized is knitted condoms don't work. condoms still work. you can't be like i told you condoms don't work, no, no, knitted condoms, let's be specific about about which ones we're talking about. again, in joe rogan's defense, i condition believe i said this sentence so many times, the thing about covid coming from a lab, that could get your post removed from social media, it %-pi this t st a theory and for a long time because of racism toward asian people, people were really sensitive about that, because they were just like you chinese people came with this from your house, that is how
11:26 pm
people were saying it, joe rogan was saying i didn't say it thraik that, misinformation. i understand that part, do you know what i mean. but people must nd make it like oh no, we were right all along. this shit has proved everybody wrong in every different way, you know? it is proved so many people wrong. i'm not saying joe rogan is trying to spread misinformation and he is write ---- right, it is just a conversation but conversation change with context, do you know what i mean? you can say anyone, you can say the election was stolen. ain't no thing but a chicken wing. but when you are the president of the united states, and you say the election was stolen, the context changes. you can't be like i was just having a conversation, you know, just me and my people shooting the shit, it changes a lot. i think joe rogan acknowledges that, he goes yo, have i millions of people listening to me so now i have to be responsible because now have i a boss at spotify and you are listening, so you can say whenever you want when nobody is listen and when everyone is listening now you have to be responsible. the same ruleses as alike a
11:27 pm
penis, when no one is around, do whatever you want, when there are people, all the responsibility in the world. now it is going to be a headline, trevor noah defends joe rogan, that is all they will cut out. or trevor noah slams joe rogan. now it is like there is no-- you know what i mean, so
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come seek the royal caribbean hustle sure, but for what matters. when you do, it leads to amazing. welcome to the next level. the all-new lexus nx. ♪♪ ♪ ♪ the all-new lexus nx. ♪ ♪ >> trevor: welcome back to the daily show, my guest tonight is barbara-- barbara lee, the highest ranking african-american woman in congress. she is here to talk about current challenges facing
11:31 pm
congress and the documentary about speaking truth to power throughout her career. madame secretary, you just don't care much about civil rights. this is horrible. >> what drives barbara is that she is not concerned about popularity. she is concerned about her purpose, not celebrity, it's about significants in the lives of people. and this is one of the things that makes me see her for me as a "guiding light." >> welcome. >> that every day no matter what is going on, you get up, you go out that door for another day of service. >> trevor: representative barbara lee welcome to the daily show. >> happy to be with you, it is an honor, trevor, really. >> trevor: no, i think the honor is mine. because you know, i have known a little bit about you over the years. but you have a documentary that has just come out about your life. and there are honestly few people who have acted in movies that have a story as amazing as yours is in real life. you know, you grew up in a world
11:32 pm
where you lived in a segregated community. your mother almost died giving birth to you because she was a black woman and people wouldn't help her in the hospital. you know, you went through domestic abuse as a wife who had to escape a husband where the law wouldn't protect you. you have lived such a journey and to stee you here now as a congress person who has been serving for over two decades with constituents who love her is quite the journey. when you watch this movie, were you also shocked at the life that you lived. because i know sometimes people forget. >> trevor, first of all, yes, i was. and it was very humbling for me. and i just have to take a moment and give credit to abby ginsburg who actually tracked me down and forced me to do this film. because i was an unwilling subject. and she took, it took twice as long to do the film because of me. because this is my life. and you know, i believe that so much of what i have been
11:33 pm
through, really has been reflective of what so many others have gone through in this country, especially young african-american women, women, and black people in general. not for myself that i have done what i have done and tried to break down barriers and you know, move forward, but it is for others. you know, everyone deserves the quality of life that this country provides for everyone else, and black lives do matter, hopefully young people especially will see the lessons in my life. >> trevor: i think many young people have, it is apt that you mentioned black lives matter because your name cannot be separated from the struggle in the united states. not just fighting for people's freedoms but also fighting an unpopular fight. i mean you were working with the black panthers for a long period where many people labeled them as terrorists, only today people are starting to realize man, the u.s. government really did a number with this organization but you were work on many
11:34 pm
unpopular positions, fighting for the liberation of poor people in particular and when you got to congress, there were many people who said whatever you do, do not say the word poverty, please, don't bring poverty into the politics. and you did just the opposite. tell me why. >> well, trevor, i had to do that. because first of all, yes, i was a uommunity worker with the black panther party and the black panther party had a ten point program. and that program was about feeding hungry children, about medical care that was inaccessible to low income people, black people, people of color. it was about providing the shoes which we did, clothing. it was really about providing for the basics in terms of just survival so that we could move forward to change the conditions that give rise to all of these very unbelievable injustices in the wealthiest, most powerful country in the world some of yeah, when i came to congress, i mean it's like i come as barbara lee, my experiences, experiences
11:35 pm
matter. and so i had to fight like would you not believe to get democrats to continue to talk about fighting for the middle class but what about low wealth people, low income people, what about poor people, what about working people whose worked two jobs and still live below the poverty line, so it was an uphill battle, but everything is, trevor, you know. and so we finally broke through and then i chaired the task force on poverty and opportunity and we have a hundred members on that task force. and every issue, especially now with biden administration's intersect with race and income inequality. so we are trying to really look at legislation and funding priorities in the context of what will lift people out of poverty. >> trevor: right. >> so that they can go and live their lives and take care of their familieses. >> trevor: some people may remember your name or even your face from maybe one of the scariest fights i think that you have ever taken upon yourself. and that is fighting against
11:36 pm
george bush going into iraq. in fact, you were the only des enting voice at a time when every american, almost every american said let's go in and bomb people. you said this is not the right thing, you got death threats, you were vilified across-the-board. my question has two parts, number one when you were doing that, did you not think too yourself this could be the worse mistake i'm making because although i know i'm right, i know that the costs that i will pay may be too great. and the second part is looking at the crisis happening right now at the ukrainian border, are you now in a better position where you are saying to your colleagues hey, let's breathe and think about the ultimate cost of war before we act? >> trevor, let me just first say i come from military family. my dad retired as a lieutenant corn he el in the army. he served in the segregated 92 nd infantry in italy supporting the normandy invasion. i know what war is about. my dad was the first person who
11:37 pm
called me and this was right after the horrific, terrible events of 9-11 where the country was angry and mourning and wanted us to do something. but three days mind you after these terrible events, 60 words, it it was a blank check and all it said basically was any president can go to war any time he or she wants. took away congress' responsibility under, where congress is supposed to be the final decision maker on going to war. we gave it it to any president. that was 21 years ago now. right. that was outrageous, the first person who called me after that vote and he said that was the right vote. he said do not send our troops in harm away, do not do any action right now, three days, 9:14, that is when it was, september 14th. give it a little bit of time. be rational. think through the implications of what you are about to do. so yeah, it it it was a rough time, death threats, it was a horrible time but i had to be
11:38 pm
ready for that because you know, we are elected, trevor, to lead. and so fast forward to today. first of all, i really do believe and i have been to ukraine in 2019. and i understand russian a-- aggression and what is taking place clearly. i believe very clearly that ukraine is a country that has the right to determine its allies and alliances. and i think the biden administration is doing the right thing by exercising a strong diplomatic initiative, but we can't mess that up. we have to ta law diplomacy it to work. we cannot, and i'm concerned about sending troops and hard, military hardware because even though the president has said we're not going into come bat operations, i believe him, i know he does not want it to do that. he supports my repeal of the authorization of the use of force. so i know the president really wants a diplomatic solution, what mi concerned about is the
11:39 pm
miscalculations, errors can occur, our troops could be there and something could happen and then they would have to fake offense. >> trevor: and then they are roped in. >> we talked about what would bring prudence to the table, and getting him to back off of his aggression. i'm not sure if sanctions are going it to help or hurt him because he wants to do what he wants to do. and will iting a revait and include efforts in his mind to escalate even further. so we have to dal brait this very carefully. i really hope that we let diplomacy work and not do anything that will exacerbate or escalate what is taking place now, because putin, we know what he wants to do in europe and eastern europe especially and with ukraine, and it is very dangerous, so we have to do everything to continue on the path of diplomacy. >> trevor: representative barbara lee, thank you so much for taking the time. and thank you for finally allowing them to tell an amazing story of the life that you have lived. >> well, thank you, trevor.
11:40 pm
thanks again-- she made me do it. >> trevor: i will, thank you so much. barbara lee, seeking truth to power premiers on stars february 1s. we will take a quick break but will be right back aft
11:41 pm
>> trevor: that's our show for tonight, but before we go please consider supporting the love land foundation, their organization dedicated to providing therapy services to underserved communities, especially black women and girls. if you want to support them in their work, then please donate at the link below. until tomorrow, stay safe out there, get your vaccine, and remember, my parliament isn't home on friday. so party at my place! now here it is, your moment of zen. >> well, of course the snow is not all fun and games, some
11:42 pm
people were hard at work plowing snow, and what has the snow been like so far. is it it kind of easy to plow? >> it's real easy, it's like bread and butter, like a thomas' english mufin with some jam, spread nice and gets all the nooks and kranies. captioning made possible by comedy central - ♪ i'm going down to south park ♪ ♪ gonna have myself a time ♪ both: ♪ friendly faces everywhere ♪ ♪ humble folks without temptation ♪ - ♪ i'm going down to south park ♪ ♪ gonna leave my woes behind ♪ - ♪ ample parking day or night ♪ ♪ people spouting "howdy neighbor" ♪ - ♪ headin' on up to south park ♪ ♪ gonna see if i can't unwind ♪ - ♪ [muffled] ♪ - ♪ come on down to south park ♪ ♪ and meet some friends of mine ♪
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