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tv   The Daily Show With Trevor Noah  Comedy Central  November 29, 2021 11:00pm-11:45pm PST

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ha ha ha ha. ha ha ha ha ha! whoa. what are all those stains? blood, urine, or semen. oh, god, i hope it's urine. here celebrate cybermonday, do you celebrate cybermonday? i'm disappointed? i feel like cybermonday has lost like the spirit of what it was about. you know what i mean. like black friday still has the spirit. we are going to line up at midnight be, try and kill each other for a tv. cybermonday has no purpose, what is the point of cybermonday because we do cyberrer every day, do you know what i mean, no one way waits for this day to order shit from amazon, they have prime day, do you know what i mean, i feel like we lost the spirit of what this day was about. the day when we celebrated baby jesus ordering things at 20% off. what did i buy? everything. i mean cybermonday, i'm not going to not participate.
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yeah, i bought a bunch of shit. i got 40% off. i didn't need anything but i just did it. that is what america is all about. yeah. now i'm going to sell it on ebay now. so circle of life, hakuna ma disz tada. >> coming to you from the heart of sometime square in new york city, the only city in america, it's "the daily show," tonight oh my what? and thandiwe newton, this is "the daily show." with trevor noah. >> trevor: hey, what's going on, everybody. welcome to the daily showk i'm trevor noah let's jump straight into the big story today which is obviously the omicron variant. the coronavirus mutation causing more chaos in the world than rihanna's booty pajamas. so let's try to break it down, not the pajamas, the variant in another edition of keeping up
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with coronavirus. for most of 2021 the walls have been fighting the various covid variant which are more he vish than than the ogi, we had alpha, lambda, delta, now it turned it into the shitiess house of all time but when we thought we had it figured out last week scientists in south africa announced they discovered a new variant. and what they saw is freaking people out. >> scientists are racing to learn more about a new covid variant already setting off alarm bells around the world. according to south african scients the mom kron variant has more than 50 mu taitions and likely to be more transmissible. >> it has a bunch of mu taitions, a disturbingly large number of mu taitions in the spike protein which is the business end of the virus. >> the covid-19 vaccine targets spike protein. if the spike changes too much and in the wrong way, it could make the vaccine as less effective. >> the president of moderna said
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yesterday what is most scary about this virus is it has managed to put all of its greatest hits into one variant. >> trevor: all the greatest hits in one place. like if mama mia killed you instead of teaching you about the power of of love. and what is so scary about this thing is all the mu taitions to the virus of spike protein because the spike protein is how the virus penetrates our cells t is basically cooed vid tdick and a mutated drk ick is never a good thing there is no hallmark card that says congratulations on your mutated dick. but i'm no expert, so to get a more informed perspective i sent roy wood, jr. out to cdc headquarters in atlanta. i know are you standing by right now. what can you tell us? >> well, trevor, the omicron variant is the 12th variant of covid and the 5th var yapt of concern now spreading in the 20th month of the global pandemic. i have been talking to the top scientist at cdc. and every one seems to ta
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gree-- come on, man, just-- just stop. just stop, man. chill, man. scusu just variant after variant after variant. just, damn, just stop, bro. >> trevor: i'm sorry, roy, this is what the scientists are saying? >> oh, no, of course not, i'm paraphrasing, trevor. the actual scientific consensus on the omicron is, hot shit, i had a damn vacation, i pushed it tbak two, three times be st. john's, i want to go we going shut everything down, then the next thing you have strange people delivering your food and you have to wonder whether they have been eating some of your french fries and i have to be cooped up with the boy and home school and figure out which button is the zoom button and how to put the homework on the printer that has no ink, then that is just another whole ass cay and where the two bedroom apartment, three of us, it's just not enough space, can i hear her phone calls through the
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wall am can i hear him playing in nintendo switch, i'm trying to be on a conference call, god forbid i get silence in this house so i can enjoy my blai that i stat onlineon cybermonday to buynd i got a imod damn play station that i can't even [bleep] play now because everybody is going to be in the house because you can't play vy lent video games around the boy, we don't want him learning about violence. what other games are there to play on a play station, other than violent games. you have to pretend violence in this country to keep from doing violence in real life. and that is what she doesn't understand. she doesn't understand that that is what the video games do for me and i just think if i just had a third bedroom-- a third bedroom. >> trevor: all right. >> all we need is a third bedroom and that would give me the space that i need, but then we would have to move uptown and that is too far and a 40 minute train ride. >> trevor: thank you. >> a train ride and be has omicron. >> trevor: thank you so much, roy, thank you so much, roy, thank you for keeping us updated
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on your developments. thank you so much for that. >> no problem, trevor. >> trevor: now look, i understand the frustration of facing yet another new variant. i mean how did that happen after everything we did? i mean for two years now people, we wore masks for some of the time. we social distanced wh■en i ws convenient. then like half of us got vaccinated. what more is it it going to take? but at the same time we shouldn't panic. because this variant was just discovered so there is a ton we don't know, de we don't know how long it has been around f it causes more severe illness, if it can evade our vaccine. we know less about this variant than your grandmother knows about jojo siwa, she just knows she's scared, that's it. it could be that all of these mu taitions that sound so scary turn out to be not that big a deal like when apple acts like it is making tons of changes to the iphone and we're like i need a new iphone and you get it and you are like wait t is just a slightly different camera? i killed a man in line for this thing. >> so right now basically all we
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know about this strain is that it is called omicron, that saul we know, and even the name of the virus has a complicated story. >> i world health organization panel has just named the strain omicron and classified it as a variant of concern. >> the world health organization named the variant omicron instead of the next letters in the greek alphabet, nu or xi, in a statement they said they skipped nu because it sounds like the word new, and that xi is a common last name. >> trevor: yes, it's true, xi is a very common last name particular three among chinese authoritarian lead ares, i see you, who. this really shows you the clowt that china has because the world health organization is like oh, we don't want to offend one guy in china, meanwhile greece is over here like what, you stole our whole alphabet, and it has been interesting to see how the scientific community has become about naming covid variantsk back in the day nobody scared. like nobody scared about naming
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disease, doctor was name diseases after themselves. i discovered a disease that destroys the mind making you slowly forget your life, and the people that you love. and whenever people get this disease, i want them thinking of your boy, alzheimer, yeah, that way they never fore get me, they might forget but you know what i am saying, it will be quite cool. but the good news about them skipping those letters is that means we are almost halfway to omega which is the last letter of the greek alphabet and that means once covid reaches the end of the alphabet it can't make any more variantsk people, that is just science, we did it, baby, yeah. now the truth is that so far there are some encouraging signs that omicron may only be causing mild symptoms in the people who have it. although experts say it will take at least a couple of weeks before we really understand what the strain can do. the world isn't waiting to find out. >> governments are moving quickly tonight to limit travel
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into their countries in an attempt to slow the spread of the new covid variant called omicron. >> overnight the united states banned entry for noncitizen travelers from south africa and seven neighboring countries. at least 44 other countries are also imposing travel restrictions. >> i took immediate steps to restrict travel from countries in southern africa. but while we have that travel restrictions can slow the speed of omicron, it it cannot prevent it, but here is what it does. it gives us time, give us us time to take more actions, to move quicker and make sure people understand you have to get your vaccine. you have to get the shot. >> trevor: yes, if you give america just a couple more weeks surely all the anti-vaxxers will finally come around and get their shot. bless your heart, joe. no for real, i mean i understand where the u.s. is coming from. it it you can slow down the spread of omicron even a little bit than you have time to research it t you have time to work on new vaccines and time to
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consult with joe rogan on a treatment plan, hey maybe this time he will say vaccine, beautiful, no. a lot of people support the travel ban although republicans aren't giving biden any credit for taking a stuff stance. if fact today texas governor greg abbott tweeted that while biden is banning travel from south africa, he's doing nothing to stop south africans from crossing the southern border illegally. >> and you know greg abbott has a very good poibility here. every day millions of south africans walk across the atlantic ocean to cross the border i mean why did i book a flight, what is it? this is the biggest bullshit ever, props to the governor of texas trying to turn any story about a complaint about the border. everyone is much whatting, red notice on netflix when what they should be doing is watching our southern border. you may not this about me but i
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too am a south african, relax, relax, everyone in the studio, relax, i do not have the variant, i think. that i got the og one. and as a south african without does not have the variant, i think this travel ban is total bullshi it t, i really do. first of all covid is a hoax, we can all agree on that, right? no, but secretary of all, omicron has already been found in over a dozen countries, a dozen countries around the world. right, we don't know where it started. we don't know how long it has been around. it's ef rewhere from hong kong, to israel to spain, so why aren't you banning travel from all of those countries too, huh? only the african countries what is the difference between the african country-- ah, i still don't get the logic. what you think omicron is going to get it to europe and then just decide to stay. there i was going to spread to america but i simply cannot leave the beauty of barthelona. maybe america is buying it it steph a couple of weeks before it gets overrun with omicron but
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don't forget, don't forget about the cost of this action too. because you do realize that other countries are paying attention and they realize if they are going to get punished for telling the world about new variants, they're going to stop telling the world whenever their scientists it discover new variants. i'm just saying don't be surprised when the next variant pops up in europe and italian scientists come out acting like nothing is wrong. >> everything is fine. this is just a, how you say a tiktok challenge. but that's where we are right now, there is a new coronavirus that we don't know anything about. because of that, i can't go home to my uncle's baby shower. man, i really wanted to go. you want to see your uncle get showered by babies much. anyway when we come back i'm going to be talking to an actual scientist what omicron means for the actual world, you don't want to mission it. >> we begin with the developments on the om cron. >> om cron. >> om cron.
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>> this new om--- om cron variant. >> omicron. >> the rapidly spreading omicron. >> the om cron variant. >> omicron. >> is it-- omicron. >> o-mikeron. >> i might be messing up the pronunciation s it om-- om cron. >> st cal
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the show-- hotez, cocodirector on the center for disease development at texas children and here to talk more about what omicron is and how countries should be reacting to it. >> dr. hotez, thank you so much for taking the time, let's jump straight into this thing. how much should we be blaming south africa for this new variant. basically south africa destroyed the world, right, this is our fault. >> yeah, i mean this is so de demoralizing what is being done now to the people of not only south africa but botswana and neighboring countries, mall a which, et cetera, it goes like this. the, our worst pandemic variant threats right, the alpha variant, how did that happen, it rose out of an unvaccinated population of the united kingdom at the end of 2020. so we already knew what if you leave large populations unvaccinated, that is how the worst variants arrive. and then in 2021 it happened again with the delta variant
11:18 pm
arising out of an unvaccinated population in india. and that is what we are living with now in the united states and most of the world. so what did people think was going to happen if we refuse to vaccinate the african continent, it helped africa vaccinate itself. this was both predicted and predictable. so the rise of omicron was inevitable from the simple fact that the african continent is virtually entirely unvaccinated. maybe six percent, that rounds off to 0. and the point is that it was never the leadership, the policy decision to work with african governments to get the african people vaccinated. and so i feel the people inson africa are paying for this tbies, win they are not vaccinated and now we will punish them further only implementing travel restrictions which we already know don't work. they haven't worked this entire epidemic, why would they work now?
11:19 pm
>> let me ask you this question though, this is really confusing i think for a lot of people in and around the variant, a two part question. number one, how do we know or do we know where this variant comes from, because people say south of can variants or not but it was sequenced as i understand in south africa, nobody knows where st from, and the second part of that is are we not only discovering a variant now but not where the variant is, like if people start testing all over the world and they now understand what to test for aren't we just going to see, you know, omicron popping up everywhere as if it is spreading like st already there. >> of course, that is always my first talking point when people are ringing their hands about the omicron-- omicron variant they are saying it in is in multiple european countries, australia, and canada, maybe in the u.s. and i say that is true of every variant, by the time we identify it it is almost always all over the world. so the fact it is in multiple european countries, australia, hong kong and canada, likely the
11:20 pm
u.s., that always happens. it is not unique to omicron t is true of every variant from the very beginning we've known this, for instance when we were all focused on enacting travel bans, from china, right as the epidemic began, the the pandemic began, what happened, this virus came in from southern europe to ignite the horrible epidemic in new york city in the spring of 2020. >> right. >> that was a lesson in itself, by the time we identify a new variant it has already gone global. >> looking at the situation now, you have people panicking, you have stock markets tumbling. you have you know people canceling their travel plans, nobody knows what to do. airlines said they are canceling to and from south africa, and undo it from the u.k governments don't seem to know what they are doing. was this a knee jerk reaction, did they react without thinking first or did they do the right thing in getting ahead of it tbaws they don't know what the new variant is all about. where do you see this going as a
11:21 pm
scientist who is actually studying these viruses. >> i think it is a little bit of that. i think a lot of it is the fact that these governments in the u.n. agency were heavily criticized in the past for not reacting fast enough, in some ways i think this is an overcompensation. but when you break it down i think we have to be more realistic about how serious this variant is. first of all the fact it is in multiple countries, we've already said that is not a surprise, that happens with just about every variant. point number one. point number two in terms of selfer rit of illness there is-- severity of illness, there is no evidence that the illness produced by the omicron variant is something else-- take those off the table, in terms of resistance to vaccine, it it will almost certainly not be as susceptible to the original vaccination as the original strain but we have seen this before. we had another variant out of
11:22 pm
south africa out of 20 20rbgs the beta which should have been a wake-up call back then. and then one out of south america the lambda and the point is there was enough cross over what tony fauci says spill over from our existing vaccine to partially neul neutralize it t so my hope is that that is the case with our current vaccine especially for individuals who got three mrna vaccines, three rna doses where there is a 30 to 40 full rise in neutralizing antibodies so i am hopeful there will be at least partial protection and we will know that over the next week or so. our lab is looking at our vaccine against the omicron variant, moderna s doing the same, pfizer, jafter j and so we will know that hopefully over the next week. the best thing people can do right now is to use all the vaccines that are available. so if thrie doses, if you can, of mrna vaccinate your kids and if you have been infected and recovered and get vaccinated on top of that, that is the best,
11:23 pm
gives you the best pobility of helping you weather these new variants. >> do you think before i let you go, do you think like scientists slash whoever was-- do you think they made it taye mistake by calling it a vaccine, do you think that confused some people, they say if i have a polio vaccine i'm fine f i get the maysels i don't get maysels, do you think they should have just called this a shot, covid shot like a flu shot. >> you know, i think if they had always from the beginning said this was a three dose vaccine, then people would have understood this better, a three dose vaccine i really do think it halts not only symptomatic illness and hospitalization but some data showing it could also halt infection as well, it is just that it wasn't marketed that way. it wasn't billed that way. but you know if you look the our pediatric vaccines, what do we do with our kids, give a series of primary immunization, wait six month toes a year and then give the boost. and that is what gives you the long long-lasting durable protection.
11:24 pm
the point is the mrna were going by the same play book of every other vaccine we have and i tried to give that message back in january and february but i think with the other problem, that we have is the company, the c.e.o.s, we're sending out press releases and when company c.e.o.s send out press releases they're meant for the shareholders, the spectacularrize their accomplishments and jack up the stock prices, and they were effective in doing that but it it was tone deaf on the impact and how the vaccines would be perceived to the public. >> trevor: again, dr. hotez, thank you so much for the time and good luck. >> thank you trevor. thanks for all your great stuff, i really appreciate it. >> trevor: appreciate you. don't pore get dr. hotez book prevend-- preventing the next pandemic is available now. when we come back the one and only thandiwe newton will be joining me right here in the joining me right here in the studio, so don't go
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>> trevor: welcome back to the daily show, my guest is emmy award-winning actor and producer thandiwe newton, here to talk tb her new documentary about the fight for democracy in glim wab way. >> wow. we're here for a press conference with nelson-- as you can see the riot police have just turned up. >> come with me. >> sth is a democracy. >> wow. >> trevor: tense, welcome to the show. >> thank you for having me. >> trevor: let's jump straight into it you know, when i first
11:29 pm
heard that you were going to be part of making a film about an election that was stolen, about people who felt like they were robbed, about a democracy that was under threat, are you doing something about america? and then no, the information came out and was like no, this is about zimbabwe, a story i have been following almost my whole life because of south africa's proximity to the country. >> yeah. >> trevor: but let's talk about that immediate see. >> yeah. >> trevor: this is a story not just about zimbabwe but about democracy as a whole and you decided to tell it, what inspired you to go this is a moment to tell this story. >> it was frustration more than anything. have i been a human rights activist for two decades. activism very often comes out of suffering, personal suffering or certainly witnessing the suffering of others and that was aspects true for me. and have i been fighting for the rights of women and children. and i realized recently that i have been a spokesperson for
11:30 pm
people all over the world except for zimbabwe, my own home because i feared the political backlash. >> trevor: wow. >> and what happened last, in 2018, 2019 is that i realized that this isn't about politics. this sheum rights. and this is about the future of humanity. >> trevor: right, right. >> because the work i had done in congresso similarly is this is a framework that we can see all over the world. talk about is this america. well yes, it is. it is happening in zimbabwe, st happening in congresso. it's happening in the united states, it's happening in the middle east, happening everywhere, this imbalance, this knowledge of where power rests. >> trevor: right. >> and an inability for that to be shared amongst everybody. so to see my fellow glim bab wians being devastated and it is obviously been going on a long time and we thought ma
11:31 pm
gabe-- mga-we. >> that was a big story. >> there was so much hope. >> trevor: a lot of people saw the story and here you had a leader who, you know, like many other leaders in the world, came into power with really good intentions, it steamed at the time. you see the story unfolding in so many countries where the people who shall. >> power corrupts. >> trevor: people for a free country are not often best for that country when it is free. >> this is what-- currently nelson chimiza, a young politician in zimbabwe, who is the opposition, he should be meap to have a powerful opposition and win and then you show the country that even with a powerful opposition you are still the rightful person to lead. >> trevor: i would love to know how you got the access that tu did in this election. because when you are watching this, oftentimes you watch documentaries and it is interviews that are predominantly trying to tell you what is happening. >> none of that. >> trevor: in this story you
11:32 pm
are in the story with seeing what is happening. you know, you are seeing how votes are being manipulated. are you seeing how precincts are reporting one person winning by 300,000 votes when there are only like 100,000 people who live in that area. >> and the access by one party and none by another. >> trevor: but how did you get the access to-- i mean because sphwhrim bab way has been the-- the ruling party, we're running our elections, we have won and that is none of your business so how did you get in and get your people in safely to tell that story. >> camila nielsen, wonderful filmmaker made a documentary called democrats, they allowed her to film full access, both parties. so here she was, they actually banned her first documentary, mugabe banned it, using the same law that they used for pornography, that it wasn't fit for people to watch.
11:33 pm
anyway and that happened. and then kamil-- camila went on a three year legal battle to have democrats-- democrat be shown and she won. so as a result, she had the freedom t documentary maker and all we see in this film is what she witnessed. she doesn't there is no talking head, she doesn't get anyone to say anything. she doesn't manipulate anybody, one of the things i love about her as a filmmaker, she has, it is called cinema veritae where you do not intrude on what you see, what you see in this film is what was actually happening and it is more crazy than any kind of murder mystery, any kind of cia drama. you can't believe what is happening in front of your eyes. >> when a story like this is told about a country like zimbabwe on a continent like africa, there is a certain apathy that infects people when watching this. they go like that is what happens. like that is a third world
11:34 pm
country, that is what happens, it is is bound to happen, of course that will happen. yet it feels like now maybe because of what has been happening in the u.s., maybe because of what has been happening, whether it is brexit or ukraine, it feels like there is a different understanding of a shared threat if people are not careful. what is that idea. what do you think people can learn in watching this regardless of where they lived about democracy? >> we are a common humanity, a common humanity. and one thing that people will realize is that the people that they see are so like them. you will recognize that what is happening in zimbabwe is happening as i said everywhere, because we are all in a fight for our freedom. all of us. whether it is in our business, what it is at the workplace and you are an actress in the film business, whether you are a sportsman and trying to take a knee to say enough, we are all fighting for our freedom. and there are micros could ams everywhere, or don't watch this documentary, you cannot see,
11:35 pm
okay, here is one thing, this change doesn't happen fast. and we think it does because we are in a time of incredible media and technology but the truth is real systemic change takes time, have faith, have faith, feel something, that is the other thing, i would say. feel something. this documentary, others like it, force you to actually engage and feel. we need to bring feeling back into our humanity. i really believe it. and the irony that technology strangely is something that comes from lack of feeling, you know. and it very often orchestrated by people who have lost their capacity to feel, you know, we know we are in a world now where there are people that just don't have empathy, it's scary, right. >> right. >> but then work with us, that still feel thark still cry every day, still can't turn away from the television. there is a system that currently
11:36 pm
works, it is hideous but it's moving forward. we also know that there are people suffering in this system and there are people shooting the system. if we find the cheaters, those that are suffering will suffering less. and that won't happen-- we can start something in our lifetime. >> that is why i tell people to watch it, watch the documentary, draw the parallels to the world you live in and the best way is to heal. >> thank you for joining me. >> thank you for having me. >> trevor: always a pleasure. president will be in theaters december 17th and it will be available on digital in february. we will take a quick break, but will be right back after
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impossible, right? you got less than 60 seconds. that's like dismantling a time bomb. what got into you? i don't know. she was so beautiful, it was like a pure reflex. the words just came out of my mouth. wow. what did you say? [coughs] you know, i'm the one responsible for those crop circles in england. wow. can you believe i did that? what did she say? what crop circles? -[sighs] -not a good sign. not everybody knows what the crop circles are. you know what the crop circles are? crop circles? why don't you buy something? you got something in your teeth there. what? it's green. oh, man, spinach. i've been walking around like this all afternoon. did you bump into anybody you knew? i had a job interview. -how did it go? -take a guess. well, mr. costanza, we have nothing available at the present time but should anything open up, we'll be in touch. okay, thanks. ah, you don't need a job. you got audrey.


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