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tv   The Daily Show With Trevor Noah  Comedy Central  October 6, 2021 1:15am-2:00am PDT

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fantastical things on screen, from a billionaire who helps people to life in outer space. but now filming science fiction movies is getting a little more grounded in science. >> we're following the latest developments as history is made with the first movie ever shot in space. overnight a russian actress and movie producer launched into space to shoot a movie on the international space station. they were accompanied by a cosmonaut. they're going to spend ten days in zero gravity. the movie is about a doctor who goes to space to save the life of a cosmonaut on the international space station. >> trevor: wow! first movie to shoot in space! either those guys are super dedicated film-makers or they just really wanted to escape russia. yeah, space is cold and dark but not as cold and dark, am i right, comrade? is it worth the effort when you
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can fake it? considering how dangerous space flight is. your lead actor could literally get sucked out into space, burn up in the sun and now you have to write a whole new ending. one to have the biggest drawbacks about filming in space is the movie has to be about space. you can't film a regular rom-com and not explain why the leads keep floating away from each other. moving on to sports news -- from michael vick to ben roethlisberger, football stars have been the gold star for moral behavior but now an n.f.l. coach is in trouble for straying from the upright path. >> this morning jacksonville jaguars coach urban meyer is apologizing after video surfaced of him partying and dancing provocatively with a woman not his wife. meyer, first year coaching in the n.f.l., came up empty with jags winless after four games.
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video surfacing hours after thursday's loss to the bangles. >> did you fly back? >> i stayed to see the grandkids and we all went to dinner that night at a restaurant and there's a big group next to the restaurant and they wanted me to take pictures and i did and they were trying to pull me out on the dance floor screwing around. i should have left. >> he acknowledged he's concerned the partying incident may affect his ability to lead. >> trevor: whoa, whoa, whoa, hold on -- they're saying this affects his ability to lead? because he rubbed up against a butt? this is a sport where every single play starts with someone rubbing up against a butt! seriously, whether or not this is like a moral failing in his personal life, i'm not really sure how it affects his ability to coach a football team. all right, team, i drew up our next play and now i know it looks like a butt, but that's only because i can't stop thinking about touching butts!
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you know what doesn't make sense to me is how he dragged his grandkids into this thing. what's that about, if you're in a scandal, the one thing that won't help is to tell people your grandkids were watching the whole time. let's be honest, the reason he's getting so much shit is his i'm is 0 and 4. if he was undefeated, he could have eaten that person and people would be, like, look, you build up an appetite when you're winning games, who are we to question the process? all right, that's all the time we've got for if headlines. let's jump straight into our main story. every day, more and more companies are announcing a vaccine mandate for their employees. and if you work at one of those companies and don't want to comply, there are a couple of options for you. you can find a new job, hide in the office bathroom until 2027 orb follow the hot new trend, claiming a religious exemption. >> a growing number of people
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are claiming religious reasons to dodge covid vaccine mandates. in washington thousands of state workers are doing it. >> 419 fire and e.m.s. employees asking for a religious exemption, about one out of the five of the department's employees. >> one of the largest districts in the county montgomery their public school is facing a lawsuit for not having a religious exemption. >> 79 airline employees filing a lawsuit saying their religious exemptionings were denied. >> an crew wiggins was denied to be exempt from vaccine requirements, faced a request on a religious exemption. >> as a covid 19 vaccine mandate deadline for city of los angeles employees loornlings 2600 lapd officers said they will seek religious exemptions to refuse the vaccine. >> trevor: that's right, 2600 l.a. police officers are trying to get a religious exemption to avoid getting a shot.
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black people said, hey, can we get an exemption, too? we also have a debelief in not getting a shot. countless people across america vaccinated for a million of other diseases are now professing a very convenient religious believe against taking the covid vaccine. you maybe seeing this and thinking, damn, religious exemptionings seem like a really bad idea and maybe it's turned into that now, but it wasn't always this way. in fact, we'll look at how a good idea went so wrong in our brand-new segment red white and broken. ♪♪ ♪♪ for most of human history, religious freedom was not a thing. most governments had a state religious and if you didn't believe in it you either prayed quietly or burned at the stake very loudly. america's founders didn't want a country torn apart by religious conflict so when they wrote the
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constitution they guaranteed freedom of religion in the first amendment. that's why they put it at the top to have the constitution because of how important they thought it was and also because they know nobody reads past page two. this was an incredibly progressive idea at the time, and today we think of it as one of the greatest ideas from that era. i mean, it's certainly much better than the idea that you shouldn't leave the house without seven layers of clothing. it's summer, at least take off the wig you freak. so part of that religious freedom meant the government can't force you to do things that your religion forbids you from doing. for instance if you're a devout quaker, you don't have to fight in a war. if you're amish you don't have to send your kids to high school, if you're a latter day saint you don't have to come into work until later in the day. that's not what it is? yeah, but steve told me that's why he comes in at 3:30 -- goddam it, steve! when vaccines became widespread,
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turns out some religious people had objections to those, too, and that's when things started to get messy. >> not really until the 20th 20th century we start to see people using religion as a basis for opposing a vaccine. doesn't pick up steam till the '50s and '60s. >> it takes root in the 1964 civil rights act. the law essentially requires employers to make reasonable accommodations for employees who can't fulfill a job requirement due to religious beliefs. but the law doesn't give a lot of guidance when it comes to defining religion. according to rules laid out by the equal employment opportunity commission, a religious belief does not have to be recognized by an organized religion and it can be new, unusual or seen illogical or unreasonable to others. >> in 2012, a u.s. district court ruled veganism was a sincerely held religious belief which gave one employ a pass from a flu shot. >> trevor: yeah, you can laugh but i can see how veganism could be considered a religion.
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they're super dedicated, follow strict rules and think anyone who doesn't share their beliefs should go to hell. now that i think about it, my vegan friends talk way more about being vegan than may christian friends talk about jesus. like i don't know even know what church dave goes to, but i know exactly what mariah had for lunch. the point is america got into a situation where it was giving exemptions for religious beliefs while being very open minded about what a religious belief was. and look, there are good reasons why you don't want the government picking apart every religion like it's a cheating boyfriend on tiktok. you'd rather have the government say veganism is a religion than have the government saying veganism isn't a religion and neither is islam. unfortunately the flip side of being that tolerant is people can take advantage of the system. like how when airlines didn't define what an emotional support animal was, at first you had
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genuinely traumatized people bringing their pets on the plane. but then before long, i was fighting an alligator for an arm rest. can you tell me again what this animal is helping you with because he's giving me anxiety, man! because the government chose not to nitpick what a religious belief could be, it didn't take long for the idea of offreligious examplesover exemptions to start showing cracks. >> because of vaccines, we were able to do something hardly ever done which is to actually eliminate a disease. we eliminated measles in the united states in the year 2000 and all of a sudden everything changed. >> state of emergency being declared as the nation faces bun of the worst measles outbreak in decades. in 2001% of oregon kindergarteners weren't vaccinated. last year it jumped to 7%, the highest rate in the country. >> in vermont, a 640% increase in kindergarten children with religious exemptions.
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>> the fact we have had so many cases in 2018 is quite discouraging. this is a completely avoidable situation. >> trevor: oh, man, poor dr. fauci. this guy spent his whole career trying to convince people that dying from disease is bad. covid, measles. i bet if you went to the 14th 14th century there was a dr. fauci begging people not to get the black plague. people, please! don't have sex with those rats! this is a very avoidable situation. thanks to the religious exemptions, measles became the throwback fad nobody asked for, which is not fair to everyone else and definitely also not fair to measles. think about it, measles have been retired all these years and shrined has to start working again? and all because kindergarteners have philosophical objections to the vaccine? i'm pretty sure the only
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philosophy a kindergarten has is we should turn on the patrol. think how crazy, in america you can send your kids to school with measles but if they bring peanut butter with them their little ass is getting thrown out in the. ♪ turns out the same way sarah palin was a trial run for donald trump, the measles vaccines were a trial run for covid because more people are seeking religious exemptions from vaccines and finding a lot of help from their fellow worshipers online. >> we found web sites to help people request exemptions, one includes words like sacred, holy, worship, blast and others. >> thousands of facebook users are teaching each other how to obtain religious exemptions from the vaccine. >> these are folks swapping tips who are showing each other how to evade filters. >> on instagram, the lead pastor of destiny christian church issues an open invitation to anyone seeking religious
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exemption. >> if you feel really compromised by taking this vaccine, we have a form for you. >> trevor: numerous churches across the country are offering the same. >> we found a self-described evangelist offering vaccine exemption letters to anyone who wants one. curious, our producer e-mailed her, he's fully vaccinated already by the way. she offered to write letters to him and three family members once he paypaled here at least $25, $10 minimum donation for each additional family member after that. this woman says she's a christian, our producer is jewish. no questions asked about religion, medicine or anything. >> trevor: not exactly the interreligious harmony i have been hoping for. as shocking as it may seem, i think it's obvious some eare lieges leaders will try to keep people from being unvaccinated. they make money from getting the letters and a ton of money from doing the funerals. doesn't take a genius to see how the great idea of religious
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freedoms has been corrupted. you know, the question used to be do you have a sincere religious belief? and now it's do you have a paypal account? and the reason that people need to work so hard to cheat the system with fake religious beliefs is that basically every actual religion has told its followers to get thine ass vaccinated. >> faith organizations have come out to say the benefits of getting the vaccine far outweigh any ethical concerns about its development. >> jewish scholars say the tora requires it. muslim leaders endorse it, too. >> for the faithful, this vaccine is halal. >> the covid vaccine got
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endorsement. the pope urged everyone to get their shot. >> in india the dalai lama getting his first covid 19 vaccine shot. the tibetan spiritual leader urging his followers to do the same. >> take this injection. >> trevor: yeah, leaders of christianity, judaism, islam and buddhism all agree there's nothing in religion that stops people from getting the vaccine. we need beyonce to put out a statement and all religions are covered. think how crazy it is having all the major religions saying there's no religious objection to the vaccine. these guys don't agree on anything. buddhists believe the middle seat on an airplane is the best. free yourself from the desire of an aisle seat. the only window that matters is the window in your mind. if you excuse me, i need to go to the bathroom. excuse me. sorry. watch the robe, please. sorry. excuse me. can you get out of the (~bleep~) way. that's how religious exemptions
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became red, white and broken, a fantastic idea that was once the foundation for a society where people could pray the way they wished to pray has now walked into an excuse that people can use just to avoid the rules. i mean, the one up side is now i get to steal people's cars, i get to eat fish on a plane, cut in line everywhere i go and even punch toddlers in the street and if people say, hey, trevor, stop being an asshole! i can say, yo, yo, yo, i'm not being an asshole, these are just my religious beliefs. when we come back, michael kosta learned something surprising about the clitoris. wait, what? oh, boy, i'm definitely coming back after the break.
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big whoop! mine gives me a 4k streaming box. -for free! that's because you all have the same internet. xfinity xfi. so powerful, it keeps one-upping itself. can your internet do that? "the daily show." every once in a while an ordinary person goes above and beyond to change the world. tonight, michael kosta has found one of those persons for another episode of thank me later. >> hi, i'm michael kosta. believe it or not modern (~bleep~) doctors or gynecologists aren't being adequately trained on the (~bleep~) zone that makes the (~bleep~) clitoris. that is until one woman decided to give doctors and laymen as myself the map we so desperately needed. i sat down with this hero and you can thank me later. >> i'm jessica and i have gotten five textbooks changed to include detailed anatomy of the clitoris.
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>> let me back up because i know about the clitoris, okay. i know very much about the clitoris. but some of our audience may be a little less informed. so why don't you just explain to our audience where and what the clitoris is, please. >> um -- so the clitoris is the sensory organ of female sexual response. it looks like this. >> trevor: that looks like a coat hanger with balls. >> this is what a clitoris looks like. most women orgasm from external clitoral stimulation. >> just for the viewers, show me again. >> this is a common way to stimulate the clitoris. this is the anatomy i have been getting covered. >> at the time of jessica's study no textbook included the
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clitoris, while they had the pep penis gets covered in great depth. 50 times as many words on the penis as the clitoris. >> dick, dong, ding dong -- >> i counted the number of words in order to quantify how much coverage there was of penile versus clitoral anatomy. 57 times. and that's the huge problem. doctors will think they know accurate clitoral anatomy and they don't. that's scary because they will be operating on people and not realizing what they need to watch out for. that's actually what happened to me. >> jessica was harmed during a surgery and dove into academic research to find out what went wrong. she soon discovered that medical textbooks were ignoring the
1:37 am
clitoris. and she decided to apply some pressure to the sensitive area. >> when i fers started emailing medical leadership and textbook offers, it didn't seem i was getting anywhere. no one was listening. it was so frustrating. in 2018 i crashed the acog animal meeting, and i passed out flyers of clitoral anatomy. >> not surprisingly, jessica's strategy of handing out flyers like the clitoris was a times square comedy show didn't work. >> i realized since there was a need for me to have credibility, so i went to my dad, who is a plastic surgeon, and i told him that i needed to published a study. so i dissected clitorises with
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my dad. >> you what? >> it's actually so funny. i dissected clitorises with my dad. >> trevor: that's amazing me and my dad watch adam sandler movies. but this is what you do with your dad? >> yeah. >> trevor: cool. how do you dissect a clitoris. >> from cadaver. >> dead people clitoris. >> that's how you learn anatomy. >> it was time for jessica and dad to start slicing and dicing. >> we went to the anatomy lab and my dad said a lot of people faint or throw up so if you need to sit down, it's okay. i was, like, no, hand me the scissors. before our study, a surprising number of ob/gyns told me to my face those nerves are difficult to digest but they were larger than i thought. >> how do you know this cadaver didn't just have a big clitoris? that's the first time i've ever said that sentence in my life.
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>> so we did ten for our study, and, so, we measured the nerves in all ten specimens. >> wow! in 2019ex cay's groundbreaking study was published in the aesthetic surgery journal but didn't get a lot of attention. the medical community was ignoring her study like it was -- i can't think of a good analogy but you get it. jessica pushed her cause on social media publicly calling out doctors and textbook authors forcing them to make real changes. >> you're saying tiktok made real life changes to actual graduate level medical textbooks? >> five of them! >> oh, okay. >> besides the sense of casts faction you get from protecting women from needless suffering, have you received anything for your work, any cash payments or schools named after you, a free sub at subway? >> no. >> jessica, we mailed yu a box.
1:40 am
>> okay. my gosh! >> could you please read it out loud? >> it says jessica, you may have rubbed a few people the wrong way but thank you for your tireless service to enlarge our nation's clitorature. awesome schum. >> coo for jessica's activism helped standardized guidelines for practicing ob/gyns in five textbooks. you can add one to my list. i'm updating my diary, and you can thank me later. >> trevor: thank you so much for that, michael. tristan harris will be joining us on the show to tell us how facebook is making us want to kill each other. don't want to miss it.
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harris of the center for humane technology. he's here to talk about facebook and whether the social media giant can be both responsible and profitable.
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tristan. welcome to the show. >> pleasure to be here with you. >> trevor: your face is one i both enjoy seeing but at the same time brings me a lot of sort of ptsd. >> yeah. >> trevor: because you said a lot of things in the documentary where i think a lot of people know you from, the social dilemma. >> yeah. >> trevor: how you laid out how social media is fundamentally designed to turn my brain into a certain type of mush and leave me feeling shitty about myself, but constantly needing to reengage with the product. >> yeah. >> trevor: yesterday everything was down or most of it was down, facebook, instagram, whatsapp, down, were you popping champagne when that was happening as somebody who has been hitting on the idea everything should be reigned in? >> i think it gave people a taste of what it's like to not have this thing in our lives. it happened the day after frances haugen the whistleblower
1:45 am
came forward. this is the largest release that we're going to see in facebook history because after this, there's probably never going to be research and tech companies that's done on identifying the harms of their products. >> trevor: why do you say that. >> because of frances haugen, the whistleblower, she basically thing took photos of basically all of this research, tens of thousands of documents. >> trevor: wow, okay. >> and once that happened and showing it's not just that the harm's in the social dilemma are true, it's facebook knew that they are harming teenage mental health. they know they drive anorexia and body dysmorphia and eating disorders in children, they know it drives political parties in europe, india, poland, taiwan, to go more negative in devices so the key of the whistleblower's insights is they know it's sort of harming society but they don't change because they still prioritize profits over safety. >> trevor: so let's try to break this whole thing down. >> yeah. >> trevor: you know, i agree with almost everything that you
1:46 am
say. you know, i sit there, i see it in my own life, with my friends, and in my society. i see what these apps do to us. i've always asked myself a question, though, i go, is the app to blame, the ecosystem to blame or do these apps just amplify what society will naturally do? i think of it like us humans, you know, back in the day i had to, like, get to you to give you my up, whereas now i can have an idea in new york that can offend somebody in india. >> right. >> trevor: just because of social media. >> yeah. >> trevor: so is it that social media is the problem or humans are the problem and social media amplifies the problems? >> it's a great question. i think the problem is that, you know, the worst of human nature exists in all of us. >> trevor: okay. >> but the best in human nature also exists in all of us. you have child soldiers in certain places and also peaceful tribes that live in harmony with nature for thousands of years in whatever way. but when social media, every day, when you look at it it
1:47 am
points a trillion dollars of power in finding the next fault line in society. you open up the feed and says what am i going to show you and ranks it by what gets the most attention. it takes the trillion-dollar market cap of the companies, super computer, calculates what would most likely get you not only to click or share but to comment on it. facebook recently in the revelation also were sorting for what they call meaningful social interactions which meant the largest argumentative comment threads. when you have a.i. pointed at finding the next fault line in society coupled with targeted information to make you hate your fellow men and women and run that through society for years, no surprise whether vaccines or mazics or anything that we would be this divided. the more it polarizes citizens, the more it forces politicians to cater to a more extreme base that never results in synthesis.
1:48 am
which means democracy, a wrench is thrown in the gear. and people veer toward authoritarians because democracy is not working. >> trevor: you saw how powerful it was in the election. we saw brexit, with the rise of trump, with -- in, like, trinidad, all the tools that that company was using, cambridge an lilt cay, they were using facebook tools to shape people's realities. they could get people to not vote. >> right. >> trevor: do you switch to china's model where china goes no more than 40 minutes of tiktok in a weekend and no -- we're going to shape society. do we switch to that model? >> i would say currently we're faced with what appears like two bad options. you allow these business models to continue and let this keep going and it breaks democracy into chaos, or the other model, china, and china basically controls the internet.
1:49 am
it's like xi jinping saw the social dilemma because over the last two weeks, they changed the chinese regulations so teenagers if you're under 14 and use tiktok, you only get to use it for i think it's 40 minutes a day and they show kids science experiments and museum exhibits and things like that. >> trevor: like how to be a doctor. >> yeah. in our case in catastrophe land we allow tiktok to reward whatever gets the most engagement. >> trevor: how to burn down your school. >> or become an influencer. we allow our kids to be an influences or get utopia where you're controlling it. the whole point of the conversation, frances haugen the whistleblower who came forward, is we have to show sit a third way, it's not antitechnology, it's democracy plus technology equals a stronger democracy. we can notice china is employing technology to make a stronger authoritarian society but
1:50 am
democracy is not constantly employing technology to make stronger democracy with more participation. that's what we want to create. it's not anti-big tech. it's how we make sure technology and open society creates something more humane and positive not the chains that come from this. >> trevor: how is the change going to happen when people in congress don't know what an app is. you saw the senator is like, oh, wow, are you going to delete fin star? if those are the people making the laws, the laws won't be made and big tech are influences the laws never thought about because to have the lobbying system. how do you do this? >> i feel so hopeful. i was almost emotional today watching frances haugen the whistleblower, because i honestly think she turned the tide, and we're going to have regulation that's coming from people like her, groups that are accountable, where people who understand these issues can get us to a place where we're not ranking for what creates crazytown in society.
1:51 am
>> trevor: interesting. >> i think that's what we have to. do i think one of the last things to say is if we don't -- it's kind of a national security threat. if we used to say if russia or china were going to blow up the congress, we have to have continuity of government. we have to make sure the government will continue operating. in a way, this is like information warfare that blows up the functioning on congress, almost like an attack on culture. if we see this as a national security threat, urgent for our children, we can make a bigger change than what's been proposed so far. >> trevor: as you said, i hope that the whistleblower halls started a tidal wave that can hopefully get things moving. thanks for joining us. i appreciate you so much. to hear more of tristan's ideas, check out his podcast i know things. barks it's under the couch driver or 3-wood?
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week is mental illness awareness week, so please consider supporting the aakoma project. the aakoma project offers free virtual therapy and workshops for teens and young adults of color, as well as educating youth and their families on the importance of mental health. if you want to support them in this work, please donate at the link below. until tomorrow -- stay safe out
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there, get your vaccine, and remember: if you need a religious exemption for the vaccine or anything else, hit me up on venmo. now, here it is -- your moment of zen. >> live television, gang. that's live tv for you. >> excuse me. my kids are here. live television. >> we're going live! >> if you haven't gotten your ticket you have till 9:00 but the drawing is not till 10:00. james, you bought your ticket. what are you going to do with that money if you win. >> i'm definitely going to get a supercharged mustang with dual exhaust, about five kilos of cocaine and i will be good to go. >> so you like cars. >> i like cars. >> i don't like cars. i don't know what i would have to do with that money. i would have to pray on it for a day, figure out what i would do with it. back to you, doug. the drawing will happen tonight
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