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tv   The Daily Show With Trevor Noah  Comedy Central  February 1, 2021 11:00pm-11:44pm PST

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still haven't seen the beach. captioning by captionmax it's niwww.captionmax.coms. what's going on. i'm trevor noah, this is the daily social distancing show, and today is february 1st, which means it's the start of black history month! yes, my friends, it's that time of year when white people who are true allies gift their black friends a ps5. do the right thing, guys. don't be racist. anyway, on tonight's show -- reddit traders are high on silver, anti-vaxxers are ruining things for everyone, and we introduce you to an insane georgia woman who makes laws for the country now. plus, jeremy o. harris of "slave play" is here! so let's do this, people! welcome to the daily social distancing show. ♪ ♪ >> from trevor's couch in new york city to your couch somewhere in the world, this is "the daily social distancing
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show" with trevor noah. ♪ ♪ >> trevor: all right, let's kick things off with the big snowstorm that slapped into the northeast united states today where some places will be getting up to 24 inches of snow. iin fact, there was so much snow in noshing that wekdzent go anywhere, and we had to stay home all day. it was crazy. while the sunny west coast doesn't have to worry about snow, california is having scary weather-related problems of its own. >> amazing drone video shows where a chunk of california's scenic collapse, the landslide left a massive gap in the highway and a deep ravine littered with fallen trees. thankfully nobody was hurt there. transportation officials have no estimate of how long it might take to actually fix that. merchants say that collapsed just another major blow to the
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area's tourist industry. >> trevor: no, man! if anything, i think a big hole like that will help the tourism industry. look at the grand canyon, they were going to patch that up years ago but it's so popular nobody bothered. luckily nobody was on the road when it collapsed but they have to fix the road asap because since we all have g.p.s., i don't know how obvious that hole will be. people will be just, like, i mean, yeah, it looks like a hole, but google says we should just go straight, so, i mean, what's the worst that could -- aaahhh! and this looks scary, but you know who did enjoy it? the panda from the national zoo. oh, if only we all looked that adorable plunging to our deaths. let's prove now to the coronavirus pandemic. the only thing with more mutations than rudy giuliani. the big issue right now is getting people vaccinated as quickly as possible, and now there's yet another thing making that harder than it should be,
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assholes. >> the los angeles times says dozens of anti-vaccination protesters disrupted operations at one of the largest vaccine sites in the country. they blocked entrances and forced the inoculation center at dodger stadium to close for an hour saturday. hundreds waited in cars to get shots. officials are calling for increased security attesting and vaccination locations. >> trevor: whoa! these people in l.a. had to sit in their cars for an hour! how did they notice? but what the (~bleep~) anti-vaxxers? if you don't want a vaccine, don't get one. i don't agree with you but don't ruin it for everyone else. we don't interrupt you when you're busy dying of measles. here's what i don't understand -- why does it always have to be the most ridiculous people who are the most fired up? why can't anti-vaxxers be the graham model also last summer when they posted an instagram one day and never bring them up
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again. ten years ago, the country of myanmar emerged from a half-century of military rule to transition to civilian government. yesterday, the military apparently decided that they liked it better the old way. >> breaking overnight developments in myanmar, the country formerly known as burma. this morning, the military there announced it took control of the country in a coup against the democratically elected government. it detained several politicians including the country's civilian leader nobel peace prize laureate young young. the raids came hours before a new session of parliament was scheduled to open and members who won the november elections were set to take their seat. the military alleges voter fraud in the november election. >> trevor: trump must be kicking himself right now. i don't know why i didn't think about using the military. can i have a coup-over? it's hard to get america to care about another country's
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politics. the myanmar wants to get the country's attention they should change the country's name again to the capitol building because if americans heard there was a coup at the capitol building they'd at least care for two weeks. but i am hoping for the best for the people of myanmar. what it shows us is maintaining a civilian-led democracy isn't easy and can't be taken for granted. when you think about it, civilians controlling the 34eur89 is an amazing accomplishment. the military has a way more power, the equivalent of having a pet t rex. what did i say about jumping on the couch? bad rex! bad rex! ( growling ) moving from the coup in myanmar to the ongoing quo in wall street. last week, day traders in ready-to-drove stocks higher than the queen's hair. reddit has its eye on something even more shiny. >> the game stop saga continues to grow. >> it's not just stocks anymore.
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reddit users are buying up silver, pushing up the value of the precious metal. silver hit a five-month high at nearly 30 bucks an ounce. >> the reddit group sauce they're doing it because big banks, specifically jp morgan chase, have been suppressing metals for a long time. >> over the weekend, retail sites that sell silver coins and bars said they were getting hit by unprecedented demand and they couldn't meet it. >> the demand has been incredible. pretty much physical silver is almost all gone in terms of live inventory. >> we typically have about a thousand silver products in inventory available for purchase. we're so cleaned out we're down to about 80 items in stock, which is a number i've never seen before and never thought we would see. the entire industry is frankly wiped out. in terms of finding live silver you can purchase and receive today, it's becoming impossible ( maniacal laugh ) i'm rich, rim rich, i tell you!
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that's right, silver is skyrocketing. sprinters will be at the finish line at the olympics, after you, man. >> no, after you. no, i'm always going first, you go ahead of me. why don't you go ahead of me now. this time you can go first, right? while some reddit users say driving silver higher will cripple banks like jp morgan, others claim this movement is secretly coordinated by big wall street firms because it would help the banks. and i believe this. of course wall street will do that. wall street doesn't try to stop a scam, it joins in. if wall street caught you robberring your mom, it would be like, hey! hold her legs down so i can get in her sure, she sometimes has coins in there. one of our correspondents has a
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pitch for where it should go next. >> are you a redditer looking to stick it to the hedge funds. forget for game stop and silver. you've got to invest in kiwi. kiwis are the investment opportunity that wall street doesn't want you to know about. they're portable, they hold their intrinsic value and it's easy to think you're ordering ten from amazon and miraculously wind up with ten crates. here's the fact, as far as we know, every single hedge fund is shorting kiwis. are we going to let them do that to america's national fruit? i don't think so. if we all buy kiwis, then -- rocket ship! and kiwis are more than an investment. they go great in fruit salads. they can be organic track nuts, and they're the only fruit covered in fur. so if you ever wonder what it's like to take a bite out of a hamster, now you can. with kiwis.
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and the best part is you don't even have to go through those wall street fat cats to get your cakiwis. just call me and let me know how many you want whether 5 or 5,000. but this opportunity will not last forever. you've got maybe two days tops before it smells so bad in here my landlord kicks me out. order now, and remember the more kiwis we buy, the more the hedge funds suffer. it's just economics, so call today. please. >> honey, what did you do? >> i'm handling it! >> trevor: all right, when we come back, we'll look at one of the newest and most terrifying stars of the republican party. you don't want to miss it.
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>> trevor: welcome back to "the daily social distancing show." last year's election brought a lot of new faces to washington, d.c., but just like that kid at sleep away camp who keeps wetting the bed, one of them may have be going home early. >> tonight growing outrage at newly elected representative marjorie taylor greene, the noted conspiracy theorist and ardent trump supporter from georgia is facing calls to resign and a long shot bid to expel her from congress at her social media found in 2018 and '19, she repeated support for executing prominent democrats including nancy pelosi. >> in a widely shared video greene declared pelosi a traitor and said she should be executed. >> it's a crime punishable by death.
11:15 pm
nancy pelosi is guilty of treason. >> she's called for the hanging of barack obama and hillary clinton. >> right now, they're trying to expel me from congress. yep, they don't like -- they don't like a lot of the things i say and do. you know, it's a witch hunt. >> trevor: yeah, they don't like the things you said because you called for their execution. they're not looking for a witch hunt, they're looking to stay alive! i mean, people, what kind of psychopath calls for the execution of america's leaders on facebook? i mean, at least if he did it on snapchat, it would be harder to fine. also the puppy kn noafs makes yu seem less crazy. she has three names, assassins always have three names -- lee harvey oswald, john wilkes booth, neil patrick harris -- that guy kills at every awards show. who is this person that might
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get expelled from congress after less than a month? let's get to know her in our brand-new segment "fringe-watching." ♪ ♪ meet marjorie taylor greene. in cock, she represents georgia's 14th district, right outside atlanta, and in life, she represents some views right outside of reality. >> marjorie taylor greene, she won her house race for a district in northwest georgia. she has in the past promoted that q anon conspiracy theory. >> q is a patriot, we know that for sure, but we do not know who q is. people believe that q is someone very close to president trump. according to him, many in our government are actively worshiping satan, or they call molach. is it going to be true that the child pedophilia and the elites in washington, d.c., is that what we're really going to see come out? is it going to be say tan, worship? >> trevor: q is in the
11:17 pm
house -- of representatives! marjorie taylor greene is hardly the first member of congress to hold some out-there beliefs. ted cruz police violence that beard is working for him. but q anon is not just extreme, it's delusional, people. how are you going to be in the government and believe that the government is full of satan worshiping sex predators? i mean, it must be exhausting to walk around the hall as of congress opening doors, ah-ha! no, just a supply closet. gotcha! no, just a copy room. bam! no, that's my office. i'm so lost. it's not just q anon, seems like greene has a conspiracy theory for every letter of the alphabet. >> the trump-backing republican embraces completely false q anon conspiracy theories and in a newly uncovered video from 2018 claimed former president barack obama is muslim, the clintons had j.f.k., jr. killed, and even
11:18 pm
questioned whether a plane crashed into the pentagon on 9/11. >> it's odd there's never any evidence shown for a plane in the pentagon. >> facebook pols have surfaced in which greene called the deadly parkland high school shooting fake, along with video showing her harassing parkland shooting survivor david hogg. >> why are you supporting red flag gun laws that attack our second amendment rights? how do you get avid gun owners and people who support the second amendment to give up their guns and go along with antigun legislation? how do you do that? maybe you accomplish that by performing a mass shooting into a crowd that is very likely to be conservative. is that what happened in las vegas? >> have you seen the picture of ruth bader ginsburg walking to the airport? >> yeah, like a body double for hillary clinton. >> yes. >> it's interesting, so -- >> i do not believe that was
11:19 pm
ruth, no, i don't think so. >> i don't either. >> trevor: r.b.g., hillary clinton have body doubles. makes it sound like everyone has their own body double. such a lily thing to believe. they, man, they're on to us, get out of there! the big question is how did osama bin karen get elected to the house in one of nine republicans running for the seat so everyone's attention was spread around instead foasksed on her. kind of like there are so many different kinds of oreo you hardly notice one of the flavors is human flesh. while some of the q anon stuff did come out, mostly what voters knew about her is she was a hard core trump supporter. she sometimes sounded like a crazy person but only in a comforting, familiar way. >> she's a former crossfit gym owner who has had a few roles at her father's construction
11:20 pm
company but really has no political background at all. >> america is the greatest country in the world. we need conservatives in washington that will keep it that way. >> the democratic party is no longer an american party. they are now the party of socialism. they want to rip our borders wide open, they want to kill babies up until birth and maybe even afterwards. >> i have a message for antifa terrorists, stay the hell out of northwest georgia. >> trevor: goddam! i know which house i'm skipping on halloween. by the way, everyone's freaking out about greene's q anon beliefs, but if you ask me the scarier cult she's involved in is crossfit. that's just scientology with jumping jacks. but yes, aside from the cult stuff, a lot of greene's beliefs are pretty typical for today's republicans. but she has an extra something that makes the far right love her even more. it's racism. >> marjorie taylor greene also has a track record of incendiary and racist rhetoric.
11:21 pm
>> there is an islamic invasion into our government offices now. if you want islam and sharia law, stay there in the middle east. stay there and go to mecca and do all your thing and, you know what, you can have a bunch of wives or goats or sheep or whatever you want. that doesn't make me a racist just because i say leave the statue up there. the most mistreated group of people in the united states today are white males. >> now deleted facebook post, greene questioned whether california's deadly camp fire in 2018 was starred by lasers beamed down from outer space. lasers she says somehow connected to the roth childs, target of some to have the oldest laziest most dangerous anti-submittic tropes on the books, jewish space lasers -- >> trevor: hold on, jewish pace lasers, is this lady
11:22 pm
playing conspiracy slot machine and going with whatever comes up? because here's my question, if you are secretly starting a forest fire, why use a space laser when you could just use matches? it's such a waste of a jewish space laser, like using the death star to make s'mores. >> yes, make sure they're toasty! >> trevor: and if you era antisemitic, this is a weird way to try to get people on your side because when i hear someburn saying jews have a spaifs laser, i'm, like, awesome, can i join? it is impressive that greene has a wild racist theory for every group. no wonder she got elected because she's, like, i want to be a congresswoman for everyone, whether you hate jews, blacks, muslims or filthy canadians, i'm on your side. so that's who marjorie taylor greene was before she starred threatening to kill democrats, and her calls for violence are nothing new. while some republicans only came
11:23 pm
around to support an insurrection after donald trump lost the election, greene was rallying troops even before november 2020. >> if this generation doesn't stand up and defend freedom, it's gone. >> yeah. >> and once it's gone, freedom doesn't come back by itself. the only ways you get freedoms back is it's earned with the price of blood. when we rise up, we can end all of this. we can end it. we can do it peacefully. we can. i hope it doesn't -- we don't have to do it the other way. i hope not. but we should feel like we will if we have to. >> trevor: okay, no, guys, i'm sorry, but calls for a violent revolution just don't have the sail weight when you're streaming it from your hotel room. it's time for the people to rise up and take back their freedoms! excuse me, can i get another towel, please, because i'm going to pool. thank you so much. let's spill some blood! no, the cabana will be fine,
11:24 pm
thank you. so all these death threats and conspiracy theories have come to light, congress is trying to figure out how to deal with greene. do you censure her, expel her, use a jewish spaifs laser to distract her like a cat? while congress decides, she's getting stuff done. >> marjorie taylor greene calling on president biden to be impeached. >> articles of impeachment on president joe biden. we'll see how this goes. >> trevor: what a let down. marge marge came to washington calling for executions and a few weeks later she's already settling for impeachment? i guess congress will turn anyone into moortd. you know what? i have a conspiracy theory of my own. i think marjorie taylor greene is secretly a democrat. yeah, no, think about it -- she's making republicans look unhinged, she's from georgia,
11:25 pm
which we all know is a blue state, and she's a member of congress, which she herself believes is a satanic, demonic cult. now, if i'm correct, and marjorie taylor greene is a democrat, well that's great news for everyone, because that would be the only way that republicans would actually want to hold her accountable for anything she's done. all right, when we come back, playwright jeremy o. harris will talk to us about his groundbreaking play "slave play." you don't want to miss it.
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a little joy with every bag. earlier today, i had the privilege of speaking with award-winning playwright jeremy o. harris. his broadway production "slave play" was nominated for a record-breaking 12 tony awards. so we talked about that, how he's trying to help keep the theater industry alive, what he's doing during the coronavirus pandemic and so much more. jeremy o. harris, welcome to "the daily social distancing show." >> thank you for having me. >> trevor: had i known you were going to challenge my 'fro, i would have blown out my 'fro, but i feel like you snuck up on me. this is not cool what you've just done here. i can do that but i was, like, i don't want like doing that to
11:30 pm
people because they feel intimidated and i didn't know you were going to do this. >> i did know i was on an african man's television show, this is, like, vaguely political and i wanted to walk in the steps of past black liberationists and live in a full '70s 'fro moment for you. i switched it up. they've also told me you have been wearing sweatshirts on the show. >> trevor: hoodies. >> a hoodie, and i was, like, i'm not going to do that. ( laughter ) for me, that felt like utter, you know, beautiful privilege. you have beauty privilege, you have light-skinned privilege, you have -- ( laughter ) i'm, like, me mom in virginia is going to be, like, what the hell is jeremy doing with, like, natural hair and a hoodie on in the show. >> trevor: i think you look fantastic, jeremy. you know what it is for me is people often go, like, why are you wearing the hoodies?
11:31 pm
this is how i dress when i'm at home and i'm not in the mood to act like i have not been at home for a year. yes, i get to pop outside now and again but we're at home. i'll wear a suit outside because i'm outside, but i won't wear the suit inside because i'm inside. do you know what i mean? i will make my pandemic experience as comfortable as possible and hope you have done the same thing. that's a nice jacket, a nice collar and shirt. it feels like you. before we talk about the play and all the accolades, what are you up to? >> i have been sitting at home wondering if i even know how to write a play, one. the big fink for me is i think about theater as, like, community building in a way. everything is, like, you made it to broadway, lou did you do that. i'm, like, (~bleep~) you. they said you wanted to go to broadway. i said i didn't want to do any of this. i wanted to make a small play for my friends at yale.
11:32 pm
it was a really random series of occurrences, and, oh, god -- oh, god -- um -- sorry, i got calls. my -- my friend is calling me over and over and over again and i didn't know that that was going to happen. that's really funny. >> trevor: so that's freezing up our picture right now. hold on. we'll get it back. wait a second, it will come back. >> i'm just going to tell her that i'm -- wait, i'll call you back, i'm on "the daily show." my apologies. that would be a fun thing. i wonder how many times that's happened to your guests. >> trevor: i don't think it's ever happened, actually. i've completely lost you. >> this is so weird. i didn't take the call. i think it's just because -- am i back now? >> trevor: oh, there you are. you're back. >> great. i'm going to do this and make
11:33 pm
sure facetime doesn't come back, because that's the issue. turn facetime off. >> trevor: you see, this is fun. this is what i love about this. now, imagine, you see, now, if i was wearing a suit for this moment right now, i would feel like something had gone wrong. but because i'm wearing a hoody, it's just happening. life is just happening right now. you know, broadway is one of the hardest, hardest, hardest places to get anything on. you didn't just break into it, jeremy, you broke into it with a play many would argue would never make it on to broadway. it is one to have the most risque things. i went to "slave play," and i remember sitting there, and i won't spoil it for people, but i remember for the first ten or 15 minutes i was, like, this is the worst thing i've ever experienced in my life, this is horrible. and around me there were a lot of racist jokes and people were laughing around me and i was really uncomfortable. i was, like, wow. i was, like, so, clearly, this is not for me, this is for some
11:34 pm
to have the old white folk that are having a great time right now. then the play switches, and then i started laughing and people around me didn't laugh anymore, and i remember the entire time -- i walked out of it going, this -- it's like similar experiences with the matrix or devil's advocate or just an experience that takes you through a story that warps how you're seeing the world around you. it seems like a play about entire relanesle relationships, but after george floyd happened, people were using quotes and ideas from the plays in the streets while they were protesting. seems like it was one thing but feels like it was so many other things. it seemed like it achieved everything. what were you trying to do? >> yeah, i was a black kid who had been in white schools for most of my life, right, and when you are one of the few black kids in predominantly white
11:35 pm
spaces, you tend to be attracted to all the groups of white people who always make you feel like the other. or you will find you're in a group that form pods and find you're always having to be with people who say, can i touch your hair? and you will be like, i feel like everyone's racist and they're, like, i'm not racist. i want to make a play to tell all the kids who feel gas lit because to have the systems and institutions they're a part of that, hey, you're not wrong, the people around you are racist, even though they say you aren't. the people around you are dealing with years and years and years of systems in the same way that you are, even if they feel separate from those systems. >> right. >> and you're not wrong to want to call it out. for me, because broadway was never the goal or the option, i
11:36 pm
feel emboldened to say to the producers, if you take this to broadway, it has to be for the people i wrote it for, not for only white people with american expresses and can afford $400 can see it. we have to privilege black people, young people, et cetera, and luckily we were able to do that which was amazing. >> trevor: i'm not shocked your play has been nominated for a record 12 awards. congratulations. to have 12 nominationings is unheard of amazing and i hope you win every single one of them because oftentimes when we talk about racism and systemic racism in society, we speak about it through the when is of overt hatred, you know. but it is really hard to have these conversations with the nuance that it deserves when you're talking about it through the lens of love. the play is about love, how couples, people, families and friends love each other and how race either adds a complexity or
11:37 pm
an added dynamic to that love. was that a big part of it? or why was love so crucial for you? because when you're watching the play, at no point do you think that any of those white people does not love the black people they're interacting with. you don't even not like them. you understand everybody is being subjected to the system. >> i grew up in the south, right, so in the south there are certain things that are very plain spoken, that's why i like the south because, like, in the south, i had friends who i knew for a fact, like, adored me. i don't know if love is what happened but they atorrid me, they were obsessed with me, but they would be in a car and we would be on a car pool and we would be talking about pokémon or whatever we were talking about, and then their dad would whistle dixie in the car pool. they would whistle along. i didn't know what dixie was. i would sing it to my mom and she's what the (~bleep~) with you doing? that's a racist song.
11:38 pm
i was, like, what are you talking about, mom? and she said, you go back and tell them that's racist. i would do that and they would say, yeah, my grand pappy did fight for the confederacy, so i guess that is racist. when i moved to the north, would be in positions with ambitious white students who would do and say things based on race. they would be, like, jeremy might be one of the smartest people leer but he got in -- the reason he could get in is because he's black or the reasoy s.a.t. scores are. i'm, like, bitch, i'm sure i outtested you. you would say things and they would say, no, it's funny, i learned these things from tina fey, and they would say all these jokes you know in the mid 2000s, in the obama years when everybody felt safe, comedy central and these places were
11:39 pm
built up around liberal comedians saying racist things that made mr. speaker and brown people feel weird but were told they couldn't because they voted for obama. the most insidious racism is racism we see perpetrated by people that are liberals who vote against policies that protect young black and brown people. i became obsessed with this entanglement that staff based around mutual respect, mutual love, but wherein that respect is hampered by being blind to the ways in which being socialized white has challenged -- has made it almost impossible for you to understand the complexities of any -- anybody that's not your own. >> trevor: i really do appreciate how you've created a conversation that is honest, that is heartbreaking, that is funny. it's one to have the funniest things you will ever watch, and it leaves people, in my opinio,
11:40 pm
walking out going i see the world in a slightly different way and i see the way i participate in the world in a slightly different way. so i would add more nominations to your 12. i could talk to you for hours, but maybe we'll catch up another day. thank you for joining me, being here and creating. >> can i say one thing? >> trevor: of course. >> at the thing that i really want to say, if we really want more people to see this, we want as many people as possible to see this, we have to think about the fact that in america theater is on its last legs. all of the arts are on their last legs. i want everyone to look into be an arts hero and the work that they are doing and also to research the federal theater project and the federal arts project, which is one of f.d.r.s plans out of the new deal where he made federal one and put money into the hands of artists not just in new york or on broadway but everywhere because the multiple billions of dollars at arts bring to the economy are necessary.
11:41 pm
i know it's fun to think about theater as that bad musical your son or daughter was in that you suffered through, but, you know, theater is what made flea bag, is what helped make the foundational principles of all the shows you watch on netflix, hulu, all these other places. >> trevor: yes. >> and if you want to make sure there is a new generation of people who didn't staffer when they tried to do that, please ask your representatives to bail all of them out. i'm the lucky artist. i'mphine. i'm sitting in a gorgeous apartment now. but there are plenty of people who are my peers, who are above me, who are inspirationings to me who are struggling who trying to figure out how to get their next meal because we haven't thought about the art bailouts because they help reshape our souls. >> trevor: we'll make sure we do it that way. don't be a stranger.
11:42 pm
>> i won't. >> trevor: thanks again, jeremy. in case you're wondering, jeremy has created a collection of plays by black writers called the golden collection. for more information about the golden collection including how to buy it please check out the link below. we're going to take a quick break but we'll be right back after this. how for
11:43 pm
tonight. but before we go, today is it the first day of black history month, so, please, consider supporting color of change. they move decision-makers and corporations an governments to create a more humane and less hostile world for black people in america. go to the link below and donate whatever you can. until tomorrow -- stay safe out there, wear a mask, and if you're in an area that's getting slammed by snow, just remember that there are kids in miami who never get any snow, so do a good deed and mail them some. now, here it is -- your moment of zen. >> let's -- let's be truthful about charlottesville, there was
11:44 pm
every type of racist group, and it came in every disgusting level. so we had all the idiots there. i don't know even know why we put the idiots on the news. why do we put those idiots from the far left and the far right, why do we even give them a microphone or camera? because they're the idiots of our nation. (pam on phone) well, i should go. all right. i'll tell everybody here that you say hi. no, don't. i'm mad at them. [chuckling] why? what happened? not one of them called to congratulate me on our engagement. ah. that they might be off the hook for, because i didn't tell them. what? why not? [chuckles] i just didn't, you know, want to deal-- come on, it won't be that bad. okay, you know what? here we go. [hangs up receiver] uh, everybody, just wanted to make an announcement. pam and i are engaged. hi, everyone.
11:45 pm
i thought you were already engaged.


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