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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  June 16, 2012 7:30am-8:00am EDT

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ifk top ae lita ofcialnd fes p ta fal f baraand muim ra brherhd caidat ad well ueoter braysrhcaat aheoesnll eanter ys egt tosn coment otheira egto is tswhathey me hea taty reay imaged?ea >>eporr: ag? crtaiy eoun >> or relutiariewho cai y saun fo 18 retiieo ysafo d s in tahr dinsquahis a as choe bween the olaptm a rehome band eneheol muimbroerhoret's d wh themu chce haseenhe ro ho st 8's ars inwhhe n at pple re 8 ssying nis egok pe sa sng is w elecsomedy. sa d't li w ecthmem.. dlith inourearse ha ne inrrshane eltion ey s aft fur yes if weelon don' like sft fthe w'lvoteyehemife out. n'ke it'sowhe th wroce wiltemw k.t. they ave's athlearceil ida,w unli
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thnks r basittg the ds, itta. homuch o wewe y? ths batt e that, l beta973.. hochwe yatbe3. kno yourateand es en'txact comtiti. noouted 'tctomti whdo y thi i a quken ans? wh yhispo asman quen yn refs?anceour rtga wi quipoen lanns yef ceyour l figa thaour tes d es a extmelyompetive wiui lufihar s axtlypeve becae thlasthingou wt is spe toouch onour rtga.cathstng w onmoreay qcken oanspe oois ehineeond tor mazega onre qenns eeetoze ♪♪ ♪♪
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mian brds lini rng vana sandli vastomyn thea hou d floo theyasaymyhe itou wn't maoore. ey bcausithey wt udhosema. wo he iseymary snow u. se repter:repuican i wo he schig arery ow cllin epr:pu tans i ig retemp cin t mptatrum >>mendnt 2taumi. mberboar at thnd 2 desk the a ndme iserarottth sk opt. e aemes herptfurtr am dmen. >>eporr: s was dro out.errtamen >>vaseoromy swasasro the lt t.rd she read se y's pst othehe l oosit n the billad rerict g p oe oit taboions ll re ct li brn, anher bomocrns was rredrom li speing ter br nyingr his.cras >> edfimlly,peg rr. spea r, ngs. i fiy, atted tt ou aea al so i te in trest in aalso vagia,ut no instn gi no mes no. mbers iaskhat meo. ou mrskt respt th quo m spthf th use. >>hetaguofth preancye. do >>
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noagtte erev the'srecyo a noteques on o ev the thfe osthemoth or a tat es o the e oenbor thrchd, t he jew hawor ch fars t lif ofhe ewmoth. fa tiff >> rorte she stl h n't enth to the reblic rtehet ht lead ship hyo sheheouldretic eakn ad ipe hseloorhe ld thuray. i hke be h mkingor guses. ur . don' know hf be w mng gus. n'ow w ferees trelious biefs or us gre t lie wsd bfs vaga.s i'm w lft to repter:hey m y l rtoligi s nogu th rea n.epr:y rgi notha it abo keeng torum >>t's not it booutee t won orum pocy o >>sheot us tfwo o t po o anomicuslynd tedicly rrec erms an ic th isic ecms aboth actsg pressial on e hoe fboorct pr sid abt makngon su howe f ab mataineve aksu mainve decum. repter: lis l onsc. to epr:is ls offee toousin th phre, n feto mean inthno.
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lebr talk out i tisbind s muc ti t more goodorni to lku. t >>ood trninto suc u. >>ret's odistni too he >>d in veo th i wt a>>'s ystobout it.v dthyou wow a t yutvice presentt. ofhe unit d u stas? t ce es detnitef itt.a >> orgeush.dete >> orgeus he vicege h. ge esidt? >>he bd uy.ce heas gng t id >> brun.. clinhen, gight >>n. cinntonht >>the vicresint. ll coneicclision. >> eah. >>i h. corect sah pan? >> ion'thinkcoct i'sri t.sapa i dot kn i't wnk i.ri dokn it'ssomedy. w bin den. joe 'sme .ben. >>oe n n. oeiden >>oe >> thaen >>righid jo bide >> thare yough jogo. de tunbeevab.u. bibeladeab joe bide biwhodeoe de theice oresint? can u belvethi hee 's si?sa n el don'thin it'i reesen tive sai de wit n' aint' lo oreenve deit higscho akidsnd clegelo o ksnd theig
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hoare ch du er tdsn c gethat k i'healki fene pstdu t wiat i'ki en pne. i's beliable . is isis i'li sole gd s tt isamaame i'o g out t stery aaid frow a meon utwe a not er apordngr stents on aot baseon iigraoronsttsatus sseuld iraasedus on norae. sd evy oed ofon tse kishoura be devorte o and ippef off t tiou be adtend peff t cotry ey c nam lke rope coy cam l pe uh, tauppia. or e mo u. es.up at w oa. of tr mo .ansrs. whver ade w oeide t bw t ns wi. t whroundde tracde b ey suld vewi tnd used bckac ed sd peast's getse b rerded as's thathouletbe the ne nareonaled at ulthem thaheneaalas re ly em hametng. th'sreet. sethi jayeno ed 's fnyhe s hintay oo ando. de the vide f ot'serynd ede
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nte'sainiry. >> don knowho bteme, ni e pa>>nts,onnoo tcher or bids., pa sos,one isot dogthei tjer.r >> tses.are thesoekidsso thaeitj trow e heds inha aduse alw wh o indaildu bas. w>> whave oexas n il arr tedas fo wveeosinas h msel t womrr od a fo jogng trl.ein hel t thinom fun aut otha oog cotrse. e re in sunry a ishatae is o 28 co . ars red. s she'sat8. is ink 8out the mats 28. 's 's bee k the arrtedat 4 1. tiees.rr dhow ny tim 4bind ti bas w o imny? b i dan 4ba tmesnd he'sy?on i e treets >> 's'saming. i n't ow i you et r ad hrou so of e rsonsam g.he i beet iou rou so arf stedut rns thuyheee has amaz g raareed wachlth aas reazrtoira. whl forgy,rgla eft of reoi rg rpse he esced fmla tjfl. he's senot sc f amj o t'sck t aper i lo ohe t varty.r no io ear m.tionhy e sle e rpse mon i'mnterted at. s these mrepoererd neve -- d. he e
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needn trapo byve f-- de the edar a pool bylan f whwoulouhe d tht? ol n wllget wh oulteam dn ttth one. w tisn' i oamridilous the's he e.stre. n' >>yes.dius i th'sk ey let him o re to >>s. ih etimosee at hll dnext i dot kn whyee esced. h dxt wadoskno behy bindcrs.. i ha aas couben lebd thas. haou la heosti s pture he ti p recebo. th fami trs de. lesalk bobout thmitrths. e.itte leivor goglkou on rhtth nowin te striorgo breaon my r wart. ri breaksmy myt. brmyhear th aregian ar threantooise th havbeen tgeth 11tose th av yeens. t th ey w eozy11nti ye w zyrentlti the rtl femeorto ee bi oem to chk ofbiheale oshe. at dyou ink ntong chof le is a lohe du k
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marrge i ielf ao t rr if is formf captity s carmivit theyre ia zoand rrie pt y m no cait sur isedeyhe izod 150ie ar chno isickiured50 in iths a ki veeanc we a sumi theareth a ma ied.venc don' a see a miheeing. >> th hav en mad. n'eeg.oget r.>> th >>avaybe at's why shs soet >>be ma's theyave en thyethe 150sho year an he' maneve ey pe pe thethe0 esti. ar holongan ie've he poinge t ti hong i sringe her ngong. t no ng, qution noof sng r g. thao g, >>quheon no ror is ey a a spliing. is rnoffials avor. 's gling nast sfi or shs goio et g t bo st shslls.oi >> mbe se oo the ext s s. trts m and s gens ohe inhext trge.nd g i dns't kw whin tgger it.e. mayb d khewh had t erin wit . ybad it 110-ar-o hot in e txt 0- -oge. u otsn uldn lve t to lo f . you sntdn l totoloiveappi ev u afteo >>therareanye haypiv oupl te th havbeenerey maredhaong pl
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time th>>avenar11ng ear me we s uld apt a new11rre. sd a til ath ao ew pa or 5 l h year whaver mes afirs bill a pleaarreha tor s seersyou. yoll alys mkeeamyaturtoyee rninfun.u. yoank lu. m >> tnk y so urm h. ine yon. ne we k.k t> y ito wasm an yoe weu orgo bletsnigh foa yog ugoeuple gh foo igele asc ga he age seba tha re wilsc yogahe marry baharemattil mayo droed tone ee. rrtt maro te . wilyou ilu mar ? >>hat' cuplehatar cou be t' maied r 5 c letyrs.oue ye sheaid mad s.5 eyy. yehed ssed he s ppedhe dmonding r ed sngeed dnd ng th a ul ball nt flygeg ward th ll tt rd graed t. itlipp ou o hisra.fing . a manearpp gavou o it ma hadarne avre twish t rtheth
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lawrs r jey sausky areexpe ed t> psentisideaw whenjehesaky hgh e pfileperia t pntde resus ne eek.en h e for perleia pn ste sunessisntk. otba coa aorused pstis baoa aed seallyreyi on dbusi yog bo somef th selyyi vicn ms tkhe si and is meey bthke dnsic th tk te ified abou whatheyk.say th b d sthended. te iecnn'ouatey jan cayoll thnd. n'rortsjacal >>eporr: t wee gan wit prosutortellg thrts >>or tee njuity, osjerrorsandllky iths a seal ju prator s uallrrnd i aseabus chil en npr oveor sdaysll wes or usmont but il nveyeysrs.weor an 1year ldntutidenfiedn cotapeye as.ict 1arened coumbe pes e, sctbed ashe teifie e be form penstat
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sedasassiante ie footell cch ban rmen seatally saulsing ht w en ot c b he wa stely 10 ye s ul hld. w afr rubng ahewa rackg my 10 yeck a the. af blongub afhe ck my stach ahehe --helo put s mou ston mhy--ivat.ut ou ctim ne m als stifdat sandky wld im eectlshe al if sex o bend w etre proced. sathere x andbe loed at andsaireoc. it' atreournd turnlot d precutsi s st'duskur foowedrnpattn, pr usiutthes ssk charye foed ttunde send simie toar tgetyoung bdes,se miany of to them tt ftherunss o btroled.y fving hem emfts, fer o tanghem torod. amesngm ths, seal laem to ltinthem >> heseehase lith t s inem h relaonshwith tseh t boy afr boafte boy,lashth tich byoy an afbote conntio ly, h b anonio eluatn o any nmal eat odult wld ysay,this nl is stlt wo y,isterrlebl oddis nd wrg. repter: keyitne for rrthebl dprecutn, mke wr epr:eyneorcque y, e testpried uten h mwa graue assiant ck i std hra200 haw sit ijerrsandky sxual
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theye teing the sa atrutno bat i cncha eytegheut po rful i teimon abt deep pernal isesandooneul te ofonhemb waed toeper bleresday.d nee ofma to bey.jury g s it. repter:he produre rysand gky sred s his. ep accr:ers asheyro rete ifiend s dthe esti isnccsill as y testtey inie his wne tinll de nse? stinis thcommweal ixpecddee?o restthtsmmal cas imond. thenheec d ensestwill haastsnd turnen e dense dse lilyllato higrnight how nydeeliccurs hav hiright w vil torns pingcuo av coinceir jurs ese loung mern ealsy ng coceur engme alsusin sndus i ordeto s ain sus nn ste i lat. son dearro scnn, sat llente, n ron, lepenne,lvan. >>a hilymotnal sehat wil c tinunnano wah fo >> hiyou xt wk.otl at il cnuwafo u w ildr ted u and indfded dr a twaart. it w un't kidnndping we'lexpln.oe dfd ill wake yt. taknoti . wt dnng 'l pltheroeare milln reons y. l yakti ere llbut reur es ctil dysfctio th cou be queson blo flo t eilsfio cial forailyse thoulps e u beeseady lolo
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alanytore thly men's righbe dy yocan morconfent in yr abity be ady. ytth n'gh yon orand nfe sat cias is yhe aby ly de ly ey.tabl appved d saiais d eblppd toreatd ansympms obph, ke ntodingato goan frmpuent o or h,gent. nnggofrntr nttell our ctorboutll yr medil coitio anmedition and k ifllour r art or heauthy yenou forexuaactity. dicoio andion d if r t noteaake alisouf yoor uatati nit.tes r cht pa ote isyo ta thiitmay s use ch unspae op ibloopresre. hi y e notnsrink lcoh iinooxceseswith.iali ot sink effohts m incinde esheadthhe, liset omac siff mnc layeadback, he ot muscac ach avo lontermnjur se immiateedic hel yeck oscch voonrmur se fomman etectioiclastelg morehan ur hrs. if yfo hav eany ioddenstecre e reor ln s in heari. or sion yavy enre or i lyou inve ari r alonrgic eactns suchs ra, his, sllin i u of ahe l s, talgue ic thrctt, chrahi sin of lor d tficue y brhrthin swaowin op ting alisnd g me cal dlp rcuht abry. in wain tg is g mel r a asyouroctoabou ciis f dai use asand ur30-ttolet ouee t faised -tt t.
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rom cn wrld hequarrs atnta, th >omscn wdhear "cnat a,satuay mningth an iterniona mnhun unr y thcn tumorn mg fongthis ma irnna munn ac sed th shtinghreernfois eopma at a acd canian shunivngsityee we'lopbrinyou a hi annmotivr'sty 'l plin.u >>hi trearemerans ints pl tir >> t eart theersmindin in ev ty t hesing yut ndo.n >> iv's dngam cme tue foro mo thaa i milon d c torndoc entemohail imgran in e u.octe ppor rs himl than n iftu. i migrionpoli or hth as t i humatari momt in triti csllhe momariomin is. ti outr ceouseven orrogt. pu ttrusmmigention erhaog in pu tigon ha infocu >>amils devaatedy cu e >>ecomy, eyareil vaed o, andoneg eir ildr in rphages. we'l atellonou whr re.drn it's


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