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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  April 14, 2011 3:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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auction off the black kids as slaves. whatear isthis? these kids are in the fourth grade. was this really the only way to teach kids about the civil war? what is the lesson here? parents complained and only then did the principal at the school become aware of this bizarre lesson in her school. the principal sent a letter to parents stating that although the teacher's actions were well intended to meet the instructional objectives the activity presented was inappropriate for the students. you think? the school apparently encourages integrating visual and oral text presentations but a mock slave auction? let's just say that was not part of the approved curriculum. as far as the teacher's future at the school, all of the school will say is that, quote, appropriate personnel action is being taken. i'm sure. that will do it to me. "cnn newsroom" continues with brook baldwin. >> there are several big stories
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unfolding. first the house voting on the deal to keep the government running through september but what will happen in the u.s. senate? that is ahead. we'll get you a live report in a moment. also this compelling interview -- >> he was saying, help me, help me. so i opened my window and i said, what's the matter? and he said my mom drove the car into the water. >> that woman, you heard from, she is the woman who stopped when the 10-year-old boy there in new york sopping wet begged for help on the side of the road. this moments after police say his mother drove herself, her four children, there in the water into the hudson, three of them never came up alive. cnn has just spoken with this woman. it's a tough interview to listen to. it's an honest interview, very emotional. we'll bring you a chunk of that in minutes. large parts of the country bracing for severe weather. there are major concerns about tornado outbreaks. we're monitoring everything. first, capitol hill, let's go back to capitol hill. live picture of the u.s. house
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of representatives voting. dana bash do i hear the gavel's been thrown down in this thing, funldi funding the government through september? >> reporter: it has passed. the first of two votes we're going to see today one of course in the house, then it's going over to the senate to keep the government running for the rest of the year. this is, of course, the deal that was hashed over weeks and weeks of negotiations and finally a finalized friday night. interesting note that we underscore with this vote in the house, brooke. 260-167. at last count, 59 republicans, 59 republicans, defected from their leadership and voted gent this bill. there are a host of reasons for it. first and foremost, as we have been report, concern about the fact, though there is about $38 billion in spending cuts in this bill, republicans say in the house, look, we campaigned on
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cutting what is equivalent to $61 billion and the fact their leadership compromised in order to get this through was not good for a lot of the republicans, particularly the freshmen who said they were staking their jobs on the idea of cutting spending. that's one reason. another reason we'll try to figure out in talking to lawmakers off the house floor is whether or not something else that sort of was brewing late last night and this morning affected those defections, and that is that there was a new cbo report, report from the congressional budget office, a nonpartisan watch dog -- it's a nonpartisan organization here that crunches the numbers, and it said that although this bill does cut $38 billion, only a small really small fraction, $352 million with an "m" will be realized this year. the reason for it is arcane differences between budget authority and budget outlays. i won't get into that now. but the knafact there are arcan
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rules caused a lot of confusion here among republicans. leadership was scrambling last night, all morning, trying to explain and convince rank and file republicans this is not smoke and mirrors, these budget numbers are real, they're not fact, and that they are cutting a significant amount from the budget. so this is something that was going on all morning long. >> let me get you back to your point about the defection there's at the u.s. house. as we look ahead, now as this hes to the senate, could that be foreshadowing for what we could see there? >> reporter: it could be. it could be. look, this is going -- the next big fight between republicans and democrats is going to be over raising the debt ceiling which we have been talking about for days and days and republicans, they don't know what they want to demand yet but demanding there will be some conditions with their vote. the next vote we're going to see in the house is tomorrow and this is on paul ryan, house budget chairman's, plan that will cut trillion over $6
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trillion over 10 years. there was some hope among republican leaders that the fact that they saw that that was the real big war and this is maybe a small battle, that that would stem some of the defections. but 59 republicans is pretty big. we're going to see the final vote. it might go up or down after we see the final tally. that's more than weave seen before on one of the spending cut votes. >> so far it's officially passed the u.s. house. just funding the government through september. dana bash, thanks. now to something that affects a lot of us, if you hop in a plane often. rising fears about our safety in the skies after another case of an air traffic controller falling asleep on the job. the man in charge of them all has now quit. now there are new questions today about who's calling the shots. faa manager hank krakowski resigned today, he's the guy heading up the agency's air traffic organization. now his resignation comes after a controller fell asleep in reno's airport tower just
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yesterday during a potentially life and death situation. the pilot of a medical flight ferrying a sick patient was trying to land, you can hear the frustration in this pilot's voice when he can't reach anyone in the tower. workers at a local radar facility in northern california had to try to help him out. >> cheyenne lifeguard zero tango november. no luck on ground, clearance or tower. we've got a pretty sick patient. we may just have to land if we have clearance or not. zero tango november. they're not answering the phone. we're going to try to get november number to see if someone is there. >> we're going to need to land. >> it will be at your own risk. and last report wind was calm. >> they're trying to help him out. pilot tried to reach the controller, seven times. seven times before landing safely on his own. that's what he ended up having
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to do. ray lahood sa hoohood said it's unacceptable and announced changes. >> it's ridiculous. it's outrageous it the behavior we will not stand for at the department of transportation. the controller has been suspended. we're conducting an investigation. and i have said that immediately there will be two controllers in 27 control towers around the country that control planes between 12:00 midnight and the early morning hours. >> that's a solution right now. so many cases of air traffic controllers falling asleep on the job, let's be specific, the sixth incident this year. we wondered, what's going on in those control towers overnight? >> we have very light traffic at 2:00 a.m. we are 24/7 operation. and open to any aircraft that want to land or take off at any hour of the day or night. however, during the night we typically have very little
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traffic. >> let me bring in bill vos, head of flight safety foundation, campaigns for aviation safety. you spent 23 years with the faa helping with his very thing, focusing on air control and management. you know what goes on. i'm curious, was think a problem when you were in charge? and given your contacts with the faa now, is this a bigger issue than the six reported cases? >> well i think, first we have to talk about what the real issue is and it's not about people falling asleep. it's people going to work and working aircraft in a safety job who are actually impaired by fatigue. that's the larger question here. because these people aren't -- >> let me stop you there. why is that even happening? why are there not rules in place that you have to have had x-number of hours of sleep before you're working this job overnight helping land planes. >> absolutely.
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the faa, after the colgan crash working on this for pilots. i've been trying to apply the same lessons in air traffic control. a lot of the good work may have been side tracked here about the fact is, is that there's rules for federal employees. for example, a pilot, an airline if a pilot says i'm too fatigued to take this flight has to be able to allow that pilot to decline the flight, not punish him. there's no provision for an air traffic controller to call in fatigued. that's illegal, and they have to be punished. so in one way, you are forcing people to work even if they can't. nith in addition the air traffic control shifts have been a problem. scientists have looked at them and they work the wrong direction. they create the maximum level of fatigue and that has to be addressed. there's some things to they can do to adjust schedules that are important that could reduce the fatigue level. but the ultimate problem is the
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one that nobody can talk about because it's politically incorrect and that's the point where really you have to talk about controlled rest. if there is an opportunity to rest a couple hours while another controller's work, it's only logical to do the same thing that firemen would do. and take a rest and wake up in an appropriate time. that's el lyle in the government. >> we hear from mr. lahood adding that second man overnight. will that do it? is that the solution? zplo no new york. clearly an interim fix or a stopgap. canada had the same problem and canada took the same approach and ended up having two people falling asleep. because you still have to deal with the underlying issue that you need to have people that are alert and rested doing safety work. it's not enough to throw more people at the problem. >> bill voss, have a feel week can talk again as the problem,
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as you say, it's still just a stopgap measure. bill voss head of the flight safety foundation. thanks to you. now this. >> he was frantic. very, frantic. he was hysterical, crying, wet from head to toe, and he was shivering uncontrollably. >> she is talking about that 10-year-old boy who escaped that sinking minivan his mom was driving into the hudson river. that woman is the one woman who found him right after this happened, right after he saw his mother and three siblings d disappear into the river. you may not believe what he told her his mom said as the car was sinking. also -- take a look at this video. new leader -- the libyan leader gadhafi, he's hanging -- there he is, hanging out of the sunroof. na, na-na ♪ [ men ] ♪ hey, hey, hey ♪ goodbye [ flushing ]
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[ male announcer ] engine light on? come to meineke now for a free code scan read and you'll say... my money. my choice. my meineke. compelling new details how a young boy beg ford help for his mother and siblings after she drove the minivan into the river. from the only survivor from what police are calling a murder/suicide in newburgh, new york. 10-year-old lashawn armstrong the only child that escaped from the sinking van. he swam back to shore, flagged down a car. sheila stephens joins me by phone from newburgh. you have spoken with this woman,
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meave ryan, the woman who picked up lashaun. we're going to talk in a moment. first i want to play the first part of the interview where he's -- she's -- she is recounting what he told her in terms of the chilling moments inside this minivan as it was sinking. let's listen. >> is in the car and he thinks they're going for a drive. and i said, tell me what else happened. and he said we're going for a drive. and mama was driving the car frantically, she was speeding. and by the time they got down by the ramp, he was like, mommy, what are you doing, stop, stop, stop. you know? and she was like, get to the backseat. so he went to the backseat. and she went to the backseat as well. cradled all of the children in her arms is and said if i'm going to die you're going to die with me, two or three times she said this. he broke free but she was hold on to him because he was wearing a pair of green pants and she was holding on to his pants but
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he broke free from her and went outside the driver's side, i'm presuming i think the driver's side window that he was able to roll down a little bit and get out. but at the last minute, when he was leaving to go out the window, he heard his mother saying, i made a terrible mistake, i made a mistake. she came from the middle of the row to the driver's side and tried to reverse the car back out but at that time she was too much in the water at that point. >> too late. sheila, what an interview. i want to go back to a couple of point she's made. the first time i heard that this mother inside the minivan hopped in the backseat. did lashaun explain, was she trying to hold her children down? >> it's quite an ordeal to hear what actually happened in that car and it seems to me that she was going to go down with them. she crawled back there, this according to how meave describes what lashaun told her.
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and embraced her kids if we're going to die, we're going die together. she repeated that kind of crazy or not quite right but it was at the point she saw the water things changed, climbing into the front seat and saying, oh, god, i've made a mistake. it's interesting, too, lashaun recounted to meave how his mom was on the phone with his grandmother while driving and said, i'm sorry for what i'm about to do. and then apparently the grandmother called back and lashaun told her the whereabouts she was at the river so they could find them when they were dead. so this is -- this -- i can't imagine what this boy went through but -- >> no. none of us -- none of us can. back to the fact that this mother, so she's on the phone with her own mother, she's apologetic and she's also -- lashaun talked about how she was angry, about being cheated on, what did he say? >> he said that basically she went crazy because my stepdad
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cheated on me and describes his mother as frantic and very upset. >> we know that she had mentioned he slipped out of his pants and was able to get, i think the driver's side window, rolled down the window, and he was able to escape because he would swim and get out and flag down meave. were there several people who passed by the sopping wet 10-year-old and hadn't stopped? >> yeah. she was traveling on water street, and maybe four or five cars back at a traffic light a little bit of traffic. she noticed a boy waving his hands. she rolled down the window, he was help me, help me. she was surprised no one stopped. she immediately opened the car door and said he was hysterically crying and soaked from head to toe. but when she would ask him, he was very composed and she called him an intelligent boy and she was able to -- he was able to relay to her what had happened.
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but, yeah, she was surprise nod one stopped. so she went actually back to the river because he said my brothers and little sister are in the car and went into the river, my mom drove in. they went there, there was no trace of the car. she immediately drove to the fire station. >> i want to play the second piece of sound which this gets you in the gut because this 10-year-old is blaming himself for not teaching his siblings how to swim. listen. >> he was talking about how he regrets not teaching his two brothers how to swim because he learned to how to swim last summer with his aunt and he blames himself for what happened to his two brothers. i said you can't blame yourself. i said it's not your fault. >> what gave you the impression he blamed himself? >> he said, it's my fault. he said i didn't teach them how to swim. he blamed himself. and he was -- he said i couldn't
3:20 pm
help my baby sister, she was buckled in, i couldn't get her free. and he said i could -- he said i should have done more. i said you did as much as you could, lashaun. i said you made it to the top of the hill, you tried to get help. i says you are a very, very good boy. very good boy. >> tough to listen to, sheila. he's 10 years of age and certainly not to blame here. final question, i know he's with relatives. any word on how he's doing emotionally, physically, right know? >> yeah. an amazing young man. in fact, a short while ago, at the river, the scene of the tragedy, lashandra's aunt and several family members including this young 10year-old boy arrived for what they said was a private moment and they were shooing away the media and all of that. i didn't really see any emotion, strong emotion registered on his face. he was sort of looking blankley towards the water but held very
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tightly by a family member. just a sweet face on this boy. but that was just a short time ago and they drove off. apparently tonight the community, different church group, there will be a vigil at the scene. >> cannot even begin to imagine what this family and this little boy is going through. thank you so much for the interview. next, we're going to stay on the story the newburgh fire chief's standing by. he's going to talk about the night when they found the minivan and how the boy looked.
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back to the story out of newburgh, new york. the murder/suicide of the mother
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and her three children. the woman who picked up 10-year-old lashawn armstrong after he escaped from the sinking manny van. the fire chief of newburgh, a 10-year-old child taken to his fire station. his team, his firefighters, responded to his horrific scene on the hudson. michael vatter joining me by phone. we heard from meave ryan, what we didn't hear that is she really has commended your fire department for getting to the scene so fast but there wasn't much your firefighters could do. >> you know, it was a tough situation, you know. we're very grateful for ms. ryan and absolutely amazed at the composure of lashaun in this in whole ordeal. we're only two blocks from the scene but, you know, the car wound up, you know, some 75 feet into the water and while we were able to put people in the water immediately, in cold water suits, you know, the hudson
3:24 pm
river this time of the year is very murky with the winter run-off and the rain and everything. so it's a very basically blind search. you do search patterns in the water trying to locate the car. >> how are your guys? how are your firefighters are doing coming upon the scene. you come upon death often in the line of work. three children and a mother in a minivan under water, how are they doing? >> they're doing pretty well. you know, now we're about 48 hours into it. >> it's a tough scene. >> it's very, very difficult. everybody's dealing with it in their own way. we brought in critical incident stress debriefing team to kind of let them blow off steam the evening of the incident. and that goes a long way and in decompressing these folks because you know, firefighters
3:25 pm
type a personalities, they are -- they don't like to lose and to be in a position of just going, you know, wound up being a recovery is really hard on these guys. you know, they all have a lot of them, i should say, have children in that age range. >> sure. yep. they have children. they put themselves in their mother's shoes. let me ask you the last question. how is the community coping with this? >> the community is stunned and is -- i would say probably shattered and is now just starting to get itself righted and to unite behind to support lashaun and his family in this time of need. you know, the neighborhood churches and everything are
3:26 pm
reaching out. we have had people just coming to us and what can we do to help? and we're still organizing that, you know? and it's -- it's a bit of an undertaking and it's hard. but i think, you know, this is a tough town. it's a small town. it's seen its share of tragedies but nothing on this scale. >> that's what the mayor said. that's what you say. out of to use your word a very shattered newburgh, new york. chief michael vatter, my thanks to you. president obama is heading home tonight to chicago. but he's got much more on his plate than relaxation. we're going to tell you why he's heading to the windy city with money on his mind.
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after the last couple of weeks, bitter budget fighting in washington, president obama getting out of dodge for a break, a respite. tonight, he's heading to his hometown of chicago. on tap, maybe not so much rest. three campaign fund-raising events for the 2012 re-election campaign and the dnc. president obama made that re-election bid official. remember last week with this video. didn't show him just showed a bunch of his different supporters. his campaign says he received 23,000 contributions in just the first 24 hours. but he's got a long way to go if he wants to reach the mark of $1 billion. i want to go to cnn's national political correspondent jessica yellin in washington. the president holding his first campaign fund-raiser tonight, i mentioned three. does this mean, dare we use the official word, has election 2012
3:29 pm
officially begun? >> reporter: well, not so much. campaign, the fund-raising campaign has begun but we're not going to see the president out on the stump holding big campaign style rallies for as one of his top aides put to to me, a long time. that means months at least. you know, traditionally the candidate who holds the oval office is best served by spending more time looking presidential and less time being an official candidate and i think that's what we'll see in this case. >> well, let's talk republicans because they're kind of, sort of throwing their hats in the ring. mitt romney forming an exploratory committee. tim pawlenty let it slip that he's running and rick santorum saying he's forming a presidential exploratory committee. my question is, why aren't any of these folks making it official. why the hesitation on the side of the gop? >> a silly plit political.
3:30 pm
guys freendsi s pretending they running when they are. thes there's no primary on the democratic side. we know it's president obama. when the primary begins all of the attention will be focused there. if one republican announces first and is in there alone he or she will take a barrage of attacks, imagine. no one wants to be the first in right now. plus the sooner you're in, the more money you're spending. for both of those reasons the calculus on the republican primary side is there's limited upside in going all in early. it's almost a race to see who can be the last in. >> for the longest time, in terms of issues, whatever side you're on, we thought it was going to be all about issue number one, the economy, jobs specifically, but all of the talk of spending and tax cuts, that is sort of just where the focus has shifted. >> reporter: we're still, of course, going to talk -- hear them talking about economy and jobs. but i'm talking to operatives on all sides and i think you're going to see in this campaign
3:31 pm
essential debate will be about this big question, what's the role of government we want in our lives? and that speaks to what government should do to create jobs and it speaks to what should be done to change our debt and reform medicare, medicaid. so the republicans will argue that maybe smaller entitlement programs, less tacks, let's government stimulus. president obama and the democrats will say, if you like government as it is, you to be prepared to pay more taxes, et cetera. so we're going to see a fundamental debate about different perspectives, philosophies about government. kind of what the senior president bush used to call the vision thing. will be at the center of the campaign. >> at least it's looking like the government's funded through the end of september. >> reporter: right. >> that's a good thing. >> reporter: that's something. >> that's something all right. jessica yellin, thank you very much. an update on a story we brought you out of north korea. we know the name of the american man detained there. who is he?
3:32 pm
how long has he been there? do you remember the woman who accused three duke lacrosse players of rape? this was a huge story several years ago. now this woman could now be charged with murder. [ female announcer ] it's lobsterfest. when we turn lobster into irresistible creations like our new lobster-and-shrimp trio with a parmesan lobster bake, our decadent lobster lover's dream and eleven more choices. ending soon at red lobster. [ male announcer ] lately, there's been a lot of talk
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several stories unfolding now including heads up if you drive a ford. ford issuing an air bag recall on more than 1 million truck. the issue, air bags that can go
3:35 pm
off randomly. check the models. head to ford, by the way, says it doesn't know of any accidents related to this problem though one driver did jump out of a slowly moving vehicle when his air bag went off. north korea identifies the american it says it's holding for quote/unquote committing a crime inside the communist nation. the news agency says his name is john young su, it doesn't say what crime he allegedly committed. the department sources tell cnn he's a korean-american businessman who had a visa to enter the country. the u.s. is working with sweden to try to get this man released. the woman who accused three duke lacrosse players of raping her in 2006, she is back in the news. her boyfriend is dead from stab wounds. here she is, crystal mengam accused of stabbing reginald day with a kitchen knife.
3:36 pm
he was stabbed. last year charged with assaulting another boyfriend. she remains behind bars. word of tornado watches. we're hearing tornado watches, kansas, oklahoma, texas. chad myers, i saw him popping on his jacket, getting information. he's going to join me after the break. a missing mother of five found alive. she disappeared about a week ago after she left her kids at home to go rent a movie. so what happened? the sheriff in charge of the investigation has just held a press conference. we'll tell you what he said next.
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>> news of potential severe weather here. where and what are we talking. >> kansas, oklahoma, texas for now. it could start out as a hailstorm. turn into a wind event and these storms get bigger and bigger and become tornados. >> watches right now. >> watches right now. which means that there's a potential that some of the storms that develop could spin. when you turn to the word warning it will be a smaller box. red box almost the size of state. warnings will the size of the cell itself. the one thunderstorm or maybe even like the county. so that's what we're watching for the next couple of hours. and it may go all the way into the night. there's the weather, the warm air coming up in oklahoma, arkansas even missouri and k. kansas a. that's the area that we're watching for today. big time severe thunderstorms even throughout the night. many times you can't find or see tornadoes at night and you're sleeping. nothing wakes you up. turn on the noaa weather radio
3:40 pm
today. look at this. this is the temperature that you have to cool the air to get do to form on the glass of water. dew points in clinton 12. muskogee 60. that's going to push the humidity into the sky and make big time storms in the southern plains. >> let us know if the watches become warnings. part of the mystery over today for a georgia mother of five. she is fine but she's not ready to come home quite yet. have you heard this story? 30-year-old vanished after leaving her five kids home alone while she went out according to her kids to rent a movie. obviously a search ensued. no signs of mom. husband says her cell phone went unused, same for credit cards for five days. and her husband goes and gets grilled by the cops. he says his wife left him one night, a text message before
3:41 pm
totally falling off the grid. >> she said it's over, i'm throwing the phone out the window. she would never, everybody talk to me like that and never text me like that, she never ever has. i was like something's not right. >> it seems like several things haven't been right. the husband says some real estate investments in florida went bad. the couple filed for bankruptcy in august. her family was worried enough to show up from jerusalem to georgia just this week. >> we believe she's still alive. we want to say please, please, come back home. >> if you hear me, all -- we all love you. your parents are here. everybody's here. we all love you. your family loves you. people that are so concerned and just want to see you, come home. >> come home seems to be something this mom of five not quite ready to do. after days of looking for her, the sheriff briefed the media
3:42 pm
today before closing the case. >> our main concern was to make sure that she was safe and we have discovered that. can't tell you where she is but her request, anything just going on in her residence is her business and her husbandness business. i don't have comments about that. but our case, we've done more interviews with her. there is no criminal charges to be filed against anyone. this case is officially closed. thank you. have a nice day. >> case closed. mama's okay. just not home. next, catherine zeta jones says she's bipolar. she's checked herself into a hospital. so what does that mean? we know she had quite a year, if you're following her story, her husband battling cancer. could that have been a factor here? and there are different types of bipolar. which one does she have? elizabeth cohen is here with the facts to explain next. [ male announcer ] in the event of a collision, the smartest thing you could do is cut the fuel supply...
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other possible side effects include reactions at the injection site. get medical help right away if you experience serious allergic reactions, body rash, trouble with breathing, fast heartbeat or sweating. ask your healthcare provider about novolog flexpen today. learn more about the different insulins available in flexpen at flexpen, insulin delivery that goes with you. actress catherine zeta jones says she has now checked into a hospital for treatment of bipolar disorder. it is a startling admission from a superstar. a lot of you are talking about it. catherine zeta jones is a top name in hollywood. she won that oscar playing thelma kelly in "chicago." remember this? ♪ come on, babe why don't we paint the town ♪ ♪ and all that jazz
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i'm going to. >> she maried into a hollywood dynasty. her husband is michael douglas. he has spent much of the last year battling throat cancer and catherine has been by his side the entire time. the stress of dealing with her husband's illness perhaps committed to her illness. this is from dathe publicist. katharine made a decision to check into the mental health falt for a brief stay to treat her bipolar ii disorder. she's feeling great and looking forward to starting work on his upcoming films. elizabeth cohen, we brought you in to help us explain what bipolar means. you hear bi, that's two. are highs high and lows low. >> exactly. you go like this, you're high, manic, you think you can do anything and the lows are your very depressed and you're in a terrible state. the opposite of feel like you can do everything. >> okay.
3:47 pm
so how many people does this affect? many people? >> 6 million americans are believed to have bipolar disorder. you mentioned she had bipolar ii. >> yes. what does that mean? >> that's an important distinction. bipolar i is where the ups and downs are like this, way up, way down, right? bipolar ii, they're more like this. >> more mild. >> more mild, right. but still it's enough to affect your daily life. >> is it treatable? >> you know, there are treatments patients can do. and it doesn't necessarily cure it. we don't like to use that "cure" word but it can help. there are amazing medications that can stabilize moods. there are medications called lithium that people can take when feeling very depressed and this becomes very important because depressive states end up lasting longer than the manic states. >> how do you know, though? it sounds tricky? someone may have a great day or a great period, their year, and you may have a low. how do you know if that means i have bipolar?
3:48 pm
>> everyone goes up and down, that's only natural. it's when ups and downs interfere with your ability to live your life. in the most manic states, people do things like buy four cars in one week or have sex with strangers. they're all over the place. some people, some psychiatrists mused charlie sheen is bipolar. we saw him in that manic state in some of the pieces that we saw a couple of weeks ago. >> it's not often, final question, that we hear of bigger names. i rather reading jane pauley's autobiography and she talks about being bipolar. >> right, jane pauley talked about having bipolar. carrey fisher has talked about it. you know, it's funny. it's almost it seems like it's more okay to talk about substance abuse than it is to talk about this. i think there is still some shame associated with having this when there's no shame at all. in fact, it's not often that you hear doctors say that a psychiatric disorder is useful. i heard doctors say that for the
3:49 pm
ii form. when you're somewhat manic, that's useful. and so a lot of people who are bipolar, they are really geniuses and maybe incredibly artistic and create inor great business people because they do a lot when they're in those manic stages. but then, they cycle. you don't stay up there. you go down. >> kudos for catherine zeta jones for saying what's go on with with her. >> a lot 0 people will look at that and say i shouldn't be embarrassed how i am or how my family member is. >> thank you for explaining it. take a look. we're getting new video, hanging out of the sunroof, gadhafi, where he showed up and how the opposition is reacting to this appearance. raise live next. and pl-in vehic. and we've got cars like that, even trucks. but we can do more. when you buy a chevrolet, we'll invest in renewable energy, energy efficiency, and tree-planting programs across america, reducing carbon emissions by up to 8 million metric tons
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3:52 pm
it has been a pretty busy day from president obama, aside from all the budget discussions. the president is also focussing on international matters and specifically libya. just last hour, president obama met with the emir of cater in the oval office. there they are. cater, keep in mind, a key u.s. ally in this region. it was also the first arab country, you remember, to participate in the nato-led military operation in libya.
3:53 pm
meantime, take a look at this new poll here, it shows most americans favor, just barely though, favor u.s. involve n libya. the cnn opinion research poll finding 52% support while 47% oppose involvement. but i want to take you now to the ground in libya where pro-gadhafi forces are pounding the bess sieged city of misrata for the second day, specifically targeting the port where a medical aid ship was docked or expected to dock, en route to dock. the u.s. says gadhafi is attempting to starve people who live there for more out of libya, want to go to reza sayah live for me in benghazi. i want to get to this image we have seen, the video of moammar gadhafi, first time in a while we have seen public appearance, hanging out of a sunroof. where was he and what was he doing? >> reporter: it is not exactly clear when it was shot. many people say it was shot today in a tripoli street, that he was looking defiant, as ever, pumping his fists as he stood through the sunroof of an suv.
3:54 pm
didn't take long for those fresh images of colonel gadhafi to hit the television air waves here in the opposition capital of benghazi, in coffee shops all across town. people were gathering around the big screen and looking at colonel gadhafi appearing triumphant, but they said he doesn't -- he is not as confident as he looks. they said it is all an act. they pointed to the streets. they said not too many people were there and they said those who were there were probably paid and they said if he tried something like that here in the streets of benghazi, he would probably wouldn't make it out alive. but it was vintage gadhafi again today in those pictures with saw. >> reza, less than a minute before we lose your signal, let's just ask you about that ship, doctors en route to misrata, any update on supplies successfully head there had? >> reporter: it is our understanding that that ship and other humanitarian ships are whiten to the port of misrata but all sorts of concerns they could be facing gadhafi forces once they get there all kinds of
3:55 pm
indications the gadhafi forces are now targeting this port, which is the only lifeline to this city. medical assistant telling cnn today that gadhafi forces fired rock nets the ports area, detrying shipping container, a cement factory, 23 people killed in this fighting. one ship has already turned back. again, growing indications that gadhafi is trying to obstruct these humanitarian ships to dock in the city. >> okay. reza sayah, thank you so much live for us from benghazi. next question here as we are talking middle east is iran helping the syrian government crackdown on protesters. this is obviously a disturbing development. we will get a live report from the area ahead. also, gloria borger standing by with some news just in from the world of politics. that's next.
3:56 pm
3:57 pm
3:58 pm
all right. let's talk politics and go to senior political analyst gloria borger with the latest off the political ticker including her column. gloria, i know you talked a lot about the president -- wrote about the president's speech and if there is any good will left. >> i think if you talked to republicans after the president's speech yesterday, he took them on quite frontally on the issues of medicare changes, medicare reform, medicare cuts and the question of whether you should get rid of the tax cuts for the wealthy. they will tell you, as they told me,ing that all the goodwill that was there is evaporating
3:59 pm
them didn't expect to be taken on that directly by the president before they have to deal on this question of raising the debt ceiling. so it is pretty clear the 2012 campaign, whether you want it to or not, has already begun. >> well, it was a different president obama than we have seen in recent speeches, right? wasn't much in the sense of bipartisanship yesterday. >> he did say we have to work together, we are used to him being more clark kent than superman. yesterday, he decided he really needed to mend some fences with his political base. don't forget, he compromised on the government shutdown, he compromised during the lame duck session. the base of the democratic party hasn't been so pleased with barack obama. so he decided to let them know exactly where he stands on these issues of medicare and ending the tax cuts for the rich. it was an important definitional speech for him. my question in the column was is
4:00 pm
it the right time for him to give it? i think it might have been a little early. i get pushed back on that from the white house. they say to me any time the president gives a political speech, you get mad at him for it, you know, he is the president, he is a democrat, he owes it to the people to show where he stands on these issues, i still think if he wants to get something done in the budget a little early. >> okay, gloria borger, i love reading your columns. you can always go to ms. borger, appreciate t we will get you another political update in half an hour. now let's roll on, hour two. take a look at this. are we safe in the skies? air traffic colors are falling asleep on the job and now the man in charge of all of them resigns, so, who's watch out for our flights now? i'm brooke baldwin. the news is now. the war over your tax dollars begins. >> we do not have to sacrifice the america we believe n
4:01 pm
>> president obama versus the republicans. >> what we heard today was a political broadside from our campaigner in chief. >> what to cut, what to keep, now some lawmakers are raising the stakes and it involves a program some have called untouchable. plus, the world fears iran may be trying to build a nuclear bomb but now there's word the defiant nation is helping another country crack down on protesters. hala gorani joins me live with the explosive development. welcome back, i'm brooke baldwin. the budget deal that averted a government shutdown headed through congress today. the house of representatives passed it just a short time ago. the house vote was 262-167. there is discontent over the bill on both sides of the political aisle. you had 59 republicans voting against it only 81 democrats voting in favor of it. now the bill, of course, heads on to the u.s. senate it is to
4:02 pm
fund the federal government for the last six months of the 2011 fiscal year. also, fallout at the faa, one day after another air traffic control was caught sleeping on the job. hank krakowski, who heads the faa's traffic control organization, has resigned. the latest napping incident occurred just yesterday at nevada's reno tahoe airport a medical jet was attempting to land with a sick patient. the faa is reviewing its policies and announced it would immediately begin adding extra controllers on that midnight shift. and we are also learning even more about what happened when a new york mother 25 years of age pop herd kids in her minivan, drove them into the hudson river. four children, again, inside. maeve ryan pick and you 10-year-old who managed to escape from the sinking van, took him to get help.
4:03 pm
maeve is joining me by phone from windsor, new york. maeve, you were in the right place at the right time for this little boy. i know many cars passed him by. i want to begin with that first moment when you saw him perhaps shivering and sopping wet on the side of the road. what did he say to you? >> he basically was just saying help me, please, help me. my mom drove the car into the water. and i was just stunned. all i could see was the car and i tried help him as much as i possibly could. >> he describes to you those moments as his mother takes these four little ones on this frantic drive, describes speeding. they get up to this boat ramp and lasean, the 10-year-old says what mommy stop? >> mommy, stop what are you doing? it's crazy. please stop. and at the last minute, she said, you know, i made a mistake, i made a mistake. and all -- i had no idea -- i'm
4:04 pm
sorry, i'm just very upset at the moment just thinking about it. >> i can only partially understand how difficult this must be for you. now so close to this story that it has garnered such national attention and we all feel for this 10-year-old how helped tremendously, but if you can take a breath and just take me inside that minivan. according to this 10-year-old, lashaun, what happened? what was the mother telling these children? >> the mother was saying, if i'm gonna die, you're gonna die with me. and basically, had no consideration -- actually the last minute, like i said, she knew it was a mistake and lashaun was able to climb out the window to get help and said mommy, i will get you help, get you help. all over a stupid argument over cheating and lashaun said one of the worst arguments he had ever
4:05 pm
seen. >> he witnessed this argument? >> he witnessed the argument before they went into the car. >> this argument was between, i believe, john pierre who is the youngest child's father. were they married, do you know? maeve, were they married? >> to my knowledge, they weren't married, i think they were just boyfriend and girlfriend. >> so according to this young boy there it was some sort of argument, she was frustrated over cheating. he also describes -- she was on her cell phone as she was driving this car into the hudson is that right? who was she talking to? >> she was talking to her mother, saying please forgive me, i'm so sorry for what i'm he about to do. at one point or another during the conversation, during the second phone call, the grandmother called 911, said she was on water streets -- waterfront street and notified
4:06 pm
911 that she was basically -- >> maeve, are you with me? had did we lose her? maeve, you there? we lost her. maeve ryan the one who picked up the 10-year-old, the only one to escape and survive, courageous young man, according to her. courageous, unbelievable story there an explosive development out of syria. the government there reportedly getting help from iran to take on an and attack protesters this would mean defiant nation has suddenly become a player in the deadly uprising overseas. wait until you hear about the secret situation operation and how it all involves technology. hala gorani is standing by for me overseas. we will talk to hala, next. color color...don't go away.
4:07 pm
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>> announcer: this past year alone there's been a 67% spike in companies embracing the cloud-- big clouds, small ones, public, private, even hybrid. your data and apps must move easily and securely to reach many clouds, not just one. that's why the network that connects, protects, and lets your data move fearlessly through the clouds means more than ever.
4:09 pm
>> female announcer: where everything is included, sometimes the greatest luxury of all is doing nothing at all. save up to 65%. call 1-800-sandals. time to go globe trekking, a couple of significant developments out of syria today. the state department says it believes there is evidence iran now is helping syria suppress anti-government protests. also today, syria's president met with protesters. want to bring in cnn's hala gorani, she is -- still live in cairo. i want to begin with the meeting. has anything come of that? >> reporter: the meeting with -- having a hard time hearing you, but i believe you're asking me about the meeting between the president that was reported on state media and state television
4:10 pm
and a delegation of protesters from dara. that is the city where all the protests started about a month ago in syria. we are getting reports that that meeting was positive, things came out of it and potentially, some of the protesters were "happy with what they heard" with some of the promises of reform and some of the concessions. however, these are reports we are getting from syria it is not something we are able to as always to independently verify. and the big test, brooke is going to be tomorrow. today, of course is thursday. thursday state before friday. and traditionally over the last several months in the middle east, friday has been the day of protests. if protesters come out on the streets in large numbers it would mean these talks, forming a new government, promising to release some protesters jail over the last few weeks and promising to release some dissidents, those have fallen on deaf ears and demonstrators don't trust the regime any more
4:11 pm
today than they did several weeks ago when the protests started. the big test is going to be tomorrow, brooke. >> we have to wait to see if the president will soften his position. we will have to wait and see on that there are report that is u.s. state department believes that there is evidence now that iran is helping syria put down the rebellion going backs to the own rebellion, the green revolution in 2009. what kind of evidence are we talking about here? >> well, the state department is saying this, iran, its u.n. mission, has said the accusations are baseless and we have just now received from the state news agency, reaction to that, denying claims that iran is helping syria. as far as proof, we are not exactly sure what kind of proof the state department has but we do understand that the suspicions are that iran might be helping syria and controlling
4:12 pm
crowds and also on controlling e mail and web communication and tracking down some people using facebook, using twitter to mobilize crowds and organize protests. that would be something that we've seen in the past in iran when after election there is, the results of which were not accepted by some demonstrators, some of the protesters who have observed developments in iran were identified by some of the e-mail and web trav they were the originators of. so, these accusations coming against syria that irvan helping it critics saying it is quite possible that iran is telling syria how to control its own crowds and hugh howe to identify some of the protest organizers. >> if the accusations are accurate though, hala it is very significant because, you know, at least from the u.s. perspective and other nations as well, it would be a sign that iran perhaps is trying to capitalize on the precarious situation in syria and maybe
4:13 pm
spread its influence? >> these two countries are allies, of course, they are allies politically. they are allies diplomatically. they support some of the same groups, hezbollah, for instance, hamas. so iran is very keen on making sure that the regime in syria stays stable. and if it sees that some of these demonstrators are threatening the regime, it is going to naturally want to help. we cannot confirm that there is assistance coming from iran toward syria and helping quell and clamp down on these protests but it would make strategic sense in the region, these countries are very close to iran and damascus collaborate on many issues, visits between the two country. the leaders of both countries visit each other. this would not be entirely a huge surprise, brooke. >> hala gorani live in cairo. hala, thank you. now this -- >> well, they came in here, but as far as investigating it, no.
4:14 pm
>> did that man see this woman the night she disappeared? coming up next, cnn talks to a witness in the case of a victim who may have been the target of a suspected serial killer on long island. find out what she told him hours before she vanished, next. also, an outrageous story about high school girls who didn't have dates to the prom. find out what their classmates did on facebook. stay right here. mo. if you replace 3 tablespoons of sugar a day with splenda® you'll save 100 calories a day. that could help you lose up to 10 pounds in a year. that's how splenda® is sweet...and more.
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4:17 pm
so the search for a missing prostitute on long island's -- i should say new york's long island has turned up several bodies, just not her's. she is shannon gilbert. her disappearance last year sparked this investigation that is under way right now and maybe the work of a suspected serial kill fwhir whole thing began back last year, may 1st. gilbert's family says a car brought her to this area this is oak beach, long island. around 5:00 in the morning, a woman banged on door the of gus colletti's house. he says he is pretty sure it was, indeed, shannon gilbert. in fact, here is what he told our own joe johns. >> stood there staring at me, yelling help me, help me h >> do you think she was the victim of a serial killer? >> no. i'm not even sure she was murdered. >> police say shannon gilbert is not among the unidentified dead. colletti says he called the police the day the woman showed up at his door but claims they didn't show up at his place until months later. police say they spoke with
4:18 pm
colletti back on may 1st and several times since then. cnn is taking a much closer look at the timeline and leads in this case in a special that airs this had saturday night, 9 p.m. eastern time. and now, if it's interesting and it's happening right now, you are about to see it, rapid fire, let's go beginning with the woman who accused three duke lacrosse players of raping her in 2006. she is back in the news. why? because her boyfriend is dead from stab wounds. this is crystal manning numb, accused of stabbing 46-year-old reginald day with a kitchen knife. he told police that magnum and stabbed him. she remains behind bars. strong winds still expected to span flames in west texas as well. fires have burned hundreds of thousands of achers there. homes, buildings, even got critically burnt firefighter. just a couple of the situations the state's authorities having to deal now with now to put sought out some of the flames. at yale, a freak accident at
4:19 pm
a chemistry lab kills a female student one month before her graduation. this is senior michelle due fault, working on a project when her hair got caught in some kind of machine. she suffocated because of neck compression and was found by other yale students. the astronomy and physics major was supposed to graduate this may. yale says they have mandatory training before students use machines like these but add it is will review its safety measures. and, look, as if prom time isn't hard enough for teenaged ladies, some students at a massachusetts high school making even worse. check this out. someone actually sent this facebook he e-mail to students a at school singling out 22 girls, yeah hadn't gotten dates yet. it didn't stop there the girls were roongd their physical appearance. and that wasn't all. a second e-mail was sent listing the girls with their sexual experience. >> kind of mad, like they are really angry. >> i looked at that time at first and i was like, oh this is
4:20 pm
a little weird, why would i be bet getting e-mailed this? it was like harmless it wasn't meant to be mean, i don't think. >> they are rating kids, rating girls, that's not right. >> well, police agree with you, sir. they stay is not all right either. they are investigating eat mail, trying to figure out who sent it. if they do that student or students could face suspension. come on now. to atlanta, where a man fell to the tracks at a train station. you see his, he gets shocked. look at this shocked repeatedly. trying to pull him out of there some good samaritans were able to do so, there he goes, thank goodness. the man was charged with public intoxication and reckless conduct. cheers all around. bloodshot eyes, acting up and misbehaving, you would think i was describing an intoxicated cut, nope. those are just a few words jill van heese used to describe her little boy while dining at al olive garden in lakeland,
4:21 pm
florida. the restaurant says, oops, there was a mixup. the toddler, instead of getting oj was given a drink containing pineapple and orange juice with wine. hmm. we are watching tornado watches in parts of oklahoma, kansas and texas. chad meyers getting all the information right now, the severe weather center. plus jessica yellin standing by with new information just in from the world of politics. more to come. stay right here.
4:22 pm
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well, kobe bryant is putting had his money where his mouth is after he is caught on camera shouting, mouthing this anti-gay slur at a referee. here's the video that landed kobe in a bit of hot water. he had just been called for a technical foul, tuesday night's game, when he angrily storms to the bench, there he is, slammed down that towel, shouts at the ref, three went, shouted at the ref, cameras caught him he's yelled this anti-gay slur. now, the nba's punishment was swift. they fined him $100,000, calling his comments offensive, inexcusable. kobe did later apologize, saying his actions were out of frustrations. in fact, he spoke to an l.a. radio station. here he is. >> as an individual, you have you have to be responsible for your own actions. the comment that i made, even though it was not meant as it
4:25 pm
was perceived to be is nonetheless wrong, so it's important to own that. >> so, there he was, his mea culpa. jessica yellin in washington, jessica, would you never say such a thing? >> i always get entertained by the nonpolitical stories because, you know, what we have to could have certificate debt limit and -- which is exciting. >> yes. go for it it. >> today, governor scott walker of wisconsin, who was in the news so much lately because of his fight with labor unions in his own state, he testified here on capitol hill, defending his decision to scale back collective bargaining rights in his state and wouldn't you know it he was met by protesters, union protesters. he told members of congress that "while our idea may be a bold political move, i would argue it is a very modest request of our employees." the union protesters couldn't disagree more. and talking about the debt limit, i got an opportunity to
4:26 pm
speak to the ceo of jpmorgan, one of the nation's largest banks and financial institution, jamie diamon and he said has previously that he believes playing economic want dealt limit could be catastrophic essentially for our economy. he told me that beyond that, he also thinks that congress has to do more than pay lip service to this idea of reduce our deficit, that they have to show real meaningful progress toward cutting the debt, cutting the deficit before it stifles our recovery. a lot of us think this might be political caulk talk and real action will happen after the president is reelected or a new president in the oval office it is his take that that can't be the case because the financial world markets need to see us step up and be grownups and to that end, a member of the white house staff, lack lue, the head of omb today said we could not play economic want debt limit. i think we will hear that phrase a lot in the coming weeks. >> hearing lot about chicken, chicken, nonstarter, balance.
4:27 pm
>> where does playing chicken even come from? we should look that up? >> let's do some digging, ms. yellen do some digging on that. thank you very much. now to this, millions and millions lost their jobs, businesses shut their doors, people lost their homes, so, who is to blame for caution the global financial crisis in the investigation is now naming names. so will anyone go to jail? that's ahead. plus, oh, boy, here we go today. they are being called the world's first 3-d porn movies. and it is about to be big business for one place. of all the people to tack this will one, bringing back alison kosik. you know, alison, i don't know where we find the stuff for you, but i must say you, my friend, found this one today, not i. this one is going to take the cake this is going to be interesting. stay right there. what's this option? that's new.
4:28 pm
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4:30 pm
bracing for possible tornadoes, an investigation reveals who is responsible for the financial crisis. police make a bust in a massive chip heist and it affects your smart phones and cameras. play reporter roulette, begin with this guy standing to my right, chad meyers. >> yes. >> talking about tornado watches earlier. where again? >> the watch is all the way from nebraska, all of kansas into oklahoma and north texas. >> okay. >> that's where the watch, which means -- something could spin. it is not imminent? >> not spinning right now the warnings will be maybe within the hour, because some storms
4:31 pm
are out there and they are already putting down hail and it doesn't take long, once get a big enough storm, big enough to hail it can maybe be big enough to spin. today a spin day. there will be tornadoes on the ground for sure. >> a quick heads up if you are in those areas, watching it before the end of the show. mr. meyers, thank you. next here on reporter roulette, after a two-year investigation, a senate panel is dirk out blame to the people accused of sparking the financial crisis. alison kosik live in new york. allison, sounds like a lot of people were taking, obviously, a lot of risk with other people's money? >> oh, you said it. we get all this information in this big report out of the senate. text am minutes who is to blame for the financial crisis and it really comes down hard on some of the big names on wall street, brooke. listen to what carl levin said, senator carl levin, the chairman of the subcommittee. our investigation found a financial snake pit rife with greed, conflict office interest and wrongdoing. he blames investment banks, especially goldman sachs, blames them for selling risky investment, marketing them as
4:32 pm
safe and at the same time, he says, goldman bet against those investment and profited when they failed. he also blames others, lenders, who he says pushed high-risk loans on people. he blames regulators who he says turned a blind eye and he blames ratings agencies, who he says those risky investments were safe. keep in mind though, no legal action taken on this yes. everybody has to figure out if any illegal activity happened to turn it over to the doj. brooke? >> well, hong kong hoping not to face a crisis, hoping to do well here. to our next, i'm using air quotes, interesting topics, alison kosik, duke me about 3-d porn. what's the deal? >> you are talking about porn and i'm not just talking about that garden-variety kind. i'm talking about 3-d porn in china. keep in mind, porn of any kind is blocked on the mainland so filmmakers, what they are doing in hong kong, offering up a couple of flicks, one called "3-d sex and zen" promoted as the world's first 3-d porn film.
4:33 pm
there's so much interest in this, brooke, people are actually making pilgrimages to hong kong, they are taking tour groups, planning trips there just to hong kong and taiwan just to see these uncensored versions. you know, the enthusiasm in china is pretty raw there, apparently. they want to see porn in i'll its glory, i guess. of course there is the forbidden quality, i think that's why they want to see it. >> of course. >> you know how it s human nature. you always want what you don't v >> i'm going to steer clear for this the most part. my question is this does this mean you are sitting in the 3-d theater, wear i can the glasses looking at the movie? >> i think so, and you're getting it i guess, on all sizes i. >> alison kosik, beautiful job. thank you. next on reporter roulette, how do we -- dan simon will have to crom up here, record-breaking high, chips to go into your smartphones, digital cameras, dan samen in san francisco.
4:34 pm
what did thieves steal? >> last time we heard about chips stolen was the bell lash be yo. this is a different kind of chip. these are memory flash chips used, as you said, commonly used in smart phones, tablets and worth a lot of money. in this case, $37 million worth of chips were stolen from the unigen corporation, a company out of the san francisco bay area. police did an undercover operation and were able to get most of these chips back, 98% of these chips back but a small portion of them were actually found in china. most of them were found in the united states and police just announced just yesterday they were able be to arrest five suspects, but as many as 15 people raided this corporation when this took place back in february. >> so a different kind of chip heist. how, dan, did investigators crack the case?
4:35 pm
>>. >> investigators -- they have their cards close to their vest on this one and we should mention that the price of chips has gone up since the -- since the earthquake in japan. so, that's one reason why they were desperate to get the chips back, we should tell you they were able -- apparently able to do an undercover investigation with some buyers on this and they were able to find some of these chips for sale on the market, but the investigation continues. right now, there are as many as ten suspects still on the loose. brooke? >> dan simon, thank you so much. and is your reporter roulette for your thursday here. and now, be careful what you do online. a man edits a video of himself singing and that video lands him in jail. wait until you hear why. sunny hostson on that case. that is next. let me tell you about a very important phone call i made.
4:36 pm
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4:39 pm
struthers has been arrested and charged with child abuse and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. the judge really lit into dad in court. >> so your relationship with your child is over with, you cannot see, talk to live with or communicate with your minor children. >> oh, struters, out of jail after posting a $10,000 bond. and now, barry bonds, he has a new title, convict man a federal jury has found baseball's home run king guilty of obstruction of justice. the jurors decided he was evasive when he appeared before a grand jury investigating the illegal distribution of steroids, but they could not agree whether he blind knowingly using steroids or home growth hormones so they deadlocked on these three perjury counts. sunny hostin is on the case. sunny, just so we can kind of come full circumstance well this, this time yesterday when the court said, look, yes, the verdict is coming, the court retracted its statement.
4:40 pm
did we ever figure out what that was all about? >> the jury did tell the clerk they reached verdict what they didn't tell the clerk was that it was a partial verdict and that they were still deadlocked on three of the four charges and so when the court head made the announcement a verdict had been reached, it was true a verdict was reached on one of the count bus not a complete verdict, just a partial verdict. >> you called it. you called it. >> i did. >> said they are probably dead locked, yes, one to sunny. >> that's right. >> was the jury close to convicting bonds on any of these three perjury counts? >> it is interesting. they were. i actually got from one of the jurors the counts. the final votes 8-4 to acquit bonds about lying about officer roirksd 9-3 to acquit him on liking about human growth hormone use but 11-1 to convict him of getting an injection from someone else and one woman was a holdout, she slept on it,
4:41 pm
thinking about changing her vote but decided to stick with her gut. they were close on one of those counts. >> will he then --ly go to jail? >> you know, he is facing ten years in prison for this obstruction of justice charge can. the federal guidelines provide about 15 to 21 months. i don't think he is going to jail for this, brooke. he is certainly going to appeal. his lawyers have made that very clear. people are probably saying house arrest, probably probation, i don't see jail time for barry bonds. i could be wrong on that. >> case two here, a young michigan man named evan emery makes a video of himself, singing in front of a class of first graders, there he is. so far, so good. but this guy goes home, he had debt it is to make it look like he sang an explicit song but then takes it a step further, posts the edited video on youtube as a joke, but now, evan emery is serving two months in jail. sunny, the lyrics are so dirty, we can't even begin to repeat
4:42 pm
them here on television, on cnn. is two months, though, in jail harsh for what was supposed to be a joke this video that landed on youtube or get off pretty easily? >> you know, i think he got off pretty easily. he we have been facing 20 years in prize torn child pornography. i mean this is -- what were you thinking? how is this funny? who is it going to make laugh? i just don't get it. >> spoken like a true mother. >> yeah, i put my mommy hat on, i'm like really. but thinking two months in jail, 200 hours of probation, not a -- a pretty good deal for him. >> so has he learned his lesson? we are going to listen to this together and you tell me what you think. >> i can't say enough how sorry i am. it's not about learning a lesson. i really learned the lesson within five minutes of realizing that people were angry about this video. it's more about making up to the people i've hurt and i know i have a turned this -- my small community upside down. >> so, he says he has learned
4:43 pm
had his lesson but he has got a big grin on his face. do we buy it? >> he really does. i don't know that i buy it, but bottom line is he can't be next to children under the age of 17. so at least i feel, as mom, safe, because it's not funny and maybe he is just a really creepy guy. so certainly, i don't know that he's learned his lesson but two months in prison, that teach a pretty decent lesson is. maybe that will scare him straight. no more creative editing and posting on youtube, please. sunny hobb, love it when you put on the mommy hat. thank you very much. and just call it the announcement about the announcement. we have heard this before. donald trump is now saying when he will tell america whether he will run for president. the answer, let's just say he knows a thing or two about rating yous. that is coming up. and also something you have seen, i should say never seen before, one country's president caught red-handed swiping a pen, show it to you and i can't wait
4:44 pm
to hear -- i can't wait to hear wolf blitzer is going to say about this one. first, have you heard which olympic gold medalist has announced a bid for a new jersey senate seat? it is carl lewis. and that has put had him on "time's" list of of top athletes turned politician. the five spot. mr. lewis the nine-time gold medalist will be running, badump bum. boxes star turned congressman, manny pacquiao and number three, athletes turned politicians, you got wrestler turned governor of minnesota, jesse "the body" ventura. so, who are the top two athletes turned politicos? we are going to tell you right after the break. see if you can guess. part of my job is teaching my patients how to take insulin.
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carl lewis announced had his run for new jersey senate monday and joins's list athletes turned politician. who are the top two? college football star turned down contracts with several teams to pursue education with yale, went on to become vice president and later president. he was gerald ford. the number one, you're smart, you figured this one out, number one athlete turned politics the austrian body builder turned
4:48 pm
terminator turned california governor, arnold schwarzenegger, call him the governator now, at least in a cartoon. he is leaving office, and again, he has sites on making movies. so here is a question, have you ever accidentally walked off with someone's pen? maybe not so accidentally? swiping pens, i have a habit of doing that myself. i bet you were not caught on camera or the president of the czech republic. you have got to see this. keep your eyes on the czech president, there he is, the guy on the left there he is,ed a my the pen. the chilean president sitting on the right speaks to the crowd. likes the president so much, slide it is it underneath the table, watch the arrow, switches hands, there he goes, pops that pen right in his pocket, call it the perfect crime, full, except for the dozens of cameras rolling in the audience. the video here has gone viral, receiving millions of hit, i guess ceremonial pens are hard to come by. coming up next here, a
4:49 pm
missing mother of five is found alive. she is fine. she disappeared just about a week ago after she left her kids at home to run off, go rent a movie. so, what happened? its sheriff in charge of the investigation has just held a press conference this afternoon. we are going to tell you what he said. that's next. also, donald trump's big announcement and george clooney is reportedly producing a new movie and it's about some very famous faces on capitol hill. joe johns, as always, he has got the scoop. political pop is next.
4:50 pm
naomi pryce: i am. i'm in the name your own price division. i find empty hotel rooms and help people save - >> - up to 60% off. i am familiar. your name? > naomi pryce. >> what other "negotiating" skills do you have? > i'm a fifth-degree black belt. >> as am i. > i'm fluent in 37 languages. >> (indistinct clicking) > and i'm a master of disguise >> as am i. > as am i. >> as am i. > as am i. >> well played naomi pryce.
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
a couple minutes away here from the situation room with wolf blitzer. wolf, let's bring you in. we have seen the video of the emir of cater sitting with the president in the oval office, what about? >> nice when the emir of qatar goes to the oval office, with the president of the united states, sit downs with me from an interview. i sat down with him for the interview we taped. he is very outspoken, acknowledged that qatar is playing very dramatic role in addition to france and italy. qatar has now formally recognized the opposition of gadhafi as the legitimate government of libya. we went through a whole thing about how he believes that the united nations security council resolution 1973, which sets the stage for the no-fly zone also authorizes countries to provide weapons to the rebels. and as you know, there are a lot
4:53 pm
of reports that qatar is doing precisely that you are going to be fascinated by what he says. he is outspoken, he is blunt, he is the emir of qatar, joining us in the situation radio. i think our viewers will like that also, i was up on capitol hill earlier today, brooke, and i interviewed the senate majority leader harry reid. he is also pretty outspoken well on a whole bunch of issue, including libya. donald trump and all the long-term debt efforts to decrease the debt if at all possible that interview coming up at the top of the hour. store, is a strong situation room show, as usual. >>the predi day there. >> gorgeous day in washington. great weather in washington, great place to be. look at how -- how clean and gorgeous it looks in the district of columbia. >> i love t be there in a couple of weekends. thank you very much. >> see you soon. part of the mystery is over for a georgia mother of five, she is fine but not quite ready to come home yet. here is the story, 30-year-old
4:54 pm
razanay suleman disappeared last week after leaving her five children home alone when she went to out to run an errand to rent a movie. a search obviously ensued, there was no sign of mom. her husband says her cell phone went unused, same for credit cards for five days. and then her husband got grilled by police and he says his wife left him one final text message for totally falling off the map. >> he said, it's over, i'll throwing the phone out the window, she would never, ever, ever talk to me like that. she never ever has and i'm like, something's not right. it seems like several things not right, the husband said some real estate investments in florida they went bad. the couple filed for bankruptcy back in august. had her family was worried enough about their daughter that they flew from jerusalem to georgia this week.
4:55 pm
>> we predict she is still alive and we just want to say, please, please, come back home. >> if you hear me, we all love you. your parents are here. everybody's here. we all love you. your family loves you, people that are so concerned and just want to see you. come home. >> come home seems to be something this mom of five is not ready to do after days of looking for suleman, bart toe sheriff briefed the media today before saying case closed. >> our main concern is to make sure she was safe and we have discovered that. can't tell you where she is but at her request, anything that is going on at her residence is her business and her husband's business. i don't have any comments about that. but our case, we have done a little more interviews with her. there is no criminal charges to be filed against anyone. this case is now officially closed. thank you, y'all have a nice day. >> she is safe, she just isn't home. and presidential hopeful
4:56 pm
giving word of a possible run on, of all places a reality show. donald trump says he will give america the date that he is going to announce whether or not he is going to run for president. did you follow me there? on the season finale of "celebrity apprentice." joe johns with the local pop. just to be clear this the announcement about an anous numbers onment? >> yeah. yeah. okay. donald trump says that he is going to talk about this on the final episode of "celebrity apprentic apprentice", reality tv show. brook, if you are setting your tivo that would be on may 22nd, but don't expect anything earth shattering. right. what you said. he is going to make an announcement about the announcement on whether he is running for president. our colleagues here at the political unit at cnn reported that today. trump apparently plans to say on his show that he will be holding a news conference, which, you know, he could have just sent out a press release, but another story entirely. >> but, look, he is obviously a
4:57 pm
business-savvy guy and very media savvy. is he -- he wants ratings and he wants a big audience. >> well, okay. it has been suggested, of course, that he was just doing this to get viewership up on his show, but he has addressed that. and the what he told the "wall street journal" is that he doesn't need to do this for ratings on the show. he says it is too important and that the country's in trouble and then he drifts off into message, all of which we will hear more of if he decides to run. >> for the record though, donald has very much so flirted with the idea of running for president before and has yet to officially own up and say, all right, i'm throwing my hat in the ring. >> right. right. some people around town who are certainly expressing what you might call a little bit of skepticism because of that. trump actually flirted with the idea of running back in 1999 to 2000, i think before that, too, talking about running at that time for the reform party nomination. now he is talking about running, perhaps as an independent, if
4:58 pm
not, as a republican, who knows, maybe not at all. we will see. >> let's talk about another big name. we always like talking about george clooney. >> right. >> we are hearing though that he is behind a film on the financial crisis, tell me about that? >> right. first we live the movie here in washington, then we get to watch the movie. >> lucky for you. >> clooney's public relation's guy telling us today that clooney and his smokehouse production company do have a project in development, he will produce it maybe direct it and about the t.a.r.p., the troubled asset relief program and then it is pegged on the president's neel kashkari. clooney is one of the guys knows his way around washington pretty well. he spent time here trying to focus attention on other stuff, the problems of darfur. now looks like he is going a
4:59 pm
different direction. >> you mentioned the post article from december of '09. >> right. >> some of the pretty fascinating details, this washington, cash carry uses his blackberry to present it to congress. black berry. arithmetic 11 million residential mortgages, yada, yadament, landed on 700 billion, a nice round number a lot of good details for this film, i guess? >> a fascinating article. i remember reading it and that is when i got to know who neel kashkari was. this was going to happen at some time. we don't know when exactly they will release it when they will start shooting it, no timetable no calendar. we will see. >> let me know if i need to make a phone call to mr. clooney. joe johns, thank you very much. before i let you, tomorrow's news today, let's fast forward. the man the opposition in libya has selected to be their leader will be in the united states. the interim prime minister of the national transitional council of libya isc


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