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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto  CNN  July 11, 2022 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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pushing back. in an overnight filing, the doj writes, the sudden attempt to testify is not a genuine effort to meet his obligations but it's an attempt to avoid accountability. >> the deadline for testifying was nine months ago in october. this comes as we are learning about new court documents showing an attorney for the former president, spoke to the fbi weeks ago and contradicted bannon's claim that trump had ever invoked executive privilege with regards to their testimony. we are following that. and the january 6 committee prepares for its next public hearing tomorrow. they are expected to focus on how the violent mob came together and the role of extremist groups in the deadly insurrection. and their connections to trump's inner circle. a former spokesman for the keepers, a far right militia group that took part, is said to testify about the group's inner workings and the role it
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played in trying to overturn the election. >> just to give a historical precedence to the group and how they have radicalized was the propaganda for the keepers. >> let's begin with the latest on steve bannon. saying he is now willing to testify before the january 6 committee jessica schneider is outside the courthouse where the hearing is taking place this morning. the point you made last hour was it was supposed to take place nine months ago so this is the 11th hour appeal. how do we expect this to proceed in the next several hours? >> it is notable because steve bannon is set to go on trial one week from today so the federal judge right now is beginning to hear arguments as to how the trial will proceed. bannon's attorneys have repeatedly asked for delay and
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prosecutors in an overnight filing talked about the fact that they want any evidence that steve bannon has said he will testify to the committee, completely excluded from the trial. prosecutors are really saying that steve bannon is trying every trick in the book to try to change the narrative about his obstruction of congress or contempt of congress charges. they also say that the evidence should not be allowed. they are saying that steve bannon despite the fact that he says he will now testify, it does not cure his previous contempt of congress charge. prosecutors did write in an overnight filing that the defendant apparently has not told the committee he wishes to provide documents responsive to the subpoena so the efforts do nothing to begin to cure his failure to produce records and instead his continued failure to supply that document demand and now will testify suggest his actions are a little more
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than an attempt to change the optics of his contempt on the eve of trial and not an actual effort in compliance. prosecutors are trying to paint the picture that steve bannon and his attorneys are doing everything they can to escape the national trial set for one week from today. in the meantime, in the doj court filing, the revelation that the trump attorney, justin clark, talk to the fbi in an interview on june 29. in that interview, justin clark is said to have told the fbi and in fact trump did not invoke executive privilege as to bannon and all the material that the committee asked to handover. that is disputing bannon's initial claims as to why he did not comply with the subpoena. a lot unfolding here in these recent days and now the judge hearing the arguments as to how any trial scheduled for one week from today will move forward. >> curious and curiouser. thank you, so much. >> joining me now to discuss is paul rosen the former senior
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counsel in the whitewater investigation and served as deputy assistant secretary to the homeland security. thank you for being here. to be clear, if bannon does testify and he works out some deal with the january 6 committee, the contempt of congress charge and the initial crime charge does not go away and he defied the subpoena in october so what do you think -- what is the play and what do you think bannon is trying to do ? >> i think he is trying to muddy the waters and delay things and you're correct that his criminal contempt was complete back last october and what he is doing now is kind of like a bank robber who has robbed the bank, got caught in the week before the trial said, i will give back the money, no harm, no foul and that is not
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how criminal law works. you cannot and do the crime. add to that that his claim of executive privilege was a, legally bogus and now apparently was effectually bogus because the president actually never invoked it according to mr. clark and what you're seeing is the chickens coming home to roost. he is facing a very difficult trial and is trying desperately to avoid it. >> talk about the legal difference and the factual difference, the difference between the executive privilege claim not holding up legally was one thing. he was way out of the white house by this time but factually, it seems like what justin clark told the department of justice is much more meaningful here and pertinent to what bannon was saying as the reason he did not talk . >> that's right. the legal argument is one that the lawyers love and it was bogus from the beginning. but now we are at the point where it is factually
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contested. if you say, i did not do this because my lawyer told me i shouldn't and then the lawyer says i did not tell you that at all. that undercuts your factual defense completely and makes you out basically as a liar. so that makes it that much harder for you to assert that defense in front of a jury because someone will come in and contradict and say what mr. bennett just told you never actually happened and that is pretty damning for him . >> you wrote this article in the atlantic back in march and headline is, stop waiting for trump to get convicted. that was march and now that we have had a number of these public january 6 committee hearings, including some pretty bombshell testimony cassidy hutchinson and the like and what we learned about the closed-door deposition on friday from the white house counsel, possible money, i wonder if you still feel that way?
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>> i was worried about the factual case and there were very few direct witnesses. the january 6 has done a great job of putting us in the room where it happened. and giving us testimony from people about exactly what was going through trump's mind and that still leaves us with a problem which is 30% of americans still believe that trump was totally justified in what he did and january 6 was a peaceful protest and for a criminal case you need a unanimous journey -- jury and it will be hard to convince 12 people that trump was responsible for this when at least one or two of them are going to be from the 30%. it is a tough case even with the facts all on our side which is what they increasingly seem to be . >> thank you, great to have your perspective and analysis. >> thanks for having me.
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>> for more on tomorrow's next public hearing by the january 6 committee, joining me now is the republican strategist. good to have you on this morning. i wonder if you were listening to paul just there, injecting a note of skepticism into the possibility that trump may face criminal referral or if he does, he would ultimately get convicted. do you share his skepticism that this is where it will end up? >> i share his skepticism but obviously that matters but in the bigger picture, is learning the truth about what happened matters. there being some mechanism for accountability like steve bannon my matters. the january 6 committee has been unbelievably successful in shaking loose so many new details and putting forth so much more information and that
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matters both in the politics and for posterity and air history. there is all kinds of reasons why simply getting to the truth matters and for people for whom trump's ultimate conviction is the only metric, that is a tough one but there are so many other metrics on which you can judge the committee and the success. >> no question. let's judge by different metric. if it is not his ultimate indictment or conviction with this, what about his standing within the party and among republican voters? do you see the revelations that have become particularly from the testimony such as cassidy hutchinson and what we have heard since then that other witnesses have not contradicted her testimony, has not we can trump measurably? >> i think it has. i conduct focus groups all the time with republican voters and i saw something change after
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the january 6 committee hearing. i have done at least three focus groups with trump voters and prior to the hearing we had half the group saying they wanted trump to run again but when the hearing started, suddenly, no one wanted trump to run again. or it was much diminished. it's not because they are sitting and watching the hearings and are so persuaded by testimony but it is because the ambient noise around trump it's really loud and people do not love defending it and start to feel tired by it. people do not like relitigating january 6 and it makes them feel bad about their own judgments about trump. they want to push past it so i think it is hurting his standing because he has a lot to defend and they get tired of the drama and there's lots of other republican candidates they are excited about like ron desantis or just other people that they can move on to. >> who are the credible challengers and the gop and who would you say is the most credible or has the most backing?
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>> a, there's no doubt about it in the focus groups when you ask people, if donald trump doesn't run, who do you want to see run? it is ron desantis. it's very surprising to have people in ohio know who the governor of florida is and it is not normally something that happens. ron desantis has become the number 1 name although there's lots of other names and they are all from the trump universe. mike pompeo, one of the things you don't hear and you rarely hear someone mike pence and you rarely hear people say marco rubio. the new names that people put forward are really from the trump wing of the party. >> always good to have you on. i'm sure we will be talking about this more so you are always welcome back. still to come, president biden is set to meet with the
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victim's families and survivors of gun violence at the white house. that will take place one hour from now and we will speak to one of the mayors that will be there and how the new gun violence bill he argues is making the city safer and ahead, white elon musk is trying to walk away from his deal to buy twitter and what this is all going to mean in a complicated court battle ahead. protesters in sri lanka who stormed the president's palace are making themselves at home there. having a picnic and a swim in the pool. political uncertainty is now facing the country. that is still to come. instead of just masking it. so pull it in close. secrcret works. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. [ sfx: submarine rising out of water ] minions are bitin' today. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ minions: the rise of gru,
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the passage of the bipartisan and safety legislation. survivors and family members of victims of several mass shootings will be there in attendance along with gun safety advocates and elected officials from communities plagued with gun violence. i spoke to one of those leaders. i spoke to him about the new law and the facts. >> do you like many other gun safety advocates who are joining a white house event to commemorate the signing of the gun safety legislation, it did not achieve everything, it achieved some things. does the legislation make the people of cincinnati safe? >> it does and i'm so proud of the biden administration and the bipartisan coalition that came together to pass it. the first significant piece of gun legislation in 30 years. it does a lot of things that are important to cincinnati and closes the boy friendly pole and provide $759 two violence intervention strategies like
7:18 am
drug court, veterans court and drugs like laws. what keeps me up at night is first of all, the mass shootings we are seeing across the country and it is heartbreaking and terrifying. what keeps me up at night and what keeps mayors up at night is the day-to-day casual violence that is happening in american cities that it often times is proliferated by handguns. the u.s. conference of mayors from across the country met just a few months ago in reno, nevada, to talk about innovative gun violence intervention strategies and we are hoping that a lot of the strategies will get the funding necessary from the bill. >> you lead a b lucidity in a red state and you said some of the state laws passing here, regardless of what you're doing at the city level, make it less safe. tell us why.
7:19 am
>> in 2019, we experienced a tragedy in ohio. and 32 seconds, nine people were murdered in the city of dayton and 32 seconds, 27 people were injured. all the state leaders and federal leaders came to the city and said, we are going to do something. unfortunately, what they have done is gone backwards. they passed the stand your ground bill. they passed a bill that arms teachers and puts more guns in schools. he recently got rid of licensing for concealed carry. instead of doing anything about getting guns off the streets, the leaders in columbus have put more guns on the streets . >> i went to dayton for the aftermath and there was a moment where even some republicans, mike turner, the representative from ohio whose daughter was close to where the shooting was, they change their tune for a moment. then as we often see, i imagine it is politics. is that what pushes folks in that direction? >> i cannot say for sure. obviously, politics has a piece of it let's get to the rooms
7:20 am
cause. in cincinnati, two factors that are contributing. number 1, universal accessibility and easy access of guns. number 2, the inability for folks to resolve differences peacefully. there are more guns and people in the country right now. because there are 70 guns, people don't feel safe unless they have a gun and it makes us all less safe. disagreements that used to result in a fist fight, now results in a shootout so those two things combined are making the american cities challenge when it comes to gun violence. >> do state and local laws work without federal laws? often times you will see and i have heard it from cops in new york, you can have more restricted lives in new york but what if you can drive the weapon up from the south where there are more lax laws and local laws to make a difference .
7:21 am
>> the answer is no. we need federal laws, state laws and local laws. we need the leaders and all those levels working together irrespective of politics. the gun violence we are seeing is not unique to one specific area that all over the country from coast-to-coast. we need a federal response but also narrowly tailored interventions that are specific to the locations and hotspots where they are happening. >> did the supreme court by expanding a person's right to claim self-defense outside a home in the most recent decision, make it harder to pass legislation at a national or local level? >> it did. we have seen over and over whether it's the women's right to choose or the environment or gun safety, the supreme court is going in the opposite direction not only a public policy but public opinion. the vast majority of americans disagree with a lot of the decisions coming out. and now mayors are the ones left to differentiate the laws coming out of dc and columbus.
7:22 am
when you're a mayor there is no spin. you have to stand in the void and lead and that's why so many mayors across the country irrespective of party are frustrated. >> we appreciate the effort you're making and thank you so much for joining us. >> ahead, president biden is defending in a public office his trip to the middle east, the trip aimed at resetting ties with saudi arabia as u.s. intelligence deemed the saudi crown prince responsible for ordering the murder of a journalist. patients without insurance - everyday. plus, patients get 20% ofoff thr treatment plan. we're on your corner and in youour corner every step o of the way. because your anything is our everything. aspen dental. anything to make you smile. book today at, walk in, or call 1-800-aspendental. i'm jonathan lawson
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welcome back. president biden travels to israel and saudi arabia for meetings with leaders from those countries that it is as planned meeting with the saudi crown prince mohammed bin salman that is getting the lions share of the attention . >> u.s. intelligence agencies assess the saudi crown prince was responsible for the brutal murder of washington post writer, jamal khashoggi. the murder led to international condemnation and in 2019 then candidate, biden, saying this. >> president trump has not punished senior saudi leaders. would you? >> yes. we will make them pay the price and make them the prior that they are. there is very little social redeeming valley value in the
7:28 am
present government and saudi arabia. >> the biden demonstration policy toward saudi arabia has now, essentially, become the equivalent of the trump administration policy following the murder which is to say the relationship is bigger than the murder. is that in effect what it says, particularly in a time of high gas and oil prices. >> right now you see the rebalancing of the relationship and the approach president biden is taking as he is arguing that he is trying to bolster the security and strength of the united states. he will be traveling to israel as well as the occupied west bank before making a visit to saudi arabia that has drawn so much attention and controversy headed into this week. it all centers around president biden's previous comments as a candidate, vowing to make saudi arabia a pariah state. the
7:29 am
president also later released the u.s. intelligence report that found crown prince mohammed bin salman, ordered the murder of the washington post journalist, jamal khashoggi now even though the president had bowed to isolate the crown prince, he is now bringing him into the fold. there has been criticism of the president's decision to travel to saudi arabia but he is trying to confront it head on. in the washington post over the weekend he laid out his reasoning and defense went to the country. same it's my job to keep our country strong and secure and we have to counter russia's aggression and put herself in the best possible decision to outcompete china and work for greater stability in a consecrated raising of the world. to do these things we have to engage directly with countries that can impact those outcomes. that is part of why the president is deciding to really make an about-face in traveling to saudi arabia despite the previous comments. the
7:30 am
president will be there in the country also for a larger meeting with gulf leaders but he will be meeting with saudi arabia's king as well as the leadership team which includes the crown prince. one thing that will likely come up in discussion are the rising energy prices as the u.s. is hoping other countries can help with production and output. all eyes toward the end of the week as the president is in saudi arabia as to what the interactions will be like between president biden and the crown prince. >> this does not make saudi arabia a pariah it just doesn't. having this meeting. biden wrote in that op-ed that it is to reorient and not rupture relations with the country. was he without a choice? why is this meeting so critical , the meeting of the two of them, so critical that he has to do it in the wake of all the criticism and really going against his word? >> people say you campaign in poetry and govern in prose. that statement was made and
7:31 am
this is a clear example of that vocabulary. this is about making sure that the gas prices are trying to edge down in the united states to some degree. there are broader political goals and he might be able to establish it during the trip at the meetings to begin with this solo rehabilitation of saudi arabia and it's only fair to say regardless of whether or not we see opportunities with the president of the united states alongside the crown prince. it reminds you what happened with jamal khashoggi. a saudi journalist and an american citizen who was lured into the consulate in turkey and essentially chopped up with a bone saw. the body was then disposed of. u.s. intelligence found quite likely that the crown prince had control of that operation. the un called it an extra additional killing and one of the most shocking things that
7:32 am
the journalism community has had to deal with over the past decade or so. the sanctions put in place by the united states will slowly begin to look weaker in the face of this bid. does the u.s. have a choice? certainly saudi arabia was called a pariah before we even thought that russia would invade ukraine and the turmoil that would wreck on gas prices across the world became apparent. certainly saudi arabia has a way to mediate that situation and if you could get that out of this trip, it may justify some of the ugly politics and pragmatism of having to make the meeting. he also goes to the middle east in a pivotal time. it is less than the global focus of what's happening in ukraine but there was a truce in yemen and sort of a commune of relations between the gulf states in israel that many did not see coming and he could possibly submit some of that. >> it's important to have
7:33 am
details of the murder because it cannot be forgotten and particularly brutal. president biden said explicitly that he will not ask saudi arabia specifically to increase oil production. so what are the potential although he certainly wants it, what are the potential concrete takeaways? >> it is unlikely the white house will publicly say that is something they will go there as an ask her whether it becomes apparent in the discussions. certainly saudi arabia could help with that and even just beginning to heal and bridge that relationship and it may assist, certainly in the middle east, we have a potentially volatile situation with the iranian nuclear deal and possible confrontation being patched back together. it was torn apart by donald trump. so a lot that could be taken outside of the energy crisis that the world is facing . but still the symbolism of the u.s. president flying from israel to saudi arabia is something decades ago might
7:34 am
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bubbles bubbles bubbles bubbles there are bubbles everywhere! as an expedia member you earn points on top of your airline miles. so you can go see even more of all the world's bubbles. some good news, gas prices
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are dropping right now to the lowest point since the summer driving season began, according to aaa. the national average is about $0.30 cheaper than it was a month ago. joining us now is our correspondent. what is happening here and are the trendlines expected to continue? >> it's interesting because as he pointed out, a month ago we were talking about the national average, five dollars a gallon and they were forecasting it could go even higher. what has happened since then? for one, more supply has come back onto the market the latest data from the government shows the u.s. oil production is 12.1 million barrels a day. before the pandemic we were closer to 13 million barrels a day. we are not quite there yet but certainly getting closer on the demand side, some demand
7:40 am
destruction. the idea that as prices became expensive, apparently too expensive for some, folks have pulled back. and concerns about an even greater demand of it. you look at the price of crude oil which is the u.s. benchmark for crude, we are much higher than we were at the beginning of this year. the prices have come down certainly in the last month. they have been trending lower. in terms of where we go from here, some tell me $4.50, $4.40, demand is pulling back a little bit but even in times of a recession, we don't see u.s. oil consumption drop much, less than 10% if you look at the four of the last five u.s. recessions. supply globally is still tight. i think a lot of people at home would still be very excited to see that compared to where we are coming from with the high inflation environment and every little bit helps >> $0.30 a gallon, you notice that when you're filling up. this morning, elon musk is
7:41 am
ridiculing twitter's threat to force him to buy twitter he shared his opinion in a tweet mock in the company that he wants but no longer wants to buy. our chief media correspondent and anchor, brian seltzer, is here. $44 billion deal. twitter, i want to buy you and twitter, no thanks. and then okay, you can bias and now i don't want to buy you anymore now a judge gets to decide if they can force elon musk? >> it sounds like a childish game and on one level it is. it is juvenile and absurd and the folks who were skeptical about elon musk trying to buy twitter and skeptical of the deal are being proven right over and over again. the folks who had confidence and faith in elon musk were hoping he would take twitter and improve the product and may now be disappointed. unless he is playing some sort
7:42 am
of chest and it will all work out in the end. but the reality no windows how it will end. maybe he will negotiate for a lower price or maybe he will pay a giant breakup fee or go to court and negotiate a truce and walk away quietly. so far he has not been quiet this is his specialty posting memes that make fun of what's going on and trying to amuse his fans with commentary and it is kind of clever but it suggests that he's not taking it that seriously and maybe when you're this rich, maybe you don't have to take it this seriously. >> i keep thinking of all the employees at twitter and their whole livelihood hangs on the balance and not only do they care what happens to their company but there have been hiring freezes, layoffs and these are a lot of people stuck in the middle. >> he is not taking it seriously but they are.
7:43 am
today the stock price went down because of his attempt to pull out and we don't know what is going to happen next but at the moment, it's down $20 from what he was offering, $54 a share and now closer to 34 dollars a share. >> his beef is mainly you, twitter, won't tell me how many users are box and not people. however, he agreed to a deal and the due diligence and those facts that he could've mandated to come forward before he agreed to a deal was not required in the deal he agreed to. >> normally you would assess all of those factors before signing to buy a company and he did not sign a pencil or crayon bedding inc. with lots of lawyers and financiers by his side. normally, the chance for him to challenge the issue would've happened months ago but nothing about the situation is normal and ultimately the folks stuck in the middle are the employees, users. you can love it or hate it but
7:44 am
it is one of the most important communication platforms on the planet. >> what do you think all this means for twitter because there were so many questions about the future and not that it would exist but how do you monetize it and what does the platforming for democracy? >> it has been an important platform but unsuccessful business. elon musk thought he could change it and i think he is has disappointed a lot of people by backtracking and maybe he was just blowing smoke and maybe could do that when you're the richest man in the world. >> thank you. coming up next, we will go live to ukraine for an update where dozens have been killed and this weekend alone in a russian missile strike once again on civilian targets like that apartment building. for a limited time, save $500 on all tempur-breeze°™ mattreresses.
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could they end up in you, your bodies, their prey? new studies indicate possible links to mutations in dna. an evil lie with a future's worth of harm. to the world, now you know. so sound the alarm. cnn learned that the sri lanka president was rushed to a navy vessel minutes before demonstrators overran the presidential palace on sunday while protesting. here are the pictures of the worsening economic crisis. >> will ripley joins us live on this developing story. it is a question of when the confirmed resignation will happen and what happens next. what can you tell us?
7:50 am
>> we do have new information on the timeline. but to go back to what jim was talking about, the naval vessel in the rush of evacuation, there was a crowd of 100,000 people assembled outside and these are people who have four months and protesting because they don't have enough food or access to fuel and they don't have medicine. they cannot even get cash from the bank and the people are angry and they hit their boiling point on saturday and stormed into the president's house. he was not there. they stormed into the prime minister's house and he also was evacuated this at the prime minister's place on fire at the president's house they swim in the swimming pool, worked out in the gym and all the opulent things that people are enjoying while others are struggling. the president said he will resign and if he does that the
7:51 am
sri lankan parliament is due to reconvene on july 15 and by next wednesday on july 20, they are saying that the parliament will select a new president and someone within the ranks to take over and the question now is will it be enough to in the short term to sway the anger that's out there and get protesters to go back home but keep in mind that the new government will not be able to fix the huge problems that are facing sri lanka. there are more than 50 milk billion dollars in debt, the worst financial crisis that they have faced more than 70 years since world war ii. any new government no matter who it is will have a very difficult time facing those problems that a lot of the protesters blame on the current president who is also, his brother was the prime minister up until recently. they were flip-flopping positions of power and people say they want them out. we will see what happens if they do leave office as they pledge . >> thank you so much for following . this morning, checking on
7:52 am
the war in ukraine, more russian attacks on civilians. six people killed and dozens more injured by missile strikes in areas including apartment buildings and the second largest city of kharkiv. >> and that the next region they are searching through the rubble looking for survivors after missile strike on saturday killed at least 29 people. let's go to our colleague who is live in her kyiv, ukraine. you were at the apartment building earlier and had to leave because it was to dangerous. what did you see? >> we were at the site of one of the half-dozen strikes that have happened so far today. the residential building, six stories, completely collapsed. we did have to leave because that site had been struck 48 hours prior so with was clear that the russians were targeting the area and it is not clear what.
7:53 am
we were jolted away at 3:30 am with a series of airstrikes from russian forces and a few hours later, we were on the street shooting the story when there were three more rockets strikes all across the city and the death toll has been steadily climbing. a half-dozen people so far killed with 30 wounded. very sadly, two of the people killed were as father and son who were driving in a car and their car took a direct hit. they were driving to get a certificate for the center enter university. this city has become used to nightly rockets strikes in this very eerie, spooky air raid sirens that accompany that. direct strikes on the city center during the middle of the day that appear to be more indiscriminate and it does represent an escalation. we also see an escalation from the russians in the donbas region. they have taken ballou haunts region and are -- and the death
7:54 am
toll has almost doubled. the death toll was 15 and is now up to 29 with people that have been rescued from the rubble, thankfully. as they dig into the pile of rubble, now two days later, the death toll is growing. >> just quickly, the defense minister said he intends to put together 1 million man forced to retake southern ukraine. is that a realistic goal? what's the progress? >> that remains to be seen. the defense minister says he has been ordered and the military has been ordered president zelenskyy to focus on the southern part of the country because it is so important economically. russia has made quite a few games on the black sea that are critical to the ukraine economy
7:55 am
have been taken by russian forces so now president zelenskyy ordering 1 million man force to be put together whether that is a concrete plan or aspirational, it does remain to be seen. >> thank you, very much to you and your team. a ukrainian family gets a heartwarming reunion after being separated by the war. she has been separated from her parents since the invasion began . >> she and her fiancc fled ukraine for kansas city back in march but her parents did not have the necessary paperwork. she has been fighting to get them to the united states and now success, they are together again >> i'm just happy they are safe. you cannot imagine how much fear there is from the people in ukraine that they will be forgotten and left alone to die there. >> she hopes other families still fighting will get the chance to have a seam happy ending.
7:56 am
thank you for joining us and we will see you back here tomorrow morning. >> at this hour will start after the short t break. finding the perfect project manager isisn't easy. but, at upwork, we found him. he's in adelaide between his daily lunch delivery and an 8:15 call with s francisco. and millionsf other talented pros, right n on we're a different kind of dentistry one who believes in doing anything it takes to make dentistry work for your life. so we offer a complete exam and x-rays free to new patients without insurance - everyday. plus, patients get 20% off their treatment plan. we're on your corner and in your corner every step of the way. because your anything is our everything. aspen dental. anything to make you smile.
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hello, at this hour, the january 6 committee zeros in on the rule of extremist groups in the insurrection and handwritten uvalde are demanding answers is a journalist tells us what he saw and surveillance video of the attack that the public has yet to see. and a lack of vaccines could make it harder to contain the


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