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tv   Early Start With Christine Romans and Laura Jarrett  CNN  July 11, 2022 2:00am-2:59am PDT

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on internet and security, now with more speed and more bandwidth. plus find out how to get up to a $650 prepaid card with a qualifying bundle. ♪ [ music ] ♪ welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. we begin with a self-described propagandist for the old keepers set to testify tomorrow. he was briefly the far right groups spokesman and told a colorado new station he had a lot of insight access. also on deck tomorrow testimony for former white house counsel
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pat cipollone who spent hours with the house select committee friday. committee members say they will air clips on that interview. >> he was able to provide information on basically all of the critical issues that we are looking at, including the president's what i will call dereliction of duty on the day of january 6. >> steve bannon says he is willing to testify now. this after former president trump lifted a claim of executive privilege. he is set to appear in court today a criminal contempt charges filed after he ignored a congressional subpoena. let's bring in host of the podcast that said. good to see you this morning. as we look at what is potentially what we will likely learn more about at the hearings what are you most interested in? >> we are up to part six and
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seven of the seven part conspiracy outlined on day one. these parts are trump assembled and summoned the mob and directed them to go to the capital, and then stood by and did nothing while they ransacked the capital. i am interested to see what they are able to do to tie trump to the mob that attacks the capital, the insurrection on january 6. a prerequisite to any kind of conspiracy especially seditious conspiracy charged against trump. >> we look at what is to come and talk about these extremist groups, specifically the old keepers in connection with january 6th, what about trying to link as you just laid out? you talk about potential criminal charges, not the role of this committee. there are a lot of folks out there wondering if that could ultimately happen. how important and how difficult
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perhaps could be? >> it is important from a prosecutor standpoint if the attorney general is going to bring seditious criminal conspiracy charges they are going to need to draw that line much more boldly than it has drawn so far. from a political standpoint, understanding the relationship between the white house and the old keepers-proud boys group i think is important for americans to know. maybe the proud boys type that is going to testify tomorrow will be able to drive it out. maybe pat cipollone will be able to draw that out. at the willard hotel on the morning of january 6 and the day before the problem is, roger stone and others were all assembled. maybe pat cipollone, who participated in trying to distract the president from interacting with them or mark
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meadows from interacting with them can shed light on that. >> in terms of cipollone we know that he was there for hours . cnn has since learned he was asked about a number of topics that in fact there were not limitations, but that he did invoke executive privilege. we are expecting to hear some of that testimony, those clips we played. he answered or addressed all of the critical issues. in your mind what are the most critical ? is that about cooperating what we heard from cassidy hutchinson? >> what we want to know from cipollone is what did he see? who did he speak to? what did he try to prevent? what crimes was he worried about? how was he trying to keep the train on the tracks, which is why he stayed so long, until the bitter end actually. so that we get a sense of what was going on to the run up to
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january 6, and then importantly on january 6 itself. cipollone is said to have been in the dining room with trump as trump was watching the tv and the insurrection unfold. by all testimony so far did nothing to stop it and may have even cheerleader it. cipollone could offer a lot of insight into the president's state of mind on january 6 and in the immediate run-up to it. >> this letter comes from the former president saying he is relieving steve bannon. if they can come to an agreement and a time and place for this testimony there are reports the better would like the testimony to be public. committee members say that is unlikely. they have a lot of questions that will take hours and alive four not be best. what you think there is this sudden change?
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>> well, i think there are either two things going on that one is banning is actually on the eve of his trial concerned about being convicted of criminal content and facing a year in prison. and/or trump and he had inspired to have steve bannon come in and try to blow up the hearing with testimony which is accusatory of the committee, you know a witch hunt, rigged, and all the words that we have so often heard from the president, benin, and those alike. it's one of those two things most likely. i am very skeptical of band and finding a spine to tell the truth about what he was doing. we will have to see. >> we will be watching. thank you. paul ryan sobbing as he watched the capital riot unfold on tv.
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he said he never thought trump's grievances would result in the violence. that is part of his forthcoming book thank you for your servitude. a copy of which obtained by cnn. in it he writes something snapped in him, noting i spent my whole adult life in that building. it really disturbed me foundational. he is kept a low profile since leaving congress in 2019. what president biden could do next to preserve abortion access. plus, flames right now threatening some ancient american treasures. and the protesters who dared to take a dip in the presidential swimming pool.
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mass shooting survivors and victims families. it is the mark of historic legislation signed into law last month. it was a wide-ranging measure that congress has now approved. some critics note this is not enough. already it has been overshadowed by the mass shooting in allen park on july 4. the shooter took the lives of seven people. president biden says he is considering whether to declare a public health emergency as part of an effort to protect access to abortion in the wake of last month's supreme court decision overturning roe versus wade. jasmine, how exactly with this public health emergency work? what would it achieve? >> i think that is one of the things the white house is trying to figure out. the president said yesterday to reporters that he asked health officials within his administration to basically take a look at whether or not he had the authority to
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actually put that in place, also what the impact would be. on friday we heard from the executive director of the gender counsel. she told reporters her office had looked at it and found two things. one, that it would not actually free of many resources. they also found it would not provide the president with a lot of authority. that is why at that point they had not done it. certainly a white house that is trying to figure out what options it has, especially as it faces down real pressure from progressive democrats, lawmakers, even moderate lawmakers and abortion advocates really trying to push them to act quickly and boldly to find some sort of way to protect women's access to abortion. the president on sunday when talking to reporters he was asked about the images we saw of women protesting in front of the white house, trying to get them to do some options.
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his message was to keep going. take a listen. >> keep protesting. keep making your point. it is critically important. do a lot of things to accommodate the rights of women in the meantime. fundamentally nobody is going to change this unless we have a national law that reinstates role versus way. that is the bottom line. >> reporter: that by my for the president, he says his main goal was to figure out a way to reset roe versus wade three law codifying it. the only way to do that was for americans to elect a pro-choice congress this november in the midterms. he is using that line go vote. of course that is something falling short, feeling to meet the urgency a lot of advocates want to see. i am sure that will continue. >> that is certainly the criticism. also with us tyler pager
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from the washington post. you have some reporting about that frustration with the president and this administration for failing to meet the moment and lacking the urgency, especially for an opinion that they basically had the outline for 2 months ago. how did the white house and the president get caught so flat- footed? >> i think that is the question a lot of lawmakers and advocates are asking themselves. i think after hearing the president and his advisers say different things with regard to be public health emergency and whether or not to declare it. when you talk to people inside and outside the white house they both say the president and his team did not respond in the forceful way they were hoping to. them president did not immediately speak after the decision before going to europe. the toner rhetoric that we heard then was very different from the forceful tone we heard
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on friday. i think that gap is something a lot of people are questioning. lawmakers are questioning why wasn't the white house not more prepared? they say at the white house that they spend weeks and months planning for contingencies. i think that the question remains why was the policy still not settle? how was the white house and the administration not clear on what authority the president had and what sort of response they want to see old inside and outside the white house. i think that gap is one to keep an eye on. >> we keep hearing more more trick a lot about it. it is interesting as a look at this in part of your reporting you write some democrats are pushing for this administration and for democrats to take a page out of the republican playbook and to offer a more. even if they are ultimately struck down.
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similar to some reporting that we had here, that the president kind of needs to get caught trying. is there an appetite for that in the democratic party right now? >> i think there is. voters and lawmakers want to see the president take more aggressive action. that will be a mobilizing tool for the press to get out and vote. remember, it is a message that we've heard from president biden. i think it's what we heard about trying to challenge them. we've seen them run into trouble on that front. we see that with the rules they tried to put in with mandates. if you talk to your people out on the street who want to see more forceful action they say that is a mobilizing tool that shows the president is eager to take action and is doing all that he can to do so. >> the push to get out and
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vote, we know historically overturning roe versus wade was very effective for republicans and they may sure that word. you look at where we are at now, young immigrant seen really frustrated by what they are seeing or frankly not seeing. is there a concern that despite all of these pleas for people concerned about access post roe versus wade the best thing to do is to vote. is there a concern this lack of action is turning out some of those voters, particularly younger voters? >> we heard that sentiment in the reporting we did for this story. we listened into focus groups where we heard that younger voters are really concerned about the overturning of reverses way. they are not as inspired to fight back as some democrats would hope that they might be. this was a hugely animated issue for decades. they saw this 40+ year effort resulted in what they were hoping for, the overturning of this law. democrats are trying
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to harness that outrage and that energy and bring it into electoral victories in november. i think as you said these voters want to see action, the same outrage they feel reflective in leaders. i think for some of them they feel the president and his team are falling short. >> coming up the secretary of state in japan ahead of the funeral of its assassinated former leader. and how fighters are trying to steer flames way from yosemite's historic sequoia trees. (man) [whispering] what's going onon? (burke) it's a farmers policy perk. get farmers anand you could save money by doing nothing. just be e claim-free on your he insurance for three years. (man) that's really something. (burke) get a whole lot of something with farmers policy perks. (dad) bravo! (mom) that's our son! (burke) we should. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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secretary of state antony blinken pay respect to the japanese people following the assassination of shinzo abe. the funeral set to take place the next two days. the latest now from tokyo. as we look at the plans, walk us through how japan is saying goodbye to this revered elder statesman over the next couple of days. >> it is here at the temple right behind me that a closed door vigil just got underway for the former prime minister assassinated just a few days ago and where his federal service will be held tomorrow. the proceedings are closed to the public is only close friends and family taking part for now. the us secretary of state offered condolences and is already on his way back to the
2:25 am
united states. the emperor and members of the real family also have no plans to attend. we expected people to start gathering as the day went on to pay their respects. for the vast majority of the day it really hasn't happened. we've been outside for several hours. it was only journalists here and a handful of people came by to ask us what was going on. it was clear that a lot of people did not know what was going on inside of the temple, each highlights the intimacy and setting this of these proceedings. just within the past 30 or so minutes whether it's people getting off of work or catching wind that this is happening, the scene still field with journalists. hundreds of people have started showing up. we see people bringing flowers inside the public side of the temple to possibly drop those off at a small public display
2:26 am
for the former prime minister. despite a vince being close out to the public there will be an opportunity for the public to gather tomorrow to lay flowers and burn incense. while he was most certainly a controversial your he was usually pop those not popular. a man who experts say it was necessary to cure japan's feature and prosperity. today and tomorrow the people of japan will have one last time they thank you and goodbye to shinzo abe. >> thank you. president biden set to kick off his trip to the middle east this week. his first stop he is expected to meet with the prime minister of israel. next he will fly directly from israel to saudi arabia. a high-stakes meeting with the saudi crown prince. this in spite of having vowed to treat leaders as pariahs.
2:27 am
in a washington post up and over the weekend titled why i'm going to saudi arabia the president writes:when i meet with leaders on friday, my aim will be to strengthen a strategic partnership going forward that is based on mutual interest and responsibilities. also holding true to fundamental american values. the shrunken president and prime minister said to step down after thousands of protesters stormed their homes, furious over the billing economic crisis. demonstrators stormed the president's official residence on saturday. some of them spent a little time in the swimming pool. we are live this morning tracking the later developments. when do we expect these leaders to leave office? >> reporter: we know that the president will be stepping out on wednesday. the prime minister says he will
2:28 am
be sticking around until a new all party government is formed. people in sri lanka are furious because it is in the midst of its worst initial crisis since world war ii. more than 70 years. as a restored does not result there is a shortage of everything from food to medicine. people literally do not have the basic items they need to survive. anger is grim because poor financial decisions, and police say are the cause and the decisions made by the administration. his brother used to be the prime minister until he resigned. these protests happen going on for months. they wanted the president to step down. they stormed the president's house and the prime minister's residence to make the point. they set fire to the prime minister's residence. they went into the president house. you saw the video of them in the swimming pool. these are people who are living large, people who are enjoying a luxurious lifestyle at taxpayer expense while everyday people are really struggling. what will happen once the
2:29 am
president steps down if all goes to plan is that there will be a speaker of parliament who will serve as acting president for a maximum of 30 days. then they will choose a new president from parliament. what we do not know is if that will be enough to calm the anger and get things back to normal and get them beginning the process of rebuilding. erica, this certainly could have more violence if the people on the ground do not feel the new leadership is making a difference in their everyday lives. sri lanka is really having a very tough time economically. they haven't had anything like this since world war ii. really remarkable times. >> certainly is. still to come, twitter lawyering up for a potential battle with elon musk and the tiny sprinklers now being used to protect the giant trees in yosemite national park. th and . woo hoo! ensure, complete balanced nutrirition with 27 vitamins and minerals. and ensure complete withth 30 grams of protein.
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start stopping with nicorette only at vanguard you're more than just an investor you're an owner. that means that your priorities are ours too. our interactive tools and advice can help you build a future for the ones you love. that's the value of ownership. in california at the washburn fire burning since thursday at yosemite national park has now doubled in size consuming more than 2000 acres. it is now a couple of miles from the famed raposo grove, home to some 500 majestic sequoia trees that are thousands of years old. on sunday fire crews set up sprinkles as part of an effort to protect the 209 feet tall grizzly giant, the second largest sequoia in the park. >> this is steve, heavily force it to rain.
2:35 am
the air support is certainly helpful. we have a lot of hotshot crews and firefighters on the ground going in to suppress the fire. it is really a ground and air attack. >> while the park is still open the community at the south end of the park is now under a mandatory evacuation and an air- quality advisory has been issued for the entire area. unfortunately it does not look like the weather is going to help anytime soon with amateurs creeping into the triple digits and expected to continue rising throughout the week. our meteorologist is standing by with more. you just can't catch a break out there. >> from the visible satellite picture on sunday you can see the spread of the smoke. the wind pushing it up toward lake tahoe. as you mentioned those air quality alerts. this fire developed in one of the highest levels of drought in california. the entire state is under drought.
2:36 am
the dark red areas are the highest levels. 2000 acres and no containment, it's going to be tough to make headway on this. as far as temperatures go the weather service just issued a new update on the heat advisory that comes very close to where that fire is. central california, the san joaquin valley and up into sections of northern california under a heat advisory. also parts of the southwest sections of southern arizona to see temperatures topping close to 115. reading 111, near the fire at or near 100 degrees mark. no help there and no rain in sight. also, there are heat advisories in effect for texas on the up to oklahoma city. triple digits on the map once again, especially in the middle of the country. on the east and west coast not too bad, 84 in new york and 80 in la. >> appreciate it. thank you. a new mission to moscow in an
2:37 am
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at least 15 people killed in a russian strike on an russian strike in ukraine. more victims may still be trapped under the rubble. russian forces are ramping up efforts to control over the entire region. john mclean joining us live from kyiv this morning. the big question for a lot of folks it's rather not the ukrainians have the firepower and manpower to hold on to that region? >> this is precisely the question that will be answered over the next few days as the fighting ramps up. both sides have reported the fighting has intensified in the northern part of the region with heavy shelling taking place.
2:42 am
ukrainians say they managed to push the russians back in many places. the russians also claimed they have captured one glitch on the ukrainian side. that is significant because that river has been a natural barrier preventing the russians from easily moving forward. the ukrainians say the shelling has really not stop. even in the same town where after two missile strikes on an apartment building rescue efforts are continuing to try to pull people out from under the rubble. this building, part of it looks like it has been absolutely alliterative. a sea of people confirmed dead by local authorities. eight have been pulled out alive. what is not clear is whether or not that eight includes the two people the ukrainians say that they have been able to talk to from under the rubble as they have worked to get to the and freedom. the situation is much different in the southern part of the country. this is where the ukrainians have stepped up efforts to hit russian supply lines.
2:43 am
it is also where they say they have taken a village near a city that has long been occupied by russians. in a new interview with the british newspaper the times the ukrainian defense minister says that efforts to take the south was given, that order to take parts of the south along the coast was given by president volodymyr zelenskyy. of course that would really help the economy and the ukrainian ability to export. he says the issue is not manpower. he says they have about 1 million troops strong. he says the issue isn't even pledges or western weapons. the issue is the speed that those weapons are getting to the frontlines, saying every day that they are sitting around waiting they could be losing 100 men. >> that puts it in perspective. thank you. the impact of russia's war on ukraine is growing and not
2:44 am
just in ukraine. many countries in the middle east and north africa depend on wheat from the region. now scouts blockade of millions of tons of grain is really beginning to create a food crisis. we are live from tunisia. what is estate? >> reporter: good morning, erica. what is at stake is the very stability of these nations. in the us and across the world people are struggling with inflation hitting their pocketbooks. here it is much more serious. the war in ukraine is threatening the very democracy of the country, the people and what they can put on the table. racing to file nation. in the closing days of the summer harvest. russia's cynical ploys to hold hostage more than 20 million tons of ukrainian grade -- grain is leading to a food crisis here. are you worried it will have a long-term impacts? >> translator: the war has really impacted the consumer
2:45 am
and our agricultural productions. right now every country must become self-reliant if that is not possible things are going to get very difficult. >> they are scrambling to increase their production and change consumer habit. farmers grow hard wheat to make pasta. but for soft wheat, the wheat that makes red taken around 60% from ukraine and russia. an official told me they would never be able to make up that number here, not in five years, not even in 10. that spells trouble. we can only sell what the government gives us, he says. the bigots are subsidized by a government heavily in debt. tunisia can barely afford imports from outside of ukraine. it is about daily survival. the people are hungry and they rebel.
2:46 am
here they are just recovering from a crushing covid pandemic and a decade of political uncertainty. the impact of the war in ukraine could not have come at a worst time. even retired confessional's like this woman and her husband can only afford a few luxuries. >> the prices are going up. >> what is ami for you and your family? >> the young people cannot marry now. they don't have enough money to live. they cannot have a family. >> i have sold nothing today, absolutely nothing. this play should be jammed packed before the holiday, he says. nobody can afford meat. on the roadside farmers are struggling to sell for celebrations. the sheep don't seem to mind. the animal feed prices are double because of ukraine, a chain reaction bad enough now,
2:47 am
he says. but the effect of the war is really going to be felt next year. it is a glorious day here, but if you just scratch under the surface you can see how people are struggling. the government is trying to expand them out of the hard wheat that they grow in this country. these kinds of solutions are not fixed overnight. as the war drags on i can see a really bad scenario. the whole of north africa, parts of the rest of the middle east and the eastern africa shows the impact of this war. >> so true. appreciate the reporting. thank you. former new mexico governor bill richardson expected to travel to russia in the coming weeks to discuss the possible release of whitney greiner. both consider wrongfully detained by the us government. news of the trip comes days after brittney griner guilty to blood tests drug charges.
2:48 am
she told the court she accidentally pack the two arches found in her back at the airport. could biden face a primary challenge in 2024? and up next, protesters demand actions with their life savings on the line. and your doubt. heat makes it last. so you'll never sit t this one out. new icy hot pro with 2 max-strength papain relievers.
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and vanguard retirement tools and advice can help you get there. that's the value of ownership.
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the twitter saga continues. the company bowing to take elon musk to court for backing out of his deal to purchase the company. he claims tutors problem with robots is behind his decision to bailout. the stock has since tanked including shares of tesla.
2:53 am
in china at least clashing with hundreds of peaceful protesters, demanding their life savings by from banks facing a worsening cash crisis. what happened to their money? >> reporter: that is indeed a multi-million-dollar question that nobody needs -- seems to know the answer. the local authorities issued a vague statement promising to speed up their investigations and give the depositors a proper answer soon. the problem is they had heard it before and nothing happened. that is why more than 1000 people showed up on sunday morning to stage this rare protest under a strict zero covid policy. the authorities had been helping to prevent this from happening, even trying to stop them from leaving homes. the effort failed after a nationwide outcry. that is why during the protests most demonstrators train their
2:54 am
fire and local authorities, chanting slogans with some banners accusing the local police of using violence against them. their peaceful messages and tactics did not make their protest last that long. after a few hours hundreds of security personnel, many in plainclothes charging toward the crowd, forcibly removing everyone including the elderly and children. anyone who resisted got beaten up. some sustaining injuries. their actions really have struck a court with many across the nation. they are mostly low income workers who have lost their entire life savings thanks to their faith in the country's banking system. this is happening at a time when the economy is already being uttered by the country zero covid policy. very sensitive politically as the chinese leader is expected to take a third term later this year. the authorities there taking no chances.
2:55 am
>> awful. stephen, thank you. wnba players honoring whitney does not whitney greiner during the all-star game. the latest that we are seeing in terms of honoring her. >> she certainly was on the mind of everyone yesterday. an eight time all-star herself. the league naming her an honorary starter for this year's game in chicago. the fans giving a huge ovation when her name was announced. after halftime all of the players came out wearing her number 42 jersey. her wife was sitting courtside for this game. 13 time all-star saying they will continue to do what they can to bring her home. >> we just wanted to make sure at some point that we were able to on national television, in front of a sold-out crowd put his name in the forefront. that was our way of honoring her
2:56 am
. maybe someone turned on the tv and doesn't know about the story and they are like wire they are wearing the same jersey number. in those moments it brings awareness and constantly remind the biden aministration that we are supporting them in whatever they need to do to get brady home, we are behind them. >> as for the all-star game team wilson beading team stored 134-112. las vegas elsie guard kelsey plump scored dirty points and was named the game mvp. all right, novak djokovic winning his fourth straight wimbledon title yesterday beating nick kyrgios in four sets. nick kyrgios won the first set and like usual was very animated as he dropped the next three. this is the seventh wimbledon crown for novak djokovic . he is now one behind for the most man's grand slam titles. novak djokovic says he won't be able to tie the record in next month's us open due to covid vaccine requirements.
2:57 am
>> i am not vaccinated and not planning to be vaccinated. the only good news that i can have is them removing the mandate to enter the united states for exemption. i don't know. i don't think an exemption is realistically possible. >> he also cannot play the australian open in 2023 the cusp he had his visa revoked after entering the country unvaccinated. one year after becoming baseballs first to a all-star a japanese sensation does it again. mr. everything was named the american league pitching staff yesterday, two days after he was selected to start the game as the latest hitter in the american league. for the first time since 1992 two brothers will start
2:58 am
together on the all-star team. willson contreras will start at catcher for the national league. his brother william of the braves will be the g gauge. the games will be held one week from tomorrow at dodger stadium. and finally the seventh-inning condiment race. mustard was holding off catch up and relish in the hot dog derby when things took a turn for the worse. mustard's pants began to fall down. the mascot tried to keep going despite the wardrobe malfunction that ended up days planting. mustard showing the heart of a champion. he got up, he finished the race and ended up eating a huge ovation from the crowd. he may not have gotten first place, but he was first in our hearts. >> you to the words right out of my mouth. thank you. finally thor hammering the competition at the box office.[ clip playing ]
2:59 am
>> scoring a blockbuster $143 million opening weekend in north america. while fans may love it, critics were less impressed, and get a 68% score on run tomatoes versus the 81% from audiences. thank you for joining this morning. new day starts right now. in the u.s. and around the world, it's monday, july 11th. i'm brianna keilar alongside john berman this morning. prosecutors are saying their january 6th plot included explosives and a death list and now an oath keepers insider will testify publicly in a consequential week for the january 6th committee. a former spokesman for the far right militia group is set to testify about the group's inne


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