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tv   Don Lemon Tonight  CNN  May 18, 2022 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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this is don lemon tonight, and it is a nail-biter, and the primary race for the gop senate race in pennsylvania is too close to call. a young survivor of the buffalo massacre as a young girl hid in a cooler with her dad as the shots rang out. we will hear that story ahead. and on the front lines of kharkiv, the family trying to save their homeland from russian killing and looting. >> they believe that america is giving us everything for free, and they hate us for, that and they rob us, and they kill us. >> cnn is on the ground in ukraine ahead, but i want to go to cnn political analyst kristen powers and john mccain, and the executive producer of showtime,
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mark, and the gop winner is in the hospital, and the man who won is an election deny-er, and what does that tell you about the future? >> well, pennsylvania is significant for a number of reasons, don. we can re-do a number of results for a lot of reason, but pennsylvania is key for a number of reasons. the most significant outcome of the election yesterday was, of course, that we have the tight senate race, but the governor's race which was won by doug mas tree y-- mastriano is not only the person who endorses the big lie, but also was at the capitol, and also with the problems of the trump republican party, and the culture wars and
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that, and those are all issues that we can talk about, but the most significant thing is the big lie and overturning the democracy and the insurrection at the capitol and we almost lost our democracy and we came very close we now know than fox the january 6th committee, but if this guy is in charge, and doug mastriano, on january 24th appoints the secretary of state and if we want to know what he is going to go, we can look at what he has done. and large consequences, don, for the senate race, because whether or not dr. oz or others, they will be dragged down by doug mastriano and everyday asked to comment on him, either mccormick or oz could be potentially a strong general election candidate, but i guarantee you that they will be asking for doug mastria nono is bad news f
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the country and the republican party. >> and now, kristen, let me ask you that he was one of donald trump's strongest supporters who could have helped him to win last night, and how dangerous is this tactic since we have seen it is backfire before, and if this election denier wins, he is going to have the power to appoint the secretary of state. >> yeah, i mean, it is risky. we have obviously seen it backfire on democrats being excited about certain people like donald trump being the nominee and that didn't go so well. i do think that we have to be careful not to assume that we have one candidate out there in republican party that is really scary and trumpy, and that is the only problem. yes, he is an extreme version of it, but it is not like the other people who are winning primaries with or without trump's
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endorsement frankly aren't also denying the election was won by joe biden, and even if you are looking at the other candidates that are touted as being saner versions of the race in pennsylvania, and every single one of them says that joe biden was not elected president. so this is a, you know, five-alarm fire of this happening all over the country, and doug mastriano is the crudest form of it, but it is happening everywhere in that the winner everywhere i would say in the primaries is the big lie. >> i want to play some of this, because these are the republicans and what they are saying about the gop nominee of the governor pushing the election lie. >> some the statements that i believe that individual has made are not real. >> i don't think that 2020 is what people want to think about. >> i think that in some of the
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particularly battleground states, that is not a winning mes message. >> so, kirsten and mark, they say it is, we don't know how it could turn out, and maybe he is going to be a liability for other republicans on the ballot, or too soon to tell? >> well, he already is, don. and in this clearly in the environment, it is going to be a weighted election for the republicans in a state that is a key state for the senate and other elections and this outcome gives the democrats some hope in a key, key state. and to mention that josh shapiro is a very good candidate, and against a different nominee, he would have had a uphill climb, but now he is odd's on favorite, and his message is the opposite,
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and that is that the big lie is the big lie, and the notion is that it was fraud in the 2020 election, and so it is going to be a stark contrast, and by the way, i also think it is going to help fetterman, because as i said, what is going to happen for mccormick or oz whoever wins the recount, they are going to have to answer for doug mastriano and think could tack to the right and be a pat toomey republican that they are used to and this is a more natural instinct. >> i don't understand how they would do that when they have taken the position that they have already basically said this is what they believe. they are not saying it as crudely as he believes, so i don't know how you sudden turn, and i wanted to clarify that. >> let me let her classify, mark. >> and the only one endorsing the big lie is the republicans, and not the democrats, and this is something that is very much a part of the races regardless if
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they are like doug mastriano and the democrats are saying that it is giving them hope in pennsylvania for a lot of people that had written it off, but am saying let's not pretend that this is some isolated incident that it has not infected the entire republican party. >> and another thing, mark, and another another thing. mastriano, he won by large numbers, and so i don't know. i don't know. >> let me clarify something, dave mccormick does not say that joe biden was elected president, and he does not endorse the big lie, and oz does not as well, and both of the candidates are -- >> that is not my understanding, but. >> okay. mark, make your point, because we cut you off. >> well, mccormick, and oz, they are fairly established republicans and the record will reflect they have said that joe
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biden is the duly elected president, and they have not endorsed the big lie, and we will clarify it later, but mastriano is going to pull them further right than they normally be, and make it less likely than they would, and it is going to be more contested race for forfeiterman. >> -- for fetterman. >> i don't believe he did contest the big lie. >> i don't believe he has said that he endorsed him. >> and that is why he did endorse oz, because he said that mccormick would not endorse the big lie. >> thank you, both. and the lieutenant governor john fetterman did win his race even after suffering a stroke, and
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implanting a heart pacemaker was under way. and so, now, under shorts and a hoodie, he is anything but your typical senate candidate, but with the big win, will the democrats try to replicate the candidacy across the country. and someone who should know is ed rendell. good to see you, governor. how have you been? >> fine, thank you. >> you have had a raucous one, and talk about fetterman, because he had beat conor lamb, and you think he is one of the most authentic candidate, and explain. >> well, he is not just someone who gives an authentic line that
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a handler has given him. fetterman is authentic and comfortable in his own skin, and he tells people the truth and what he feels. so he is an engaging candidate. conor lamb was engaging and won three times in districts that president trump had carried fairly large, and to beat conor lamb the way that john fetterman did was extraordinary. >> and he wants to legalize pot, and supported bernie sanders and he shoots down notions that he is too progressive and said that i have never been for defunding the police, and do you believe he can win back the blue collar voters who have left the party in years? >> sure. he is very difficult to peg. he is conservative or moderate, and for example, he is for
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funding the police, and for fracking which is something that the progressives are wild about in pennsylvania. but he is for fracking, because he understands it is important for our economy, and it is a bridge to the day when we have enough renewables to fuel our electricity and those positions are moderate. he is progressive on some, and moderate on some, and he is tough to put in a box, and this is part of the appeal. >> i was speaking to one of the political commentators earlier, and it is something that one the opponents was hitting him on and an incident that he had with the unarmed black jogger, and whether or not that was going to hurt him, and it did not appear that it had any impact in this race. and the reason that i am asking you is because we have talked about his authenticity and that is what people are looking for, and he has a sort of the everyman vibe, and hoodies and cargo shorts and masters from harvard and mba and so, do you think that other democrats around the country will
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duplicate this or it will come off as phony. >> yeah, you can't duplicate it, because it will come off as phony. >> and i know what you would do come off on agriculture, and they wanted many toe wear overalls and i have not worn overalls since i was 6 years old. i said i will do the ad, but in a suit and tie, and i would say that you don't expect a big city mayor from philadelphia to know about agriculture, but i have worked hard and i have talked to a lot people. people want people who are authentic. john fetterman is a authentic, and he is going to win big because people know that oz or mccormick, and mccormick grew up in pennsylvania, but he lived in connecticut and oz in new jersey, and we are on to them, and people can't just come in and set up shop for their
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office. >> and i want to put up this new cnn poll, and americans 53% say they feel burned out by politic, and i hear it all of the time. i dip in and out, don, to watch you, but i am, it is a lot for me, everything that is going on, politics and the shootings and the war and all of this. does this frustration speak to how frustrated people are with the candidates, and they don't like what they are seeing? >> they don't like the negative ads. if you lived in pennsylvania and saw the oz versus mccormick ads, and people spending $50 million on ads and ripping them to shred, and people are tired the of that. but on the other hand, people say, well, people are disgusted like the vote, and people are underestimating the vote of the roe v. wade, and it is because
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if mastriano win, there is no abortion with no exception, and that is going to cause panic, and people will come out of the pittsburgh suburbs, and they will come out in droves to prevent that. >> yeah. former governor of pennsylvania ed rendellsh and it is a pleasure to see you, sir, and thank you. >> thank you. as buffalo mourns in the wake of the horrific massacre over the weekend, we are getting more stories of bravery of the people inside of that supermarket when the shots rang out. next, i am going to talk to a mom, a dad and their 8-year-old daughter who says that she was not scared. she was scared for her mom. cloudy glasses? when detergent alone isn't enough... ...adddd finish jet dry 3 in 1. to dry, prevent spots,s, and protect glasses against cloudiness. the dishes a aren't done without finish jet dry 3 in 1.
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mastrianomastriano. as shots rang out at the tops supermarket sunday, a family was taken to the break room. >> that is when i thought that he might come busting through, so i put a old break table up to the door and barricaded it up to the door. >> reporter: and as they were shopping, there was an 8-year-old girl and her parent, and the mom was on one side of the market, and the little girl and her dad took cover inside of a milk cooler, and fortunately they survived, but it was 20 long minutes from when the carnage ended that they were reunited.
8:22 pm
joining us are lamont and juliette and thank you all for joining us. how are you doing, lamont? >> i'm doing okay. >> and you, london? >> i am doing great. >> you and london went to grab some cake mix when the shooting started, so tell us what you did. >> yeah, like, we were, i took my daughter down to find some cake mix so that we could make a surprise cake for her birthday and as we tried to come back to julie, that is when the shots rang out, and so i took londin in the back, and we followed an employee to the back to the milk coolers, and, you know, and we were just hiding back there
8:23 pm
waiting for the shots to stop. after a minute, they just never stopped and continued, so i kind of like put londin in the corner of the shelves and tried to block her off with whatever i could find. there wasn't much back there that i could find, and so i put my body over her, and put my hand over her mouth to keep her quiet, and then as the gunman was still shooting, he attempted to actually shoot through the coolers, but the bullets never penetrated and we could see the milk or whatever he shot through whatever cooler, there was milk leaking out. we were happy that the bullets did not penetrate, and he didn't make his way into the back to see if anybody else was back there. >> londin, what were you thinking as all of this was going on, and your dad said that
8:24 pm
he had his hand over your mouth, and shield you, and were you scared or what were you thinking? >> i wasn't scared, i was just scared for my mom. >> julie, she said that she was scared for you because you were in another part of the store, and then you could hear the shooter's footsteps getting closer. tell me about it. >> it was like the most scariest moment of my life, because i never thought something like that would ever happen like that in buffalo or anywhere else. i know it happens, but we just thought never in our city. so, i had to just think like fast, because i couldn't even process or think twice about what my next move would be. so, yeah. >> you actually saw the shooter, i understand coming around the aisle and shooting, and you were a few feet away from him, and what did you see?
8:25 pm
yeah, that is when i guess it got real to me, because i didn't know what was go on, until i saw him, so, yeah. it was surreal. >> so, lamont, you said that you and londin were hiding in the cooler and trying to shield her and cover her mouth, and were you saying anything to her, and keep quiet or so fast? >> well, she was like just asking me about her mom, and hopefully just trying to like keep her calm and at the same time, and like she wasn't, and like she was crying, but crying because she thought that her mom was out there while these shots are being fired. the only good thing is that she never had to walk out there and was able to hear it.
8:26 pm
>> and julie, although londin and lamont escaped and they were hiding in the milk cooler, and you did not know that, and you didn't know if they were all right, and what was going through your head? >> i am frantic, because i am not even knowing that the killer is like two feet away from me getting arrested and i was still oblivious, because i did not know if they were safe or not, so i was just going crazy basically. i couldn't even think. no one would tell me anything, and it was longer than -- and it was a time longer than i thought that it was. >> yeah. you know, lamont, it is -- i am glad that you guys are okay, and i am sure that obviously, you are happy that your entire family is intact, but so many people lost their lives and so many families are affected and what do you say to the folks involved here, because look, no
8:27 pm
one, and we cannot imagine what the community is dealing with there. >> right. it is very sad, man. so many people who are not able to get away, and just a lot of senior citizens who shop there on the regular, and they are not mobile like that, and they cannot really, and get away from something like that. you don't think that it is going to be something like that, and you know, the initial reaction is just like, duck down, hide, take cover, and it will be over soon, but it is just was never over. you just put in a position that you never ever thought that you would be in. >> anywhere.
8:28 pm
i imagine that there is a time that when it is going through your head, and happening that it takes a while for it to even get your through head if this is real, is this real life that i am dealing with right now. >> exactly. >> the supermarket is closed. and i would imagine now that there is a makeshift memorial, and this odd place that is a reminder of what happened. what is it like now there with the supermarket closed now? >> it bothers me to get a little bit close to where it happened, because it brings back so many memories, and none of them i want to remember or the mental state of paranoia or just having anxiety now, and it is just hard
8:29 pm
to be there. >> we know what this gunman said about why he did it, right, this racist act, and why do you think that he targeted your community? >> that, i am just still confused on that. i have no idea why he would drive that far away to come there. i don't know what was going through his head. >> well, londin, again, i know that it was scary for you, and as i said, you are incredibly brave and when you first saw your mom after this, what was that like for you? >> great. it was good. >> thank you, guys. thank you, londin. thank you, lamont.
8:30 pm
thank you, julia. is it your birthday? >> yes, my birthday was the next day. >> and you never got your cake, but you got your family. >> yeah, that material things to me doesn't matter at this point, and i have my daughter and still touch her and feel her and kiss her and hug her. >> you guys be well, and i appreciate your appearing. thank you. >> no problem. >> thank you. >> thank, londin. >> you're welcome. >> we will be right back.
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too conservative for california. i am sorry that i have to report this to you, but the dow is closing down more than 1100 points and the biggest since the height of the pandemic. and it is coming after one of the largest retailers is saying that it is hammered by inflation. cnn economics reporter is here, and kathryn, this hurt. what specifically sparked the big sell-off? >> well, a few things going on, but some of the major retailer and specifically target and walmart had really disappointing earnings, and i guess that even with all of the corporate greed, it was not enough to sustain the level of profits that they were experiencing before, and they are hit from both sides in that
8:36 pm
the costs are up, and the input costs are up, and shipping and everything that goes into getting the stuff on the shelves, and that has gotten higher, and eating away at the profits, and also the fear that consumers are getting spooked by high prices. and the fact that interest rates are going up is starting to bite. maybe you don't want to put as much stuff on the credit card if you don't plan on paying it off at the end of the month, because the interest rate has gone up. so the retailers are getting hurt by the fact that consumers are pulling back at the same time that their own costs are going up, and as a result the profits are down, and everyone is spooked about that and the risk of recession, et cetera. >> so most ceos are bracing for recession, and what does that mean for us, the consumers? >> well, historically a recession means demand falls, and people stop spending as much abs and the businesses stop spending as much, and maybe people lose jobs. the current situation suggests
8:37 pm
that there may not be as much job loss or any job loss if you are listening to the fed this time around, because right now there is so much more demand for workers than workers available, and maybe the businesses could say, we won't post as many job, and this is how we will cut back by attrition than laying people off, and the hope is that if there is a recession, it will be milder with the labor market, but there is so much uncertainty right now about how the path of what the fed is going to do, and the path of the pandemic, and the path of this war in ukraine that is also disrupting a number of markets that it is hard to make any predictions with confidence. >> tonight, we are hearing that the house passed a $38 million emergency initiative to pass the baby formula funding and the biden administration with the emergency act to help alleviate
8:38 pm
baby formula shortage with the defense production act? >> it is going to help only if the companies are not having problems to get problems with the supply chain. but it is not that they are having problems with the raw materials, but it is because a factory was shutdown because of safety concerns. so even if you move heaven and earth to get the raw materials to the producers, they can't scale up, and even sending the military planes to bring more formula from abroad won't hurt, but on the margin, and the reason that we are not bringing in more imports is not that there are too few plane, but it is that we have a lot of restrictions of what kind of baby formula can be sold in the united states even with the countries with the high safety standards and so we import no baby formula from can dark
8:39 pm
because of the regulatory barriers and little from netherlands and new zealand, and so you can send more planes, but unless you expand the universe of safe and healthy clearly labeled baby formulas that you allow in, it is not going to increase the supplies so much, but maybe it is going to stop the panic hoarding, and so maybe i don't have to stock and that is going to alleviate the shortages. >> and so we say thank you. >> and that is going to be enough t to stop the short anna. n on 24 hourur dried-on stains. skip the rinse with finish to save our water. this is roundup for lawns. this stuff works. this stuff kills weeds down to the root without killing your lawn. thistuff works on dandelions, crabgrass, clover. this stuff works for up to three months. this sff works guaranteed, or your money back. this is roundup for lawns. this stuff works.
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new video showing ukraine's national guard blowing up a key bridge to stop russian forces from advancing. now they are saying they have recaptured another settlement just miles from the russian border. nick paton walsh has more from the front lines. >> reporter: every inch of r respite from the shelling comes at grotesque costs. what rains down now comes here. >> somebody smuggled it? >> yes, keep the distance.
8:45 pm
>> reporter: and here, this is liberated two weeks ago, but it is never simple. these tiny villages which before the war, they were places before the war you would not notice driving through have now become the key battlegrounds to defend the vital defense, and because of mines, russia's border is now just nine miles away. did you think that you would be this close to russia? but russian troops are even closer. that is in the forest over the field and frequently at night, russian reconnaissance troops
8:46 pm
try to move in on the village, and the next tiny hamlet is being fought over and this is where the kharkiv defense cannot fail. the u.s. most effective gifts in some of ukraine's youngest hands. this is a home-grown defense, and software engineers and economists funded mostly by our guide, a farming millionaire, and russia's brief occupation never planned to leave anything of value here, and a van full of tvs for looting. >> they do not even think that something is wrong with them, and not with us, you know. they think that, nah, because america gives us everything for free, and they hate us for that. and they rob us, and they kill
8:47 pm
us. >> reporter: yet, they hold back an enemy proving as inept as immoral by placing incredible value on the smallest patches of land. the ukrainian forces said they had success today in pushing further north from where we filmed that report and a matter of miles closer to russia's border, but this is changing back and forth all of the time, and in the way they see success in one day, and in another area closer to the border of russia's supply line, they had to admit they saw setbacks at the same time, and so constant fluidity here, and no doubt in the report if you are looking at the longevity, it is the ukraine's moral that is certainly higher. don. >> nick paton walsh, thank you so much. out of control wildfires are already a major problem across the u.s., and get this, the
8:48 pm
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raging wildfires are a major problem this year across the u.s. more than 1.3 million acres have been burned so far and the hottest months have yet to come. the situation is extra bad in new mexico, which is also experiencing a terrible drought. farmers in some parts of the
8:53 pm
state being ordered to stop watering their crops. there's just not enough water to go around. more tonight from cnn's rene marsh. >> these are mobile homes. >> reporter: mobile homes and mansions on fire in southern california. flames also turning homes to ash in new mexico. 11 large wildfires are currently burning across the u.s. so far, more than 1.3 million acres have burned. that's more than double the same period last year. >> we have never had a fire this big. >> reporter: new mexico has been in the bulls eye of a megadrought. the state's largest reservoirs are at critically low levels. the calf canyon hermit peak wildfire is the largest in the u.s. and bigger than new york city. wind gusts as high as 70 miles per hour have been fueling it. new mexico recently issued an unprecedented order, mandating farmers in some areas stop irrigating their crops, quote,
8:54 pm
in the interest of public safety, to make water resources available for wildfire activity. >> right now, all these sprinkles would be running. >> reporter: michael is a farmer near las vegas, new mexico. >> completely open. there is no water. as you can see. right now, we have it completely open and there's no water coming out. >> reporter: all of his irrigation lines are dry. the wildfire is miles away from his 600-acre farm and yet it will wipe out all of his crops because of the state order mandating he temporarily give up his water rights. have you thought about what that means for your bottom line? >> it's nonexistent. we have no revenue. >> reporter: water stopped flowing to this farm just four days ago and this canal used to be full, but now it's just down to a puddle and you still see the water line from where the water used to be. this was the canal before the state stopped water flow to his property. you have no idea how long you'll
8:55 pm
have to forego using your water, or give up your water rights? could be months? >> it would be years. >> reporter: new mexico's early more intense fire season is sparking fear that extended fire fighting activity could significantly deplete the area's dwindling water supply. >> it's actually in the forefront of hi mind. you know, that another catastrophe could be taxing on our water supply. >> reporter: climate change has increased wildfire risk and a new report for the first time maps areas with the greatest risk and how that is projected to increase over the next 30 years. a total 80 million properties are at risk with 10 million facing moderate to extreme risk. data projecting this will become the norm and more farmers like quintana will be forced to make the ultimate sacrifice -- relinquishing water rights to save the lives of those in the line of fire. well, don, severalor farmers have also temporarily given up their water rights to ensure
8:56 pm
there's enough water to fight what is now the largest wildfire in new mexico's history. now, the governor asked the federal government to cover 100% of disaster costs, including compensation for the farmers, due in part because of a prescribed burn set by the u.s. forest service that has really increased the severity of these wildfires, don. >> rene, thank you so much. and thank you for watching, everyone. our coverage continues. another crazy day? of course—you're a cio in 2022.
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