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tv   CNN Newsroom With Alisyn Camerota and Victor Blackwell  CNN  May 18, 2022 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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hi, i'm victor blackwell. welcome to "cnn newsroom." that high stakes pennsylvania primary race still too close to call. a trump-endorsed dr. mehmet oz and former hedge fund manager david mccormick, they're locked in just a few thousand votes part here. the race is well within the margins for an automatic recount. >> there's still quite a few ballots that are left to be counted in the commonwealth of pennsylvania. you know, we will have
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unofficial returns completed within the next few days, and every county will be reporting their unofficial returns by next tuesday, so we will have a sense very soon as far as, you know, how many mail-in ballots are left to be counted. >> the outcome in pennsylvania sets up a consequential race for november. now, that could ultimately determine who controls the senate. tuesday was the biggest day so far of the 2022 primary season. it was expected to be a referendum on whether former president trump has any staying power, but the results have been a mixed bag. in the pennsylvania governor's race, state senator doug mast ya know won, trump endorsed him at the last minute. in north carolina trump endorsed the incumbent in the 11th second district. there will be no return for madison cawthorn. david chalian is with me now. let's start with the pennsylvania gop senate primary. where are these outstanding votes for republicans? >> first, just look at this margin here, right?
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we're talking about 24 votes that mehmet oz is ahead of dave mccormick and that's with 96% of the estimated vote in. you said where are we waiting for more votes to come? take a look here, i can bring this down to show where in the commonwealth we see some pockets of remaining votes. had is showing where 90% reporting or less. one interesting county to keep your eye on is lancaster county because we know there was an issue and they had to sort of remark some of the ballots because the coating didn't allow the scanning to happen properly. this is an error they caught yesterday when they opened up the ballots to start processing them, victor. kathy barnett is winning this county, but take a look how close it is between mccormick and oz. the outstanding vote heerks the fact that we've got, i don't know, 87% of the vote in, there's still a chunk of vote in lancaster that remains to be counted, and that could help perhaps determine the end here.
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i would just note overall as we go back to the full reporting so you can see that this is a 0.2% margin, 33.3 to 31.1. the law states that any margin less than 0.5%, victor is going to trigger an automatic recount. we may not have final resolution to this critical senate republican primary for days to come. >> talk to us about the democrats in this race. >> well, take a look at this map. 100% john fedderman meaning he won every single of the 67 counties in the commonwealth of pennsylvania with a whopping 59%, just destroying the competition there of conor lamb and malcolm kenya da. he had his victory from a hospital bed. he had a pacemaker put into his chest, victor, and he is hoping for a full recovery. his campaign has indicated
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that's coming. he obviously is now going to have to pivot to the general election in a very competitive environment in a big battleground state. >> let's move it north carolina now, closely watched for the trump endorsements there in the primaries. what happened? >> well, let's first take a look at that senate republican primary. ted bud had a huge victory. he got 58.6% of the vote compared to pat mccrory, the former governor of north carolina, 24.6%. ted bud had donald trump's backing. he also had the backing of the influential outside group the club for growth spending on behalf of conservatives, so there that outside spending and trump's endorsement matched up, and that helped ted bud. you of course had noted in the house races out here in the asheville area, this is where madison cawthorn fell short. he did have the trump endorsement, but he conceded last night to chuck edwards. the entire republican establishment basically was eager to see cawthorn lose his
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race last night. >> david chalian, stay with us. let's bring into the conversation abby phillip, anchor of "inside politics sunday" and cnn political analyst, margaret tall of. abby, let me start with you. is there a clear narrative from last night of the strength of a trump endorsement? >> i think the narrative -- and maybe you have to combine last night and some of the other primaries that we had in the prior week. the combination of those races just indicates that the trump endorsement is not necessarily going to be the cure-all for damaged or problematic candidates. however, name me a candidate who has won a primary, you know, in this republican field that is not a trump candidate. virtually everybody who is out there, they are all running as trump candidates, so even when he endorses or when he he does
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not endorse, they are running on his legacy. they are running on his name, and in the places where he does endorse, it can help people, candidates like oz and like jd advance, breakthrough in a crowded field but if you're madison cawthorn you have a lot bigger problems than trump can solve, and i think that's what we saw in north carolina. >> margaret, is there some legis lesson from the madison cawthorn, or was this loss unique to cawthorn and his challenges? >> i think it was quite unique, and i agree with abby. i think, look, every state is different and every candidate is different, but all in all, you're seeing an accumulation of people at least winning nominating contests who have been trump-backed or embrace the mantra of trump's policies and stances who in many cases pwantd
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to overturn joe biden's election win, who have perpetuated the lie that there was mass fraud or donald trump actually won, and so you're setting up a situation here where either democrats in some cases may think that benefits them. may think it makes it easier for them to win statewide races. in other cases where democrats and what's left of the republican political establishment are very concerned these candidates could win and then lead governor's or join the senate. the contest we're going to see a week from now in georgia, it could have implications for the senate primary, but the governor' pris mary and the secretary of state's primary are clearer litmus tests of these questions we're talking about. >> let's talk about georgia, that's up next, the next big -- i don't want to say fight, competition between the donald trump endorsed and the trump, i guess, opponent in brian kemp
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there. is there some carryover, some residual impact of pennsylvania, north carolina? i'd even throw ohio in there on what we're going to watch next week in georgia. >> i don't know, victor, we'll see, i think in the days to come if that race shifts in any way. but that race between kemp, the republican incumbent governor who has been like political target number one for donald trump because he wouldn't go along with donald trump's big lie about the election. he went ahead and did what was the right thing to do, certify the legitimate election of joe biden in that state of georgia back in 2020. that made him political target number one. he's actually been running well ahead of david perdue, the former republican senator who's running with trump's backing, and not only that, this is also an interesting moment where much of the republican establishment, even those that have been very aligned with trump like his vice president whose could not have been more aligned and attached to the hip for four years with him are on the other side here. they're with kemp, pence, chris
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christie, doug ducey, pete rickets, the republican governor's association trying to protect their incumbent, and the only reason donald trump is on the other side and recruited perdue in is because he wanted to perpetuate this baseless lie about the election. >> yeah, speaking of perp perpetuating the baseless lie about the election, abby, let's talk about doug mast ya know who is now the republican nominee for governor in pennsylvania. the first indication we get of the general election fight is that victory speech on election night. is he running on an economic message, as cnn polls show us that that's the top issues for voters this time around. they're not really concerned about 2020 the polls show. >> i mean, no, i didn't hear really anything that spoke to that, which is surprising considering that republicans almost unanimously agree that that is probably their str strongest -- their strongest
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argument against democrats writ large. what you heard from mastriano is actually the kind of thing that causes republicans to be concerned. he is running as a christian nationalist candidate who was at the forefront of the efforts to undermine the election results in 2020. he was in washington on january 6th, organized buses to come to washington, and his candidacy is about those conservative cultural issues against critical race theory, against vaccine mandates and, you know, coronavirus precautions. those were the things he talked about last night. last night was his opportunity to show how he was going to run in a general election, and i think he said a lot last night about what direction he was going to go in, and it's probably not toward the middle, and that's why you're seeing a lot of hand wringing from respirators. the republican governor's association put out a statement about him last night, but they did not explicitly say in that
11:11 am
statement that they would actually be supporting him. that's pretty notable considering how important the state of pennsylvania is. >> abby phillip, margaret talov, david chalian, thank you. the ukrainian fighters who surrendered at the mariupol steel plant are in russian captivity as prisoners of war, we'll talk about what comes next for them, and the department of homeland security is warning law enforcement of potential threats against the public and the supreme court ties to the abortion debate. we have details ahead. three? (grandmother) did you get his s number? (young woman) no, grandma! grandma!! (g(grandmother) excuse me! (youngng woman vo) some relationships get better with time. that's why i i got a crosstrek. (avo) ninety-s-six percent of subaru vehicles sold in the last ten years are still on the road. (grandmother) i'm so glad you got a subaru. (young woman) i wonder who gave me the idea? (avo) love. it's what makes subaru, subaru. like pulsing, electric shocks, sharp, stabbing pains,
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ukrainian officials say russia is mounting a concerted effort to take the region of donetsk. the bombardment is day and night and russian helicopters are swarming the area trying to encircle the key town of luhansk. cnn national correspondent suzanne malveaux is in lviv with more on the fighting. ukrainian officials say these russian efforts are failing. >> reporter: that's right, victor, and just to call your attention to the air raid sirens behind, they had gone off earlier in the day, and we're waiting for an all clear. this is the siren with the all clear here, so that means that there's nothing that they're detecting in the sky at this moment. yes, you bring up a very good po point, and that is that the fierce fighting is continuing in the east. so the donetsk region is where ukrainian forces say day and night they are being shelled and pummelled, but they are pushing back, also in the luhansk region, that is where russians control 90% of the territory,
11:17 am
and they're just escalating the air attacks to try to take the other 10%, so ukrainian forces saying they've seen an additional 15 attack helicopters and additional air strikes to do that, but the ukrainians fighting back. you'll see some video of this bridge that was blown up. these are the ukrainian forces really trying to maintain at least control of the areas that they do have by blowing up those bridges, denying access from the russians. they also say that they're making some progress to get to those critical supply lines that the russians are counting on, and so victor, it is very intense. it is escalating here. all eyes on the east to see whether or not the russians move forward in trying to really circle the ukrainian forces in three different directions. if they manage to do that, that would be bad for the ukrainians, but so far a very fierce fight between these two. >> yeah, central to the russian strategy of taking the east and the south.
11:18 am
ukrainian soldiers in that azovstal steel plant mo mariupol, they have surrendered, but there's a separatist leader who claims that there are military commanders still inside. what can you tell us about that? >> and victor, that would complicate things. cnn has not independently actually confirmed that but if that is true and that these are top commanders of the ukraine military still inside the plant, it makes the negotiation process much more complex here, whether or not they would release them and whether or not they would actually face trial in court for potential war crimes. we have heard from not only that separatist leader but also some russian officials from their parliament the dumas who are essentially saying these are high level, high value people, and they would not necessarily be released, and so the loved ones of those who are still inside, it remains a question,
11:19 am
their fate, their future. >> suzanne malveaux for us, we can hear those sirens going on as we have heard many, many times. thank you so much. secretary of state antony blinken just met with turkey's foreign minister after finland and sweden formally handed in their applications to join nato. turkey's leaders have expressed concerns about admitting them to the alliance. cnn's national security correspondent kylie atwood is with us now from the u.n. what do we know about this meeting? >> reporter: well, the secretary of state is standing next to the turkish foreign minister said that the united states and its allies are going to work together when it comes to this process to admit finland and sweden to nato. but of course the foreign minister of turkey once again reiterated the concerns that turkey has surrounding the admission of these two countries into nato. we have heard those reservations from turkish officials over the last few weeks now. essentially, they believe that
11:20 am
there are terrorist organizations that are kurdish terrorist organizations operating in finland and sweden, and they want those countries to go after what they are calling these terrorist organizations. they also want there to be a lift on some of the restrictions on arms exports from those countries to turkey. the secretary of state was very diplomatic standing there saying, listen, this is something that we are going to work through together. essentially saying we're going to work with turkey on its concerns so that we can get them to green light these countries joining nato. and it's interesting to watch the secretary of state stand and say these words as you have the biden administration, president biden coming out earlier today and saying that the u.s. warmly welcomes the application of finland and sweden to nato calling these his historic applications. this is fundamentally going to change the security of all of europe once these two countries join nato, and the united states is really supporting it. but because of turkish pushback
11:21 am
right now behind closed doors, secretary blinken and other diplomats are trying to figure out what they can do to get turkey to green light this. victor. >> kylie atwood at the u.n., thank you. former u.s. ambassador to ukraine steven piefer is with us, he's also the william perry fellow at stanford university. welcome back, let's start with where kiley left off. nato admission requires a unanimous vote. what do you think? >> that's exactly the right question to ask. at the end of the day, turk the turks understand that bringing f finland and sweden to nato dramatically improves the security position. they also see an opportunity to bargain for things. they've expressed interest in getting -- being able to buy f-16 aircraft. what you've seen here is the beginning of a bargaining
11:22 am
process. it may take a little bit of time, but my guess is that at the end of the day, this is not going to stop the members of applications of either the swedes or the fins. >> let's stay with finland now and the gas supply there in finland says that the risk of their russian imports of natural gas, they could end this weekend. ment russians are requiring payments in rubles. the fins have refused to do that. we know that russia has threatened there will be consequences if finland moves forward with this application. is this the type of consequence that you expect, that it's going to be economic and less about a military consequence? >> yeah, finland's already seen this, for example, over the weekend, the russians cut off the electric supply that they're providing to the fins. the fins very quickly replaced that with supplies, for example, from sweden. i think the finnish position is
11:23 am
under the contract they have with the russian gas provider, they're required to pay neither euros or dollars. they're saying the demand to pay in rubles is inconsistent with the contract and they may take it to arbitrationment b, but i russian gas accounts for only about 8% of finland's total energy needs, so it's going to be a bump, but i'm also pretty sure the fins have been thinking about this for some time and have a plan b in place. >> let's talk about -- >> it was interesting yesterday, president putin was asked about the applications by finland a an anand sweden, and he seemed to be pretty relaxed about it. there may be some economic pressure, but the russians at this point, at least at the highest level don't seem to be overreacting. >> apologies for the interruptions there. let me move on to azovstal. the russians claimed there were about a thousand ukrainian
11:24 am
forces who surrendered, now prisoners of war. the ukrainians have suggested a prisoner swap, and russia and ukraine, they have done this several times before, not at this level of this number of forces. there are some russian politicians who say that nazi criminals, as they call them, should not be traded. how do they work this out considering the accusations against russia when it comes to prisoners of war? >> yeah, well, over the weekend the ukrainians basisically say that the forces that have been fight, these guys have been fighting for 11 weeks under really difficult circumstances. the ukrainian high command said your mission is accomplished. you can surrender now and we will bargain for your release. that negotiation apparently is still ongoing. now, if the russians begin to single out some of these -- some of the fighters and they're saying things like these are nazis or these are high ranking officers and somehow treat them differently, that could be a
11:25 am
mistake for the russians. if the ukrainians begin to see that sort of thing, that may give them disincentives to surrender in the future. i think the russians have to think about this, what this means, do they want to have the possibility that ukrainian forces lay down their arms or do they want to have ukrainian forces persuaded that if you surrender, who knows what's going to happen. maybe you ought to keep fighting. >> ambassador steven pifer, always good to have your insight. 30 minutes before he started shooting, the suspected gunman in the buffalo racist mass shooting revealed his plans on social media. and now new york's attorney general, she wants answers, and she's launching an investigation into the platforms that he used. let's look at the dow, plunging now. the dow down more than a thousand points. what's scaring investors? that's ahead. ♪ you've got a lovely day to do it in, that's true ♪
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just in to cnn, new york's attorney general is launching an investigation into the social media companies used by the suspected gunman in saturday's mass shooting in buffalo. a.g. tish james tweeted out some of the companies she will be looking at, twitch, 4chan, 8chan, discord. a spokesman for discord confirmed the alleged gunman posted his plans online 30 minutes before he went to the top supermarket and shot 13
11:31 am
people, ten of them, all black, died. cnn's omar jimenez joins me now from buffalo with the stories. is there any way to know, omar, who, if anyone saw the posting? >> yeah, victor, so as you mentioned, this was 30 minutes before the start of the attack on saturday. that was when a small group of people was invited to and joined what was previously a private server, according to this discord spokesperson. now, in this server what they would have found were essentially documentation of the planning of this attack showing that this alleged shooter came, made that initial roughly 200 mile journey from his home county to here in buffalo back on march 8th. went inside the tops supermarket multiple times that day, made notes of the proportion of black people to white people. mapped out the aisles and the exits, things of that nature, and it's part of why new york
11:32 am
attorney general letitia james is launching an investigation into some of the social media platforms like discord and twitch that hosted some of the material that this alleged gunman posted either before or on the day of this attack. >> omar, let me ask you about this 911 dispatcher on administrative leave, county executives said that this person is likely going to be fired over response to an emergency call during the shooting. what happened? >> yeah, so this call went to 911 during the shooting, and as we understand from the county executive, this person was whispering on the call as we can imagine because of what was happening all around this person, and the only words they would use, officials here to describe this, was that the operator acted completely inappropriately and that at some point later on, the call eventually hung up. the county executive said he wasn't sure from which end it came from. bottom line, this operator is now being placed on
11:33 am
administrative leave pending a disciplinary hearing for what he's described as inappropriate behavior as well. it's also important to note that whatever was happening with this call, the county executive wanted people to know it did not affect the speed with which officers were dispatched because that came from what we presume was a separate call within the first 13030 seconds of this happening. >> lastly on the supermarket behind you, closed obviously, still an investigation happening there. any word on when they will be able to clean it up, restock it, and reopen it. >> well, the timing at this point is unclear, but public officials here say they have gotten a commitment from tops supermarket to reopen at some po point. in the meantime, they are helping shuttle people to other tops supermarket locations. people here in the community are helping organize local food drives including the buffalo bills who are out here today helping to hand out food to members of the community. again, to try and fill in those gaps that are now even more
11:34 am
prevalent without this supermarket. these are all, though, temporary fixes. when you look at the usda data for the census tracks around this yaarea, it shows largely l income, and largely low vehicle access, which becomes critical when you look at the fact that the nearest fresh produce is over a mile in some cases, close to two miles away, and so just to get the utility back of the supermarket, the demand is as critical as ever, victor. >> it's way too far for people on foot. omar jimenez on the east side of buffalo. thank you so much. just weeks after its creation, the department of homeland security's new board to fight disinformation is put on pause. we'll tell you why next. verizone internet solutions nationwide. so you can powerer your business to do more. find the perfect solution for your business.s.
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the supreme court is now on high alert. the department of homeland security is warning about potential threats to the court, the justices, and their clerks related to the debate over abortion rights. cnn's whitney wild is with us now. tell us about this new memo. >> reporter: victor, right now, a lot of this is pointing to social media posts that suggest there could be threats not only to the supreme court justices but also health care providers, religious groups among them. this department of homeland security memo warned about threats that include language about burning down or storming the supreme court, murdering justices and their clerks, attacking members of congress,
11:40 am
and lawful demonstrators. this dhs memo warnings that, quote, domestic violent extremists and criminal actors have adopted narratives surrounding abortion rights to encourage violence likely increasing the threat to government, religious, and reproductive health care personnel and facilities and ideological components -- or excuse me, opponents. one example of that curd may 7 when a social media channel administrator encouraged other users to engage in, quote, unrelenting violence as an alternative to counterprotests. the memo to law enforcement partners makes clear, victor, that the possibility for violence exists on both sides of this debate, and it follows more than a year of warnings that america remains in its heightened threat environment, in part because people here and abroad are latching onto these socially divisive issues and using them as an opportunity, as a vehicle to call for further acts of violence, victor. >> let me ask you about the department now pausing this newly created board to fight
11:41 am
add disinformation. why? what happened here? >> well, a lot of this came from the intense scrutiny of the head of that board. the head of that board now resigning. she put out a statement today in which she laid out some of the reasons for this and also said that now more than ever based on the events that we've seen, you know, not just here but also abroad, highlights the need for a board like this, so we can just get to this quote here from her, she says she's disappointed that the mischaracterization of the board had simply become a distraction from the department's vital work, and again, indeed along with recent events globally and nationally, this embodies why that kind of work is necessary. victor, dhs said that this team has always been mischaracterized, but they acquiesce, it could have been rolled out a lot better. the team was meant to focus first on disinformation surrounding human migration, and potential disinformation threats from russia aimed at u.s.
11:42 am
critical infrastructure. mostly it's just a working group. it doesn't actually have any operational authority. the head of that board's appointment quickly drew condemnation from gop lawmakers and right wing media who had pointed to her past tweets and statements regarding hunter biden's laptops and christopher steele, the author of the so-called steele dossier, so now the board is on pause as it undergoes a review, victor. >> whitney wild with the latest for us, thank you. tensions are growing between the justice department and the january 6th committee. at the center of this, transcripts of witness depositions. we'll explain next. ♪i got bongs thumping in my chest♪ ♪and something tells me they don't beat me♪ ♪ ♪ ♪he'd better not take the ring from me.♪
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are you a christian author with a book that you're ready to share with the world? get published now, call for your free publisher kit today! the justice department has asked the january 6th committee to hand over the transcripts from witness depositions, but a committee spokesman tells cnn the committee has not responded. that's partly because the house panel chairman says that the depositions are property of the committee. let's go to cnn's ryan nobles. ryan, what do you know? >> reporter: yeah, victor this is an interesting development because it tells us two things about these two separate investigations. one that's taking place in the department of justice, the other that's taking place on tcapitol with the january 6th committee. the department of justice asking kind of for a wide range of access to the witness transcripts of these depositions that the committee has taken
11:48 am
place. according to the house chairman bennie thompson, they didn't ask for specific names but in general just access to that material. now, the committee's conducted somewhere in the range of 900 witness interviews. they have all been done behind closed doors. we've only seen sneak peeks of some of these depositions through some court filings that have taken place over a certain period of time. what it shows us is that the department of justice is expanding its investigation into what happened on january 6th and that they are at least interested in some form or fashion in what the committee has uncovered. so this is somewhat of a standoff between the committee and the department as the committee has said they're not just going to hand over this information. they left open the idea that perhaps investigators from the department of justice could come in and read this material in person, but they aren't just going to hand the information over. the chairman saying that this is their property and that they are going to control it. and of course these depositions are continuing, victor. this is an ongoing investigation
11:49 am
as we approach these big public hearings that are scheduled to take place next month. we're told that stephanie gri grisham, a former white house press secretary, the chief of staff to melania trump, the first lady. she's meeting with the committee again today. she already had an informal interview with investigators a couple of months ago. grisham, of course, has broken with the trump family. she's written a very critical book about her time in the white house, and she's also been very critical of the way that the trumps conducted themselves on january 6th. she of course wasn't in washington on that day, but she does have unique insight into what was going on during that period of time, so this just an exa example, victor, of how this investigation is continuing to plow forward. >> certainly is, ryan nobles with the reporting, thank you very much. let's get into all of that now with former u.s. attorney harry litman, a former deputy assistant attorney general. good to have you back. let's start here with the request. what it tells us -- before we get into handing it over and what access they'll have, the
11:50 am
it says that it's wide ranging and really accelerating. this letter was sent out a month ago. we're hearing about it now, but of course iain back then they had done enough of the initial work to want what is a mother lode of information from the committee that's been developed not just about the work on the ground but also about pence. we know there's a grand jury looking at the obstruction, the funding and organization. that mean they're casting a very broad net if they've asked in the first instance -- i think this is the open of a negotiation for, give us all you've got. so, the most important thing about this, victor, is it shows the scope of this second follow-up investigation by the department, not the events on the ground, but the political actors, is broad and
11:51 am
accelerating. >> so let's talk about access now. the chairman bennie thompson says these belong to the committee. it's been a month since the request. well, they came in april. we're now in mid may. are you confident the doj will have access to them if they have to go to capitol hill and read them in person? >> look, i am, and again, i think it's important that they're making it now. they could wait. i mean, this is the committee's crown jewels, right? and they don't want to give them up until they have had the chance to put them on display. you can understand that. the department will have an easy time of it on the other side, but they want it now. in any event, yes, i am confident. i think the committee, "a," wants to be sure that it gets to -- you know, nobody steals its thunder, and "b," maybe gets something from the department as well. so this, i think, is a sort of dance that is just beginning.
11:52 am
there are different kinds of outcomes, but will the department generally in fairly short order be able to see the bulk of what they have even if it's just to review and go home? i think the answer to that is yes. >> let's move on. stephanie grisham, white house aide who's testified before the 1/6 committee before is back in front of the committee today. as ryan said, she was not in washington, not at the white house on the day of the insurrection. what do you make of this revisit, this second visit with the committee? >> well, first, this one i believe is under oath. they do some just voluntary interviews, and this is an actual deposition. but it's very illustrative of what they're doing. they are not trying and the department will be different. if it gets its hands on this information, they can use to it push up. but the committee, i think, is being very careful to take what it can get, to get a grisham instead of a melania or anyone
11:53 am
in the family, observers who can tell them what she saw of the first family during those days. so it's secondhand, but very important, and i think that's the story they're going to tell. they want to be comprehensive but they're not going to go for home runs. we heard thompson say, we're not going try for trump. we just want to fill in every piece one way or the other. also they can use this today for video. that's a big part is have chunks of this in video come june. >> all right, harry, good to see you. thank you. >> thank you, victor. all right, the dow is sharply down, more than 1,000 points. more than 1,100 points now. the majority of ceos say a recession is coming and they're sounding the alarm on the direction of the nation's economy. we'll get into that, next. i was unable to eat. it was very y hard. kimbererly came to clearchoice with a bunch of missing teeth, struggling with pain, with dental disease.e.
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insurance, you may qualify to sell your policy. don't cancel or let your policy lapse without finding out what it's worth. visit to find out if your policy qualifies. or call the number on your screen. coventry direct, redefining insurance. u.s. markets are down big. take a look at the big board now. down 1,100 points. new data on infligs and disappointing retail earnings are driving stocks lower. and there's news that american business leaders are bracing for a recession. nearly 70% of ceos expect feds' efforts to tame inflation will trig an economic downturn. matt egan is with us now. is there a link between the projections and the red we're seeing on the dow? >> i think the common theme here is really high inflation.
11:59 am
both corporate america and wall street are worried about how high inflation has gotten and what the federal reserve is going to have to do to get it knocked down to healthier levels. this ceo survey was striking. lowest level of confidence since the going of covid. 60% expect economic conditions are going to worsen. a couple caveats here. only 11% of ceos expect a deep recession. most of them expect a mild recession. that's relatively good news. and it's not necessarily an imminent recession. could be something that starts in the next few years. so it's kind of vague there. but the big worry is the fed is going to have to raise interest rates to slow down the economy. that's unnerving some investors. the dow town, 1,100 points, 3.5%. nasdaq down much more, and the s&p 500 is getting uncomfortably close the bear market territory. the target was the central catalyst for this. the retailer put out a
12:00 pm
surprising drop in profits. they're blaming supply chain problems, higher costs. it's on track for its worst day since black friday 1987. just yesterday walmart had its worst day since 1987. the one-two punch of target and walmart triggered what she called a freakout moment for investors. if you put a lot of this together it speaks to uncertainty about the economy. >> matt egan with the good news and bad news. thank you very much. top of a brand new hour on cnn "newsroom". thank you for staying with me. one of the most controversial races of the primaries still too close to call. dr. oz and dave mccormick likely heading for a recount, but that decision won't come until next


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