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tv   CNN Newsroom With Christi Paul and Boris Sanchez  CNN  January 29, 2022 7:00am-8:00am PST

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a hell of a long time, but my first job was making $3.25 at mcdonald's in one of the great work experiences of my life. but you saw although employer tricks and wage increases still aren't bringing people back. so it has gotten better and still the jobs aren't getting filled. wish i had more time but i don't. i'll see you next week. good morning on this saturday, january 29th. we are so grateful to see you. i christi paul. >> and i'm boris sanchez. hope that you are nice and warm because million of you are our friends in the northeast are not and they are watching the sky as a powerful winter storm moves through the region. nearly 55 million people from the carolinas to virginia to new england are under winter weather alerts this morning. >> and it is called a bomb
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cyclone and it is bringing a dangerous mix of heavy snow and vicious winds. also potential coastal flooding in some areas. take a look at some of the pictures out of suffolk county, new york. this is a live picture from philadelphia. the near hurricane-force winds, we're talking up to 70-mile-per-hour gusts in some areas, you couple that with the massive amounts of snow that are expected to bring blizzard conditions here and this is what you are looking at. visibility obviously very cloudy, let's say. right now there is a travel ban in place across all of rhode island. and in other states officials are warning people to stay home and keep off the roads. >> if you didn't prepare, the time is past now. we already have 3 inches on the ground. the wind is starting to pick up. so a lot of roads are still very snow covered and slippery. >> it is really almost a minor hurricane with snow. the big issue that i see is us
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getting streets back opened up again. no question that we'll lose control for a period of time. there is no way that plows can operate when they can't see in front of their face. >> so let's start with meteorologist tyler mauldin. talk to us about how things have progressed. >> take a look at some of the snowfall totals. since i saw you at 6:00 a.m., these snowfall totals have really started to pick up. you can see down across the delmarva, roughly a foot, but north of the delmarva and you get into new york and new jersey, and we're looking at more than a foot of snow. we're going to see these snowfall amounts continue to increase as we go through the day because this snow really isn't going anywhere anytime soon. and so it will sit here, it will continue to pile up. you can see a really nice band moving into boston right now and also nantucket. notice the cold air in place as well. 17 degrees in boston. 15 degrees in new york. single digits as you get away from the coastline. the wind is making it feel much colder. but the wind is also leading to
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whiteout conditions across portions of the mid-atlantic going on into the northeast. want you to look at nantucket. sustained wind of 49 miles per hour, gusts up to 64. we've actually seen gusts in nantucket up to nearly 70 miles per hour. so that is near hurricane force conditions. and we have the wind from the northeast that is leading to a storm surge threat as well. so a lot of factors are at play here across the northeast with this system. we have a blizzard warning in effect from the eastern slope or the coast of maine all the way down into virginia. new york and philadelphia, you are not included in that, you are in a winter storm warning, but boston is in a blizzard warning. heavy snow nearly 70-mile-per-hour winds for several hours will lead to absolutely terrible driving conditions out there. whiteout conditions for sure. >> difficult conditions and the potential for coastal flooding as well we should note. tie reyler mauldin, thank you s
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much. and in new york nearly a half a foot of snow has fallen already. the city is bracing though for twice that amount at least as heard tyler say there. and that wind threat is very serious. >> yeah, joining us now is new york city mayor eric adams. good morning and thank you for sharing part of your weekend with us. just wondering how you see things from where you are right now. >> good morning. thank you for allowing me to be on with you. and i think the message at the top of this broadcast states it all. it is really important for people to be off the ways. this allows emergency vehicles and the department of sanitation to pass through. i've visited sites throughout the city this morning and visited one of our sanitation garages. it is clear that the streets are passable, but we are still receiving continuous and steady
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sno snowfall. so it is important to not be on the roads at this time. >> governor hochul said that people in new york are used to to some degree. it is managed when it happens over days but when it happens over hours, that can be probl problematic. what are you most confident in in terms your response to what we're seeing so far? >> our coordination. if we de-silo how we perform during emergencies or during storms like this, it operates better. and that coordination is crucial. and i've had calls with my public safety -- deputy mayor of public safety, i had calls with the fire department, department of sanitation, office of emergency management. we were all on the calls together because we must coordinate together. we must look at how many emergency calls that we are receiving, how many fires we're dealing with, what the roads look like with the department of
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d.o.t. so that is the important part. this is almost like a symphony in order for us to play the right tune, we must coordinate together. >> mr. mayor, we are looking at live pictures. and we see some traffic on the streets. it is certainly passable right now. are the subways running? i feel like we've seen a lot of people come up from the subway staircase. >> yeah, we have system-wide disruptions because in new york similar to places like chicago, we have elevated subway stations. so, yes, we do have system-wide disruptions. the system is not closed down. it is slower. but for the most part it is the best way to move around the city instead of utilizing your vehicles. and so it is imperative that people must know if you are stuck on the road, you will get in the way of our plows and in the way of our nfdny and ems.
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>> and so we'll keep our eye on the storm and while we have you, we want to ask you about the scene that we saw unfold in new york yesterday during the funeral for officer jason rivera. really impressive display of sol solitude, of unity from the nypd. just wondering if we can get your thoughts on what you saw. you know, this symbol not just representing the department but the city especially yourself being a former police commander, what did it mean to you to see that? >> it was very important because there is a feeling in the city and the country that we have surrendered our country to violence. and i believe that the police commissioner stated it best. nypd will not surrender our city to violence. we will never give up our city to those who believe that they are going to carve highways of
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death with bullets through our city. that is not going to happen. and we mourn the loss of two brave officers. and we also lift up officer summit who was able to terminate the life of the person who was guilty of these shootings. but think about the flow of guns in our city, big cities across america. this person had a 40 round magazine that he could have created more harm and an ar-15 under his mattress. there are too many guns in our streets and we must get help from the federal government. we're going to do our job. we took 6,000 guns off the street last year. over 300 since i've been in office. we will do our job, but it is time for all of us to be partners to keep dangerous people off our streets and dangerous guns off our streets. >> a moving moment of solidarity and an important message. keep us up to speed with what is happening with the storm. we'll be in touch with you later this hour and throughout the day. i hope that everyone follows
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your suggestion to stay inside and stay safe. mayor eric adams, thank you so much. >> thank you. let's pivot now to brian todd who is not that far from new york city. he is actually in atlantic city, new jersey. brian, you've been seeing the whiteout conditions and it doesn't appear that much has changed. >> reporter: they haven't changed too much. i can tell you that as far as good news, we are getting a little bit of good news, it has been bad news all morning long, but now time for a little bit of good news. governor murphy was talking about the power outages. and he said that there are only about 1,000 throughout the state, lower than they expected. that is good news. about a third of those are here in atlantic county and you can see why. visibility is still very poor here. you can barely see down pacific avenue. maybe a block or two down this way. and down south carolina avenue this way, visibility is even worse. but we do have some other good
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news to report. one of the main arteries in this city, route 40, which goes in and out of atlantic city, that had to be shut down a few hours ago because of flooding. that has since reopened. so that is good news. as you can see, the wind speed here has really varied and sometimes it really kicks up and you can barely see in front of you. but sometimes it will slow down a little bit. again, with some of this, the governor and other officials here are telling people, as a matter of fact governor murphy just said a short time ago, folks, sit this one out, stay inside, do not venture outside. but still i'm kind of incredulous, this is one of the main drags here in atlantic city. a lot of vehicles out here this morning. and again, if you look down here, visibility is just nothing. so it really is treacherous to try to get out. we are still told by city officials though that people are venturing out and they are getting stuck. so one of the problems with that of course is that when you call 911 and you are stuck, it can be
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hard for some of the emergency crews to get out to you to try to rescue you. so that is another thing that they warn people about. they always warn about that. in the warmer climates even during the hurricanes. and we were told that this would be kind of like a hurricane but a winter version of it just with heavy snow replacing heavy rain. and that really has been the case here in atlantic city. you can tee that it is still driving. this snow has been coming down now for more than about 14 hours and it is still going to continue for several more hours. and they are also worried about some of the areas that got flooded at least slightly in the area near the bay. some of that flooding has receded but there is a little bit of floodwater in some of the streets. not threatening homes, but they are worried now that some of that flooding is going to freeze over, some of that water will freeze over later on today as some of these temperatures drop. so still not out of the woods here. >> brian, you are a treeooper.
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thank you so much to you and your crew. great comparison to being a winter version of a hurricane because that is what it has looked at. and judd deere is the latest trump administration official to be subpoenaed by the january 6 committee. >> and adam schiff tells cnn that he hopes that deere can shed some light on conversations inside the oval office before and after the insurrection. here is more from congressman schiff. >> he was reportedly asked his thoughts by the president or others in the room about how they could get congress to essentially stop the peaceful transfer of power, to stop, you know, the results of the election. >> let's bring in zach cohen, he has more on this story. zach, what exactly is the committee trying to get from deere? >> reporter: well, the committee thinks that deere can shed light on what was happening inside the
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white house on january 6 itself, but also on the day before, january 5th. now, on january 6 specifically, deere was at the white house and with the president as the attack was unfolding. the committee says that he helped formulate the white house response as the riot was happening. the committee has long said that they want to know what was going on behind closed doors at the white house during those 187 minutes that nobody heard from former president trump. and they think that judd deere can shed some light. and their letter references a january 5 oval office meeting where they say that deere was president and the former president allegedly asked the people in the room, quote, what are your ideas for getting the r.i.n.o.s to do the right thing tomorrow. and how do we convince congress. this is what congressman schiff was referring to during that sound bite, the committee view this is as a key line of inquiry. and they are not only looking at
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the events on january 6 itself, they want to know about the former president's state of mind in the days leading up to it. >> let's talk about the subpoenas that were sent to more than a dozen republicans tied to that fake elector plot on that day. what do we know about who those people are? >> reporter: these subpoenas went to 14 individuals. republicans from seven states. now, these are key swing states where the former president and those around him attempted to overturn the outcome through various ways and this was part of that plan. now, we're looking at not -- these are just not a random collection of people. these are state party officials who the committee believes may have had an organizing role or knowledge of who was organizing or putting together a plan to bring these fake electors together, have them sign these certificates and submit to congress. big picture like the subpoena with judd deere and the fact that they believe that he can shed light on more than what was happening on the 6th, this also
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reflects the scope of the probe expanding. >> zach cohen, we appreciate it so much. thank you. and still to come this morning, the ntsb is in pittsburgh investigating that massive bridge collapse that hurt ten people. you will hear from a witness about what it was like to watch it crumble right in front of their eyes. good time for a flare-up? enough, crohn's! for adults with moderate to severe crohn's or ulcerative colitis, stelara® can provide relief, and is the first approved medication to reduce inflammation on and below the surface of the intestine in uc. you, getting on that flight? back off, uc! stelara® may increase your risk of infections, some serious, and cancer. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you have an infection, flu-like symptoms, sores, new skin growths, have had cancer, or if you need a vaccine. pres, a rare, potentially fatal brain condition, may be possible. some serious allergic reactions and lung inflammation can occur. lasting remission can start with stelara®.
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7:20 am
>> reporter: i want to show you what the picture is behind us. you can see the bridge falling in to the ravine here. and yes, almost 15,000 vehicles a day. i talked to a neighbor nearby who witnessed the collapse who said that he crosses the bridge three or four times a day. he lives in a home about 50 feet from where i'm standing. listen so-tto how he describes he heard and felt. >> i was doing my exercise and i live in a house that is mainly glass windows. attitudinally there was this excruciating sound. my wife thought it was the snowplow but i said nothing could be that loud to be a snowplow. but i looked out to see if it was the snowplow and the sound continued one minute, two minutes. and i finally glanced over towards the bridge. and i realized that the bridge was caving in in the middle. and you could see because it was still dark, you could see the headlights going down towards
7:21 am
the bottom. >> reporter: that 3457bman ther just one of who will be majorly inconvenienced by the loss of this bridge. ntsb arrived friday afternoon and first order of business was to send a drone up over the incident scene to be able to map it out. they are also doing that on the ground. more than a dozen members of that team have passed right behind us heading into the ravine. they want to map it out so that they can have a record of it before they start moving any structure structural pieces. and on the street there are several cranes pre-positioned to begin that removal process. and they say that it could be 12 to 18 months or more to determine what caused the collapse. >> athena jones, thank you so much. so the recent rash of these high profile shootings of police
7:22 am
officers obviously highlights the dangers that they face on a daily basis. in fact in the past week alone, we've reported on officers either killed or wounded in the line or duty across the country. >> let's bring in our national correspondent who has details for us. one of those officers jason rivera was laid to rest yesterday. tell us about that. >> yes, this is a dangerous enough job and over the last couple days we've seen a wave of gun violence directed at law enforcement all over the country. one of the latest ones, you mentioned there, happening in harlem. and we saw just those impressive images of the police paying their final respects to detective jason rivera there. him and his partner wilbert mora were shot and killed while responding to a domestic call. and we've seen this happening across the u.s. this week alone, we saw
7:23 am
shootings out of kentucky, out of georgia, st. louis, milwaukee and over the weekend in houston as well. there was another incident happening out of houston. we have video we want to show you here. take a look at this surveillance video. you will see that car crashed right there when police go to answer, the suspect just starts firing off at the officers, managing to hit three of them. but the good news here is that they are expected to be okay. >> thank you so much for the update. and an important conversation still to be had tomorrow night at 9:00 p.m. right here on cnn. cnn's sara sidner rides along to find out why driving while black in america can be deadly serious. it is a new cnn special report, "traffic stop." again that is tomorrow night at 9:00 p.m. and we're tracking that massive nor'easter for you. take a look at some of the pictures that we're getting in. visibility is nearly nothing in some areas.
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we're continuing to follow our breaking news this morning, right now at least 55 million people are under winter weather alerts as a powerful and dangerous snowstorm is slamming parts of the east coast. these are live photos out of boston where you can see just how bad conditions are getting. somebody out there walking with an umbrella. not sure how an umbrella helps when the snow is hitting
7:29 am
sideways. >> you have to hold the umbrella differently i guess. and brynn gingras has been out and about all morning long. so talk to us about -- i know that you've seen dog walker, you've seen runners. this is new york tough. we know that you guys know how to deal with this. however, what is it like and how much more do you think that they can handle? >> reporter: you know what, if this happened during the week, it would be a totally different story. but it is happening on a saturday which i think that people are actually enjoying. i want to go over to the street to show you this is what we've been seeing all morning. multiple plows are coming together and you can see that it is blacktop here at columbus circle and this is after 6 inches has already fallen. of course it is still snowing. and we expect more snow to come. but that is not really stopping anybody from coming out. take a look at all these people in central park. we have a bunch of tourists here that will get into this bicycle
7:30 am
and get it toward central park. it is quite funny to see everybody just excited to see the storm. we see dog walkers, runners, tourists. everyone just has a happy spirit about the snow. and of course we know that it is much more serious in other parts of new york especially on long island where there is coastal flooding. and it won't be great as you pointed out in the boston area as well. but here in the city proper, so far this morning, so far, again, new yorkers tend to get a little annoyed with the snow as the goes on, but sore if a everyone is enjoying it. >> i'd be interested to see how they think that they are going to get around on that bike. stay safe. let's talk to the mayor of providence. we showed you some of the pictures out of that area. and so mr. mayor, thank you so much for taking the time. can you tell us what the conditions are like where you are right now? >> good morning. great to be on with you.
7:31 am
so i'm looking out high window and it is pretty whiteout conditions here. there is a lot of snow coming down. and the wind gusts are picking up as well. so it will be like this the next several hours. we're just asking everyone throughout our city and state to please observe the travel ban, please stay home unless it is an absolute emergency. just stay home. it is the best thing that you can do. >> and we understand the outlook for providence is receipt brutal, up to 2 feet of snow. you are under blizzard warnings. this morning i know that there is a straight wide travel ban that went into if he could through 8:00 p.m. tonight. and brims aredges are closed as. are people complying with your request that they stay in? >> yeah, for the most part. and i've lived here my entire life and what i'm seeing is about as bad as i've ever seen throughout my lifetime. and it will be this way until
7:32 am
about 4:00 i'm being told. you know, we're hearing that several inches an hour of snow will be falling. and that is a lot of snow for us to handle. and as we clear the streets of snow, we can't guarantee that we can keep every street pass only. we're focusing on the mains. so if anyone ventures out and they get stuck, it will be difficult for emergency personnel to get to them. >> and i can't think about the people who don't have a home. the homeless. i know that you have warming centers available. do you know status of those and how busy they might be? >> yeah, we've been coordinating with all of the service providers for folks experiencing homelessness. and we've opened up shelters and we did everything we could to get folks under a roof with the incoming storm. so thank you to everybody who did all of that outreach.
7:33 am
and you know, you really have to count your blessings. if you have a roof over your head and you can wait out the storm in the contract comfort of your living room watching disney plus, there are a lot of people who don't have that home and we did everything that we could to get them to shelter. >> that means so much. and we can see in these pictures how really dense the visibility is at this point. do you have any idea in terms of how expansive interruption of power might be and how prepared are you to respond to that on the back side of this? >> that is a great question. so thankfully up to this moment we haven't had any major power outages in the city or in the state. that may change as the snow accumulates on tree limb oigs a and wind 2k3we9d gets stronger.
7:34 am
we've been in touch with the electricity company and they are ready to go out. however the streets may not be passable and they can't get up on to their puck ets until the winds come down to a manageable level. so we have all of our public safety and security personnel. they are ready to respond to any emergency calls that we do receive. and we're asking everyone please keep your cellphones charged so you can communicate with us throughout the storm in case you do lose power. and we'll be ready to respond. but just know that the conditions out there are really, really tricky, tough and unsafe. so don't venture out. if you need us to come to you, call us and we'll do everything that we can. >> and there is a travel ban again until 8:00 p.m. tonight. and based on what we're seeing via the cameras, i'm surprised if anybody would try to get out and figure -- i don't know where they would go. i'm assuming that everything is
7:35 am
closed anyway. >> everything is closed. >> mr. mayor, we appreciate you taking the time with us. do take good care. >> thank you. all the best. so we could be on the cusp of history as president biden decides who he will nominate to the supreme court to replace justice breyer. who is topping his list, we'll discuss. te to severe crohn's or ulcerative colitis, stelara® can provide relief, and is the first approved medication to reduce inflammation on and below the surface of the intestine in uc. you, getting on that flight? back off, uc! stelara® may increase your risk of infections, some serious, and cancer. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you have an infection, flu-like symptoms, sores, new skin growths, have had cancer, or if you need a vaccine. pres, a rare, potentially fatal brain condition, may be possible. some serious allergic reactions and lung inflammation can occur. lasting remission can start with stelara®.
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in the nation's capital for the winter meeting. and several will not be in attendance of course due to what we've been seeing on our air, the powerful nor'easter that is bringing heavy snow and winds to the east coast. this is coming to us from new jersey. >> and let's get to daniella diaz who has more on the governors' meeting. what what are we expecting will come from this gathering? >> reporter: well, i to want to note this is the first gathering for the national governors association since february 2020 because of the covid-19 pandemic. and that is why the two governors who had a press conference moments ago were discussing what they were hoping to accomplish, the two governors being asa hutchinson and they are both this executive leadership. and they said that they are hoping to accomplish discussing implementing the bipartisan bill
7:41 am
and also the infrastructure plan. but there were questions about personal choice for covid-19 vaccinations and even a question that was -- asa hutchinson got on president trump and whether he believed in the big lie which of course asa hutchinson being one of those governors who continues to denounce the big lie that the election was stolen from former president trump, but as you said, a lot of governors are not in attendance, mainly those from the northeastern states including phil murphy of new jersey. and this group of governors will see president biden tomorrow in a black tie dinner in mount vernon tomorrow and so we expect a lot from that. back to you guys. >> busy day on capitol hill even on a snowy saturday. daniella, thank you so much. and so president biden has the opportunity to make good on his promise to appoint the first
7:42 am
black woman to the supreme court after liberal justice stevphen breyer announced that he will retire. here to discuss is a professor, also the author of "she took justice." thank you both for sharing party of your saturday with us. gloria, i want to start with something that republican senator roger wicker said yesterday about bipartisan's promise to appoint a black woman. listen to this. >> that is exactly what biden said he would do in his campaign. so he is just fulfilling a cam baby promise and he told the whole world that is exactly what he was going to do. the irony is that the supreme court is at the very same time hearing cases about this sort of a affirmative racial
7:43 am
discrimination. and while adding someone who is the beneficiary of this sort of -- the majority of the court may be saying at large that it is unconstitutional. we'll see how that irony works out. >> gloria, do you think that whoever president biden nominates is the beneficiary of a affirmative racial discrimination? >> not at all. you know, what is so ironic about this, we've had white male affirmative action for nearly 400 years by law and by violence. and yet we have now these black women who have harvard, yale, princeton backgrounds who are looked upon everything that they have gotten was given to them where they have the highest integrity and highest intellectual minds. and i think the other thing that needs to be understood here is that the first white female
7:44 am
lawyer was part of us back in 1869, a part of the bar. the first black female lawyer was in 1872. so the black woman has been a judge in 1939, a federal court judge in the 1960s, and these women are beyond reproach when it comes to their credentials. so, yes, this is -- this whole idea that she will be tainted by o affirmative action. but no matter what this norm knee does, they will be tainted by something as they try to undermine their credibility. >> and he hasn't noted any of their qualifications because he doesn't know who president biden will nominate. before we look at the future, we want to take a moment to look back at the career of justice breyer. how could you describe his legacy, what mark has he made on the court? >> yeah, he has a remarkable legacy that he will leave on the court. he has written so many leading
7:45 am
majority and dissenting opinions both on constitutional rights of abortion, free speech, equal protection. also some really important separate of power cases. he has been a strong advocate for deferring political branches of the government. so he will leave a strong legacy in that sense. >> and now i kind of want to look at some of the early favorites that president biden might nominate. we have a screen full of them. a lot of shiny resumes that you could say. there is judge ketanji brown jackson, an appeals judge in devin nunes. and justin leondra kruger of the california supreme court. and a name that was confirmed as a potential nominee by the white house, u.s. district judge j. michelle childs. she is on south carolina's federal court, very close to trump ally jim clyburn.
7:46 am
gloria, first to you, out of all these impressive names and recent mays, resumes, which ones stand out to you? >> they are all brilliant. ketanji of course, when we think about the court of appeals, that is the court that is closest to the u.s. supreme court. they take these appeal i can't tell cases. my background is as a law clerk on a state court as well as a court of eastern district which is a trial court. and we always looked up to the court of appeals because that is so close to the supreme court. i think that judge childs of course is amazing. i've had the chance to interact with her on occasion for full disclosure. and, you know, these women all of them in the second circuit, we have unis lee, in the new york circuit, these all are amazing people. and leondra kruger. i mean, there is nothing about this -- the background of these women that would prevent them from being excellent jurists on the u.s. supreme court. only thing that is holding back
7:47 am
any situation here for their as scent to the court is the fact that they are black and women and president biden mentioned that he was looking forward to nominating a black woman because there is this void that based on history and natural progression of things these women should have been looked upon as potential candidates and there are black women who have come forward during the obama administration too. so this is to the just a last minute political game that is being played. >> and christine, quickly, your thoughts on the potential nominees. >> yeah, i agree that some of the top choices are exceptionally well qualified. if you look to judge jackson, she has sterling dren shals. she credentials. and she was a clerk for justice breyer. and also leondra kruger has extensive experience. she also served in the solicitor
7:48 am
general's office arguing many key cases before the supreme court. and is someone who also clerked for justice stephens on the supreme court and has sterling credentials. and judge childs has judicial experience on the district court, so she has trial court appearance that made might add an interesting type of professional diversity as well. and i think that many of the leading contenders will also make it an easier path for them to be confirmed. judges tend to be more mainstream than say a pick from the legal academy which might be easier to brand as a radical pick. >> and we can expect the pick in early february. and ladies, thank you both. we appreciate the time. stay with cnn. we'll be right back. new neutrogena® rapid firming.
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let's get you caught up on a couple stories we're following. president biden says that he is now preparing to send more american troops to eastern europe. this move comes as the top u.s. general mark milley tells cnn that the buildup of troops at the ukranian border hasn't been signs since the kocold war era. and troops were on heightened alert to prepare to deploy. and the united nationss expecte to meet monday to discuss the
7:54 am
russian aggression in that region. and alabama has asked a court to stop redrawing of a congressional map. earlier they said that it prevents race based discrimination. this is the first 2022 election dispute to reach the nation's highest court. and more than 2200 people on average are still dieing from covid-19 every day here in new york. but dr. fauci and many health experts say that they are still cautiously optimistic. there are daily cases and hospitalizations that are declining across the u.s. and as a new kaiser poll reveals, about 7 in 10 people who are eligible to receive a booster shot have received one. in the meantime, the white house says that 16 million households have requested free covid-19 rapid tests thus far as part of the program to mail out more than half a billion tests to people. and joan any mni joni mitch
7:55 am
actioning in unity with neal yo young. he had pulled his music from the streaming service s spotify. and mitchell says their responsible people are spreading lies. and it has been a pleasure to be with you. take could care of yourselves. i know that it is cold and there is a lot of snow. i'm a little jealous, but go make good memories. >> and we'll keep tracking the storm all day. much more ahead in the next hour of "cnn newsroom." fredricka whitfield is up next.
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