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tv   CNN Newsroom With Pamela Brown  CNN  January 23, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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>> i'm pamela brown in washington, you are live in the cnn news room. breaking news this hour, the u.s. state department says it is reducing staffing levels in the u.s. embassy in kiev ukraine, citing reports that russia is
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planning significant military action against ukraine. this is, as russia amassed more than 100,000 troops on the border with ukraine despite conversations with western lea le leader about easing the crisis. cnn white house correspondent natasha bertran, tracking these developments, joing us by phone. what exactly are you learning and what prompted it, natasha? >> yes, pam, state department with statements earlier this evening, they have operated the departure of u.s. employees, those are nonessential employees, nonemergency personnel there and also ordered the departure of their family members so it's mandatory for
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nonessential personnel and mandatory for family members. also u.s. citizen and ukraine should begin deporting now using the available options, all comes on the backdrop of a major russian escalation on the borders that sparked fears of an invasion. the department saying that in their explanation, the move is coming because there are reports that russia is planning significant military action against ukraine and the security conditions, particularly around ukraine's borders in russia-occupied crimea and east ukraine are unpredictable and can deteriorate with little notice and when things turn violent at times regular have happened in ukraine along, in kiev. also requested the state department authorize departure of nonessential state and families and told cnn as well,
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already informed ukraine last week it's likely to start those evacuations early last week, president zelensky told blinken if the u.s. took a dramatic is step it 0 would be rovreover reaction, saying the safety and personnel of the embassies is their priority and the threats from ukraine, they are taking the most prudent moves at this point. >> thank you so much, announcement that the state department would reduce embassy staff in ukraine came hours after secretary of state anthony blinken appeared on cnn and issued a stark warning to russia. >> if a single additional russian force goes into ukraine in an aggressive way, as i said that would trigger a swift, severe and united response from us and from europe.
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and again, there are other things that russia could do that fall short of actually sending additional forces into ukraine, and again, across the board, we're prepared, with europe, for a swift and calibrated and very united response. >> at the white house, so with blinken's warning this, it seems close to a red line. is the biden administration ready to make good on its threat there? >> reporter: well, pamela, the biden administration is working through all scenarios possible in the event russia moves forward with an invasion of ukraine and they are considering a host of options. we have seen the first delivery, the shipment of legal aid to ukraine arrive in the country earlier this weekend, in order to ensure that the country has the means to defend itself in the event of an invasion, but also, ukraine's defense minister tweeting tonight that a second plane with weapons has landed in ukraine.
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he tweeted 80 tons of weapons from, quote, our friends in the usa and importantly adds, and this is not the end. now the u.s. earlier in the week, approved the transfer of some weaponry systems from baltic countries to ukraine. these are american-made weapon systems, things like antiaircraft systems, antitank and guided missile systems as well. president biden yesterday convened a meeting with his national security team from camp david, where he talked about those diplomatic efforts but also these deterrence efforts in place, now additionally the pentagon has been drawing up options for the president for the possibility of increasing the u.s. military presence in eastern european, nato allied countries. those countries are also feeling rattled amongst this rising tension over russia and ukraine. now secretary of state anthony
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blinken today really doubled down on this warning to russia, that any type of invasion would be met with swift and severe consequences. the u.s. has also warned that they are preparing economic sanctions should russia move forward with that invasion, right now, the president, of course, watching this all very closely as they're hoping the diplomatic route will led to deescalation but staying prepared for every scenario. >> thank you for that, now, joining me u.s. ambassador to ukraine. william taylor. thank you for joining us tonight. what is likely happening at the us embassy in ukraine, how many family members, what resources they have for the city as they've been advise today do, told to do? >> right, pamela, this is a normal procedure where you're worried about some bad thing
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happening, about an invasion, so the noncertessential personnel leave, the families will leave. this is -- the embassy will continue to operate. this is a large embassy, pamela happen you asked. some 900 people, 2/3 ukrainians, large number of americans, many folks there doing the work of the united states government in ukraine, in kiev, so to pull down that number to a more essential, a smaller number that are essential people, the heads of sections and all will still be there so the operation will continue. but it will clearly be difficult for the embassy to do all it has been doing, so this is really a prudent step, so we still don't know if president putin is going to pull the trigger and invade
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or send a bombarding attack on the cities including kiev so we just don't know what president putin has in mind, maybe he isn't sure either but contingency planning would call for the steps they've taken today. >> with contingency planning, you have here the state department saying there are reports that russia is planning significant military action against ukraine, tell us, what would go into making a decision like this? i imagine the state department would not take this lightly to be ordering the removal of family members, diplomats, asking, telling the nonessential personnel that they should leave, essentially. what goes into a decision like that? do you think there is intelligence backing this up that something could be imminent. >> there's clearly intelligence that backs this up. we've known some time the intelligence has been very clear that the russian confederation
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under mr. putin is making very obvious moves to build up forces along ukraine, this is clear to us, we've been seeing this for mont months now and putin still has the decision to make on whether to pull the trigger. i don't think the intelligence is ready to say what's in putin's mind. you have to take plans, precautions, get people who might be at risk out of there in a way that will allow them to leave in some orderly way. so these are the steps being taken now. >> so i'm just being curious, though, for perspective. so if they had been amassing troops there, russia has now been, for many months, over 100,000 troops sin since earlie december. are you surprised they didn't do this earlier? >> i'm not surprised because as you indicated, pamela, this is a
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serious decision that will require many people to get on our planes, also a signal that the ukrainian government is not eager to see, not pleased to have embassies draw down. they want to be sure that the embassies are there to support, and that's why i say, and the essential people will still be there. the essential people in the embassy will be there to support the ukrainian government. as you indicated, there are weapons flowing in. these weapons, by the way, flowing in eight years and access rated over the past several months and will continue to accelerate. the united states is continuing to support ukraine in every way it can. mr. putin knows these sanctions, these additional military equipment, the reenforcements to nato will all come if he decide to see attack. >> and we've seen the u.s. send two big batches of aid to ukraine just recently, so you've
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got this move coupled with that. is that a sign to you that the diplomatic talks tweenz u.s. and russia are break down at this point? >> not yet, pamela, the decision is up to mr. putin. there was some indication the two sides would get together next week to have this conversation, i understand blinken has been working on some written document that lays out our decision in opposition to their position, the russian's position which they pubt down in draft treaties as we recall back in december, so i'll say the diplomatic work continues and assume this will put in place talks next week, this however does indicate that president putin continue to see try to bluster, try to intimidate. try to intimidate president
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zelensky, intimidate the americans, get them to blink in response to or in the face of this large military build-up. so far, president zelensky has not blinked, president biden has not brinked, secretary linblink has not blinked. >> thank you for that important perspective on the unfolding situation there between the u.s. pulling out staff and family members from the embassy in ukraine, thank you so much. >> thank you, pamela. >> as president putin flexes military mind on the ukraine border, officials put on a show today in taiwan. 43 war planes launched at an air defend zone. it is the largest chinese
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incursion into taiwanese air space this year and amid tensions for china and taiwan. a game changing scientific breakthrough. surgeons successfully transplant a pig's kidney into a human body. the lead surge tells me what comes next. first, a former speaker of the house predicting jailtime for members of congress investigate the capital attack. >> you have republican congress, this is all going to come cra crashing down and the woulves ae going to find they're now sheep and face a real risk of jail. >> what, honestly, is he even talk begun? congresswoman, one of the people he's referring to, we'll get her reaction on this claim of being
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the house select committee investigating last january 6 still working to piece together what president trump did to overturn the election that he lost. according to politico, someone inside the trump white house wrote up a plan to seize voting machines in hunt for fraud, the exec order drafted but never issues. congressman asked about that this morning and if he planned to speak with attorney general william barr about it . >> to be honest with you, we had former conversations with the attorney general already, we talked to department of defense individuals. we are concerned that our military was part of this big lie. >> the bar is just one of many names to watch, the committee still waiting to hear from high profile allies like his
4:19 pm
daughter, ivanka trump, former house, and mccarthy, i want to bring in, from the committee investigating january 6, thank you so much, what has come out of these conversations the committee has had with the former attorney general, we just heard thompson there talking about the fact he was speaking with the committee. >> i would say he had informal conversations with the committee and is certainly someone who has information relative to this time frame between the election and january 6, you know, i think his time as attorney general ended around december 23rd but things such as this document, this draft executive order that was, you know, planning an unheard of use of the military to seize voting machines. i mean he is someone who was in our inner circle with the president, who understood what was happening, who was at the justice department into the
4:20 pm
month of december and could really shed light on the committee for some of the background where these things came from. we have this drafted executive order but a lot of questions still about it, where did it come from and how far did it go? we know it was part of the archives, these are official u.s. government documents from the white house. i mean they were within the circle of those surrounding the president and we just have a lot more questions that need to be answered about this so anyone who could shed light on that will be very valuable to providing information to the committee. >> i will tell you i spoke to a former trump administration official who said it was not the white house counsel's office at that time working on that document, we know trump, though, was consulting with many people at that time even outside the white house trying to figure out ways to overturn the election results so you mentioned bill bar speaking to attorneys on the committee. it we expect to see the former attorney general officially testify? >> we're still working through those specific details, but, you
4:21 pm
know, while you focus on this document, something that stood out to me and this was reported on yesterday, there's a presidential national security memorandum referenced in that document that wasn't ever reported publicly before so those drafting this document, or assisting in the drafting of this document had knowledge of classified information at highest levels of u.s. government and that's just incredibly concerning so there's so much questions we have to get answered and obviously think attorney bar may be able to shed light on this or lead us to other people he could conceive of being involved in drafting this document. >> has the committee had further discussions with white house pat, philman, others in the trump white house at the time. >> you know, we're reaching out and interviewing all of the people within the white house and administration, those coming forward voluntarily and it's been committee policy at this point that we're not talking about specific information from the specific witnesses but
4:22 pm
certainly what we're hearing is painting a very wholesome picture just how close to the president and the administration, you know, these types of things were happening. >> i know you don't want to go into any specifics here, but would you like to see the committee call in donald trump himself? >> you know, the committee is not going to stop until we get that information that we need. so, you know, as we said from the beginning, as the chairman said from the beginning, we're not ruling out anyone who can provide information to the committee. you know, based off of his track record of obstructing and refusing to testify and provide information, you know, is it incredibly likely that he would show up voluntarily to speak to the committee? of course not, but i would say he obviously has the answers to the questions we're trying to answer. >> is it fair to say there are discussions on the committee on about how to approach him? >> there's discussions on the committee about many people who share, who have useful information so, you know, of course we want to hear from the
4:23 pm
people at the highest levels of the administration. and, you know, as a note, those people who were, you know, working in the office of the former vice-president been cooperative with the committee, many members of the staff of the white house, over four thousand people at this point, 51,000 documents, you know, we received a plethora of information and will continue to pursue them. >> on that note, have you gleaned anything else from these documents from the national archives you got late last week, anything new you can tell us from those? >> you know, there are 700 pages that are really interesting, contain a lot of the information that's very important to the investigation so we are diligently as a committee working through those. and, you know, part of it is trying to understand the context. like, specifically, who generated some of these documents, so where did they come from and how high did they go? and placing that in the
4:24 pm
framework and understanding of what happened, you know, leadic up to and on january 6th. >> representative elaine luria, stay with me, i want to get your reaction on what newt gingrich had to say about you and other investigation members potentially going to jail and also what you want to hear about russia/ukraine, taiwan and china as well. and mental health. take advantage now. wow! get your personal points plan! i'm james corden and i'm here to tell people that ww is getting even more personal. keep on shopping, ignore us. i've lost like 28 pounds. you look great! i love that my clothes fit better, but i just love ice cream a little bit more than that. the new ww personalpoints program is particular to you. so what kind of foods do you like? avocado. ice cream. sandwiches. no food is off limits. when can i start?! join today for 50% off at hurry! offer ends january 24th!
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more now, breaking news this hour, state department says it is reducing staffing levels at the u.s. embassy in kiev, reports russia is planning significant military action against ukraine. russia has massed more than
4:29 pm
100,000 troops at its border with ukraine despite repeated conversations with western leaders aimed at easing the crisis. state departure says they are voluntary with u.s. embassy staff and family members the first to go, note there, the family members of the staff are being ordered to go. national security correspondent kylie atwood joins us now. so kylie, what can you tell us about what was behind this move? >> reporter: yeah a lot of questions about why the department did this now, senior officials just spoke on a call with reporters to explain this decision came out of an abundance of caution. so it's basically, what they said, is the totality of the situation with russia continuing its efforts to destabilize ukraine, its military build-up along the borders, those are the factors that went into this decision for them to, as you said, authorize the departure of
4:30 pm
some u.s. government employees and order the departure of the families of those u.s. government employees at the embassy in kiev, so not necessarily a heightened risk that those u.s. personnel are in today versus yesterday, but they do feel that the totality of the situation made it so that they should start allowing and then, of course, telling some of those americans to get out. so that's, you know, the gist of this here, but there is another aspect of it which is that american visit zn whose are in the country, and the state department is essentially encouraging them to leave, unveil themself of commercial auditi options, they won't say how many with the state department are in ukraine right now, they think just providing that information wouldn't be helpful at this time because americans aren't
4:31 pm
required to share that information but it was really noteworthy that the department was very clear in saying that biden, the president, is not going to be evacuating u.s. citizens if russia invades ukraine. so if they want to leave the country, those american whose are there on their own accord should start looking for commercial options now. >> kylie atwood, thank you for that, bringing back democrat congressman elaine luria. so we just heard kylie atwood break down what is behind this, saying they'll do it with an abundance of caution. what do you make of it. >> well, i think there are obviously rising tensions. we've been all in on negotiations to intend to get russia to back down with 100,000 troops on the border and i think we are seeking pressure on russia to try to convince them and it's not in the benefit to invade ukraine, but, you know,
4:32 pm
those civilians who were at embassy and u.s. civilians within ukraine, it's very important that the u.s. government has a plan to help those people get to safety and i actually wrote a letter this week with one of my colleagues to the administration saying, you know, what is the plan? we have had briefings as congress from department of defense and i really want to make sure there is a good solid plan to be able to react and get those americans out if we have, you know, russia does decide to take this drastic measure. >> we keep hearing u.s. officials say that they are ready to impose severe consequences if russia moves in. but we have seen enough tick in activity from the u.s. in terms of giving aid to ukraine, now you have this move at the embassy there in ukraine. do you think we could see a change in the u.s. response to russia now that they've scaled back personnel at their embassy in ukraine? >> well, what i say is that we need to provide the maximum security assistance as quickly
4:33 pm
as possible. we did 60 million, authorized another 200 million, see more shipment of defensive weapons delivered to ukraine as we speak, that happened today, and also aware that there's reporting from the administration very recently that the united states is reinforcing its number of troops within nato, in the areas of eastern europe and near ukraine, and really, the stick, you know, if you're going to talk about a carrot on a stick, we've been very clear that there will be severe consequences from the u.s. and u.s. allies if russia does decide to invade ukraine and i think this could come in the form of very, very draconian sanctions and i think that, you know, there's also the concern about the pipeline in germany and the impacts that could have on russia as well. >> we're also learning that china sent 39 war planes into taiwan's air defense zone on sunday. do you think the biden administration has been doing
4:34 pm
enough with the escalating tension with china? >> well, you know, this is an issue i follow very closely, spent 20 years in the navy myself, had numerous opportunities to deploy to western pacific. what i would say is every single day is truly a gray zone conflict in the pacific and from my opinion, i think we're not doing enough. we need to be building our navy, deploy forces differently, truly have a deterrent in the region and i think the current u.s. policy of strategic ambiguity is not enough. i think we need to make it very clear that the united states policy will change, to react in order to maintain the status quo and i think it is time for that. >> quickly before we go, i got to get your reaction to what the former house speaker n newt gingrich said on talks this morning. let's take a listen. i guess we don't have that sound -- >> republican congress, this will all come crashing down, and the woefbls are going to find
4:35 pm
out they're now sheep and they're the ones that i think, in fact, face a real risk in jail. >> obviously, that is a ridiculous comment from the former speaker. liz cheney, congresswoman and fellow january 6 committee member, had this to say, a former speaker of the house threatening jail time for members of congress investigating the january 6 attack at our capitol and our constitution, this is what it looks like what the rule of law unravels. so what is your reaction to what he said there? >> kind of funny, i was going to say the same thing, i was going to quote my colleague liz cheney on the bipartisan committee that's currently carrying on this investigation into this attack under our capitol and democracy. it's really unconscionable that i think the politicization as sunk to this level that a current member of house is threatening former members of congress carried out their duty and performing under the law,
4:36 pm
that there would would be some threat of jail, that's just something that does not happen in the united states and that is why the work we're doing is so important on the committee to make sure we uphold the foundations of our democracy. >> thank you so much for joining us tonight and all the time eyo gave us. and be sure to join my colleague, jim acosta this week as he hosts democracy in peril, monday through friday 9:00 p.m. eastern. pig's heart saving a man with heart failure, a new medical marvel to tell you about, from a doctor who transplanted kidneys from a pig into a human patient. lead surgeon is my guest, next. the only clinically proven nutrient formula recommended by the national eye institute to help reduce the risk of moderate to advanced amd progression. "preservision is backed by 20 years of clinical studies"
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tonight, a vivid reminder just how polarizing the covid pandemic has become, something as simple as wearing a mask, mba hall of famer john stockton tells a washington state newspaper, gonzaga university where he was a star player has suspended his season tickets, the reason, he refuses to wear a mask. two of stockton's children also played basketball at gonzaga, stockton has had a history of speaking out against vaccines and other measures such as lockdowns. cnn reached out to stockton for comment. this is such an incredible
4:42 pm
story, a brave new world in organ transplants, kidney from a genetically altered pig transplanted into a braindead human patient in birmingham. the cutting edge transplant takes place weeks after a pig heart was transplanted into a m ma mare, maryland man. joining me now, lead member on the transplant time in birmingham. i heard pigs are relatively similar to humans in terms of organ size and function. i didn't know that before the news emerged and the transplants have happened so how complicated was the surgery? how long did it take? >> thank you so much for having us, good evening. the transplants themselves only took us about three hours to complete. it was, proceeded exactly like a
4:43 pm
human to human transplant and was just remarkable watching as blood flow was restored to the pig kidney and watch it actually make urine inside a human, it was remarkable. >> so tell us about it, i mean how nervous were you going into this. i know obviously you did a ton of research, and everything, you're a professional. you've done many transplants, but what exactly was it like going into this, and what was that moment like, as you put it, the blood flow happening and things starting to work the way they should? >> yeah, i mean i think the stakes are just extraordinarily high. when you think about kidney failure and we know we have a cure which is kidney transplantation and with a kidney transplant there's 95% survival yet we perform fewer than 25,000 kidney transplants each year and there's almost 600,000 americans on dialysis. we don't have enough cure to go
4:44 pm
around, so the stakes, the pressure of wanting this to work, to be successful for all those patients, those people out there suffering knowing this could be a solution to the organ shortage crisis, and in the moment, i think it was just remarkable, unbelievable, exciting, exhilarating and i think we felt a remarkable sense of hope for all our patients. >> and the pig kidneys are working properly so far, no issues? >> the study has ended, but the pig kidneys worked for the duration of the study. >> so let's talk about this, because the human host in this case was a man who was an organ donor. he was left braindead after a motorcycle accident. his family readily agreed to this transplant. so tell us a little bit more about the background here in the study. >> so there were a couple of key elements we wanted to be able to test before we moved into living
4:45 pm
persons and animal models just weren't sufficient so we wanted to be able to develop a preclinical human model so postulated leveraging brain death as such a model. in this case, mr. parson's family is truly remarkable, they honored his legacy both in heart plant transplantation and research. he ended up being a kidney only donor, so were pro cured for the purposes of transplant and then we were able to transplant the pig kidneys into mr. parsons and sustained him another three days to assess kidney function and collect other endpoints that will be necessary for us to move this safely into humans that are living. >> wow, dr. jamie lock, thank you so much, this is an incredible development that could really save so many lives. >> thank you so much for having us. we really appreciate it. >> well the crypto crash has erased more than $1 trillion
4:46 pm
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has the bitcoin bubble finally burst? the popular crypto coin is undergoing massive selloff, a crash that cost investors more than a trillion dollars. the price drop comes amid a wave of celebrity endorsements with many gettingless t less than str stellar review.
4:51 pm
kim kardashian and floyd mayweather are getting sued after a coin they encouraged tanked. on friday, he made good on that promise just as the market reached record lows. >> when you a long term investor, you can't keep your eyes on your portfolio. you buy low and hopefully get the recovery you desire. the purpose of the bitcoin is to send a message to new york city is open to technology. you're going to see a large amount of new technology in the city of nosew york and encourag young people to be engaged in new emerging markets. >> so should young people or any people for that matter enter at the crypto market? the recent crash may suggest not but it's true the crypto market has exploded in recent years. take a look at the bitcoin boom since created a decade ago. it's tanking now after years of growth.
4:52 pm
is what we're witnessing a speed bump in an otherwise smooth road? our next guest isn't so sure. an economic's professor at the university of michigan and a critic of crypto currency. thank you for spending time with us, justin. what do you make of the major crash in the crypto market and do you expect it will recover? >> i think trying to predict whether this thing is going up or down is a fool's game. the truth is it will go up until it stops going up and will go down until it stops going down. the deeper question is whether crypto currency plays a productive role. >> okay. so expand on that. why are you a cynic? why are you a critic of crypto? >> sure, so this is where we have to get into a deep question of economics, which is what is money? because if boat coin is anything it thinks it's a kind of money. money first of all is an exchange. you can go to the shops and buy stuff with it but a lot of
4:53 pm
stores won't take crypto currency. it's what is called a unit of account, which is you go to the store and does the store say $8 or how many bitcoin it will cost? it's a store value but it's a pretty rotten store value. when i get $10 out of the atm, i'm pretty sure i'll still have $10 tomorrow. when i have a bitcoin it might be worth $60,000 one day and $30,000 the next, and i just don't need that sort of risk in my life, frankly. >> that's fair. give us the other side of this argument in favor of these currencies. >> so the optimists think this is technology better than good ol' u.s. dollars f. they're right, we'll stop carrying around these pieces of paper. most of us don't carry them around but we carry our bank balances and venmo balances and
4:54 pm
paypal balances. one thing that's quite different is the u.s. dollar is controlled by the federal reserve and the u.s. government with an active form of monetary policy we can guide the economy where as bitcoin exists outside of governments and in fact, it's not just a u.s. currency but also a global currency. >> professor, thank you. this is such a talker. i feel like so many people are talking about this with the big drop in the price but it also has a lot of people thinking about what does it mean for them? should they invest or not? this is great perspective. thank you. >> pleasure. a georgia teenager has been accepted into more than 50 colleges and universities and has been offered more than a half million in scholarships. a high school senior with a 4.0 grade point average applied to almost 100 schools and blown away by the response. she's got dozens to choose from. i spoke to her to find out what
4:55 pm
motivates her. >> i do want to go to school. my mother is my motivation. she wants to take me out to cele celebrate. i can say that. she is the number one so i gave myself a challenge and completed the challenge. >> and she sure did complete that challenge. her plans for now is to attend howard university and study law. kudos to you. congra con con congratulations. hard work paying off. i'm pamela brown. up next, the series "reframed marilyn monroe." ♪ feel stuck with credit card debt? ♪
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it's hard to know where to start if you don't start with the truth. i was so in debt. i got so far behind in rent. four weeks, tom kelly asked me to pose. >> it was an offer for artistic shots, which was nude photo photographs. >> modelling in the nude will pay double what regula


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