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tv   Inside Politics With Abby Phillip  CNN  January 23, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PST

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through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities. biden's reset inside the white house 's plan to win back americans, chaos. >> we've faced some of the biggest challenges we've faced in this country but we're getting through it. >> trump white house downcument
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are released to congress. >> he said he should shoot someone on 15th avenue. he was trying to shoot. how to convince putin not to invade ukraine. >> let there be no doubt if putin makes this choice, russia will pay a heavy praise. "inside politics" the biggest stories sourced by the best reporters now. welcome to "inside politics sunday." i'm abby phillip. president biden begins his second year in office facing challenges everywhere he looks. a war is brewing in eastern europe, rising inflation is taking bite out of your paychecks and though there are signs omicron may be peaking, the covid death toll is back above 2,000 americans a day for the first time since last summer. "time magazine" said storm clouds in the oval office with the president beset by crisis.
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at his news conference, biden insisted we're in a far better place than a year ago but also acknowledged the frustration and anger that so many americans are feeling. >> you have to look at things we used to look at on balance. what is the trajectory of the country? is it moving in the right direction now? i don't know how we can say it's not. i understand the overwhelming frustration, fear and concern with regard to inflation and covid. i get it. >> yet, the report card from voters isn't kind. just 28% of americans and fewer than half of democrats think biden should run for reelection. the biden white house is trying to push a scaled down version of the legislative agenda in the hopes of putting more wins on the board before the midterm elections. joining me now with their reporting and their insights,
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npr, cnn's jeff zeleny. jeff, a lot of democrats think biten does need a reset. >> biden isn't as frustrated with his presidency as many admirers are, quite frankly. that's something that weconcern so many supporters or others. they wonder if he realizes how off the country is. he said there is no doubt the country is moving in the right direction. that's not what americans are feeling necessarily. the wrong track number, two thirds of americans believe the country is on the wrong track. that's worrisome. i talked to oneme ead admirer of the president. we showed biden show that empathy. he was talking about
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accomplishments than feeling concerns of avenue rage america feeling concerns and showing he's adapting them, not just pushing through his legislative program. >> to your point, jeff, there is a lot of disappointment in the polling and when you look where he is in the nbc news poll and latino voters, black voters down by double digits. when he said i understand your pain, i think what your sources are saying is he needs to say that r more often but the white house seems to think to your point, jeff, biden isn't getting enough credit for what he's done and to be fair, he did a lot in that first six months in office the first year infrastructure covid relief but here is what voters have to say in the "new york times" focus group that was very revealing. these are voters that voted for obama, voted for trump. some of them said they would consider voting for biden again but overwhelmingly despondent.
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listen. >> i have seen the country, lots of ups and downs and i feel this is the lowest point in my lifetime. you're not seven safe to walk around and go to the train station because somebody might kill you on the train. >> i actually was on the end of defunding the police at one point but here recently, crime has skyrocketed. >> i've had covid multiple times and i'm concerned with that but inflation is hitting us every day in our pocket and everything we do. >> i don't care about covid anymore. i want my kids to have a regular li life. >> so that's a lot. what is a potential opportunity for the white house to start to address at least some of those problems, whether it's ocovid o crime or inflation on american's minds? >> yeah, it's a daunting task.
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that focus group makes it clear and that tracks what we see in the polling. it's not just a singular problem for the white house but problems across the board across many different voting groups speaks to a larger issue, yes. the white house was delivering political wins in the first six months on covid relief and infrastructure but this was a campaign that raised the bar for what they were going to deliver. remember, by the general election joe biden told the country not only would he not be donald trump and go to the virus but it would solve the social inequities the virus exposed. this could be a presidency that looked at the larger social ecosystem and frankly, because of legislative processing questions, they haven't come around to that. you have a country that feels a mismatch between promise and delivering on a lot of different fronts. the issue for the white house now is an election year and as we know, in washington that means not a lot is going to get done from this point to the
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midterm election. >> so many big promises made in the campaign and a president who has much more experience than most. rachel, one of the things that stood out from the press conference is the way president biden seemed to say i don't want to be president senator anymore. i want to be just the president. what do you think that means on capitol hill? >> the comment was pretty revealing because biden, you know, running for election to become president toted his record as a senator and said i struck deals and reached across the aisle and i can get things done. that hasn't panned out much on capitol hill. it did with the infa strastruct bill and it hasn't panned out with bbb and trying to get build back better passed and get his party on board. to hear him say i'll stop talking about being a president senator it was an acknowledgement what he's doing isn't working.
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he talked about needing to go out and talk to the american public more and sell what he has gotten done and, you know, it's just again a reminder that this build back better bill he was promising the american public saying they would get paid leave and expanded medicare and e expanded medicaid hasn't panned out. >> the other thing we wonder about naturally is who is going to be the liaison to the senate. rachel, you're hearing frustration between senator joe manchin, one of the most important senators right now and the president's chief of staff. >> i mean, that's exactly right. one of the reasons why build back better hasn't come back together and talks haven't taken off yet is joe manchin is frustrated with the chief of staff of the white house ron klain because the white house came after him personally when he walked away from the table to sort of question does he keep
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his word and that angered him. these talks have taken off again. it's been a month since the bill was frozen and that's a real problem for the white house as they look to sort of potentially reset, try to get something done before the midterms, time is really running out and they don't have a main guy they need to vote on this bill in their corner to try to get it done yet. >> in the meantime, one of the problems for the biden administration is sort of they're in a tough spot. they tried to address a problem they thought they had at the beginning and turned into something else. here is the "new york times" editorial bored. the discomforting truth is the united states last year faced a choice between a projected period of economic pain and an economic recovery whose benefits are temporarily by high inflation. mr. biden made the right choice but it came at a real price economically for the nation and politically for him. we're heading into a midterm election year. how does the white house make
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americans feel better about their economic position in time for them to want to go and cast a ballot for democrats come this fall? >> that's a real significant challenge for this white house especially given that the primary economic concern most families are feeling is inflation. it is a truthful statement to say that the president, any president has limited powers to actually curve inflation. that's under the power of the federal reserve. so what can biden do to make people feel better? i would say they need to, the president and his administration needs to signify they understand that economic pain but i think part of this is tied to the covid fatigue that folks have been feeling for a really, really long time. you know, you heard that in the "new york times" focus group. it's real and something you've heard. the other thing i want to say, abby, i think there is some level of economic pain that folks on the progressive end of the spectrum feel the president hasn't done enough to address that he could have dealt with through executive order. you know, at that press
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conference, the final question asked was by my colleague about forgiveness of $10,000 in student loan debt. that's something that the president pledged he would do during his campaign and something you've heard from progress progressives frustrated he has not done. >> you hear that from voters all the time. that's something that is directly hitting their pocketbooks. where is that student loan forgiveness? it's an important question. coming up next, the latest on the situation unfolding in ukraine. it could be the most dangerous moment for the united states russia relationship since the cold war. i am here because they revolutionized immunotherapy. i am here because they saw how cancer adapts to different oxygen levels and starved it. i am here because they switched off egfr gene mutation and stopped the growth of tumor cells. there's a place that's making one advanced cancer discovery after another for 75 years.
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new developments on the crisis in ukraine. the united kingdom is accusing russia of plotting to install a moscow government in kiev. vladimir putin's government denies the claim as it e masses more than 100,000 troops along ukraine's border. president biden met with his national security team at camp david to discuss the latest intelligence and the u.s. warned that an invasion could be imminent though the russians deny that, too. jeff is back with me and susan glasser from the new yorker joins the conversation, as well. so susan, there is a lot of talk about an imminent invasion. you're hearing that from capitol hill, especially among republicans. do you see an invasion as imminent? >> look, it is clearly the assessment of the u.s. and allied intelligence services that this is a very real and
5:17 am
increasingly real possibility. right now, we're looking at 127,000 troops and counting on the boarder according to the latest numbers from the ukrainian military intelligence. you have new reports about destabilizing activities, cyber attacks, all the things you might see in the runup to war. generally speaking, you don't put 127,000 troops on your neighbor's boarder unless you plan to do something with them. >> that's right. there is also that report we were talking about from the u.k. that putin is considering putting a puppet government into kiev. what is the game plan for putin? is that something in lieu of a physical invasion or in addition to? what do you see as where he is headed with all of this? >> well, look, first of all, putin may not have made a final decision. that's important to note in his system he's the loan delone
5:18 am
decider. it's a playbook that the former soviet union ran many times. i've been thinking a lot this week about, you know, hungary or prog in 1968. the idea of a coup very much is consistent with the military buildup and a military invasion. those two things may go together. it's not uncommon you would see a situation where you destabilize or seek to over throw the government in kiev and a new pro-russian government might invite, say, the military forces in. you know, serve as the basis for the pretext for some kind of invasion. these things unfortunately are very consistent with the military priiece we've seen and observed. >> there was a lot of attention about president biden's gaft at the press conference with a small encouragement to ukraine. i want to put up what's been
5:19 am
done from a military perspective. the u.s. gave the okay for anti tank and anti helicopters. 200,000 pounds of lethal aid al arriving in the ukraine on friday but president zelensky says he wants sanctions right now before not after russia does something. susan, what grade would you give the biden administration in terms of how they handled this overall? >> well, look, abby, it's a lot easier to go back after the fact when we know what happens and see. first of all, they have been very clear and taking an interesting course of being transparent and getting out in front and they were the first to issue these warnings loudly. they had to go around actually europe in december and talk to the allies and say no, this is serious and really potentially happening. so they were the first to pull the alarm to try to expose what
5:20 am
russia is doing when the military buildup was just beginning so that's an interesting technique. they don't want to be surprised. it was very embarrassing to the united states in 2014 when putin managed to pull off his annexation of crimea and this is a shock to the united states and the west. they get a good mark for making sure that doesn't happen again. nobody is going to be surprised this time, but the goal here is not just to avoid surprises, but to avoid a democratic country being taken over or subject to a major military attack by its neighbor. >> right. jeff, i mean, foreign policy really doesn't care about the timing the presidents like to have. there is already afghanistan really something that's damaged the president standing at home and abroad. what are the stakes here for biden politically when it comes to this particular crisis? he clearly cannot afford another, you know, any sort of
5:21 am
ground incursion into ukraine at this particular moment in his presidency. >> look, the stakes are incredibly high for biden. it's a major test for him on the world stage. everyone of course watching china and north korea, et cetera. he also has a little control, in fact, no control over what vladimir putin decides to do. there are not going to be new sanctions we don't believe until there is some type of invasion or incursion. there are multiple sanctions already. this is a major test for president biden who sought to reset the relationship with russia. it was only six or seven months ago that he was standing in geneva with president putin trying to get a new chapter in this relationship and i think president biden is not naive about this, at all. he's been watching vladimir putin for a long time but not much he can do at the moment. the interesting thing is keeping the nato allies together.
5:22 am
when he did make the gaff at that press conference, he was sort of speaking the truth as we've been saying because some of the nato allies aren't on the same page. a minor invasion, cyber attack is not the same as a major ground invasion but that of course, is the white house has been moving on beyond that but this is a huge test for president biden and what president putin does is going to affect his presidency and he knows that, of course. >> yeah, i mean, he comes to the job with more foreign policy experience than most presidents and i think voters are looking to see how he handles this latest challenge to his presidency. susan glasser, thanks for joining us. we'll have more with jeff coming up. coming up next, president biden's agenda stalls on capitol hill but top professgressives st is time to deliver.
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exactly a year ago senator elizabeth warren said why progressives are excited for the biden administration. >> he acknowledges right up front we're in the middle of a pandemic and economic crisis, we have just suffered through an insurrection and we are in the heart of a racial reckoning. and president biden is saying he's ready to go and that's exactly the right approach. >> he did provide proi priorities like a bigger tax credit and payments to families
5:28 am
but most priorities from a minimize wage hike to police reform do remain unfulfilled so a year ago progressives were excited and willing to give biden the benefit of the doubt about what he would be up to in his first year, what do you think the mood is right now? >> i think the mood is exasperation and resignation to an idea this is not going to be the first couple years in which the kind of fulfillment of progressives dreams comes to fruition and you might say that will never happen because president biden isn't on that side of the spectrum but there was real hope around that, particularly around that time with senator warren, after that covid re leaf plan, i remember doing a story talking to members of the white house and allies and they were saying that they have really cracked the code. they thought they were able to kind of walk that tight rope between going big and that the pandemic had given them a window to convince moderates to go
5:29 am
along with that and that just hasn't panned out as we got further and further through the year, negotiations kept getting longer. the senators kept rebuffing more and at this point, we're universal frustration, back to the convention where you had bernie sanders and john kasich saying this new president will be able to fulfill both those sides of the spectrum. what we're seeing now is that both sides are a little disappointed. >> bernie sanders and john kasich, i mean, that's -- >> right. >> that's a really amazing thing. but to that point we're already hearing, enter mitch mcconnell, right? he's signaling clearly how republicans will try to box biden in by saying this guy has gone way too far to the left. he's turning into bernie sanders and here is how joe biden responded to that at the press conference. >> i'm not bernie sanders. i'm not a socialist. i'm a main stream democrat and i have been.
5:30 am
>> so, who is right here? did biden go further to the left or is he still in the center where he has been, actually, frankly, for most of his political career? >> so far in terms of the legislation he's been able to pass, it's fairly centrists. the other comment we did hear from the president, though, in this press conference remarks is the fact he's got the backing of 48 of 50 of the democratic senators and what is notable there is that he and bernie sanders have been aligned on most of the legislative priorities. it's two more moderate senators, manchin and cinema he's knot been able to align with. one of the things that's interesting throughout the year is certainly, there are progressive activists from the outside who have been frustrated, kexasperated and voicing concerns. there was a lot of hope the biden white house would accomplish more than it has in the first year. that being said, i am struck by some of the praguogressive lead
5:31 am
in the senate or house, jayapal willing to renegotiate, move her standards of what is allowed in order to accommodate more moderate voices. >> and to that -- >> what is striking is the lack of praguematism we've seen. >> in many ways, it is progressives saying let's get back to the table. here is bernie sanders telling our reporters on capitol hill we lost the enormously important vote last night, he's referring to voting rights and it's what they want us to do has also been sabotaged. it's time to move in a very different direction. he'sf effectively in the same place as biden to say, jeff, he wants to move forward with something. take a different strategy working toward the biden agenda. >> because senator sanders knows well as everyone the clock is running out. the window of time for passing a scaled back build back beater
5:32 am
plan, part of the president's economic agenda really, you know, time is running out. this is a midterm election year no question. the expectations should be in check. the majorities that president biden is operating on in the senate and in the house incredibly narrow. people know that, we've known that for a long time but that's not lowered the expectations or tempered the e -- expectations with health care, child care and climate and focus it on that and look for them to be press paured to -- pressured to do more executive actions in voting form. that is where this is going in the short term but that's been a tough needle to thread. >> yeah, racial -- on voting, the big voting packages did fail last week but there is some bipartisan movement on a narrow electoral count act action. what are you hearing on the
5:33 am
hill? >> yeah, these talks will be continuing. moderate senate republicans susan collins has been organizing working groups where they're trying to see is there something they can pass on the electoral act count specifically. this is something that would in theory address the issue we saw on january 6th where you had president trump putting a lot of pressure on allies to throw the election to basically give more certainly saying you can't just do that and so that in and of itself would be significant if they could get something done. talking republicans, they don't actually have a lot of incentive to work with biden given his poll numbers are down and they're facing good prospects in the midterms and see, you know, to positioning themselves is not happening as something good for them politically but this is an area perhaps you actually see some sort of movement. so far the white house and democrats have sort of, you know, downplayed the electoral count act saying they are not
5:34 am
good enough, they're not good enough but the bigger voting bill is not going anywhere. we've known this all year. >> and also, rachel, i mean, we should say, republicans don't maybe want to come to the table on this because out in the world, republican candidates are literally running on an attempt to steal the election. take a listen. >> i'm running for senate this stop the insanity. stop the wokeness and stop the democrats from stealing another election. >> fight for election security. the election was stolen from donald trump and now we're paying the price. >> president trump says the election was stolen and he's right. >> so president biden got a lot of grief for talking about the election and seeming to imply he didn't think it could be fair if there were attempts to overturn the election. but at the same time, that is what is the reality out in the world in terms of what republicans are running on in this country. >> yeah, it is a massive
5:35 am
disconnect between the issues dominating the washington agenda and what we're seeing develop as the midterms campaign agenda, specifically the issue of election integrity stop the steal, the big lie, whatever you want to call what emanates from trump's mouth but the falsehoods is a test for republican candidates. they're tripping over one another to go further and further in terms of giving red meat to the base because they know this remains a donald trump party and so it is a challenge, a political challenge, a democracy challenge first and for f formost. this isn't the same playing field. when we talk about in previous segments, d.c., biden that wants to go out and talk more about inflation and talk more about covid relief. certainly important issues but this is also an important issue and you have to have democrats meat republicans on this front
5:36 am
because they're creating a base motivated by this. >> the test for moderate republicans in congress is can they put themselves on the line to do something about that and prove that they are not in line with frankly the crazies who are out there pushing election lies. coming up next for us, the january 6th committee is getting a treasure trove of trump white house documents including a draft executive order for the military to seize ballot boxes. , it fits your high standards. why have over two million people welcomed bath fitter into their homes? it just fits. call now or visit to book your free consultation. your shipping manager left to “find themself.” leaving you lost. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit
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5:41 am
attack, which was something like a military coup that was being planned before january 6th. the military seizure of ballot boxes and essentially a military takeover of the election process. >> rachel, there is potentially so much in these documents that include notes, handwritten notes, messages, things like that. what is the january 6th committee looking for and what else could be in there? >> look, i think we're just starting to see, you know, this is just the tip of the iceberg. the fact that they are going to be getting documents from the white house that donald trump has been trying to shield from them, you know, this is a huge win for them from the supreme court and allowing them to get documents. i mean, clearly, this document and potential draft executive order allowing the military to basically take over election systems, which my colleague beb betsey wrote about is frankly terrifying to have the military
5:42 am
physically seize an election and put out this draft where they said they would have 60 days to sort of research things and come up with a recommendation that could have kept trump in power past biden's inauguration. another example of a way, you know, showing that the ex president was so desperate to keep power that he was even looking at these extremes and just to sort of remind listeners, the wlhite house counsel with donald trump through and through both impeachments and the mueller report et cetera was pushing back on this idea in the white house. it will be interesting to see what the january 6th committee comes up with who wrote the document and knew about it and also as defense secretaries of old including republican defense secretaries were telling the white house and telling administration, the military should have nothing to do with elections. >> we're also learning, i mean, this week about an attempt to submit fraudulent electors backed by the trump campaign.
5:43 am
this week has brought a lot of developments for trump that are pretty damming and potentially forshadow some legal trouble ahead in new york, the attorney general is probing his businesses. the trump campaign officials as i was just discussing were overseeing fake electors and attempts to tamper in the georgia election, as well. but at the same time, i mean, i think probably no one expects that this will change trump's calculous in terms of whether he runs again, right? >> no, not at all. i think that there is really no indication as mentioned earlier. we've already begun to see the midterms be this test for candidates that want to run to show they support some of the in the true statements that the former president made about the 2020 election, his ability to hold power. the other week he did an interview with my colleague she was again reiterating things that are not true at all and despite the legal challenges
5:44 am
he's facing, despite the fact the supreme court really i think suffered him a huge blow that a number of these documents now need to go to the january 6th committee, you don't see the former president relenting. >> republicans it looks like based on this new polling are maybe willing to start stepping away, more republicans now saying they're loyal to the republican party than to trump. jeff, quickly, what do you think that this foreshadows for trump's hold on the gop snrks. >> look, i think at least in terms of primaries in the 2022 midterm elections, his hold is quite significant. everyone wants his endorsement but we have to look at 2022 separately from 2024. we have no idea if the former president is going to run again. you talked to many people around him actually a lot think he will not, some think he will. that is separate and a part from 2022. he's very much still driving the train here in terms of primary candidates in a lot of these
5:45 am
races. so, you know, there were a ton of headlines this week. i'm not sure any of them affect any primary races. people still want his endorsement because he's popular with the base. >> the truth doesn't seem to effect his political calculous at all or his standing with the republican base at all. coming up next for us, fed up arizona democrats are scensurin krysten sinema. what does that mean for her party and her future? ♪ music ♪ there's software. and then there's industrial grade software. capable of optimizing your flight by turning data into your co-pilot. meet honeywell forge. analytical software that helps assembly lines build walls against cyber threats. and makes sure you're ready for game day
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top ping our political rada, this weekend marks the 49th anniversary of roe versus wade, the supreme court ruling guaranteeing abortion rights in this country. after the court's decision on a texas law that is restrictive towards abortion, some experts are predicting that the
5:50 am
right-leaning majority may overturn the landmark ruling this summer. some conservatives are already celebrating. >> we may well be on the verge of an era when the supreme court sends roe v. wade to the ash heap of history. >> and the day will come when the right to life is the law of the land in every state in these united states. >> so a sizable majority of the country, 69% of americans want to keep roe versus wade as the law of the land, yet the supreme court that now tilts to the right seems poised to overturn half a century of precedent. >> you're right, abby. that disconnect i think does present an opportunity for democrats. historically we've seen republicans really galvanize in election years around the issue of abortion.
5:51 am
we saw it in the 2020 election and it continues today where the democratic voting base is concerned about some of these protections being taken away. that being said, we've already seen some of these rights chipped away in a state like texas. when you talk to texas activists, there's been a concern that the rest of the country has moved on from what's happened there. this is an issue in particular where i'm unsure what the electoral implications may be as we move on. >> exactly. to that point, rachel, what are you seeing potentially as we go into a midterm election? >> there's a debate about this right now on capitol hill. we saw the dccc which is basically the campaign arm, pick up this issue and run with it when it started to fundraise, trying to raise money off of it, but attacking republican candidates specifically for their pro-life positions. there were a lot of front line
5:52 am
democrats who were not comfortable with that and thought if they go after republicans in their districts on this issue they could repel swing voters they need to keep their seats. it's not just a black and white issue for democrats. a lot of front-runners they don't know how to talk about it which puts them at odds with other folks in the country who want to make this a central campaign issue. >> puts the court in the middle. stthere was another shootin in new york city. one police officer is dead and at wounded. here is what the newly installed mayor eric adams had to say. >> i'm the right person for this moment. this is a battle between the killers and new yorkers, and we are not going to lose that battle, and we're not going to be divided by their violence.
5:53 am
>> eric adams, a former police officer himself, is he right? is he the right person for this moment? >> this was certainly the promise of his election campaign, and particularly on the issue of seeing the salience of that issue to voters, but on being a central figure here, not only as a former police officer having those inroads with more moderate communities, but also someone who vocally talked about police reform telling communities that, hey, we're going to be open to pushing police departments in the direction that we saw coming from last summer. he thinks he's uniquely positioned on these issues. the question is whether progressives and others will invest the time to work with him. when i was profiling eric adams last summer, it was the police department who were some of his most vocal critics because they thought some of the rhetoric from his time on the force was not acceptable. he's going to have to walk a tight line here, but this is the one he wanted.
5:54 am
i think it's right to say this is the moment -- this is a moment he thinks he can step up. it's a matter of execution. >> all eyes are always on new york, but they will continue to be. before we go, the arizona democratic party released a statement saying they were censuring kyrsten sinema because of her, quote, failure to do whatever it takes to ensure the health of our democracy. this is about her opposition to getting rid of the filibuster for voting rights. is this all symbolic or is there potential trouble ahead? >> i think it is symbolic. you see it on the republican side for liz cheney. there's no doubt she's going to have a primary challenge in 2024. congressman ruben gallego and others may get into the race. senator sinema has agitated those on the left. we'll see if it's too far or
5:55 am
not. 2024 is a long ways away. there's no doubt -- she's also importantly this week losing support of some key groups on the left, like emily's list and others. that's going to be a kchallenge for her. it's only 2022. we'll see what happens by 2024. she obviously has work to do back home to repair some damage and frayed relations with democrats. >> it's notable the other senator from that state went the other way on this issue. >> and he's up this year. that's it for ""inside politics" sunday." join us at noon eastern and don't forget you can also listen to our podcast. download "inside politics" where ever you get your podcast. coming up next, stun with jake tapper and dana bash. dana's guests include secretary of state antony blinken,
5:56 am
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war or peace? president biden talks tough. >> russia will pay a heavy price. >> as a russian invasion of ukraine seems all the more likely, but is there a diplomatic solution to the crisis? i'll speak to secretary of state antony blinken and republican senator joni ernst next. and now what? after the president's priorities fall apart in the senate, democrats try to regroup. >> we get big chunks of the build back better law. >> can democrats pass any more of their agenda before facing voters in november? senator bernie sanders joins me ahead. pluts, save this city. one nypd officer dead, another seriously injured, shot while responding to a domestic disturbance. >> it is our city against the killers. >> with new yorkers already reeling after


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