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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  January 23, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PST

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only movies can present the truth of human drama and transport you to a place that can't be seen in real life . welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world, appreciate your company, i am michael holmes, coming up here, the u.k. government alleging a plot by putin to install a puppet in ukraine. we are live in kiev with the latest. a police officer shot and killed in new york while responding to an incident. the latest shooting of america as gun violence continues to skyrocket. new data of a serious four car
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crash involving former governor arnold schwarzenegger. live from cnn center, this is cnn newsroom with michael holmes. >> welcome everyone, with military looming over ukraine for multiple directions, the british foreign office claims to have information about who led plot by the kremlins. they go on naming a number of foreign officials allegedly in contact with russia intelligence. the u.s. intelligence has the same information. the kremlins dismissing the plot accusation as misinformation and stop engaging in provocations. >> the revelation of the alleged plot, listen to this response from the u.s. national security
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council here. this this kind of plotting is deeply concerning. we stand with our democratically elected partner in ukraine. from more from the u.s. reaction. >> reporter: president biden bi convenes a meeting at camp david on saturday to discuss russia's aggressive actions in ukraine. jake sullivan along with his counselor, steve rachete and other members joining visually. the white house released a statement, a read-out of this meeting, the president was breached on russia's recent military actions regarding ukraine and also on those diplomatic efforts to try to deescalate the situation. the president discussed the deterrence measure with the u.s.
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and allies are takiing regardin this situation including the recent security system that has been delivered to ukraine. importantly at the end of that read-out. the white house says president biden, the united states will impose swift and severe consequences with russia with our allies and partners. >> the white house is trying to pursue this diplomatic path and encouraging russia to de-escalate the situation. also they are making these contentious plans of what the u.s. would do and how allies would responsible if russia follows through without in invasion. that includes severe economic sanctions as well as the pentagon drafting options for what kind of type of -- right now the white house is really
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laser focused on that diplomatic effort. we expect that secretary of state anthony blinken will be speaking in the coming weeks with his counter part, sergei lavrov. the white house had not taken the option of a meeting between president biden and president putin off the table. as senior state department officials say they are pursuing the diplomatic path. if the russians move into ukraine, then diplomacy is over. arlette saenz. >> let's bring in clarissa ward. tell what you mistake of what seems to be an preemptive announcement. any reaction there? >> no reaction here so far. it seems that the u.k. wants to make sure that russia knows that it is already aware of these
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plans that may or may not be in store. we saw a tweet, we'll not tolerate a kremlin plot to install prorussian leaderships in ukraine. >> as you heard this jell is in synced. one of the four men on the list was also on a list of sanctions directed by the u.s. treasury for people being influenced by russians security services in an attempt to destabilize ukraine. the question becomes it is difficult for us, we don't know where this information is coming from and what it is based upon. it is one thing to say the russians are planning to install prorussian leadership. it is another thing to try to understand how they would go
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about that. even if they had several stoochs on their side. >> the naming of the name. what individuals stand out? >> well, the four individuals, first of all, most of them involved in victor -- and according to our sources on the ground, most of these men are not here in ukraine any longer but in russia. >> not entirely surprising that they would still be vinvolved prorussian activities. >> nama is really close. we did reach out to the man whose the far office game being potential probe kremlin and candidate. he replied to us, i am a ukraine, the russian federation
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has a well known candidate. i have their sanctions and the seizure of my father's comment. >> adifficult to know what to make of that and again without knowing the sort of information and logic or intelligence behind this claim from the u.k. is a little hard to fully understand it. >> although i should say michael, this is an age-old trick. >> that was my next question.
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the russians did something similar. i was there in crimea when that happens. some analysts are saying a crimea style limited incursion and a referendum on joining russia could happen. are you hearing that of concerning options for mr. putin? >> i think of all the options that had been laid out and all the possibilities and i should say this is all speculative because we don't know. the one that analysts seem to think most likely a sort of probability rather than a possibility is the idea that russia should officially take the territory at the dawn bus which is under control for many years now but we would still as we heard from secretary of state tony blinken and from president biden himself would constitute in the eyes of the u.s. and nato
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a reinvasion of ukrainian territory. but, it would still constitute and major violation of ukraine's sovereignty. you can expect there is still outrage and heavy sanctions and more to pay. the question now becomes, michael, what are other options does russia have? where is the off ramp allowed them to deescalate? >> the diplomatic efforts continue and i do think that significance, sergei lavrov the diplomacy did not reach a dead end and limps onto see another day. the question remains what realistically can the two sides
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agree on politically? >> you know the region well. does that worry putin that he fears those democratic tendency bleeding across the border and it is about self-preservation rather than any military threat. >> i think there is a number of potential calculations that president putin is making. one of them is russia and ukraine are one people and kiev was part of ancient ruce and we saw pence of the open letter detailing history why he believes that russia and ukraine are one people and share much spiritually in terms of language and in terms of history and culture. the second as you mention is
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this idea of strong, democratic ukraine right on russia's doorsteps. what kind of a threat does that potentially pose for presidential putin. expansion and feelg that as to being direct aggression towards russia and essentially wanting to push back any potential progress would be made on that front. what's difficult to know at this stage is what president putin's real intentions are here? does he seek to precipitate a military invasion. the likes in which u.s. intel intelligence services have predicted. and what makes it so difficult for the u.s. and its allies is one has to be ready for every eventually and it is entirely
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possible and even president putin himself has not yet made a decision about what he wants. we know that he wants to rewrite this sort of post call war security arrangements and agreements in europe. is that realistic? is that feasible or possible? >> probably not. and so what are his remaining opt options and how does he pursue them? that remains to be seen. >> great analysis clarissa ward, thanks so much. all right, we'll take a quick break. new york's mayor says a flood of out of state guns is leading to a sea of violence. police officers killed and wounded in the line of duty. still to come, violent crime has increased during the pandemic. a new study takes a look at the different state laws could have in preventing gun deaths. that's coming up.
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has the backs of new york officers. an officer was killed and another wounded when a suspect in a domestic disturbance opened fire on wednesday. 22-year-old jason rivera joined the force, he was one killed. u.s. president biden tweeting that he's keeping rivera's family prayers. >> we are in a battle when a small number of people that believe they'll hold our city hostage with violence. that'll not happen. we are not going to be intimidated for those who believe we should not look down
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on men and women who put on that bullet proof vest and corners, children and family. they should be ashamed of the ok mitigation they're holding the city. >> mayor adams also called the government to help stop the guns in the city. a new study examines the possible connection between state laws and gun violence. cnn's brian todd reports. >> reporter: new information on the rising tide of gun violence in america. the group every town for gun safety, a gun control advocacy is out with a new study showing what it says is a direct correlation and states with weaker gun laws to higher rates of gun deaths. >> gun violence is preventable. >> common sense gun laws can
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make a difference in saving lives. >> reporter: the organization rated the 50 states on how strict their gun laws are with dark blue being strict and white being laxed and mississippi is the least strict and how many people were killed by guns in 2020. mississippi was worse. california was among the best with only 8.5. >> california is at the top of our list because it is doing so much right on guns safety. it has a background checks system in place and secure storage slot and it does not have some of the most d
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detrimental laws. >> reporter: an 11-month-old shot in the face and shot unintentionally as police believe as one man chase another down the street. >> enough is enough. if tonight was not a wake up call then i don't know what will wake us up. >> meanwhile, two rhorrific random murders. the ucla student was stabbed to death where she works in the middle of the afternoon. customers found briana lying on the ground liveless and covered in blood. >> reporter: san rochelle was struck in the face. she waited at a bus stop. she fell backward and fracturing a skull in concrete. violent crime in america has kept going up during the pandemic. in 2021, the second year of the pandemic, homicides continue to rise in u.s. cities but at a
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slower pace. they went up 30% in 2020 and it looks like they went up like something of 4% to 5% last year. he says he hopes the pandemic related violence will come down soon. he says another incident like the george floyd murder could cause homicide rates to spike again. murder rates do tend to go up during periods of social unrest. brian todd, cnn, washington. the former acting police in baltimore. it is great to have your voices on this. a dozen cities broke annual homicide records. two-thirds of the country
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populated cities saw more homicides than the previous year. what's going on sf. >> you said it correctly. we had a lot of factors bouncing around because of gun violence, some say covid and some say it is the ferguson's effect. police officers retreated from doing police work. some blamed extraordinary amount of guns across the united states fallen into the hands of criminals. some illegal guns and some ghost guns where people in the u.s. are making guns themselves and then going out to use them to commit crimes. so many factors but it is becoming a point where there is paralysis and we are years into this failure and nothing has
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been done to stop it. >> exactly. >> you know there is a hi high -- and also communities pulling back from engagement because of a lack of trust. when you have that divide between community and law enforcement is not going to be a good outcome. what's the answer? >> well, you are right again. this is something where the police have to show the citizens that they are for them. they are for their communities and it does not help when you have videos and evidence like de derek chauvin with his knee on top of mr. floyd's neck.
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there are a lot of hard work to be done to restore that trust, that communications between police department and the community. something has to be done about the daily gun violence we are seeing in the u.s. >> you touched on it. let's talk about it, america is a wash in guns. people are watching us around the world, can't believe it. 120 guns for every 120 people. the disputes and confrontations may end in a fistfight and in the u.s. a gun is always close at hands and the first resort. what's the answer to that? it is a culture in the u.s. you are not going to roll back the number of guns around, are you? >> no, sir. it is absolutely part of american culture. some estimates are 150 million up as far as guns floating in the u.s.
12:25 am
so a lot of the politicians are saying well, we are going to go after the guns. well, that's kind of like picking up grains of sand on the beach. the goal is to constitutionally subtract the most violent criminals from the u.s. prime equation. it is not thousands of criminals in one block committing homicides and robberies, carjackings, it is a handful of individuals where the police and prosecutors in the community must agree upon to say okay, this individual is bad. this individual is a killer and we don't want him in our community. >> and real quickly, you see this gets worse before it gets better? >> sir, sadly, i see it getting worse. already, we are seeing violence across the u.s. in the start of
12:26 am
2022. >> new york just had an officer killed and another officer shot. that's five nypd new york police department, officers shot already in 2022. baltimore, d.c. and philadelphia, all of these cities are still seeing violence already this year. and, i don't know when it is going to stop but it can be stopped and it has been stopped before. we have to buckle down and do the work that's in front of us. >> anthony, appreciate it. >> thank you so much. >> thank you for having me. arnold schwarzenegger is not hurt after being involved in a car accident that sent one woman to the hospital. the 70 years old actor driving
12:27 am
on a busy boulevard sunset when the accident happened. >> a representative from arnold schwarzenegger told "people" magazine that he's fine, he's concerned for the woman who was injured in this accident. lapd did not give an update on saturday but did release an earlier statement saying this happens around 4:30 p.m. local time, on the busy sunset, there were four vehicles vofred and while there is no cause of the collision that they stated, lapd did say they do not believe drugs or alcohol were factors in this accident. the women who was injured, she had an abrasion to her head and local hospitals and areas we are seeing on friday night captured by our affiliate shows a yukon driven and on top of another
12:28 am
car. that had to be brought to street level and we are seeing them hauled away. the 74-year-old former governor of california, his representative says he's fine. just hoping woman who was injured and taken to the hospital will be okay. back to you. coming up here on cnn newsroom. hospita hospitalizations plateauing in some parts of the u.s. but not the case for the whole country. french president, macron, now he may have gotten this risk. we'll have more on that. when we come back. neuriva plus fuels six key indicators of brain performance. more brain performance? yes, please! neuriva. think bigger.
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covid cases in some parts of the u.s. are lefveling off. the midwest also seeing a slight drop about 6% and new hospital admissions are beginning to decline nationwide. hospitalizations pay be going down as well. north carolina and arkansas and west virginia, both cases and ho hospitalizations are headed up. a source says evidence seems to indicate -- now across the united states, hospital intensive care university are filled with unvaccinated patients and healthcare workers are being pushed to the brink. in an op-ed for the los angeles
12:33 am
times, far from heroes or everyone compassion -- >> he adds this kind of thinking is taking a toll on our healthcare workers and stop. >> he's a pulmologist. doctor, great to have you on. you wrote this op-ed and you spoke about rising tensions when it comes with dealing with the unvaccinated and families. just explain that for us. >> well, as you know i think a lot of folks have been feeling a lot of stress the dientire pandemic and that includes healthcare workers. during the last six to eight
12:34 am
months, there has been a shift after the first wave. even though the vaccine was out and efficacious and people were still not taking that for themselves and which is still their choice but there were questions asked around whether they would get different treatments as part of their choice and so some of the f conversations around the latter part of the summer were around that where patients you evering from cripple illness were worried whether they would get different care. we reassured them no, we'll treat them the same as everybody. it didn't seem to convince them. >> have you been able to get a sense of why some people are feeling the way they are and why they're so resistance and sometimes angry and why some patients will refuse life-saving
12:35 am
treatments up until the end. >> it is a challenging time with healthcare and the pandemic. it has been so overwhelming and a lot of people don't nowhere to turn for answers. in the wake of that, chaotic, state of mind, people are not sure whom to trust and sometimes that conflict becomes unbearable and it shows in ways that we don't intent. i don't think these patients intend to show these kinds of emotions but we are human beings and that's what happens. the healthcare workers are feeling the effects of that. >> i can't imagine how stressful it may be even without the fact and how many healthcare professionals have you seen, just give up the quit the profession, what does departure means for those still on the front line.
12:36 am
>> it is a hard time for any healthcare workers and i have to say that i don't know the statistics of this anymore more than i know this is a growing trend of people who are thinking about this. they are thinking about their careers in ways they did not think about before. i know that certainly the nursing staff and people who have been there for years and decades have taken decisions to either move on or go to other types of clen cal work that are just less intense. >> so is there a message that you would have for anyone watching this? >> well, i just wanted to let everyone know who's watching this that we as ehealthcare workers are on your side. we are here for the best interest of the patients. we do not care about your religious preferences or political views. they do not enter the doctor's
12:37 am
office and the hospital room. the only thing that matters is the best interest of the patient. that may come in a form of medical recommendation that we may suggest based on the preponderance of evidence and experts in the field. it will come with heartfelt and sincere communications and empathy around how do we align and what we have with medical therapies with your values in life. it is important that you understand it. we are on the same page with you. we are on this battle together against this enemy and we are doing this together. it just wanted to impart that to your viewerships. >> appreciate everything that you do. thank you very much. >> thanks for having me.
12:38 am
vaccrowds are shouting "mac, we don't want your pass" as they marched through the capitol on saturday. thousands came out to voice their anger. as melissa bell reports, that could have grown into mr. macron in a second term. >> medical workers and teachers and ordinary citizens angered by the french government handling the pandemic. with the fifth wave, it is determined to keep up the pressure on the unvaccinated. >>. >> translator: make the simple gesture for you and our country. the whole of france is countdowning on you. >> reporter: macrown -- it
12:39 am
appears to have worked. protesters are angry. anger reflected also in parliament as lawmakers debated the tie tighten of covid regulations. >> people hiding behind toilets to eat their sandwich. he says he'll be carry around until the end of his life as a result of catching covid-19. >> ewhen i take the train, i as myself whether or not am i going to get out of the training one piece or whether i will go back to her. >> more than 300 death threat.
12:40 am
>> what we feel now, some people used to be normal and get citizens and we are more and more marginalized. >> the debate here in the national assembly was angrier and longer than the government expected. >> so could it be the easyness, he was seeking a reforming president, election day is less than three months away. >> i would do this kind of thing if you don't like it. >> the french president has yet to confirmed he'll run. many candidates taking part in recent protests which several like the far right and opposed not too much to vaccinations per se.
12:41 am
>> there is little doubt that emanuel ma crone will seek reelection. on tuesday, he announced making the country. we'll makeeet the coordinat of the very own football league. coming up.
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now the charity group, sav the children says at least 83 were killed. its spokesperson dismissed those claims. it was baseless and unfounded. something positive is happening in one of mexico's cities, it
12:45 am
now has its own football league. matt rivers tells us it has not solved all the problem but it is becoming a joyful oasis from local violence. >> reporter: its whining pathways, you can just buy about anything. >> reporter: gomez, nicknamed bebe is a native. when it comes to the struggle of his homes, he does not mean words. >> reporter: he'one of the most
12:46 am
dangerous neighborhoods in the city, home to its most dangerous cartel. carried out by young people in the area. >> where to find a right spot? >> bebe thinks it is this soccer field smack dabbed in the middle of the neighborhood tchl. people came to play the beautiful game. it was abandoned until recently. in 2018, bebe thought it was time to bring the field back to life. so he decided to start a league with just a few teams at first. words spread, he controls entry,
12:47 am
basically says look, no drugs and violence if you want to play here, it is soccer only. one night just before christmas, that's what we saw. league has exploded into more than two dozen teams bringing a lot of fans to watch throughout the season. it is also an escape from what happens outside the gates, just hours before these gates were played, several people were shot and killed just blocks from the field according to police. that night before christmas, several champions were crowned in several different divisions. people were happy, joyous.
12:48 am
bebe hopes this radiates out ward until the community. he's not sure soccer alone can make that happen but it is something. with the lights out on this season, he can't wait for the next one to start. matt rivers, cnn. mexico city. scientists have made an amazing discovery in what's called an ocean's twilight zone. it seems to be unaffected by climate change. coming up, what it could mean for our planet.
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look at that. new satellite images showing a recent volcano and tsunami in tonga. take a look at the before and after picture. before, lush greenlands and noa sea of gray. >> massive tsunami waves plowed into the coastline. on saturday, jag panpan became latest nation into tonga.
12:53 am
>> now, imagine if you have been found under water in the south pacific. this beautiful reef located what's called the twilight zone. organisms can flour ished. >> cnn shows us why scientists w want more to be done to explore the world's ocean. >> here off the coast of tahiti. a stunning discovery. 230 feet below the surface was this. a huge, rose shaped corral reef near buy two miles long. researchers led scientific mission discovering. that's where they found one of
12:54 am
the world's largest corral reeves. appeared to be from climate change. there will be a 90% decline according to the latest projection. >> it shows how little we know about our own planet and how important it is to gain more knowledge and better understand the process of those oceans that'll influence life on our planet. >> regional photographer is hoping to lead an international networks of government, scientists and volunteers and doctors. >> the shape of the seabed and how deep it is. it influences to a great extent. how climate will develop and how it will change. our climate moguls are not as
12:55 am
good as it could be. >> the topography of the ocean floor dictates warm water throughout the planet and that impacts it. >> we allow several people to use that information and kucondt all sorts of signs. >> this mission is underway. just 20% of the world's ocean blo floor is mapped. >> we need to double the land map of all of the earth's. the financial appetite to do it is not robust. >> countries and military and
12:56 am
private sentities, they're not willing to share their leader. >> they're calling on everyday citizen. >> whether you are a yacht skipper or a ferry boat captain then you are in position to gather data to help us chart the se seabed. >> the united nation has endorsed this mission to map the world's ocean floor. as for those beautiful coral reeves, researchers are hoping to learn how and why. it protects coastlines from storms and any erosions. >> thanks for watching cnn newsroom, i am michael holmes, follow me on twitter and
12:57 am
instagram. do stick around, you will be delighted to have that lady over there, paula newton with more news. tremfya® is approved to help reduce joint symptoms in adults with active psoriatic arthritis. some patients even felt less fatigued. serious allergic reactions may occur. tremfya® may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms or if you had a vaccine or plan to. emerge tremfyant® with tremfya®... ask you doctor about tremfya® today.
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and a warm welcome to our viewers here in the united states and right around the world. i'm paula newton. ahead right here on "cnn newsroom," putin's ukraine ploy. britain claims the kremlin is screaming to install a pro-russian puppet to lead ukraine. we're live in kiev with the latest. plus -- taking to the streets.


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