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tv   CNN Newsroom With Christi Paul and Boris Sanchez  CNN  January 15, 2022 7:00am-8:00am PST

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happening now in the "newsroom." >> this by far is going to be the biggest issue we encounter in the next 48 hours. ice and a lot of it. >> more than 65 million under winter storm alerts. a storm brings rain, snow, and potential for a crippling ice storm. some neighbors in new jersey told to stay inside and close windows after an 11 alarm fire breaks out at a chemical plant. what we're learning about the blaze. starting today, at home covid tests are now free through
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private insurance as the biden administration prepares to send out hundreds of millions more tests and masks, trying to contain the surge of new covid cases. we'll tell you how you can get yours. novak djokovic detained. the tennis star back in detention after his visa is again revoked. the moves that could reshape the australian open. and bare shelves, high prices greeting grocery store customers across the country. factors contributing to the shortages and whether we'll see relief soon. the package you have been waiting for could be somewhere on this los angeles train track. >> thieves looting freight trains in california. how this mess could impact future deliveries. "newsroom" starts right now. good morning on this saturday, january 15th. so good to have you on. christi paul. >> boris sanchez. you're live in the cnn "newsroom."
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we begin with breaking news at this hour. the western u.s. coast is under a tsunami advisory as the national tsunami warning center says they're watching a one to two foot wave heading towards the area. it comes after a tsunami hit tonga's largest island reportedly sending waves into the capital of the island. it happened after an underwater volcano in the south pacific exploded in a violent eruption. >> we want to show you the satellite of that. this is the imagery of the eruption on that massive ash cloud and shock wave spreading from it, something that caught cnn's allison chinchar's eye. she's here to talk with us about this. explain to us what the threat is at this moment. >> right. yeah. basically up and down the west coast, you've got a tsunami advisory. one to two feet waves. that's what we're talking about for the forecast. the timing ranges from 7:30 a.m. pacific time all the way to 10:00 a.m. again, a wide coast, depends on
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where you are. for example, homer, alaska, 9:05 alaska standard time. 7:35 a.m. pacific time for monterey, california, los angeles, about 7:50, and san francisco around 8:10. these waves are going to come in increments, each individual place will have its own time. we also have a tsunami advisory in place for hawaii. all of the hawaiian islands. for them it is different. they already started to see some of the waves observed across the different islands. the vast majority of them between one to three feet. again, this is not devastating for all of the islands. those aren't the numbers we're talking here, but they're going to still impact. you'll have water that in undates the coastline. do not go out and surf, don't go stand on the beach to take a selfie. these are significant enough numbers that we want you to avoid the coast areas. we want you to avoid being on shore. that video we showed earlier is
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very impressive. it shows not only the initial reaction from the eruption itself, but you can see shock waves that are a subsequent portion on the outer edge, putting it in slower motion. this is from a lightning plot satellite. you can see shock waves reverberating out from the eruption in every which direction. again, very impressive. again, boris, christi, the take away, don't go surfing, don't go in the water and stand and take selfies in front of it. it will look like the water goes back first before it comes back in. >> somebody has their mom voice on this morning. i recognize that because i have one as well. thank you, allison. we appreciate it. news we need to hear definitely. listen, we want to talk as well about this wicked storm slamming through parts of the country, look what it is leaving behind. that's what it looks like in south dakota. 65 million of you from the midwest to the east coast are under some winter weather alert. a lot of states are already
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preparing for what meteorologists warn could be a crippling ice storm for parts of the deep south all the way up to virginia. >> yeah. some regions are expected to see rain, snow, sleet, freezing rain all within a 24 hour time span. allison, this is a complex storm, one that could lead parts of the country cleaning out for several days. >> yeah. it is a mixed bag for a lot of states. when we say a lot of states, i mean a lot of states. this is going to be far reaching. you have midwestern states, southeastern states, mid-atlantic, northeastern states likely to be impacted from this storm. that low pressure system is expected to dive into the southeast today and slowly meander across that region before finally picking back up, heading to the mid-atlantic and northeast sunday into monday. that's why you have so many places that are under some type of winter weather alert. winter storm warnings, winter weather advisories, ice storm
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warning in the carolinas and georgia. that's the biggest concern. here you can see forward trajectory of the storm. again, notice once it gets to the southeast, it doesn't move. that means it has time to dump tremendous amount of moisture, some cases it is rain, some cases snow. unfortunately in some cases it will be ice and hands down, this is the biggest concern going forward. most areas on the map in pink are a quarter inch. there will be spots, half inch, three quarters inch. you're talking obviously not only widespread problems on roadways, but airline cancellations, widespread power outages. the weight of the ice pushes down on the trees. you're also going to have heavy rain and thunderstorms across florida, heavy snow between nashville and charlotte. 2 to 6 inches, mostly for those areas. once you are in higher elevations of the southern appalachians, now talking one to two feet of snow there. from the southeast, the stormy ven actually slides into the
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mid-atlantic sunday, and eventually pushes to the northeast monday. this is an all encompassing storm that's going to effect a lot of different states in the next 48 hours, guys. >> allison chinchar, i know you are working extra today. thank you so much. we appreciate it. so this morning, firefighters are battling a massive 11 alarm fire at a chlorine manufacturing plant in passaic, new jersey. at one point, the fire led officials to issue air quality warnings for the region. but officials say fortunately that danger passed. >> polo sandoval has been following this story. the good news coming down in the last hour, hour and a half, is that they have this contained. can't believe how long they weren't able to do that because this thing was so out of control. >> they had to turn to water from a nearby river to douse flames. gives you an idea. as you mention, a lot of positive updates to share with you. the fire is contained, the most
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important one, and there were no major injuries. one firefighter has a minor eye injury due to falling debris. a massive 11 alarm fire did not reach the chemical plant where chlorine was stored, according to passaic mayor. the 11 alarm fire breaking out in a warehouse in a complex rather, a facility used to store plastics and chlorine pellets, the manufacturer of the pellets you use to maintain your pool. authorities saying massive flames didn't reach that portion of the complex. we understand there was an air quality assessment performed in the early morning hours, and officials on the scene were able to determine there was no health, no safety threat in the surrounding community, no environmental threat. nonetheless saying they're monitoring for chemical pollutants. at this point, they're confident saying the threat has passed, not just at the scene for those
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brave men and women trying to put out the flames but also for the neighbors who live in surrounding communities, and even in new york city, too. we're 16 miles. last night, we got alerts saying don't be surprised if you see or smell smoke from a massive blaze happening in a neighboring state. good news to report, the fire is contained, no major injuries after that fire breaking out at a warehouse in new jersey. >> all right. polo sandoval, thank you so much. appreciate it. so the surge of the omicron variant is pushing u.s. hospitals into crisis mode. many health care systems are running out of beds, facing major staff shortages. several states have national guard to post those vacancies. >> they plan to make high quality masks available for free. the cdc is urging everyone to wear the most protective mask they can find, saying swapping cloth masks for n95 masks offers better protection against the
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virus. testing for covid-19 remains a major obstacle in the united states. let's go to nadia romero, she's live where a mega test site opened to handle some demand. what's it like there right now, nadia? >> reporter: boris, christi, like déjà vu. we were outside mercedes-benz stadium where the falcons play, a mega facility, they had a vaccination site here not long ago. now we're back to having a mass testing site because there's difficulty for people to find access to tests. so they opened this site that began yesterday. today, the first saturday to have the site back open. look behind me. cars are going to be coming up. they're going to be driving through, they'll administer the test inside their car. health experts say that's the safest way instead of having people that think they may have covid pack in a building to be tested, they can stay in cars
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and do it outside. health experts hope we wouldn't be at this point this far into the pandemic, but they did predict we would see this spike if people didn't heed precautions during the holidays. take a listen to what health experts say we should do now. >> you don't deal in i told you so is in public health, you deal with what's in front of you. that's why we are doing everything we can. that's why we have opened this testing site. we are moving heaven and earth to try to get more rapid tests available for people to use at home and we're very hopeful that will come through. the federal government committed to supplying 500 million of those. and we're looking in fulton county for our own source, but they're hard to come by right now. >> hard to come by. if you're in the atlanta area, you can come to mercedes-benz
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stadium outside. they're doing pcr tests, they're more reliable, you'll get an update on your phone. the site is open until february 18th. one of the biggest concerns in the atlanta area and the southeast, up tick in hospitalizations for children, children being impacted by the new omicron variant and how it is effecting them at higher rate than we've seen through the entire pandemic, not just in atlanta but in alabama saying they're at their record numbers of pediatric hospitalizations because of covid-19. boris, christi? >> thank you so much for the reminder. starting today, health insurance companies must cover the cost of the at home covid tests. cases across the country, we know hospitals are overwhelmed. as she talked about, tests can be difficult to come by. >> cnn health reporter explains how you can get a free test.
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jacqueline? >> christi, boris, this is happening right now. most americans with health insurance can walk into a pharmacy, store or go online and get at home covid-19 tests for free through their insurance. how this works, depending on your plan, you can get an over the counter at home test at no cost up front or you may get reimbursed. you may have to still purchase the test but submit the receipt to your insurer for the reimbursement. remember to save those receipts. another thing, some insurers may set up a preferred network of pharmacies, stores, online vendors to get free tests. if you purchase a test outside of the network, insurers must reimburse up to $12 per test. for those that don't have health insurance, the biden administration says it is launching a website on january 19th where any american can request a free at home test.
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the administration says it is limiting orders to four rapid tests per house hold. boris, christi, with the ongoing spread of the omicron variant, increasing testing has been a major focus of the white house. back to you. >> jacqueline howard, thank you so much. still to come. they tried to stop congress from certifying the 2020 election. up next, what we're learning about the oath keepers plan as their leader faces a judge for seditious conspiracy. also, probably feels like déjà vu. stand in the stores, look at empty shelves. the perfect storm that led to this round of shortages we're all seeing. up were cooking with mom. so when she moved in with us, a new kitchen became parart of our financial plan. ♪ ♪ find a northwestern mutual advisor at
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keepers, stewart rhodes. he pled not guilty in court yesterday. >> rhodes will be held in jail until next thursday when the same judge decides if he is granted bail. kaitlin pole ants is with us. walk us through what happens from this point. >> this begins us on a long road ahead. this has been many months of investigation that the justice department did building this case. this is a bold move from the justice department to add defendants like rhodes to this and to add the seditious conspiracy charge, and the reason they're able to do it is because they have charged many oath keepers previously. they were beginning to gain co co-op ray tors. over the course of the year, they gathered a lot of evidence, continued to build out the case in court. what takes this charge from a conspiracy charge to the
7:20 am
seditious conspiracy charge is what happened after january 6. that's really key. up to this point, this case is about january 6 and conspiracy cooperation between groups attempting to allegedly plan to stop congress on january 6th. but after that happened, after the insurrection on january 6th prosecutors say this group, including rhodes, regrouped. they got together to celebrate that night of january 6th and then continued to talk about civil war. rhodes even is accused of spending thousands of dollars on stocking up on guns and equipment up until essentially the inauguration day, january 20th. that's two weeks or so after the 6th. the big point here, the words that prosecutors are using in this indictment is that they should be stopping, this group is allegedly stopping transfer of presidential power by force. that's not the same thing as stopping the electoral college vote. it really is accusing them of a
7:21 am
plot to overthrow the biden presidency. boris, christi? >> thank you so much for breaking it towdown for us. prescribe vows to fight for voting rights. >> senate majority leader says the senate is taking up votes next week. daniel a diaz joins us from capitol hill. run us through the timeline that schumer is proposing. >> boris, the way it was going to go, they were planning to vote this week on thursday on voting rights legislation, but because of scheduling conflicts, a senator has covid, they decided to push it and buy time. they plan to take it up tuesday, even though the senate was originally scheduled to be in recess. the problem here is exactly what you said, boris.
7:22 am
there are two senators that don't support a filibuster carve out. otherwise, changing senate rules instead of 60 votes, it would require simple majority or 51 votes to advance the legislation. these two senators that don't support this, kristen cinema and joe manchin. president biden seemed to acknowledge after meeting with the senate thursday that he knows it is an up hill climb, he knows it will be difficult to convince two senators to change their mind about the filibuster carve out. without their support, it appears even though they're going to take up the legislation tuesday, boris, christi, the bottom line here is this legislation is dead on arrival if they don't have the support from these two senators for the rules change, especially considering no republican senator supports the voting rights legislation. >> before i let you go, i want to ask about something else we learned, the republican, another
7:23 am
republican lawmaker who also voted to impeach president trump announcing that he is not running for office. joining a pool of a few others already. >> that's right. the congressman is following in the footsteps of adam kinzinger, anthony gonzales. moderate house republicans that voted to impeach then president trump in a second impeachment trial. john katko also voted in favor of the bipartisan commission to investigate the january 6th insurrection. both votes that former president trump did not approve of, didn't want republicans supporting. as a result, because katko had a target on his back from the right because of these votes, it appears he is now not seeking re-election. he had a lot of pressure from his own party, lack of support from his own party, and of course, former president donald trump having lots of statements against him, encouraging people to primary him.
7:24 am
it appears now he is not running for re-election, and joins adam kinzinger and anthony gonzales, two other house republicans that are also not seeking re-election. president donald trump will not stop unless all the republicans that voted to impeach him don't run for re-election. >> he plans to have influence in the midterm elections, plotting campaign stops until november. thank you so much. there are new numbers that suggest the pandemic price hikes we're seeing across the country are not going away anytime soon. >> the u.s. producer price index which tracks what america's producers are paid for their goods, that rose 9.7% last year. that is to put it in perspective for you the highest it has been since bureau of labor began to release that data. it was slightly smaller, though, than economists predicted. so the biggest increases, i bet you can guess this based on what you do every day, biggest
7:25 am
increases were in gas, cars, furniture, bedding, and meat products, chicken and bacon. you may not like the prices that you see at the grocery store, we know that. but i don't know if you understand, there's a struggle going on behind the scenes at stores. we want to talk about that, the challenges stores are facing with the editor of a newsletter, his website supermarket good to have you with us. we appreciate it, phil. you have said something in an interview which got my attention. you said grocery stores turned into battle fields during the pandemic. it is jarring to hear. help explain what you're talking about. >> sure. christi, just imagine when you go into a supermarket, you're seeing empty shelves, you're having maybe one of the store associates saying please wear a
7:26 am
mask. other retailers are putting insecurity agents like hivee in the midwest, they're hiring security people. the bottom line is going shopping used to be fun, walking up and down the aisles, seeing your neighbors, having all of the aromas and colors. not so much any more. as a result of that, and also as far as the whole labor situation goes, a lot of people that worked in super markets for decades frankly are throwing up their hands and walking out. >> that's created a labor shortage. those positions have to be filled. are super markets doing anything to entice them, to entice employees? >> they're trying. let me say that. if you look around the country, there are certain retailers like wegmans or coburns in the midwest that have done for decades what they should be
7:27 am
doing, training their employees, paying employees well. right now, there's a strike in denver at king soopers, a division of kroger. there are 6,000 supermarket employees on strike. they're hoping, trying to negotiate $16 an hour. and what kroger has done, they hired temporary workers and are paying them $18 an hour. there's a lot of frustration on both sides. super markets need labor. but i think if we fast track to the future, what we're going to see is a different supermarket experience. obviously you and boris i am sure have ordered online in the past two years. we're going to see more of that happening. i think we're going to see more robotics in the back room. we're going to frankly see less people in the stores working there. >> you said let's fast track to the future. can we do that, when might we
7:28 am
get back to a normal experience in the grocery stores? what are the factors other than the labor shortage. how much does omicron play a part in this, how much does shipping play a part in this, how much does severe weather play a part in this, that's something we're watching today. >> well, you're hitting all of the key points. what's driving up prices and shortages is certainly climate change. if we look at what went on a few months ago with the wildfires in the northwest, that destroyed a lot of corn and soy crops. if you look in brazil, floods have created major shortage as relates to coffee. if you go to india and asia, their potato crops aren't doing well, they actually -- mcdonald's is limiting sales of french fries in those countries. climate is a big one. frankly, that will take awhile to fix. transportation as you talked about. we're down 80 to 100,000 truck drivers in the united states.
7:29 am
we have cargo ships where there are no trucking to take the cargo off the boats and deliver it. so we have labor, transportation issues, and climate change. it is going to take 12 to 18 months until we get back to normal. that doesn't mean prices are going to come down, but hopefully they'll level off. >> hopefully we'll see something on store shelves. you know when you hear french fry shortage, there are problems. >> absolutely. >> phil, we appreciate it. thank you. >> thank you. potential for panic hearing that, christi. trying to keep kids in the classroom as omicron spreads has been a challenge. schools finding themselves shorthanded. up next, we'll hear from the superintendent in northern california calling on parents to volunteer to keep schools open. wealth plan e across your full financial picture. a plan witith tax-smart investing strategies
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obamacare open enrollment ends today. you have until the end of the day in most states to sign up for health insurance for 2022. 33 states use the federal exchange health and we know interest is soaring. 14.2 million signed up for coverage under the program as of last week. one school district in northern california is committed to staying open for in person learning but it needs parents to make it happen. in a video posted on youtube, the superintendent of the palo alto unified school district
7:35 am
made this call to action. listen. >> we need your help. my request is that until the surge passes, we need our community, one palo alto, to volunteer like never before. we need help in areas many people don't even know exist. it won't be glamorous. >> that superintendent, don austin, joins us now live. don, we are grateful to have you this morning. parents have answered that call. you say this is the first sign of optimism you've seen in a long time. nearly 800 volunteers in less than a week. >> yeah, that's right. first of all, thank you for having me. it is a pleasure. i think after a couple years of families, including parents and students hearing everything they can't do and being told they're essentially powerless, we finally found that little space
7:36 am
where we can invite parents back. the parent that used to be the first line, used to be the first call. during covid somehow that idea of having parents on campus and volunteers faded away. and when we asked our parents to step up, we sent that message out after 9:00 at night on a sunday and in 20 minutes, we had 50 volunteers. we thought okay, this might work. and by the next morning, we had 350. now as you said, we are nearly at 800. so our parents stepped up in a big way. >> where did the idea come about, what drew you to it? >> well, it was interesting. we used the concept of unless we. we're watching the whole country every day in the news struggle. they're closing.
7:37 am
we thought look, this is going to be the same in palo alto unless we, and we problem solved unless we, and the combination between the deputy superintendent and my wife paula, they kind of broke loose and said why aren't we leveraging parents, why aren't we asking parents back to help solve this problem. the next thing you knew, three or four hours, had it roughed out on a white board, called in the principals on saturday, pta presidents on sunday, and the energy was in sstant. >> you had a strong response from parents. i wonder what you're hearing in terms of why they decided to volunteer and get engaged this way. >> well, i think the why was the call to action hit home with
7:38 am
them. they've watched our teachers and support staff and administrators work tirelessly for the last two years. there's almost nothing communities value more than their school system. so when they were asked to pitch in, i have parents that told me they've taken off from their jobs. i had a parent tell me yesterday how grateful she was for the opportunity to come to our school to pick up trash in the hallways, wipe down desks, that it reaffirmed her love of our schools because she got to see what happens in our hallways, the magic of schools. those interactions that students don't get when they're at home. the parents who have shown up, and there are many, have put their training and personal jobs and business on the side and
7:39 am
everyone is equal now. if anything good comes out of the covid, i would say this. our community has found a way to partner in a way that's been lost for a long time. i think the grateful messages that i am receiving have been unlike anything i've had since the original closure in march of 2020. >> it takes a real sense of community to have people pick up and leave their jobs as you said to get involved that way, though i don't know that i would have enjoyed it that much if my parents were working at school when i was a student myself. i appreciate the time. thanks so much. >> thank you. i get it. still to come, detained in melbourne. what's next for novak djokovic after his visa is revoked a second time, and this is days before the australian open.
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to support a strong immune system your body needs a routine. centrum helps your immune defenses every day, with vitamin c, d and zinc* season after season. ace your immune support with centrum. now with a new look! 44 minutes past the hour. the immigration kcase against novak djokovic will be heard in australian federal court. he is back in detention ahead of that hearing. djokovic is fighting to stay in melbourne of course and contest his australian open title after his visa was cancelled for the second time. paula hancocks is with us live
7:45 am
from melbourne. paula, walk us through what we extr expect to see in the next 24 hours. >> reporter: christi, djokovic's is in detention overnight tonight, clearly not where he would want to be so close to the australian open. he was detained this saturday morning. he was interviewed once again by immigration officials. he then had time with his lawyers to prepare for what's coming up on sunday, but he was constantly escorted by border force officials as he was in detention. 9:30 a.m. local time tomorrow, that's just about seven hours away is when the full hearing starts. this is where detailed arguments will begin. we expect it will be done within the day. certainly djokovic's lawyers said they want that to happen. time is of the essence. he is supposed to be on court for round one on monday. but we don't have any guarantees
7:46 am
of that at this point. in court filings we had more indication of what the government argument is, what the immigration minister is arguing by cancelling the visa once again. he said it is in the public interest. they also say that djokovic being here could increase anti-vaccine sentiment, pointing out there could be civil unrest. these are arguments that already in previous hearings have been rebutted as you can imagine by djokovic's lawyers. but this is going to be the kind of arguments that we expect to hear. also pointing out that djokovic, ignoring his covid-19 positive infection and then going out and having a photo shoot, saying that could lead some to emulate that kind of behavior here, christi. >> going to be interesting to see how all of this shapes his overall persona with people as well. paula hancocks, thank you so
7:47 am
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well, the actor and comedian bob saget has been laid to rest. friends and family were together for a private ceremony yesterday in los angeles. he was 65 years old when he died suddenly almost a week ago. sources tell cnn, a public
7:52 am
memorial will take place at a later date that hasn't been chosen yet. his full house co-star john stamos seemed to allude to it on twitter. today will be the hardest day of my life. so when is the last time that one of your online orders didn't arrive? if it was coming from los angeles, traveling through the city, this might be why. boxes littering the train tracks. you see them all over the place. thieves are targeting freight trains, stealing packages shipped by ups, amazon, and fedex and leaving them behind. >> reporter: this is what's left, millions of dollars' worth of packages set to be delivered all over the country. instead, thousands of boxes plundered, discarded, which means the package you have been waiting for could be somewhere
7:53 am
on this los angeles train track. >> it is an exponential issue that will take a number of entities to resolve it. >> containers are being connected so the train is stopped. even though everything is locked, it is no match for thieves who seize the opportunity, move in, and steal anything of value they can find. it is easy to spot things like home covid tests, medication, luggage, even appliances. and it is so bad in los angeles that union pacific, the company that runs the trains and patrols the tracks says they may even avoid operating in the area. >> help put it in perspective, over 2021, saw 160% increase. but several months throughout last year we saw over 200%, over 300% increase from the year prior. >> reporter: union pacific says the lax prosecution of crimes is to blame, point to a special directive issued in december of
7:54 am
2020 by a los angeles district attorney that changed how low level offenses like mail theft are prosecuted. the d.a. office responded in part saying some cases presented to their office by union pacific have been filed, such as burglary and grand theft, others declined due to insufficient evidence. the company says as many as 90 containers a day are broken into. >> we were over $5 million specific to rail in the l.a. basin. >> not only costing l.a. residents, it is union pacific, ups, fedex, amazon and all other companies and customers waiting for packages now in the wrong hands or left as trash on the tracks. bottom line, this is not an easy fix. we're in just a small portion of the tracks. you can see the piles of garbage, the boxes, the
7:55 am
styrofoam, the prime packages, the covid tests. and it just continues to pile on. union pacific hired extra officers, that they called local authorities for help, and are using technology, things like drones, to try to solve the issue. but the mess is still here. ups says they're working with local authorities. fedex saying they're trying to identify if their packages have been effected. but as time goes by and this continues to happen, all of us ordering things online will be paying for this. >> thank you. that is unbelievable, isn't it? listen, you know her face. do you know marilyn monroe's story? discover the life and legacy in a new series "reframed: marilyn monroe" tomorrow at 9:00 p.m. make good memories today. stay safe. for all of you in the eye of the storm. there's more next hour. you'll see him again, boris
7:56 am
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this is elodia. she's a recording artist. 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10.
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through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities. you are live in the cnn "newsroom." hello, thank you so much for joining me. i am boris sanchez in for fredricka whitfield. we begin with breaking news. a tsunami advisory i


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