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tv   Inside Politics With John King  CNN  January 11, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PST

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hello and welcome to i-polltic. i'm john king in washington. thank you for sharing your day with us. president biden faces a boycott from his own base. the president in atlanta today for a big voting rights push, but many activists say they are in no mood for another speech and demand presidential action in washington. >> this is one of those defining moments. it really is. people are going to be judged. where were they before -- >> and a new pandemic record, 145,000 people are now
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hospitalized with covid, but in new york and d.c. where omicron surged first, the case count is finally trending down, and the party of trump is the party of revenge. the former president targets a republican senator who told the truth and kevin mccarthy promises if he gets power he will use it to punish democrats. we begin the hour though with the president and his consequential visit today to georgia. voting rights is his focus as he visits some of atlanta's civil rights landmarks. remember, boycotts were a staple tactic as the movement gained tracks 60 years ago and that the democratic president faces a boycott today speaks volumes about the moment and about the mood. the president is about to give voting rights activists exactly what they want, including this public and vocal support for changing senate rules to pass new voting restriction, but the groups boycotting say it's long past time for words, and they will not be props for a presidential photo-op that. resistance only raises the stakes as the president now approaches the anniversary of
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his inauguration with a long list of unfinished business and a growing list of complaints from within the democratic family. let's get straight to cnn's jeff zeleny in atlanta. jeff, does the president get the stakes of this moment? >> reporter: john, he absolutely does. the of course, he knows the history better than most given his age and the fact he lived through the civil rights era but when he arrives here in atlanta this afternoon he is going to -- to argue that the nation is at a turning point and voting rights is central to going forward as a democracy. of course, he'll be arriving here with vice president harris. they know well the stakes about what the mood is inside the democratic party. yes, there is a boycott, but they are also arriving with the entire georgia democratic delegation, including two democratic senators who won here last year who gave the democrats their slim majority. so the elected officials at least are behind them, but activists as you said want and demand some type of action, so the president is going to lay out why he believes the senate,
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an institution, of course, he served for more than three decades in, should change its rules. he's going to reduce and support a narrow carve out for the purposes of voting rights reform. we know all democrats are not for this. joe manchin is not, kyrstin sinema is not but president biden is going to raise the stakes and use the pull bully pulpit that he has alone to make the case. it's not expect that had this vote will pass in the senate when it happens as early as monday on the martin luther king but he's trying to show he'll act this year in the critical mid-term election year for democrats. we'll see if that's enough for his party. >> fascinating day to watch and obviously a fascinating location for the president to make this push. appreciate you kicking us off. with me to share their reporting, dana bash of cnn, and
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the president is giving and activists what they want and a member of the rack lives matter group, part of the younger generation saying, sorry, mr. president. we're tired of words. >> we wish that the president would stay in d.c. and deliver this speech to the democratic caucus. we would have loved that the president used as the bully pulpit for the past seven, eight months while we've been fighting for voting rights and even getting arrest the outside of the white house begging him to do so but at this moment we don't need another speech, need him to come to georgia and use us as a problem. >> what does that tell you about the mood at the moment among people who helped joe biden win the democratic nomination, who helped joe biden win the presidency, who are tired? >> yeah. this has been building for months and months. on that activist side, on the progressive side you have people who have frankly exhausted from what they say from a white house that has prioritized the inside relationship, that prioritized keeping senator joe manchin and
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spa on their side in the hopes of passing their larger agenda but has taken an easier approach on them on voting rights. certainly joe biden has moved his words to say that he's embracing the elimination of the senate filibuster in a small sense for voting rights but these activists have wanted him to name sinema and manchin, put pressure on them. it's their contention that georgia and voters on the democratic side are not the ones who need to be convinced about eliminating the filibuster. most voters don't even know what the filibuster is. this is an insider problem that will require an insider solution. you hear cliff and another member of black lives matter saying repeatedly spare the speech in georgia. give the speech to the senate democrats who are the ones who need to come together on the issue. >> as we watch the president, your colleague seung min kim, voting rights are essential to the democratic party. he's in a state that's one of more than a dozen states where
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republicans have rolled back the way people were able to vote in 2020 when we had historic turnout. this is each bigger than that. this is day 357 of the biden presidency, approaching the one-year mark and a lot of his domestic agenda is still in limbo and now voting rights again a giant question. >> it is a giant question and there's the giant question of what he's doing to deliver for the voters that put him into power, especially the black voters that saved him during the primary in 2020 back in south carolina. are you've even heard from representative jim clyburn who gave biden that important endorsement right before the south carolina primary that real launched his campaign and led him to the white house saying that more needs to be done on investigate rights, that not enough is being done, not enough local capital is being spent on this issue, that biden needs to do more to keep his promises, and he did make a promise to specifically the black voters that helped save his campaign. he said that he would have their back and this is one of the main things that black voters have been calling for, that black representatives in congress have said is one of their top priorities and the fact that
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this could potentially yet be another instance of the biden administration sort of struggling to follow through and struggling being able to deliver because of the senate rules and because of the filibuster and because they have only 50 votes. it could be another disappointment for a lot of of the progressives and democrats who helped him get in pour and now we're looking to see whether or not it was worth all of the effort, all of the door-knocking to get him in power and that's a big challenge that he's facing as he goes to atlanta to show that he has delivered and that he will continue to deliver for the voters who helped him win the white house. >> when you listen to the activists, they say be lpj, do something. we wouldn't you to do something. we want you to see you work manchin and sinema and the one or two other democrats who have raised objections on changing the filibuster rules. we've had this conversation before, but on that very day, i'm going to call this, this is senator joe manchin poking the bear. listen. >> anything he can say to change your mind on filibuster procedure?
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>> filibuster is what we have in our rules. we need some good rule changes to make the place work better but changing the filibuster doesn't do that. >> even if you're not going to give the base and activists what he wants but one of the recurring things is democrats like manchin won't keep quiet on a day that the president is trying to make a big point. >> no, because he's made it very clear that he doesn't like the idea of changing the rules. he actually did support a compromise bill of sorts to deal with voting rights, and republicans even blocked that, and i think that that is an important part of this conversation, john, which is it wasn't that long ago. i believe we were both covering the white house during george w. bush's administration. he was the last president to sign into law an extension of the voting rights law from 1965. republican president, he did it with a republican majority in the senate and a republican majority in the house, and here
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we are talking about democrats fighting amongst themselves on an issue that has since 1965 been bipartisan, of course, because the politics were so different then. it was the democrats who were -- southern democrats who were harder to bring along, and republicans have put the democrats in this box somewhat politically brilliantly. maybe it's a nefarious form of brilliance, but they are doing it in a way that they are forcing the democrats to fight among themselves as opposed to taking a step back and saying, well, this is an historically was a bipartisan notion that everybody should have the right to have access to the ballot box, but that's not where we are right now. >> it's not where we are, and you make a key point. in some ways it's quote, unquote, not the president's fault but he's the president and he ran and his calling card was elect me and i'll get things done. we won the two georgia seats which gave him the possibility, with a narrowest majority,
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there's a john lewis voting rights act. one bill that the democrats want to pass. it would restore protections in the voting rights action that protects against voter suppression and then there's expanding voting access and making election day a federal holiday, election day. the democrats have these proposals. the question is if this president gives this speech today and the math does not change, is there a fallback plan, or is this all or nothing? >> right. to this point it seems kind of all or nothing for democrats. they have said the john lewis act. they have -- they also have that voting rights, voting expansion access bill, but both of those have -- those have sailed through with house support, particularly the for the people act, and they are now facing that same senate challenge. it's going to go back to that filibuster question over and over and over. so essentially this is the white house trying to make a moral
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point saying oh, it's not us. we're shifting that on to senate democrats to come here, but we don't know if that's a distinction that voters really make. it was joe biden in south carolina saying that he would do everything that he could for black voters, and so i do not -- i do not know if people are going to hold this white house to the same standard that the white house is imposing for themselves, but we do know that voting rights has been a top priority. the republicans are pushing on it, and frankly democrats are fairly late to the party. even those bills that they are seeking to pass don't deal with questions of election subversion that we saw in 2020, don't deal with the kind of loss of trust that we saw over the last year in our election system. they are frankly arriving to a 2022 party with tools that are from the obama era, and they are still not at the point where they can even pass those. >> remarkable test for the president today. we'll watch it unfold, and we'll continue the conversation and we'll continue the conversation on some other big stories in a few moments.
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this is the planning effect. top members of the biden covid response team up on capitol hill fielding questions from senators. the hearing coincide with a new pandemic record. take a look, more than 145,000 americans hospitalized right now with covid-19 that. eclipses the previous peak of one year ago. a vast majority of those hospital beds are filled, it needs to be not, but unvaccinated patients. the daily covid case count is eye-popping. the united states averaging 750,000 new infections per day. let's get straight to our senior medical correspondent ecohen.
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the hospitalization data is not just a number but an enormous stress on the system. >> it is a stwres on the system, john, especially since they are having staff shortages because so many hospital personnel, doctors and nurses and others are out because they are sick with omicron. so in this senate hearing we're hearing the senators grilling about why are we still having test problems this far not pandemic? what's with all the confusion from the cdc about isolation? doctors fauci and walensky defending their choices and defending what the government did with the isolation guidance and also with the openings of school, but let's take a look at these hospitalizations that have now hit a record number. now i want to give an important piece of context here. many of the people in hospital with covid, they just happened to have code of. they are there because they have had a heart attack or need cancer surgery or for whatever reap. they are not sick enough with
9:18 am
covid to be in the hospital but they are sick with their other diagnoses. it's the unvaccinated putting lives at risk and putting a burden on the system. take a look at this graph. the red line on top is the unvaccinated covid-19 patients, the vaccinated, that says it right there the burden that the unvaccinated are putting on our hospital systems which puts the rest us and hospital workers at risk. let's take a look at what happens when you're fully vaccinated and boosted. the university of maryland says less than 5% of their covid hospitalizations are in that group, are fully vaccinated and boosted. beaumont, michigan, says it's 8% and riverside health in virginia just 10%. this is clearly as it has been a pandemic of the unvaccinated that has continued with omicron. john. >> the numbers don't lie.
9:19 am
sadly, the number of people, decent percentage of people out there in the country simply refuse to listen and pay attention to them and get the shots. elizabeth cohen, grateful for the important reporting. let's get insight from dr. leona werngs former baltimore city health commissioner. i want to ask you is it safe to keep kids in school? the chicago teamers walk out, strike, whatever you call it, teachers will go back to the classroom tomorrow. one of the big questions that come up on capitol hill. i want you to listen to dr. dr. walensky that said we didn't have pediatric advantages heinz in the fall, schools were safe but now with omicron, yes, it's safe. >> schools should be the first places to open and the last place to close. we had a delta surge in the fall and 99% of our schools were safely open. >> there hose no disputing that, right? >> i agree completely with dr. walensky here. in addition, we're also dealing with a different variant. only john mild than previous
9:20 am
variants. we have a lot more protections than we did previously in place. the biden administration committed $130 billion to upgrade and to improve schools and we also have to remember where are the students going to be if they are not in school? some of them might actually be isolating at home bull many of them are going to be in less safe day care, child care settings, might be hanging out with their friends or in other people's homes, places that don't have the kind of protective measures that schools do. students, kids have lost out so much of learning, of their development because of schools being shut. we know what it takes to keep schools open safely, and i see no reason why we have to revert to remote learning at this point. >> you are one of the people, and i'm grateful, who have helped me understand and which data should i look at as we've gone through the past two years of this horrific pandemic. you see the case count. it's eye-popping, 750,000 and the record hospitalization numbers and shake your head in
9:21 am
sadness. is there any reason to be optimistic here? if look at new york city and washington, d.c., two of the places where omicron started to surge first, the new york city case count down 23% from the first of the year, the d.c. case count down 13% from the first of the year. is that evidence to you that in the places where omicron hit first it is cresting and receding and that perhaps in the week or two ahead we will see that elsewhere? >> yeah. we are seeing some signs of hope that there are some places that look like they might just be getting beyond the peak and actually in these places there was a clear decoupling between infections and hospitalizations, that, yes, you did see hospitals in these places become at capacity or over capacity but at the same time there was a huge spike in cases and those cases that we're aware of, that's a huge undercount because of the rapid tests that are not being part of the official total and many people not being able to access tests so i am optimistic that we are seeing the peak in some places. however, i'm very worried about the rest of the country,
9:22 am
including parts of the country that have pretty low vaccination rates, less than 50% of their total population is vaccinated. i'm not sure what's going to happen when i'm cron hits these areas are. we still going to see that decoupling or will we see many more hospitalizations and, unfortunately, deaths among the predominantly unvaccinated? >> which is why it's important to listen to the public health experts like yourself and use common courtesy and common sensesy. want to show this data from axios and their coronavirus index. if you look at the data over time. we see right now that the percentage of people who say that they are masking up is on the way up. the percentage of people who say they are social distancing is is on the way up and the percentage of people who say they are seeing their friends or they are going out to restaurants is going down. does that show you that at least most americans, i know there are sadly some exceptions, most americans are using common sense and common courtesy? >> i think so, although we do have a split screen here because on the one hand if you're a vaccinated and boosted, the individual risk to you is still very low of becoming severely
9:23 am
ill, but on the other hand, i'm sure none of us that want to be the uninadvertently infecting others around us so using common sense measures including wearing a high quality mask when in indoor spaces and i hope that's something that the cdc takes up asap to not just recommend but ideally record k-59 or n-95 masks while in these indoor public places as other countries have done, but to do that is what will allow us to keep our schools open. that will allow us to keep our businesses and economy open and people not having to isolate and having the huge work and staff shortages. >> dr. wen, as always, thank you very much. >> thank you. up next, can donald trump be held liable for the capital insurrection? a tricky legal question a federal judge is trying to answer right now. plus, will mike pence agree to meet with the house committee investigating what led up to that violent day? for your busins yet. when you switch and bring your own device, we'll pay off your phone up to $800.
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a giant test of presidential power and potential liability is playing out in a federal courtroom. several individuals impacted by january 6th by the insurrection are suing former president donald trump arguing he's liable for what happened. trump lawyers argued his words and his conduct that day are protected by presidential privilege, but in a hearing monday the judge seemed skeptical that any president gets such broad immunity. the judge repeatedly pointed out
9:29 am
that trump waited more than two hours to tell rioters to stop and said this. quote, what do i do about the fact that the president didn't denounce the conduct immediately and sent a tweet that arguably exacerbated things? isn't that from a plausibility standpoint that the president agreed with the conduct of the people inside the capitol? let's get perspective, laura coates is here. the judge is raising the key question if you want a gateway and allow the civil suits going forward. can you plausibly make the case that donald trump sat least partially responsible? >> i mean, that two-hour window of time in which the president had the authority to act and we still don't yet know what in fact he was doing. remember, he's been fighting it tooth-and-nail all the way to the supreme court at this point hoping he'll be excused from having to provide or the national archives will as well but idea of plausibility is really the key word in the judge's consideration, john, thinking would it really be a stretch to believe that the president of the united states was doing nothing when we have indication that in fact he was
9:30 am
not doing all that he could to actually try to stop, it including the bare minimum of a tweet, the bare minimum of not essentially going along with it and just being very vocal and addiment about his true pox if he did not want this to take place? the judge's questions raise the bigger issue if that's the case, if it's not a stretch to wonder whether he was culpable, would it be too far to have him evade immunity and evade all liability? >> that's the civil suit. the standard is one. separate standard when you come to criminal cases which is why the line in the "new york times" jumped out at me in. plea negotiations, federal prosecutors recently began asking defense lawyers for some of those charged in january 6th cases whether their clients would admit in sworn statements that they stormed the capitol believing that mr. trump wanted them to stop mr. pence from sert firing the election n.they're, such statements could help connect the violence directly to
9:31 am
mr. trump's demands that mr. pence help him stave off his defeat. let me ask the question. does the justice department use case a, b and c to effectively build case d meaning if you get several people say i did this because trump wanted me to do it does that give the stronger case to ultimately build a criminal case against the former president of the united states? >> it gives you a stronger case in a civil case which, of course, they can overlook as well and, remember, just because somebody said i acted because i believed is not going to be the straightest line of somebody saying i instructed and i expected compliance. these are very different realms of possibility here so it can buttress the argument that these people were not spontaneously or coincidentally all thinking the same thing and dreaming up and conjuring up a directive. they can also help to think about that this is what trump actually wanted but there's not the same vigor and the same and the to say if the person as
9:32 am
instructed it's a much more clear case here and the idea of liability in general here. it's not a clear issue right now for the court whether a president during a time of his tenure could be held civilly liable for behavior that he presently claims was in accordance to the official duties. we believe, of course, thinking about this objectively, that the actions of a president who were encouraging in insurrection could not possibly be part of the official duty but argument that he's making right now was an attempt to say, look, i'm shielded by virtue of the fact that i was the president at the time and i cannot be held accountable. i was just being the president. sue me. you can not. >> so a person who knows a lot, a person who knows a lot about the president's mindset heading up to that day and a person who knows a lot and was at risk because of the president's inaction for the two, plus three hours of that day is vice president mike pence. a lot of stories in recent days, including new ones today, about whether pence will cooperate and
9:33 am
give a voluntary interview to the committee. i think it would be critical to get mike pence on the record, from a legal standpoint, civil suits or potential criminal cases. how important is direct under oath testimony from a man who knows a hell of a lot? >> it's critical, and not just for the transparency of the public's sake, john, but also from the notion that it is the direct evidence, the direct evidence you would need. talking around the issue and maybe he hoped his own chief of staff or other people in the camp would provide the testimony and have his fingerprints off, but there will be nothing like getting from the proverbial horse's mouth. not calling penn a horse, talking about the figurative phrase alone out there, but for whom the gallos were built, talk about for whom the bell tolls, for whom the gallos were bit. i want to know was there a call made from the vice president to the president of the united states asking for help? what was the resnacks how were
9:34 am
you rebuffed and what actually happened? that can only come from the gravity of the vice president of the united states. >> laura coates, grateful for the important insights. thanks so much. ahead for us, a republican senator tells a simple but important truth and it sends donald trump into a tailspin. age before beauty? why not both? visibly diminish wrinkled skin in... crepe corrector lotion... only from gold bond. i've always been running. to meetings. errands. now i'm running for me. i've always dreamed of seeing the world. but i'm not chasing my dream anymore. i made a financial plan to live it every day. ♪
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truth will set you free. donald trump, on the other hand, teaches us the truth will get you a childish rant. senator mike rounds of south dakota is the republican on the receiving end of the former president's new outburst, weak, ineffective, a jerk. throws among the non-presidential insults trump hurled at rounds after the senator dared to say this, the 2020 election was fair and trump lost. to his credit senator rounds is standing up to the bully. here he is on capitol hill this morning. >> republicans, democrats alike, have made it very clear that we believed that the elections were fair and that they were correct in the outcome and that there were some discrepancies that were found but none of them would have changed the result in any state. >> great roarsers are back to discuss. dana bash. it should not be news that a republican senator says joe biden won fair and square. 2020 was a fair election, game over, yet it is news because of
9:40 am
donald trump. >> yeah, it is, and the fact that mike rounds, a senator, a former governor, is saying the truth in public, frankly much like others, john thune, the number two senate republican who just said that he was going to run for re-election even though he has been on the -- the wrong side of donald trump many a time for saying outrageous things like joe biden is the actual president, but it seems as though people like mike rounds, grown-ups, people who have been around a long time, who feel like they can't do it anymore are stepping out with a little bit, maybe a baby toe, and it shouldn't be this surprising. it shouldn't be this controversial to say something like that, but it is. every time this happens it is a
9:41 am
prime example of the tantrum that the former president has and the grip that he thinks he has on the gop still. >> right, so you don't want to overstate it because it's still a minority of republicans who are willing to stand up consistently and say it, but in the case of senator rounds, he said on the sunday show matter of factually biden won, let's move on. trump attacked him in a long statement in which he uses those unpresidential words, called him a jerk, said he'd never endoris him again, the typical trump rant. rounds said in another statement where he decided like this fight. vice president mike pence stood his ground and acted with integrity. it's time rest us do the same. bringing pence into it is a poke right back at trump. >> absolutely, and that was the statement that i found really interesting. that takes it from just something that's offhand, certainly a truth that we all know and republicans across the board should say, particularly back to that democracy faith question we were talking about
9:42 am
previously, but that seems to say that he thinks there's a little bit of an opening here and that he wants to pick this fight and i don't think that's an accident. you have a window of time in which republicans know that if they get to the mid terms and it turns towards the presidential cycle and donald trump still has this type of vice grip on republican party, particularly when it comes to election fraud, there's very little hope of another type of candidate being able to wrest and pull back on some of that rhetoric. i think what we're seeing is some republicans trying to use this window to say for the coming -- for the coming fight who will be the face going forward to go up against the democrats and maybe they are going to float mike pences of the world as possible alternatives. >> is it important to be for the truth? to be part of the truth is our job and another republican senator, ken kramer, started to drift trump's way is this
9:43 am
evidence that perhaps he's drifting back. >> i've always said i agree that the election was not stolen. at least to the degree it was illegal theft i think it's entirely appropriate for states to look at their laws and find ways to make sure that they can secure elections and protect the integrity of elections, but, no, i -- you know, i've moved on a long time ago and most members of congress, including mike. >> he doesn't look thrilled to get the question but at least he gives the right answer. >> yeah, and it's amazing that he sort of gets accolades for, you know, in january of 2022 saying that the election of 2020, that the election was free and fair that. used to be sort of a normal turn of events but because of trump, because of the way he has handled his post-presidency it's become very antagonizing for some of these republicans to even answer these questions. a lot of times they try to squirm away from it or run away
9:44 am
from it and everyone knows the truth, what they all voted for, to certify the election in 2020 because the election was free and america has free and fair elections but they can't say that because they will be on the nasty end of a nasty email from the former president and that will hurt thai re-election chances. people want to talk about different issues going into the mid terms and going into the potential new presidential cycle but because of the power of the former president they have to focus on dealing with the election of 2020. >> go ahead. >> i want to add really. what he said was so important that it's not the first time that a republican has said 2020 was free and fair. i think that the reaction, the overreaction from the former president could be quite telling about his state of mind right now and his concern that the grip that we've all talked about, which is there, might be loosening just a bit. >> just a bit. >> we'll keep tracking that.
9:45 am
when we come back, a republican who has a very different strategy. minority leader on the house side, he wants power. what does he said he'll do if he gets it? take revenge against democrats. seen it. trust me, after 15 walks... gets a little old. ugh hustle sure, but for what matters. when you do, it leads to amazing. welcome to the next level. the all-new lexus nx. ♪ (computer keys clicking) (mouse clicks) - shriners hospitals for children is awesome! my favorite people in shriners are the doctors and the nurses because they help people through life. wow, i was a really cute kid! (chuckles) but it's true! shriners hospitals for children is awesome! the first time i went to shriners hospitals for children,
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announcer: tired of pain radiating down your leg and lower back? get relief finally, with magnilife® leg and back pain relief. and get living. available at your local retailer. revenge is a central plank in the 2020 house republican campaign strategy. eager to keep the trump base happy, the house republican leader kevin mccarthy says if
9:50 am
republicans win the majority next year they will strip key committee assignments from democrats ilhan omar of minnesota and eric swalwell and adam schiff of california. now, mccarthy twists the truth a lot including here has he explains the strategy to breitbart. >> the democrats have created a new thing where they are picking and choosing who can be on committee. never in the history have you had the majority tell the minority who could be on committee but the new standard which these democrats have voted for, this is a new level of what the democrats have gone. >> it may be a new level but he leaves out the context. the democrats say they have to act against certain republicans because kevin mccarthy won't after egregious, egregious behavior. >> yeah, and mccarthy is not only thinking about the mid terms, here's also thinking about potentially having to fight to be the speaker if the republicans take control. he's trying to give some red meat to make sure that the voters within his own caucus would put him in as speaker. there's question over whether or not that would happen. that's part of the politicking you're seeing and trying to look
9:51 am
towards the future and see if he can put some of this red meat out there to see if he can get some support from all the republicans, especially some of those who have been targeted to try to show that he would be speaker if he was able to win in the fall. >> to that point, why is kevin mccarthy talking to breitbart and so eager to throw red meat, because he's looking over his right shoulder a little bit because of this on fox the other night. remember, marjorie taylor greene was thrown off of twitter for spreading misinformation and tucker carlson is mad. why wouldn't a guy who thinks he is speaker of the house be defending members of his own conference by calling up twitter and say you get her back on here right now or else we're going to punish you? this is censorship and we're not going to put up with it, like how can you lead a political party if you can't even do that? >> well, that's what a lot of people are asking. >> you defend your people. that's what leadership is, and if you're unwilling to defend your people you're not worthy of leadership. >> there you go. tucker speak, kevin mccarthy is
9:52 am
supposed to act. >> kevin mccarthy's position makes him one of the most powerful republicans in the country, but we all know he's not the most powerful conservative in the country and that's someone like tucker carlson. someone who wants to be speaker of the house in the future, really following those voices which gives us a with trump. that's wit carlson. that's frankly pushing the mccar thiz and mcconnells of the world >> i think historians dana call it the misty may-treanor rule meaning it's all about the base. >> it is all about the base. there's the base and then there's the absolutely undemocratic conspiracy theory qanon people in your caucus, and there used to be a line, a line between people who want smaller government, low taxes, are socially conservative which is an ideology, and people like
9:53 am
emgroene who are conspiracy theorists and the fact that republican leader is kowtowing to the conspiracy theorists, that's what is new and that is why the democrats felt that they had to act to remove them from committees. it's because kevin mccarthy didn't as you said at the beginning. >> appreciate you all coming in. coming up, next for us, if your tax refund is late. the irs says blame covid. olay body wash hydrates to improve skin 3x better, from dry and dull to firm and radiant. with olay body, i feel fearless in my skin. okay everyone, our mission is to provide complete balanced nutrition for strength and energy. woo hoo! ensure, complete balanced nutrition with 27 vitamins and minerals. and ensure complete with 30 grams of protein. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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topping our political raid air today, the federal reserve chairman jerome powell telling congress this morning that high inflation, is quote, a severe threat to a healthy job market. chairman powell vowing to use the fed's tools of stabilizing prices which includes potentially raising interest rates. a chaotic tax season could be filled with what the agency calls enormous challenge. that means the faction refund will take a bit longer to get to you. this year's tax filing deadline april 18th. senator bernie sanders not happy, and he's calling out the democratic party. the independent vermont senator says the democratic party has turned its back on the working class. senator sanders also expressing concern about the biden administration saying it needs to, quote, do a major course correction. sanders, of course, you'll remember ran for the democratic nomination in both 2016 and 2020. election day in florida's congressional district. on ballot a democrat sheila mccormick and the republican.
9:59 am
the special election is to fill the seat of representative alsey hastings. and maya angelou now the first block woman to appear, look at, that on the united states quarter. the new coin featuring the legendary poet now in circulation. it's the first in a series the american women quarters program which will honor ground breaking women. and remember i-95, the snow storm. it came up this morning at a senate hearing. listen to senator richard burr rib his democratic colleague tim kaine who was stuck on i-95 for hours last week. >> i want to make sure he has an orange for his car and a dr. person and i've provided a blanket to make sure that these are three things you've got in your car rareless of what you run into on i-95. tim, we're sorry you had to spend 27 hours but you're not qualified to be the secretary of transportation if you're looking for a second job. >> bipartisanship is not dead.
10:00 am
you know her face but do you know her whole story? discover the life and legacy of the true marilyn in a new cnn series, "reframed, marilyn monroe" sunday night at 9:00 p.m. on cnn. that's it for "inside politics" today. download "inside politics" wherever you get your podcasts. hope to see you back here tomorrow. ana cabrera picks up our coverage right now. >> hello, i'm ana cabrera in new york. it is great to be back with you today. thank you so much for being with us. you see president biden live right now just arriving in atlanta, and he's there to push voting rights today in a state he won. yet he's getting a chilly reception from some allies. here's what we know. in today's speech the president will forcefully call on the senate to reform the filibuster, to get federal voter protections


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