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tv   New Day Weekend With Christi Paul and Boris Sanchez  CNN  January 8, 2022 3:00am-4:00am PST

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good morning and welcome to your newday. >> battles play out across the country over mask mandates and testing. the judge hands down a life sentence to the three men who killed ahmaud arbery. the message his mother had to the court. gave an order to the army to
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shoot to kill without warning. >> chaos in kazakhstan. security forces ordered to open fire. >> more of what we are learning from newly released cour t documents. >> january 8, we hope you are happy and healthy and we hope 2022 is good to you. how are you? >> greatful to start 2022 with you after a few weeks away.
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we start with growing concern as our nation's kids are battling the omicron variant. hospitalizations are averaging about 800 hospitalizations a day. the highest it has ever been. an 80% increase. look at that chart. states are asking hospitals to help with staffing shortages now. more staff calling out sick. with child health hitting these and more dispute of how in person learning has played out. >> reporter: a week of clashes and confrontations. chicago, the largest school district with classes in limbo due to a standoff.
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the union insisted on a virtual learning and push to keep schools open. >> we've made significant progress but i want a deal done this weekend. our kids need to be back in school. schools are safe. >> georgia, public school teachers who test positive but are asymptomatic no longer have to stay isolated. contact tracing no longer required in schools. in new york, nearly 13% of new york city students have tested positive for covid-19 according to sample testing on thursday. health experts say the u.s. needs to change the strategy to face the new normal. >> the new normal is the way we live with flu, we are going to live with the coronavirus. it is going to be around.
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people will get infected. few people will be hospitalized and fewer will die and we'll be able to go along with our lives as the way we did before. >> the fda has amended emergency use of modern shortening the amount of time from initial vaccination to booster to five months but others say vaccines need to evolve. >> we need to improve on vaccines and you'll see a lot of work to get us to the next generation vaccines. a much more wide-scale availability of these effective drugs if given early can greatly reduce the likelihood of severe disease, hospitalizations and death. if you combine vaccines and drugs, i think we can put a big debt in the virus not just in
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high-income countries but the world. >> a top health expert said in order to get to a place where the coronavirus is endemic like the flu. >> what we are seeing from coronavirus is not big surges. we need many more people vaccinated and additional therapies, not just the couple of oral therapies we have. we need to upgrade air filtering systems down and we'll get it to a new normal. >> new drama inside the biden administration regarding its response this morning. the cdc director facing backlash for the covid quarantine and guidelines. >> straight to cnn.
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live at the white house this morning. fascinating reporting coming in including details about dr. walensky looking to a new communication strategy, perhaps the admission the cdc hasn't communicated its plan effectively. >> that's right. she acknowledged, public messaging is hard but she's looking to improving her messaging to the guidance. one thing dr. walensky is doing, she has been participating in media training looking to improve. when taking this position, she promised to restore faith in science and the cdc. now the back and forth messaging
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we've seen specifically over the past few weeks along with the guidance, that does not necessarily help the mission. it confused the americans about back and forth guidance and lead to scientists openly questioning why they didn't continue to test out that policy. improving her messaging and weather that will help improve concern that was lost. talk to us about not only what
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he said but what his administration said. >> that's right. calling them to make a change in strategy a this from their perspective. covid will be around a long time. there is a shift in process to acknowledge hospitalization cases over just the amount of people getting covid. looking at president biden's comments yesterday at the white house and after he gave these remarks, it doesn't seem like the conversation is there just he added his own caveats. >> no, i don't think covid is here to stay but having covid in the environment here and in the world is probably here to stay.
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covid as we are dealing with now is not here to stay. the new normal doesn't have to stay. we have so many more tools to develop and containing covid and other strains. the new normal is not what it is going to be now, it will be better. >> there you go. it will be better. optimism as the white house works to expand testing. he will wake up in las vegas this morning. >> always so good to see you, thank you so much. >> we want to get your reaction here? >> we are not in a new normal.
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as long as we have over 130 americans hospitalized, in a is not normal. this is definitely surging. we are in the midst of an omicron storm. we need to get to where the coronavirus performs and behaves more like the seasonal flu. we aren't there yet. the way to get there is for our public health to be clear and consistent and do a multi-layer strategy. to talk with the practicality and a fierce commitment of truth. unless we do all of those things at the same time, we want to approach the new normal. there is only a need to speak truth and speak it in a way people can understand.
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>> there is confusion now with the threat. certainly, it is dangerous and might cause severe illness. we know there are these hospitalizations. give us clarity of what the threat level i s right now preventing the opportunity to help down the line. as long as omicron is around and surging the way that it is, it
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is more contagious is a threat to cause a surge and strain on the health care system. if you have more people that are positive, even not as vie ru lent, the fact that you have so many people positive, the opportunity for health care systems to be overwhelmed is high. all more reason not to fall asleep at the wheel. all of us eligible to be properly vaccinated and wear a proper fitting mask, work on air filtration. >> you talk about this in records to the cdc, these are public health experts and scientists. they are not communicators or
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politicians. their messaging may be less effective, less polished but they say the miss steps fall on the cdc director. >> of course, leader walensky faces accountability as do all leaders at the head. i'm a public health physician. we know there can be no public health guidance without the ability to clearly articulate that across multiple populations with how that message will impact behavior.
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we need to scrutinize how we practice public health that will allow us to be prepared and drive across multiple settings. if the director needs media training, get the media training. we need to return to the clesktive feedback consensus and opportunity for everyday americans to reflect and say, hey, what does this mean for guidance for me? >> dr. chris, such wise words. thank you for being with us this morning. still to come, ahmaud arbery's family speaking out at the sentencing hearing for his killers. we have a look at the highly emotional day in court. plus yesterday's jobs numbers come in. president biden trying hard to
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after nearly two years of waiting. ahmaud arbery's mother said their family finally got justice after the three men who killed her son will face life in prison. >> it took the release of video of his killing and national outrage for prosecutors to bring charges. looking a the an emotional day in court. >> reporter: a lot of emotion involved in this case. you think about how long this trial lasted and the process the family had to wait to good through for more than a few months to get to the point where the men were charged, you can understand why the feelings were really strong in court.
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>> the defendants will face the count. >> travis and gregory mcmichael received life without the possibility of parole. >> after ahmaud arbery fell, the mcmichaels turned their backs and walked away. this was a killing. it was callous. >> william bryan junior to serve life with the possibility of parole after 30 years. >> he had concerns that this should not have been done and this does make the situation a little different. however, he has been convicted of felony murder. >> pausing for a minute. what i'm going do is sit silently for one minute. i kept coming back to the terror
3:21 am
of the mind of the man running through. >> and the impact of the statement from his family. >> i laid you to rest. i told you i loved you. some day, somehow i would get you justice. >> his mother spoke directly to her son and to the min responsible for his death. >> these men chose to lie and attack my son and his surviving family. they each have no remorse and do not deserve any leniency. this wasn't a case of mistaken identity or mistaken fact. they chose to target my son when they couldn't sufficiently scare him or intimidate him, they
3:22 am
killed him. >> taking aim at a defense attorney's comments at the trial. >> his long, dirty toe nails. >> i wish he would have cut and cleaned his toe nails before he was going out for a jog that day. i guess he would have if he knew he was going to be murdered. >> me and my family have to deal with his death the rest of our life. we'll never see him again. i feel they should live behind bars the rest of their lives. >> the loss has devastated my family. i'm asking you give the min that killed him the maximum sentence in court. >> after chasing the 25-year-old man jogging in their
3:23 am
neighborhood killing him after they thought they saw him inside an unfinished home. it took two and a half months avidio bryan took that went viral. >> the video was leaked by defense attorney thinking when the public saw it, the three men would be cleared. that didn't happen. i think the judge's words stood out when they took that moment of silence of how long the chase ensued. we even saw his mom hang her head during that. >> talking a lot about what happened looking ahead here. this is not finished. we understand the new reports
3:24 am
that the feds went to the family and asked if they would consider a plea deal. the federal case, of course, his mother said, no. she prefer there not be. how do you foresee this moving forward? >> there was major accountability with what these three individuals did and what the judge did to hold them accountable. the next step is the federal case. predicated on the hate crime and the notion you would have these three men engaged in the activity based on and called in-law racial analyst because there is a special role to play. when you interfere on someone's mode of travel based on race and
3:25 am
take up arms against someone. when you otherwise confine orchid nap based on that, that's what the federal government is looking at. the other issue becomes well what now. you mention the plea deal to the family. it is important the family doesn't have the final say. it is very telling they would go to the family for those impacted. remember now, the judge sentences the two mcmichaels to plus 20 years. to the issue of the third one bryan to a third sentence. moving largely forward with the
3:26 am
plea in light of the fact that these defendants will be in jail anyway. that is very much an open question we'll see what the federal government does in light of moving forward it is very much an open question. >> what about the former da? she's been arrested and in violations of her oath as a public officer. what are you want within wantin to see in that case? >> i think everyone here should be dealing with the account. you mentioned this particular d.a. really stifling any prosecution. all you need is a probable
3:27 am
cause. she impeded that. she needs to be brought to account for what she did. indicating there is no basis. moving forward. there's a trial here. the system could work as to the prosecutor who tried to halt things in the first place. >> it is really bafling with this d.a. who said there is
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and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities. we are so glad to have you with us. the u.s. economy added just under 200,000 jobs last month, the lowest that figure had been all year. >> the white house was looking to end the year on an economic
3:33 am
high note. >> there has been a lot of press conference about people quitting their jobs. today's report tells you why. americans are moving up to better jobs with better pay. >> december jobs growth was the weakest month in what turns out to be a record year. adding 199,000 jobs. unemployment rate fell to 3.9%, that's the lowest of the pandemic. wages are picking up over the past year. the problem is those wage gains aren't keeping up with
3:34 am
inflation. 1.9 million fewer women in the jobs force. some of that is voluntary. some are leaving jobs for higher pay and better wages. >> plenty to discuss this morning. the white house seems to feel this was a perception problem. the lingering inflation with republicans posed to pick up seats. what are you hearing regarding
3:35 am
their concerns with the economy and how it will shape mid-term races. >> the way people in their own homes are experiencing wage-related issues or other concerns of softer ties and child care and how you live day-to-day. those are all difficult to control because the pandemic is driving them. brooind is looking for those low numbers and about what the inflation is trying do. continuing to argue for the need for his build back better plan. those drug costs and breaking the log jab jam and move
3:36 am
forward. the other idea is laying out a new normal. the idea we'll have a new normal but it won't be like this right now. his administration is moving towards a different place this latest report does not reflect the brunt he'll have some momentum. it will be difficult to weave through this period. >> historically, we have the report he's expected to run for a third term.
3:37 am
johnson's proximity to trump and flirting with conspiracy theories could be seen as liabilities and to some a selling point. do you think that brings him a chance to hold on to his seat in wisconsin. other republicans are likely less well-known. in virginia, you saw a win because the candidate distanced himself from trump. no chance in this case. three republican contests in 2022 that could be swing or flip cases. wynns, pennsylvania and north carolina. democrats are like bring it on. they want to run against the conspiracy theories and ties to trump. many think johnson defied the odds in 2017 and perhaps he and
3:38 am
trump could help inspire enough republican turnout that would be his best chance. that would be a contentious race. >> remembering harry reid. hugely influential for his time. we'll hear especially from former president barack obama. >> harry reid was known on a real level for his personal kindnesses and acts of involvement. he's not a house hold name the way obama or biden are. his two big impacts were helping
3:39 am
obama pass the care act and ending the filibuster for most presidential and judicial nominations, except for the supreme court. that really paved the way and cleared the log jam for obama to get many of his judges in place and paved the way for the conversation we are having now on many levels about whether to end the filibuster for good. the democraty parties are not there yet but closer due to legacy. >> cnn will follow through with coverage later on. good to have you. a quick programming note for
3:40 am
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the president of kazakhstan is calling for a day of warning after orders to kill without warning. what started as protests over rising fuel prices egg nighted anger over corruption, poor ert a poverty and unemployment. >> they are claiming a lot of this effort isn't domestic but is the work of foreign influence. >> kazakhstan, we don't hear a lot of it in the news.
3:46 am
that stability in the sebt ral place. one of the states that has been perhaps less dependent on moscow because of the strong energy sources. undergone strong economic growth. there are indications. it is difficult to get information out now because the internet has been down a week. the violence ravaging the country including the biggest city is perhaps a domestic political battle. the kazakhstan president has issued an order that protesters will be shot without warning. that has lead to an impact on the streets.
3:47 am
sayings it very quiet. check points on the streets. with gun shots and warning people away. people are coming out of their houses and apartment blocks. it has been more. the calm and dozens of people that were killed. numbers have been detained. we've seen foreign troops, specifically russian troops, being insighted in to help there. >> the president of kazakhstan thanking putin for that assistance. thank you for that from moscow. unvaccinated tennis star
3:48 am
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there are new developments in a bizarre situation involving
3:53 am
novak djokovic that he is unvaccinated and had a bought of covid in december. he was told he would be allowed to travel to and play in the australian open. coy is here trying to make sense of all of this. >> traveling to melbourne on the premise he had been granted a visa. leaked to local press tells unvaccinated players, they could receive a medical exemption if they had a confirmed covid case in the previous six months and a doctor's note. djokovic received a letter saying he had received the exemption but those of those green lights contradict the letter by the government sent to
3:54 am
association of tennis. djokovic has been confined to a melbourne hotel for days. supporters are outside. he's facing being deported. the australian open set to begin one week later. covid-19 rocking a u.s. figure skating championship in nashville. winter olympic hopefuls are now wondering if they'll see their dreams come true. >> 16 yooefrld star liu forced to withdraw after testing positive. she'll have to commission the committee to be one of three to represent the u.s. >> the highest ranked american duo in fairs forced to pull out
3:55 am
after frazier tested positive. they too await the decision of a committee on their olympic fate. those olympics start in 27 days. we saw history. 25-year-old mariah bell, the oldest winning skater. bell has a chance to make more history today if selected, she'll become the oldest olympic skater for the u.s. in 94 years. great story lines coming out of there. also up in the air whether some of the biggest stars will even make it due to covid. the protocols there aren't quite working the way they'd hoped.
3:56 am
three years into the pandemic, we still can't figure out how it will be. stay with us, the cdc is facing a credibility crisis as these cases are surging. the fight over how to keep kids safe in class is heating up across the country. we'll have more on that next. 1s in ensure high protein. boost® high protein also has key nutrients for immune support. boost® high protein. trelegy for copd. [coughing] ♪ birds flyin' high, you know how i feel. ♪ ♪ breeze driftin' on by... ♪ if you've been playing down your copd,... ♪ it's a new dawn, it's a new day,... ♪'s time to make a stand. start a new day with trelegy. ♪...and i'm feelin' good. ♪ no once-daily copd medicine... has the power to treat copd in as many ways as trelegy. with three medicines in one inhaler,
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