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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto  CNN  January 3, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PST

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moment and i'm just so lucky and grateful this brought us together. >> it means the world to you, for red, it means his life, and so i know he and his family are super grateful. thanks to both of you for being with us this morning. truly "the good stuff." >> thank you. >> thank you. thank you again, nadia. >> cnn's coverage continues right now. >> good monday morning. i'm jim shciutto. >> i'm bianna golodryga. this map shows what cases of omicron across the u.s. looked like just one month ago. on the right there you see what it looks like today. but despite the faster spread of omicron, hospitalizations while
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on the rise are not climbing as fast as cases. and new data from the uk in south africa shows omicron infections may not be as severe. >> in south africa, where they had a major surge, but as quickly as the surge went up, it turned around. we can help that a lot by the things we talk about all along, vaccinations, if you're vaccinated, get boosted. careful and prudent, wearing masks at indoor settings. >> so let's take a beat here in the new year. you do have some good news about omicron. it appears based on a number of countries it hit first to cause less severe illness and also that it burns out pretty quickly. that said as we begin the new year, infections are still rising, you are seeing some school districts begin the new year with remote learning, though most are opening up. there is also some good news in terms of treatments here. the fda could authorize pfizer booster shots or children aged
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12 to 15 as early as today, and that's important because boosters have been shown to really sharply increase protection. now the big jump in new infections plus winter weather has forced lots of flights to be canceled if you're traveling today, i'm sure you've been seeing this, today marks the eighth day in a row that u.s. airlines have been forced to cancel at least 1,000 flights. let's begin with what we're seeing in travel at u.s. airports particularly on the east coast. cnn aviation correspondent pete muntean is live at reagan national airport so pete, you had a couple things going on here. you have winter weather particularly around where we are, but you also have some good news it seems regarding how covid is impacting airlines and we're going to start with pete then go to chad myers at the weather center. first with you, pete. >> a double whammy, jim. airlines were starting to see the other side of the omicron triggered flight cancellations because of flight crew shortages and now this snowstorm hit.
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you've seen the snow come down good at reagan national airport, about 30% of all flights have been canceled here, the most flight cancellations in the country right here at reagan national airport also big cancellations at dulles and bwi and laguardia in new york. 1,800 flight cancellations so far across the country, likely the number go up to 10% of cancellations at southwest of its schedule, another 10% at skywest one of the regional operations that operates for delta, american and united. about 13% of flights at jetblue which operates flights up and down the east coast with new york hubs. airlines say that they have seen these omicron related cancellations because of flight crew shortages actually stay about the same for the last few days, although we saw about 5,000 cancellations over the weekend. 15,000 cancellations actually closer to 17,000 cancellations we have seen since christmas eve, so really this has put airlines in a tough spot and a lot of passengers in the lurch.
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this was going to be a really big day for holiday air travel, jim. the tsa says it had over 2 million people pass through security across the country as everyone begins coming home at once. >> of course, chad, the weather is not helping. 20 million people are now currently under winter storm watches and warnings. where is the weather the worst right now? >> just south of d.c. over to about atlantic city. so that line there, in the blue ridge and south carolina and the winds are blowing 40 miles per hour so whiteout conditions, hard to drive let alone fly. a lot of the airlines will be in one place. the one that was canceled going to d.c. but supposed to go somewhere else even l.a., that plane is not there so even though you had great weather out west, that doesn't mean that these planes are going to get back on track any time soon. there is the heavy snow, look for the purple. the purple area here is where the heaviest snow is falling
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between two and three inches of snow per hour and that could fall through two or three more hours so you can do some quick math and see how quickly that could add up. some of the morning models i looked at had well over 12 to 14 inches of snow in some spots across the delmarva, like eastern shore of maryland and on up even toward parts of delaware. this is what's going to happen for the next couple of hours, where we are now. by noon, the snow is still coming down in many spots but it's going to begin to start to pull away by 4:00 this afternoon. by 4:00 we're going to begin to see new england, long island through the jersey store have heavy snow but most of what's affected to the west is just going to get cold, cold behind the snow and still about six more inches to go in some spots, could be eight more inches to go. the big story here is what's happening behind the snow. it was raining, then it was sleeting, and then it was snowing, and now our temperatures are 20 to 30 degrees colder than they were this time yesterday, and that's
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causing those roads to freeze up. >> that's happened quickly. pete muntean and chad myers, thank you so much. some schoolchildren will have the day off and enjoy a snow day. this morning the rise in new infections among children is forcing some schools in the country to start the new school year remotely. >> but big picture, most are opening up. that's good news. new york city one of the largest in the country and despite a warning or request from one of the largest teachers union, mayor eric adams says no, schools are going to open up, remain in person. erica hill is following all of this. new york has seen one of the biggest spikes in the country here. how are they managing to keep kids in school in the midst of this? >> reporter: yes, they are, seeing that spike in cases, seeing a spike in positivity, jim, but what they're relyingen or the mitigation measures already in place, the masking, the cleaning of the schools and enhanced testing here in new york city. as we mentioned, this is the nation's largest school district, nearly 1 million public school students in new york city, they are back to
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school today. the mayor has been very clear, he believes the best place for kids to be is in school. take a listen to what he said in the bronx. >> the safest place for our children is in a school building, and we are going to keep our schools open and ensure our children are safe in the environment. schools are a satability for th children. that's why the chancellor and the entire team of educators across the city have been so focused on keeping our schools open. >> reporter: that was the mayor a few moments ago in the bronx. they rely on 1.5 million tests distributed to every public school in new york city, has
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rapid testing to send home with staff and students who may have been exposed so they can do that testing and they'll be required to test again five days later, this is part of that program we're hearing about around the country about testing to keep children in school. they encouraged students to be tested before returning but that wasn't a requirement. there are concerns about staffing as you pointed out. the president of the teachers union here actually sent a letter to the mayor yesterday advising that they return to remote learning on a temporary basis over concerns about staffing. the mayor said we are moving forward, michael mulvey, the president of that union saying again this morning, there are concerns about staffing. we know of one school in the city that had to close because of staffing. we're told he thinks that school should be open but we'll watch and see how this goes. so far the assistant principal is feeling confident about coming back to school today. >> i'm sure a lot of parents welcoming that as well.
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top of the next hour we'll speak to the head of the new york teachers union who asked the mayor to go remote. the mayor refused. we'll press on the issues. the cdc is expected to clarify its isolation guidance for fully vaccinated people who test positive for covid but are asymptomatic. >> there has been some concern about why we don't ask people at the five-day period to get tested. that is something that is under organization. there may be an option in that, that testing could be a part of that, and i think we'll be hearing more about that in the next day or so from the cdc. >> senior medical correspondent elizabeth cohen is following. normally when dr. fauci says there could be something in the conversations, that means something's about to happen. what do you expect to happen? what will that mean for folks? >> absolutely. you're right about that, jim. it will be interesting to see does the cdc, a, require testing to get out of isolation, in
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other words if you have covid and you're isolated, you have to get tested to get out of isolation. will there be a distinction between those vaccinated and those not and also a distinction between essential workers versus people who aren't see is enial workers? we saw what happened for example with airline slowdowns when essential workers got sick. let's look at what the guidance is now, right now if you have tested positive for covid, but you don't have symptoms or if you had symptoms but they're starting to resolve, five-days isolation is the cdc guidance and wear a mask for five days after that and no test is necessary to end that isolation. it will be interesting to see'cdc asks for a test, it will also be interesting to see health care workers have different guidelines. hospitals are allowed to do what they want. if they see a shortage they can get rid of the guidelines and do what they think is necessary.
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will the cdc go in that direction for other kinds of essential employers. >> it is a delicate balance. you have to keep society and the economy open but obviously you want to keep the hospitals in a place where they're not uh-uh dated with cases as well. thank you so much. here to discuss is dr. carlos del rio, executive associate dean at atlanta's emory university school of medicine. good morning, happy new year to you, doctor. it has been confusing for many over the past few weeks the guidelines coming out. do you think they need to be updated and do you support the idea of possibly testing after those first five days? >> good morning. there's been a lot of confusion and elizabeth explained it very well. in my opinion one of the differences that should have been there is whether you're vaccinated and boosted or not vaccinated. unvaccinated the ways you need to think about isolation are a little different than if you've already been vaccinated. if you're vaccinated, it means
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probably after five, six days you may be totally fine and ready to go back to your usual life, if you have no symptoms or mild symptoms, if you have no fever, feeling okay. the problem with that in testing is that some of the testing for example rapid antigen testing is positive by day five and six. maybe by day seven turn negative. if you wait until day seven you're pretty much done at the day seven level, that's they said initially not five but seven days. five days for testing you're pretty much looking at seven days. >> dr. del rio, let's talk big picture about omicron. the data increasingly show that it causes less severe illness, though more transmissible. should people at home take comfort in that? >> well, jim, i think if you are, again, vaccinated and even if you're vaccinated and boosted, omicron will pretty
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much be a cold, respiratory illness, upper respiratory illness, virus appears to be much more infectious in the upper respiratory tract than lower, like a bad cold. you're not vaccinated you may still get sick with it. the problem is we're seeing a significant number of people getting admitted to hospitals and particularly children. i think the number of children going to hospitals is going up quite a bit and that's something we all are concerned about. >> that has been a bit alarming for parents across the country, and it's something that the former head of the fda addressed over the weekend after scott gottlieb gave his thoughts as to why he thinks we are seeing that spike in cases among children. let's take a listen. >> it does appear based on a lot of experimental evidence that we've gotten in the last two weeks that this is a milder form of the coronavirus. it appears to be more of an upper area disease than lower airway disease. that's good for most americans. the one group that may be a problem for is young children, toddlers who have trouble with
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upper airway infections and you're seeing more croup like infections and bronchitis in new york city among children. >> toddlers aren't able to get a vaccine at this point yet so for parents, that have dealt with these types of issues before covid game on the horizon, how alarmed should they be and when should they take their child to the doctor? >> well bianna, parents are rightly concerned about it but i will emphasize that the chances of a kid ending up in the hospital after getting covid is much lower than that of getting into the hospital with other respiratory viruses such as influenza. so while i would be concerned, i would say what parents need to do, and i have two young granddaughters who are both under the age of 2 so they're not vaccinated. keep the adults around them vaccinated, prevent them from getting into situations where they see exposure going to places that are crowded, et
6:15 am
cetera and then if they start developing respiratory signs such as croup-like symptoms, breathing comes hard, the baby has trouble breathing and has a loud cough that suggests more of a lower respiratory than upper respiratory infection and at that point in time you should take the kids to the er. before that, i would strongly encourage you not to take him to the emergency room because they have a fever or a cold like symptom because that's not necessary and again the ers are inundated with patients right now. >> that's notable for to you say, the incidence of hospitalizations among folks with the kids with this kind of infection similar to, with others during regular flu seasons. dr. carlos del rio thanks so much as always. coming up next the january 6th panel says it has "significant testimony" about what former president trump was doing and not doing as his supporters atacked the capitol. details on the pleas from his daughter ivanka to stop the
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violence. president biden says the u.s. is ready to "respond decisively" if russia invades ukraine. what he told the ukrainian president ahead of a critical meeting between officials. two people are missing still after a wildfire tore through parts of colorado. we'll take you there live. ♪ your dell technologies advisor can help you find the right tech solutions. so you can stop at nothing for your customers. hello, for the last few years, i've been a little obsessed with chasing the big idaho potato truck. but it's not like that's my only interest. i also love cooking with heart-healthy, idaho potatoes. always look for the grown in idaho seal.
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as the nation prepares to mark the sad one-year anniversary of the deadly attack on the u.s. capitol, let's look at where we were one year ago today on january 3rd, 2021. the red flags were already there three days before the insurrection. u.s. capitol police shared an internal intelligence bulletin
6:21 am
warning of possible violence. according to "the washington post," the memo said "unlike previous post election protests, the targets of the pro trump supporters are not necessarily the counter protesters as they were previously, but rather congress itself. >> one year ago today, the department of defense confirmed with capitol police that there was no request for support and the acting defense secretary met with select cabinet members to discuss the potential of future support needed. it was also on january 3rd, 2021 that then president donald trump held some key meetings, one with them attorney general jeffrey rosen and former doj official jeffrey clark, called an apprentice style showdown according to system from top owe fishes with trump opening the three-hour meeting by saying "one thing we know is you, rosen, aren't going to do anything to overturn the election. the house committee investigating exactly what happened january 6th said they
6:22 am
have firsthand significant testimony that the white house "had been told to do something during the insurrection" that former president trump ignored those pleas. here's republican co-chair liz cheney. >> the committee has firsthand testimony now that he was sitting in the dining room next to the oval office watching the attack on television, as the assault on the capitol occurred. members of his staff were pleading with him to go on television to tell people to stop. we know leader mccarthy was pleading with him to do that. we know members of his family, we know his daughter, we have firsthand testimony that his daughter ivanka went in at least twice to ask him to please stop this violence. >> joining us cnn special correspondent jamie gangel. what is remarkbable, it is well documented the former president inaction for a number of hours from multiple sources, firsthand
6:23 am
sources. you have no reporting. what are you learning? >> first of all, let's put it out there, this is bad news for donald trump. so in addition to what congresswoman cheney said, a person with knowledge of the investigation has told me the january 6th committee has information from multiple sources with firsthand knowledge. so not just one source, and that these sources describe what the president was saying, doing and not doing during the riot. the source said "there's a collection of people with relevant information." translation? firsthand indicates someone with direct contact or knowledge. it could be someone who is in the room, someone on the phone, someone with direct firsthand information. bottom line, the committee has broken through trump's wall. >> right, and jamie, do you have
6:24 am
any indication as to who some of these people might be? >> so we don't know about a lot of people, more than 300 people have testified, but there's one witness who has publicly given a deposition to the committee, that's keith kellogg, former vice president mike pence's national security adviser, who was actually with trump in the white house when the riot was going on. the national security adviser, the normal one robert o'brien, was on the road. so kellogg was filling in. our colleague reached out to kellogg who told him he confirmed that he testified under oath to the january ofth comm 6th committee and cooperating but declined to comment about the substance of his deposition. kellogg is considered interesting because he's a trump loyalist and also a retired
6:25 am
general who i'm told takes his testimony seriously, again, he was in the room with donald trump during the riot. >> so this is a consistent message from the committee. >> right. >> why in particular are they underscoring this right now? >> so my understanding is this is part of the committee's strategy to let trump know. they are sending a message that people who are in the room, possibly his inner circle, are cooperating. it's a warning to trump, that even as some people like steve bannon are delaying, trying to defy the committee, the committee is still getting critical firsthand evidence, and i would also say it sends a message to others in trump world that key people are cooperating. they should cooperate, too. that's not to say the committee doesn't want information, like the documents from the national archives, clearly they do, but this is a warning to donald
6:26 am
trump that pieces of the puzzle are coming together from behind the wall. >> perhaps more people than he knows have come forward. >> absolutely. >> jamie, fascinating as always. thank you so much. >> thank you. joining us to scott, scott jennings, former special assistant to president george w. bush, also worked for a long time formitch mcconnell. good morning. >> good morning. >> i should note for our viewers you as well as your former boss mcconnell have publicly condemned january 6th and criticized trump for his role in that. mcconnell did not vote to impeach here. i wonder as you hear that reporting about the pieces coming together, about at a minimum the president's inaction on the day of january 6th, are there enough puzzle pieces to come together in your view for the republican party, for the leaders across the board to step away from trump? >> well, it's a great question.
6:27 am
i think the reckoning on this will come in 2024, if he seeks the nomination for the presidency again. look, i voted for him twice. i'm quite pleased with most of the policy outcomes of the trump administration, but what's become clear is that he violated his oath of office and i think we already knew a lot of this. he did not act on that day to preserve, protect and defend the constitution. it is in his oath of office, and so as a party, what we have to reckon with, can you return someone to the white house, will you support someone going back to the white house who in a moment of crisis chose to violate their oath of office? it says "to the best of my ability." i don't think, based on this reporting and based on what we already know, anyone could argue that he acted to do his oath of office to the best of his ability. >> and scott, according to at least liz cheney, the answer to your question as to whether he can return to the oval office and become president again of the united states to his inaction is no but it's not just from people like yourselves or
6:28 am
mitch mcconnell we heard condemn those actions. the days following we heard from kevin mccarthy and liz cheney, saying ivanka trump went in twice to tell her father to do something and the same with mark me droes getting text messages from donald trump, jr. having his dad stop it if he can, please and yet just days and weeks after that, the situation seemed to change. why do you think that is, and what message are voters and trump supporters sending? >> donald trump stayed on his course and message that the election was stolen. and the grassroots republican party see him as the leader and more inclined to believe what he says than anyone in congress or me or anyone else for that matter.
6:29 am
it's not everybody's opinion in the republican party but if you go out to a party meeting these days you'll find a lot of people who not only agree with donald trump that the election was stolen but believe he should be returned to the potcy. i assume we'll have a big primary about this in 2024. if i had to put money on it, trump is the odds-on favorite to be the nominee but surely somebody will stand up to this man and say i like a lot of what you did but january 6th was an unforgivable day. >> i suppose the question then is who, right? over the weekend, peter meyer, when of the ten house republicans that voted to impeach drawing ire. there's no other option right now in the republican party. it's a sad testament. is there really no other option? handicap this if you can. who could stand up? >> yes, of course. i totally disagree with the statement. i understand his analysis which at the moment if a primary were
6:30 am
led it's obvious donald trump would be the nominee. a must be of people who could not only execute the same policies you loved about donald trump but also not violate their oath of office in the process. you look at the governor of florida, desantis and tim scott of south carolina, you look at nickki haley, krzted cruz, mike pence. a number of qualified republicans who could fulfill the duties of the office, win a national election and not drag this january 6th baggage into another national election. i actually believe trump, there's some small chance he could win a national election in 2024 but as a republican party, is that what's best for us? is that what's best for the country? i argue and i think many republicans believe but maybe can't say out loud there's a raft of people that could do this, win an election and fulfill the policy goals that we have without dragging all of this baggage along. >> goes back to jim's question, though, who? i guess time will tell. scott jennings, thank you as always. >> i think, well, i will just say i think many people, i think
6:31 am
many people are going to run. i don't think he's going to get a pass. now whether they beat him or not, i don't know but i think you're going to see people file who aren't sort of from the never trump land, but people who legitimately can say i voted for trump, i support the policies, but we can't win with him. i think you'll see candidates like that coming forward. the question is can they be successful. >> we'll see. one commonality among the list is none of those potential candidates has said decisively, i will not stand for this as you said there. that will be a big test as we get closer to 2024. >> scott, thanks. >> yes, sir, thanks, guys. and still ahead, president biden promises decisive action if russia invades ukraine and some democrats say there needs to be more sanctions right now. enough that you can finish t the bachelor's degree in business you've started in 18 months for $18,000. that's smart. capella university. don't just learn. learn smarter.
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next week, u.s. and russian official also meet amid tensions on the ukrainian border and in advance of those talks, president biden is telling the ukrainian president that the u.s. and his allies will respond decisively if russia further invades ukraine. >> right now as many as 100,000 russian troops are amassed on the ukraine border and have been for some time. house intelligence committee chair representative adam schiff says the biden administration should actually be putting more pressure on vladimir putin now.
6:37 am
>> i think nothing other than a level of sanctions that russia's never seen will deter him and that's exactly what we need to do with our allies. >> cnn white house correspondent jeremy diamond is on the north lawn this morning. there's bipartisan criticism here really the administration approach because you have both republicans and democrats saying you got to act now, right, it's threatening sanctions post invasion or further invasion isn't enough. is the white house hearing that criticism? >> i think they're hearing it but i think they've decided that this is the approach they're going to take, to make very clear to the russians particularly behind closed doors even more so than they are publicly what exactly those sanctions and those costs will be, if indeed they move forward with an invasion, rather than doing anything preemptively, but what the president did now twice with russian president vladimir putin is show him the two paths that exist. one path where if he does choose to invade ukraine, the u.s. will
6:38 am
impose what biden has called devastating economic sanctions, a heightened nato presence in eastern europe right on russia's borders. on the other hand, there is this path of diplomacy which can continue as the russians are set to meet with american officials beginning january 10th, and there can be a diplomatic engagement on that front. at the same time, president biden has also shown the u.s. isn't going to allow a wedge to be driven between itself and its allies, why yesterday we saw president biden speak with president zelensky and made clear the u.s. and its allies will respond decisively if russia chooses to move forward with the invasion. there's no sense whether or not this is working. they don't have a clear sense whether or not the russian president intends to move forward with an invasion. they're monitoring russian actions, military movements to see whether or not it's working in the weeks ahead. jim? >> look, jim and jeremy, as you both know it's not as if the
6:39 am
u.s. hasn't leveled sanctions before. it's a matter what have sanctions would ult atly deter vladimir putin. jeremy diamond an a snowy white house lawn, thank you so much. >> yes, looks chilly out there. still ahead, this hour, a rhode island mayor is making sure that her constituents have access to covid testing. we'll speak with her next on what she's doing to keep residents safe and how badly officials need more tests. throughout history i've observed markets shaped by the intentional and unforeseeable. for investors who can navigate this landscape, leveraging gold, a strategic and sustainable asset...
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aspen dental. anything to make you smile. book today at, walk in, or call 1-800-aspendental. hello, for the last few years, i've been a little obsessed with chasing the big idaho potato truck. but it's not like that's my only interest. i also love cooking with heart-healthy, idaho potatoes. always look for the grown in idaho seal. amid the rush to ramp up testing across the country, one mayor is on the front lines, trying to get at-home kits to her constituents and cut the long wait times at testing centers.
6:44 am
mayor maria rivera of central falls, rhode island, got fully decked out in ppe last week so she could personally hand out some 2,500 at-home covid tests that the state sent to her city. i'm joined now by mayor maria rivera. thank you so much. there are mayors that govern from city halls and mayors that governor from the streets, exactly what you have been doing out there wearing your ppe and handing out the at-home tests. you have a population of about 20,000. 2,500 tests doesn't seem to be cutting it. are you opening more facilities? >> thank you so much for this opportunity, bianna. we have two testing sites in central falls. one testing site is a site that's run by the state, the other testing site is a pediatrician who took it upon herself to make sure that she takes care of the residents of the city of central falls. she had her practice for only one month before the pandemic and after the pandemic she has taken it upon herself to vaccinate and test people so
6:45 am
that testing site that she has was a testing site that i was at ppe gear because she needed the support. these testing kits we got from the state when i was there, we didn't have the testing kits yet. i was help we are with the line trying to reduce the line and having people register for the test to get vaccinated and we got the testing kits and took it upon ourselves to be out in the streets speaking to the residents, giving them a testing kit so that we could reduce these lines at both testing sites and it was important for us to educate them about why they should take a testing kit if they were not sick, if they did not have symptoms and they were only in close contact with someone because people really don't trust these testing kits. we have to educate them about it before actually them accepting to take this testing kit. so we were able to give out 2,500. >> that is what you've been doing there talking to the people on the streets and we know the lines had been there,
6:46 am
people had been waiting in lines for hours. the video that we just showed was from last wednesday. have the lines gotten any sm smaller since then? >> no, the lines have not gotten smaller. i can tell you that we have as of today a bigger new testing site in the city that hopefully is going to help with the testing issue, what we did gave the doctor more resources to test more people and as soon as we're done with this call, i'll be heading over to the new testing site and see how that is rolling out. >> we know 70%, correct me if i'm wrong of the residents have been vaccinated. has that helped at all with hospitals and making sure they're not inundated with sick
6:47 am
residents? >> central falls is a unique city with the hardest hit community, the highest rate of hospitalizations in the state of rhode island and that happens for different reasons. we have a housing crisis in central falls, we couldn't tell our residents to isolate because i have two and three families living in one apartment so when i tell one person, it's very hard for them to isolate and for the rest of the people in the department to not get impacted by covid. we are facing the rest of the challenge which is why i'm ensuring we're focused on the city of central falls to have the hospitalization rates go down and spiking back up. we knew this was going to happen and knew we'd be in another crisis and this is why it's important for me to be hands on and have my team out there working with the residents of the city. the testing is important because if not, people are going to lose their jobs. employers are not accepting their employees to go back to work with a negative test. the same thing with the schools.
6:48 am
>> more testing is crucial and as you've just mentioned, schools, children returning today to keep them open and keep them safely open requires a lot more tests as well. mayor maria rivera, thank you for your time and for doing everything you are to keep your residents safe. >> thank you for the time. still ahead, snow now complicating the search in colorado for two people missing, after just a devastating fast-moving wildfire there while authorities are narrowing in on what started that fire. we'll go there live next. move to sofi and feel what it's like to get your money right. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ move to a sofi personal loan. earn $10 just for viewing your rate — and get your money right.
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breaking news, this just in, the fda is now expanding the pfizer booster recommendation to now include 12 to 15-year-old children. that is an amendment to the existing emergency use authorization as it is known. this is good news, more kids heading back to school. also amid the surging omicron variant. we'll have much more on this, what it means for you and your children in a moment. >> welcome news for millions. but now, the search resumes today for two people still missing after those devastating colorado wildfires. >> you hear from eyewitnesses on you fast moving the fire was. it destroyed almost 1,000 homes, burned more than 6,000 acres. a heavy blanket of snow since fell on the area over the weekend. and natasha chen is live from wo boulder. i've spoken to people who witness this had. it moved so fast, people having
6:54 am
just minutes d.' warning. and now two people still missing. what have we learned? >> reporter: what we're hearing from people who had to evacuate is that lot of them felt such hurricane force winds that they were being knocked over. adults being knocked over by that wind. and of course that is the wind that was carrying flames ripping through these neighborhoods that destroyed about 1,000 structures, most of them homes. the search for the missing will be really difficult. officials say that the search through the burn zone, homes reduced to ash and thousand covthousand -- now covered with 8 inches of snow. and so they are hoping for a positive outcome, but it is quite difficult. they point out that two missing people out of 35,000 people who had to evacuate is quite extra ready on. and investigators are looking into how the fire started on a
6:55 am
day, thursday, when it was extremely dry. red flag notice with high wind warning. nothing should have been burning. on friday, a search warrant was executed on private property and people asked the sheriff about a shed on fire. and here is what he said in response to that. >> we don't know that that shed or anything around it was the actual start of the fire or whether it was secondary. it is complicated and covered with a foot of snow. so we will sort it out. it is an active open deal. and the outcome of that investigation is vital. there is so much at stake. >> reporter: right now everybody is just focused on the people who are displaced. where are they going to go. one family who lost everything told me that they had been in that house in lewisville for more than 20 years.
6:56 am
and that is a tight knit community because many generations have stayed there. there are also really high tensions right now, people upset, 34ri8spolice saying one s arrested for threatening firefighters with a rifle. unclear whether he owned a home in that area, but emotions are very high right now. >> and these firefighters are under enough pressure as it is. natasha chen, thank you as always. well, still ahead, more on the breaking news this hour. the fda expanding booster shot authorization to 12 to 15-year-olds. what you can expect and how quickly, that is up next. hello, for the last few years, i've been a little obsessed with chasing the big idaho potato truck. but it's not like that's my only interest. i also love cooking with heart-healthy, idaho potatoes.
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