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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  December 14, 2021 10:00am-11:00am PST

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autistic kids are finding hope in cannabis and see how for some hope comes at great risk this. new cnn special word "weed 6, marijuana and autism" begins at 8:00 eastern and 5:00 pacific. we'll see you back here this time tomorrow. ana cabrera picks up our coverage right now. >> breaking news, we're minutes away from a full house vote to hold mark meadows in contempt of congress and if it passes this case then gets sent to the justice department meaning meadows could become the first white house chief staff to face criminal charges since the watergate era. today's vote comes hours after the select committee investigating the january 6th
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attacks revealed explosive texts meadows received as the capitol was under siege. private texts from lawmakers, from fox news hosts, even from the president's son, all begging then president trump's chief of staff to get trump to do something, anything to stop the violence. a sample of the frantic messages from unnamed lawmakers who were inside the capitol on january 6th. we are under siege here at the capitol. there's an armed standoff at the house chamber door. the president needs to stop this asap. fix this now. we are all helpless. at the same time fox news personalities were sending similar pleas to meadows as well. brian kilmeade texting please, get him on tv. destroying everything you have accomplished. laura ingraham saying you are
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destroying your legacy and sean hannity saying can the president make a statement to ask people to leave the capitol and here's congresswoman liz cheney laying out some of the memos donald trump jr. sent to meadows in the heat of the moment. >> donald trump jr. texted again and again urging action by the president. quote, we need an oval office address. he has to lead now. it has gone too far and gotten out of hand, end quote. >> that oval office address never came. as congresswoman liz cheney stressed it would hours before trump would heed those calls, three hours and seven minutes to be exact. for three hours and seven minutes a chaotic, violent, deadly scene at the capitol played out. police officers were battered. the capitol was ransacked. some of the people doing it carrying trump flax and
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confederate flags. chants of hang mike pence ring out in the seat of american democracy. three hours and seven minutes after getting these desperate texts trump released an impromptu address telling the rioters to go home and also saying, quote, we love you. these messages don't just expose the hypocrisy of trump allies who have since tried to downplay january 6th. these messages provide a crucial glimpse into just how much the white house knew about the riot as it was happening. they now the capitol was under siege because people inside the build were telling them in realtime and the people closest to donald trump now he was the only one who could call off the attackers. so much to discuss here. let's bring in our cnn legal analyst and former federal prosecutor jennifer rogers, cnn political commentator and former aide to president george w. bush scott jennings and cnn chief political analyst gloria borger.
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gloria, we still have republicans whitewashing these attacks. these texts reveal that they know better. what's your reaction? >> well, my reaction is that these texts read deliberately by liz cheney last night are receipts. they are proof that these people knew exactly what was going on and have been duplicitous about it with the american public, whether it's been on television or whether it's been talking to the media and saying that this wasn't so bad, et cetera, et cetera. i mean, meadows knew. the white house knew. administration officials knew. lawmakers knew. the president's family, most specifically his son knew, and so we know that all of these people, we know from one of these texts when meadows responded to don trump jr. and said i'm pushing hard, i agree, when don jr. said this isn't
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enough. we also know very importantly that meadows, if he's telling the truth to don jr., was trying to get the president to stop it, to say something, to do something, and he did not which is exactly what the committee is investigating. >> and jen, all these messages come from people who aren't in the administration, and they were sent to and from meadows' personal devices, his personal accounts. he voluntarily gave them to the committee y.wouldn't he sit for questions on all of this? >> well, that's a great question, ana. i mean, he did the dance for a while saying he would sit for questions. he had a date to come in and then he refused. ultimately i think he was trying to walk a very fine line to being loyal to trump and loyal to himself frankly because he as we now know was right in the middle of all of this so he has exposure, too, so he's trying not to give the select committee information that will ultimately be harmful for him and harmful for trump, but he doesn't want
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to get a criminal referral for contempt of congress either, so he really has been trying to do that dance. ultimately though his giving over of all of those documents as non-privileged is a real problem for him because there's absolutely no legal legitimate reason why he can refuse to come in and speak about those, and that's really the basis now for this referral for contempt of congress to doj. >> right, and we expect that vote to happen again any minute now, potentially within the hour or next couple of hours but today this, afternoon, and, scott, i want to highlight one text from unnamed gop lawmaker. i quote here yesterday was a terrible day. we tried everything we could, and our objection to the six states, i'm sorry nothing worked. >> scott, this lawmaker seemed to be saying it's a terrible day because the effort to overturn the election failed, not because of the deadly violence at the capitol. how messed up is that? >> yeah.
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it's -- there were some people who were so invested in this that their judgment became so clouded that they couldn't see what has happening, you know, in the larger context here which was, a, you know, these members of congress don't have the ability to just award the presidency to anyone they see fit regardless of what, you know, legal memos say nor does mike pence which he fortunately rejected that advice, and, b, i think some of these members were so interested in catering to a narrow group of people that they -- they lost sight of their constitutional function, their constitutional role, the role, you know, to the ost office that they take, and it is so unfortunate that -- that not only did they do that but also based on these text messages and bases on everything that we've seen the president did that as well. i mean, it's quite clear. i've said this since january the 6. i think he violated his oath of office on that day, and when you see these members of congress who were feed thing into it and then you see what the white
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house did and when you see what he did personally, you know, all flowing from the idea that he may have violated his oath of office, it's extraordinarily disappointing, and it's heartbreaking and i'm no less angry about it today than i was on this particular day. these fox hosts and others had two eyes and a tv could see what was happening. anybody that was watching it could see what what is happening and who was responsible for it and who had the power to stop it, and i think as we look at it all today. >> yeah. >> donald trump failed. he failed. >> the power to stop it. let mow pick up on that because the committee keeps stressing this 187 minutes of trump inaction, right? mark meadows dispute that had claim though last night even after all of this was reveal. he was on news max. listen. >> what they have done is had a contempt vote. we've tried very hard in a very transparent and accommodating way to share non-privileged information. >> right. >> and what we found out tonight
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is that not only did that just get disregard, but then they tried to weaponize text messages, selectively leaked them to put out a narrative that quite frankly that the president didn't act, and i can tell you -- the president did act. this is all about, you know -- it's not about holding me in contempt. it's about coming after president donald trump, and sadly that's what tonight's vote was all about. >> we know it was hours before trump released that video statement telling the rioters to go home and remember in that same statement he told the capitol rioters we love you. we know the national guard response was delayed, but there is still a lot we don't know about what was happening in the white house during the attack. gloria, if trump was actively trying to stop the violence, wouldn't you think he and his allies would have made sure that the public knew about if? >> yeah. i think so, and i think it's quite obvious that he wasn't trying to stop the violence.
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i mean, you know. they are gathering all the strings is that that they can gather, but it's obvious that the president had to be pushed into doing what he finally did. he had to be pushed into issuing any kind of statement. mark meadows is clearly getting a lot of pressure from people on capitol hill, even from his friends at fox news, et cetera, but, you know, the -- if it were up to the president alone, who knows what would have happened, but it is remarkable that after handing over non-privileged information that meadows would not even appear before the committee to discuss what he had handed the committee because they have a lot of questions about those texts and those e-mails that quite frankly he should be able to answer, so, you know, it is -- it's kind of remarkable to me that mark meadows goes out there and says
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well, you know, the committee is really playing a game with me. i think that -- in fact, he should be given credit for handing over what he handed over because he did hand over a lot of document. >> he has. 6,000 documents we're told. >> exactly. >> 6,000 records including these text messages and other things like that 38-page powerpoint that he was, you know, utilizing in some kind of email fashion, but maybe he is concerned about his own legal exposure here. congresswoman liz cheney returned to a very revealing question about a legal point today. watch. >> this brings up another point. mr. meadows' testimony will bear on a key question in front of this committee. did donald trump through action or inaction corruptly seek to obstruct or impede congress' official proceeding to count electoral votes? >> she was pointing to a
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specific criminal statute there, jen. could this probe result in criminal charges based on trump's inaction or others' inaction? >> well, the first question, ana, is will it result in a referral from congress for criminal action? that's the first step, and i think the answer is yes. she really was reading effectively the language from the applicable statute, and if they find that donald trump in fact was responsible for this march to the capitol that ended up obstructing an official proceeding, then they may make that referral to doj. now whether doj actually charges that is another huge question. i haven't yet seen any appetite by merrick garland or the justice department for taking this up. usually if doj was criminally investigating this they would ask congress to stand down so the fact that the select committee has been so active and busy suggests that doj does not want to criminally investigate this, but it may land in their
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lap and they may have no choice other than to take a look when the select committee is done with their work. >> remember, the doj is still actively pursuing a lot of the capitol riots, and they have already brought 700 cases against those alleged rioters at this point. thanks so much. appreciate the analysis and conversation. know also want to bring in someone who knows the dynamics inside the trump family, cnn contributor and donald trump biographer michael dantonio. michael, let's go back through the texts that donald trump jr. sent to meadows in the throes of this capitol attack. i quote here. he's got to condemn this expletive asap. the capitol police tweet is not enough, and then he adds we need an oval office address. he has to lead now. it has gone too far and gotten out of hand. michael what, goes through your mind hearing these words from trump jr., not to his own father but to his dad's chief of staff?
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>> well, first of all, it is surprising that he didn't address the president directly to his cell phone. there could be a sign of something wrong there, but donald jr. has always been, although it doesn't look that way, the deviant member of the trump clan, and by that i mean he's been willing to stand up to his father in ways that other people have not, so when you see especially that phrase he has to lead now. that indicates that he's saying his father has not been leading and that he's aware of it, and then when he says that this has gotten out of hand, he indicates that he knows where the limits are in civil society but his father does not. >> in all fairness, we don't know that trump jr. wasn't also reaching out to his father at the same time. do you think he was texting his father as well perhaps and it was just ineffective? >> i would hope so, but, you know, it could well be that
10:15 am
donald jr. has never had the direct line to the president in the white house, that he would have had when they were in business together. various chiefs of staff had tried to put boundaries between himself -- between the president and others, and i think it's possible that that's part of what's going on here. >> how do you think donald trump is reacting to don jr.'s texts now becoming public? >> i think he's absolutely furious. this is the young man, the child of his that has always been a bit of a problem, and i think he's probably cursing him either out loud or under his breath uncertain bad moment for the former president, but i actually admire don jr. for what he did. i think a lot of americans will admire it. it may be that he's staking a claim to being an individual on his own, and i think that's a pretty good sign of somebody who is maturing and coming into his
10:16 am
own. >> well, it's certainly different than what he puts out there in terms of his public persona who has been one of the most vocal, you know, of trumpism and its extremist rhetoric. >> right, but you see there's a big difference between trolling, being the guy who says the snarky things and then watching people get beat up, watching people invade the capitol risk death. you know, people died on january 6th. i think don jr. in a way as a guy who is an outdoorsman, who spends a lot of time with fellows who love guns and he finds in these rural areas where he does his hunting, that he knows that these people need to be spoken to in a way that discourages excess, and i don't think donald trump, the president, the former president understood how far this could
10:17 am
go. he may be a great troll, donald jr., but it's possible that he sees where the red loins exist but his father doesn't see them. >> thanks so much for making time for us. >> great to be with us. >> much more on this ahead including a closer look at how throw of the biggest personalities at fox news begged for trump to stop the attack but have suns spent every day whitewashing the insurrection. plus, more cities sounding the alarm over rapid surges in covid cases as a new study reveals two doses of the pfizer vaccine offer much less protection against the omicron variant. and soon the parents. student accused of shooting his classmates in oxford, michigan will appear in court. stay with us. you're live in the cnn "newsroom" balanced nutrition for strength and energy.
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. they literally begged for former president trump to stop the violence. sean hannity, laura ingraham and brian kilmeade, three of the biggest stars on fox news and conservative media in general, now expose in newly released text messages from january 6th pleading with the former president's chief of staff mark meadows to get trump to stop his supporters from attacking the capitol. this from brian kilmeade, please, get him on tv. destroying everything that you accomplished. from laura ingraham, this is hurting all of us and he's destroying and then those same people afterward began to shift is the narrative trying to downplay the attack or deflect responsibility. >> we also knew that there's always bad actors that will
10:23 am
infiltrate large clouds. i don't care if they are radical left or right. non-who they are. >> a lot of violence but it wasn't a terrorist attack, not 9/11, not the worst thing that ever happened to america. it's not an insurrection. >> fbi will infiltrate groups whether it's the mob or al qaeda and try to be one of them and unwind a pot before it takes place. >> right. >> do you think maybe perhaps and you don't want to give away your theories that you find indications that the fbi was possibly pushing for this invasion? >> here to discuss cnn media analyst bill carter and npr media correspondent david full canflick. david, to learn that these messages were flying during the attack and yet the message now and right after on fox news about the attack have been so, so different, even after last night's contempt involvement this is what we saw when mark meadows joined sean hannity for an interview, listen. >> this is about donald trump
10:24 am
and about actually going after him once again, continuing to go after donald trump. there's never been an intent on my part. i've tried to share non-privileged information, but truly the -- the executive privilege that donald trump has claimed is his to waive. it's not mine to waive, not congress' to waive and that's why we filed the lawsuit. >> so this was an interview that came after we had all of these revelations about the text messages that were sent, including their own private text conversation which had just been made public and yet they didn't even address that. their viewers are being fed one message, but it's devoid of all the information, bill. are fox viewers even aware of the facts? >> well, they are often not aware of the facts because fox and the other conservative media, you know, make a concert effort to keep the facts from them when they are not favorable to donald trump. this is -- this is an organization that is completely
10:25 am
in the tank now for trump. they are not doing news anymore. they are doing trump-centric information. i think the most telling thing about those texts when the insurrection was going on was that they were completely aware, these fox hosts, danger of that moment, but they were -- they didn't think about the people that were under threat or the nation being in darker. they thought of donald trump being in danger. his legacy being in danger. that's what they were out to protect, not the people and not even the congress people. >> and david, that ingraham text was so revealing. this hurts us all she wrote, lumping herself in with the administration, with the gop. fox news pretends to be a news organization, but journalists are supposed to hold people in power accountable to be a government watchdog. that's clearly not what we have here. >> even opinion journalists, even those sympathetic to the president, even those sympathetic to a party, if you want to consider yourself a journalist, have you to acknowledge facts that go
10:26 am
against your rooting interest. fox goes back and forth whether opinion figures like ingraham, like hannity and like the folks at "fox & friends" and kilmeade fall into the category of opinion journalists but what you're seeing is no separation between ingraham and her colleagues and trumpet one more thing. we don't know whether or not they were talking about trump's legacy as a way of appealing to his vanity to get him to stop. what we do know is they weren't sharing with their viewers the benefit of their perspective, their rawness, their insight that this is a problem. this is a crisis and this could get very dangerous. >> as we all observed during the last administration, some of these fox news talents, sometimes they served of as trump's informal advisers, so, bill, is it remarkable here that trump this time seemingly ignore their advice? >> it isn't particularly surprising because he doesn't really listen to anybody if he's
10:27 am
made up his own mind, even people he temporarily supports, because he doesn't realistic by anybody if they counter his opinions. let's face it, he wouldn't even stick by his kids when they counter his opinions as we saw with him ignoring his own son in this care, but i think for fox they are so far committed to this, it's their business plan to back trump in every way so really within 24 hours that evening they are saying he had no control of the situation. it's anti-fa-or the fbi whereas in the text they clearly understood he had control of the situation. that's what that was all about, but they can't tell their people that because it might cost them viewers who would draw them to another conservative media and it's a business plan to make as much possible as possible on what amounts to trump acolytes. >> now, will they be held accountable is the question? this morning here on cnn select committee member was asked about getting some of these fox hosts under oath. listen. >> any plans to call anyone from
10:28 am
fox to testify at this point? >> the we are calling many people. we can certainly invite them. they are free to contact committee and speak with them and we will be contacting other witnesses as time goes on. >> david, within the halls of fox, how do you think this is playing out or will play out as it moves forward? is it business as usual? are colleagues upset? what do you think? >> my sense is that this was displaying, you know, followed hard on the heels of the announcement that chris wallace would be leaving to join cnn and after a series of disagreements about the direction of the network. it's on such a hugish you've the question of whether or not you can recognize the importance of this assault on this citadel of dem circumstance the u.s. capitol, it on the day when the transfer of power is being essentially -- there's a seal of approval making it official from the vice president of the united states, that disruption, you know, you're not hearing about it on fox.
10:29 am
fox made fun of other networks, including yours and msnbc and others for covering the hearings as a matter of import while it is, you know, seeking to dismiss, diminish, deny and even denounce the questions that are being raised by this commit and by others concerned about the implications of the workings of american demcism i think what fox news is doing a disservice to its viewers to understand what is happening around them, but they are trying to hold on to them to give them as bill suggested the red meat that they have shown that they want and for which in a sense they punished fox for withholding after its call of arizona for joe biden back in november 2020. fox has ever since been trying to sort of double down on it trumpiness even as it's seeking to pivot -- figuring out a way to pivot in a biden era. >> really appreciate you both. thanks for joining us. >> you bet. a rapid surge at the worst possible time. coronavirus cases rising right ahead of the holidays, and it comes as a new study reveals two
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i want to take you to michigan, the parents suspected shooter at oxford high school just appeared in court. it just wrapped up as they were facing involuntary manslaughter charges. officials accuse the couple of contributing to the tragedy by giving their son access to a semiautomatic handgun and ignoring the signs that he needed help. cnn crime and justice correspondent shimon prokupecz joins us now. what happened live in court? >> this was set for a probable cause hearing, and it's sort of the first step before the next process which is sort of the preliminary hearing, so the jumping was asking prosecutors if they have turned over all of the evidence, the discovery that the defense is entitled to, and what they are telling the prosecutor there karen mcdonald appearing herself on behalf of the town, of the state, saying that they are not ready to proceed here, that they have so much evidence, so much more,
10:36 am
many more interviews to cop duct and given the unprecedented case, given the. a evidence that they have collected so far, they need more time to proceed for that preliminary hearing. they said they have already turned over 500 pages of document. they have tons of film that they need to gather and they have to interview some of the students. they have had a hard time interviewing the students to in hearing that was schedule that was schedule for next week but they have now agreed to have it in february. the attorney for the parents will ask them to release them on bopped. remember, the judge is holding them on a $500,000 bond but it seems that the defense attorneys want to make another motion to get them released so they are going to be filing that.
10:37 am
of course, as we know, one the reasons therk held on such high bond is they were on the run. police said they did not appear when they were supposed to be to be arrested and there was this manhunt so now the defense attorneys say they need some information to gather some information so that they can file the motion. just briefly, ana, yesterday their son appeared in court, same situation, it was a probably cause hearing. interestingly enough, it now appears that the parents have nothing to do with their son. the court granting a guardian to the alleged shooter so that she, this attorney, this guardian also, now be overseeing the next steps in his life obviously and what the next steps will be in that case, ana. >> okay. thank you for that update. shimon prokupecz, appreciate it. we have new information today about the omicron variant of covid-19. a study finds the pfizer vaccine is only good at protecting omicron infection one-third of the time, but there's also positive news about the reduced
10:38 am
risk of hospitalization. cnn's senior medical correspondent elizabeth cohen joins us. walk us through the findings and what this means in the fight against covid. >> so, aprila this, study is from a very large insurance company in south africa. it's with more than 200,000 mashts, but what's good is it very much resonates, it's very much the same thing that was found by pfizer and that was found by another lab in south africa as well as a lab in the uk, so let's get right to the findings for this group in south africa. what they found is that folks who got two dose of the pfizer vaccine, they were only 33% protected against infection. that's not great. that's a very low number. only 33% protected against infection, but they found that pfizer was -- two dozes of pfizer was 70% effective against hospitalization, so that is the good news there. now, when pete -- when we hear, and this will happen in the u.s. because omicron is here and it's
10:39 am
spreading, you will hear about people who got omicron after getting two doses of pfizer or two doses probably of moderna or a doze of johnson & johnson, but what you really want to think about is how sick did those people get, and that's really the question there, and, again, when pfizer, it's interesting, because when pfizer then tested the booster, they saw, well, huh, if two dose didn't do great, what happened with the booster, they found that the booster really did help improve the f-kase of the vaccine. ana? >> so that's good news. another reason for people to get their boosters as soon as they are eligible, six months after that second dose. >> yes. there's also encouraging news about pfizer's covid pilling right? what have we learned? >> that's right. now, one thing i want to say before i talk about this is this is a pill to treat people who have covid. vaccination is always better. you don't have to be a genius to know that prevention is better than treatment. it is better to prevent covid which is what the vaccine does than to treat, it because while
10:40 am
this pill worked for some, it didn't work for many. it didn't work for everybody, so let's take a look at this. it's an antiviral that needs to be taken within days of symptom onset, and that's tough, and i'll talk about that in a second. so folks who took this antiviral called paxlovid within five days of simpson onset. when they got a placebo, a pill that did nothing, 16 of them were hospitalized and 6 of them tied. twelve people died when they didn't get the drug and zero people died when they did get the drug, but here's the part that's sort of a caveat here and sort of curbs your enthusiasm a little bit with this drug that it has to be taken so early. that has to mean you need to know you're getting symptoms, you have to get tested, call your doctor and your doctor has to prescribe it and we note
10:41 am
testing is not where it should be in the united states so this pill looks very promising. they are applying to the fda for authorization, but there are shortcomings here. it does need to be taken very quickly. ana? >> thank you for the context and thank you for the data. thank you, elizabeth cohen. hard to believe it, but today marks exactly one year since the first covid vaccines were administered here in the u.s. outside of clinical trials. one year later the new omicron variant is spreading. deaths in the u.s. from covid could surpass 800,000 in just the next day or so. one year later california is reinstating an indoor mask man day. the u.s. military now dismission personnel for not getting vaccinated as 27 air force members just got their walking papers for refusion the shot. and the legal fight continues as the supreme court just ruled it will not block a vaccine mandate for new york health care workers. the sports world meanwhile also still being affected by covid a year after we got the vaccine.
10:42 am
the nba's chicago bulls forced to postpone two games with ten players placed in covid protocols and the nhl's chaukz delaying a game because of a covid-19 outbreak on the calgary flames, and in the nfl 37 players tested positive for covid just yesterday. these headlines all paint the pick tufrm the battle is so far from over. some places have it worse than horse right now. doctors in minnesota just took out this full-page ad with the caption we are heartbroken. we're overwhelmed. let's get to dr. raoul caroni, president and ceo of the minnesota hospital association. doctor this, ad, it tells a dire story. how did it come to taking this route, a full-page ad? was this a last resort sorts? >> ana, thank you for having me. you know, we are running out of words to describe the crisis that we are seeing here in
10:43 am
minnesota and across the u.s. it's a true crisis, and now we're invoking our heart. you know, i'm a physician, and so many of the health care heroes came to this industry because it's a calling, so we're saying our heart is aching. our beds are full. our emergency departments are full. our hallways have patients in them, some on breathing machines, and at this point our care capacity is stretched to the very limits, so we're invoking our heart. we want our communities to know the dire situation that we're in right now. >> it just sounds so disheartening. i hear you. i feel you. the latest data though from the minnesota department of health shows 71% of people in your state who are eligible to get vaccinated have received at least one shot. so why do you think things are so bad? why does it seem to be getting worse? >> you know, it's covid. it's also the heart attacks and strokes and patients that
10:44 am
deferred their surgeries and their care that are causing such high volumes in our hospital, but other thing that's very important to know right now in the u.s. national data says one in five health care workers is leaving the industry. we were already short thousand of workers before the first covid case showed up, and now the health care workers are exhausted. they are retiring. they are resigning. they are going to other industries. that is limiting our care capacity, and so we're telling our community that at this point if you had a motor vehicle accident or had a heart attack our care capacity is limited. it's really a crisis. >> we keep hearing pleas from you, from other doctors and nurses and people to take covid seriously, to take measures to protect themselves and their loved ones whether it's wearing masks or getting the vaccine. why don't you think it's getting through? >> you know, we are hearing it's
10:45 am
getting through, but sometimes it's too late. sometimes, you know, a community member, a patient says i wish would i have had the covid vaccine when they were making a decision about being on the breathing machine themselves, or they are holing the hand of a loved one. you know, there are many questions about this, you know, disease that are still emerging, but we know what works. get the booster. get your kids vaccinated. let's do the right thing and, again, we're invoking our heart. we're calling on our community. as a physician i can tell you physician, nurses, patients, we are one. it's a bilateral relationship. help us help you, and we will get through this. >> beyond taking thought ad, do you think, you know, implementing more vaccine mandates would help? what other tools do you have? >> you know, in minnesota i'm very proud of what our health care systems have done. ever since the first day the vaccines became available, we have been strongly encouraging
10:46 am
our communities, our patients, our health care staff to get the advantages eve. you talk about the high rates that we're seeing here in minnesota. 75% plus of our communities have gotten vaccinated. we're so proud of the public/private partnership that we have in minnesota. that's the work of today and tomorrow. get those shots in arms, and we're hoping our community will do the right thing and we will get through this. >> so let me just ask you one last question here because we're seeing more and more data about omicron showing the vaccines may not be as effective, right? on the other hand, we have in new study showing a 29% lower chance of hospitalization with this variant which is good news compared to many so of the other variants, but what is your message then to people who aren't vaccinated, who may have been hesitant to begin with and now are thinking, well, this variant doesn't seem so bad, why do i need a vaccine anyway? >> you know, if you come to an emergency department, you will see our hallways are full of
10:47 am
beds and patients. some of them on breathing machines. if you talk to one of your neighbors who had their surgery and even sometimes a heart surgery that was cancelled because we're completely full and we don't have any space in our intensive care units, and, unfortunately, if you're one of those folks that has a family member that suffers or dies from covid or you yourself get covid, hopefully that's not when you come to the realization that this was a preventable illness, that i wish would i have gotten the shot. let's do what science tells us. get the shot. do what's right and, again this, ad says it all. our heart is aching. we are looking forward. we want to get through this together, but we need you. we need your help. >> doctor thank you for putting your heart out there and taking the time to talk with us and just for the tireless effort you and your colleagues are putting in each and every day. we really appreciate you. >> thank you, ana. president biden is heading to kentucky tomorrow as communities begin the long road to recovery from those deadly
10:48 am
tornadoes. we just got a grim update from the state governor there. that's next. 1, 2, 3... yay! ♪ “i got you babe” by etta james ♪ ♪ wait hold up, here it comes! alright, everybody stand up straight. okay now let me flip it. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ this is your home. this is your family room slash gym. the guest bedroom slash music studio. the daybed slash dog bed. the living room slash yoga shanti slash regional office slash classroom. and this is the basement slash panic room. maybe what your family needs is a vacation home slash vacation home.
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welcome back. president biden plans to travel to kentucky tomorrow to tour some of the areas hardest hit by last weekend's tornados, one of which was on the ground continuously for at least 228 miles. it killed 74 people. cnn is in the devastated town of mayfield, kentucky, and kentucky's governor, i understand, just spoke a short time ago. what did we learn? >> reporter: yeah, ana, you know, the governor, again, giving an update on the lives lost across this state. the number, sadly, not unexpectedly, going up. i want you to hear the latest information. >> the age range has gotten even harder. it ranges now from 2 months to 98 years of the kentuckians that we have lost, some not even getting an opportunity to experience this life. 12.
10:54 am
12 of the 74 are children. >> reporter: and we have a picture of that 2-month-old that he was just referencing there. who passed away in these storms. this is 2-month-old oakland. she was with her mother and two brothers sheltering in a home in dawson springs when these storms ripped through. certainly devastating to see the face of a 2-month-old baby as part of these victims in these storms. guys, the rebuilding is what is a huge focus now while this communities all across the state are dealing with so much loss, but i want to get out of the way because i do want you to see how this effort is going. it is just a massive effort as you can see all these backhoes here and so much damage that they have to go through. but there are so many people that have been willing to help out. of course, the national guard, fema, the governor talking about thousands of people still without power, certainly it will be an experience for these people who are, again, trying to
10:55 am
rebuild, trying to get their lives back together to know that the president, of course, is coming here tomorrow. ana? >> brynn, thank you. really appreciate it. that does it for me today. thank you all for joining us. i'll see you back here tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. eastern and a reminder you can always join me on twitter, @anacabrera. the news continues right after this. but it's not like that's my only interest. i also love cooking with heart-healthy, idaho potatoes. always look for the grown in idaho seal. age before beauty? why not both? visibly diminish wrinkled skin in... crepe corrector lotion... only from gold bond. football, is a game of inches. but it's also a game, of information. because the nfl is connected. and at any moment, the fate of the season can come down to this.
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-- captions by vitac -- >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. and welcome to "newsroom." good to have you. i'm victor blackwell. >> and i'm alisyn camerota. any moment now, the house will begin debate and alert vote on whether to hold mark meadows in contempt of congress. the former white house chief of staff failed to appear for a deposition with lawmakers investigating the january 6th insurrection. the full house will decide if he should be referred to the department of justice on criminal charges. he would be the first white house chief of staff to face criminal charges since watergate. >> the select committee laid out why they want to speak with maemz. they released text messages that were sent to him during and after the attack on the capitol. the texts included distressed,


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