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tv   CNN Newsroom With Jim Acosta  CNN  December 5, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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iconic leather jackets that were purchased for filming and the fonz's dark boots. the outfit is expected to fetch more than $50,000. i want that motorcycle, though. you can also get the fonz's motorbike, which has been untouched since filming of the series' wrap. is that the motorbike when he jumped the shark? no, he didn't use a motorbike to jump the shark. people who are old enough to get that joke, thank you for laughing. they expect much to donate much of the auction proceeds. you are live in the "cnn newsroom." i'm jim acosta in washington. brand-new covid testing requirements for anyone coming into the united states goes into effect just a few hours from now. it's part of an effort to curb the spread of the new and possibly more transmissible omicron variant. these new rules mean that starting at midnight tonight,
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anyone boarding an international flight to the u.s. must've received a negative covid test no longer one day before takeoff. this applies to everyone 2 years of age and older, both u.s. citizens and those who are fully vaccinated. let's get right to cnn's nadia romero in atlanta. what else do we need to know about these new travel restrictions? >> we have to realize that this is all very fluid, meaning that these travel restrictions could change. we could see more restrictions or fewer restrictions in the coming days or weeks. and we're hearing that from dr. anthony fauci and from dr. rochelle walensky over cdc. they say that we just don't have enough data to really know all we need to know about omicron and its spread, how transmissible it is. so as that data comes in, the biden administration says this is their best bet. this is what they believe that they need to do, which is why they enacted this new travel policy that will take effect tomorrow for international travelers making their way to the u.s. so, we spoke with a
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u.s. surgeon general vivek murthy. he was interviewed earlier today. and over the past couple of days he's been talking about these new travel policies and all things covid-19. and he was asked why only we're seeing these restrictions for international travelers and why not include domestic travelers. because we already know that the omicron variant is here in the u.s. and has been for some time. and this was his response. >> the international and domestic travel are in fact different, and the international front, as you mentioned, there are a number of measures we have taken like vaccine requirements requiring testing before people get on those flights. from a domestic standpoint, what we have seen is that if people do in fact wear masks, well-fitted masks, good quality masks, they can significantly reduce their risk on domestic flights. and finally just keep in mind this. we have taken a number of measures domestically to ensure that we increase vaccination rates, which is ultimately our key to ending this pandemic. >> so, that was about travel
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restrictions, about international travelers trying to make their way into the u.s. but there's also what many are calling a travel ban, which includes eight countries in southern africa, including south africa, where scientists were the first to identify this new variant. and there were many calls for backlash and criticism against the u.s. for having this span. one u.n. official says that this is a travel apartheid. he said, it is unjustified to have this ban. dr. anthony fauci said today, jim, that this policy, the ban and all the policies will be re-evaluated on a day-to-day basis. jim? >> yeah, he indicated the other day that it's going to be temporary and it sounds like there are growing calls for it to be temporary. nadia romero, thank you so much. and joining me is a senior scholar at the johns hopkins center for health security. doctor, thanks so much for being with us. w we appreciate it. these new requirements only apply to international flights. yet, omicron is already here in the u.s. we were showing a map
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earlier in the show that showed it's around 16 states, but most folks think it's probably in every state in the country. how effective do you think these new travel restrictions will be in curbing the spread of this variant? >> i don't anticipate that they're going to be very effective because we know that this is already spreading domestically. we have community spread in new york state. we are going to have community spread in no one different parts of this country. so a lot of this is not really going to change to destiny in this variant. i think we have to just double down on what we know works, getting people vaccinated, getting testing as a routine part of everyday life and everything we've done for delta, i think all of that's going to apply to omicron. this is not something that's going to be contained in the united states. it's going to become likely the most dominant variant if the modeling is correct. >> and what are your thoughts on a vaccine mandate to fly domestically? might that go further in curbing
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this virus, this variant? >> well, the more people that are vaccinated, the better it's going to be because even if this variant can get around some of the protection the vaccine gives you, it can't get around all of it. and the vaccinations are going to prevent us against serious disease, hospital, and death. we've seen the osha and the cms regulation get stopped up in court. and i suspect if the faa issued it, it would probably be challenged in court immediately. but what the airlines can do themselves is make that a requirement of their own. i think that would be something i think i would welcome if delta airlines or united said to fly in our airline you need to be vaccinated. >> dr. fauci cautioned that while it's still early, this variant appears to cause less severe disease. what do you think of that? if omicron is more transmissible but less severe, i mean, is that a good thing? it sounds like a mixed bag. >> i definitely think it's a good thing because we know that covid is not going to be
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eradicated, it's not going to be eliminated. what we're waiting for is this virus to became tamer, something that we can handle like others. if it causes mild disease especially in people who are fully vaccinated, right now we still have a delta problem where there are a thousand americans dying every day from delta. there are tens of thousands of people in the hospital with delta. so something that is much more manageable would be a welcome change. >> absolutely. our viewers at home can look at the numbers on the side of the screen. the number of deaths seven-day average, delta is just wreaking havoc in this country putting this to the side the conversation about the omicron variant. and what do you say to someone who says the fact that this virus is mutating so quickly and that fully vaccinated people are contracting it is even more reason to not get vaccinated. there are people out there who are saying, okay, well, this is why i don't want to get
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vaccinated. what are your thoughts on that? i know that that's not right, but wanted to get your professional expertise on that. >> right. so it's the exact opposite of the truth. the fact that people who are contracting omicron despite being vaccinated and having a mild illness, that's evidence of the vaccine succeeding. so if you're somebody on the fence who hasn't gotten vaccinated and think omicron is going to infect me anyway, the fact is you want this omicron variant or the delta variant or any variant that you get infected with to be a mild illness. and the best way to do that is to be fully vaccinated. they're not magic bug zappers, their goal is to make any infection that you get mild. it's essential more than ever that people who are not vaccinated should get vaccinated. >> thank you so much. thanks for your time. >> thanks. and now to capitol hill where congresswoman ilhan omar is responding to house minority leader kevin mccarthy's refusal to condemn heinous and islamaphobic comments by one of
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his republican caucus members. let's listen. >> mccarthy is a liar and a coward. he doesn't have the ability to condemn the kind of bigoted islamaphobia and anti-muslim rhetoric that are being trafficked by a member of his conference. >> why don't think he has the opportunity to do that? >> because this is who they are. >> we should point out that there are some members who have condemned the remarks. but that's four out of hundreds. >> and they are being attacked. >> they are being attacked -- >> for condemning it. which tells you that their conference condonees this. and that's why it's dangerous. >> and with us cnn's senior political analyst john avlon. and a senior fellow at the
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american prize institute. we're talking about hateful comments from lauren boebert. why aren't we seeing more republicans condemn this? >> so, in a narrowly divided congress, kevin mccarthy is deeply afraid of his own members. he is measuring the drapes for the speakers office. he knows it's within reach. the republicans are projected to gain the house next year pretty easily. but he also has these renegades inside his own conference that are holding him over the pit. they are saying if you do anything we don't like we'll vote against you. so he's scared of them and he's not going to do anything that might be perceived as being caving to the libs. >> and speaking of that, let's talk about this tweet that really just went crazy over the weekend, this tweet from republican congressman thomas massie of kentucky. he posted a picture of himself and his family holding a bunch of guns in front of a christmas tree with the caption "merry
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christmas, p.s., santa, bring us more ammo." he posted this just days after a deadly school shooting in michigan. is he trolling? i mean, this is just -- it's just appalling. >> yeah, he's trolling. i think the fact that thomas massie does this shows that the problem is deeper than the sort of name brand crazies in the republican conference. the fact that this is done days after the latest mass school shooting is of course tasteless. but just take a step back for a second and look at the palpable weirdness of a member of congress getting his whole family outfitted with weapons of war including his little daughter and saying, santa bring more ammo. this isn't normal. but there's no check on this kind of abnormal bizarre behavior because he's in a safe seat. he's actually just outside of cincinnati on the kentucky side
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of the river there. but the members of congress only fear losing their seats if they lose to close partisan primary. he trolls, he raises money, that's all good. what should be done is kentucky, which has democratic governors, people are looking at this and saying this is weird, this is just trollish odd behavior that a member of congress would outfit his whole family with guns and ask santa for more ammo. that's the kind of stuff you should cross the street away from this kind of guy. >> and the horrible thing is that there are families who are victims of mass shootings, of gun violence in this country. they are not going to be posing in front of the christmas tree with their kids this holiday season. because they've been slaughtered in their schools. and we can't get -- i mean, and they're holding these weapons. these are weapons of war in front of a christmas tree. it's just so disturbing. in august massie deleted a different tweet after comparing
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vaccine mandates to the holocaust, which seems to be a gop theme on the far right. let's listen to lara logan. she was a fox personality this past week. >> what you see on dr. fauci, this is what people say to me, that he doesn't represent science to them, he represents josef mengele, the nazi doctor who had experiments on jews during the second world war and in the concentration camps. and i am talking about people all across the world are saying this. >> chris, you used to work at fox. so forgive me for asking you to comment on this. but comparisons, dr. fauci to josef mengele, it's just -- i can't find the words to describe this. it's just so disgusting and repugnant. >> well, she was no surprize wir when i was there. but i can say that the incentive to incite, the incentive to be
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more radical, whether you're thomas massie or whether you're a squad member or whether you're lauren boebert, or whomever, in our atomized media world, in a click-bait driven world, the desire to be more and more outrageous when you hear tucker carlson express admiration for alex jones compared to the mainstream media. this is the runway. this is where the arrows point that it is lucrative and it is worthwhile to be nuts. >> do you think she's auditioning? >> i don't know who she's auditioning for. but the fact that this is something that is reimmunitiv, that you can make money, that you can make a living doing this stuff is something we all need to be thinking about. >> we've got to talk about bob dole. let's do a time line cleanser here as the kids say. he was a senate giant presidential hopeful, veteran, president biden wrote this after his death today, bob was an american statesman like few in our history, a war hero and
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among the greatest of the great just generation, and to me he was also a friend whom i could look to for trusted guidance or a humorous line at just the right moment to settle frayed nerves. democrats and republicans, they don't talk like this about one another anymore like this, and we're looking at the flag at half staff over at the white house, lowered in memory of bob dole. how do we get back to -- you know, i know it wasn't perfect back then. i was working as a reporter back then so i know this. we all have memories of how things were in our politics back then. but it was better than this right now. >> yes. but i think it's actually worth pointing out, as you did that statement from president biden, honoring his former colleague and friend without dwelling upon the fact that they were representative of different political parties, that the flag is flying at half mass, that bob
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dole, while considered a conservative by contemporaries, he replaced nelson rockefeller on jerry ford's re-election ticket because rockefeller was seen as not conservative enough, and dole would supply that. but he represented the generation that sacrificed and served in world war ii, and they knew how to see beyond partisans and ideological divides. and they could build bridges and relationships using humor and focusing on things that united us, rather than things that divided us at the end of the day. that's the example we need to look at. it shows how much the definitions and our standards have changed and been degraded. we need a lot more people like bob dole in the senate. and biden's recognition of that relationship is itself, i think, a glimmer of what still can be. >> absolutely. and, john and chris, thanks so much. let's go to president biden. he is hosting the kennedy center honorees right now at the white house, the honorees include "saturday night live" creator lauren michaels, motown founder
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and others. >> good friend david rubstein in the front row, that's really important. he's sitting next to my sister valerie. [ applause ] thank you and members of the board and all the supporters of the kennedy center. it's wonderful to see speaker pelosi. i'm mildly prejudice. i think she's the finest speaker in the history of the country. [ applause ] a true genuine champion of the arts. and a heartfelt welcome back to our dear friend caroline kennedy. [ applause ] madam ambassador. you know how much our family loves your family and how much in times of difficulty early on before i had this job i relied on your family for help and moral support. i really mean it. thank you, thank you, thank you. i think about your parents and
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your uncles often. look, on this night particularly i'd like to thank president mrs. kennedy's love for the arts. in april 1962, there's a city in here where robert frost and other naobel laureates were beig honored for understanding human nature and the human condition, as only artists can. with just a month before president kennedy and robert frost with the congressional gold medal in the roosevelt room. and gifting a copy of the, quote. a great american poet joked that president kennedy had a niche of irish weakness in the arts. i can say i think all iris do. it's the irish of it.
2:18 pm
and marking the progress when the only openly catholic president was able to openly befriend the second catholic being the only one to befriend the pope without it causing a great international stir when president kennedy was elected he could not. pope francis and i met for about 90 minutes. as a matter of fact, the cons-larrys kept saying -- actually went on about almost two hours. and we were talking about a range of issues. and it was one of those most meaningful meetings of my career. but there's something else at the vatican that's moving for me and for millions of visitors. when you walk into the sistine chapel and look up at the heavens and you see michelangelo's masterpiece. and it takes your breath away. it reminds me of michelangelo's famous words when he said, i saw the angel in the marble and i carved it until i could set him
2:19 pm
free. i saw the angel in the marble and i carved it so i could set him free. that's an artist's gift. that's the gift you all give us. it's that sixth sense to imagine something no one else can, to carve, to paint, to write, to dance, to sing, to dream, until you set the vision free. that's what you do. i don't even think you fully appreciate what you do for so many people. tonight we celebrate that gift and another extraordinary group of artists here in the white house. to all the kennedy center honorees past and present, thank you for sharing your gift with the nation and with the world. and that includes honorees who are no longer with us like the incomparable stephen sondheim who just passed away. stephen was in a class of his own as a composer and a lyracist. he once wrote no one leaves for
2:20 pm
good, no one leaves for good. like every iconic artist, his work is going to endure and be discovered and re-discovered for generations that come just like the work of all of you here. in the spring jill and i had the pleasure of hosting last year's honorees, garth brooks, debbie allen and others. i apologize if i left anybody out. and debbie's here tonight. i met them as ordinary fans, and we did so as president and first lady recognizing how touching it is and reveals the soul of america. i mean, you are in a sense the face of america. you're the ones that most people associate with who we are as a country. and that's what this year's
2:21 pm
honorees have done throughout the groundbreaking careers. proud son of puerto rico and one of the world's legendary opera singers who gives us a sound of soul. a four-decade career, dozens of roles and hundreds of performances, from the stages of the world's biggest opera houses, makes shakespeare and others as if they all wrote for him. it's amazing. i don't know whether you feel that way, pal, but that's how it comes across. a voice and a presence that depicts the drama unlike few others ever have or ever will. and 50 years ago hustino performed at the inauguration of the kennedy center. later this evening he returns with a well-deserved honor. congratulations. i think you deserve it. [ applause ]
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detroit, motown. i don't know how i would have grown up without motown. talk about the soul of america. unmatched six-decade career, a songwriter and a producer. jackie wilson, smokey robinson, stevie wonder, the temptations and jackson five. the talent, the singers, writers, producers that found a home in motown and helped establish black culture as american culture. went way well beyond the music. as an army veteran who served in korea, only to come back to a segregated america, to put up every barrier. but barry still built one of the
2:23 pm
most iconic businesses in our history. he did it with music that lifted us higher and spoke to what we all know in our hearts, that love is in need, and love this day is badly needed. his music inspires us, challenges us, and brought us together, providing that sometimes the best way to shatter the deepest roots of a barrier is to get people to move their feet. motown moved the soul of america because motown set the beat of america. so i want to thank you, barry. thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. [ applause ] barry, my dad, when he was a kid, had a band.
2:24 pm
and as he grew up and getting married and had his family, he used to look at me and say, joey, i don't know where the hell you came from. he said you have two left feet, you can't carry a tune in a wheel barrel, and you have no lip for clarinet so he was disappointed. but i wish i had your talent to not be able to do any of that and still make the best music in the world. [ applause ] and lauren michaels, mr. wise guy over here. [ laughter ] he's trying out seven guys to play me. [ applause ] as we say in our family, blessed the father -- and, finally, it's my turn to say something about him.
2:25 pm
[ applause ] all kidding aside, in over 40 years lauren has proven that laughter is good for the soul. if you can't laugh at yourself, we're in real trouble. and you make me laugh at myself a lot. [ laughter ] 94 emmy nominations, the most ever for one person in history. 20 wins, 370 emmy nominations for "snl," the most of any show. 86 wins. and, like barry, he's cultivated talent that's defined american culture in the 20th century and well into the 21st century. talent, like past kennedy center honoree steve martin who is here today. steve, are you here today? steve, stand up. come on. [ applause ]
2:26 pm
>> do you want me to play you? [ laughter ] >> steve, i'm afraid you understand me too well. satire about our leaders and about our society is the quintessential american thing to do and the hallmark of any democratic society. comedy holds up a mirror to ourself to reflect on the good, the bad and the truth. it matters. david letterman who is here and understands the truth of that as well. and throughout my career, i met nearly every world leader. and i'll tell you not everyone sees satire that way. you'd all be in jail. [ laughter ] joke. but really all kidding aside, think about it. but for america that's the power of our example.
2:27 pm
i wrote a line a long time ago that keeps getting quoted back to me. i make no apologies for it. america's led the world not by the example of our power, but the power of our example. that's who we are. that's what leads the world, the power of our example. and thank you for continuing that great american tradition. i really mean it. thank you. [ applause ] bette middler, got love her. i am such an unadulterated fan. bette is a true american treasure. it's hard to fully capture the range and breadth of her career and talents in a span of a decade or two. we in the biden family, no woman
2:28 pm
is as old as any man. that's the rule. all you've done, the songs, the shows, the movies. and it can't be done alone. four golden globe awards, three grammy awards, three emmys, two tonys, two nominations for oscar. and even tonight's kennedy center honors. but to paraphrase maya angelou, people will never forget how you make them feel. people will never forget how you make them feel. that's an incredible gift. jill was reminding us we went to see bette on broadway when our two boys were young. and in the middle of her show she stopped and looked down. we had great seats. who would bring two kids to a show like this? [ laughter ] my boys use that as a badge of courage their entire career.
2:29 pm
bette midler picked us out in a show. you're a performer, just connecting with people in all walks of life. you make them feel, you make them laugh. you find joy. you give them a little bit of hope. your own stages on your own stage. we were just lucky to have you, just lucky to have you. and to watch one of america's greats. i really mean it, you're something else. and although you weren't thinking of me, but i keep thinking when you said the wind beneath my wings. like i said, i'm going to show you my cell phone. and congratulations to the divine miss em. i tell you. [ applause ]
2:30 pm
and, joanie, your words and melodies touch the deepest parts of our soul. i mean, you really do. and your experience for real. [ applause ] all that you do. a capacity to love, a capacity to love with abandon. and she does it by letting us in by sharing what's deeply personal and yet universal. it's why millions of people will listen to songs and feel they were written just for them. you're a master at your craft. and what sets you apart, in my view, is when we listen to you, your voice, your guitar, your careful arrangements. we listen to a great song. then you read the lyrics on their own in the quiet all by themselves. and you read a great poem.
2:31 pm
you sing poetry, it seems, to me, and i'm no artist. eight grammys, 17 nominations. the album "blue" considered one of the best albums, ever. and the impact on fans and every generation, an artist of every genre. this is immeasurable. s your gifts touch the range of human nature and the sense of struggle and how we overcome and how we love. congratulations. [ applause ] i can see jill pretty soon jill's going to be sitting, going -- [ laughter ] but i'm really excited about
2:32 pm
this group. to the five honorees and your families tonight, thank you. as a group in your own ways you brought people together. you've made us laugh, you've made us cry, you've made us sing, you've made us dance. and generations of families have shared the love of your work. and our nation is stronger, more dynamic, and more vibrant because of you. you know, i won't go into it, but as i've been in and out of afghanistan and iraq over 27 times, i think, and going to these war zones, be up in the conar valley, and you'd hear our music being played for our service members, for real. the dining halls. there's something. and that's something to remember today. this is for this pandemic of profound loss and pain as we move forward toward repair and renewal, i would argue it's more
2:33 pm
important. the search for greater meaning in our lives and the lives of the nation we've seen the power of art in every form to heal, to comfort and recover. and as part of a great tradition in our country, jill and i, kamala, and doug, are going to continue to celebrate and appreciate and support the critical roles that artists play in our nation. as vice president, i was here in the groundbreaking for the kennedy center expansion to broaden this cultural impact. as the kennedy center celebrates its 50th anniversary, as president my administration looks forward to working with the arts and culture organizations across america in big cities and small towns to make more accessible to lift up for voices, to inspire and support the next generation of artists and creators to to tell the full story of america, the story of the power of our example as a great nation, because we are good people with artists who carve angels from
2:34 pm
marble to set them free. so congratulations again. enjoy tonight's show, and have a safe holiday assemble. may god bless you all and may god protect our troops. thank you. [ applause ] >> ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats and stay in your seats until the president has departed. ♪ >> and that was president biden honoring this year's kennedy center honorees. they're in the east room of the white house. you saw bette midler, the executive producer of "saturday night live." he teased him and said he's tried out seven people to play joe biden on that show. so some laughs in the room. steve martin was in the room and was going back and forth with the president there for a few moments. so nice ceremony there at the white house. coming up, no love lost from donald trump toward georgia
2:35 pm
governor brian kemp. and now word that a big gop name is getting set to challenge the republican governor. that story is next. autoglass c. with service i could trust. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ america! after the past year-ish, everyone deserves something new! so at&t is giving everyone our best deals on every iphone - including the iphone 13 pro with its amazing camera. like everyone that worked from home. or welcomed a new family member. they were all out of dogs. our deals are for everyone! it's not complicated. at&t is giving new and existing customers our best deals on every iphone, including up to $1000 off the epic iphone 13 pro. ♪ ♪
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matching your job description. visit just into cnn, former republican senator david perdue plans to announce tomorrow he's mounting a primary challenge against georgia governor brian kemp. it's a move that will set an intra-party fight in one of the nation's most closely watched political battlegrounds. trump has been pushing perdue to challenge. perdue lost a senate re-election bid to senator jon ossoff in a key runoff race in january. and when it comes to the heated abortion debate in america, there's only one thing republicans and democrats agree on, roe versus wade is in danger right now. right now the supreme court is considering whether to uphold
2:40 pm
mississippi's 15-week abortion ban, and based on arguments last night it appears the conservative majority is prepared to do so. justice brett kavanaugh, for instance, who's called roe versus wade settle law may be the best thing for the courts to remain neutral. mississippi's republican governor told cnn if this happens his state will immediately ban abortion except in cases of rape or in the case to save the mother's life. and here to discuss it this subject with us is democratic congressman of new york. great to have you with us. we appreciate your time. what do you think the supreme court is going to do, and with democrats in control of congress and the white house, what should your party be prepared to do in response if roe is overturned? >> well, i'm optimistic and hopeful that roe will not be
2:41 pm
overturned. however, the supreme court has taken a severe u-turn and has become a lot more political than in the past. so i am concerned at the current events there. we as a party are a majority who must act prudent in a prudent fashion. and we must be deliberate in our actions. we should not overreact. well, certainly, i think america is concerned about the heavy politics slant that may be occurring in the supreme court. so we are concerned that we'll have two americas. we'll have states that will allow abortion and states that won't. and, frankly, women will be going to exercise their rights to states that allow it. so we'll have two americas, separate but equal, which is not a good thing to have. >> and the latest polling finds a solid majority of wade say roe
2:42 pm
versus wade should be upheld. does the supreme court reflect where the american people are on this issue? >> i don't think the supreme court shares the values of the american people on this issue. clearly, the polls show that america is very much in support of having women exercise their right over their body. the supreme court has become a lot more political, a lot more philosophical-leaning towards the right. and, as such, i think they will be in the complete opposite state of where most americans stand. so, i am concerned about that. and we as a party must take a look at this. i'm hopeful that roe versus wade will be upheld. and it will not be diluted, nor eliminated. >> let me get your reaction to some antiabortion remarks made by your republican colleague congr congressman on the floor last
2:43 pm
week. >> eternal souls woven into earthen vessels sanctified by almighty god are denied their birth by a nation that was born in freedom. god's breath of life blown away by the breath of man. >> what's your response to that? >> well, i always felt there should be a separation of church and state. to hear those words on the floor of the house of representatives shows me that there is a sector of the republican party, a very radical sector of the republican party that chooses to inject religion right into the center of a government, which is not exactly what the framers of the constitution nor most americans want. they want a government that will allow for all folks to pray to their own separate god, their own god. they want folks, as you said, they want to uphold roe versus
2:44 pm
wade. so this small sector of the republican party is very loud and continues to shout over people, wants to impose themselves. and i'm very concerned that the supreme court, certain members of the supreme court may be listening to it. >> and let me ask you about the omicron variant and what's happening in new york right now. are you concerned as to whether or not your state can get a handle on this omicron variant, it's spreading to other states, as you know. is the federal government doing enough? is the biden administration doing enough? >> there are seven cases in new york right now the governor calls for hospitals not to do any procedures that are not emergency procedures to ensure that we don't run out of beds in the future, if that's the case. we must not panic. i think that the vaccination is the answer to all of my -- i do think that perhaps in new york and other states should engage
2:45 pm
in distributing the take-home test kits so that when america gets to the dinner table for christmas, i would just hope for every grandmother, every mother, to ensure that everybody that comes to the dinner table is tested. and that way, perhaps, we can slow it down. i know that there's been some restrictions, travel restrictions. i support them. it will slow it down. but i think that we're better prepared now than we were in the past to deal with omicron, not the way we were perhaps when this pandemic began. >> do you want to see a vaccine mandate for travelers coming into the u.s.? >> absolutely. i think that vaccination is not necessarily a protection for you as a person but for the other person that's standing or sitting next to you in an airplane. i think it's important that we protect the other person's right to be free, be in place in a dangerous situation where they may catch the variant. i think it's important that
2:46 pm
these travel restrictions are and the vaccination mandates are in force. >> congressman, i have to get your reaction to this disturbing tweet from republican congressman thomas massie, that went out over the weekend. it shows he and his family holding assault weapons in front of a christmas tree, with the message "merry christmas, santa, please bring more ammo." this was tweeted just in the days following the latest school shooting in this country, the one in michigan. what's your response to that when you see that? >> how insensitive, how disconnected from the reality of the hurt that has been felt by america across, i think, even party lines. how insensitive to post that photo during the holiday season and to make those insensitive comments. i am appalled that this has occurred. i think he should apologize to the american people.
2:47 pm
>> all right, congressman, thank you so much. thank you for your time this evening. we appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. inflation continues to be a major concern on wall street these days. >> reporter: hi, jim. you're paying more for just about everything. this week we find out how quickly prices are rising. reports on consumer and producer inflation for november are due. in october consumer prices hit a 30-year high. the federal reserve is watching the numbers closely and may roll back its covid stimulus even faster than planned. >> the economy is very strong, and inflationary pressures are high, and it is flfr appropriate, in my view, to consider wrapping up the taper of our asset purchases, which we actually announced at the november meeting, perhaps a few months sooner. >> that comment from chairman powell spooked markets last week. but it wasn't the only thing to rattle investors. the emergent of the omicron variant is also introducing
2:48 pm
fresh anxiety. a mixed picture from the job market isn't helping either. the economy added just 210,000 jobs in november, far short of estimates. the unemployment fell to 4.2%, a pandemic-era low. and this report became before the omicron variant. december could reflect even slower hiring if people are afraid to go back to work. notify new york, i'm christine romans. before the bell is brought to you by e-trade. trade commission-free today with no account minimums. and go to to stay on top of markets and sign up for the daily newsletter.'s uhh... you alright? [ding] never settle with power e*trade. it has powerful, easy-to-use tools to help you find opportunities, 24/7 support when you need answers, plus some of the lowest options in futures contract prices around. get e*trade and start trading today.
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now to the breaking of a musical record held for 50 years. ♪ here we are again ♪ on a little town street ♪ you almost ran the red because you were looking over at me. >> taylor swift's 10-minute version of "all too well" broke the record for the top billboard 100. she sent flowers to that singer who held the record since 1981. ♪ bye, bye, miss american pie. >> taylor swift beat out don mcc mcclain's hit that was just over eight and a half minutes. taylor took a picture of the note he sent her calli-- she sem
2:54 pm
calling him a classy artist. there is a moment that comes to mind that says a lot about bob dole, the man. after losing to clinton in the presidential race, bob dole was invited to the white house to receive the presidential honor of freedom. the irony of it was not lost on bob dole. but instead of bitterness, he brought the laughs. >> i, robert j. dole -- [ laughter ] >> -- do solemnly swear -- sorry, wrong speech. but i had a dream that i would
2:55 pm
be here this historic week receiving something from the president. but i thought it would be the front door key. >> he always had great comic timing. in a tweet today, former president bill clinton said, quote, bob dole spent his entire life serving people from his heroism in world war ii. after all he gave to the war, he didn't have to, but he did. he has inspired generations to come. bob dole, the member of the greatest generation who embodied american greatness was 98. i'm jim acosta. phil mattingly takes over after a quick break as you look at the flag half staff in memory of bob dole. good night.
2:56 pm
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we can afford to offer three months of free service on any plan, including unlimited i'm still not sure why someone made a stock video showing a snowman sitting on an explosive device that's about to blow. this doesn't seem very holiday but you know, worth it. remembering bob dole. >> he certainly exemplified -- he under scored world war ii. >> politicians on both sides of the aisle paying tribute to an absolute titan of politics. >> some may find this surprising given that congress has been my life. but that's not so. with all due respect to congress, america has been my


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