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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  November 30, 2021 10:00am-11:00am PST

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they had taken paddles, patriotic paddles and damaged memorabilia of my hospital so it's extremely personal. >> busy news day. please stay with us. ana cabrera picks up our coverage right now. >> hello, i'm acabrera in new york. the pandemic limbo lugs on, and today new ups and downsing a the world faces omicron uncertainty. stocks down. unknowns over the variant's threat continue to spook markets. the nation's top economic leaders now speaking out. we'll have more on that. the cdc you go its guide as on boosters. no longer saying adults may get
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one. saying they should. >> all this as president biden ups his calls for americans to stay calm amid concerns. >> a plan is already in place for new vaccines should they be needed. the jury still out on that, but today a potentially primary zion. a doctor in south africa revealing omicron symptoms that she's seen so far have been extremely mild to moderate. welcome news, but will that change as more cases are now being found in more countries. >> we begin with kaitlyn collins. the president is en route and it's really his key focus now. >> it's looming over everything. you are seeing, seeing business as usual.
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to sell that from from bill and sell the perks of it and it's going to take time to be implemented. it does come as his top code of officials are briefing reporters on what they know about the new variant and this is something that scientists are very much evaluating and they are in touch with labs across the united states and they wait to see if this variant is here present in the united states because we know officials said they could be here and if not here yet they they could be here. they are using test samples to see if it's happened. how much it's here will be key to try to contain the spread which is a big factor of what they are do, and so as they are waiting to get more details and able to provide further updates to the public about this, the one thing you're seeing the white house do is push those booster shots, and you are right, ana. they did change that guidance
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from the cdc because it seemed like a small change. those 18 and up could get a booster and now they are saying they should. i spoke to the cdc director during this briefing. i asked if the definition of fully vaccinated has now changed in their eyes because, of course, you heard president biden saying yesterday if you are fully vaccinated by june 1, you need to go and get a booster shot. the cdc director said right now they have not changed that definition. it's still if you've gotten two shots. that's the moderna and pfizer vaccine to be considered fully vaccinated. whether or not that changes in the future remains to be seen. >> kaitlyn collins at the white house for us. thank you. >> let's talk about the economic uncertainty. cnn business reporter matt egan is tracking the rattled markets and risks. treasury secretary janet yellen and fed chair powell speaking out on capitol hill. what are they saying about omicron? >> ana, the leaders of this nation's economy are acknowledging a pretty sobering
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reality. a covid is not over and the economy remains inextricably linked to the path of the pandemic. jerome powell outlined three main risks to the recovery from only krofnlt one, inflation. there's a lot more uncertainty than there was just a few days ago about the path of high prices and when they are going to come down. two, slower job growth. if people are scared to go back to work, that can weigh on the jobs market, and the other one is the supply chain crisis. if there's not enough workers, that could make the supply chain pressures even worse. we know that markets hate uncertainty so it's no surprise to see stocks taking another tumble. markets fell sharply on friday and bounced back a bit yesterday and the dow is down 650 points, almost 2% and, again, that's mostly on concerns about covid, concerns about the variant and also jerome pole made some surprising comments that helped send markets lower. let's play that clip from jerome
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powell. >> but at this point the economy is very strong and inflationary pressures are high and it is, therefore, appropriate in my view to consider wrapping up the taper of our asset purchases which we actually announced at the november meeting. perhaps a few months sooner. >> so despite the concerns about covid, powell is saying the fed could actually unwind its stimulus programs earlier than expected. that's a surprise given the timing and that's not sitting very well with investors. ana, whether it's covid directly or fed policy there's a lot of uncertainty right now and it's not sitting well with investors. >> matt egan. thank you for that update. with us is dr. peter hotez of baylor college of medicine and also with axion children's hospital. we are learning more about what patients with this omicron are experiencing. take a listen to a doctor on the
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front lines in south africa right now. >> the majority of what we're presenting to primary health care practitioners are extremely mild cases, mild to moderate, and so these patients means they don't need to be hospitalized for now. patients have that been vaccinated so far have had no complications. >> extremely mild to moderate symptoms. people who have been vaccinated have no complications. how promising is this news, or is it still too soon to be hopeful? >> you know, it's really hard to make much of a physician anecdote at this point. i wouldn't hold that much stock in it. i would assume from both extremes, i would extreme that it's not producing any more severe illness than previous variants and not necessarily much more mild than previous variants. what we've seen is not a lot of clinical variation by variants and i would go on that premise. here's how i kind of see things
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potentially shaping out, ana. one is, you know, when you look at the sequence of the virus in terms of its transmissibility. it looks a lot like the alpha variant that arose out of the united kingdom and came to the united states at the beginning part of the year which was more transmissible than the original lineage but not more transmissible than delta. on that basis i actually don't think omicron is necessarily going to outcompete delta. i think delta is still going to be with us, but we might have to live with both variants, the delta and the omicron variant. the key piece of the omicron variant is its escape potential, and i don't think it's going to be complete. i'm still hopeful that individuals get three immunizations, through mrna immunizations or two j&j will be protected against the omicron variant but because of its escape potential, this could be a problem for people who are infected and recovered and not vaccinated on top of that because they will be partially
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vaccinated and get reinfection. i can see a scenario where we have both variants in the country where unvaccinated individuals are highly susceptible and those infected and recovered could get reinfected with omicron. that's one possible situation. >> we keep hearing a push to get a booster from president biden and the cdc. the messaging on boosters has become much more urgent, the cdc updating its guidance saying all adults should get its booster, not just may get a booster. pfizer will seek authorization for younger patients, teens ages 16 and 17 and yet we still don't know, right, how effective the current vaccines are against this new omicron variant, so explain to people why get boosted right now. >> so, you know, since, you know, we've been talking since january at least and last year as well but since january we've been talking why the two mrna vaccines were always a
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three-doze vaccine and you need that third immunization to get a 30 to 40-field rise increase in your virus neutralizing antibodies and more durable protection. >> what if the mrna vaccines don't work against omicron? >> let's take the first staple. the fact is you need this for the delta variant. right know overwhelmingly the delta variant is the most imminent threat in the united states. we're about to go through a third wave. in addition, that third immunization is -- that big bump in virus neutralizing antibodies will make it more likely that you'll get cross-protection to the omicron variant or what tony fauci calls spillover protection so either way nothing changes in terms of your strategy to protect you and your family. get that third immunization if you're eligible meaning you're an adult over the age of 18, and i also support giving that third immunization for the 12 to 17-year-olds. >> is there a threshold in which
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you would know whether or not the current vaccines are effective against this variant? >> well, we're going get think think in the next week and a half, to the next two weeks so our vaccine group, the way you do that is you take either experimental animals or individuals who have been vaccinated with your vaccine and you measure virus neutralizing antibodies against the original lineage because that's how the vaccines were made and you compare it to the neutralizing agents against the omicron variant and almost certainly you'll see a decrease. we've seen that before with the beta variant that came out of south africa, and the lamda variant. it will still cross-protect and maybe not as well and we'll get a better sense of that. if these a dramatic drop that's one thing. if there's a modest drop it means that the third immunization will hold and we won't need to make a specifically designed booster. >> okay.
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i'm keeping my fingers crossed and maybe holding my breath a little. >> we all are. >> doctor, thank you. appreciate your expertise. the january 6th committee has reached a cooperation agreement with former president trump's white house chief of staff mark meadows after floating the prospect of criminal contempt. we have details on this just ahead. we also have breaking news on trump's fight to keep records from that committee. a federal judge moments ago appearing very skeptical that trump has the power to block those records. and what is going on in congress? a new childish feud erupts in public view after republican nancy mace calls out her republican colleague for being a bigot. i know when i'm ready for a rest day. i can be ready for anything... tomorrow. find out what's strong with you with fitbit sense and daily readiness.
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just in, the house collect committee investigating january 6th will hear from mark meadows. they will hear from them after a criminal contempt referral. meadows is considered a central witness. he is now providing records, and he has agreed to sit for an initial deposition. let's get reaction from cnn legal analyst and white house senior ethics professor and law professor kim whaley. what's your take on this? why do you think meadows is willing to cooperate right now? >> ana, thanks for having me back. meadows is willing to cooperate because he's feeling the
10:17 am
pressure of the committee's full-court press. they are winning in court and the criminal contempt against bannon and the one-touch punch, meadows is buckling under the pressure. >> can meadows agreeing to provide records and agreeing for an initial interview, i call it a big deal but the question is what substantively are they going to get from that. do you any confidence that that's a ground breaker. >> impossible to know, ana, but, of course, mark meddos was close to the president and others that were involved in what we now know publicly was some efforts to plan the january 6th insurrection and that's what is really what this committee needs to get to whereas there's been hundreds of insurrectionists prosecuted, no one on the front end. they will get some information.
10:18 am
my guess is they won't get everything. that is, mr. meadows will continue through counsel to claim executive privilege and then the committee has to decide whether it's worth pressing those specific questions before court. that's normally how it goes. you sit for a deposition or interview and then your counsel raises objections question by question. mr. meadows is doing what professional lawyers tend to do which is very different from mr. bannon who really has no legal right to completely say i'm not showing up for any questioning, notwithstanding a subpoena. i agree with norm that it's crucial that congress is new flexing its legal muscle to actually enforce its oversight prerogative here. >> okay. stand by, guys, because that is news about meadows was breaking, trump's lawyers were in court trying to keep trump white house records secret and this is regarding the national archives documents that the january 6th committee wants to see. today a federal appeals court heard oral arguments and that
10:19 am
hearing just wrapped up. cnn's senior justice correspondent evan perez is live outside the courtroom. evan, what did we hear in the courtroom today? >> reporter: well, ana, we heard quite an uphill climb for the trump legal team. this hearing lasted just over three hours, and there was a lot of skepticism from the three judges about this idea that the former president can essentially overrule a decision by the sitting president who said that there is no privilege to be asserted here over documents that the house committee investigating the january 6th capitol riot says are key to not only figuring out what happened but to prevent it from happening ever again. we'll hear just a little bit of that skepticism from one of the three judges who heard that argument tailed. >> you're going to have to come up with something more powerful
10:20 am
that's going to have to outweigh the incumbent president's decision to waive, but you're going to have to change the score on that scoreboard. >> i will say that despite that skepticism, again, there is a three-hour hearing. you also heard some discomfort by the -- by the judges to say that the former president has no right to claim or to at least go to court and fight over it. i think you heard a little bit of a mix there from the judges on this panel. >> evan perez, thank you. let's bring back normaliz eisen.
10:21 am
>> it's always perilous to predict the outcome based on oral arguments, but, ana, it's not just the judge's questions, it's the extensive briefing, the lower court opinion and fundamentally the idea that is at stake in this litigation. a judge millette who we just heard from made another comment just before the one that we heard that i thought was very telling. she told trump's lawyers that the current occupant of the executive branch in the white house is in the best position to decide these kinds of claims and that's the core idea here. we only have one president at a time. it's joe biden. he's ultimately the one who makes these calls and i think and for that reason trump is going to lose. >> and, again, he chose not to
10:22 am
assert executive privilege. today's hearing comes three weeks after the original district judge ruled against trump. kim, how soon do you expect a decision from this court? >> well, this court understands that this is, you know, an urgent matter real, and it's urgent because of the timing of the political system. that is, we're less than a year away from the mid terms, and i think that's the long play here from the trump team. i agree with norm, you know, you can read article ii of the united states constitution, and it creates one president, and the judges here are not only concerned with having former presidents being able to supercede the one president under the constitution, but they are being asked to supercede that president and being asked to weigh in on executive privilege and i don't think they want courts to have that coined of power, but i agree also, i think this panel will affirm the lower court, legally the correct decision and team trump will
10:23 am
appeal to the full court. all of the d.c. circuit judges and then from there to the supreme court. we could see the clock run out to the point where the committee basically dies in the next congress if the house goes to republicans. >> to that point, norm, i guess trump could skip the full court in d.c., right, and just go straight to the supreme court and ask them to take up this case. what if it gets to a conservative supreme court. how could that play out? >> well, we -- we've seen other high-stakes matters involving the former president that went to the court that includes conservatives and three of his own appointees that went against him, ana. the biggest ones were his phony claims that he had actually won the 2020 election. they rejected that out of hand. these are lousy legal claims. you heard that from the panel today as the lower court judge
10:24 am
said. presidents are not kings and donald trump is not president. these powers that he's seeking to use executive privilege to block the release of documents just don't exist. the court did note that former presidents have certain abilities to raise questions. that's happened here under the law. i think the supreme court will do the right thing. they have to move quickly. courts can move quickly n.watergate it was less than four months from the initial subpoena to the supreme court rule and let's hope that the fast pace maintained so far if the supreme court does take the case is maintained there, but perhaps they will agree that it's a lousy claim and they won't consider it. >> okay. we'll see. thank you both very much. >> thank, ana. travel bans piling up in the wake of the omicron variant, but do they work? my next guest says no. y! there's new rotisserie-style chicken, new peppercorn ranch, new hickory-smoked bacon, new-
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on communities of color. - i never in a million years thought that my son, let alone any six-year-old, would be gunned down in the streets of san francisco and not get any justice. - chesa's failure has resulted in increase in crime against asian americans. - the da's office is in complete turmoil at this point. - for chesa boudin to intervene in so many cases is both bad management and dangerous for the city of san francisco. - we are for criminal justice reform. chesa's not it. recall chesa boudin now. the new coronavirus variant has the world on edge but china says one thing is certain, the fast approaching winter olympics will proceed on schedule in
10:30 am
beijing. cnn is monitoring developments on the omicron variant across the globe. let's take you to our reporters starting in asia. >> i'm kristie lu stout in hong kong and today we learn that all three cases of the omicron variant in the city are imported. hong kong has also strengthened its already tight border restrictions banning non-residents from a growing list of countries. today four additional countries have been added to that list. angola, nigeria and zambia despite having three confirmed cases in this territory, china remains confident. a chinese spokesman says the winter olympics will continue as planned despite the emergence of the omicron variant. it's hard to guarantee success given all the uncertainty about this new variant. >> i'm fred pleitgen in berlin as germany has four confirmed cases of the omicron variant. now this is a major concern for germany as the country is in the midst of a massive wave of new
10:31 am
coronavirus infections anyway. meanwhile, next door in the netherlands the authorities there say that the omicron variant arrived there at least a week earlier than previously thought. in fact, the authorities say that they detected omicron in a sample from november 19th. >> i'm dan mckenzie in johannesburg. officials around the world are urging people not to panic as more and more countries are confirming more cases of the omicron variant including the netherlands which may have evidence of community transmission. more and more communities are locking off soften africa. we were at a lab where they started to see evidence of this variant possibly as early as late october which indicates that this variant could have been circulating for some time. >> our thanks to all of those reporters. right now at least 19
10:32 am
countries and territories have confirmed faces of this coronavirus varants and one of those countries the netherlands has learned that omicron was there previously known and maybe days before soften officials first alerted the the world to the variant's existence. let's discuss with the director of yale global health. doctor, thank you for being with us. there's been several countries that have imposed travel restrictions to try to slow down omicron. there's a case in the netherlands and also learned of a case of this variant in germany not linked to travel so indicating community spread, and in that case what do you think the travel bans will accomplish. >> unfortunately when it comes to containing this variant the
10:33 am
horse has left the barn. we know that not only is the virus widespread. this variant is wyatt spread, not just in southern africa where the bans mainly focus on south africa. may have been circulating in south africa before that even so that possibility is so the way the bans are being i.mented don't make sense. >> president biden says the restrictions aren't meant to be a firewall but to buy some time. is that a valid argument. >> look, we know that travel bans can be helpful in delaying the arrival of a virus in the country, and even to do that but the effectivity of the virus has to be substantially lower than what we anticipate for the virus and the section thing is you have to shut down 90% to 95%
10:34 am
travel in your country so a country as large as u.s. with the policy of allowing citizens to come back and only focusing on southern africa and not most of the world where the virus is and not in countries where we have more travel connections. that's the reason why most of us are successful of the utility of the ban even in terms of substantially slowing the virus. >> so if travel bans aren't the answer, some have suggested mandating vaccines for travel. what do you think of that idea? >> there are a few things like ensuring that everyone is traveling is adequately vaccinated. when people arrive in certain cases karen tone has some values in certain situation, and on top of that ensuring that countries where these travelers are
10:35 am
arriving or even otherwise, setting aside travelers, there is community transmission in a lot of countries, and they are already dealing with delta and making sure indoor masking is there when you don't know who is vaccinated or not but increasing vaccination coverage is also helpful. the long-term solution is to make sure that there is global access to vaccines so the likelihood of these variants emerging goes down. >> on that issue of vaccinating the world, i want to highlight what we heard from white house press secretary jen psaki yesterday about the challenges beyond just supplying the vaccine to developing nations. listen. >> we have sent close to 8 million doses to south africa. 13 million to southern africa and over 93 million to africa and over 270 million to the
10:36 am
world. this is not a criticism. it's not just about having a vaccine doses. it's ben sharing there's operational capacity. >> so she says in some cases they haven't actually accepted all of the vaccines that have been made available to them, so what is best way to tackle that? >> well, there are two ways of thinking about it. if the obvious goal that the u.s. has to be less ineffective than say europe that has delivered -- promised half the u.s. doses and only delivered 14% of its promise where the u.s. has promised a fifth the w.h.o. target and delivered less than 20% of the doses so certainly the uss doing better than a lot of countries in provide, and if you -- if the
10:37 am
goal is to say you're more effective then global equity and more generous than the europeans, fine, that's one way of looking at it, but i would submit that since a global domestic success in controlling this virus depends in what happens around the world, so our goal should be to protect americans and perhaps the rest of the world as well but even if you focus on americans the path to that is leadership not just donating the vaccines but also ensuring that they get delivered and ensuring that there is enough resources, both technical and financial for vaccine education and so on and so forth. if in this country we needed a pretty substantial lift to educated people around the vaccine so why do we expect that, you know, someone in south africa will just run to the airport the moment a u.s. shipment arrives and get themselves vaccinate sewed working with unicef and w.h.o. and making sure that our mutual
10:38 am
interest is safeguarded not just in terms of supplying doses, not just donating, but an end-to-end leadership and the u.s. has the technical compassity of doing so for small pox and ebola. >> really appreciate the discussion and a very important discussion and your insights are really valuable in there. thanks so much. doctor, i appreciate you. things just got real middle school between some gop congresswomen. marjorie taylor greene now in the mix rushing to defend one colleague's bigoted colleagues while unleashing on another. now the clown and poo emojis are flying. it is a mess and it's next. these are the faces of listerine.
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well, a new school-yard-style republican-on-republican feud erupting in the wake of congresswoman lauren boebert's beef with democratic congresswoman ilhan omar. stick with me here. gop representative nancy mace and marjorie taylor greene are now exchanging digital blows after mace blasted boebert as a bigot on cnn for her anti-muslim
10:44 am
attack on omar. >> i didn't come to congress to throw bombs on twitter, to take advantage of people by saying crazy things to raise money or to be a comedian. >> again, she is a republican. after that her republican colleague marjorie taylor greene decided to come to boebert's defense and attack mace. in a tweet, i quote. nancy mayes is the trash in the gop conference. never attacked by democrats or rinos, same thing because she's not conservative. she's pro-abortion. -makers you can back up off of lauren boebert or just go hang with your gal pals, the jihad squad. you're out of your league. well, rep nancy mace did not appreciate that initially tweeting this in response. yes. that is a bat emoji, poo emoji and a clown emoji. i'll let you figure out the message on your own and mace wasn't finish there had and said
10:45 am
your, instead of you're, while i'm correct you i'm a fiscal conservative attacked by the left all weekend as i often am as i defied china while in taiwan. what i'm not is the a religious bigot or racist. you might want to try that over there in your little league. this all started, remember, with boebert suggesting her democratic colleague representative ilhan omar could be a suicide bomber, and boebert refused to apologize for that in a call with omar where boebert claimed she was a, quote, strong christian woman. okay. let's unravel all of this. i'm joined now by cnn analyst gloria borger. where are the adults in congress, gloria? >> i don't know. i think they are hiding in the basement, but they are certainly not out front in the republican party, and the person i'm talking about is kevin mccarthy who happens to be the leader of the republicans, and i know that
10:46 am
he has talked to -- to these women privately. he certainly talked to boebert privately. let me say that, and, you know, expected that perhaps there would be an apology, et cetera, et cetera, to ilhan omar in a phone call that disintegrated and then they went at each other again. look, this is a problem for mccarthy because he's not doing what a leader should do which is he should say we will not tolerate this in the republican party. this is not what we stand for. this is not who we are, and if you can not behave you won't be on your committees. you will be ostracized by the republican party. we have more important things to talk about than your fighting with your fellow colleagues. i mean, it's interesting to me to recall that when the democrats were fighting with each other it was whether, gee, should we put family and medical leave in this bill or that bill? it was over substance.
10:47 am
it wasn't a bunch of name-calling like this. >> and kevin mccarthy so far hasn't said much of anything about this. >> no, no. >> and yet we've discovered, our kfile team has discovered that this is becoming a bad habit of boebert to make these specific types of comments, that she has apparently said stuff like this before suggesting omar is a terrorist going all the way back to september, so does that make this even worse? >> it does. look, it does make it worse. it's clear to me from watching that video that she thinks she's got a great line she can use with her audiences and get a rise out of them which she does. the audiences she is speaking to respond to these racist and islamophobic remarks with laughter so she said it once and she said it again and maybe she will say it some more, but, you know, she thought that this was a great one-liner to use, and what does that tell you about her? >> mm-hmm. >> it's remarkable that this is
10:48 am
a sitting member of congress. >> so where does this go from here? what should the democrats even do about this? >> well, i think it's interesting. the democrats have a problem because they -- they want to step aside and let the republicans fight their own fight, but they have already censured gosar, congressman gosar, for example. they don't want to get in that fight and get down that level. the old michelle obama, when they go low we go high. i was talking to a democrat the other day about this and the question is why get in the middle of that? let's just -- let's play in our lane and talk about talk about what we need to talk about which is build back better, et cetera. nancy pelosi and the leaders sent out a note over thanksgiving about boebert and said that they call upon the republican leadership to address this with the congresswoman and that's kind of where they are on this right now. i think that they need to -- they need to take care of
10:49 am
business and push mccarthy to take care of his own problems. >> where is the floor here though? it just seems like the code of conduct standard is getting lower and lower. >> lower and lower. >> appreciate you being here, gloria borger. >> thanks, aina. >> the former pilot for jeffrey epstein is testifying today in the ghislaine maxwell trial about what happened on epstein's jet and with high-profile celebrity passengers. heartiness? yes! living life to the flavor-fullest? heck yes. panera. live your yes. now $1 delivery. what's strong with me? i know when i'm ready to run. what's strong with me? i can find strength in a rest day. what's strong with me? there are some nights i sleep so well...
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this just in, some dramatic revelations from jean casarez's jeffery epstein's former companion. the pilot is placing several high-profile figures on epstein's planes over the years. kara is following all this for us. >> reporter: so, this is jeffrey epstein's pilot of 28 years, he's back on the stand today under cross-examination and he was asked about famous people that have flown on epstein's plane over the years. he says that includes prince
10:55 am
andrew, former presidents bill clinton and donald trump, senator george mitchell and john glenn and kevin spacey. none of these have been accused of wrong doing but it goes to the defense attorney's point to show there were lots of people on these planes and lots of people that were on these trips. they also had the pilot acknowledge under cross-examination that he never witnessed any sexual activity on the plane, but the pilot did say that he did know and recognize one of the alleged victims in this case. he recalled that she was a mature woman who had piercing blue eyes. now the prosecutors say that this individual was 14 years old at the time that she was involved with jeffrey epstein. remember also that ghislaine maxwell has been accused of six criminal counts, including one of the transportation of minors to engage in illegal sex acts. the pilot has testified both on direct yesterday and on cross today that he was shuttling people, including epstein and his friends, between multiple of his properties, the mansion in
10:56 am
new york and the villa in palm beach. that's where prosecutors say a lot of this alleged assault took place. ana? >> that is an interesting update and we continue to learn more, expecting this trial to last over the course of about six weeks. thank you for being with us today. we'll be back tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. eastern. in the meantime, as always, join me on twitter, @anacabrera and the news continues next with alisyn and victor.
10:57 am
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-- captions by vitac -- hello, everyone, welcome to
11:00 am
"newsroom," i'm alisyn camerota. >> i'm victor blackwell, good to be with you. a short time ago, the white house laid out its plan for the omicron variant. the president's message is that omicron is a cause for concern but not for panic, and dr. anthony fauci said the variant has been detected in 20 countries but not yet in the u.s. experts expect this highly mutated variant may spread more easily and have some resistance to vaccines. scientists are now working to find out. the first data could be known in about a week. meanwhile, travel bans continue to multiply against south africa. the u.s. and at least 70 other nations have banned entry by foreign nationals coming from countries in southern africa. the white house covid response team says the u.s. has far more tools today to fight variants than this time last year and is urging everyone eligible to get a booster. >> so, when we say that although


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