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tv   Inside Politics With John King  CNN  November 30, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PST

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hello and welcome to "inside politics." i'm john king in washington. thank you for sharing your very busy news day with us. the cdc changes its language to say, yes, everyone should get a covid vaccine booster. that would help, scientists say, because they need more time to map the omicron variant and determine how dangerous it might be. today the d.c. court of appeals hears donald trump's bid to keep his white house records secret. what the court decides will help or hamstring the january 6th committee trying to find out
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what happened on the january 6th insurrection and laura boebert's vile and anti-muslim jokes were not off-the-cuff rift. and a new rush to understand the omicron punch. omicron cases have been confirmed in 19 nations. so far none here in the united states. the cdc nonetheless upping its guidance on boosters in hopes of building a firewall. it was all adults may want to boost their vaccine. now it's all adults should get an added shot. the nation's top infectious disease expert dr. anthony fauci says it is will take a week or two, maybe a bit more for government experts to fully chart the transmissibility and the severity of this new variant. today one. first doctors to treat omicron patients, the chair of the south african medical association tells cnn this about the world's reaction. >> i think it was an overreaction, a knee-jerk reaction of closing borders and everyone said, yes, but i'm trying to protect my people.
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the question would be how do you know it's not in your country yet. >> let's go straight to the white house. an overreacts south african doctor says but president biden says caution. >> reporter: caution that the white house believes is a necessity. vigilance and preparation in a moment where there's so much more unknown than actually known at this moment in time and that's why you've seen the white house really ramp up the public messaging and ramp up the press to get americans either vaccinated or get those boosters. that has been the primary focus as they wait for more information in terms of what this new variant will actually bring to the table. if there's anything one thing people can agree on if it's not in the united states already, it's inevitable that it will be in short order. the 19 or so countries that have reported cases, right to the north is canada. that's not up for debate but what is up for debate is what
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this will remain and as long as this remains the unknown, what you've seen from the president and his covid team is an effort to try to get out in front of this as much as possible, not be caught flat-footed and the one way they believe they can at this point in time is pressing forward on boosters. that's the focus when the team meets and also on thursday when the president gives a speech on the weeks and months ahead of this pandemic. >> phil mattingly. let's bring in dr. leana wen, the former baltimore health commissioner. grateful for your time. want to put up the map of the 19 countries so far where omicron has been detected. you wrote an op-ed in "the post" saying thank you, mr. president, for putting the travel restrictions in place for people from soften african nations but you believe the president should do more and have travel restrictions for these other countries as well. why? >> travel restrictions, john,
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can be useful in buying time if they are done the right way and to be sure they are a blunt instrument. they have significant economic consequences. they draw a lot of consternation from other countries, so if you're going to go all that way and do travel restrictions, you might as well do them right, so, first is we're allowing american citizens and permanent residents from soften africa to return wits right thing to do, but we should at least require for them to go into quarantine and then get retested especially because we know in hong coming, for example, there are people in quarantine facilities who are testing positive. in addition, we now know that there might be even be community transmission in other countries like the uk and if we're going to do this, let's do it the right way. i'm not saying across the board ban all travel but why not ask all returning international travelers to at least self-quarantine and then get re-tested in five days. >> dr. wen, you also suggest the president, and i'm putting up as i do this the map of the cdc transmission in the united states right now. you also suggest that the president should be more
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aggressive in asking states to reimpose mask mandates and the like writing this. now is the time to pull out all the stops when it comes to compelling the unvaccinated. that includes long overdue vaccine requirements for air and domestic train travel. there should be at-home testing available and to urge businesses to reimplement mask mandates. we've talked many times about the tough politics of covid but you think the president should be telling states to do more. do it now. >> frankly this should have been done even with the delta surge that we were seeing, with the increasing number of cases coming into the winter. by the way, we haven't seen yet the impact of thanksgiving travel. i would expect that we would see an increase just because of delta, but also now because of omicron. if we're so worried about omicron that we're imposing travel restriction on other countries, why not also do the things that can be done here. president biden was asked about this yesterday. i wish that he would urge businesses and states to do the right thing. >> so listen here then.
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this is a colleague, if you will, the south african expert who says the world is overreacting. she says she doesn't see evidence that this is necessary. >> the majority of what we are presenting to primary health care practitioners are extremely mild cases, mild to moderate so these patients means they don't need to be hospitalized for now. >> if the cases are predominantly mild to moderate cases, why do we -- why do you think you need all the new restrictions that you just advocated? >> i listened to that interview and i also have colleagues in south africa because i've worked and lived there before doing clinical work and research and i actually think that we're misunderstanding this doctor's comments. i don't think she's saying don't worry about omicron. all the patients have mild symptoms. it's too early to know that. i think what she's doing is to put out a warning to doctors in south africa and around the world saying if you have a
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patient coming in who has mild symptoms, some fatigue, scratchy throat and they don't have the fevers and cough and running nose that we're expecting usually with covid-19 that you should be testing these individuals for omicron. we should have a high index of suspicion for patients with mild symptoms initially because they might have omicron. i think that's what show was saying don't worry about omicron, people don't get that sick. it's too early to know because the clusters in south africa interest tended to come in university-aged students who probably are not going to get that ill. >> too early to know so we're grateful for your insights on this day and we'll circle back, dr. wen, as we do learn more about omicron in the days and weeks ahead. npr arabia rasco and cnn's jeremy diamond and marianna sotomayor. the president is mott going to change his schedule. don't panic. let's learn about this as we go
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forward, but the president had relatively modest travel restrictions and says let's learn more. he was pretty adamant. we're not going back to lockdowns or the early covid restrictions. >> yeah. i think that at this point he's also just bowing to the reality of where the country is. like, yes, he can use his bully pulpit to try to get states to say maybe you can do more mask mandates but people in this country are very tired in the second pandemic year and people will not go along with all of this and what we've seen with the coronavirus is you can tell people what you want them to do, but can you not make people get vaccinated. you can try but you can't make them wear masks and when people push back there are health implications for everyone. >> to that point, i want to show our viewers on the screen. this is the vaccination map of the united states. 55 million americans over the age of 12 have not received a vaccine shot and ten of the states have less than 50% of
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their populations. president trump carried nine of the ten. if you're vaccinated get a firewall and if you're not vaccinated, please, the new variant should give you the impetus to do it, but the more unvaccinated people are in places that doesn't vote for him and they are also hearing if they watch another network stuff like this. >> what you see on dr. fauci, this is what people say to me, that he doesn't represent science to them. he represents joseph menegola, the nazi doctor who did experiments on jews during the second world war and in the concentration camps. >> it's beyond reprehensible and it's an example of disinformation and beyond there elsewhere. how does a president trying to convince the company think about this, fight back. >> something extremely difficult. something he had to do on the campaign trail running for president but every time there is a new variant, every time
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he's telling americans, please, get boosted. please, get the vaccine, it's going against things like that, and you know you hear it now even in congress. you hear congressman ronny jackson, the former physician to the president, tweeting saying, well, this is the democrats' attempt to try to make up a new mid-term variant. they are losing the messaging war so this is what they have to do. >> why it's been such a challenge for biden to fulfill the key campaign promise to shut down the virus and pandemic. we heard that from him over and over again and what he's running up is not only the politics at home but also the fact that there are low vaccination rates around the world and until those populations get vaccinated, a key example being south africa which has i think 20% of its population vaccinated you're going to continue to see these mutations. this is going to continue to be a problem so that's the reality that the president confronts even as the country is getting tired and even he as well wants to be able to move on. >> and the pledge to should down the virus is going to come back to bite him because he can't
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shut it down. >> he can, but if he had more help, common sense, we can debate mask mandates or vaccine mandates, but the idea that you spread misinformation and just slurs -- i'll stop talking there because it is will just get worse. with the omicron variant raising new questions, anderson cooper and dr. sanjay gupta come together for a very important town hall with dr. anthony fauci "facts and fears" live tomorrow night on cnn at 8:00 p.m. major development, the former trump chief of staff mark meadows reaching a deal to investigate, at least in part with january 6th investigators and the battle for trump records and the search for the truth. the former president asserted his right to keep the secret and the biden white house and congress disagree. ...demands a lotion this pure. new gold bond pure moisture lotion. 24-hour hydration. no parabens, dyes, or fragrances. gold bond. champion your skin. your record label is taking off. but so is your sound engineer.
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some important and breaking and exclusive reporting about a significant change of strategy from a key january 6th investigative witness. sources telling cnn this hour that mark meadows, the former white house chief of staff, is now cooperating with the select committee investigating the insurrection. let's get straight up to capitol hill and ryan nobles who has this breaking news for us. what do you know? >> reporter: this is reporting our team learned exclusively and now the select commit and the committee has confirm. the former chief of staff is cooperating with the select committing and is handing over documents and is prepared to sit for an interview with the committee. the chairman bennie thompson releasing a statement saying, quote, mr. meadows has been engaging with the select committee and has produced records for the committee and will appear for an initial deposition. this is a major change in the
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approach between these two parties. meadows initially engaged with the committee when the subpoena first came down but then began stonewalling them to the point where the committee threatened to move to a criminal contempt referral against meadows if he didn't comply. that seems to have been what changed the conversation in both the committee and mark meadows have found common ground where he is willing to hand over documents and answer questions about what he knows as it relates to january 6. a lot of caveats that go along with this. this is a process, john. there could come a point where meadows once again to begin not to answer some of the questions that the committee is looking for, and in a statement thompson made it clear that the committee has looking for all the information they are looking for and will continue to press. this though, john, a very significant development in the january 6th investigation. john. >> significant indeed. ryan nobles, thank you to your and your team, our team for breaking this important news. let's bring in our cnn legal
9:18 am
analyst laura coates. ryan added the necessary caveats. we need to watch how this plays out but to have donald trump's chief of staff, someone at his side and aware of his phone calls and movements forever day from election day through insurrection day potentially blockbuster. >> reporter: absolutely. this is very significant, and it's really a distinguishing factor than say what happened with steve bannon or potentially with jeffrey clark in the near future in congress. there are some instances where people could have a claim for executive privilege. sternal on the spectrum the chief of staff would be closer to having a valid claimary than steve pan none who has never been in the administration. there are a number of things that mark meadows could testify to and they could still compartmentalize even perspective privileged conversations so this is what is supposed to happen when somebody is subpoenaed from congress. they don't get to say i'm not going to come at all.
9:19 am
i don't want to answer any questions, let alone my name or things that i didn't have a direct conversation with the president. they have to assert the privilege if valid and viable per each question. so they have a whole category of questions that ryan has talked about including statements that mark meadows has made, conversations with people who are not the president of the united states. all of those are fair game even if there are existing valid privilege claims. >> so let's connect the dots because the caveats, the things that could come up as complications down the road could be directly connected to a case. donald trump says he retains the authority to keep the white house records secret, keeping them from the committee. judges in the d.c. circuit court of appeals sounded skeptical to the idea that a former president's wishes outweigh those of the current president. >> this all boils down to two decides, who decides when it's in the best interest of the united states to disclose
9:20 am
presidential records. is it the current occupant of the white house or the former? >> this is a key ruling we're waiting for now, laura, after the hearing and the arguments because if the d.c. appeals court says trump has no privilege or certainly has no blanket privilege, he might argument about this document or that document, then what right does any other witness have to say a then i have a privilege? >> absolutely. she's exactly right, the judge, to talk about the idea what it actually comes down to. remember, the executive privilege is not belonging to the incumbent. it's the person in the presidency. the former president can no longer veto, no longer the commander in team and their powers are limited even with regards to privilege asergsz so this judge on the three-judge panel know exactly the issue here. remember, there are going to be instances, john, where the assertion of the privilege might
9:21 am
be more valid than others, but a blanket assertion that says you can't have any document even when there's an exception here which is valid, a potential criminal act, criminal behavior, the january 6th insurrection, these are all things that could lead a court to say listen, when we balance the powers of a former president wherever they may be, compare that to the incumbent's president and also fair with the national and public's interest in transparency is, i think you're going to come out pretty solidly on the idea of president biden, the only president of the united states, president biden retains the power and the former president will not have a valid claim. >> be waiting for that decision from the three judges on the court appeals. laura coates, grateful for the insights. let me bring in a lot of questions, will the committee gather evidence or will the trump defiance run out the clock?
9:22 am
mark meadows is now cooperating is a breakthrough. >> absolutely. it is a big deal. that's been the big question this entire time. would they be able to dangle the threat, you know, holding someone in contempt, and now they can, the fact that they did threaten that, it does appear that especially now this a grand jury did indict steve bannon after congress voted to find him in contempt. that shows to anyone that they may call forward that's something that can happen if you don't comply with the committee. >> is meadowses isolated and for those who covered the trump white house the thing that i'm waiting to his word that his former chief of staff is cooperating. coming up to us lauren boebert on camera spewing racism again. some brand new reporting from cnn's kfile nextxt.
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are you a christian author with a book that you're ready to share with the world? get published now, call for your free publisher kit today! for just see it for yourself evidence of the hate and bigotry in the republican ranks. at the center of the latest episode is colorado congresswoman lauren boebert. one video clip of her racism and islamophobia surfaced over the weekend and her effort to quiet that storm did not go well to put it mildly. she was recorded, you see it there, talking about how she was nervous to be on the elevator with ilhan omar implying she was a terrorist. she did not apologize and omar ended the conversation because it was not productive.
9:28 am
an additional video uncovered turns out. she told this story before. this is from a september fund-raiser who tells her elevator story and also calls omar and another muslim of congress black-hearted and evil. >> one of my staffers on his first day with me got into an elevator in the capitol, and in -- in that elevator we were joined by ilhan omar. it was just us in there and i said look it there, there's the jihad squad. >> let's bring in andrew kaczenski, the leader of the kfile who broke this story. one of the value of this
9:29 am
fantastic digging by your team is your eyes and ears don't lie. we see her for what she is and what she believes. let's listen to a little bit more. >> we have ilhan omar and rashanda talib, black-hearted evil women who want to destroy. tell us more about what you found. you just hear they are black-hearted evil women. >> yeah, right. >> i guess because they are muslim. >> yeah, you know, we spoke about this in your intro, you know. this is the second time in which she has made these comments. the story where she jokes that ilhan omar is a terrorist basically. she notably tells -- it's basically the same story that she told in the events that went viral last week, you know. she claims omar had -- didn't have a backpack so she felt safe implying that any muslim person
9:30 am
with a backpack is a terrorist, and, you know, omar's people have said this story is a fabrication. they weren't in an elevator together. i messaged with omar who said that, you know, boebert is unhinged and, you know, note blitt story is a little different from last time. there's no capitol hill police officer confusing her as a terrorist so it does lend credence to the fact that this is a made-up story that she's telling a crowd, i don't know, for laughs maybe. i guess the joke is that muslims are terrorists, but, yeah, i mean, like i said, omar called this unhinged. >> andrew knzky, grateful for your reporting. let's bring it back into the room. the point that andrew makes it's not one video.
9:31 am
it's not someone who got caught up in the emotion of a crowd and said something horrible and then tries to apologize for and does apologize for it. this is clearly something that's part of her quote, unquote routine. she thinks it's funny. this is from congresswoman omar. i graciously accepted a call from lauren boebert. instead of apologizing for islamophobic lies, she continued on in the conversation. >> kevin mccarthy urged boebert to callow mar. he wanted this to go away. but it's not. >> we saw the true colors in a video where she doubled down on her remarks. clearly she's not sorry, but you do see kevin mccarthy try to put out the fires behind the scene
9:32 am
and urged a meeting between inhallow mar and lauren boebert and also has had a call recently with marjorie taylor greene. he's trying to tell them not to attack those in the party and what you hear from some moderates in the party is yes, we understand that mccarthy is in a tough position politically but there's a difference between politics and doing what's right and calling out this rhetoric has no place in the party. >> unless they stop and unless they apologize they will not be welcome, they won't have committee assignments and we don't care if we get the majority or not because principle is more important than power, a case made by not just me but one of his fellow republicans. >> when you're in a position of leadership you have to stand up and have to deal with it. i appreciate the fact that ketch called our colleague directly and discussed the matter with her, but at some point in time you have to stand up and call it out for what it is.
9:33 am
this type of rhetoric cannot be condoned. it can not be upheld. >> the question is will leader mccarthy ever listen to people like that. you can going to say give us the majority. give us the power to write the budget and have a lot of control and give us the power to rein in joe biden and we welcome extremism in our ranks. >> earlier this year when marjorie taylor greene made her own statements, he and scalise put out statements at least saying, is you know, we don't condone this violent rhett ring. you don't see that anymore. you see them much more defensive of their own membership and kind of just letting this play out. you try it ask them what do you think of this? are you going to do something and why don't democrats punish some of them own, never using his name and suggesting that she herself has made remarks. >> tom reed, conservative nancy
9:34 am
mace of south carolina said she found is reprehensible. she got this from marjorie taylor greene who loves to stir this stuff. nancy mace is the trash in the gop conference. never attacked by democrats or rinos. mace can back off, hang up your real gal pals, jit had -- i'm not going to refeet all and she goes on with my iphone yeah, more racism, and nancy mace fires back. i'm correcting you, i'm a pro-life fiscal conservative and what i'm not is not a bigot and you might want to try that out in your little league. >> the thing is, yes, you have lauren boebert and marjorie taylor greene, but you also have former president trump. i remember being at rallies with trump where he would just put up
9:35 am
ilhan omar's face and the crowd would go crazy screaming dish was at rally where he said that omar should go back to where she came from, so this is not something that is coming just from these kinds of fringe members. this came from the leader of the party who never apologized for any of those things that he said. >> let's be clear here as well. this kind of rhetoric and behavior isn't just happening because of the inaction and silence of the republican leaders like kevinman car think today. it's because of their inaction and silence during president trump's time in office and while he was campaigning for president, when he was talking about banning muslims from the country. when he was making incendiary remarks about charlottesville, for example, all of those things add up to a pattern that makes this kind of behavior and kind of rhetoric okay and also politically advantageous for these members with the republican base, and people like marjorie taylor greene and lauren boebert are pulling right
9:36 am
from the trump playbook and kevin mccarthy hasn't changed. >> it pays to be extreme in the republican party. >> kevin mccarthy is afraid of marjorie taylor greene. let's lay it out there. he's afraid she will go to donald trump and say block him from becoming a speaker. if more people speak out, does the other math become true? at some point will kevin mccarthy have to make a choice. >> that's what i'm starting to hear from moderates behind the scenes. they are less willing to go on the record but they are saying you could have a problem with us if he takes us for granted and there are more us than there are marjorie taylor greenes in the conference. there's a balancing act, he's caught between majority makers who he hopes will deliver him the majority and the trump allies that can make or make his speakership. >> should not be a hard decision. do i stand with the rates of and bhigts or twith decent people?
9:37 am
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- san francisco can have criminal justice reform and public safety. but district attorney chesa boudin is failing on both. - the safety of san francisco is dependent upon chesa being recalled as soon as possible. - i didn't support the newsom recall but this is different. - chesa takes a very radical perspective and approach to criminal justice reform, which is having a negative impact on communities of color. - i never in a million years thought that my son, let alone any six-year-old, would be gunned down
9:41 am
in the streets of san francisco and not get any justice. - chesa's failure has resulted in increase in crime against asian americans. - the da's office is in complete turmoil at this point. - for chesa boudin to intervene in so many cases is both bad management and dangerous for the city of san francisco. - we are for criminal justice reform. chesa's not it. recall chesa boudin now. just moments ago up on capitol hill the treasury secretary janet yellen and the chairman of the federal reserve jerome powell warning the uncertainty around the comb cron variant could put yet another cloud over the economic recovery. >> the progress of our economy,
9:42 am
of our economic recovery can't be separated from our progress against the pandemic, and i know that we're all following the news about the omicron variant. as the president said yesterday, we're still waiting for more data, but what remains true is that our best protection against the virus is the vaccine. >> the recent flies covid-19 cases and the emergence of the omicron variant poses downside risks to the economic activity and increased uncertainty for inflation. >> cnn's matt egan joins us now in the studio. you know, the president says from a public health perspective get boosted and vaccinated and from an unvaccinated with another covid cloud what do the policy-makers do. >> there's no doubt that omicron represents a real big wild card to the u.s. economy. you have to remember that this recovery was gaining serious momentum. retail sales were booming and people were quitting jobs at a
9:43 am
record pace because they feel so good about getting another one and now we have a sobering reminder of the fact that covid is not over and the economy remains inextricably linked to the variant and the real risks here are, one, what does this do to inflation? jerome powell talks about this. it creates uncertainty. prices are high which makes it unclear when prices come back down and the other thing this could slow the job market recovery because people are worried about going back to work, they are scared and there's not enough workers and the other big thing is the supply chain. if there's not enough workers then the supply chain stress will only get worse. these are difficult matters they have to sort out right now and then you have the inflation front. a really interesting back and forth with powell and pat doom toomey, the republican republican senator where he could have called out powell for transitory and he says, listen, life is transitory.
9:44 am
we should retire that phrase. you see the dow, the big board. the markets initially are not liking what they are hearing. why? >> initially market down on concerns about the variant, about concerns about how effective the vaccines will be and the moderna ceo came out and said vaccines won't be quite as effective. we don't enough yet. not good and then the market took a bigger leg down on comments from jerome powell. he surprised a lot of people and said despite the variant the fed might move faster to unwind its bond-buying stimulus program. that caught investors off guard. >> uncertainty is what the markets don't like and there's a lot of it. >> exactly. tomorrow, look at your calendar. tomorrow begins december, a critical month for congressional democrats and the biden agenda. . ...demands a lotion this pure. new gold bond pure moisture lotion. 24-hour hydration. no parabens, dyes, or fragrances. gold bond. champion your skin.
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we turn the call door december at midnight and begin a month of giant consequence. congress needs to keep the government each and raise the debt ceiling. an attempt to pass a massive defense bill was already blocked which republicans meaning that remains on the to-do list and also the bulk of the biden first-year agenda, what the white house calls the build back better plan. forgot your christmas shopping, especially those who cover capitol hill or do it all online because our going to be busy. the national defense authorization act is a massive
9:50 am
spending bill and lass massive policy bill and there's general agreement between the two parties but as can you so from the politico headline the republicans have stalled it so december -- democrats' december bills after the defense stumbles and senator chuck schumer says this is all the republicans' fault. >> we democrats are not going to let republican intransigents stop us. we'll keep working on a path forward and we hope our republican colleagues as they discuss this among themselves will see the light and come up a fair proposal to make this bill -- to allow this bill to go forward to. say that we're being unfair, to say that we're not giving enough amend smnts poppycock and they may know it. >> schumer says he's given them more amendments than in the past but republicans understand that democrats have so much they need to do this month is they are trying to run out the clock. it's pretty simple. >> why not, republicans are saying, why not just try to stall as much as possible.
9:51 am
mcconnell says we need some time to go over the ndaa, something that's always been bipartisan, passes very quickly and it's another small tamtic and schumer wants the build back better to pass before christmas and the house will likely have to face again and the longer you can stall, as you saw mccarthy try to do in the house, know, it just messes up the democrats' plan. they can't stop this bill from eventually passing but they can stall it. >> as they try to get to the president's legacy, his first-year agenda, the social safety net, a whole lot, child care policy and climate policy, they are still waiting for joe manchin to say i'm doing this. he's meeting with mitch mcconnell after time with the democratic leader. at what point does the president call up and say joe, we're democrats. let's go. >> he'll have to try but is has to be a delicate dance. he can put pressure on him and
9:52 am
see if they can get something done. there's room to get something done. does joe manchin want to hold everything up? maybe he doesn't want to do that. whatever they can get through the senate, if they can get this massive thing done it, will be a huge deal. >> part of that -- part of getting manchin they hope is for working out something on the debt ceiling. this is john thune, another member of the republican leadership. the democrats have to deliver the votes though mcconnell has had considerations with schumer with b this one. if you're the president of the united states you do not need the threat of a government default to rattle the market. how do they figure that how the? >> the democrats haven't committed to doing this through reconciliation wits only avenue that they are offering democrats at this point and we'll see if this changes especially as all the issues pile up on president biden's plate and he decides to take this off and do it this
9:53 am
way. manchin is still singing the same tune that he's been singing for months now. we need more time, we need more time and bringing up inflation concerns that he's still talking about today and what's interesting is the white house has tried to take some that have head on. we heard the vice president kamala harris a couple of times talking about this bill is going to lower costs for america and help ease the inflation concerns but joe manchin doesn't seem to be accepting that and that's space to watch for sure. >> on the build back better, social safety net, everyone has their own terms. democrats have to work -- the senate going to change the house version. do they get if they don't get this and go not mid-term election career without it they are definitely screwed as opposed to we're not sure. >> if there's anything uniting them even though we've seen tensions boil over and blow up, they need a number of provisions to go on the campaign and say we're providing for the families. i know you're hurting and you've seen the gas prices. we are here and we can legislation and deliver. >> covid has stolen another year
9:54 am
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topping our political radar, moments ago we learned from the nation's top infectious disease expert dr. antony fauci that the omicron variant has not been detected in the united states. it's now opinion identified in
9:59 am
20 countries. that's up from 19 from just this morning. the white house covid-19 response team says they are busy still trying to learn much more about this variant in terms of its transmissibility and whether it causes more severe illness. america's top diplomat warning russia dial it back, stop escalating tensions with ukraine. >> it's increasingly belligerent rhetoric and a buildup of forces and unusual troop movements along the border. any esla try actions would be a mistake and any act of aggression would trigger consequences. >> stay tuned. the secretary of state tony blinken will have a lot more to say after today's nato meetings. michigan congresswoman debby dingell's office was broken into and this crime still hits home even though nobody was there. >> none of my technology was taken.
10:00 am
they had taken paddles, patriotic paddles and damaged memorabilia of my hospital so it's extremely personal. >> busy news day. please stay with us. ana cabrera picks up our coverage right now. >> hello, i'm acabrera in new york. the pandemic limbo lugs on, and today new ups and downsing a the world faces omicron uncertainty. stocks down. unknowns over the variant's threat continue to spook markets. the nation's top economic leaders now speaking out. we'll have more on that. the cdc you go its guide as on boosters. no longer saying adults may ge


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