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tv   CNN Newsroom With Alisyn Camerota and Victor Blackwell  CNN  November 29, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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or visit a store today. it's the top of the hour. hello, everyone. welcome to newsroom, i'm alisyn camerota. >> and i'm victor blackwell. president biden is urging patience and cautioning against panic as the world waits for answers about the new coronavirus variant omicron. we have just learned from the world health organization that we could learn more about the transmissibility over the next few days.
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but whether omicron can evade vaccines, that will take longer. this highly mutated variant has been found in more than a dozen countries. >> more than 40 nations including the u.s. are restricting travel from southern africa. south africa announcing that omicron is now its dominant variant, less than two weeks after it was first detected there. at the moment, there are no confirmed in the u.s., president biden says sooner or later, omicron will be there. cnn international correspondent david mckenzie is in south africa. we begin with cnn's phil mattingly at the white house. the president said shut downs are off the table for now? >> for now. shut downs off the table. instead, the white house is focused on vaccinations and boosters. that will be the core along with testing. the president is supposed to lay out a plan about fighting the pandemic as the country moves into the winter months, and obviously that plan royaled by the discovery of this new
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variant. it's a variant that has caused serious concern inside the white house, and the president during the course of the day, remarks earlier and a moment ago, meeting executives on the supply chain saying this is about speed and science, not chaos and confusion, and that is the core of how the white house is trying to fight and address this new variant. when it comes to boosters and vaccinations, that is the primary focus of what white house officials are pressing on at this moment. they believe this moment in time that boosters will provide at least some protection to what they're seeing from this new variant. given the number of unanswered questions, they are prepared if changes to the vaccine are necessary. take a listen. >> dr. fauci believes the current vaccines provide at least some protection against a new variant and the boosters strengthen that protection significantly. we do not yet believe that additional measures will be needed, but so that we are prepared if needed, my team is already working with officials at pfizer and moderna and
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johnson & johnson to develop contingency plans for vaccines or boosters if needed. >> reporter: now guys, you noted the travel restrictions put in place for south africa and several other south african nations. the president acknowledging that the variant coming to the u.s. is an inevitability at this point in time, but what those restrictions were put on for was for time, to give the u.s. time to prepare for that variant to come to the united states. when it comes to vaccines in south africa, particularly the southern african nations in particular, the u.s. has provided nearly 8 million doses of the vaccine to south africa and white house press secretary when asked by our colleague, kaitlan collins earlier today says that south africa has turned down new vaccine, not a criticism, but just a reality as countries try and get their own populations vaccinated amid the continuing evolution of this virus, guys. >> let's go to david now in pe
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t, the president calling unfair, unjustified, what more are you hearing? >> reporter: there's been deep criticism of these moves by the u.s. and many other nations to lock out southern african states and their travelers because of this traveling new variant. president biden saying that this is to buy time as phil was saying. since i have been speaking to you here, time has already run out, that this variant is likely widespread outside of the southern african region and to really stop any evolution or distribution of this variant, you'd have to ban all countries from traveling into the u.s. borders. the scientists from the very top two, the rank and file doctors are angry that they feel punished for their good science. take a listen. >> it's outrageous that, you know, south africa, and southern africa is being punished for having good surveillance, and you know, ensuring that we wanted to be completely
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transparent and to share this data with the rest of the world as soon as we knew it and confirmed it. >> reporter: the big question now, how dangerous is this variant. where i'm sitting there are rising cases, quite sharply, but at this stage, not a big rush on to hospitalization. that's the good news. also some tentative news that vaccines appear to have some efficacy say scientists, those people who are unfortunately in hospital at the moment, most of them, the vast majority are the unvaccinated, something we have seen throughout this pandemic. lots of questions still unanswered. they're working in labs here across southern africa and across the world to figure out just how bad this variant could be. victor. >> david mckenzie, phil mattingly, thank you both. let's turn to michael osterholm, the director for the center of infectious disease research and policy at the university of minnesota, and his
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2017 book "deadliest enemy," he warned time was running out to prepare for a pandemic, and sadly that has become true, michael. always great to see you. we have been cautioned by always experts, it's too soon to know anything. we won't know real hard data in terms of whether or not this is a more dangerous variant for a couple of weeks. one thing that i'm taking comfort in. you can shoot that down in a second, if you want, is this south african doctor who we quoted and played a comment from her earlier. she's the first person who detected it in her practicem. she said that she was seeing mild symptoms, her patients were tired, they had a scratchy throat, but no loss of taste or smell. it was fairly mild. should that comfort us? >> well, first of all, let me just say that this is a rapidly evolving situation, and we know even right here in the united states that often times the
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first days of a covid infection are actually relatively mild illness days, and it's only when you get today seven or ten that you see more severe illness, and often hospitalization even after that. so this is such a rapidly evolving situation in south africa. i think we have to be very careful about assuming we're not going to see many more very ill people including those requiring hospitalization, and deaths. the other factor about this is that many of the patients that were being discussed earlier oon the show were younger, healthy adults, which by the very nature would the people you would expect to see the least serious illness. i think it's far too early, the vi virus and everything we know about it so far, how it's being transmitted and the fact that it has mutations that could allow for immune escape i think are of grave concern. >> where do you stand on the travel restrictions, and we've heard from the leaders there in south africa who say they are
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unfair, and they are unjustified. there's now reports of community transmission in the u.k., but no travel restriction for the u.k. should these be in place? are they effective? >> well, as we know, this was all a rapidly evolving situation from a public policy standpoint also, and that initially when there was so many unknowns, these were put in place, and once one government did them. they all kind of, i think, felt the need to follow suit. i predict in the next few days, a week or two at most, most of these bands will be changed because we'll be talking potentially 40 or 50 countries seeing transmission. how do you ban travel amongst all of them, rather what we need to do is have a way we can make certain that when people get on a plane that crosses a border, they're not infected when they get on. should be vaccinated fully, should be tested and when we arrive, there's now a way to
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test them again and follow up with them. this is something we desperately need, and i think that will replace the travel ban in short order. >> so what should americans be doing over the next two to three weeks while they wait to see what this is all snabout. >> to take a famous line from the real estate business, this is vaccinate, vaccinate, and vaccinate, as has been pointed out, even if you look at the beta and gamma variants we saw earlier in south africa and south america, these are the ones that could evade immune protection. we saw that if you were vaccinated, you still have relatively good protection against serious illness, hospitalizations or death, and so i can't emphasize enough, you know, i don't think alisyn, most people realize we're growing more vulnerable every day in this country, not less, because we have 125 million americans who have now gotten past their six months since they were originally vaccinated and each
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day they become more and more susceptible to getting infected and we're only boosting about 35 million of those 120 million. so this is a real challenge. we've got to get people vaccinated, both first doses, and boosters as soon as possible. >> and what do you make of what we, i mean, former u.k. prime minister gordon brown wrote a piece in the guardian saying that this is essentially chickens coming home to roost, that the wealthier nations did not do enough over the last year to make sure that the poor countries across the world got those shots so that now as it continues to spread, it mutates, and this is coming, he said, it's coming back to haunt us. is that oversimplified or is he right on point. >> that is oversimplified. there's some truth to all the angles you might say about this. remember, you just reported on the fact that the south african government turned down a recent offer that we shared with them regarding more vaccine, and that is because they may have upwards
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of 20 million doses of vaccine that haven't been used yet. one of the challenges in low and middle income countries, yes, they need more vaccine. there's no question. just like us, they have had a problem turning vaccines into vaccinations, and when individuals don't want to get vaccinated. i don't care what country you're in, high, middle or low income countries, it's a real challenge. we need to put more into supporting low and middle income countries, and helping people get vaccinated, not just the vaccines. it's too simple to say they need to get vaccine. we have to get to the root cause of both vaccines and how to get needles in people's arms. >> you and i were talking about earlier, it's too simple to say it's vaccine hesitancy on their part in terms of the vaccine because there are also reports they weren't going to have enough vaccine for everyone. >> or sustained campaign of mass vaccinations. >> so they were worried that would cause or trigger a problem or panic. so we need to get to the bottom
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of how to help people and then, look, michael as you have always pointed out, it's also just very hard to force people to do something that they don't want to do as we've seen in this concern. >> absolutely. >> go ahead, finish your thought. >> i was just going to say, absolutely, this is not a simple issue of just vaccines. it's also about how to get people vaccinated and as i have said over and over again, we've got to deal with the last mile, getting vaccine to people. >> michael osteorholm, thank yo. the feud between democratic congresswoman ilhan omar, and republican congressman lauren boebert is escalating today after a phone call. congresswoman boebert was heard making islamic phobic comments about omar. implying that the muslim lawmaker was a suicide bomber.
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>> and after congresswoman omar demanded accountability, kevin mccarthy encouraged them to work out their differences. cnn's manu raju is here with what happened next. tell us about the exchange between the two. >> reporter: it is contentious, according to an account from both sides. according to what congresswoman boebert, said she called congresswoman omar, talked to her about what happened. omar said that she wanted a public apology for what happened, but then it turned very negative. boebert said omar apologize for some of her past rhetoric, and omar hung up in the after math of the back and forth, and releasing a video statement, boebert says incendiary things saying that omar sympathizes with terrorists. >> make no mistake, i will continue to fearlessly put america first, never
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sympathizing with terrorists. unfortunately, ilhan can't say the same thing. our country is worse off for it. >> so mar released a statement about the phone call as well, today i graciously accepted a call from congresswoman lauren b bow, an apology for saying she met me in an elevator. instead of apologizing for her comments, and fabricated lies she refused to publicly apologize, and doubled down on her rhetoric, and said i decided to end the unproductive call. omar goes on to call on kevin mccarthy the republican leader to condemn these remarks. mccarthy himself has not done that. he did say he had a conversation and suggested they try to resolve this on their own. clearly they have not been able to do it. omar has called for action to be taken by democrats. it doesn't appear at the moment
12:15 pm
that democratic leaders are going to go down the route of censuring congresswoman boebert for these comments. the effort to find common ground going nowhere after the contentious phone call that led to the back and forth you just saw. >> what an unfortunate development. normally when you talk to someone you ventiilify, your he softens or your mind expands. it's unfortunate to hear that this call made it worse, actually. >> she took this opportunity to ramp it up a bit. >> manu, thank you for your reporting. >> thank you. a former department of justice official could soon become the second person to face contempt charges as of late. this is after he defied the january 6th select committee. and it is cyber monday ch we have a -- monday. we have a look at how the supply chain issues could impact your holiday shopping. monday.
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we have news into the investigation into the january 6th insurrection. the house select subcommittee announced they will vote on another referral for criminal contempt of congress. >> this is for the former top department of justice official jeffrey clark who defied his subpoena. clark pushed to pursue unfounded claims of voter fraud in the weeks after the 2020 election. harry litman is a former u.s. attorney, legal affairs columnist for the "l.a. times," welcome back, and for people at home, this is the official who drafted that letter to be sent
12:21 pm
to georgia officials to hold off the certification of the vote there. we're seeing a pattern here. should this be the pattern that goes for jeffrey clark, for the others who have been subpoenaed, including the former white house chief of staff? >> so it's not clear, victor. i think it's note worthy he's their second test case and not mark meadows, and the big difference, there's a couple. but the biggest difference between him and mark meadows, they already have the information that he would possess. they have it because his colleagues at the doj, richard donahue, and jeffrey rosen have voluntarily provided it. they don't have meadows' information, and remember, meadows was sort of trump's shadow, and maybe partner in crime in the few days leading up to january 6th. and if they do a criminal con temperature, that put meadows, as it already has put bannon on
12:22 pm
a different track in the federal courts and that means his testimony and information is no longer available to them. rather, they have to test his possible criminal contempt. i think it's telling that they haven't yet done this with schiff. so kclark would be the second, and if they don't get it, they still have the information. one other big point, it really matters what's going to happen in the d.c. circuit tomorrow. could i quickly mention that? >> what is happening? >> so, as you know, trump lost in the district court in his attempt to keep the january 6th committee from having his information. the court of appeals then made a lightning fast briefing schedule, and they are going to hear the case tomorrow. let's say they hold as i think it most likely they will that there is no executive privilege claim for trump because biden
12:23 pm
makes the call here, and he has said no executive privilege. changes the landscape completely for bannon, for clark, and for meadows because then, when they're saying we think we have executive privilege because of trump, they can point to the definitive ruling from the court of rules. i don't think the supreme court will take the case. and say no, you don't, are you sure you want to defy us, because now your intent would be very clear. you would have no leg to stand on. you're still saying you want to nevertheless invoke trump's claim but it doesn't exist. that makes a criminal referral much much stronger. >> okay. really interesting. so in that case, harry, help us interpret what congressman kinzinger meant when he said this morning basically stay tuned, something is about to happen with mark meadows. so listen to that.
12:24 pm
>> if people deny subpoenas, we will go after them. i expect that there is going to be movement particularly on mark meadows that we'll know about shortly in the next day, next two days or so. and i think, you know, people will be very pleased with that. >> that's thinly veiled. are you saying he's waiting to hear about the appeals court decision? >> i don't think so. i think there, because they need his testimony so much and because he very much doesn't want to have the criminal referral, my guest best guess, alisyn, even though schiff and kinzinger and others have been talking tough about a criminal referral is they're trying to negotiate it out. i could be proven wrong in 24 hours. i think the announcement is likely to be some half or 3/4 measure to get meadows' information without going to the step of referring it. after all, it's a harder case to
12:25 pm
make for a criminal case for the doj to say he's actually guilty of a crime and refer it. my best guess is they're going to say he's agreed to provide it in a certain way. maybe written answers subject to penalty of perjury. something like that that will give them the information. obviously we'll find out soon. but that's one where i think they can't play it tough because they would lose his information. they don't have another route to that information, and they need it badly. >> okay. harry litman, thank you. >> thank you, harry. >> thank you, alisyn, thanks victor. why defense department officials say several mentions of donald trump should be redacted. plus, more countries now confirming their first case of the omicron variant. other countries have taken new precautions. cnn takes you around the world.
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has resulted in increase in crime against asian americans. - the da's office is in complete turmoil at this point. - for chesa boudin to intervene in so many cases is both bad management and dangerous for the city of san francisco. - we are for criminal justice reform. chesa's not it. recall chesa boudin now. an official with the world health organization tells cnn that we could learn more about the transmissibility and the severity of the new omicron variant over the next few days, but whether it can evade vaccines, that will take a little longer. >> cnn reportiners are tracking the developments worldwide.
12:31 pm
>> i'm salma abdelaziz in london. the u.k. government is taking steps to curb any potential spread of the ohm mi omicron va. the health secretary says he expects the case count to rise. what are the new restrictions? mask mandates will go into place on tuesday in public transport. travel restrictions have been expanded against south africa and several other neighboring countries but crucially, the u.k. is looking at expanding its booster program. everyone over the age of 18 now will be recommended a booster shot. there's also potentially a fourth shot to be offered to those who are severely immunocompromised. the health secretary saying he hopes the steps will give
12:32 pm
scientists the time to increase defenses and understand the variant better. >> i'm paula newton in ottawa where there are at least now three confirmed cases of the new covid variant omicron in canada, and health officials say there could be a few more in the coming days as several more are already under investigation. health officials say that for right now, they will not be updating any of their health restrictions but they do have that same travel ban from southern afterrican countries t is in place in the united states and other countries. the first two confirmed cases are not from travel in southern africa, but nigeria, a country that isn't even included in the travel ban as of now. having said that, canadians here believe that they can catch this new variant. there are strict testing procedures, and vaccination rules. in fact, you can't fly in canada either domestically or internationally unless you are fully vaccinated.
12:33 pm
>> i'm paula hancocks in seoul. just a matter of days ago here in south korea, we were talking about living with covid. we were talking about the government pulling back restrictions and border patrols. that has all screeched to a halt thanks to this new variant. we hear from the government that they are suspending plans to further ease restrictions. we heard from president moon jae-in calling the situation severe. in fact, even though there hasn't been a positive case of omicron in south korea at this point, the situation is still fairly dire. we are seeing a record number of critical cases and also of deaths and icu beds are few and far between, especially in the greater seoul area. and elsewhere in asia, we're seeing more restrictions coming into place. japan seems to be the strongest at this point. the prime minister today saying that he's suspending new arrivals of foreign nationals from tuesday quote in order to
12:34 pm
avoid the worst situation. all officials, though, say they are just trying to buy time to figure out what they're dealing with. >> thanks to all of our correspondents. this report just in about people suffering from the after effects of extended covid. there's a new study that suggests they can have breathing and other cardiovascular problems for as many as 15 months after infection. >> cnn health reporter jacqueline howard is here to explain what this all means. we just find out more information about long covid all the time. >> that's right, alisyn, and this study adds to our growing understanding of long covid. what the researchers did. this is a small study, including 41 people that had a history of covid-19, and the researchers put them through stress tests or exercise tests. and while the patients went through these exercises, the researchers found that 24 of them had abnormal oxygen consumption.
12:35 pm
14 of them had dysfunctional breathing. so the researchers saw these as examples of shortness of breath, and some of these patients, it was 15 months ago that they were diagnosed with covid-19. so the researchers see this as a sign of shortness of breath and other symptoms of covid can linger, can last for as long as a year or even longer. so again, alisyn, like you said, it's just growing evidence of long covid symptoms. >> okay. jacqueline howard, thank you for the update. merriam-webster, you know, they publish the dictionary, they announced that 2021 word of the year, it is. >> yes. >> vaccine. >> obvious choice. after searches for the term went up 601% compared to last year. more than a thousand percent compared to pre-pandemic days, 2019. >> interest in the word soared as coronavirus vaccines were developed with remarkable speed and of course you know they have sparked all sorts of political
12:36 pm
backlash across the country, on the politics of vaccine. yeah, right wingers aren't going to be happy with this word of the year. >> word of the year is vaccine. jury selection now underway in the case against actor jussie smollett, charged with making false reports to police after claiming he was the victim of a hate crime. we have an update from the courthouse. ♪i want to break free♪ (vo) ready to break free? let's get away to a place where we can finally be free. ♪i've got to break free♪ (vo) plan your getaway with norwegian. sail safe, feel free. [upbeat acoustic music throughout]
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12:41 pm
information. >> cnn's pentagon correspondent oren liebermann joins us now. what parts do they want esper to remove from the book? >> reporter: former secretary of defense mark esper is writing his own memoir due this may about his time as defense secretary under former president donald trump. he says that d.o.d. has asked him to redact parts of the book that include conversations with trump, discussions and trump's view on foreign policy. his argument is this isn't classified information and much of it has already come out. in a lawsuit against d.o.d., esper says he's being censured by the department of defense as he looks to publish his book and move forward with the publication mid next year. in a statement his attorney yesterday said it was highly unusual for someone as high as a cabinet official to not have additional opportunities to discuss any express government concerns. secretary esper is the highest ranking official who is soon in
12:42 pm
order to challenge de, bolton a went to publish a memoir and got into a legal fight with the trump administration as they tried to hold back the publication of the book because it was critical of trump himself, and that lasted months. >> tell us about the thousands of u.s. service members who could face disciplinary action if they aren't fully vaccinated. the deadline is today, right? >> that deadline has passed for the navy and marine corps. the deadline was yesterday. the air force had a deadline earlier this month. all of this as the service tries to vaccinate the entire force and all of their troops. now, the air force has a few thousand at this point, about 11 or 1,200 have refused outright. there are about 4,000 who are still pending their application for religious exemptions and those will be dealt with on a case by case basis. that will take some time. the navy is at 99.7% vaccinated
12:43 pm
so just over a thousand or so that have yet to be vaccinated. and for the marines, it's higher, 9,000 have not been vaccinated according to the numbers we put out yesterday. we're keeping track of that, the arm's deadline is in two and a half weeks. we'll look at that as well. >> oren liebermann, thank you. jury selection is underway in the long delayed trial of former "empire" actor jussie smollett. >> he's accused of lying about being the victim of a hate crime in 2013. prosecutor says he staged the attack to further his career. smollett has pleaded not guilty. cnn national correspondent omar jimenez was in the courtroom. what have you seen? >> reporter: so far, victor and alisyn, we've got six jurors that have been selected as part of this process. out of at little more than 30 that have been questioned by the judge so far, they have been asked things like whether they've actually seen the show "empire" which of course is the
12:44 pm
show that jussie smollett used to be a part of, even asked whether they have been part of any civil rights organizations. so these are things that are ongoing right now, but of course jussie smollett is facing those six counts of disorderly conduct stemming from allegedly making false police reports and of course when you look at the incident, this goes back to january 2019 where jussie smollett told police he was the victim of a racist and homophobic attack as a black and gay man. he said two men physically assaulted him, that an unknown substance was poured on him, a chemical substance was poured on him and that a noose was put around his neck. he was initially charged earlier last year not long after this happened. those charges were dropped. a special prosecutor was appointed and a new set of charges for disorderly conduct were introduced and that is why we're here at trial today. jussie smollett is in court surrounded by a number of his defense attorneys. he, as you mentioned, has
12:45 pm
pleaded not guilty in this trial but also has maintained his innocence throughout. that of course is something that is going to be tested over the course of this trial. the judge here has said he wants to get through in just four to five days, and as this jury selection process is ongoing, he's hoping to get through it by the end of today. victor, alisyn. >> omar jimenez, thank you. so supply chain issues are impacting cyber monday deals. what this means for your online shopping. great care starts with understanding... we all have different needs. that's why unitedhealthcare offers more benefits to help more people in more ways. so call us today to get medicare with more. our medicare advantage plans give you zero-dollar copays on tier 1 and mail-order tier 2 prescriptions.
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today is cyber monday. it's a huge online shopping day, and president biden has been meeting with top executives from major retailers at the white house this afternoon about how they are dealing with supply chain issues. he noted the strain that they have been under and touted his bipartisan infrastructure deal. >> and i think people underestimate just how out of sync our infrastructure has been for so long. and i think that the people who live near that bridge, that certain trucks can't go over or
12:51 pm
near that fire station where you have to go ten miles around the creek because you can't go over a particular bridge. sidewalks, highways, et cetera. so i'm looking forward to that being a lot better. >> cnn business correspondent alison kosik is here with us now. so first day after thanksgiving, of course, the big black friday. what do we see? >> the early numbers for black friday are in and drum roll please -- >> they are not spectacular. but hold on. there's a back story to this. so there was 28% less foot traffic on this black friday compared to 2019 before the pandemic. online shopping, there was less money spent. why is this happening? believe it or not, we are shopping. we're just shopping earlier. consumers moved their holiday shopping time table up when they caught wind of the supply chain issues. these kinks in the supply chain
12:52 pm
causing these product shortages with this massive demand from people with -- from consumers with a lot of money burning a hole in their pockets. an ah-ha moment may have been in october when people were really out there shopping. retail sales numbers surged in october. there were 2 billion out of stock messages for online shopping when you went on to online shoping. so 2 billion messages and that could have been an ah-ha moment for consumers to really step tup and get their shopping done early because the reality is the supply chain shortages are no joke for retailers. it's been tough to stock their inventories ahead of the holiday shopping season. >> i feel like i wasted a drum roll on that. because the numbers were down. >> because they're spread out. they may be up for the year. the year is not over. >> the national retail federation will be coming out with their numbers. they not only track online but they track instore numbers as well. the reality is i think as we get closer and closer to christmas, it's probably going to be better for consumers to go ahead and go
12:53 pm
into the stores and touch and feel and find something because if they can't find that one thing that they want, they can browse around. it's going to be easier than being at the mercy of the deliveries that you get on -- when you buy something online. >> that's your recommendation for how to deal with the supply chain issues? >> i think shopping online is certainly a way to do it if you can do it in the next week. but you don't want to be at the mercy of these delivery services. what if they come back to you and you're waiting for this prize gift and they say, sorry, it's not going to come until january. in store is the best. you get away with the product in your hand and you're happy as can be. >> alison kosik, thank you. it is christmastime at the white house. >> first lady jill biden today was showing off her first white house holiday decorations. this year's theme is gifts from the heart. and it's a tribute to first responders and frontline workers, partially inspired by the challenges of the pandemic.
12:54 pm
the east wing came up with the idea for -- from the first lady's desire to, quote, unite and heal and bring us together. so one room has two large trees decorated with framed photographs of former first families at the white house during the holidays. >> that's really nice. >> it's beautiful. here's what i want to know. are there going to be christmas parties there, and are we invited? >> the christmas parties, i don't know. that's an interesting thing. >> i haven't heard yet. i hope it's not just you and i who haven't heard. >> i have to decide what i'm doing for christmas. i have no decorations. >> you had a big plan and now you're rethinking. >> i don't know if i have any decorations. >> i'm going to come over to your house with a charlie brown christmas tree. >> that's worse. >> and help decorate. >> don't bring any of those like leaving three-foot trees. i'll get a nice wreath. hang it on the inside of the door. >> something festive. >> some christmas cheer as i head out into the world. transition.
12:55 pm
president biden says the omicron variant is a cause for concern, not panic. he says sooner or later this new variant will be in the u.s. we'll have much more on the reaction coming up. across your full financial picture. a plan with tax-smart investing strategies designed to help you keep more of what you earn. this is the planning effect.
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and you will find inspiration anew. viking. exploring the world in comfort. - san francisco can have criminal justice reform and public safety. but district attorney chesa boudin is failing on both. - the safety of san francisco is dependent upon chesa being recalled as soon as possible. - i didn't support the newsom recall but this is different. - chesa takes a very radical perspective and approach to criminal justice reform, which is having a negative impact on communities of color. - i never in a million years thought that my son, let alone any six-year-old, would be gunned down in the streets of san francisco and not get any justice. - chesa's failure
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has resulted in increase in crime against asian americans. - the da's office is in complete turmoil at this point. - for chesa boudin to intervene in so many cases is both bad management and dangerous for the city of san francisco. - we are for criminal justice reform. chesa's not it. recall chesa boudin now. here's a crazy story. a guatemalan man is lucky to be alive after stowing away in a
1:00 pm
plane's landing gear. police say the 26-year-old hid inside the landing gear of an american airlines plane for 2 1/2 hours from guatemala city to miami. >> based on the flight data, temperatures in the wheel well fell by 100 degrees during the flight so the stowaway would have been hit with subzero conditions. he was taken to a hospital for evaluation and will be detained by homeland security. "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. we all better start learning to say omicron. the lead starts right now. with americans on edge, president biden trying to calm fears as a new coronavirus variant spreads throughout the world. what might that mean for you and your family? plus, another trump loyalanist the sights of the january 6th select committee. are new criminal contempt charges on the way? parents behaving badly, screaming, name calling, fist fights at school board meetings. some getting so


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