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tv   Early Start With Christine Romans and Laura Jarrett  CNN  November 29, 2021 2:00am-2:59am PST

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good morning, everyone. it is monday, november 29th. it's 5 a.m. here in new york. thanks so much for getting an ea"early start" with us. good to be back. >> you had a good time? >> i did. >> thanksgiving is great when grandma's there. i'm christine romans. we have reports from london, johannesburg, hong kong, paris and kiev. this morning the world is in a coronavirus holding pattern from the omicron variant. at the same time, there are simply a lot of unknowns.
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>> i think it should not be the lead story right now because it is a story based entirely on speculation. we will have data from really hard working scientists over the next few weeks that will help inform how we can put this new variant into context. >> this holiday weekend concerning early data put the whole world on high alert from variants emerging in southern africa. the world tries to avoid another setback like we saw when delta hit. >> here's what we know. the variant appears to have a large number of mutations. here's what we don't know. a lot. whether that means it's more contagious or evades the vaccine we have. that's all being researched. in the meantime, the bottom line is they say the vaccines are still the best protection we have. >> we don't know yet how much of an impact this will have. it ought to redo you believe our
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efforts to use the tools that we have, which are vaccinations and boosters and to be sure we're getting those to the rest of the world too which the u.s. is doing more than any other country. >> this is a clarion call as far as i'm concerned of saying let's put aside all of the differences we have and say if you're not vaccinated, get vaccinated. if you are fully vaccinated, get boosted. >> stay tuned. we'll get better information about this. no reason to panic but a great reason to go get boosted. >> moderna says if needed it could have an updated vaccine for omicron by early 2022. pfizer suggesting the same. scientists say vaccine inequality and hesitancy made the emergence of omicron likely since low vaccinations are a breeding ground for variants. president biden has been briefed by the covid team and it will take two weeks to have definitive information. time to dig in on all of this with three questions in
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three minutes. let's bring in dr. chlhris pernell. >> there's so much we don't know. much of the world is reacting very quickly to avoid the potential of a new outbreak. what information are you looking for this morning? >> good morning. so good to be with you. i'm looking to see what are we learning about those who have been infected with this omicron strain. we really don't know if it leads to more severe disease as well as not knowing if it's more transmissible and if our currently available vaccines provide adequate protection against this variant. i do want to use this opportunity to double down on the message, get vaccinated. if you are not vaccinated, get fully vaccinated if you are only partially vaccinated and fett a booster since you're eligible. >> where should the public focus
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be? should we be focused on getting people their first vaccination shots for the holdouts still out there? should the focus be on getting those people vaccinated or should the focus be on people who have already been vaccinated getting their booster shots because we know they're already willing to get vaccinated? >> the public health science is clear. the focus should be on those who are unvaccinated. as long as we have considerable parts of the population who are not vaccinated, it's a breeding ground for variants to continue to emerge. we have a lack of vaccine confidence. we still have access and barriers to the vaccine in certain parts of our country and even across the world so we need to be do you believing down around the importance of getting vaccinated, the safety and he have if i ka si of these vaccines and we need to be using these other tools in our war t chest, testing, things of that nature. >> i worry about that vaccine
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hesitancy that people see this news and say, see? what if the vaccine didn't work in the first place. what do you say to those holdouts? this is why you have to be vaccinated. >> exactly. i say, hold on. i did my round of calls and texting to family, friends, people that i knew were not vaccinated. i said, look, this is another opportunity for you to consider what's causing you to hold back and to delay on getting vaccinated. we're entering the winter months. we know in the winter months we see spikes. we don't know how much of a spike we'll see here in the u.s., but with the emergent of now this variant is just more concern for those unvaccinated or partially vaccinated to get the shot. >> the timing of this is unfortunate. just when we thought we could breathe a sigh of relief and have somewhat normal holidays, here we are. do you think people should be changing their plans over the next several weeks and months here? do you think people should, for instance, stop traveling?
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>> not quite. not quite. i think people should continue to use caution and to be vigilant. we can never fall asleep at the wheel with this pandemic and the emergence of this variant is showing us that. if we do learn that, indeed, it is more transmissible and it leads to more severe disease, then that should give people some reason to re-evaluate how they're moving about the country. the most important and critical information will be do our vaccines provide adequate coverage. i believe the science is ahead of the pandemic in that nature. i think these vaccines will hold up. we're just waiting for data. >> dr. chris pernell, thank you. >> thank you. later today president biden will provide an update to the nation on this variant hopefully armed with more information for us after meeting with members of the white house covid response team on sunday. let's bring in white house reporter jasmine wright live from washington, d.c. jasmine, good morning.
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the travel restrictions for seven countries in africa pretty controversial. they kicked in overnight. what are you hearing about what's driving the white house response so far? >> well, the response is all to show americans that this white house is taking this latest variant seriously and it's interesting, laura, to note now with announcements of daily briefings and the new travel ban with over the summer the response from the delta variant that drew accusations that the administration got caught flat footed and the impact of the delta variant flew in the face of president biden's promise of summertime normalcy. here the white house is actively trying to avoid that. yesterday the white house released photos of president biden, you see it on the screen here, meeting with dr. fauci and other medical advisers on his team learning about the omicron variant after he returned from his holiday travels to d.c. the white house said dr. fauci told the president that it would
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take two weeks to have more definitive information on the transmissibility, severity and other characteristics of the variant. in lieu of that information, laura, the best thing dr. fauci said is for americans to double down on getting those vaccines. we heard from the doctor say those same things. get the initial vaccines and get the boosters if they are eligible because that is a way officials see americans getting out of this pandemic, no matter what the variant may be. it is true that right now the white house is staring down this messaging challenge as they really try to project severity of the issue but also try to project reassuring americans that they are able to take care of them so we will see. the president today really showing up for that messaging challenge trying to convey all of those things, trying to show americans that his administration is ready. laura? >> it's a delicate balance. clearly the history of delta looms large for this white house. js min, thank you.
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investors breaking for concerns over the omicron variant looking to bounce back from very steep losses on friday. you see a little bit of gain there. the dow futures and s&p 500 futures over global markets. you have asian shares that closed lower. europe looking to rebound. bottom line here, uncertainty is stock market kryptonite and all the questions surrounding this variant sent stocks tumbling. the s&p saw the worst day since february. the nasdaq's worse since september. it is still a covid economy and covid stock market. even with the selloff, the s&p up and two big dwhaes need time to answer, does the new strain evade vaccines and is it more transmissible? all of these questions as we start to get the answers i think will put stock market investors back at ease. what i'm really watching this morning, also, is a big bounce back in oil.
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5% jump in oil prices after a huge double digit decline on friday. oil is a bell weather for what people think is going to happen with the global economy. if it's going to slow down with massive travel restrictions, oil will fall. >> of all of the things people talked about at thanks zbgiving. another intrusion by china sending jets into taiwanese air space. how this exercise was different. a live cnn report next. ♪ ♪ kiss the people you love. mark this moment in time, and celebrate every kiss. get zero down special financing with the kay jewelers credit card.
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discuss further strengthening china's armed forces. what do we make of this? >> he was telling their military, christine, that they need to train, they need to get out in the air to gain the upper hand in future wars and of course this is a president who has said repeatedly that he won't rule out the use of force to reunify with the island of taiwan, an island that has its own military, its own government but is claimed by china's communist rulers. they have claimed it since the end of the civil war. they say they believe these repeated ariel incursions are a deliberate message on the part of china to try to intimidate them and exhaust the much smaller taiwanese air force to make them feel tired and overwhelmed. the defense minister firing back this morning saying they will not be intimidated, they do have counter measures in place. visited a taiwanese airbase and they showed off their new f-15
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fighter jets which would have a harder time in combat with the advance fighters that were flown to the island. there were five more flown near the island today. you're talking about 18 fighter jets on sunday, 5 nuclear capable bombers. and the y20. that is significant. it's the first time the refueling aircraft has flown near taiwan. it shows china is demonstrating the capability which can pose a threat to u.s. troops stationed in japan, guam, other areas. this is not taiwanese air space which extends 12 nautical miles from the coast. we've seen a significant uptick in the number of chinese war planes including 150 war planes in just a few days. >> will ripley. keep us posted. thank you, sir. back at home, mark esper
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says the pentagon is trying to silence him. esper is now suing the defense department to clear portions of its book before its publication next may. the d.o.d. is saying it must remove quotes from trump. he does not believe there is any classified information in his manuscript. the u.s. is back at the table as nuclear talks continue with iran. it's not magic that makes more holiday deliveries to homes in the us than anyone else, it's the hardworking people of the united states postal service. ♪ for skin that never holds you back. don't settle for silver. #1 for diabetic dry skin holds you back. #1 for psoriasis symptom relief and for eczema symptom relief. gold bond. and for eczema symptom relief. champion your skin.
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welcome back. nuclear talks set to begin after a six-month hiatus. u.s. is making it clear it will remember -- work to make new details. nic robertson joins us. a lot has happened since the last talks. what should we expect today? >> reporter: the clock is ticking which means iran has been able to get more uranium and centrifuges. this breaks the nuclear deal they've signed in 2019. these are proximity talks. not officially called proximity. the u.s. isn't in the room here. they're all around the table with the iranians trying to figure out how to bring the
2:23 am
united states back to the table. the iranians have a more hard lined president. he has said that the only way this can move forward and bring the united states back into the deal is for the u.s. to drop sanctions. well, in recent weeks the united states has put additional sanctions on iran for cyber crimes essentially trying to change the outcome of the u.s. presidential election in 2020. they put sanctions on senior figures within irans drone production and military use of drones. so, you know, from iran's perspective, nothing can change until the united states backs off on its position from the united states position and that of its european partners at least. iran must come back into compliance of the terms of the deal which would mean sideline some of the sophisticated enrichment. get rid of some of the highly enriched uranium which makes it much quicker to make a nuclear
2:24 am
weapon. they say they're not giving even the international atomic agency the international body that overseas the -- iran's compliance with the deal. the ia chief was in iran trying to get access to a centrifuge site. all this have is on the table. i don't think anyone is expecting any improvement. the united states is clear move forward or consequences. >> nic robertson. thank you. to this now. after almost 400 years barbados will sever ties with england and remove queen elizabeth as head of state tonight. the arrangement faced renewed scrutiny in the last few years. many brits made fortunes from sugar and slavery in barbados. sandra mason, the country's 73-year-old governor general will be sworn in as the first ever president. prince charles is in bar bade does for the ceremonial transition. so early warnings are of course good when it comes to
2:25 am
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good monday morning, everyone. this is "early start." i'm laura jarrett. >> good monday morning. >> i'm trying to be helpful. >> i'm christine romans. time for our top stories to keep
2:30 am
an eye on today. the entire planet facing two weeks of uncertainty. that's how much time scientists will need to determine whether the omicron variant is resistant to the current vaccines. dr. fauci believes this will provide some protection. the sex trafficking trial of ghislaine maxwell begins today in new york with the selection and seating of a jury. maxwell is accused of grooming girls for sex with her former partner, jeffrey epstein, who died in jail two years ago. she has pleaded not guilty to all charges. the jury selection gets underway in the trial of jesse smollett. he's charged with making false accusations to police. they have accused the former "empi "empire" star for staging the attack for publicity. a global chip shortage is showing production of tons of products like cars, electronics
2:31 am
and appliances. actor matthew mcconaughey not running for gov noor as he previously hinted. he will focus on the private sector. >> the first jewish spouse of a president or vp dedicated the lighting to ending hate. the world is facing two weeks of uncertainty before scientists think they'll have the answers they need about the coronavirus omicron variant. it's not yet known whether omicron leads to more severe disease, but there are concerns it could be resistant to current vaccines. >> how transmissible is this variant? how severe is it? and will the antibodies that are produced in response to the current vaccines affect it? we won't know that last answer
2:32 am
for a couple of weeks. >> overnight the w.h.o. said the overall risk is assessed at very high. it's because of all of these new mutations. the more mutations could make it more transmissible and easier to evade your immune system. the key word is could. medical experts are urging caution. >> there's good reasons to think it will probably be okay, but we need to know the real answers to that. that's going to take two or three weeks. >> there's concern but the sky is not falling. this variant does not appear to be causing worse disease than anything we've seen before. this is not the main strain. it's still critical to remember that the biggest crisis facing the united states is still that we've only vaccinated half the population. >> and the winter surge of delta, right? it's a tenuous time. coronavirus hospitalizations in 16 states have increased by more than 50% in the past week compared to the week before. for a variant we know so little
2:33 am
about, why so much concern and why so many travel bans? here's what former fda commissioner scott gottleib says. >> the three critical questions, first, is this more virulent. is this making people more ill? there's no indication it is. there's some anecdotal information that this could be causing milder illness. that could be an artifact of the fact that the initial cases seem to have been clustered in younger people perhaps in outbreaks around the universities. the second question is does this escape immunity. this is the question that has people concerned. when you look at the genetic sequence of the new variant, it has a lot of mutations that we know correlate with escape from immunity that's conferred by prior infections and vaccines. the third question is does that escape from immunity increase the transmissibility. there's an a sense. we don't have a firm answer to that question. even if its ability to escape the immunity does make it more
2:34 am
transmissible in certain circumstances, the question here is going to be whether or not a fully boosted individual, someone who's had three doses of vaccine, has good protection against this variant. right now if you talk to people in vaccine circles, people who are working on the vaccine, they have a pretty good degree of confidence that a boosted vaccine, so three full doses of vaccine is going to be fairly protective against this new variant. >> president biden is expected to speak later today on all of this and overnight the u.s. joined the growing list of countries imposing travel restrictions on southern africa. health officials are closely watching the province in south africa where this variant first emerged to get a sense of how cases are presenting there. african officials are pushing back hard against the demands. elainy jackos has the story. they call the bans an attack on global solidarity. you can see why officials in southern africa would be
2:35 am
irritated. scientists so quickly released the warning about this new variant and very quickly were shut down in terms of travel bans. >> absolutely, christine. very good morning to you. i am stuck in south africa. i was meant to leave to go to my new home to dubai. of course these travel bans happened so swiftdly, so aggressively as soon as south africa announced it identified a new variant. the south african community and so many others have said south africa should be commended for its pioneering growth within genome sequencing in the country. we even heard from the world health organization, the africa regional office saying that it stands by african countries and that travel bans should be lifted, that they actually don't benefit anyone in the value chain. we even heard from the malawian president this is afro phobia. the south african president said
2:36 am
he's highly disappointed and this is discriminatory. the g20 countries broke promises. take a listen to what he has to say. >> these restrictions are completely unjustified and unfairly discriminate against our country and our p agreement with other countries. the prohibition of travel is not informed by science nor will it be effective in preventing the sprez of this variant. the only thing that prohibition on travel will do is to further damage the economies of the affected countries and undermine the ability to respond to and also to recover from the pandemic. >> reporter: though vaccination rates are a problem in southern africa and africa as a whole, vaccine inweek at this time tis need to be addressed. the united states has been donating millions of doses to african countries that are
2:37 am
included in the travel ban. that's one way, christine, to help fight against the new variant. we don't know much about it yet, but there is a hope that vaccine efficacy will be still in place despite the uncertainty. >> yeah. getting shots into arms really critically important on the continent. thank you so much, elaine. nice to see you. also this morning, a special session of the world health assembly gathering in geneva. cnn's larry madowo is live on this angle. larry, the world has so much scar tissue left from the slow response to the delta variant. what is the eu to go to avoid a repeat of that? >> reporter: precisely because of that, laura, the eu is saying it had to apply emergency brakes. that's why 14 other countries including france, 15 did restrict travel from southern africa. so right now the european union is in a state of high alert, maybe even mad panic as the
2:38 am
omicron virus spreads across the region. 6 new cases reported in scotland. that means the cases in the u.k. up between 9 and 12. we've seen one case now reported in austria. we've seen 13 cases reported in portugal and the interesting thing about the six cases reported in scotland, some of them had no connection to travel. no travel history at all. they didn't come from southern africa. that is a clue. it might mean that there are already more cases of the omicron variant across the european union, maybe across the u.s. the genomic sequence has just happened. we might see more cases from here in france or across the eu. here they say they have eight possible cases but it's already time. cases are circulating and that is why the european union says it is taking this very seriously. watch. >> we are now in a race against time. why that? because we know not all about
2:39 am
this variant but it is a variant of concern. they need two to three weeks to have a full picture about the quality of the mutations of this omicron variant. >> reporter: travel restrictions came up really fast. in the netherlands, several people who flew in from south africa were stranded as authorities scrambled to figure out what to do there. across the english channel here, the u.k. has new restrictions coming into effect at 4 a.m. on sunday. anybody who comes in has to self-isolate until two days after and they need a negative pcr test. the g7 has called a special meeting to figure out what to do with this new variant. >> larry, thank you for staying on top of that angle for us. appreciate it. it's the most wonderful shopping time of the year. black friday and cyber monday will be the first test of how holiday shopping might be affected by the current chaos
2:40 am
facing supply chains as we head into christmas. this comes in the middle of a string of smash and dash robberies across the country. there were more this weekend. as many as 10 people robbed at a home depot in california friday night making off with hammers, crow bars and other tools. at least 30 stole electronics from a best buy in minnesota on black friday. here's what a global retail consulting executive says. >> about 1/4 of consumers we've seen in the last week east to west, north to south, one out of every four concerned probably not going to the mall because of crime. 1/2 to your good prior report not going to malls because of pandemic and the other 1/4 not going to the mall because they've bought early or more likely put off by the price gouging during this holiday season. >> this turned deadly. in oakland, california, a
2:41 am
security guard died after he was shot protecting a bay area tv news crew covering a smash and grab theft. police say attack teams will port them. some sad news to report this morning. the fashion world has lost a trailblazer. the first black artistic director of louis vuitton men's wear and ceo of the line off white. virgil abloh lost his battle can cancer. "time magazine" named him the most influential designer of the year. on sunday his wife quoted him as saying everything i do is for the 17-year-old version of myself. we'll be right back. it's not magic that makes more holiday deliveries to homes in the us than anyone else,
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the biden administration is expected to restart the trump era remain in mexico border policy this week. the controversial program requires them to stay in mexico until their immigration cases are heard in u.s. courts. president biden had suspended that policy at the beginning of his term and terminated it officially later. over the summer a federal judge ruled that that process violated federal law. it now appears ukraine is facing threats not only from russia but also from within. the ukrainian president said he has intell indicating a group of ukrainians and russians is planning to carry out a coup against him. matthew chance has more from kiev. what more do you know, matthew? >> reporter: in terms of what evidence has been presented by the ukrainian administration, absolutely none. he described intelligence reports that a coup was being
2:47 am
planned to basically overthrow his government in this country over the next couple of days. he said that the coup was going to be taking place on the first or the second of december. so just two or three days from now. speaking to you from kiev now. want to speak to them about what evidence they've got and to look at the security situation in the country. the suggestion that there may be a coup is something that feeds into the ongoing concern in this country about the threat that russia poses. remember, the president explained they have audio recordings of ukrainians and russians talking together, plotting to overthrow the government here. it falls into the twin threats that are posed by russia. first of all, the overt military threat. there have been warnings for some time now about a buildup of russian forces near the border of ukraine possibly with the motive, and they can't be sure,
2:48 am
but possibly with the motive of launching another invasion of ukrainian territory. it's led to all sorts of alarm bells being expressed around the region. there's another threat as well. a more covert threat by russian-backed players to try to topple the ukrainian government from inside. that's what this warning of a coup talks to. there's one other thing i think it's worth mentioning which is ukraine's richest man, an oligarch, rich and powerful, owns all sorts of businesses here, he was said to be linked to the coup. he has categorically denied any suggestion of that, but again that plays into this idea the ukrainian government is trying to curb the powers of rich and powerful business men here. >> matthew chance, thank you. australia may be putting an end to unlimited online
2:49 am
anonymity. the prime minister is holding social media platforms responsible for the users online defamatory comments and abuse. >> the on line world shouldn't be the wild west where bots, bigots, trolls going around anonymously harming and hurting people. >> the bill would require platforms to unmask trolls by providing a user's name. a student died days after participating in a school sanctioned charity boxing match hosted by his fraternity. 20-year-old nathan valencia died tuesday four days after his fight. >> i remember in one of the fights someone said he fell off and then just during nathan's fight like you can -- you can see that he was just like trying to like get away to like catch a
2:50 am
breath. >> family attorney says no professional referee was at that fight and medical help wasn't available earth. nathan's mother will be on "new day" in the 7 a.m. hour. the global supply crunch is now hitting where it hurts for the holidays. alcohol, craft beer may get much more expensive. one of the world's biggest aluminum can corporations is hiking the number to 1 million cans per beverage if you're a small craft brewer, that's not possible. it will raise prices by nearly half for some contract customers. the u.k. could face a wine and liquor shortage because there aren't enough lurie drivers. the beverage industry says it is taking up to five times longer to import alcohol. if you're into waffles and wine, maple syrup is in such short supply canada is releasing
2:51 am
nearly 50 million pounds from its strategic maple syrup reserves. yes, that is a true thing. the strategic maple syrup reserves. the problem is not syrup supply, it's way above normal demand. up 20% over last year. >> i did not know that. i learned something new. >> national commodity. you must have emergency supplies of that. aaron rodgers and the packers handing the rams their third straight loss in a patle of the super bowl contenders. andy scholes has this morning's bleacher report. good morning. >> aaron rodgers didn't practice all week after breaking his toe. didn't bother him against the rams. rogers threw for 307 yards and two touchdowns. going to make a short pass to a.j. dillon for the score. the third quarter was when this game was decided. packers up 13. matthew stafford on a rams drive going to get picked off by
2:52 am
rassule douglas. stafford has thrown a pick 6 in three straight games. he's the first quarterback to do that since 2016. rodgers has thrown three pick 6s his entire career. l.a. has lost three in a row. tom brady owned the colts in his career 15-4 all time going into why i had's match-up. brady and the bucs down. leonard fournette scored four touchdowns and they put the game away. bucs win 38-31. improve to 8-3. check out what happened earlier in the game. a helmet got knocked off, then he gets drilled in the chin. his tooth came flying out. he didn't seem too bothered by the hit laughing it off there on the sidelines. throwing four interceptions in the game. it's not funny unless you somehow win.
2:53 am
that's what the ravens did against the browns. lamar jackson throwing three interceptions and three straight possessions. starting quarterbacks about 0-37 when throwing four picks in a game. the ravens defense able to hold the browns to 262 yards of offense. baltimore wins that one, 16-10. a stun joer in college football. saturday night lincoln riley said he would not be the next head coach at lsu. that's because he's going to usc. riley one of the hottest names in coaching making the announcement yesterday. he had led the sooners to four big bowl titles. recruits have already started decommitting from ou including mall la kay nelson. former coach who retired from football is going to coach the sooners in the remaining bowl game this season. finally in the nba, steph curry putting on a show against the clippers. fourth quarter, curry gets hit.
2:54 am
no foul called. curry was mad. got a technical. that fired him up. scoring 13 of his 33 in the fourth quarter and after this ridiculous three right here, watch what he does. he gives the technical sign. warriors win 105-90 to improve to an nba best. i don't think i've seen a player give the technical sign like that and not actually get one. props to the officials for letting that go. curry is so much fun to watch. >> quick question. what does the tooth fairy give when you lose your tooth in a football game? is that 10 bucks? >> he tlaufd off like it was nothing. if it was me, i would have been down for the count. >> whatever is in the tooth fairy's purse or wallet. >> spoken like a true tooth fairy. thanks for joining us. i have no intimate knowledge of that. >> in case christine's boys are up at 5:55 in the morning, laura
2:55 am
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