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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  November 29, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PST

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hello and a very warm welcome to our viewers joining us in the united states and right around the world. i'm esa soares right here on "cnn newsroom." as more countries detect cases of the omicron variant, scientists scramble to see how the vaccines will hold up. >> how trabs miss sibl is this? we don't know that. how severe is this? we don't know that answer. >> many states are enacting
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travel bans. south africa calling those moves unfair. >> pandemics are not about panicking, they're about policies, protocols and practice. >> and we are also monitoring this hour the market, the stock market as nervous investors as stocks stabilize after friday's fifth selloff. >> announcer: live from london, this is "cnn newsroom" with isa soares. hello, everyone. it is monday, november 29th. we begin with a global scramble where we've contained the omicron variant. the world health organization has in the last hour or so come out with a technical statement saying the risk is very high. travelers from south africa take effect. g7 is set to hold talks later on
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the phone today. new form of omicron has been found in seven countries. the u.s. isn't alone in shutting its borders in an attempt to contain the variant. that has sparked anger in south africa where scientists have alerted the global community. while there are signs omicron is more infectious, we still don't know how bad the threat is compared to other variants. a doctor who among the first raised alarms said it's mild. it's worth mentioning many of the cases she saw in south africa were in people who were not vaccinated. >> looking at the mildness of the symptoms we're seeing, there's no reason for panicking as we don't see severely ill patients. the most predominant clinical
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complaint is severe fatigue with headache and body ache. some will have what they call a scratchy throat and some will have a cough, a dry cough. >> while later today u.s. president joe biden will meet with the white house covid response team for a briefing, sometime after that he'll update the public on this latest fight against the pandemic. joe johns has more on how the president has been reacting to the emergence of this new variant. >> reporter: a white house status report on the omicron variant telling us a lot we don't know. the president issuing a statement after flying back from nantucket from his thanksgiving vacation. now here at the white house speaking with others among others dr. anthony fauci. the statement from the white house giving a great deal of attribution to the president's medical adviser that says in
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part dr. fauci informed the president that it will take two more weeks to have definitive information on the transmissibility, severity and other characteristics of the variant, he continues to believe that existing vaccines are likely to provide a degree of protection against severe cases of covid. dr. fauci also reiterated that boosters for fully vaccinated individuals provide the strongest available protection from covid. the president is expected to give an update on the situation on monday. also on monday travel restrictions to several southern african nations including south africa and botswana will go into effect. joe johns, cnn, the white house. while those travel restrictions are now in effect for eight african countries, a measure not all-americans agree with, the u.s. travel association issued a statement trying to get the president to reconsider saying closed borders won't keep it out.
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one family is already affected by the new travel ban. >> reporter: travel restrictions in place just after midnight on monday morning catching many off guard including those who are on some u.s.-bound flights coming from south africa. we spent some time yesterday morning speaking to passengers fresh off the flight, one of the final flights that was not subjected to the restrictions which kicked into place today. found it is leading to compli complications. kyle bogart made it safely back to the united states but his family had to stay behind now forced to find another way to make it back home. here's kyle explaining why. >> luckily i had a direct flight to newark from johannesburg so my flight wasn't canceled by the rest of my family had connections to dubai and they couldn't make it back. they couldn't book any flights until tuesday, wednesday, thursday. >> to be clear, all of them will
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be able to make it back into the united states. the concern is it will be a while as he points out before they're able to secure a flight to make it back to the u.s. we should point out there will be options. delta and united airlines, major u.s. carriers that have announced they will continue to fly those routes to and from south africa at least for now. paulo sandoval, cnn, new york. >> thanks very much, paolo. from europe to the middle east and asia. i want to begin this hour in europe because we're getting word that six cases of the omicron variant have been identified in scotland and 13 new cases have emerged in portugal. we are live in paris on the new cases cropping up in europe. larry, i remember, you can correct me if i'm wrong, hearing the ec president saying it's a race against time. talk us through the measures being taken right across europe.
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>> reporter: it is a race against time, you remember correctly, isa. she said it's a race against time to understand how serious this omicron variant is. we're starting to see the fear this region has. there are six new cases reported in scotland after three reported in the u.k. now the u.k. alone has nine cases and now just announced 13 cases in portugal all related to a lisbon football team. that means over the course of today we might hear more cases. the ministry said they have detected eight possible cases in france. the health minister says it's only a matter of time until some are confirmed and he believes there are possible cases circulating within the country. that is why the european union applied what is called an emergency break restricting travel from southern africa, controversial though it is. encouraging people to get vaccinated. encouraging people to get
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booster shots if they're eligible. those are some of the necessary tools that are available as the world tries to understand more about the omicron variant. you saw the u.k. announcing extra restrictions. anybody coming into the u.k. from 4 a.m. tuesday will need to self-isolate and get a negative covid test two days after they arrive before they can leave. anybody who comes into contact with anybody who has been a possible omicron variant case also has to isolate regardless of whether or not they are vaccinated. the u.k. has restricted travel from south africa, zambia, zimbabwe. these are all kind of immediate measures that countries here in the region are putting in place as they scramble to get a better handle on things. they are ineffective. they are short of what needs to be a much bigger global solution
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and they are criticizing the local solutions for a global problem. they don't have a lot to work with. that's why you saw in the netherlands a couple that tried to escape quarantine and they were detained. very busy morning for you in europe and the u.k. while japan is preparing to take drastic measures to curb the spread of the omicron variant, let's bring in will ripley. talk us through the measures that are being put in place there. >> reporter: if you are a foreign national with a visa to go to japan, you have a matter of hours to scramble to get on a flight. in fact, on tuesday all foreign nationals, including those with education or work visas in many cases will be banned from going to the country. their entrance temporarily blocked to keep omicron out of
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japan. that is the japanese prime minister responding to pretty intense pressure and feear because they don't want them to bring in the delta virus. it's important to note it wasn't coming from people within the olympic bubble. the policy is a bit on the xenophobic side. here in asia, for example, here in hong kong any hong kong resident who has a 21-day travel history in eight southern african countries has to go from here, the hong kong international airport where they have to be tested to a government facility wherefore an additional 7 days they'll be under constant medical supervision, tested for covid every single day.
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they can leave the facility for seven days and for 14 days they'll be set in a designate it had hotel. a travel injury from hong kong and those are the only two that have been identified so far even though they moved most people down on the fifth floor to a government facility for an additional 14 days of isolation after they finished their quarantine at the hotel. it goes to show hong kong is in sync where some travelers are guaranteed for up to seven weeks. they have a hermetically sealed bubble. media will be in one bubble. athletes in another bubble. there is supposed to be no interaction whatsoever between people inbe side the olympic bubble and the general public.
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health authorities expressing confidence that they don't think this variant is going to pose a major threat given the strict quarantine measures in place. >> they've been quite stringent. why are you in this hotel? >> reporter: yeah, so i'm up on the seventh floor. i've been tested for covid three times in less than a week. the rooms are closely packed together. on friday i was able to stick my arm out the door and get footage. you have every plastic chair in the hallway is a different room. a lot of people staying in the hotel. there is fear how this virus could be spread. if we want to exercise in the room, we need to rent an air purifier. i just got my third covid test. still negative. keep rooting for us. >> will ripley in hong kong. stay safe. japan isn't the only country
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taking these measures. cnn has the story from jerusalem. good morning, hadas. talk us through how israel is hoping to contain the new variant. how many cases are we talking about? >> reporter: isa, right now there are two cases of the omicron variant. after the first confirmed case they decided to issue strict new am measures. the first is to close the borders for two weeks. health officials say that's the time they need to understand the variant, especially how it will interact with the vaccines. israel only opened the borders to tourists on november 1st so they barely had three weeks before shutting the borders. any israeli in the country, no matter where they're coming from, whether vaccinated or unvaccinated, have to go into
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quarantine for three days. they get two negative pcr tests before they can be released. any israeli coming from what's designated as a red country which is most of the african countries except those on the northern side of the continent will be sent to special quarantine hotels, again, no matter their vaccination status. that goes to show you how seriously israel is taking this new variant. additionally, anybody with a confirmed case of omicron or suspected case will also have their locations tracked via their cell phones. this will be done by the shimbet. otherwise, life is going on as normal in israel. new restrictions on gatherings. this is very important because hanukkah just began last night. isa, in two weeks israel is supposed to host the miss universe pageant in the southern city of ilat. many contestants, their staff, as well as potentially many
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people who are supposed to come watch the competition. so far while we might not know about the spectators who might want to come, authorities say that competition will still go on as planned. isa. >> closing borders to foreigners, only just recently opened them. hadas gold in jerusalem. thank you very much. officials in southern africa pushing back on the new travel plans. south africa's president is deeply disappointed with the measures. eleni, we heard strong words regarding the new travel bans. give us a sense of the mood there. >> firstly, i'm stuck in south africa. can't get back home to my new home in dubai. i was meant to travel out today but emirates and dubai have banned travel restrictions.
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you've seen this in many countries he ensuring they don't spread omicron. the mood here is one of disappointment, one of anger and that south africa is being targeted specifically for its genomic sequencing excellence which it had been doing since the start of hiv aids epidemic. many experts are saying south africa should be commended for identifying the omicron variant and that this is a scientific success and the response should be one ever assistance as opposed to banning flights. now as you've already said, we've actually seen omicron being identified in many parts of the world and the general severance and consensus is that omicron has already spread. what we don't know is if it's more transmissible, if it's more severe and of course efficacy against vaccines. the government and the covid
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response team are looking at clinical data and trying to ascertain just how severe this would be. currently there are no red flags in terms of hospitalizations, in terms of severe cases. we've heard from that doctor saying cases she saw below the age of 40 were very mild. it's anecdotal but this is hopeful. the w.h.o. says this is an area of concern and we are looking at high-risk concerns. the president says he's disappointed and this is discriminatory. the g20 nations that met a while ago had broken some of their promises and commitments to try to ensure that the economic recovery in this region and solve the vaccine inequity issue. right now, isa, many african countries are being ostracized and we don't know what the economic impact is going to be down the line but it's very uncertain at this point. >> i think 7% or so of the
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african continent is actually vaccinated so that is concerning indeed. thanks very much. good to see you. still to come right here on the show, medical experts weighing in on the new covid variant warning it must be taken seriously but not so much that it causes fear and panic. plus, global markets look to recover after taking beings a hit from the omicron variant. we'll talk to anna stewart. that's next. my hygienist cleans with a round head. so does my oral-b my hygienist personalizes my cleaning. so does my oral-b oral-b delivers the wow of a professional clean feel every day.s my oral-b
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now with so many questions around the omicron variant. the world health organization has classified this as very high. it will take weeks to find out how transmissible it is or whether current vaccines are effective. they say with current systems and protocols, the world is set up for success. have a listen. >> the big hero here are the south african scientists who detected this variant that might have been spreading in other parts of the world as well. they need to be lauded. we didn't have that kind of global work happening in march of 2020. then we have all of these tools that therapies, vaccines, testing we didn't have.
1:23 am
no matter what we learn about omicron, it is not going to set us back to march of 2020. >> pandemics are not about panicking, they're about policies, protocols and practice n. this case that means doing the work of characterizing the virus. scientists are hard at work trying to figure out how well our current vaccines will protect against the omicron variant. >> while global stock markets are wanting answers like the rest of us, looking to recover this week after being racked on friday by news of the omicron variant, things are looking up. the dow tumbled more than 900 points on friday. asian markets closed down and european market is up in early trading. anna stewart is here for us to go through all of the numbers. anna, a bit of buying, i think, today but we're not recouping some of the losses. >> we're seeing some rebalancing and we're seeing friday set into
1:24 am
monday. that said, looking at the gains, markets are up around 1% and looking at the futures pointing higher, too, they're not reversing the big losses we saw on friday. we were looking to oil at double digit increases. oil is up only 4 or 5%. what we're going to see for the coming week is lots of volatility as investors like the rest of us try to work out what does the variant mean for the global economy. does this mean not just targeted travel restrictions against southern african nations. are we looking at the border, the lookdown. what will that mean? will more stimulus be need snd. >> lockdowns are a concern for the global economy. talk us through stocks. where are we doing? how are we doing with travel stocks? pharma stocks? what kind of image have you seen this morning? >> this morning it's -- well, looking at europe, most equity markets are higher. that's on back of the losses.
1:25 am
we aren't seeing any reversal in that. it was interesting in asia, japan was leading the losses and travel is dragging it down. japan has announced they will be suspending travel for all foreign nationals. you can see all of the airlines being hit. that's a similar story in europe. where we are seeing gains, the lockdown. >> delivery? >> delivery companies. all of those stocks and pharma companies. particularly pfizer on friday good news related to a drug. if another booster is needed, these are the companies that will need it. mrna, moderna, pfizer, biontech. >> some of the hoping stocks up, farm ma hoping for good news on the back. >> good news from another boost of jabs if needed. if not, too many questions. we still don't have so many answers to the main question, you know, how contagious it is, will the jabs work. >> these are the reasons why we're seeing such volatility in the markets.
1:26 am
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let me bring you up to date with our top stories this hour. a u.s. ban on most travelers from south africa and nearby countries now in effect as the world races to contain the omicron variant of covid-19
1:30 am
which has been found now in more than a dozen countries as well as territories. president biden will deliver remarks on omicron later today and g7 health ministers are set to hold talks on the variant in the coming hours. we'll have more news on that throughout the hour. taiwan is accusing china of conducting so-called gray zone warfare. beijing sent 27 planes into their protected area. christi lu stout is in hong kong with the latest. christi, what more do we know about the incident? we have been here before? >> reporter: we have been here before and taiwan is in a position where yet again it has had to scramble its jets to warn away china's air force. the incident took place on sunday. some 27 chinese military planes entered taiwan's air defense zone. this is not the territorial air space, this is a broader area that taiwan patrols and
1:31 am
monitors. we learned just as this was happening on sunday the chinese president and head of the communist party xi jinping was busy meeting with military leaders in beijing. since october since national day in china, china's been carrying out these muscle flexing events, these displays in military capability around taiwan especially in the form of air incursions in taiwan. china has sent 150 military aircraft into its zone. on sunday 27 including five nuclear capable h-6 bombers as well as a new aircraft. this, according to china's global times media made its debut on sunday. a new aerial refueling aircraft was also in the mix as it were. china has yet to give an official response to what happened. within the last half hour a question was raised at the ministry of foreign affairs briefing and they declined to
1:32 am
answer saying it wasn't a diplomatic issue. in the past china said these drills are done to protect china's sovereignty. state media in china have been very busy reporting on this three-day military meeting between xi jinping and top military brass. it ended on sunday and excerpts from the meeting directly from the chinese president give you a tone of the muscle flexing, the military flexing that took place at that moment. let's bring up a statement from xi jinping. this is coating xi who says why it is necessary to strengthen scientific and technological literacy to improve the actual ability to win foreign wars. those words being uttered on sunday just as according to taiwan 27 chinese military aircraft flew into the air defense zone ever taiwan.
1:33 am
a strong statement accompanied by a strong display of chinese military might. >> thanks very much, christi. in a few hours the u.s. and others will be continuing their talks. this meeting comes after nearly six-month break in discussions with the election of a new president in iran. expectations are low. if diplomacy fails the u.s. is prepared to use other options. nic robertson joins us. this is the seventh round of talks. expectations are low. is that the reality you're getting? what are the chances of something strong coming out of this? >> reporter: there was a sense back in june that there was a sequence of events that could work for iran and potentially for the united states. you know, that sequence would have to be very carefully choreographed. not quite sure what it would involve but iran wants sanctions
1:34 am
lifted, the u.s. wants to get back into the jcpoa. if you look at some of the steps that the united states has taken over the past few months you can see that they dropped some sanctions against some -- against some entities inside iran. this is sort of signaling potentially room for maneuver but i think diplomatically the language has been so tough. remember, it took years and years and years to get the deal in the first place and now iran is so far out of compliance, the history around all of this is terribly tough. >> reporter: iran's uranium enrichment, a path to making a nuclear bomb is way beyond international levels. >> iran has been using this time to advance the nuclear program. >> talks to have this 1258d late june but we'll finally restart monday.
1:35 am
the outcome is uncertain. the stakes high. the u.s. insisting iran must move forward. >> this window of opportunity will not be open forever. >> the 2015 iran nuclear deal called the jcpoa, joint comprehensive plan of action. >> cut off every pathway that iran could take to develop a nuclear weapon. >> reporter: years of fraught negotiations cut iran's pathway to a bomb by limiting uranium enrichment and committing them to international inspections. it wasn't perfect but u.n. monitors confirmed it worked until 2018 when president trump pulled the u.s. out of the jcpoa. >> we will be instituting the highest level of economic sanction. >> iran's response, up its
1:36 am
uranium enrichment, stymie some inspections. tensions rose. the u.s. killed iran's top general. tehran strikes back at u.s. forces in iraq. iran's top nuclear scientist mysteriously shot dead. tehran blames israel confirmed by the u.s. >> diplomacy is the best way to prevent iran from getting a nuclear weapon. >> reporter: since getting into office biden has been trying to get back into the agreement and limit iran's missile program. iran has been playing hard ball. six rounds of negotiations stalling, even as they ramp up enrichment. >> translator: the main issue in upcoming negotiations is actually removing all the illegal sanctions against iran. >> reporter: and since the last round of talks, added uncertainty. iran has a new u.s. skeptic government with new negotiators.
1:37 am
so what we expect now is, you know, that these proximity talks are going to begin and it's a real clear indication of where this new iranian leadership is. we know president biden has already tried to sort of mitigate what may come out, which is a lack of progress. when he was in rome at the g20, that was the other -- with the other european signatories to that bill in the u.k., france and germany, to align that and planning what they would do if iran doesn't move forward. i think the sense is from the united states, it is get tough but they want the others, parties to that deal, to get tough with them, to send that clear message to iran. >> thank you very much, nic. why many worry one party's attempt to shake up the political landscape could completely change the face of their country. that is next. including the covid-19 virus,
1:38 am
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now for years portugal was the exception in europe when it came to far right politics. a growing populus movement is one of several movements. the shaker party has been part of its authorities. they're buying into the drain the swamp rhetoric. there are some similarities between himself and donald trump. it's olive picking season in portugal. an arduous job that in a town facing an exodus of young people weighs heavily on the locals. i meet 73-year-old farmer who today has 296 kilos of olives to process.
1:42 am
this is a land ripe for political picking and portugal's rising party schega is plucking away at the worries and anxieties. the party leader won't get his vote in the upcoming snap election in january. while he turns his back on portugal's largest far right party since the end of the dictatorship, in the local cafe in town -- >> reporter: this gentleman tell me he and his entire family are voting for chega. they've had enough of people receiving benefits.
1:43 am
down the road a baker for 25 years says he hasn't made up his mind whether he'll vote for the party. the economy's struggling with very few jobs in this largely agricultural area. they say the people in the community are taking advantage of the system. while he and others believe the chega party can improve their quality of life, many in portugal fear about the growing support of the party they view as xenophobic. maria, a local romer, says they're stlruggling for votes.
1:44 am
a roma mother who does not want to appear on camera goes further. away from the dusty area, these concerns are being echoed, some silently, in various areas of portugal all the way to lisbon. the chega party is going to shake up the election. they say the party is here to stay. i press them about the accusations of racism. so you don't consider it racist? >> reporter: ventura's language during our interview isonciliatt his policies aren't so. i ask him whether he compares himself with other populus leaders around the world.
1:45 am
whether some in portugal like it or not, chega is in europe. one of declining parties, complex coalitions and extremes. now top european officials held meetings as people are dying crossing the english channel. the majority of the victims were iraqi citizens. although the u.k. was excluded from sunday's meeting, here's what a top french official had to say. have a listen.
1:46 am
>> translator: this meeting was not anti-british, it was pro european. we must work with our british friends and tell them certain things. first, to help us collectively fight against people smugglers. we've said it before. we're lacking some intelligence. the response is not always to the level of the french police's expectations. >> brittain's home secretary said she and the prime minister are ready to discuss the proposals with the french counter parts at any time. the migrant problem is on the pope's mind. pope frances is calling on help and respecting the humanity. now to a stunning story about an airplane stowaway. from guatemala to miami and survived.
1:47 am
video posted on social media showing the 26-year-old appearing dazed as he emerged from the plane. this is the area of the plane where he managed to hide for over two hours during the international flight. it's still unclear how he managed to get in the plane undetected. what to expect in the sex trafficking trial of jeffrey epstein's long-time companion begins. plus an nba all-star says he feared for his life when he got covid. we'll hear from joel em beeb next. hey, get your own vapors relax with vicks vapobath or with vicks vaposhower. take a soothing vicks vapo moment wherever you chose.
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are you a christian author with a book that you're ready to share with the world? get published now, call for your free publisher kit today! now in the world of sports, oklahoma's coach is leaving to become the next coach of usc. he had a 55-10 record and led the school to four consecutive big 12 titles. as usc riley replaces hilton who was fired as head coach. an nba player joel embiid
1:52 am
talks about his battle with covid. he's just glad to be alive. take a listen. >> i really thought i wasn't going to make it. it was that bad so i'm just thankful to be sitting here. >> embiid said he couldn't breathe and he had headaches worse than a migraine. cnn has reached out to confirm embiid's vaccination state but they wouldn't comment. big changes in store for boston celtics plan to dennis cantore. he's choosing to change his name based on what teammates have called him. he's been an outspoken critic of china. kantor has called for a boycott of the beijing winter olympics. it's been one week since the
1:53 am
christmas parade in wisconsin became the scene of a deadly crime. residents were asked to light a blue light outside their home during the holidays. six people killed and several others injured when an suv drove through the crowd. darryl brooks is charged with intentional homicide. in the coming hours the sex trafficking trial of jeffrey epstein's long-time companion will begin. prosecutors say ghislaine maxwell created a network of young girls for epstein to exploit. joey jackson weighs in on what to expect inside the courtroom. >> i think they'll use the victims that were under the age of 18 one as young as 14 in demonstrating she was complicit and she was an enabler. she will argue that she was very much manipulated by epstein
1:54 am
herself and she had no knowledge or idea to what was occurring, what his intentions are, et cetera. i think those narratives will be competing. >> while maxwell faces up to 70 years in prison if convicted of all six charges, she denies any wrongdoing. another high profile trial starting later today with jesse smollett. he claimed he was a victim of a hate crime. the former "empire" actor pleaded not guilty to charges and has repeatedly denied making up or orchestrating the attack. he faces up to three years in prison if convicted. as december approaches, people are scrambling to get what they need to make their holidays bright. people looking to deck the halls with a real christmas tree are
1:55 am
in the same situation. >> they had, oh, my goodness, maybe 1/3 of the supply that we've seen in past years and they're tiny. they're cute but they're like charlie brown trees. >> we do wholesale but we've cut it back a little about 10% to each customer. we're not taking on any new customers because we just don't have the trees. >> and if you're thinking you'll wait for a bargain, think again. christmas tree association says shoppers should be ready to spend $80 for a live tree. sunday marked the start of hanukkah right around the world. doug imhoff hit the first candle of the national menorah. he's the first jewish spouse of the president or vice president. this signified the sanctity of a jewish home.
1:56 am
a baby in northern china is quite the snowboarder. the 11-month-old sliding down the slopes has gone viral with her little face peeking out you can see from under all of the snow gear. her parents wanted her to learn to ski and they're surprised how quickly she could stand on the snowboard all on her own. >> i'm isa soares. "early start" is up next. they'll have much more for us and the race to control the omicron variant. we'll leave you with a quick look at the stock markets, asia, europe and futures in the united states. mixed bag. dow futures slightly pry thor compared to what we saw on the moves. have a wonderful day and i shall see you tomorrow. bye-bye. frequent heartburn? not anymore.
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good morning, everyone. it is monday, november 29th. it's 5 a.m. here in new york. thanks so much for getting an ea"early start" with us. good to be back. >> you had a good time? >> i did. >> thanksgiving is great when grandma's there. i'm christine romans. we have reports from london, johannesburg, hong kong, paris and kiev. this morning the world is in a coronavirus holding pattern from the omicron variant. at the same time, there are simply a lot o


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