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tv   New Day Weekend With Christi Paul and Boris Sanchez  CNN  November 28, 2021 3:00am-4:00am PST

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namibia. good morning. welcome to your "new day." i'm alex in for boris sanchez. >> good morning. i'm christi paul. countries around the world are on high alert as new cases of the omicron variant are emerging. travel restrictions already in effect with more to come, as officials here in the u.s. warn the variant is likely already here. and comply or else. a member of the january 6th committee says that former trump chief of staff mark meadows will have to make some decisions this week about whether he will comply with a subpoena or face consequences.
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heavy rain and snow. millions are trying to head home today. we have your post-thanksgiving travel forecast. all right. the last day of the holiday weekend. sunday, november 28th. we're so grateful to have your company as all. good morning. >> nice to be back with you, on such a busy news day. >> yes. let's talk about it. >> let's get right to it. we begin with countries around the world locking down, scientists are racing to learn more about the new omicron covid variant. >> yeah. more countries confirmed cases of this new variant. u.s. health experts are warning the strain could already be in the u.s. >> there's no way that it's in this many countries across the world, and it has not made it here into our shores. now that we have our eyes open for it, it's probably going to be days until we find and
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confirm there are cases here in the u.s. >> but today, airline passengers around the world are rushing to make their flights before those travel restrictions go into effect. starting tomorrow, president biden has restricted travelers from south africa as well as seven other african countries surrounding it from entering the united states. >> with covid cases already surging across the country, vice president kamala harris says the administration is doing what's necessary to protect americans. >> i have been briefed and as the president has said, we're going to take every precaution and so that's why we've taken the measures we have. >> do you think there will be any additional travel restrictions. >> we'll take it one step at a time, but as of now, we've done what we believe is necessary. >> the u.s. health experts are still stressing that covid vaccinations are the best protection we have, even as this new variant emerges. >> we are covering every angle of this global story with our reporters around the globe.
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>> so we want to start with cnn's polo sandoval at newark international airport in new jersey. passengers there from around the world continue to arrive ahead of tomorrow's travel restrictions because, again, remember this starts tomorrow, so polo, give us a sense of what it's like there and good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you guys. you know, we are still awaiting the arrival of a united flight that left johannesburg and on its way to newark. united along with delta are the two major u.s. carriers that are potentially being affected by this new wave of travel restrictions put in place by the white house here. as far as those two airlines, they released statements at the start of the weekend saying they do not have any plans on scaling back on that service that continues to connect both south africa and the united states. in fact, united airlines releasing a statement, actually, addressing why they plan to continue offering that service in a statement released by the airline on friday.
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they said they continue to monitor how the new travel restrictions to africa may impact demand and remains committed to maintaining a safe and vital link for essential supplies and personnel to transit between the african continent and the u.s. as feasible. that's key here. the airlines say they are committed to providing those kinds of services, those vital supplies that various nations around the world need, so at this point, they don't have any plans. that does give you a sense, more or less, of what we're expecting. the travel restrictions would kick in tomorrow and would specifically affect those non-u.s. citizens, nonpermanent residents here. it seems that this would be one of the final flights for now that would allow some of those non-u.s. citizens traveling from south africa to enter the united states. we're waiting for that flight to arrive and see if there are new protocols in place to make sure that new variant isn't detected here in the u.s. which authorities say is inevitable. >> yeah.
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absolutely. polo sandoval, thank you. so let's go to south africa where the omicron variant remember was first detected and scientists are praising health officials for acting so quickly in response to it. >> david mckenzie is joining us live. david, if the past 48 hours really, we've seen the world shut its doors to south africa. what are officials there saying now? >> reporter: good morning, alex and christi. they're angry, frankly. they say that south african scientists are being punished for the great work. the president of malawi, the head of the regional bloc, say these need to be based on science. what everyone around the world wants to know is just how dangerous this variant is, but there are a lot of unknowns. here's what we don't know and based on our conversations with scientists here, where we might be getting some hints.
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transmissibility, is this variant more infectious, does it spread quicker than the already very infectious delta variant? where i'm sitting there appears to be science it's spreading quicker, immune evasion. if you've had covid before, does this protect you against the new variant? they just don't know. over the next few weeks, it will be frustrating for everyone, they're going to try to figure that out in a lab and there is some sense there should be some protection, but we don't know. the big one, vaccine efficacy. you know, again, in the lab, they will be challenging live virus, and we've seen this before in this country, to try to figure out whether there's any evasion from the vaccine. the current consensus amongst south african scientists is there might be some drop in efficacy, but it still should be protection against severe
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disease even with the highly mutated variant. the big one, severity. will people get more sick because of this variant? that we just don't know. at this stage there isn't a rush in the hospitals in south africa. the top experts here are saying there's always a lag between infection and hospitalization. we'll have to watch that very closely here in the next few weeks. alex, christi? >> so much uncertainty, all the scientists and public health experts saying sit tight, we need to figure this out. david mckenzie, thank you very much. now israel is going farther than most countries in banning all foreigners from entering israel in response to these omicron fears. the country is also taking other steps to contain the spread of the virus. >> cnn correspondent ha das gould joins us live from israel. good to see you. what more can you tell us? >> reporter: christi, as of right now israeli health officials say there are seven suspected case, one confirmed
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case of this new variant of the covid virus in israel right now. the confirmed case is from somebody who recently traveled from malawi. four of the suspected cases are from people who recently traveled abroad, suggesting that three of the cases may have been transmitted locally. as a result of this new variant as you noted, israel is taking very strict new measures, immediately shutting the borders for two weeks to all nonisraelis. as you noted much farther than other countries are doing. any israeli returning to the country no matter where they are coming from, no matter their vaccination or recovery status, must be in quarantine for three days and take two negative pcr tests before they can be released. if unvaccinated that quarantine increases to seven days. israelis returning from red countries, essentially most of the frin countries, they will be taken to special quarantine hotels before they can be released. additionally, anybody who has a
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confirmed case of this new variant, will have their movements it tracked by the israeli security agency by their cell phones. you can see how seriously the israeli government is taking this new variant. despite all of this, there will be no changes, announced no big changes, to the hanukkah celebrations. hanukkah begins tonight. no new restrictions in place for events or anything like that. i should note in two weeks the miss universe pageant is expected to take place in the southern city of allot here in israel. we're expecting many contestants, all the support people so far israeli officials say that will continue on as planned. >> hadas gould, thank you. more countries detect cases of the omicron variant, it's just a matter of time before it's detected here in the u.s. dr. anthony fauci said it's most likely already here. >> i would not be surprised if it is. we have not detected it yet. when you have a virus like this, it almost invariably is
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ultimately going to go essentially all over. >> dr. annan swaminathan, an emergency medicine physician and with us through so much of this pandemic. good to see you again. thank you so much. we heard there about the questions that are still existing regarding this variant. we know the transmissibility is a big factor here, but in terms of the vaccines' potency, in terms of the severity of getting ill, that is still in question. how confident are you that there will be expediency in trying to determine those and even the possibility of expediency in determining those factors so we know what we're really dealing with right now? >> i think we will have answers about vaccine efficacy in the
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next couple days to weeks and a lot will come from laboratory science, and it seems there's a good chance that, like some prior variants, having a high antibody level might be protective even though there is some immune evasion. as far as severity, that's going to emerge over the next couple days to weeks as well. there's some hint from south africa if you've had the vaccine already, this produces a relatively mild disease. we're going to hope that holds up, but that is early data, not enough for us to really be reliant on. christi, it comes back to what should we be doing right now? everyone who isn't vaccinated should be one more prompt to go and get your first vaccine, get down that pathway. if you're eligible for a booster shot, go ahead and get booster and get your antibody levels higher so you're more resistant to these kind of infections. then we need to be focused on the public health interventions that work for the variants. keep your mask on, avoid indoor settings with lots of people and we need to embrace home testing.
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we say that like it's easy. the problem, of course, is that more than half the states in this country are putting laws into place blocking some of these public health measures where we need to really be embracing them. >> to your point, one of the things we've heard consistently about just the variants that we already know about, is that most of the people in hospitals are people who are not immunized. south africa now saying the same thing. most of the people with this variant, with omicron, are hospitalized and they have to the been immunized. so, we know mutations are going to be consistent. this is going to happen, we're assuming, over and over again as this virus continues to mutate. i heard one doctor say, listen, be alert but don't panic. do you agree with that? >> i don't think panic is ever a useful public health measure. we shouldn't be panicking. we should be thinking logically
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about what should we be doing to help protect ourselves. travel bans are probably more political theater than are going to be useful. we believe these to be helpful we should have started on friday and shutting down travel from everywhere. that's not what we did. i don't think they're going to be effective and adpree with dr. anthony fauci it's likely that omicron is already here. we have to embrace those things that we know work. but at the same time, we have to say, why are we here and are these mutations, these variant, inevitable? the reason we're here we haven't done enough to vaccinate the globe. we've been very self-congratulatory in the u.s. about getting vaccines to other countries and donated millions of vaccines. many of those vaccines haven't arrived and actually gotten into the arms that need them and donating vaccines is inadequate. we need to be pushing manufactures to share the technology for these vaccines and sharing our logistical support with other places, we have to continue to understand the only way to get through this pandemic is to get through it together. unless we really recommit ourselves to true global
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vaccination, then yes, we will continue to see these variants emerge. but if we double down on vaccination around the globe and within the pockets in the u.s., we can shut those variants down. >> so we heard from david there as he was saying south africa and the officials there are concerned and they're angry because the world is essentially shutting them out. talk to us, though, about the fact that south africa has been very open about this, had it not been for their transparency and candidness, this could have been a lot worse, could it not? >> not only have they been very open but extremely good in detecting these things. in the states the reason we haven't detected omicron is we're not as good at genomic ski quencing. we should be congratulating them. instead of closing borders, putting in travel bans, we should be saying what can we do to help? what else can we do to help you to get more of this science,
3:15 am
more of this data. they're doing an incredible job right now. by really reagenting this way, the way we have with travel bans, it does penalize people from sharing that information wide. it's not just about this pandemic, but it's about future pandemics as well. we don't want countries to think, if i share the data about something emerging, we're going to get penalized for doing that. that's really a big concern that we need to look at, not just right now, but going forward as well. >> very good point. dr. swaminathan, we appreciate your expertise. thank you, sir. >> thank you. and feeling the heat, house leader kevin mccarthy is -- house minority leader, is trying to rein in his members, but is it enough? coming up next, why moderate republicans are not happy and more opposition could spell trouble if mccarthy is hoping to be house speaker if the gop takes back the house next year.
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minority leader kevin mccarthy is doing cleanup duty for the far right wing of his party. he spoke with congressman lauren boebert on friday after she made bigoted anti-muslim comments ilhan omar. mccarthy says she's hoping to apologize privately. he reached out to steny hoyer to set up a meeting between the two congress women and said it was, quote, so congress can get back to talking to each other and working on the challenges facing the american people. former trump white house chief of staff mark meadows could hear from the january 6th committee soon if he continues to evade the panel's subpoena.
3:21 am
pete aguilar wouldn't say whether the group would issue contempt charges as they did with steve bannon but did imply the window is closing for meadows. >> there's still a small window in which he can still comply here and so we're keeping an eye on the calendar ahead this week and if mr. meadows does comply with the subpoena that he has been given, then we can prevent some of those steps. if he doesn't comply, the committee has made very clear, just as we did with steve bannon, that we're willing to use whatever means necessary. so i think that that's something that we'll have better clarity on in the next week. >> it's going to be a busy week up on capitol hill and to get into all that we're joined by politico congressional reporter nicolas wu. thank you for being with us this morning. >> good morning. >> let's start right there where the congressman left off. what do we expect from former
3:22 am
trump chief of staff mark meadows? because the committee has, as we saw with steve bannon, fired a shot across the bow and shown their willingness to ask the doj to indict on criminal contempt charges. what do we expect from meadows? >> meadows is a slightly different case than bannon just because, as the committee sees it, bannon was very much an extreme case here, not only was he not a white house official of any kind at the time of january 6th and all the other events that committee is looking into, but he also did not engage at all for the committee for most part. he did not respond to subpoenas, he did not show up, he did not try to show up before the committee to plead the fifth or invoke executive privilege. there was a stronger case there for this contempt of congress charge. as for mark meadows, you know, his lawyer has made a show and the committee has talked about being in negotiations with him
3:23 am
over the past couple months. it's been over two months since first subpoenas were issued for him, and they haven't had a whole lot to show for it. his lawyer had offered to do some sort of written answers to questions for the committee, but the committee has signaled that would not be sufficient for them, so, you know, they're inching closer towards a contempt referral, but as we heard from congressman aguilar just now, no final decisions have been made on that. >> what do we know about what the committee is hoping to get from meadows? we know that chairman bennie thompson has written a letter outlining their goals about the information they're hoping to get from meadows. what do we know about that? >> chairman thompson told me and other reporters that this letter had been draft and this was all part of the paper trail the committee trying to leave behind before they inch towards a contempt charge. showing they've gone back and forth, they've made an effort in good faith to reach some sort of
3:24 am
accommodation and show what they wanted and exactly how they would go about doing so, and meadows, in particular, is someone he is particularly big fish for the committee, so to speak, because he was the chief of staff to the president at the time, and they see it, he could -- his testimony could shed light on what exactly the president was doing on january 6th and what efforts were done to try to get him to call off the violence or anything else, really, that was going on in the white house at that time, much of which we still don't know about. >> let's look ahead to next year. we've god the midterms next november and there's already some talk about kevin mccarthy and his chances of becoming house speaker if republicans take back the house. a moderate house republican told cnn just yesterday that mccarthy is actually taking the middle of his conference, of his caucus, for granted. there's so much focus on the far right on the matt gaetz and
3:25 am
marjorie taylor greene. do you think kevin mccarthy is making the wrong calculation here? >> there's certainly some concern from moderate house republicans about that, from what i've heard from house republicans and elsewhere, is that there's this real concern that, you know, with al this talk from marjorie taylor greene and other republicans on the further right that people in the middle need to be punished for their votes for the infrastructure package and so on, that, you know, mccarthy is, in fact, taking these guys for granted and just sees that they'll go along with the conference no matter what, which, of course, is no real guarantee here as we've seen with people bucking leadership in the party and elsewhere. >> and there are a couple big deadlines coming up. they have to figure out a way to get the government funded by the end of this is week. we have the clock ticking down on the debt ceiling. what is it going to take to get all of this done? >> this is a classic problem in
3:26 am
congress. you save all the problems until the last minute and then try to clear them at once. we have all these deadlines piling up at the end of the year. the debt ceiling, government funding and democrats trying to pass build back better through the senate and back through the house again. the biggest deterrent here to any kind of major stalemate is the fact that a lot of lawmakers don't want to stay in washington through the end of christmas, and so, you know, that's often something that can force everyone to the table and bring a compromise together, if anything, so lawmakers can get out of town. >> well, as we said, it's going to be a busy week in congress and you will be following all of it. thanks for being with us this morning. >> thank you. this is being called an agricultural disaster. now how wine makers in france working to save what's left of the harvest and what it could mean for wine prices in the future. we'll tell you what's happening. !
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add it to the list, wine prices could soon be going up after cold temperatures devastated grape harvests apparently in key french vineyards. >> it was such a bad frost that country was forced to declare what they called an agricultural disaster. paris correspondent melissa bell has more. >> reporter: at around $900,000 it was a record. a barrel sold for charity and a break from the glam of a difficult year in burgundy. so difficult, that france declared an agricultural disaster. the hauntingly beautiful candlelit vin yards this spring, a symbol of wine makers of catastrophe. an attempt to save some of the
3:32 am
precious burgeoning vines in the world from the worst frost seen in decades. those candles could only do so much. in the end those freezing nights of april led to this, here in the cellar, normally the barrels are piled two layers high. this year, there are only 350 that will be up for auction, half the usual amount. the annual wine auction also acts as a bellwether for what 2021 burgundy wines might fetch. this year, the bidding was fierce. this is one of the biggest region's wine producers. he says the record frost cost hip 70% of white wines and 40% of reds. >> you've lost in quantity, but what we think is the prices will go up. will they compensate for what's been lost? >> they will not compensate, for
3:33 am
sure. totally for burgundy it's almost 1 billion lost within three nights. it's kind of drama for all of us. >> reporter: the villages whose names resonate throughout the world, from which there will be far less wine in the next couple years when the harvest is ready to be drunk. meanwhile, they open a bottle of the 2013. as for the 2021 harvest, he explains, that a small one can also have advantages. >> we have high concentration of the juice. we are still early to know, but what we're testing for at the moment makes us very optimistic. >> cheers. >> reporter: melissa bell, cnn. >> thanks to melissa bell for that reporting. a programming note, join fareed zakaria for an in-depth look at china's leader, "china's iron
3:34 am
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3:39 am
plane at miami international airport. he was 26 years old, milding in the landing gear compartment from a flight from guatemala. american airlines says it's working with investigators. the man was taken to a hospital to be checked out. he seemed to be dazed but otherwise all right after surviving the ordeal. >> that is extraordinary. man. listen to this one, there's a toddler who has become this internet sensation. she was filmed snowboarding. she's 11 months old. and she hit the loeps at a ski resort in china. look at her go. she hasn't even, her parents say, quite mastered walking yet. they put her on the board. they were surprised to see she was able to stand on her own. she wears protective gear even inside her snow clothes because she's only 11 months old. her parents have hired a professional coach to help train her. i think we will see mr of her. just saying. that's pretty good.
3:40 am
is your christmas tree up yet? >> no. i was thinking about doing that today, in fact. >> apparently good luck. i mean, we did get ours right before thanksgiving, but apparently it's going to be harder to find one this year. >> yeah. this story has me worried. i'm going somewhere near here after work to check it out, and the reason that this might be trouble is because christmas tree sellers around the country are saying there aren't as many of the real trees to go around. the supply chain has made both real and fake trees more expensive and reporter justin hinten from affiliate wjla has more on this christmas tree potential catastrophe. >> reporter: what makes for the perfect christmas tree? >> that's always a debate between our family is to get the skinny tree or the fat tree. >> reporter: and the search isn't always easy. >> that's it. >> reporter: especially for deb carl. >> that's the one. >> reporter: she and her husband have already made two pit stops
3:41 am
at area nurseries. >> they had, oh, my goodness, maybe a third of the supply that we've seen in past years. they're tiny. they're cute but like charlie brown trees. so we decided to come here. >> reporter: here is a parking lot in centerville where mount rodgers christmas tree farm has set up shop and she's convinced this is the right spot. >> our tree is here. >> reporter: part of the reason she's struggling has to do with the shortage, something owner rodney richardson is familiar with. >> we've done wholesale, but we've cut our customers back about 10% and we're not taking on new customers because we just don't have the trees. that's pretty well the scenario for all growers now. >> reporter: part of the reason about a decade and a half ago growers had too many trees. then the financial crisis of 2008 hit and people weren't buying them, making it worse. growers planted less.
3:42 am
since it takes about a decade to grow the tree, the demand is much higher for the supply that's available. then add in increased costs for fertilize e fuel and labor shortages, and it all makes for a challenging time. even fake trees are harder to come by thanks to the supply chain shortage. but when it comes to selling the trees he grows for retail, richardson is not letting any of that slow him down. keeping his sense of humor along the way. >> i think you can look around and see our quality is pretty good and as a grower, you keep that quality and sell somebody else all the ugly ones. >> reporter: when looking for that perfect tree is that you might have to spend a little more than in years past. >> actually cost is up so the price has to be up a little bit. >> reporter: so the key to finding that perfect tree, start early, have patience, and expect to pay a little more. >> skinny or a fat tree, that is the annual question this time of year. today is one of the busiest
3:43 am
travel days of the year as americans return home from thanksgiving holidays with their family and friends and many will be met with rain, while others are getting a taste of winter a little bit early. we'll be looking at the areas that will be impacted. that's coming up next. autoglass came right to me... with service i could t trust. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ i'm still wowed by what's next. even with higher stroke risk due to afib not caused by a heart valve problem. so if there's a better treatment than warfarin,... i want that. eliquis. eliquis reduces stroke risk better than warfarin. and has less major bleeding than warfarin. eliquis has both. don't stop taking eliquis without talking to your doctor as this may increase your risk of stroke. eliquis can cause serious and in rare cases fatal bleeding. don't take eliquis if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. while taking, you may bruise more easily... or take longer for bleeding to stop. get help right away for unexpected bleeding, or unusual bruising. it may increase your bleeding risk if you take certain medicines.
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3:48 am
pacific northwest as well as the gulf coast. >> parts of the northeast seeing the snow flurries and gusty winds. meteorologist tyler malden live from the weather center. tyler, how bad is it going to get? >> good morning, christi, alex. let me start you off with some good news first. you see the map behind me, there's nothing but green. that means there are absolutely no weather address at the moment. that could change, though, as we go through the rest of today because you see the systems at play here. we have a system down to the south, we have the system up here to the north, and we've got the system across the pacific northwest. any of those systems could cause a few minor water delays as we go later on into today and on into early monday. case in point, yesterday pittsburgh had a weather delay due to deicing the airplane. we could see minor days, but nothing too significant on this sunday. starting off up here across the
3:49 am
pacific northwest, you can see rain is going to continue across portions of washington, going on into canada. an spheric river is impacting the area right now and once this one pushes out and we get into monday and tuesday we see a second atmospheric river. that is a plume of moisture going into the pacific northwest and that means more in the way of rainfall all the way through tuesday. we could see up to about six inches of additional rainfall through tuesday and the higher elevations could see up to 12 to 18 inches of additional snow. speaking of snow, we certainly had significant snows across portions of the great lakes and also the northeast, and as you can see, we've got one system pushing through and then another system on its heels as we go into the beginning of next week. that means we could see an additional three inches in parts of the great lakes and new england, down wind of the great lakes, specifically erie, we could see an additional six to
3:50 am
eight inches. across the southeast this is where we have this upper level area of low pressure moving over and what that is doing is giving us plenty in the way of rainfall down here. gloomy conditions across the deep south on into the peninsula of florida and then in terms of temperatures, sure, we've got a contrast in treasure here as well. up to the north, well below average. temperatures hovering around 40 to 45 degrees, which is about 10 degrees below average for new york city. then down here across the south, we're also below average. temperatures should be -- excuse me above average, temperatures should be in the low 60s, but we'll be in the upper 70s parts of the deep south. >> it is bizarre. tyler molten, thank you so much. >> i'm just the messenger. >> we appreciate it because we need it. >> our thoughts with everyone out there on the roads today. we will have a lot more in our next hour as we continue to monitor the omicron variant as it spreads around the world. >> we're live in rome with a
3:51 am
look at the impact it's having there already and other parts of europe as well. that's just ahead. first, though, the top ten cnn heros of 2021 have been announced and one of them will be announced the hero of the year by you if you vote. there's only two more weeks to do so. until then we're sharing their extraordinary stories. >> this week's hero is a woman who knows what it's like to deal with unimaginable grief and she's not alone. the world has lost more than 5 million people due to the covid-19 pandemic and waves of grief have been suffered by those left behind. knowing just how difficult an and isolated that is to lose a spouse, this top 10 cnn hero created a community of widows who can heal together. take a look. >> i would tell the nurse, tell him i love him or put the phone by him. they would not let me in. sometimes i just would go sit in the parking lot just to be close
3:52 am
to him. on april 13th they told me he was gone. i needed someone to understand what it was like to be widowed. >> initially you imagine when someone die, the worst day is the day they die, and the truth is, that living without them is the hard part, but you have to make your way through. thank you for being here and showing up for each other. we hope people live and live through something that many times they is it not think that they would survive. >> love to see that strength in people. to learn more go to he at humana we believe your healthcare should evolve with you and part of that evolution means choosing the right medicare plan for you. huma
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so, this holiday, police in atlanta are doing what they can to create more opportunities for at risk kids in their community. >> that's right. they're going beyond the call and making it their duty to motivate the next generation. cnn's nadya romero has more. >> first up. let's go. >> reporter: over 120 kids participating in prison fellowship's angel tree program in atlanta. a day of football and fun for kids with at least one parent incarcerated. atlanta's police department stepping and coaching and motivating on the field. >> good job. >> reporter: the day was the launch of opportunity kids, an
3:58 am
initiative to change mindset and the label at risk youth to opportunity kids. >> we want these kids to grow into the god-given potential all of them have. >> reporter: 13 atlanta police department officers were right there leading the day's event. >> on a sunday morning they're here because they want to be here, they're here because they love kids, they love youth engagement and youth interaction. >> when you drop that ball it's okay. next play. catch it next time. >> my overall statement to the youth is, we're here for you because we are. >> reporter: javeta lindsey was there with desire and mario. she's now their caretaker. >> it was just important for me to show them support. they can actually see that i'm actually watching, taking videos. >> hard work on three, one, two, three. >> hard work. >> reporter: ashley went with her 10-year-old son jace. >> jace is so excited.
3:59 am
he definitely was like up and ready to go this morning. >> reporter: they moved from illinois to atlanta about two years ago. >> jace's dad has been incarcerated since he was a 1-year-old. we've always kind of been a tight-knit family and it's really important for me to be there for jace since his -- one of his parents is absent. >> he's pretty cool. >> i feel incredible. i'm like, wow. they really took their time out to come to help us today. >> come on, come on. right here. >> do not fear the police. we are not to be feared. we're here for the community and we're here for you. we actually care. >> honestly, i had great time. >> give it up for the coaches. >> reporter: nadya romero, cnn, atlanta.
4:00 am
good morning and welcome to your "new day." sunday, november 28th. i'm alex in for boris sanchez. >> good morning, alex, good morning to you. i'm christi paul. thank you for waking up with us. we want to start here with these mounting fears of another pandemic setback this morning over that newell identified omicron variant. this hour turkish airlines has evacuate the its last flight out of south africa. 41 passengers total. that's due, of course, to the emergence of the new strain. >> coming up later today, president joe biden will be returning to the white house from his thanksgiving break as his administration works to enforce emergency precautions to contain the spread of this new variant. starting tomorrow travellers from south africa as well as seven other southern african countries will be restricted from entering the united states.


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