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tv   New Day Weekend With Christi Paul and Boris Sanchez  CNN  November 27, 2021 3:00am-4:00am PST

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good morning to you. welcome to your new day. look who is in today. >> good to be with you. countries around the world are restricting travel to after can countries due to a new variant concern. and man of the house? he could win speaker of the house. >> it may be a way to win planet earth if there is ever and in
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bound asteroid. >> collision course nasa scientists hope could save the planet from a one-day, quote, killer asteroid. >> it is saturday, november 27. we are so grateful to have your company. have a great thanksgiving. >> missed working with you but not the early wakeup. >> comes really fast. we start with the alarming news of an emerging coronavirus variant first discovered in africa was given the name
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omicron. >> president biden has made a restriction to flying to south africa. >> i don't know a lot about it yet other that the concern it seems to spread rapidly. >> no cases of the new variant have been found in the u.s. but health experts have been stressing this. >> when something occurs you need to take seriously, you take it seriously and you do whatever you can and mitigate against that. >> let's go to cnn live in south africa where this variant was first discovered.
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we heard from the south african health minister who called it a knee jerk reaction. now other countries have instituted a band of their own on travel from south africa. what are officials saying there today? >> good morning. more countries overnight have banned travel from this part of africa to their country incl incl including jordan and russia. they feel they are being punished because of this early warning. the concern of how bad it is, we don't yet know. >> in a world fatigued by waves of covid-19, now renewed fear. in south africa, scientists discover a troubling new
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variant. >> serious concern which is driving this spike in numbers. >> more than 30 mutations say scientists in the spike protein alone. it is a worrying sign. >> scientists working in labs like this one scrambling to concern if the variant evades immunity or if it weakens vaccine efficacy. definitive answers could take weeks. >> it could be more transmissible and could have some immune escape. >> activating the emergency brake on travels from countries in southern africa. >> countries across the globe rapidly banning travelers from
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parts of africa. now thousands are likely stranded. >> in amsterdam, hundreds from south africa forced to sit on the tarmac for hours and crowding in a covid testing site after the netherlands bands travel. and others saying restrictions are not a long-term solution. they've already lost billions to the pandemic. in south africa, they are calling it drakonian, knee-jerk reaction. >> what i find being disgusting, not only the travel band from the uk and europe but that was the only reaction or the strongest reaction. no word of support to help us
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control the pandemic. >> countries like israel and others have the variant. >> 61 of the arriving pass evenings from south africa have tested positive. you look at all of this news moving swiftly, you get a feeling we are moving backwards in this pandemic. >> great information for us. thank you. dr. abdul sied is with us now. thank you for being with us. we need to point out, a lot of people are talking about the fact that south africa has such a low vaccination rate and could
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that contribute here. pull back the curtain on the mutation. why is this one so dangerous? >> a couple of things about this. first, yes, it is really important as we think about the situation in the context of the travel bands. we recognize in south africa, only 24% of people have gotten vaccinated. it is not a choicing not to, it is a lack of access. what likely happened is that this virus hung out in the body of an immuno compromised individual which it had the opportunity to sit and collect these fingerprints, so to speak. the reason we think this may be more transmissible and possibly escape some, if not all of our vaccines is that it has picked up those similar to delta and
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beta. it is not likely vaccines are going to be rendered entirely useless but they may be less effective than they may have been even against delta. so long as you have people vulnerable to the exposure because they've not had the vaccine at all whether choosing like here in the united states or don't have access like in south africa, it is increasing the likelihood for variants to spread. >> this travel band won't keep it from hitting the u.s. shores but could buy some time for some of these companies to be able to tweak their vaccines and make them more effective against this. are there companies already doing so, do you know? >> all of the major companies are already testing omicron
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against vaxiccines. we'll learn more about all of the major in the u.s., pfizer, moderna and j&j. what we know about covid it is very hard to contain. i hope people would make the decision to go guest vaccinated. even as we wait for the data we do know it is better to be vaccinated than not. what we've been vaccinated against is that finger. go get vaccinated. >> i want to ask you about these
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pills being developed from merck and pfizer. they've been known to treat covid and the headline from those is that it treats you once you are sick. this isn't a preventative measure. is it a viable option to help? >> we did get some news a couple of days ago that the merck pill is not as effective as we thought. it is a really important tool. they have no effect on transmission. you take them after you've already gotten sick. they are not as good as the vaccines. i don't want people thinking, we have these pills on board. i don't have to get vaccinated. if we are in the midst of a
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major surge, and there may be a shortage of these and you don't get one. what is important here is that people get vaccinated. these are important tools in the tool box if there is another surge because of this particular variant. >> i know you are urging the vaccine. a lot of people are vaccine weary at this point. maybe they've had their two shots and the booster and here we are talking about the potential of another shot of some sort that could be variant specific in this case. i've heard a lot of doctors talk about widening the conversation. we are not having the conversation of exercising, being healthy or being hydrated. what value is a conference like that and how much does a healthy lifestyle really add to your
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ability to fight a virus like this? >> stepping back here, you've almost got two different vaccine and pandemic experiences. you've got the folks vigilant and vaccinated and then those unvaccinated. i don't want folks to think if they are unvaccinated and they eat well and exercise, although those are really important things to do, thats that going to have a real impact. those who are vigilant and vaccinated and done everything they can to give their immune system to be on the lookout, so it can respond to the virus in the future. importantly, covid is not the only risk we face no matter who you are. doing things to stay healthy and
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eating well, exercising, getting good sleep. that is important. these are things done clesktively. we focus on what individuals should do themselves. the folks hit hardest are folks that doing those things are not as easy as we have seen. asking what is it we are not doing to keep people healthy in the first place and why is it our public conversation is in the conversation where 30% of people are still hesitant getting a thing all science has shown is safe and effective. we need to ask carefully that the strain is a concern. maybe this new variant might not have emerged. >> a lot of criticism even
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hearing last night from several different experts that the u.s. fell short in getting more of those vaccines to south africa. maybe that would have helped. too late to tell. have to move forward here. doctor, thank you. we appreciate you. >> appreciate you. have a good morning. >> you too. coming up, a rift between far right republicans and minority leader mccarthy and some floating the idea that former president donald trump should make a play to be speaker of the house. sounds like a scene out of a movie. nasa is launching an historic mission to try and crash into an asteroid. we'll tell you what is happening. i've got to break fre♪ (vo) plan your getaway with norwegian. sail safe, feel frfree. (burke) this is why you want farmers claim forgivenesess... [echoing] claim forgiveness-ness, your home preremium won't go up
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skeechb and so far, there have not been any arrest. there was no sign of forced entry when police arrived. house minority leader is getting some push back in his quest to become speaker in his quest to takeover. greene, staunch trump supporter said the next speaker would have to prove themself to get her vote and right now, he does not have it. >> the running is more than a year away but if republicans take back the house and mccarthy is still in charge of the republican kcaucus, it does appear there is trouble for him. >> right now, there is a rumor
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circulating among trump's orbit that he would make a play. it is wild but technically possible. the speaker does not have to be a member of congress. if trump does make a play and get 218 votes, which is needed, he could be speaker. few people trump actually wants it but it does mean trump would play a very big role in the republican party and play a huge role if the republicans win the majority of 2022 in the house. mccarthy could bet an endorsement from trump which would be a major boost or trump could remain neutral which could help mccarthy or trump could
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privately go against mccarthy and endorse someone else. the people to keep an eye on -- again, a year away -- are the really conservative members. the taylor greenes and mark gates. they are incredibly far right. take a listen to what greene said earlier this week about what she needs from a speaker if the republicans win the midterms. >> we know kevin mccarthy has a problem and doesn't have the full support to be speaker because there are many of us very unhappy about the failure to hold republicans accountable while conservatives like me and others take the constant abuse by the democrats. >> so really, the members to
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keep an eye on the next year are marjory taylor greene, matt gates and members of the very conservative caucus in the house about 40 members. marjory taylor greene tweeted she had a good call with mccarthy and did say, quote, i like what he has planned. that is not a full endorsement. a lot could happen between now and next year. >> let's dive into more of this with cnn reporter erol. thank you for joining us this morning. >> good morning. good to be with you. >> let's pick up there. how much did you think kevin
3:23 am
mccarthy needs to worry about the taylor greene, maga wing? >> he needs to be worried. he tried thi s before. when marjory taylor greene, a qanon crazy talks like this, we are all in trouble. when she talks about the abuse of paul gosar, he's the with one that put out a video executing another member of congress. ifs that going to determine who the next speaker of the house
3:24 am
is, we are all in trouble. >> if mccarthy becomes speaker, how much power will they yield? >> he's going to have to answer that question. is he going to let himself be bullied by those who are not legislate yours. marjory greene was stripped of her powers. paul gosar was kcensured, matt gates has his own criminal investigations. ifs that who kevin mccarthy wants to be in bed with. the price of power. he's got to ask himself some serious questions of what is it all worth?
3:25 am
it will be a five-alarm fire every single day and little will get done under those circumstances. >> a big factor is president trump. it's always a gamble for republicans who need to decide how much to cozy up to him or not. we saw glen youngkin walk a fine line. mccarthy has made clear he is staying very close to trump in order to keep that republican base out there. when you have a former president out there that is so alienated to so many talking about how elections don't work. could it backfire? >> look, mccarthy is in a
3:26 am
prominent position. he's a prominent example of something almost every republican will have to ask themself. do i want to be part of this? do i want to be the plaything and the toy of trump. when he came in, republicans controlled both houses. we had a disastrous four years and p disastrous pandemic response. he's shown us what he can bring to this country. he can go right back to that. a lot of democrats are licking their lips saying, please give us more of the chaos that led back to taking bake the house. there is only one person who can answer that. that is donald trump. the party is his plaything. whatever he wants to do with it,
3:27 am
apparently, the leadership wants to decide what to do with them. >> thank you for being with us this morning. >> thank you. every number is a life. that's the message from city officials. in philadelphia, 500 homicides in one year. people are pleading for one thing in particular. we'll talk about that in a moment. ack? ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ libiberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ no annual fee on any discover card. certified turbocharger, suspension and fl injection. translation: certified goosebumps.
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the legendary broadway composure, stephen sondheim has died. he died suddenly a day after celebrating thanksgiving with his family.
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he wrote shows like sweeney todd and the songs for "westside story." eight grammy awards. eight tony awards. he was 91 years old. leaders in philadelphia are pleading for an end to the violence. the city experienced the 500th homicide. tying a record set in 1990. the number is expected to grow. there is more than a month left in the year. >> the mayor says he is heartbroken and outraged by these deaths. >> listen to this statistic. philadelphia is experiencing a homicide every 16 hours. we are not seeing the end of this year just yet. the grim milestone met on wednesday when a woman was
3:33 am
gunned down in the streets in what appears to be a domestic violence incident. the city hasn't seen this many homicides since 1990. a major issue not only philadelphia is dealing with but we have seen this all over different cities. new york being one of them where the pandemic with protests and racial injustice and the economy. so many factors are contributing to this. we want you to hear more from the mayor about how he feel hitting that number. >> 299, 261. nobody ever asked me a question. i've been a mayor for six years i don't remember getting this attention. one is too many. >> they are pleading with the state legislate your to have
3:34 am
stricter gun laws. saying people can purchase as many guns as they want and resell them on the streets. that is contributing to the violence we are siege. they are throwing a lot of money at programs for people living in that city. they are hoping that grim number of 500 people being killed would be a enough to get people to real oiz every number is a life and hopefully that will stop. >> thank you. during the 1920s, the osage people in arizona were some of the wealthiest in the world. that put a target on them. watch, this is life with lisa
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potentially devastating asteroid. >> the purpose of crashing into the asteroid with the sole purpose of trying to throw it off its troajectory. joot launch. this spacex falcon 9 rocket is launching a space craft that could some day save the world. it may be the way to save the planet earth if there is ever and in bound asteroid. >> it sounds like a scene out of
3:41 am
a armageddon. >> using something called connetic deflection. on a mission to smash into an asteroid and push it off course. >> we could do that with it and it would miss us. >> it could take the space craft 10 months. about the size of the pyramid of giza in egypt. so far away, it would not reach the russia satellite launch. >> creating a debris field way out millions of miles in space
3:42 am
where it is not harming anything. >> we appreciate it. thank you. let's bring in janet ivey. skploezer of space and creator of janet. >> it is exciting. you are right. it sounds like armageddon or deep impact. this is really exciting. on board, it has amazing sole rays and is testing some new types of propulson. dart will go hurdling at it at about 15,000 miles an hour.
3:43 am
the first time humans have ever altered the dynamics of any kind of solar system body. this poses no threat. no one needs to do a meme today, asteroid headed to earth but in 100 years, we could face something like it. there is a camera on board. it will get pictures and images of did it work? it is an exciting mission but it does sound a bit like sci-fi. >> this has to be a major priority, preserving the planet
3:44 am
and making sure life conditions needs to be a top priority. how are they thinking of using this as a model in the future? >> it is absolutely being considered as a model. not only for how we protect our planet but also for ion pr propulson. jupiter has been our planet defense system. it is 2/3 of the size of everything in our solar system. so it takes most of those comets and hurls them. occasionally, those things go on a surge towards the inner planet.
3:45 am
only 40% of those that might some day be headed to earth. scientists predict none of this is a problem for the next 100 years. >> you mentioned, there are so many of these asteroids, why is this the one they indicted to target? >> because of its size and dis distance. it is going to come make this fly by. it makes this move towards earth. it has a little moon.
3:46 am
it will be fascinating to see how much it alters. it may only alter 1% or a few degrees. but scientists are curious is that enough to avoid collision. >> we have to wait almost a year to see the results. janet, thank you for take time this morning. >> thank you. we have more ahead on new day for you. first, let's talk about the top 10 2021 heroes. they've been announced. only two more weeks to vote. take a look. >> nobody knows what is the second name, the tribe region or who are not having this war.
3:47 am
they are confused and in the state, you have to give them courage. you have to give them hope. >> good morning. good morning. we are in a community where everybody person in society has been ravaged. >> what keeps you going is the resilience of the children. when i see their faces, it gives me hope and keeps my dream alive. >> go to cnn heroes and vote. we'll be right back. at humana we believe your healthcare should evolve with you and part of that evolution means choosing the right medicare plan for you. humana can help. with original medicare you are covered for hospital stays and doctor office visits
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a five time paraolympics champion, owner of a business and dreams of a family some day and hopes to be an inspiration. >> she had to rediscover that passion within herself. coy is here with her story. >> mallory's life can be seen as
3:53 am
two acts. first, as a normal teenager. that changed in 2008 when she went to get an epidural for back pain. she would have to relearn how to walk. and make a decision. going back to the one place her life hadn't changed. the pool. >> being 18 and paralyzed. nothing about it made sense. >> what would you go back and tell your 18-year-old self? >> the biggest thing is she's stronger than what she real ieszs. >> i was really struggling. everything around me changed. the way i moved, looked, the
3:54 am
reflection in the mirror. it looked like everywhere i turned, i couldn't get away from this thing. when i with enter to the pool, it was unchanged. it was somewhere i could go and bridge me a path forward. i love to swim. that love sustained me. i know my swimming is so much bigger than the end result. these gold medal moments represent something larger than self. i get to be a path forward to that young person looking forward feeling unseen. >> what do you see is wrong? >> we look at disability as a worst case scenario outcome. when i was paralyzed, life presented me with road blocks, not opportunities.
3:55 am
society wanted to box me in. here i am nearly five years married, dreaming of a family, a business owner and athlete. all things people said weren't for me as someone injured. celebrating it for all that it is. at the end of the day. we are more than our circumstance. >> limitless. the power to overcome circumstance. i highly recommend it. mallory is on a mission to create change. >> you can tell. i don't even know her but i love her. still ahead, a new fast-spreading covid variant. now the u.s. is getting ready to
3:56 am
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good morning. welcome to your new day. >> good morning. countries around the world are restricting travel from several african countries amid the new coronavirus variant. concerns about that and the


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