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tv   Diana  CNN  November 26, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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>> i was always different. that i was going somewhere different. she had really had it with the royal family. she was going to draw a line and move on. >> as a parent, could i ask you to respect my children's space? >> but she was this ball of fire, which attracted publicity
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like nothing else. >> the clock was ticking out. and she was about to run out of time. ♪ i want to reassure all those people who have loved me and supported me throughout the past 15 years that i'd never let them down. >> we're actually hearing princess diana speak from the
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heart. she's giving her first-ever solo interview. >> the public were riveted. 20 million of them watching in pubs. everybody hung on her every word. >> she went from military-style jackets. very strong, very powerful, extremely chic. she is saying i know you are going to attack me and i'm going into battle. >> i was separated by the prince of wales, i was a problem before stuff ever happened, what do we do with her? >> can't we back her off somewhere quietly, rather than campaign against her? >> she won't go quietly, that's the problem. i'll fight till the end. >> she was controlled. on message. well rehearsed. it was a full hour of solid television with the camera trained right on her face so that she could say what she wanted. >> she saw an opportunity to go
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after charles. what a shot to take for diana. >> i would think that the top job, as i call it, would bring enormous limitations to him and i don't know whether he could adapt to that. >> that was the dagger in the heart for the palace. how dare she question the prince of wales's right and ability to be the next king? >> she had no choice. no one was listening to her at the palace. so, she decided to turn to the public. >> i think she's come across very well. telling people how she felt, what sort of pressure she's been under. >> well, charles had his say. it's about time she had hers. >> 92% of people said that they supported diana's decision to do the interview. and that was it. that was the victory for diana. >> the kinds of things she said about prince charles and the
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monarchy, in general, they viewed it as a massive betrayal. >> it is someone from the inside really being a traitor to -- to the image that the monarchy is infallible institution. >> this morning, britain's queen elizabeth says she has had it. it's time for prince charles and princess diana to officially end their troubled marriage. >> i remember, she phoned me. she said she'd got this letter from the queen telling her and prince charles to finalize the divorce. sl she said to me, you know, patrick, that's the first letter she's ever written to me and there was a catch in her voice and i thought, wow. uh, and it's probably the last letter she's going to write you, as we well. >> she knew that this interview would ultimately lead to divorce, which officially she said she didn't want.
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but it's the only way she saw her getting any kind of freedom for herself. >> welcome back. we are talking about the fairy tale marriage -- so-called. if anything has ended verier, very sadly, finally, formally, the princess of wales saying she will agree to a divorce. >> one of the issues was whether diana would keep her hrh title. >> her royal highness carries with it a very much elevated status. it is a badge of honor. >> she's not a part of the royal family, anymore. diana would now have to start to curtsy to minor royals. so think about that. >> a press mob gathered at the office of the princess' lawyer not for a glimpse of the superstar but a dry piece of paper announcing the couple's marriage will be over in a little more than six weeks. she will continue to live at kensington palace and share in
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the up bringing of 14-year-old prince william and 11-year-old harry. >> she loses the title hrh, her royal highness, but reportedly gains more than $20 million. >> the day of the divorce and she was putting on one of her oscar performances i would say where she got out and she -- you know, she was looking confident. looking sexy. you know, this is the day and i'm moving forward. it was that kind of attitude. >> we all noticed that she was still wearing her engagement and wedding rings in spite of the fact that this was the day that her marriage was officially over. when she got home, she told me that she just sat down and felt she'd like to ring up prince charles and just talk to him. but she said i didn't because i know i'd end up bawling down the phone. he would have thought i'd gone mad again.
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>> here was a young woman who had married at 20, and she felt very much as though she was now on her own. and that she was going to have to prove herself. >> i think i'm going to cut a very different path from everyone else. i can do this dream so much better when i am not trapped. i am going to break away from this setup.
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it was a romance the nation shared. the day diana spencer became her royal highness, now she seeks a new role and many wonder if charles will eventually remarry. >> the princess was appealed to be left alone by the media at a sad time for her. she would begin her new life as a single woman without the title her royal highness. >> one person -- diana -- took on the royal family and now, she needs to take a step back and figure it out. >> diana was even more isolated after her divorce. she hadn't just lost the royal f family and her ex-husband but the whole backup, the palace machinery. the one saving grace, if you like, for her was, of course,
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william and harry. but when they were not around, she was quite alone. she would go back to the palace and there would be nobody there to welcome her home. to say well done or let me pour you a drink. >> she had lost her sense of trust and security. she began to streamline the people around her. she said no to 24-hour support and protection. >> the only place she really felt utterly secure was inside her apartment at kensington palace which, in many ways, was sort of ironic really because she also found it suffocating.
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>> we would talk about three times a week, and if it was something that came up, it could be three calls a day for two or three days, nine hours. >> there's no doubt that diana had all sorts of feelings of insecurity and she always spoke to me about her feelings of emptiness inside. >> she turned to america, and why shouldn't she and why wouldn't she? because in america, diana was adored. >> diana is flying into town and chicagoans can hardly contain their excitement. >> she went to luncheons to raise money for breast cancer research. she did tours of the city. it was like the earliest days of
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di mania. >> we have never seen anything like this. her power is phenomenal. there are so many people who will pay top dollar to sit in the same room. >> if you are anyone who's anyone, you are clutching tickets to the two royal fundraising events. even those in the $50,000 benefactors' package have all been snapped up. >> ladies and gentlemen, would you please stand for princess of wales? >> diana really loved america. she loved the people. she loved all the personalities she came into contact with at all the events. >> she was being inundated with offers from big-american corporations to be the face of this and the face of that. a perfume contract was waved under her nose. she would have nothing to do with it. she was quite clear that she wasn't going to fall into a trap where she could become some sort of rich man's commercial property.
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>> she wanted to prove herself as a human being for who she was, as opposed to what she represented. >> breakfast at the white house. this highest-level engagement gave the prestige of her latest american visit a huge boost. >> she goes to the white house. she had been there before but this was her first trip, you know, as an independent woman. >> i want to welcome all of you and particularly our guest of honor, diana, princess of wales. this is one of the nicest british invasions that the white house has ever had. >> to see diana and hillary in this frame together. for diana, that must have felt very empowering because the biggest fear was that she would be rejected by everyone if she was no longer married to
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charles. >> hillary, then, had a private meeting with her afterwards. and they did really hit it off. diana singled out hillary's strength as the thing she admired because strength is what diana wanted to have. >> there would definitely been a little bit of, uh-huh, look at my power, look at my stardom, everybody in the royal family, and i don't need you anymore. >> she was on the level of jackie o, grace kelly. but she was all of them, if i may say so, rolled into one. >> diana wasn't just going to do the frilly stuff. she was going to take on campaigns that were important. she said, look, when i go
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scheduled flight at the
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start of an unofficial visit for the newest and most high-profile red cross volunteer. >> diana really broke out through her involvement in the anti-land mines campaign in angola. taking onboard unfashionable issues. issues that the royal family stayed away from because it was controversial. >> it is my sincere hope, we shall focus world attention on this vital but, until now, largely neglected issue. >> in the first meeting with diana, it was very clear it was heartfelt from diana how serious the anti-land mine position was. at the time, someone lost their life or was injured every 20 minutes. >> i have never seen scenes like it before. i've never been in this environment.
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very humbling. >> i certainly felt oh, my god, after all these years of watching royal dirty laundry in public. now, we have a real story to tackle. >> how long has she been waiting? >> she's been waiting for about three years. >> i think there was a genuine sense of empathy there. and i think she did have a particular connection with -- with people who struggled. queen, prince charles, there is that greater sense of a barrier. >> what happened here? >> a mine. all the intestines are outside but [ inaudible ] later. >> land mines was controversial. she understood it was a political issue. um, so she wasn't afraid of those. >> diana is now willing to take
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risks and she was in a much more liberal position than the british government was. >> it's 7:00 on wednesday, the 15th of january, the headlines this morning. the decision by diana, princess of wales, to support a campaign against land mines is reported to have angered ministers. >> it was a junior-cabinet minister who had said he did not feel that diana should be on a campaign like this. and she was siding with the labor party, which is a complete no-no being party political even for a member, even an estranged member of the royal family. i seized my moment and stuck my microphone in front of diana. we went down the pavement. >> said you are a loose canon by supporting this campaign. do you have any reaction to that? >> there are many trying to highlight a problem that is going on all around the world. and so -- >> it's been said that you are aligning yourself with labor policy. do you think that's wise? >> i -- i don't know what you
5:24 pm
are talking about. you're -- i don't -- i don't know what -- >> thank you very much. burst into tears. am i -- who said i am a loose canon? >> i know it really upset diana because she was doing a good job out there. >> she insisted she had not been worried by the debate back home that had resulted from her comments. >> i saw it merely as a distraction because i am not a political figure. i -- i am a humanitarian figure. >> she knew she would get headlines if there could be an image. >> she knew what the picture was and she'd work on it in her mind it was almost like an instinctive thing. and she said, well, they can never take away the pictures. >> she short circuited 30 years
5:25 pm
of mostly men in suits talking and probably found a good 300,000 people who are alive today who wouldn't be without that trip. >> diana invented the idea of the celebrity activist. the celebrity conscience. she is almost a diplomatic figure by this point. >> what the labor party have been waiting for all these years. >> when, in '97, we got a new and young labor prime minister, tony blair, that ordered something good for diana. >> a new dawn is broken. >> we see diana having meetings with tony blair, the new prime minister. diana had a plan. the trip to angola was just the start.
5:26 pm
>> she harbored this ambition to be some kind of ambassador for the country. i have got no doubt whatsoever that had she lived, something would have developed. >> labor government were all about modernization and energy and a new way of doing things. and she was in that same space. the royal family. charles would have been seen as much more of a force of conservatism. >> she needs to make sure that the narrative around her life, moving forward, was positive. so, diana's clever. she wooed the editors of the papers, and would invite them over for these cozy lunches at kensington palace. >> how much you were in love with diana and her image. >> she was a manipulator. she could throw you off your
5:27 pm
guard with a flutter of the eyelids. it was a tactic. >> she actually phoned her favorite photographers to let them know where she might be. she would telephone gossip writers. she would encourage them to build her up at the expense of the rest of the rather staged royal family. but you get your fingers burned if you -- if you mess with the fire. you know? and the fire was the media. we've been waiting all year to come together. happy holidays from lexus. get $1,500 lease cash toward a 2022 rx 350.
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she is a beautiful woman. she was in a bad marriage and now everyone's rooting for her to find love again. i think the real question is who would want to take diana on? >> one of the great principals f problems for diana was however hard she worked at her good works, the media is like oil seeping. it will get everywhere, into every nook and cranny. it looks at the steamier side, the personal side. >> now, we have the story of princess diana. it's a wonderful fairy tale gone wrong. >> there was this obsessive
5:32 pm
interest because she had had this very unhappy marriage. wanting to find out who she is seeing, who is she dating? who is going to be the next man in her life? >> she was looking for a new and different kind of life. a happy marriage. >> whether i should get married. the answer is yes. >> diana met kahn when she was visiting a friend at the royal brampton hospital. >> hazmat kahn was a prominent pakistani heart surgeon. he made her feel safe. >> he was a man who mended people's hearts, quite literally.
5:33 pm
she hadn't really had a proper relationship since she had been dating prince charles all those years earlier, when she was a teenager. um, so these -- this was new -- new ground for her. >> she loved the fact that she could live a reasonably ordinary life with him. >> she liked going out in her car, driving to wherever she wanted. >> they go to ronny scott's, the jazz club and she would wear a wig and glasses and no one recognized her. and once she was standing in a queue there once she said, she rang a friend. i am ain a queue. i've never been in a queue. >> you did have a small flat at the back of brampton hospital and diana did go there and she did and she just loved it. >> she was so pleased to be able to do regular things, like wash, iron, cook a meal.
5:34 pm
>> she did meet his family very secretly. >> the footage is so delightful. we see her trying to learn more about her partner's family and heritage. she is really invested in trying to make it work. >> it probably was true love. but at that stage of her life, i think she would have done anything asked if he had said he would marry her. that probably would have included converting to islam. >> diana and i had a very good relationship with no personal problems. the only problem we did have was with the media and the only place we could have any real privacy was at kensington palace, as they could not get to us there. >> his inquest statement shows that for this relationship to continue, they needed to free
5:35 pm
themselves from the press. >> i told her the only way i could see us having a vaguely normal life together is if we went to pakistan as the press don't bother you there. >> she hopes that somehow she'd be able to sort of slip off into some sort of new private world. but it simply wasn't going to happen. >> it was intense, the coverage, when you were with diana. you just need to find one thing, and it would be on the front pages of all the newspapers. >> diana was worried about that. she felt that he would crack and that -- that would be the end of it. >> but the spotlight was on her. you can't divorce yourself from the media once you've taken their vows. you can't just decide one morning i don't feel like it today. they're camped on your doorstep for life.
5:36 pm
>> please, give us some privacy, please. thank you very much. >> she hadn't had police protection for a couple of years. that barrier between her and the paparrazi no longer existed. >> absolutely not. >> it was heyday for them because they would all rush up and it would be right in her face, close up, lenses in her face talking to her, being rude to her. >> out. o-u-t. out. >> you would be looking for her car or you would be waiting for a tip from someone saying that she is at such-and-such a place. >> there were a block of flats opposite a gym. and originally, we had paid someone to actually go into their flat and use their window. you needed a view.
5:37 pm
>> she was photographed leaving the gym and the press spotted what they thought was some cellulite on her leg. >> it headlined "princess lumpy legs." >> they went everywhere from china to colombia. everybody bought those. >> the next day, diana has to go to the gym wearing a huge coat. she had to cover herself up because she had been shamed by the press. >> when i was writing a column, i regularly used to say pretty bad, horrible things about diana. in fact, one of the very first things she said to me was why did you write those awful things about me? >> she thought everything she did was misinterpreted,
5:38 pm
misunderstood. and her view was that she simply had enough of it. >> i've always felt that diana thought she craved the anonymity that used to be hers, but actually was addicted to the fame she had acquired and could never quite give it up. with voltaren arthritis pain gel. my husband's got his moves back. an alternative to pills, voltaren is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory gel for powerful arthritis pain relief.
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sale. a royal spring clean as diana cleans out her wardrobe. >> diana decided to auction off 79 of her dresses for charity. so diana, once again, thrust herself in the spotlight. creating this massive frenzy around her. all eyes are on her. none of us, knowing that it was going to be the last time that she would be visiting america. >> it's already been dubbed the jumble sale of the century. some say it's symbolic of her determina determination to be seen as a serious world figure. >> diana was eager to redefine herself based on her humanitarian work and her wardrobe followed suit. >> most of us probably couldn't fit into her size. she's very tall and very slim. i know i couldn't. so i don't have to worry about getting. >> i thought it was a wonderful idea that she is kind of shedding a skin.
5:43 pm
>> everyone came to that auction because it was diana. >> there were so many people there. everybody, pressed up tight and shuffling around trying to get in there. >> 32,000. 34,000. 36,000. 38,000. >> i remember sitting there and watching the dollar signs just go up and up and up. these dresses were being sold for astronomical sums. >> at $135,000. >> and it raised a lot of money for charity. i think, something north of $3 million for charity. in one night. >> 175. >> she said i love the fact that i can raise a million dollars, like that. >> i knew she was going to say that. 200,000.
5:44 pm
>> she is going to these glittering events. dazzling the cameras. but she was always on her own. >> she did have that duality where she could be in public, glowing and charismatic. but her private life was very, very turbulent. >> i think that hasnat khan and diana got to the point where -- well, certainly for him, it was waiting to explode. >> there was more and more press interest in him. people started writing about him, investigating his family. >> the princess of wales was giving nothing away about her secret overnight meeting. she slipped out to meet the mother and father and other relatives of close friend dr. hasnat khan. but the father of the
5:45 pm
london-based heart specialist said the princess was a good friend, not a girlfriend of his son's. >> in the trips to pakistan, she wants the commitment from hasnat back to her. >> they had been together for two years, and she wanted to go public. >> my main concern about us getting married was that my life would be hell. i knew i would not be able to live a normal life and if we ever had children together, i would not be able to do normal things with them. i did not want that sort of lifestyle. >> hasnat khan's statement for the diana inquest shows us that everything that comes with diana is pushing hasnat khan away. and there is nothing that diana can do because she will continue to be the most famous woman in the world.
5:46 pm
>> diana's relationship with hasnat khan came to a natural end because it was not going to progress any further. >> i think she would've married him in a heartbeat. it is sad because i think she had found the love of her life. >> diana said she couldn't just sit at kensington palace and watch the four walls. it appears very glamorous but she was lonely. >> she is heartbroken and she gets invited by a billionaire, mohammed fayed, to go on a trip on a yacht to san tropez. and she accepts. >> for british royal watchers, it has been another day afloat
5:47 pm
off the coast of st. tropez. their focus, mohammed al fayid's villa where the princess and her sons are holiday guests. mohammed al fayed, a very controversial figure. >> he is already like tangled a lot with the british establishment. he has been denied scitizenship. >> one of the reasons she was in the south of france was that that was one of the ways she could get a nice holiday for her children. >> not only did she go to st. tropez with her children with mohammed fayed but the world press went, as well. and it really was the world's press. it was basically a shooting gallery. >> today, the princess took a stroll. she was in full view of press and tv cameras and was apparently not upset by them. >> this is the most wonderful two fingers basically to the british establishment. >> mohammed fayed and diana were both outsiders.
5:48 pm
she admired his audacity because he was sticking it to the establishment, which also was her enemy. >> if you look at the bigger picture, back home prince charles was throwing a 50th birthday party for camilla parker bowles. >> the game plan seemed to be to place camilla firmly sternt sage. >> prince charles is saying to the world in a covert way, this is my woman. >> diana was disoriented by this. she could still be thrown by something which she found very destabilizing. the emergence of camilla, effectively, to replace her she found very difficult to handle. >> she had found it hard to contemplate the idea of camilla as stepmother to her boys. that was a tough one for her.
5:49 pm
>> princess diana was preoccupied by camilla parker bowles. rather distressed, rather angry. wanting to provide an alternative picture. >> diana was out posing in her bathing suit giving the paparazzi so many photos, thereby relegating camilla's 50th birthday party to the -- to the back pages. >> three days into her holiday in st. tropez, somebody arrived to take her mind off of the royal family. and that somebody was mohammed fayed's 42-year-old son dodi.
5:50 pm
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good evening. what could be more fitting than a steamy royal romance? >> william and harry left and went up to scotland to be with
5:54 pm
their father. then the romance of diana and dodi began. >> she meetly starts this relationship after that breakup. i mean, it's pretty obvious it's to make him jealous. >> royal watchers around the world are buzzing over the latest pictures of princess diana frolicking with dodi. >> he is part of the global elite of the superrich. >> dodi was a bit of a playboy, it has to be said. he lived a party lifestyle. three or four parties a week. >> he is a very flamboyant figure. this exposes that diana is very different than the royal family. >> diana had stepped out of the comfort of royal family life, and now she was being ushered
5:55 pm
into the al fayed life, which was a celebrity version of royalty. >> he was showering her with lavish gifts and filling her apartment with roses. so she was bedazzled by him. he was taking her everywhere. >> dodi whisked diana away for two more luxury holidays on his uber yacht. >> i remember corsica and it was a crazy time. >> this was a relationship going at rocket speed. in total, they spent just under four weeks together. >> they did have some affinities. they both had difficult childhoods. they had a certain
5:56 pm
vulnerability. they were both outsiders. >> you start to see this relationship evolve with photos in the press. for diana to show the world that she's now happy. >> that was a huge break with diana from previous relationships. it was saying, i'm a single woman. i'm seeing a man. he is available. i'm available. why not? >> the holiday was filmed by the italian paparazzi who are auctioning the photographs to the highest bidder. >> there was a feeling if this was relationship were going to be the one, then we wanted to be ahead of the game. you would pay for those photographs. it became enormously important for the media to follow this story to its conclusion.
5:57 pm
>> every newspaper editor on fleet street was buying into this story. they were already writing the next chapter. they were already writing the wedding bells will be ringing soon . at the end of august, they end up in paris for one more night. she and i spoke on that saturday night. she was very keen to get back to london. she was missing her boys a lot. those last few days, she kind of lost contrendersurrendered. >> on that fateful night, there was speculation that dodi was going to propose to diana. >> i'm not sure diana was ready to accept a proposal of
5:58 pm
marriage. she insisted she wasn't. things were moving very fast. she needed a breather. >> something is happening. >> look at these. someone is out there very important. >> dodi and diana decided to leave the security of the comfort of the ritz hotel to drive to his apartment. >> when they climbed into the car, the paparazzi were outside leaping on their moe motorbikes. >> chasing princess diana. >> it certainly feels that the clock was ticking out and that was she about to run out of time.
5:59 pm
>> i think about how things could have been different. she was so looking forward to figuring out the rest of her life, what the priorities were, where she was going to be going, what she was going to be doing. >> i know one day i will be able to have those things which i have always pined for. it will be that much more special, because i will be that much more bolder. >> diana, princess of wales has been killed in a car accident. >> charles was in shock. >> this is going to be like nothing we have ever seen. >> her death was just so unjust. >> you press killed her.
6:00 pm
>> you started to see anger grow across the globe. >> the monarchy and britain was on the knife edge. >> 2.5 billion people tuned in. >> william is thinking, what are t -- why are they crying? i can't. >> diadiana, whose beauty will never be extinguished from our minds. did you know what you were talking on in that kind of sense, not being able to just walk down the street? >> no. i didn't. >> i don't think the royal family quite knew what to do with her. >> there was just a real frenzy around diana. >> it was like hav


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