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tv   CNN Newsroom With Alisyn Camerota and Victor Blackwell  CNN  November 26, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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will be restricted from entering the united states. this move comes just minutes after the world health organization designated a new variant of concern with covid, and named it omicron. concerns over the new variant have led to multiple international travel bands, to global markets tumbling today, and to scientists already testing the impact of this variant on the vaccine's effectiveness. the fear is that omicron could evade immunity and spread more easily. this was first detected in south africa. the health minister there issued an alert yesterday saying this variant has had an unusually high number of mutations. >> b.1.1.529 is named as a variant of concern because it has some concerning properties. this variant has a large number of mutations. and some of these mutations have some worrying characteristics. right now, there are many studies that are underway.
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there's a lot of work that is ongoing in south africa and in other countries to better characterize the variant itself in terms of transmissibility, in terms of severity, and any impact on our counter measures like the use of diagnostics, therapeutics or vaccines. >> cnn has a team of correspondents covering this breaking news for us. we have david mckenzie in south africa, pete muntean is tracking this at the airports. let's begin with arlette saenz in nantucket with the president. what does the president want americans to know about this new variant at this hour. >> reporter: president biden is trying to show they are tangkin this coronavirus variant seriously, and is enacting the travel restrictions to keep people safe. the president released a statement saying that he was briefed this morning by anthony fauci as top medical adviser and after those discussions they determined that this was the appropriate course, to ban travel from south africa and seven other nations in that area. i want to read you a bit of the president's statement.
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he said as a precautionary measure, until we have more information, i'm ordering additional air travel restrictions from south africa and seven other countries. these new restrictions will take effect on november 29th, which is monday. as we move forward, we will continue to be guided by what the science and my medical team advises. the president in that statement also urged the unvaccinated americans to go out and get their shots as well as calling on people to get boosters to ensure that they are having maximum protection against coronavirus and any variants that may come. he also called on the global community to really expand access to vaccines as it's not just critical to have people vaccinated here in the u.s. but also abroad. now, this new travel ban applies to south africa and seven other countries in the southern africa region, including zimbabwe, and botswana, there's a map there that gives you an idea of the countries that will be touched by this. this will not apply to american citizens, and as they travel back to the united states, they
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will need to undergo a negative coronavirus testing in order to be able to return here. one thing on the timing. the white house has said or officials say they are trying to act as quickly as possible, but it does take time to implement this, and that is why it will be going into effect on monday as they're trying to act fast to get this variant and address it and keep americans safe. >> okay. thank you. let's talk about how complicated this is for airlines and airports. let's go to pete muntean. how are the airports handling this, and what does it mean for anyone who planned to travel from one of those countries on monday? >> we were wondering when this would come down after all of these restrictions popped across europe. we now know that the federal government is formulating guidance to give to airlines about how exactly to deal with this. we know that there was a call earlier today between the white house and the airline industry. why is this popping on monday? well, it's because they wanted to give them enough time to not have to scramble to deal with
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this. we saw exactly how that went down earlier today, not only had these restrictions popped up in the u.k., but also in the netherlands and those were with immediacy. they went into place right away, and on a flight from south africa to the netherlands, everybody on board found out all at the same time, and they had to get cordoned off in one particular part of the airport while fisheofficials tried to f out exactly how to deal with this. here in the united states, there are two airlines that operate from south africa to the u.s. delta operates a flight to atlanta three times a week. united operates a flight to newark five times a week. we're waiting on reaction from them and the airline industry as a whole, but we know that they are just now finding out about this, and the federal government is working on ways to direct them on how to exactly go through with this. a huge gut punch for the travel industry. remember, it wasn't even three
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weeks ago that restrictions were relaxed for foreign nationals coming into the united states. they just this to prove that they were fully vaccinated and take a negative coronavirus test. this just shows how quickly things can change in the travel space in this pandemic era, alisyn. >> such a good point, pete. stand by, if you would. i want to go to david mckenzie, you're hearing in south africa, the response from south africa, what is is it there? >> well, they're calling it a knee-jerk reaction, alisyn. there was some level of anger, i have to say, a short time ago from the minister of health saying that south africa is being responsible in their view for giving quick indication using the science as quickly as possible to alert the world to the possible danger of the new variant. there are still a whole lot of unknowns about it. they are testing the next few days, what it means that it has these mutations on the spike protein, and whether it is more transmissible than the delta variant, especially evades any previous infection.
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we don't know that at this point. but the reaction has been one of anger, saying that this is unnecessary, too hasty, at this point, and that kind of meshes with public health officials, including from the africa cdc saying that travel bans won't have much of an effect in terms of stopping the variant in their view, and that it, in fact, might stop other scientists from announcing troubling variants in the future. right now, south africa is not at a very bad place in its covid-19 pandemic. they're also pointing out the irony of a raging pandemic in parts of europe cutting off this country, which at least at this stage is not seeing very high infection, but it's all about trajectory, and the fact that this variant appears to be dominating the very infectious delta variant at this stage. >> david mckenzie, arlette
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saenz, thank you for the reporting. dr. ashish jha is joining me now. thank you very much for being here. how country are you about this new variant now being called as of two hours ago omicron. >> thank you for having me here. i'm concerned. we have seen a lot of variants pop up over the last five, six months, most have not amounted to much. this looks different. it's acting differently. it looks like it's much more contagious than even the delta variant. and we don't know about immune escape, and that's what has a lot of us concerned. >> it looks more transmissible because it's what, it's hitting vaccinated people or spreading like wildfire, what are you seeing? >> yeah, so when we've looked at other variants that have popped up, the alpha variant from the u.k. or the delta variant, it took several month for them to become dominant. this one has become dominant very quickly in south africa. in the regions where it's been found, within a matter of days to weeks as opposed to months. now, number of cases in south africa is quite low, so it can
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be for other reasons as well, not just because it's more transmissible, but the speed with which it has taken off is really unlike anything we have seen before. >> so you think it's more transmissible than the delta variant. do you think that it causes more severe disease? >> well, we don't know that it's more transmissible. that's what we're worried about, and we think it might be. on severity of disease, we have no idea, no data at all one way or the other. we don't know. we will get more information on that in the next few weeks. >> how long do you think it will take for us to know if this variant responds to our current vaccines? >> well, look, i don't think we're going to see a situation where the vaccines will be rendered useless. i think that's exceedingly unlikely. the question is there a tiny hit to vaccine efficacy, or is there a large hit. i think we'll get some preliminar preliminary data probably in the next few days when we get data back on basically what is
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happening right now, we're look ago the serum and antibody levels and see how well they do at neutralizing the virus. we'll get that information in the next few days. that's going to be our first real signal about how much immune escape this virus generates. >> i want to talk about vaccine rates, vaccination rates. south africa has a very low vaccination rate. data shows a third of the adults who have been vaccinated there received the johnson & johnson vaccine. is that a concern? >> it is for two reasons. one is, again, 35% is really very low. we've got to do a better job of getting more people vaccinated in south africa and elsewhere. second, johnson & johnson, while it's a very good vaccine is probably a two-dose vaccine. it's probably not a one-dose vaccine and in south africa and other places, it's only been given as a single dose vaccine, and that leaves people half protected. i think we have a lot of work to do on vaccinating more people in south africa, and getting people their second shots as well. >> do you like the idea of this
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travel ban that president biden just announced in the past hour? >> you know, the evidence on travel bans is pretty straightforward which is they help a little, not a lot. i think this travel ban will slow spread into america probably by a week or ten days. i'm worried about the signal it sends. we have no idea if this variant started in south africa. we know they identified it because they have a fabulous testing infrastructure that finds it. we don't want to create incentives against people reporting information. at most, i think it will help on the margins. might give us a few more days to prepare for what is coming. >> by the way, that's what your correspondent david mckenzie said, south africa feels like it's been penalized for transparency and excellent testing capabilities. they identified it because they do a good job of testing and they spread the word, and they feel like they're being penalized. is there anything else besides the travel ban the u.s. can do.
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should we be flooding south africa with sharing more vaccine doses with them. >> yeah, so there's a lot we can bei be doing. certainly getting more vaccines to south africa would be really helpful. within our own country i think we should be getting ready to do m more sequencing and genomic variants. i want to identify early, i want to figure out where it's spreading in the u.s. we should be talking to the vaccine companies about whether they should start at least looking at the idea of making variant specific vaccines. i'm not saying that's necessary. but i am saying you can't start those conversations early. there's a lot we can do to get prepared as we wait for more information. >> dr. ashish jha, thank you for all the information. >> thank you. republican congresswoman lauren boebert is now apologizing after she said something hateful about her muslim colleague congresswoman ilhan omar. so congresswoman omar is asking
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congressional leadership to take action to stop this kind of hateful rhetoric. >> and one of donald trump's biggest supporters in congress turns on house minority leader kevin mccarthy saying he does not have the vote to earn the speaker's gavel. more on all of this ahead. ♪ limu emu... & doug ♪ ♪ superpowers from a spider bite? i could use some help showing the world how liberty mutual customizes their car insurance so they only pay for what they need. (gasps) ♪ did it work? only pay for what you need ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ spider-man no way home in theaters december 17th
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restrictions he just announced. let's listen in. >> we'll be cautious, make sure there's no travel to and from south africa and six other countries in that region, exempt for american citizens who are able to come back. but we don't know a lot about the variant except that it is of great concern. >> why did the market drop significantly today? what's your response to that? >> they always do with covid. >> does it worry you at all? >> not at all. >> why are we waiting until monday? >> why not an immediate ban? it's going into effect on monday, why not right now. >> that was the recommendation
12:17 pm
coming from my medical team. >> what do you say to questions about whether bans create an incentive not to come forward with new variants, if you're penalized to do so. >> that's ridiculous, because you can't hide the variants. it's not like someone can hide the fact there's a new variant. >> more kafrcareful now going i the holidays. >> every american has not been vaccinated, should be responsible and get vaccinated ages 5 years and up, number one. number two, everyone eligible for booster shots should get the booster shot immediately upon being eligible. that is the minimum that everyone should be doing. you know, we always talk about whether this is about freedom, i think it's a patriotic responsibility. >> mr. president, have you asked -- especially with the new appointments? >> i have talked to the fed
12:18 pm
about a whole range, monetary policies and inflation. and i have confidence that appointees that i have made, and going to have three more are going to reflect that concern. >> when do you make those appointments, sir? >> i am concerned. look, we support ukraine easte's integrity, ukraine's ability to govern itself, and we object to anything remotely. >> are you going to? >> in all probability. >> mr. president, are you thinking of any new mandates since your others were caught in court? >> no. >> not at the moment. >> thank you. >> thank you, sir. >> happy thanksgiving. >> we have been listening to president biden there on his vacation in nantucket, talking about the breaking news of today, including this new variant, this new coronavirus
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variant known as omicron. let's bring in arlette saenz reporting on the president in nantucket. he felt it was important to share his thinking on why he's moving quickly with that travel restriction. >> he did, alisyn, this is one of the few times we have seen president biden while he's been here in nantucket, and he came out and stressed that they decided to take this move out of caution over this variant. he said that there's still a lot that is unknown about what is occurring at this moment. but ultimately, they thought this was the best protocol to put in place in order to keep americans safe. he said that he spends about half an hour speaking with his coronavirus team, including dr. anthony fauci before they reached this decision to ban travel from south africa and seven other countries tin that region. the president also there once again called on people who are unvaccinated to go out and get their covid-19 vaccines: he also talked about the need for
12:20 pm
boosters, that is ultimately the white house's thinking is that the way for people to protect themselves is to be getting these shots. this all comes as the white house is trying to mobilize and show how seriously they are taking this new variant that has popped up oemp the course of the past few days. they are acting with speed to get this out there, the restrictions won't go into effect until monday, but they say they are working as quickly as possible, going through all the protocols to notify airlines and have that go into effect on monday after midnight. but this also comes, the president was also asked about whether he's considering any other mandates. he said some of his vaccine mandates are held up in court, he said not at this point, he also notably was asked about ukraine. the u.s. does continue to support ukraine. we know the national security adviser jake sullivan spoke with a ukrainian official today after the president alleged that a russian group may be trying to
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something unusual, she's apologizing after making racist comments about another member of congress. >> i was getting into an elevator with a staffer, we were going back to my office, and we get in the elevator and i see a capitol police officer running, hurriedly to the elevator. i see fret all over his face. i look to my left and there she is. ilhan omar. i said, well, she doesn't have a backpack. we should be fine. so we only had one floor to go, looked over, oh, look, the jihad squad decided to show up for work today. >> after that video went public, congress congre congresswoman tweeted, i apologize to anyone in the muslim community, i have reached to her office to speak directly with her.
12:27 pm
there are plenty of policy differences to focus on without this unnecessary distraction. let's talk about what all of this means be margaret talev, managing editor for axios, and dean dean, congresswoman omar is still calling for boebert to be punished. saying i'm a suicide bomber is no laughing matter. gop leader and speaker pelosi need to take appropriate action. normalizing this bigotry not only endangers my life but the lives of all muslims. anti-muslim bigotry has no place in congress. you are a muslim, what do you think of this. >> the congresswoman must have gotten more push back. this entire story was fabricated, this never happened. this was made up by the
12:28 pm
congresswoman to entertain her far right audience to laugh at a muslim to say she's a terrorist, and might have a bomb with her. put one other thing in perspective. last week, boebert is on the floor, saying congressman omar is in the jihad squad who earlier this year said she's part of the full-time job is to be a propagandist for terrorist. one tweet does not make up for months and months of demonization. we talked about this during the trump campaign. the words of elected officials matter. they can inspire good and bad. they are normalizing the worts stereotypes, and they can inspire hate crimes. one tweet does not make up for months and months of demonization of congressman omar, and muslims. >> you and i have had ample opportunity to talk about this, how violent rhetoric often leads to violence, and we have seen
12:29 pm
examples of it time and again, and yet they keep doing this, and so that does lead to the question, why is she apologizing, you know, congre congre congresswoman is no stranger to inflammatory rhetoric. who pushed back on this. >> it's the most interesting political question of the moment on this. leader kevin mccarthy's role in trying to respond or guide his pockets internally and deal with the segment, the provocateur segment of the gop house caucus is really interesting, and i think we're going to be spending a lot of time watching it over the course of the next several months because there's a lot of pressure on him from the group, matt gaetz, marjorie taylor greene, paul gosar to go after other republicans in the caucus, the liz cheney's, adam begin
12:30 pm
sin -- tremendous pressure to go after that group, and we heard marjorie taylor greene say on the matt gaetz pod kcast that recent days that mccarthy doesn't have the votes that he needs to lock down the speakership if republicans take over. so there's going to be a tremendous amount of pressure on him from this small, but growing flank of the party, and at the same time, if he doesn't act, if the house republican caucus doesn't kind of reign in these members, the democrats who still control the majority have made clear this they are going to start having these censure votes. i think that's the kind of political struggle that we're seeing go on right now! i mean, dean, since you think that one apologetic tweet does not erase the hate that this inspires, what do you think should happen next? >> i think she should be
12:31 pm
censured, put republicans on the line. let them say, are they okay with anti-muslim bigotry, and let's be plblunt, as a party, they ha been for years. i wrote about it n the 2012 campaign with newt gingrich and herman cain. donald trump took it to levels we have never seen, calling for a ban of muslims, saying islam hates us. we saw more hate crimes in the 2016 campaign against muslims than we did against muslims after 9/11, and that was the words of donald trump. so look, this anti muslim bigotry is part and parcel of the gop. i don't know what caused her to apologize. she might flip-flop on the apology, we'll see how it works out because she has an incendiary track record. she wants press, she doesn't care about policy. she wants attention. that's all she's about. >> marjorie taylor greene also wants attention, and that's all she's about based upon her policy background, which is
12:32 pm
undetectable. i'm reluctant to play these things, but because you brought it up, i feel we should play it because it does affect kevin mccarthy's future. listen to the thanks he gets for trying to protect her or not punishing her. listen to this. >> we know that kevin mccarthy has a problem in our conference. he doesn't have the full support to be speaker. he doesn't have the votes that are there. there are many of us who are very unhappy about the failure to hold republicans accountable while conservatives like me, paul gosar and many others just constantly take the abuse by the democrats. i've demanded it. i want adam kinzinger and liz cheney kicked out of the gop conference. >> do you respect the republican leadership right now? >> no, i don't respect him at all. i can't respect leadership that doesn't hold people accountable. >> margaret, obviously congressman kinzinger is not part of that little tribe and what he tweeted is i hate to lol
12:33 pm
this, but i must, gop leader, kevin mccarthy is a living example of what happens when you try to hug a skunk. basically saying he's created these frankenstein monsters. >> i don't know if he's created them. he has enabled them because they are crucial to him staying in the position of power, and that's the political dynamic that we're going to see play out over the next several month, and let it be said, adam kinzinger can't run for reelection, so, you know, there is a dynamic in the gop right now that is -- and this is a cycle that feeds on itself, that is driving some of these issues when it comes to muslim rhetoric, inside the republican party develop more public use about muslim americans in recent years. having said that, the overwhelming majority of muslim american voters in this country are democrats and very small share are registered
12:34 pm
republicans, and there is embedded inside the republican voter dynamic in the united states a concern that islam, not talking about the people but the religion that islam is antithetical to american goals or standards or national security, and so particularly when it comes to these kind of attacks, you know, when you're -- there is a reality inside kind of the dynamics of the party right now that's also a challenge so mccarthy has to decide, are some of these issues red lines for him that he's willing to push back against publicly, even if it means undercutting his own leadership: weakening his own future leadership more vulnerable, at this point, he has chosen to give this part of the caucus publicly, as long as they push for censures in the current dynamics saying they're going to move forward with punishments
12:35 pm
and censures, then he's going to get the pressure from both sides, and as he tries to become speaker next year if republicans win, it's going to be very difficult for him to manage. >> margaret talev, thank you, dean f people hear you talk about this as well as a host of other fascinating topics on your radio show, siriusxm, thank you so much, guys. >> thanks. a new study shows female athletes by far took most of the online abuse directed at olympians in tokyo. we'll have more on the struggles women and girls face online ahead.
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this year's tokyo olympics. this is according to a study by world athletics. it looked at the deluge of disturbing abuse on twitter as female athletes were subjected to sexist, racist, transphobic, and homophobic remarks, plus unfounded doping accusations. many of these posts warranted intervention from social media platforms. and the online abuse of female olympians is just one reason many have been criticizing social media platforms. a facebook whistleblower you'll remember is asking congress to step in and do something, and n then just last week a bipartisan group of ten states attorneys general launched an investigation into instagram's effect on teenagers. let's bring in new york university's social psychologist jonathan hite who has been collecting research on the relationship between the mental health of teenage girls and social media, his latest piece for the atlantic is titled "the dangerous experience on teen
12:41 pm
girls, the preponderance of the evidence suggests that social media is causing real damage to adolescents. great to see you here. any of us who are parents of teenage girls as i am innately know that there is a direct link between their mental health and what they see on social media, but you have the research, so tell us of the direct line between these two. >> yes, that's right, so there's a lot of published academic research on this topic, and a lot of it says, well, there's a correlation, but the correlation is tiny. you know, it's no more harmful than eating potatoes in some studies. what i found in digging into this research, along with jean twangy, the author of i-gen, when you zoom in, not on screen time, not screen time but social media, and don't look at the bo boys, just look at the girls, some of the correlation is much much bigger. it's not just correlational, it's experiment. when you assign people to
12:42 pm
randomly reduce their use of social media or not, you find that people get happier if they're off for a week or more. the academic evidence has been there for a long time, and we need to really see this and start acting. >> i mean, we're talking about suicidal thoughts. we're talking about a spike in emergency room visits by teenage girls. this isn't just, oh, they'll be, you know, a little bit happier if they get off social media. this is dangerous stuff. >> that's right. and a spike makes it seem like it goes up and maybe down. no, there's a very sudden jump up in rates of depression, anxiety, and as you said, hospital admissions for self-harm and even suicide. for younger teen girls, it was fairly level until 2012. in 2013 it goes up and stayed up and continued to rise for all of these variables. so we have an enormous mental health crisis, and people aren't doing anything about it. >> another thing i was struck by
12:43 pm
in your research, this isn't just vulnerable teenage girls or teenage girls that already had mental health issues, we're talking millions of people your research suggests. >> that's right. now, there are surely individual differences and it probably is the case that girls who are more prone to anxiety to begin with suffer more, and some confident, extroverted girls might benefit from it socially, but the cost is not just to a few percent. we're talking about a doubling, more than a doubling of rates of depression, self-harm, anxiety, so it's affecting an enormous number of girls, and if you just think about it, look, my daughter is 12. if someone came to me and said, we have in thing, it's going to take about 20 hours a week from your daughter's life, and it will probably be bad for her, what do you say, can we sign her up when she's 11, i would say hell no, are you kidding me, but 11-year-old girls can lie and get on instagram, and most of them do. >> as you said, people aren't doing enough about it. you know there was this facebook
12:44 pm
whistleblower francis haugen who is trying, here's what she said to congress on october 6th. >> it's just like cigarettes. teenagers don't have good self-regulation. they say explicitly i feel bad when i use instagram, and yet i can't stop. >> i mean, they're addicted basically. they can't stop. it makes them feel worse, yet they can't stop because it lights up whatever that, you know, addiction center is in their brain, so what needs to happen next? >> yes, so, first, people have to understand, this is more than an addiction, addiction is between you and the substance. this is not just addiction. this is a social trap. when my kids entered 6th grade, they said to me, dad, everyone is on instagram can i have an account, and i said no. and that was very hard for my son who felt isolated because of it. the companies have put us parents and our kids in this trap. it's not just that the kids are addicted like to tobacco, it's they have set up a social game in which it's bad for everybody,
12:45 pm
but if one kid gets off, it's even worse for that kid. we're stuck doing something we don't want to do, and we would all be better off if we could delay -- my big thing is can't we let girls go through puberty without having to perform on instagram, can we all just agree, nobody could get an account until high school, at that point, it's still damaging, but it's hardest on the girls going through puber tty. >> what are you calling on congress to do? >> in this article i have in the atlantic on the experiment going on in teens girls two very simple things that are bipartisan, not controversial, one is pass the bill that forces facebook to share the data. this to me is unbelievable that the only good data that can really show what's happening and what's causing problems is held in secret by facebook. they won't share it. we've got to force them to share the data, and the second thing is copa, the childhood privacy protection act, they set the age of internet adulthood to 13. it was supposed to be 16.
12:46 pm
the platforms lobbied it to 13 in 1998. we have to put it to 16 and enforce it. 13 is too low, and it's not enforced. >> really good information, thank you very much for sharing the research. >> my pleasure, alisyn. now to this, it sounds like the plot of a movie, nasa launched a spacecraft to crash into an asteroid, a test run in case a big rock heads our way. i'll speak to the scientist leading the mission, next. ce, so you only pay for what you need. [ ferry horn honks ] i mean just cause you look like someone else doesn't mean you eat off the floor, [ chuckles ] or yell at the vacuum, or need flea medication. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ i've spent centuries evolving with the world. that's the nature of being the economy. observing investors choose assets
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or live chat at today. nasa is trying to manipulate asteroids away from earth. they plan to slam a spacecraft into an asteroid to see if it can change the rock's course. the spacecraft for this mission took off tuesday, but the collision will not happen until late september or early october of next year. andy ripken is part of the planetary astronomer at johns hopkins. andy, thanks for being here. this is mind blowing at so many levels.
12:51 pm
the logistics, i have a hard time planning the logistics of picking up my kids from sports tomorrow. how can you figure out the logistics for this ten months from now? >> a great question. the or bits have been studied for thousands of the years. statistic ancients knew f for asteroids they show very precisely where they will be. we have good sense of where it's going to be, and we're going to send to enter septembr them, and then that smart technology will be one of the technologies we're validating on the mission. >> even in the asteroid speeds up or slows down over the next ten months or changes trajectory
12:52 pm
a bit, you still think you will hit it? >> absolutely. you know, the wayings that objects move around the sun in their orb bits is a well-known science. >> one of the things you have talked about is there's lots of natural disasters for which we feel we're sitting ducks. up until now we thought we are sitting ducks, but you say we don't have to be anymore for asteroids. >> that's right. there's basically an entire national and international strategy for taking asteroid impacts off the board, or at least knowing when they might happen decades ahead of time. d.a.r.t. is a validation of the techniques of what we might do if we found something, and meanwhile, there's tell scopes around the world that nasa is funding, for instance, for doing
12:53 pm
the job of looking to see if there's anything specifically we need to worry about and give us as much warning time as we can have. >> is there anything hurtling toward earth? >> no, as far as we know we're clear for the next 100 years or go there are sizes -- we only know about where half of them are, but as far as we know, we are in the clear. >> i'm so glad i can cross this off my worry list for the next 100 years. that's very good news. my producers also want to ask, did you get the idea of this from the movie "armageddon"? >> no, full credit, my colleague at the applied physics laboratory is the one who realized we could do a test like this in a binary system, and
12:54 pm
make the measurement much more easily. but people have talked about this long better "armageddon" and "deep impact." in "armageddon" they want to use a nuclear device, but we want to keep it intact, but give it a little tap, to show we can do that. my producers want me to ask, did you cry at the end of the "armageddon"? >> i didn't see "armageddon." but i cry when i hear at the stead song if i'm in the right mood. president biden restricts
12:55 pm
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the top ten c heroes of 2021 have been announced.
12:59 pm
one will be the cnn hero of the year. heroes like michelle, who created a community of widows who heal together. >> i would tell the nurse, tell him i love him, or put the phone by him, because they would not let me in. sometimes i would just go sit in the parking lot just to be close to him. you know, april 13th, they told me he was gone. i needed someone to understand what it was like to be widowed. >> initially you imagine when someone dies, the worst day is the day they die, and the truth is that living without them is the hard part, but you have to make your way through. >> thank you for being here and showing up for each other. >> we hope people live and live through something that many times they did not think they would survive.
1:00 pm
you can go to right now to vote for your cnn hero of the year. thanks so much for joining me today. have a wonderful weekend, everybody. "the lead with jake tapper" starts right now. >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. and this is "cnn newsroom." i'm jim acosta in washington. we do begin with breaking news. president biden says he will restrict travel from south africa and several other after nations on monday. he decided to be cautious after public health expert found an alarming new coronavirus variant spreading rapidly in south africa. the world health organization quickly moving t


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