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tv   New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar  CNN  November 25, 2021 2:59am-4:00am PST

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good morning to our viewers here in the united states and all around the world. it is thursday, november 25th. i'm john berman. brianna is off this morning.
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chief white house correspondent indicate hand collins is here. happy thanksgiving to you. . >> happy thanksgiving, john. >> the reward for all the hard work you do at the white house is that you get to work. >> of course. >> the family of ahmaud arbery feared it might never come. three white men convicted of murder. >> we, the jury, find the defendant, travis mcmichael, guilty. >> woo! >> you heard that word "guilty" from the judge 23 times. all three guilty of murdering an unarmed black jogger. they face the possibility of life in prison. >> and you heard emotions in the courtroom after the judge read the first guilty verdict. that was ahmaud arbery's father. the judge had him removed as he read the rest of the verdict. his mother was in tears as the verdict was read.
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she later thanked supporters outside the courthouse. >> i thank each and every one of you who fought this fight with us. it's been a long fight. it's been a hard fight. but god is good. for those who marched, those who prayed -- most of all, the ones who prayed. >> they were confident the nearly all-white version could come to the right decision and that was based purely on facts and evidence. ? the attorney for william roddie bryan junior doesn't see it that way. he says he plans to appeal. ryan young is on the ground in brunswick, georgia. i imagine this morning so much emotion over this verdict. this was so much for this community. >> yeah. absolutely, john. first of all, good morning and happy thanksgiving to you. you can only imagine what this was like. so many of us were wondering whether the holiday was going to
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play in this decision. there was so much tension in the city. in fact, when they were getting ready to read the verdict, everyone was outside hovering around their phones, listening to the verdict bit by bit yelling each time the verdict was read out, guilty. . >> i understand you have reached a verdict as to each defendant. >> reporter: the jury handed over a folder holding their decision. >> count one, malice murder. we, the jury, find the defendant, travis mcmichael, guilty. count two, felony murder. we, the jury, find the defendant, travis mcmichael, guilty. >> reporter: travis mcmichael guilty on all nine counts of the murder of ahmaud arbery, who was killed while jogging outside brunswick, georgia last year. the judge asked his father to leave the courtroom after he cheered the first guilty verdict for mcmichael.
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next the verdict's for gregory mcmichael. >> count two, felony murder. we, the jury, find the defendant, greg mcmichael, guilty. >> reporter: he was found guilty on eight counts and not guilty on one count of malice murder. the last is william bryan. >> count three, felony murder. we, the jury, find the defendant, william r. bryan, guilty. >> reporter: he was found guilty of six of the nine against him but not malice murder, one felony murder charge and aggravated assault with a firearm. as the judge read the convictions, wanda cooper jones, listened from the gallery in tears. outside, they were emotional about the decision. the three defendants said they were trying to mack a citizens arrest, claiming they believed arbery was behind a series of
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burglaries after seeing a video of him trespassing at a construction site home weeks before the shooting. meantime, the arbery family shared their gratitude with a crowd of spaursers. >> i just want to say thank you, guys. thank you. thank each and every one of you who fought this fight with us. it's been a long fight. it's been a hard fight. you know him as ahmaud. i know him as quez. he will now rest in peace. >> lead prosecutor linda dunikowski had her chance to speak. . >> the verdict today was based on the facts, the evidence. that was our goal to bring that to the jury so they could do the right thing. >> she told her jury in the closing the defense claims of a citizens arrest were invalid because they had not witnessed a
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crime and said they couldn't claim self-defense because they instigated the confrontation. >> i wanted to make sure that the jury understood that the self-defense case was absolute garbage. that was not what took place. and i was doing my best in the moment to dismantle it. >> reporter: president joe biden weighed in on the outcome of the trial writing, nothing can bring mr. arbery back to his family and his community, but the verdict ensures those who committed this horrible crime will be punished while the guilty verdicts reflect the justice system doing its job, that alone is not enough. while arbery's mother said she is grateful -- >> this is the second thanksgiving without ahmaud. but at the same time this is the first time we'll have with justice for ahmaud. >> o >> ahmaud was an a amazing young
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man, a smile that lit up a room. he was a giver. the world should know ahmaud's death was not in vain and we will continue to scream his name until we leave this earth. >> reporter: john, you think about all the pressure that was involved in this case. look, we have been talking for weeks and weeks about this. this community seemed to sort of just let it all go yesterday. one of the things i wanted to talk about, i got to witness this for myself. kevin gough was passing a black preacher. he said, kevin, i still love you. they held each other for a little bit. kevin said we'll talk later. very interesting to see how this all played out in the end with both sides walking away with a little something, exempt for the defense side, obviously. they took a big loss. >> what a scene that must have been to witness. ryan young, we appreciate the
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work you've done down there, talking to us about the story and the journey of this community, which really has been remarkable. thank you. >> reporter: thank you. joining us now is the founder of the hatchet firm and the host of "the verdict," judge hatchet and former federal prosecutor elie honig. you saw this verdict read yesterday. guilty, guilty, guilty, and what the jury decided. >> i was very pleased. but i have to say the prosecutors did an amazing job of dismantling the whole notion that this was some kind of valid citizens arrest and that they could not stand on the self-defense on that they provoked. i thought it was very, very
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strong. so i applaud them. and i also have to give credit for the state having the sense to appoint special prosecutors given the history of the prosecutors down in the brunswick area. >> look, they had to take it out of brunswick, right, because of how they dealt with this case, which is a part of the story. it took so long to be looked into. it took the video to be handed over to them. . >> we have to remember that the d.a., the initial d.a., actually advised mcmichael to go home and wash his hands and has now been indicted for interfering with
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this investigation. if we had not seen this video, we would all agree this would never have happened. >> trial after trial, case after case in the u.s. we have seen where a video has been critical to the outcome of this. this is one of those. this case stalled for two months with no arrests until this video had surfaced. when you see that and you see what the prosecutors were saying, they felt like the facts were on this side. obviously, this was critical to that verdict yesterday >> that is a more common phenomenon. we see videos deciding cases. and that's a good thing. what we want our juries to do is decide on the facts. and i think what happened in this case is a good example of our jury system doing its job, doing it right and effectively. what a judge says, you are to shut out all the noise,
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distractions, outside influences and decide the case only on the facts and the law. if you look at the verdict this returned, it goes specifically to the specifics of this case. they delivered separate verdicts as to each of the three defendants. and i think those verdicts accurately reflect what we see on that video. . >> exactly. >> as you look down and what they didn't convict on, in some ways it gives more weight to what they did. it makes sense. you can see the way the jury was thinking there. i want to play more sound, judge, if i can, about the prosecution and what they said about this. >> a verdict today was paved on the facts. >> yes. >> based on the evidence. >> yes. >> that was our goal to bring it to the jury so they could do the right thing. because the jury system works in this country. >> so the prosecutor there, judge, echoing what you said, this was a verdict based on the facts. >> right. >> but i do think we need to
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knowledge what the concern was, that maybe that's not how the jury would see it. this jury, which only had one african american on it the defense was making there. what does it take in this country right now for this type of justice? >> some well, i also -- again, i applaud the prosecution. but there has been so much distrust particularly in the black and brown communities in this country because we haven't seen the kind of justice that we saw yesterday. but i do think that this jury -- i certainly agree with elie -- this jury really took the time to look at what you think about nine charges for each of these three men and came up to a just decision. there was a lot of concern. initially the judge articulated the concern about the jury panel
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being only one african american man. these facts and the way the prosecution approached this case i thought was so well done that it would have been practically impossible for them to do anything else unless they decided to absolutely ignore the law h. i also want to point out too this has rigored a lot of change in georgia. we no longer have that citizens arrest statute on the books. we now have a georgia hate crime law. not the perfect solution. not anywhere close to where we need to be in this nation. there's so much work to do. but i think this says a lot about the progress and the steps we have taken and how much more work need to be done. >> we know this isn't the road for these three men either.
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they are facing federal hate crimes early next year. thank you for joining us this morning. happy thanksgiving to you. elie, we will come back to you. we will be speaking to ahmaud arbery's mother in the 8:00 a.m. hour about that they thought might not ever come. in a couple of hours the macy's day parade is returning to the streets of new york as well. there will be gigantic balloons, floats, bands, and of course baby yoda. right now preparations are under way. . >> our miguel marquez playing with the balloons as we speak. >> a smash and tpgrab in an app store overnight. they made off with $20,000 worth of goods. offers investors a broader view. ♪ we see companies protecting the bottom line
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executive he is safe for now. the decision not to pursue charges against matthew calamari comes as the manhattan's d.a.'soffice intensifies its investigation of the trump business in other ways. kara has been all over this story. we have this important reporting. >> we have learned the manhattan district attorney's office has told one of its top executives, someone still loyal to the former president, they will not bring criminal charges against him for now. he is under investigation as part of this off-the-books compensation scheme. the question whether he paid corporate taxes, company cars. weisselberg pleaded not guilty. they are shifting away from the
3:19 am
tax investigation and back to the original focus which has been valuations. how did the trump administration value office buildings, golf courses. were they giving banks, lenders, even when they are they are trying to get tax deductions, were theyen plating the assets? were they giving an artificially low value when it time to pay taxes? cyrus vance jr.'s term is up in five weeks. they went to the supreme court twice to win them and they got them. there is a current fight under seal to subpoena the organization. if vance doesn't mack a decision
3:20 am
in the next five weeks, that will fall to his successor, the new d.a. worked at the u. s. attorneys' office in manhattan. >> do you know if he wants this on his plate or if he will pursue it as passionately as cyrus vance did. . >> this case is more of vance's legacy and having to come into something new. everyone that i have spoken to who has worgsdked with alvin br said he will not look at this through a political lens. it is an interesting question. because will he want this to be something that will define his early days in office. >> thank you for your reporting. happy thanksgiving. . >> happy thanksgiving. >> let's bring in former federal prosecutor elie honig. what's your reaction that calamari seems to be safe right now?
3:21 am
>> reporter: it tells me the fraud investigation is largely a dud. if don't have the goods to charge calamari, there's no way they will have goods to charge trump or the trump children. the charge against alan weisselberg looks to be supported. he has a chance to not even go to prison given the charges in new york state. nobody, no individual can go to prison when a corporation is indicted. so it looks to be like that part of the case. the tax fraud is really at a dead end. . >> kara said they are returning to the initial part of it, did he overinplated the value of his prop properties. i think the timeline is really interesting. vance, the district attorney in manhattan, did not seek a fourth term. and his window is closing to work on this. what do you predict when it
3:22 am
comes to the timeline based on these developments? >> yeah. so alvin bragg, who is taking over starting in january, a former colleague of mine, personal friend of mine. people should know that. by cy vance will leave bragg in a difficult position. i'm thinking, boy, thank you for leaving me with this mess. as to the inflation and deflation of assets part of the case, like you said, kaitlan, easier said than done. they have to building that they valued it high over here and low over here. we know trump is not an emailer or texter. there won't be a smoking gun. . >> elie honig, thank you for joining us. i hope you have a great thanksgiving. >> reporter: thanks. you too, kaitlyn.
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so who will show up at the thanksgiving day parade, snoopy, baby yoda, real human beings. miguel marquez is sucking helium as we speak. we will take you there live. overnight, a smash and grab overnight at a nordstrom in california. this time they pepper sprayed the security guard. what is behind the troubling new trend. (vo) for fourteen years, subaru andd our retailers have been sharing the love with those who need it most. now subaru is the largest automotive donor to make-a-wish and meals on wheels. and the largest corporate donor to the aspca and national park foundation.
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the holidays getting off to a wet and chilly start in parts of the country. some people in new york city are hoping the weather will cooperate for the macy's day parade. jennifer gray joins us with the holiday forecast. jennifer, what are you seeing out there? >> well, kaitlyn, good news for new yorkers. i think the parade will go off without a hitch. there is a warming trend across the east despite temperatures in the 30s and 40s. a big shot of cold air across the upper midwest and the plains. this weather is brought to you by servpro, helping make fire and water damage like it never
3:29 am
even happened. you can see the rain pushing through the mississippi river valley. that is going make its way to the east coast. but not today. we are going to wait until friday and saturday. so by the time you are returning home for thanksgiving, that's where we could see a little bit of a headache. but let's focus on today. temperatures topping out at 52 degrees in new york city. during the parade, temperatures will remain in the 40s. winds will be light. so those balloons will be able to fly high. as you head into the weekend, though, we are going to look at another storm system. it could bring snow to northeast and new england. this is sunday. you can see the possibility of snow across portions of the northeast and some of those big cities could be impacted. kaitlyn. >> good. hopefully that weather will stay good for the macy's day parade. jennifer, gray, thank you for joining us this morning. . tho that parade does return to its prepandemic form with high-flying balloons, floats and
3:30 am
people in the crowd. before we get to this report, miguel, how many years in a row is this for you? >> reporter: i've done many years. six, seven, eight years. we didn't do anything last year because it was a tiny little parade. it was just basically a tv event. 2.5 million people along the parade route. 2.5 miles down the streets. tom turkey is here, 28 floats. 15 balloons. four of them will be new balloons. 300 pounds of glitter and a cast of thousands to bring this thing off. one is my little acorn here, frank susie, the first time as a balloon handler. what does it feel like to be here? . >> i think what it is for us as new yorkers, it helps bring the city back. it helps bring the state back. it helps bring the country back. and i think it brings some joy to the people that are in it and watching it.
3:31 am
>> it feels emotional just being out here. i have covered this many years. i've done nothing but covid the last two years. the city, the country, the world. how does it feel? you will be marching down the parade for the first time in your life. how does it feel to be doing this? >> you hit the nail on the head. it is a once in a lifetime opportunity to do something with my daughter. it's father/daughter day. we will be able to tell my grandkids, her kids, exactly what we did on this day and had a wonderful time. >> i love it. happy thanksgiving. >> you have a great day. >> that is the sensibility along the parade route. just walking up the parade route, everybody shouting happy thanksgiving. there's a real sense that the hell we have been through in the last couple of years, this is maybe one small step toward feeling that new normal, whatever it is. john. . >> i'll tell you, the people i talked to they said their
3:32 am
favorite float isn't baby yoda, it is miguel marquez. it's seeing you on the parade route. did you run it by frank to call him your little acorn? >> reporter: i did, indeed. i was looking for someone wearing an acorn just so i could say, come here, my little acorn. >> i'm so glad covering what you have been covering with the paeug, you were there for this celebration this morning. it makes it that much more special for all of us. thank you. >> and i am looking forward to baby yoga. it's been a crazy couple years. happy thanksgiving. . >> happy thanksgiving, miguel. >> i'm also looking forward to b baby yoda. there are smash and grab robberies in california.
3:33 am
four suspects grabbed more than $20,000 worth of goods. another happened in the kenoga park area of los angeles, where they pepper sprayed and assaulted a security guard, made off with expensive purses, as you see the scene there. several best buys have been hit in the process. and the ceo is speaking out on how they are affecting more than just their bottom line. >> what i would really stress here is for our employees, these are traumatic experiences. and they're happening more and more across the country. >> i want to bring in cnn's chief business correspondent and anchor of "early start", christine romans. what on earth is going on here? >> this is not your run of the mill theft, slippage that companies plan for. this is organized retail crime. these are suvs coming up, parking in front of a store. dozens in some cases, of people smashing and grabbing for the
3:34 am
most expensive things, and out in an instant. one of the cases yesterday in los angeles they actually pepper sprayed the nordstrom security guard. companies have been adding security guards. at the same time they're noting they are becoming more brazen and violent. this is a billion dollar a year by some estimates, stealing stuff and reselling it elsewhere. it's high and low. it's louis vuitton bags, dishwasher pods. you have them scrambling to keep their employees safe and try to stop this. . >> is there concern now because it's such a big shopping week? are stores worried about black friday? . >> they are. they are worried about every day. when you have 15 people come in with hoods on and they're smashing retail cases and grabbing stuff, these employees, as you heard, the best buy ceo say,s they are traumatized by this. they have faced a year where they are being attacked and verbally abused for wearing
3:35 am
masks. now you have this organized retail crime. everything from laundry detergents, all hergy medicines. >> leave me with one happy thought. >> happy thanksgiving. why aren't you wearing orange? baby blue? . >> i wore orange tie yesterday. >> i love your easter tie. >> meanwhile, i'm dressed like a pumpkin pie over here. coming up, 27 migrants are dead after a boat sinks off the french coast. live in france with the latest. and twain wade joins "new day". why he said lebron james ghosted him for several days. and alabama's head coach, kaitlyn collins best friend,
3:36 am
nick saban tearing into self-absorbed alabama fans. >> nobody wants to win worse than they do. not me, not you, i don't care what kind of fan you are. for all you self-absorbed folks that can't look past your own self, i appreciate what other people are doing. . >> we have cnn's chief alabama football correspondent here with us to react to that moment. (burke) this is why you want farmers claim forgiveness... [echoing] claim forgiveness-ness, your home premium won't go up just because of this. (woman) wow, that's something. (burke) you get a whole lot of something with farmers policy perks. [echoing] get a quote today. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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i was hit by a car get t tand needed help.oiblele. t ouour juryry aorneneys hehi called the barnes firm. that was the best call i could've made. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is let our injury attorneys know he how much their accident cget the best result possible. there's tragedy in the bitterly cold waters off the coast of france today. dozens of migrants have drowned after their inflatable boat capsized and sunk in the english channel. all of them hoping to reach britain for a better life.
3:41 am
cyril vanier is live from france. what are you seeing? >> reporter: kaitlyn i'm this stretch of the northern french coastline. we came to get a better sense of that these people are going through. that we found picking this beach at random, paints a pretty clear detail. this is one of the boats that the migrants used. as you can see, it is nothing more than a pretty large inflatable boat. this can probably hold several dozen people. the smugglers charging several thousand dollars each time for the passage to england. they are known to put too many people on the boats, to overload them. this has been slashed by law enforcement so it can no longer be used. if you look at my feet, this is the bottom of the boat, just a piece of wood. you would not trust your life, much less the life of your children, in this boat.
3:42 am
this is the jumping off point, kaitlyn. over there is the destination. where some roughly 20 miles away from the english coast, that is the point that they are trying to get to to just live a better life. they think there's going to be more economic opportunity for them. the tragedy that occurred yesterday, 34 migrants were on a boat much like this one. the smugglers will put them on the poet. they don't do it. for them, it's a business. they have more migrants to put on more boats. 34 people got on a boat. the boat capsized. this is a very dangerous maritime -- very dangerous waterway. it can be windy, the seas are choppy. it is also very busy. i see four or five tankers crossing the english channel as we speak. and the boat capsized and 27 people died. their bodies were recovered from the water by the french rescue operation. among them, three children.
3:43 am
now, there are two survivors. they are currently suffering from hypothermia, fighting for their lives. the french interior minister says they come from iraq and somalia, all the way here to try to make it to england, kaitlyn. . >> biggest single loss of life there since 2014. cyril, thank you for joining us this morning. so the u.s. may soon have a new covid pill that could change everything. that all depends on one thing, one thing that the u.s. hasn't been so good at. we'll tell you what that is ahead. plus, why this daytime star from america's -- >> there's a lot of rumors and speculation -- >> the longest-running soap opera was just fired from the show after nearly 30 years. don't let its rookie status fool you. the new baja steak & jack hits you likike a seasoned vet with new juicy steak, pepper jack cheese, and smokey baja chipotle sauce. save big. order through the app. ♪ ♪
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so doctors who rarely use the term game changer call two forthcoming covid pills game changers. they say they dramatically reduce hospitalization or death for people with mild to moderate covid. but the success really all depends on testing, which we haven't been great at. cnn's elizabeth cohen here to explain. >> john, as amazing as the results are of these clinical trials by merck and pfizer, you know what is even better, not getting covid at all. vaccines are more important than even these trucks. let's take a look at the results that merck and pfizer not when they did that with these anti-virals drugs. for america, they had some people taking a placebo, a drug that does nothing. nine deaths from covid in the group that got the placebo,
3:49 am
nobody who got the pill died. seven agents in the placebo group. zero in the drug group. here's the but. they have to be taken very early in the course of infection. that's why testing is so important. in the clinical trials, they got those results because people who took pfizer took them within three days of symptom onset. they felt sick and within three days they took the pill. for merck, it was within five days of symptom onset. so that means you need to know pretty quickly whether you have covid. it needs to be accessible, affordable, and the results need to come back quickly. a few months ago i had a test where i got the results back 10 days later. not helpful. and i have heard stories from many, many people that i know. it's very crucial that testing be improved. when the fda advisers sit down
3:50 am
to talk about this pill, we will talk about safety issues from merck, which is the one coming up soon. concerns that the pill might encourage variants of covid which could be a problem for the vaccine and concerns that maybe it is not a pill pregnant women should be taking. we will hear more about that on tuesday. john. >> the merck and pfizer pills work in very different ways. we will hear about merck first. elizabeth cohen, thank you very much. nba superstar dwyane wade jones "new day". what he has to say about scottie pippin's attacks on michael jordan. and what to do with unruly passengers on planes. ♪ there are beautiful ideas that remain in the d dark. but with our new multi-cloud experience,
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he's a three-time nba champion, 13-time nba all-star, an olympic gold medalist, just to name a few things. not to mention father, friend, husband. former miami heat star dwyane wade takes readers on a photographic journey from kid to nba superstar. joining me is the author dwyane wade. this is something. this is a different kind of book. first of all, i work my biceps with it. it is a beautiful book with beautiful pictures. what made you want to do it this
3:55 am
way? >> you know, it's crazy now that you -- when i thought about all the images that i had and i thought about my entire career, i was like how do i want to sum this up? how do i sum up 16 years and let my fans and my supporters kind of in on dwyane. a photographer shot over 200 photos. he's been following me for the last 11 years. just getting a lot of intimate moments. i thought it was important as i leave basketball for people to see the human side of dwyane. >> i promise i will ask about basketball for me at the end. but it's about you and your entire life and the many aspects of it. one of the things you go into is after the parkland shooting in florida, very present there. part of the reason is joaquin oliver, who was 17, he chose to be buried in a dwyane wade
3:56 am
jersey. . >> yeah. . >> what did that mean to you? >> i didn't know how to process that. i still don't know how to process that. but i did understand at that moment that i had a responsibility. so i was just very thankful to the family for allowing their son to be buried in my jersey. to me the honor goes way beyond life. that shows me that i'm on the right path. so i thought as a community leader it was important to be there. and i didn't have the words. but i did know we all needed to be together. and so i showed up. >> being there and showing up really is everything in that case. >> yeah. >> you also read about your family now and your daughter zia and being there when she was transitioning, opening up to the world. you have been public. everyone has been public about this. do you have concerns about her privacy? >> i do. that's one of the things as a
3:57 am
public figure is privacy. at the end of the day you have to live your life as well. and i preach that. definitely my home, my wife and i. it is just about zia feeling acceptance, loved, seen, heard, and appreciated inside of our home. if she feels that way inside of our home, she feels like she can do anything and she can accomplish anything and she can become anything. that's what we try to do. we're trying to raise a healthy young lady. she's on the right path. . >> that's why i said you're not just an nba all-star but you're also a dad. it seems like you are devoting a lot of energy now to the that aspect. it doesn't mean i'm not going to ask about basketball. we will get to that now. the big three. being in miami for that, it does seem it is one of those moments in history you knew you were in something different and special. . >> yes. >> what was that like?
3:58 am
when we look at the pictures of that, what do you want people to see? . >> well, what it was like, it was -- it kind of went about like this. it was four years of a lot of lights. the lights were bright. the media hype was right. we were the heaters. we were those guys. most importantly, we were friend who decided we wanted to play the game of basketball together. we wanted to go and try to compete and win together. though tell you you have to win championships to be considered great. we all wanted to be considered great. along the way, i think we have created so many memories, offered so many families. in the nba, we changed the dynamic of an organization-heavy league to a player empowerment league. it was important for us as young men to make that decision. . >> i was in greenwich, connecticut, outside the boys
3:59 am
and girls club or y, when lebron james was making his announcement. . >> really? . >> yeah. we were reporting it live. it was live breaking news on abc. did you really not know what he was going to say in that interview? . >> july 4th is the time we all decided,s hey, we're going to do this. the period to sign was around july 7. i didn't hear from july 4th until i signed on july 7. i'm like, well, maybe it's a tough decision to make. maybe he woke up and said i don't want to do it. i went to the tv to watch and make sure everything we discussed was coming true. but that natural celebration was just -- it was real. to be able to sit across from each other, to do something the game hasn't seen, to me that was one of the dopest time for me.
4:00 am
>> hell of a time to be ghosted. >> for four days. i understand the decision was super hard, especially leaving his hometown. i didn't pressure him. i was just a little nervous, making sure. but i knew at the same time, chris bosh said just sign with us. if he had a change of heart, it was going to be fine. . >> you had a championship under your belt already. it is in the current news. it has to do with another big team, the chick bulls and what's going on between michael jordan and scottie pippin. pippen has this book. he wrotes something about michael jordan i want to get your take on. i may go so far as to say mike ruined basketball. in the 80s on the playgrounds, everyone would be moving the paul around, passing to help them. that stopped in the 90s. kids wanted to be like mike. well, mike


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