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tv   Cuomo Prime Time  CNN  November 24, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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are you a christian author with a book that you're ready to share with the world? get published now, call for your free publisher kit today! hey, everybody. i'm chris cuomo and welcome to a special edition of primetime. bill maher is our guest for the full hour. the world's different, right, since we last got together in 2019, but maher is a voice that does what we need. he challenges conventional wisdom regardless of who is in power. it has bp about 40 years since he started to perform at comedy clubs and becoming a late night tv regular in the decades all because of his unique
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perspective, and anybody who knows, it is about more than laughs. he is known best for perhaps "the realtime with bill maher." and he continues his comedy and touring cities with good reason. in his first appearance on tv in days after the 9/11 attacks, he asked the question, can we change? that question is hovering over our nation more than ever. it is a pleasure to welcome back to "primetime" and great to see you. >> that is a great intro. >> i didn't write it, but i read it like a champ. >> you did not talk about 9/11 and me being canceled. >> but it was pre-canceled. >> but it is a much more interesting question that you cited, can we change. >> that what you were getting to, and i believe in giving people the benefit of context, and i lived through what you
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talked about after 9/11 and someone who echoed and upped the ante of the u.s. military was donald trump and it worked out just fine with him, and remember him and bill o'reilly and when o'reilly was talking to him about putin and he said, this guy, he is a murder, and what about us? are we still good? yeah. that is an order of magnitude different than what you would say, and the question about "can we change?" and it was a question of appeal of provoked animus, and we are bert and we are now doing things in a way that provokes animus, and can we change? >> the evidence is not good for that, and we are not on a great trajectory, and i keep trying to preach on my show that the thing that we have to do is to stop the hate in this country, and the two sides hate each other to such a degree, that we don't hear each other.
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so when each sides hate each other, they don't hear each other, and anybody with a "d" next to their name is completely toxic, and if they tinker with the policies and we will give you health care that seems to benefit the people, and constantly answer the question, why do the republicans vote against their economic interests? because they hate you. because they really hate you. look at the election that we had in virginia. i mean, the democrats lost some of those rural counties by 80%. we don't do 80% or never used to in america. a landslide was a guy got 58% of the vote. that is what made us great. and then you heard that castro got 99% of the vote, and we laughed. i don't doubt that the republicans were getting 80% of the vote in some of the counties, but in 45 of them, they got over 70% of the vote.
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that is beyond policy. and until we figure that out, and until you figure out why they hate us so much, and obviously, it comes back the other way, when they tend to hate you, you tend to hate them, we won't ever fix any of the problems in the country. >> and question the premise for a second and then continue the discussion. has it always been this way? they win the xos which is the rural and the xos win the suburban, and then there is a fight of the third for you and one-third against you and then you fight over the other one-third? >> yes. and some states have flipped back and forth and some states were, and more states were in play, and now the whole election is run in about 12 states, and this is the maximum or the
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battleground states. >> and about 30 counties decide a presidential election. >> we don't see anybody running for high office in california, because we are in the bag already. and probably new york, too. you only see people coming out to wisconsin and wherever the north carolina and whatever the state, and arizona now. so these are the georgia in play now. but, it is the upper midwest is usually where it is decided. but, as far as is it as bad as it ever was? i don't know, probably worse. i don't know, i was not around in the beginning of the republic, and there was vitriol in the beginning, but as far as in the place now, it has never been worse. i don't think that people have had that democrats are right off right away that these people would never vote for you, and we would never vote for a democrat. i talked about this once a guy
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in the midwest and it could have been anywhere, and he talked about how he was coming out of a store and trying to get the car out of the lot, and the car next to hem had a hillary bumper sticker on him, and there was a child a 4 or 5-year-old child screaming at the mother, and the mother was apologizing to the child, and this is the car with the hillary bumper sticker, and he said, i just can't let people like that taking over the country, and it was not policy, but it is about that, and he sees people who have no common sense and letting a different, and each side seeing the other side as an existential threat. and each side is seeing that, and they are playing with a kind of fire that we have never seen play before and talking about elections that don't matter and votes that don't count, and whatever happens, we will say that we won. that is the threat. >> and slow moving coupe, you
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called it. what is a slow-moving coupe? >> that is a phrase that i used before trump was e leked. >> it is slow. >> it is slow, and i said that before, i said that he will never concede the election, and i talked to many democrats, and they laughed at me and they said that i smoked too much pot, and it turns out that he still has not conceded the election. so it took longer. what he hoped was that republicans would be on his side. he was hoping that people like that guy in georgia brad rep
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respenberger said, no, we can't find you more votes. and so what he is doing now is finding people behind the scenes is going to find the votes. so what happens is the next time that happens, he will find the votes, and sod he is purging the republican party of people like that. so only 10 republicans voted for his impeachment. two of them are already gone. because they see that they cannot win an election. he will primary them, and he will destroy their reputations. by the time we have the next election, none of them will run. liz cheney is not certainly going to win that election in wyoming, and so the republican party as much as i hear that trump is not as relevant anymore, and trust me, he is going to run. absolutely. he is going to get the nomination. and i certainly would not be surprised if he just won the election, and even if he does not win the election, he is
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going to say that he won the election, and there is no doubt that he is going to say that he won. it does not matter the numbers or how much you run up the score. the democrats say that you have to win big, and it does not matter if they don't believe in the election or the integrity, it does not matter, because they will believe that it is rigged, and 2/3 to more believe it is rigged and this is different from other times in the history. >> so the question is why it is different and why trump, come comma, question mark, still believes it, and it will not fade, and why you still believe it. bill maher, and there is more. oh, boy. carvana just doesn't seem to understand how the test drive works. they give their customers seven days. >> and this is wavy guy maintenance, and this is just car vau na.
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on what we were talking about, because it is rare opportunity and not the flatter me, but you have a gift to think through things in a way that the group is missing and more than anything else, i would have done it off of tv for the benefit of the analysis. trump, things are different and the animus is harnessed in a way that you not seen before, and you believe that trump is a clear and present danger to the democracy. he is going to run again and he is going to be the nominee, and you believe that he is going to give the democrats more than he can handle. why trump still? he talks to people in the way that is not a politician. people are choking on political correctness. i did a show on it not long ago. >> i was on it. >> and people voted for him in a way that they are not less like
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him. here is a new yorker, and the accent and the billionaire and five kids by three different wives and everything that the republican party used to stand against, but he does not talk like a politician. we make fun of him, because of his limited vocabulary, and to a lot of people, that is how people talk. and he never backs down. even when he is completely wrong and done something horrible, but in a world where everyone is always apologizing for everything, that comes off as refreshing. >> but they also do not believe that he is really guilty of everything, and they don't think of the rest of the political class anyway. >> oh, please. i think that they are not denying the idea of anything else that anybody else has done. connected to a porn star when
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your wife is pregnant. or made fun of handicapped people or connected to fake universities or robbed charities and everything that is wrong that you could stuff inside of one man. >> but they believe and political insiders in the media made that stuff up, and they don't watch us and read it, so they don't know what the proof is behind it, and his people and outlets don't talk about it or say that it is not true or the same stuff is true about harris or biden or anybody else. >> and the same is true about hunter bided and if don jr. did what hunter biden did, it would be all night on msnbc and if he was on the blue team, and so that is the problem that it is binary, and everything that the red team doesn't like goes into the blue bin and vice versa, and so every democratic politician has to wear on his sleeve every
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silly stupid woke thing that the fringe left does. and the red team has to wear kids in cages and lock her up, and all of that stuff. >> and quick question, woke. the response from the people that you put it on say no. woke is aware and inclusive and there is no cancel culture, but it is accountability, and not bad things the but good things. disagree? >> well, woke, yes. i don't remember the day that this term was born, though, i hear aoc says that only old people use it now. well, you gave it to us like five years ago. so sorry, we didn't get the memo right away, you know, it is a high school thing. we are not using that anymore, a we open it on wednesday. i don't care. i just got used to this one.
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and in the best sense that we are talking about aware of things that we should have been aware of more, reckonings with sexual malfeasance and racial injustice is a good thing, but there a reason that the term woke has come to signify going too far and doing the things that don't make sense. i keep saying this to the democratic party that the reason that you are so toxic is because you have become the party of no common sense. and people see this on their news feeds. you were saying to me in the break that people mostly go on with their lives and they do, but they see it on the phone or the facebook feeds, and they pass it around and a constant drip, drip, drip, and it is that these people are nuts. yes, they are not obl livious t the fact that trump is nuts. one of the big selling points is
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that you no choice. and i know that i'm nuts, and you know that i'm nuts, but it is closer to home than the guy this the parking lot, and the people who regard children as shorter adults who should have an equal say. >> i get it, but why should anybody embrace if they want normal to have a group/party who want to destroy all of the institutions who are -- >> they don't care about the institutions. and -- >> you think they care about the election is rig and lie about all of the different ways to make it -- >> some people don't trust, and some people do. i have seen the surveys and ask how many people in this country know that there are three forms of government. how can you defend the government and the institutions if people don't know what the government is made up of. why is it important they might ask that we have checks and
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balances, and what are the three branches of government, and this is is the essence of what made this country great is that they, founding fathers, who have been canceled by a lot of people which strikes a lot of people as crazy, and this is their genius is that we check each other. so that person is not going to care as much about that as they do as to what is much closer to what is happening in my home. if my kid is coming home and saying that they are telling me that i am a racist, and what does that mean, mommy? is a kid old enough to process that? or they come home and say, i think that i am a girl now, and the school says that i think that in california you have to go by that, and if the child wants to change his name to a
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girl's name. that stuff is right in your home and at your kitchen table, and that is the kind of stuff that is going to get people who go, oh, you know, what he is doing, trump in ukraine, and it is wrong as much as i read about it, and ukraine is a long way away, and this is my house and these are my children. >> and the proof of that is the race in virginia. and i want to talk to you about it, because youngken went heavy, the school issue, and terry mcauliffe said, just let them teach, and you should haven't a say in what they did, and that resonated in the way that deplorables did. and so, come back and have a play on the state of play, and who has a better say than bill maher. certainly not me. including the iphone 13 pro with its amazing camera. like everyone that worked from home. or welcomed a new family member. they were all out of dogs.
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three words is the perfect sell -- more bill maher. and so resetting the palate is the word for it in fancy restaurants if that is where you are. we were talking about the schools and, boy, how that resonated in virginia and the democrats did not see it coming. you can explain it away as ignorance of what c-r-t is, and here is my problem and i want to get your take. c-r-t is not meaning anything to anybody, and they don't know what the acronym is. >> and you don't know what it stands for and people are going, c-r-t -- and say what it is. >> critical race theory. and the people on the left will mock the ignorance, and they are too stupid to know, but here's the problem, they still get to vote for it. and feel overwhelms the facts all of the time in elections. that is nothing new. people vote on feel.
8:27 pm
>> and it is not a phantom either of something going on in the schools that never went on before. now, i'm not in the schools, and i have no interaction with children whatsoever, but i do understand this issue, because i read accounts from parents, from educators, from people, and this is all over the country. if when you are saying critical race theory, and again, this is the binary situation that we always find ourselves in, in this country, and if you say that on msnbc, people think it is a great thing, because they are finally teaching honest history of racism in this country, which i know no one who is against that. i am certainly not against that. i remember what my education was with american history. we learned about the civil war and they mentioned racism, and we understood slavery an lincoln and blah, blah, blah, but they did not go into it anymore than "gone with the wind" and it was there and you did not feel it
8:28 pm
viscerally, and now they do. and so it is good and people understand that, but it is different than teaching that racism is the essence of america. that what people are upset about or involving children who are not old enough or sophisticated enough to understand this very complicated issue, with a very complicated history. >> and so we saw this resonate in virginia, and i have family who understands this play out, and so you want to make white kids feel badly about what happened before them, and that their lives should be a function of making up for that, and i don't want that put on my kid. >> yes, kids are taught and sometimes separated into groups of oppressed an oppressor, and again, does a kid know what that means? would they gravitate toward that if you had not told them, and so, again, you are taking something that was getting better, race relations in america, and again, everybody
8:29 pm
recognizes that everybody right-thinking in my view, and still a lot of work needs to be done. remedial efforts need to be taken still. racism is part of america, and did a part of raceophobia, and then americans got two thoughts in the head which means that you can acknowledge that we have made progress on all of the social issues and yet there is work that needs to be done. they are not saying that it is accomplished, but live in the year that we are living in. you can't come up with good solutions unless you are realistic about the problem is, and it was only 10, 20 years ago that no state in america would vote for gay marriage. i mean, it with ouas on the bal times, and now it is the law of the land and no one is against it. as a kid i grew up in new jersey
8:30 pm
and not a southern state. it was a completely white town, and now a vast majority of the americans want to live in a racially diverse neighborhood. that is a sea change in my lifetime, and again, not mission accomplished, but can we just acknowledge how far we have come, and where we are right now. >> hmm, and the pushback is just that we are telling the truth. we are just telling the truth. is that racism continues and systemic, and everything around us? but you have to be taught where it is everywhere, because that is how we rem edy it, and otherwise, you are hiding from the truth? >> that is nuts and just virtue signaling. >> and now, here the problem. you they all of the time. why aren't you concerned whether it is hbo or whoever owns it at the minute or some group says
8:31 pm
that maher has said too much, and he has to go. >> every week. i know that i tape on a tuesday, t then they say, how did the show go, and i say if i am not cancelled is, it is a huge success. they come at me every week, both sides. >> maybe that is what is saves you both sides are coming at you. >> that is fairly new, because my politics have not changed. i am an old school liberal. they changed, not me. i am the old, we should be moving towards a color blind society, and we do not see race. and i believe that is the good way to look at it, and that is how we win, and it is the quality of the character and not the color of the skin. and that is not wokism. we have to see it everywhere all
8:32 pm
of the time, and i don't know if that is different or makes it better, but when i am on the road now, and playing to very often a politically mixed audience. that never happened, ever. i don't think it happens really hardly anywhere else in america. >> why? you think there is a new increasing separation between the real people and the people in power over them? >> i think that there's a lot of old school liberals like me who don't like what is going on, on the far or the left. so i keep saying that when you are doing something that sounds like a headline in the onion, that is when you have gone too far. land of lincoln cancels lincoln. that really happened. they tore down lincoln, and he is not good enough for them. in seattle, the city council voted to decriminalize crime. this is an onion headline, and one recently, maybe the babies should vote. i mean, that is what i mean
8:33 pm
about the party of no common sense. >> they took down thomas jefferson in front of city hall. >> and an official votes on banning a book. that is onion headline and that is not where the party is, but where the faction gets all of the headlines and again it goes into the blue bin and the average voter sees it, and then attaches the head lienment i think it is tommy tuberville who wanted to catch the democrats and he put it up for a vote, and no democrat voted for it, and they said, are the democrats for defunding the police, and yes, that is oh, yeah. so that is what the democrats better address. >> dave chappell is in the
8:34 pm
defining mix of culturally how we handle what we don't like. and i want to go through this and what you see as the same, and different and god helps us, there is a solution. i know that you are not looking up, but it is lights for you up there. bill maher, right after this. the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me... with service i could trust. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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where we as a function of where we will or will not be very soon, and maybe not etven full election cycle away. dave chappell and josh hawley, and two guys in the krcrosshair of helping the culture recognize what is and is not acceptable. chappell has a long history of going after trans people, and not really the lgbt people, and
8:39 pm
a little bit, but the homophobia is not so much a push as it is the trans people, and he does a special, and he says this is the last one for a while, and it is called "the closer" and he says he is being canceled, because he has made jokes about that group, and what is your take on it? >> i defended him. i am team dave and free speech. >> why? >> you said going after. and i was recently speaking about phobia. and there is a word that has traveled quite a bit from the original meaning. and mission creep on that word phobia. it is the way that people used to say, i don't like something. >> that is right. it is not a fear. >> phobia means irrational fear, spiders and arachnophobia, and g
8:40 pm
germaphobia, and so -- >> right. the hand sanitizers. >> and so it is not a fear of or transphobic, but this trans stuff is very new, and i don't think that he or myself or any other right thinking person thinks that there are not such things in the world are people who are trans and born in a body that is not aligning with what their brain tells them, and that is okay. but now we are talking about children. it is interesting that someone i know and a woman in her 40s said to me somewhat recently at a dinner party that when she was a kid, she was what they called a tomboy, and she said, i never was interested in wearing a dress. i only wore pants until i was like 14 or 15, and if i was around today, they would have made me into a boy here in california. that is what we are talking about. and this is new. so don't put it into a category of this is settled science, and
8:41 pm
anything that deviates from the one true opinion on this means that you are a some horrible bigot and transphobic, and this is not what is going on here, and i don't think that dave chappell is transphobic, and lot of that is talking about the opening act, and who is trans, and can we take a breath. and maybe we are going too far with the children part of this. and kids should not be really making decisions about their gender, and mario lopez was almost canceled for suggesting that maybe 3-year-olds should not decide their gender, and this is not stuff that makes you a bigot. >> but having an opinion has to be protected but his opinion to make jokes about it, and the luxury for me is that i get to make the argument and it does not matter that i scribe to it or not, and the argument that was made that he did not handle well is that you are punching down, and discrete minority and a lot of problems of being
8:42 pm
targeted and hurt, and you are a powerful voice, and you making fun of them empowers the people who want to hurt them whether you are knowing that or not, and now that we have told you that, stop doing it. is it a bad suggestion? >> i don't know what is in dave's head, because he is a little obsessed with this one issue. >> it has made him a lot of money. >> i don't know that he is doing for it money. >> made him a lot of money for a guy that is canceled. >> well, i don't know if he is canceled, but he has lost a number of things, and he has taken the movie around door-t door-to-door, and i am surmising, because i have not talked to dave in a long time, but as a black man in america, and he is seeing that there are other groups, and trans people have been targeted, but nobody in america except for the indians have had it anywhere near like the black folks have
8:43 pm
had it in america. >> 100%. >> so i can see why that would get under the skin. >> and he did it eloquently, and opened eyes in the context of the gel circjealousy, and look far you have come so quickly, and we are still struggling, and if you made these jokes about us, and this situation is nothing like if you went after the trans or the gay community, and i get it, but i wonder if his fix for it made things better or is that the point of comedy? >> before we get to that, what does this have to do with josh hawley? >> josh hawley is -- >> i have been wondering that for 15 minutes now. >> and so dave is attack for making those jokes, and that is okay. but josh hawley is on the other e s spectrum of what is okay and not okay, and dave is saying, approach our freedom and talk about what we can talk about here. he is doing the same thing, hawley on, like the opposite
8:44 pm
spectrum. here's the piece of the sound that i am talking about, and i think that it spells it out. >> the left wing attack on manhood says to the men, you are part of the problem, and your masculinity is part of the problem, and so we have to call men back to responsibility and saying that spending your time not working and we have more and more men not working and spending your time on video games and spending time on porn doing nothing is not good for you or for this country. >> interestingly the second part of that is old school republicanism, and you know, value speaking, and virtue signaling, fine, put it apart, but the first part, coming after you, because you are white, and blaming you for everything. >> toxic. >> and it is not just the man, but the commercials, because you don't even see guys like you that often, and this is a very dangerous thing. and the same category, and what can we talk about and not, and
8:45 pm
hawley is doing that also, but he is creating a weapon that the left and the media don't see coming. >> i think that you are right about that. >> and that is why i put it there. >> and there is a sense that being male is toxic or being white is toxic and your whiteness. what are you talking about? i have always tried to be a ally, and this is what a lot of people are saying, and now you are coming after me? this whole idea of you have two choices, you are either a racist or you are a racist and you don't know it. and people who are living a right thinking life their whole life and they are saying, why are you coming after me? no, i have a job, kids, a life, and i am not coming after you. and josh hawley is a dangerous guy. and he is not wrong about this particular issue, but it is minor to someone who does not
8:46 pm
acknowledge to what happened on january 6th. and it is a much bigger question is what do you do when there are people in our government who don't believe in our form of government, and he is one of them. >> he'll say, no, no, i believe in it. and january 6th was bad and wrong, and said and settled, and you are only upset about it, because you can use it as a cud gel, and you only believe in it because you can say it was not your party. >> and it was attacking a duly elected officer from taking office. it is hard to believe that the highest office was with a backbone was mike pencement and now when i say liz cheney and the audience claps and now i see why. >> we will see if he goes after
8:47 pm
biden, and it is okay, because that is their job, republicans to go after democrats. ed and they were cats and dogs, and also, tip o'neill and reagan could have a drink after work, and work together, but i don't know how we will work together. how many qanon members of congress now? i mean, marjorie taylor and how do you work with members of congress when they believe that they eat babies? >> i mean, how do you defend what goes unsaid? i believe that the pandemic was a lower level because we made ourselves sick on purpose, and i want to talk to you about it, because you have an interesting take on it. and we will take a break, and when we come back, we will talk to bill maher on where we are. we provided , one hundred and fifty million meals to feeding america.
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last topic, we made ourselves sick. that's what the pandemic's about. what does bill maher think about it? we made ourselves sick, bit rally and figuratively. pandemic comes, people tell us, okay, there are going to be a lot of cases, let's prepare. top echelon of government, our president says, no, it's not going to be that bad, it will disappear. of course, it doesn't. but it created a line where now we see it almost exclusively on the basis of politics who buys into things about covid and the treatment and the facts, who doesn't. how do you see it? >> well, you said we made ourselves sick -- if bigger issue that is never discussed is that we were sick. you know, before you get sick, you are sick. this is a very sick country, still is.
8:53 pm
i don't mean mentally, although that, too, but physically. and why don't you talk about that? i mean, there is -- let's say -- let's call it factor x. if there was a factor that was responsible for 78% of the covid death and hospitalizations, wouldn't you have to really, journalistically, report that? >> the comorbidities. >> i'm talking about obesity. people in the media, people in the government, are afraid to even mention it. again, 78%. 88% of worldwide deaths are in high obesity countries. 40% of covid deaths are people with diabetes. and yet no one will mention it. i do. but -- they hate me for it. >> i talk about it, but you're right. it's not the prevailing narrative. >> you cannot -- people have got to participate in their health. i said this before the pandemic. i said, we will never get health care right in this country, i don't care if you take bernie
8:54 pm
sanders health care plan, elizabeth warren's health care plan, joe biden's, nothing is going to work and it wasn't working, unless people understand that they have some skin in the game. they have to participate in their own health. you can't expect just vaccines and pills or whatever else they have to do the job. and we never do that in this country. the last person who tried was michelle obama. and it did not go over well. >> when we talk again eight months from today, hopefully we'll talk a lot before then, eight months from today, do you think things are better or worse? >> well, they're not going better for biden and the democrats and i think that's getting -- eight months is going to be close to the midterm election. i think they're going to get thumped -- i mean, that usually happens in midterm elections, but, you know, i mean, joe, look, i'm glad he's there but he has not exactly stuck the landing on a lot of the issues that he was dealing with. the time i'm worried about that
8:55 pm
i keep talking about is election day 2024 until january 20th, 2025. inauguration day. because if trump loses, he will not say he lost, that will never happen. he will never concede, as i said last time. but this time, it's not going to be like last time. i mean, he almost pulled it off last time and this time, he's had four years to get those people in place, so, what happens on january 20th, 2025 when he shows up for the inauguration? and joe biden, or whoever the democrat is, shows up for that inauguration? what happens then? that's when i want to be on vacation in london. >> so, now my hardest situation, how do i say until the next time, do we shake hands, do you want to fist bump? >> we shook hands when you came out. let's get back to normal. >> good, i'll take it. listen, if normal is talking to you -- >> yeah. >> i'll take normal all day long. bill maher, appreciate you.
8:56 pm
a gift to the audience. >> appreciate that. >> thank you for watching. stay tuned, because you know what continues on cnn? the news, next.
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are you a christian author with a book that you're ready to share with the world? get published now, call for your free publisher kit today! good evening. answered prayer. that's how the mother of ahmaud arbery described today's verdict for the three men found guilty of murdering her son. arbery was gunned down last year while jogging through a suburban georgia neighborhood. the verdict was huge, she said. a vindication for her and her family that was anything but inevitable. i'm john berman, in for anderson. obstacles included the original prosecutors, one of whom is now under indictment for her alleged actions. and another who once told police that the actions of the father and son convicted today of murder were, quote, perfectly legal. no one was charged for the murder for more than two months, not until video of that deadly


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