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tv   CNN Newsroom With Alisyn Camerota and Victor Blackwell  CNN  November 24, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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through this. this is cnn breaking news. we are almost at the top of the hour. i'm alisyn camerota, and we're following the breaking news out of brunswick, georgia, where all three defendants in the ahmaud arbery murder trial were found guilty of murder. ahmaud arbery's mother wanda was visibly emotional as the verdicts were read. you can see her response there, looking heavenward and then looking down, and crowds outside of the courthouse celebrating, chanting, ahmaud arbery's name as the guilty verdicts came in. moments later, ahmaud's family and their lawyers and supporters exited the courthouse with their a arms raised and then they spoke to the crowd. >> it's been a long fight. it's been a hard fight, but god is good. >> yes, he is. i never saw this date back in 2020. i never thought this date would
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come, but god is good. >> yes, he is. >> and i just want to tell everybody, thank you, thank you for those who marched, those who prayed, most of all, the ones who prayed. >> yes, lord. >> thank you, guys. thank you. now you know him as ahmaud, i know him as quez, he will now rest in peace. >> let's get to our martin savidge, he has covered this trial since it began, and since this story began last year, so martin, for months and months, you've talked about this. tell us the reaction there today. >> you know, outside of the courthouse here, it was just explosive emotion. it was joy, and it was relief at the same time. people were obviously watching on every device that they had, and then when they began hearing guilty, guilty, guilty, they broke down into tears. you could just see and hear as
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they just rocketed through this crowd, and people quickly began to understand that the justice they had waited so long for, the justice that they feared might even allude them was finally here, finally at hand, so just it was such a remarkable moment to be caught up in because we have covered this from the very beginning. i was in this community the day that horrific cell phone video was released, which changed everything and the trajectory of this case. ironically, of course, it's one of the defendant that is took that video, and that video had been released, released by an attorney that was assisting the mcmichael family. they clearly believed if the public saw that video, that somehow they would have sympathy for the mcmichaels, when it was just the opposite. as a nation, we were horrified, and the end result is the verdict that you heard just a short while ago here. the defendants were led out of this building while there was still celebration in front of
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the courthouse. they are now back at the county detention center where they will remain, we're waiting for sentencing. >> we want to go now to the defense attorneys who are speaking. this is defense attorneys for travis mcmichael who was found guilty of every charge. let's listen to them. >> we appreciate you. entirely ready. okay. it appears that travis mcmichael's attorneys are getting ready to speak. we want to thank everyone who gathered here in front of the glenn county courthouse to show their support, either for the arbery family or for the
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mcmichaels. we know how valuable it is to have people come together, peacefully assemble, share their voices, share what's in their hearts, share what's in their minds. this is a very difficult day for travis mcmichael and greg mcmichael. these are two men who honestly believed that what they were doing was the right thing to do. however, a glen county jury has spoken. they have found them guilty. they will be sentenced. that is a very disappointing and sad verdict for myself and for bob and for our team, but we also recognize that this is a day of celebration for the arbery family. we cannot tear our eyes away from the way they feel about this. they feel they have gotten justice today. we respect that. we honor that.
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because we honor this jury trial system. >> do you all have any questions? >> do you plan to appeal? >> yes, absolutely. >> what was mr. mcmichael's reaction to the verdict? >> we haven't had a chance to talk to him yet. he was taken back to the glenn county jail. he was very stoic. i was right next to him feeling his body next to mine, and was ready for him to react, and i really didn't feel any reaction. he's a strong man. he understood the potential consequences in this, and whatever he was feeling, he was holding into himself. >> do you all feel there's a larger conversation around the country about racial injustice, tried this case just based on what happened. >> we very much honor the larger conversation that's happening around the country. the fact that this case was brought into the fold of that conversation has made it very difficult, indeed, to have a
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trial in the normal sense of what we typically experience, and so to the extent that that has play add role in this or played a role in the verdict, we don't fully understand it right now but i'm sure in the oncoming months we'll get more information about it. >> i don't think any single case is a referendum on a criminal justice system in america. this case was about these people at this moment in time. we had good prosecutors, good defense lawyers, and a good judge all working hard to make sure justice occurred in this courtroom, and whether the verdict had been the way it went or had been the other way, not guilty, justice would have happened in this courtroom, and it doesn't speak about the larger problems in america. >> we haven't had second thoughts about it. i'm sure that our decision to keep the case here, to not move for a change of venue will be discussed at nauseam, and it will certainly and could certainly become a part of the appeal. right now, we are respecting the
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verdict that's at hand. >> do you have any reservations about the jury asking to review the video or -- >> we were glad they wanted to look at the video because we felt from day one that the video showed that travis mcmichael acted in self-defense. obviously the jury felt very differently than we did, and maybe we had our own little tunnel vision going, but i always thought the video was helpful to us just as greg mcmichael said at the very moment it happened. >> we have been listening there to attorneys for travis mcmichael, and they said very interesting things. i mean, they praised the family of ahmaud arbery, they praised the judge and prosecutor for their professionalism, and the jury having done justice but they also appear to be doing some soul searching about anything they could have done differently, and they say they will appeal the decision, the guilty verdicts. let's bring in our ryan young
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right now. have the other defense attorneys been speaking out yet? >> reporter: not just yet, but you have to wonder when they will step out. i got a chance to talk to kevin gaugh, he was thinking about the families involved in this. i wanted to ask a question about the black pastors, would love to ask the other attorney about the dirty nail comment. she put out a statement being floored. you think about the idea of moving forward and marching forward, that sort of racial hairline conversation, it didn't play well outside of the courthouse, so you have to ask them how this will play out. i will say mr. sheffield who stepped out, talking to us quite regularly as we walked out. he was the first person who walked out and said he did not like that black pastor's comment the day after that happened, so you can see with three different defendants, every attorney had a different way of going about what they were going to do. when those comments were made
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each day, you could see the crowd almost groan and be angry by what was being said, especially the nail stands out to all of us when you think about it. as you move forward and think about it, each one is going to be questioning about how they moved forward with pressing their case, but it's that video that really stands out to all of us, and clearly the way they were talking, they saw it differently than la lot of othe people saw it. the most important people, the 12 people on the jury saw it the same way the prosecution did. they felt they had another way of handling things besides getting out and confronting an an armed man and firing shots. >> stick around with us. i want to bring in elie honig, former u.s. district attorney, southern district of new york. and paige pate, criminal defense attorney with us. and eric guster, criminal and civil trial attorney. gentlemen, great to have all of you. paige, i want to start with you, because you know some of the
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these criminal defense attorneys, and so, i mean, clearly there's tactics that they used, particularly the ones that ryan young was talking about which struck some as straight up racist, did not work with this jury. >> obviously it didn't work. it was interesting to see bob reuben say he was this video and he saw self-defense. the original lawyer saw the video and saw self-defense, and that's why they released him, and we heard from at least one witness during this trial, a neighbor to the mcmichaels who saw the video and saw self-defense. so there are still some people who see that as not a crime, but fortunately, i think, this jury saw it very differently. >> one more thing, just about the racist tropes, laura hogue, the criminal defense attorney that she talked about ahmaud arbery's appearance. saying he's no victim in this
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case. clearly that didn't work with the jury but i want to read to you her first response once they were all found guilty of varying counts here, and she said quote i'm floored, floored with a capital f, she said, as the room emptied out around her and her face was red with tears. why did she do that? >> i have no idea. i have known laura hogue for more than a decade. her husband frank, they are good lawyers, they are generally progressive people. they are not racist in my experience. people have asked me what sort of strategy she was crewsing, i assume they knew something about this jury we didn't. maybe they were trying for the one person on the jury they thought she could reach to get a mistrial, i don't see the strategy in it. i didn't see the strategy when she said it. it shocked me, it nauseated me, number one, i know her, and that's not who she is, and two, i don't see how that could have possibly worked. and it didn't. >> eric, your thoughts as we find out all of these guilty
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verdicts, there were only four things, four counts that were not guilty, three of those with roddie bryan, one of them, the malice murder, scwhich was the most serious or intentional murder charge, gregory was found not guilty of but guilty on the rest of the 24 counts, your thoughts? >> my thoughts are we should not have to rejoice over guilty verdicts, these people who were obviously guilty. that shows you how broken our justice system is for a segment of the population, black people, brown people, and poor people is broken for us. and we should expect this type of verdict, which when i woke up this morning, and i know that the jury wanted to see that video, i got nervous all over again. i was thinking, are they going to buy the self-defense case. are they going to buy this prosecution, this version that they were trying to do a citizens arrest, are a they
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going to buy these notions of the racial comments. it seemed like laura hogue was trying to reach the one or two jurors that can hang it up. sometimes you want a hung jury so you can live another day. being she was the national criminal defense college, she should know better. ncdc put out a statement condemning her for those statements because that is not what values of the criminal defense bar are because it doesn't matter how tough your case is, it doesn't matter what your client is facing, you have to have honor when you go into that courtroom and fight for your client, and that was so dishonorable, and so nasty that it shocked so many of us in the criminal defense world. >> elie, the overwhelming finding of guilt for these three defendants, your thoughts? was it a surprise to you? >> it was not a surprise to me. it's not perfect, however, it
12:14 pm
can work, and what we want our criminal jury trials to do is to put aside all of the distraction, the sensationalism, and i think the defense lawyer we heard from, travis mcmichael, he played straight and clean, the others not so much for reasons we taubds abts. ulti -- we talked about. they took their time. they identified and zeroed in on the most important, and relevant pieces of evidence, the 911 call and the video tape, and they came to, i think, a very careful nuanced and justice verdict. >> i think page, that's really int interesting because it's not one size fits all. the fact that the person with the gun, the shotgun, travis mcmichael, the son, he was found guilty of that intentional murder, what they call malice murder, greg mcmichael, which was his father, and william roddie bryan no gun but had the video tape. they were found not guilty of
12:15 pm
that top charge of the malice murder but guilty on so many other counts. >> makes perfect sense to me. in georgia, malice murder, you have an intent to kill someone. felony murder is you don't necessarily want to kill someone but you're committing a felony offense and someone dies as a result of it. what that shows to me, that was not a reaction from the jury. it was careful deliberation. let's put the facts together with the law and come up with what we feel is the right verdict, and i think it was the right verdict for this case. >> and i was asking our panel a few minutes ago about this, and i want to hear your thoughts, too, so much was made about the racial composition of this jury, 11 white people, one black person. so many potentially black jurors were dismissed by the defense. do you think given that they did their jobs, they looked at the laws, they looked as it as you point out, looking at the video tape again, hearing the 911 call again, they seem to be going through each count meticulously,
12:16 pm
do you think too much was made of the racial composition? >> racial composition is extremely important when it comes to jury trials. each of us, we have different opinions, we have different life experiences and cultures, and it's very important for all of those cultures to come into a trial. for example, in jefferson county, we had a former d.a. who would make fun of nicknames, and try to use it as a weapon in front of white juries which some whites do not understand that black people have nicknames, and that was kind of a weapon to demonize defendants in cases so we would have african-american jurors who go back in the jury room, to give you an example, and say, hey, that's not a bad thing, and i've talked to jurors after trials like that because they had to go in and give their opinions and give their thoughts and let the other jurors know some things from our culture may
12:17 pm
be different from their culture, and it's important for those life experiences to come in and mix up jury verdict, and in this case, i believe the jury verdict was absolutely perfect. it seemed right. it seemed just. >> elie talk about what's next because as we've talked about, there are these federal hate crime charges against these now convicted murders. if they get life in prison, you still believe that the justice department will move forward with those cases. >> i do think so, alisyn. even if they're sort of academic, even if they do get sentenced to life state, which they will, under state law. the justice department doesn't want to be seen as a safety net or back up. they brought the charges deliberately, and for a very specific reason. the lead charge federally is the federal hate crime statute. that's going to get a little bit deeper into the motivations here. the other thing to watch for, back to the state cases, there will be an appeal. we heard the lawyer say that,
12:18 pm
virtually every person who's ever convicted at a criminal trial does appeal. you have the right to appeal. i will say there are some times when i see a trial and i think they could have one or two or three significant issues for appeal. i do not see that here at all. i can't think of a single major significant substantiative decision that went against the defense lawyers that will be enough to change these verdicts on appeal. >> go ahead, page. >> he's right. it's hard to win an appeal in georgia. a murder case goes directly to our state supreme court. there's not an intermediate appeals court. i think the lawyers here will probably focus on the judge limiting some of the evidence they could bring in, the probation, the mental health status. i do not think that's going to be sufficient to overturn the verdict. i do believe that's what they will focus on. >> it's so interesting because you heard, eric, that ahmaud arbery's family, and reverend al sharpton who was there supporting them, and ben crump who was there supporting them, and acting as their attorney believed that this does send a
12:19 pm
large message to the country about where we are and about justice, and then you heard the defense attorneys for travis mcmichael say no, it's about these defendants, it doesn't have a larger point. what do you think? >> it does send a message. we need convictions, long terms to make people think about the things they're going to do, they're going to approach someone in their neighborhood with a shotgun, may think twice, hey, i shouldn't do this, perhaps i should call 911 and let them figure out and let them investigate. we have to make sure that the justice system and the wheels of justice turn for all citizens and that when we have these types of cases that people are sentenced appropriately to try to deter others from doing similar things. >> elie honig, page pate, and eric guster. bishop william barber will
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helps soothe occasional digestive upsets in as little as 7 days. . we are koncontinuing to fol the breaking news out of brunswick, georgia, all three defendants found guilty of murder. ahmaud arbery's family, lawyers, and pastors, exited with their arms raised in victory. according to pool reports, the defense attorney, laura hogue, who you see there, said she was quote floored with a capital f at the verdicts as tears streamed down her face, she vows to appeal the verdicts.
12:25 pm
hogue and other defense attorneys in this case have drawn criticism for their use of race during this trial. bishop william barber is president of the repairers of the breach, he joins us now. reverend, thank you so much. what is your reaction to everything you have heard this afternoon? >> you know, this morning we had an interfaith, interracial prayer, jews, muslims, and christians, praying for this day, and this country and this family. it's a good and powerful day for justice, three vicious killers convicted for killing an unarmed young black man for running in the wrong place, according to them, but it's a sad and ridiculous day that we even had to have a trial like this, that a person would be shot down in this way, that a life would be wasted in this way, that ahmaud can't be with his family. it's a sad day that we had to hear the mother even today say i never thought this day would
12:26 pm
come, that she didn't even think justice was possible, and it's a complicated day. it's a complicated day because we had to go through a lot of d.a.s to get here. it's not as though this case went straight to trial. it's a complicated day because the mother and the father had to fight vigilantly to get the case to even be heard in the first place, and it's a complicated day baecause we have to ask questions like what if the killers had not videoed themselves, and we look at america, now the cases that are successful, george floyd and this case, are all cases where there has been video. what if there weren't video, what lies would the defense have told if there wasn't video. what does this say about us the only time you can get the justice you ought to have is when there's a video, and in this case if the killers had not been so arrogant in their racism, and the lawyers had not
12:27 pm
been so arrogant, we can't imagine. it's a good day, a sad and ridiculous day, and a complicated day in america, and it's far from over in terms of us dealing with racial justice and violence. >> i hear you and i think your points are well taken because one of the things that wanda cooper, ahmaud arbery's mother said, was how much she had to pray, and when she didn't have any resources she had to rely on god. that was her only source of resources because at first, no one was charged, as you know, for a very long time in this case. two of the prosecutors had to recuse themselves because they had some sort of connections with the defendants. >> that's right. >> and as you heard lee merit say, wanda cooper prayed the initial prosecutor out of the way. now, i think that prayer is very powerful, and that's important, however, that shouldn't be your only line of defense, and it sounds like for wanda cooper, for a long time, it was. >> you know, she's standing in a
12:28 pm
serious tradition. sojourner truth said i pray and i stand in the truth, i have no fear because the truth is all powerful. a lot of people in the spatce, people on camera, and many, myself, even, we weren't there. she fought a lot of this by herself. she kept pushing. she prayed with her feet and with her soul. this case happened before the george floyd case, but it didn't get the traction, and what happened was the video came out, again, what if there had been no video. the racism in this case started long before a few comments that were racist. it was the racism of them not even being tried in the first place, the racism of the d.a. telling them to go home and wash up, the racism of the cover up, and then you had the racism of the case being blocked, and so we have to really not over play this. just this week, we've seen two
12:29 pm
very different courtrooms in america, the one that happened in wisconsin, and the one here in brunswick. in the last two weeks, we've seen -- i've seen two black men, one named strickland in missouri, one named daunte sharp in north carolina, who were exonerated for murders they did not commit, and they spent 20, and one spent 40 years in jail. and here we see a case where some people are kwconvicted for vicious killing, but we have to wonder what if there had been no videos, what would the defense have done? how would they have destroyed the character of ahmaud if there had been no video. so we have to really probe this and not just have an exuberance but a true examination of where we are, and how far we have to go. that's why i appreciated the president's comments so much and his statements. >> yes, he too said that it's not over in terms of how the country deals with things like
12:30 pm
this but that he felt that i think justice was done. bishop william barber, we always appreciate talking to you. thank you. >> thank you so much, take care. moments ago, travis and gregory mcmichael, and william roddie bryan were led away from the courthouse in handcuffs. they were wearing handcuffs and leg shackles, all convicted murderers. there were walked to them. all three men say they will appeal the conviction. we are watching what else happened today. of course it is known as a busy travel day. millions of people traveling by plane, by train, by car. this today is the busiest travel time, in fact, of the entire holiday. we're covering the roads and the skies coming up. next. a plan with tax-smart investing strategies
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expected to visit people outside of their own households this weekend. clearly there's a desire to put the pandemic in the rear view mirror. cnn's stephanie elam is live at lax airport and pete muntean is watching interstate 95 outside of baltimore. gas prices as we know are at their highest in years, but is that keeping people off the roads? >> reporter: it doesn't really seem to be holding people back, alisyn. i just checked google maps, and there's more red on the map than there was earlier. i have been talking to people at the maryland house travel plaza on i-95 between wilmington and baltimore, and they're telling me this whole notion of pent up demand, they wanted to get out last year but simply couldn't. this will look nothing like thanksgiving did in 2020. in fact, aaa says the numbers for this year, 48 million people are projected to hit the road for the thanksgiving holiday, and what's so interesting is that number is not that far off from where we were back in 2019 before the pandemic.
12:37 pm
that actual number in 2019, only about 3% off from this projected number, but so many people will be taking on the chin when it comes to cost. $3.40, the average price of a gallon of gas nationwide. that's up $1.30 from where we were this time last year. the bottom line is the traffic is back, and the cost is back. travelers just tell me they just want to get out, and they're going to do it with a lot of traffic out there on the road. really aaa says the worst time to travel is right now. if you're going to get out there, wait until later on this evening. in fact, the maryland transportation authority, which is responsible for this part of i-95 says might want to wait until 11:00 p.m. tonight. >> okay. thank you for that. stephanie, i'm not seeing a lot of people behind you right now. is it packed? >> reporter: alisyn, i don't want to give people a false sense of skuecurity but you're right, it's been pretty controlled at lax, despite this, they are expecting to have some
12:38 pm
pandemic records here at lax of 2 million passengers expected for november 18th through 30th, and that is actually two times as many people as last year, but down a third from the 2019 record high. we did talk to one passenger today who was flying to chicago, and he's pretty much taking it in stride and knew what he was getting himself into. take a listen. >> i'm excited, i wanted to be like the planes, trains and airplanes movie, i'm going to chicago, so i feel like that's important. >> reporter: are you at all concerned about the virus? >> not at all. not in the least. >> reporter: despite what you're seeing here, it could get busier later so they're still asking people to get here early, be patient, and also don't forget, got to have that mask, alisyn. >> stephanie elam, thank you, pete muntean, thank you very much. so this is our first thanksgiving with covid vaccines still. new infections are rising in more than half of the country.
12:39 pm
the cdc predicts that covid hospitalizations and deaths will increase over the next month. and a new poll suggests that many travelers could be around unvaccinated people even unknowingly for thanksgiving, so how do you celebrate this holiday while staying safe. cnn health reporter jacqueline howard is here with answers. >> this year is our first thanksgiving with vaccines and the number one way to stay safe is to be fully vaccinated but of course if you might be around people who are not vaccinated, it's important to wear your mask. and there are other safety measures you can take, testing is an option, and also the cdc just released today this really interesting interactive tool on its web site showing how air ventilation can really play a role in reducing your risk. you see here, if you go to the cdc web site, it shows how much of a difference opening a window can make. how much of a difference having, you know, a premium air filter or having a portable air cleaner.
12:40 pm
all of those different elements play a role as well. we think of vaccines, we think of testing, which is poimportan. it's important to consider air ventilation. >> thank you very much for those safety tips. we need to get in a little politics. minority leader kevin mccarthy, his hopes of becoming speaker of the house could hinge on getting the support of former president trump. will he get that support? what's happening with that relationship? we have new reporting. and inflation is breaking a three-decade record. how long will we see these prices spiking? you have always loved vicks vapors. and now you'll really love new vicks' vapostick. it goes on clear and dries quickly. no mess. just the soothing vicks' vapor for the whole family. introducing new vicks vapostick.
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become the next speaker of the house. he also needs former president trump's blessing. and that is proving hard to come by. our melanie zanona is breaking this story. tell us your story. >> we're a year away from a potential republican speaker race, and already some of trump's allies in congress are starting to put kevin mccarthy on notice, making it clear that their totavotes are not going t come easy. marjorie taylor greene, a congresswoman from georgia, one of trump's fiercest supporters on capitol hill said she's going to be laying out a list of demands in order to earn her vote for speaker. some others in trump orbit like matt gaetz of florida, for example, have floated this idea that maybe trump should run for the speakers gavel, it's a highly unlikely scenario but showing that the leverage lies with the trump wing of the party right now, and look, here's what one republican from alabama, mike rogers told me about all of
12:46 pm
this. he said, quote, kevin has his full support, but if he came out against him, it would be ugly, and i think that just really often speaks to the fact that trump has the power to either make or break kevin mccarthy's quest for the speakership. now, most republicans do think that in the end trump will be behind mccarthy. mccarthy has been one of his earliest and staunchest supporters on capitol hill, and having mccarthy, a reliable ally in charge of the house is a benefit for trump if he runs for president in 2024, but trump and his allies are at least going to dangle the threat over the speakership over mccarthy's head. they know they have a ton of leverage in the fight, and they are not eager to give that up anytime soon, alisyn. >> melanie zanona, thank you very much, an excellent choice in dress, as well. >> it's a great dress. >> why isn't everybody wearing that today. >> thanks, melanie, great to talk to you. >> thank you. prices for everything are rising as you know, inflation is soaring. today, another record breaks. ♪
12:47 pm
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some good economic numbers in today. jobless claims, for last week,
12:52 pm
fell below pre-pandemic levels. in fact, they were the lowest since 1969. but at the same time, a key measure for inflation hit a 31 year high. matt egan is here. good news/bad news story. what do the numbers tell us about the economy? >> the numbers show that the any is actually heading into the holiday season in pretty good shape despite what the polls might show. especially the jobs market. let me show you the chart on jobless claims. claims spiked above 6 million record high, but just fell to 199,000. and that is the lowest number in 52 years since richard nixon was in the white house. firing is very low. companies are desperate to hire and workers have all the leverage. that is why they are quitting their jobs at a record pace because they know that they could get a better one. and also wall street banks are upgrading their forecasts. wall street thinks that the economy will grow at the second
12:53 pm
fastest pace since 1983 this quarter. normally all this would be a reason for a lot of optimism. the president's poll numbers would probably be higher. but it is not that case because of inflation. and a new report out today shows that consumer prices rose by 5% in october from a year ago, that is the biggest number since 1990. 31 years ago. a lot of people have never experienced inflation like this in their lifetimes. those that have, they are worry that it will return to runaway inflation like the 1970s even though economists i talk to don't think that it is likely. unfortunately, inflation probably isn't going anywhere anytime soon, so that means that it will probably continue to whoever like a black cloud over the economy. >> such a mixed bag. thanks to explaining all that. and we have much more on our breaking news, a jury finding all three defendants in the ahmaud arbery murder trial guilty. of risk and reward.lance so you can enjoy more of...this. this is the planning effect.
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this just in. vice president kamala harris reacting to the verdict in the ahmaud arbery murder trial. today she says, the jury rendered its verdicts and the three defendants were found guilty. still we feel the weight of grief. ahmaud arbery should be alive and nothing can take away the pain that his mother, his father and the entire arbery family and community feel today. i share in that pain.
12:59 pm
these verdicts send an important mes message but the fact remains that we still have work do. the defense counsel chose to set a tone that cast the attendants of ministers at the trial as intimidation and dehumanized a young black man as racist tropes. the jury arrived at these verdicts despite these tactics. arbery owrest baeueuear ahmaud son, a brother, a friend. and we'll honor him by continuing the fight for justice. and also the convicted felon whose gun went off in the airport remains at large. but they found the gun inside a trash can at the airport. authorities say the suspect kenny wells grabbed the gun out of his bag and took off with it, multiple warrants are out for wells' arrest. and now this, hollywood has already imagined a killer astroid hurdling towards earth, but what if it happens in real
1:00 pm
life? could a well aimed rocket blast an asteroid out of the way? overnight nassau launched first of a kind mission to test this theory, the d.a.r.t. mission will deliberately crash a spacecraft into an astroid that is about 7 million miles away from earth. the goal is to nudge the astroid's orbit, not to blow to smithereens. have a wonderful thanksgiving, everyone. "the lead" with jake tapper starts now. a verdict the arbery family is very thankful for. "the lead" starts right now. breaking today, all three defendants found guilty of murdering ahmaud arbery. the dramatic scene in court as the verdict was read and what this means in the fight for racial justice in the u.s. bumper-to-bumper and covid booster, airports and highways jammed as the first post


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