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tv   Inside Politics With John King  CNN  November 24, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PST

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welcome to "inside politics." i'm john king in washington. thank you for sharing your day with us. the jury in the ahmaud arbery trial, now day two of deliberations. three men could spend life in prison if found guilty of serious charges. covid cases are climbing up in 21 states. add it up, 1,000 a day. reporting this hour on trumpers and the trump effect, including how allies of the former president keep reminding kevin
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mccarthy his path to the speakership depends on keeping trump happy. the january 6 committee, its latest demands for evidence and a giant question hanging over the panel's work. when will we, the american public, get to see what they have learned? they subpoenaed five figures focusing on some responsible for the day's violence. they are up to at least 45. we have ryan nobles for the latest. ryan? >> we see this new round of subpoenas from the select committee, a clear direction in which they're heading. this is a group pretty prominent on january 6 involved in the riot that day, members of the proud boys, the oathkeepers, and the qanon group called the first amendment pritorian. they're trying to get as much as
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they can between these groups trying to get information, information that was peddled by the former president and his associates in the days after the november election, this concerted push to bring people here to washington on january 6, and then the last piece of all of this, the riot itself. people breaking into the capitol with the express purpose of interrupting the democratic process. what the committee is trying to find is whether or not there are direct connections between each level of what happened on january 6. that's another reason why you see them interested in people like alex jones and roger stone. these were the provocateurs that were trying to encourage people to come here, and even suggesting in the days leading up to january 6 that there could be some sort of violence, there could be some sort of attempt to overthrow the certification of the electoral process. the big open question, though, john, is whether or not they are making any progress. the committee very much telling us every single time they issue a subpoena, but they've been very quiet about what they're learning from these subpoenas.
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they say they've talked to more than 200 people, that they've collected thousands and thousands of documents and that they are making progress in this investigation, but they've given no clear indication of when we will learn that information, when they'll bring that information to the public or even when their next public hearing will take place. we're approaching the anniversary, of course, of the january 6 capitol insurrection, and john, there are a lot of questions as to when this committee will reveal just what they've learned up until this point and how much longer it will take them to get this investigation going and complete. of course, they have a hard deadline, right? and that's likely next year's midterm elections. john? >> nobles, thank you for your live reporting. cnn, melanie zanona, michelle k kim. ilts -- it's a who's who of
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people who have worked with trump. it's a matter of trying to get the facts together. i it's a critically important investigation for history, it's important because many want to be involved in a trump comeback. is that part of the plan or is it finish the work and then go public? >> they told me they do plan to release some preliminary report before their final report, which, as ryan said, is probably when the returns come next year. it's fair to ask what concerns they've had so far. they've talked to lower level witnesses. biggest targets, mark meadows, steve bannon, roger stone. so there is some concern about the pace of progress going on here. >> to your point about the big
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witnesses, a lot of them are waiting to see what happens in the courts. number one, steve bannon has been indicted for contempt of congress. there is a hearing next week as we come out of the thanksgiving holiday at the appeals level. that seems to me to be the next gateway, do the courts order donald trump to cooperate, and if trump has to cooperate, trump documents become part of the evidence. what else do you have? >> all these people calling to participate are very much taking his lead. but we are now in the fifth month of this. i remember being up on the hill when this started, that hearing with the capitol hill police officers testifying, everyone was glued to the screens in cupps cafeteria, watching this investigation unfold. i think there is a lot of pressure on the committee to come up with results, especially as the former president continues the same rhetoric that
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led to the insurrection in the first place, right? first and foremost, this investigation is about making sure this doesn't happen again. >> the president continues the same rhetoric, but so do a lot of people saying, be prepared, be prepared to fight for your country. for instance, this is steven rhodes. he's one of the new subpoenas that was issued. this is right before the election and two days before the insurrection. listen. >> he has full authority in the election act to start an insurrection. if he doesn't do it, there will be a bloody revolution to take our country back amid a regime. >> they wanted trump to stay in power somehow, to declare an insurrection, to use the military, to stop the biden election, to stop the ballot counts. if he doesn't, we'll have a
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bloody civil war. well, we had a bloody day. >> you're right, and there are concerns going forward. i think this is part of the committee's work. it's easy to focus on the big political names, but it is these groups and their tentacles all across america, disgruntled americans who are part of a nationalist movement, often white nationalists. while trump was still president, his own department of homeland security singled out some of these groups as really the biggest threat on domestic soil to american safety, domestic terrorism. this committee's work alongside what the department of justice appears to be interested in investigating really goes to not just january 6, not just how long were these folks in touch with the white house, in touch with maybe president trump himself. months, not weeks, before january 6. also what is their continued
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work? who are these people of interest and how much of a threat do they or their affiliates or the underlying concerns or kind of conspiracy theories that they trade in, how much of an underlying threat is that to domestic security? we think about this in the political context because democrats are not only in charge because there is a congressional investigation, but there's actually major national security implications and concerns about threats to public safety by groups of disgruntled nationalists who are -- can be pulled together to act violently. >> and are still out there. you make an interesting point. you have the committee's work and then you have the compilation of all these legal cases. 600 people charged, 91 have been sentenced and gone to jail or prison. when those people get the pleas and they get lesser sentencing if they cooperate, they still had to lay out who they knew and
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who they worked for with the committee. the jury is deliberating in the trial of three men accused of chasing and then killing 24-year-old ahmaud arbery. you can see him running and a white pickup truck. this is just moments before he was shot dead. the jury also asked to hear the 911 call that one of the defendants, gregory mcmichael, made on the day that arbery was shot and killed. cnn's sara sidner live for us. what have we learned? >> reporter: we learned that the jury has broke for lunch. we do not know, however, if they'll deliberate through lunch like they did yesterday. you wanted to know what they asked for. they asked for two videos to be played for them and the 911 call ton played for them from greg mcmichael. they wanted specifically the slow motion of the shooting and
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the high contrast video of the shooting so they can get a very good look at it. they asked to watch those videos three times each as well as that 911 call. this jury clearly going through some of the most pertinent evidence in this case. obviously when you have video of an incident, that is paramount to the case, and it was used by both the prosecution and the defense for their cases, the prosecution saying, look, these men decided to try to take the law into their own hands. they went after a man they hadn't even seen commit a crime that day. they cornered him with their trucks and they shot and killed him. that's murder, the prosecution said. they're charged with nine counts, including five counts of murder. the defense said, look, these men were simply trying told a citizens' arrest against ahmaud arbery. they believed he had committed a crime, particularly burglary, and they were just defending themselves when he and travis
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mcmichael were fighting over the gun. they're going through the evidence and we hope they come up with some kind of verdict. up next for us, though, covid and thanksgiving. many americans travel together for the holiday. this map? well, it's not in your gps but it does show where new covid cases are rising. it's walgreens season.
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tomorrow, as you all know, is thanksgiving which means today is one of the nation's busiest travel days. covid, of course, again a complication along with crowded roads and crowded airports. cases are rising but more americans are also determined to get thanksgiving back to normal, or at least as close to normal as we can. let's take a close look at the trends right now. 27 states in red and orange
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trending up. missouri is in the deep red. that means 50% new cases of covid this week compared to last week in the state of missouri. you see the northern half of the country where the temperatures are colder. only four states reporting fewer cases this week than last week. let's bring in dr. kimberlin. he's the infectious disease specialist at the university of birmingham. you see 27 states trending in the wrong direction. the overall case count now approaching 100,000 new cases a day again. we're averaging 978,078. last year that number was 177,000. we're in better shape in terms of the numbers, but there is a 30% increase in children over the last few weeks, and a little over 30% of cases in the last
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few weeks were children. put that in context of tomorrow and today, thanksgiving travel, thanksgiving meals and children who are either unvaccinated or not fully vaccinated. >> it's a challenging situation, as it has been through this pandemic. down in the southeast where we were hurt so bad by the delta variant august and september and into october, this is not surprising. what's happening in other parts of the country are very much what we're experiencing a handful of months ago. i think, though, with thanksgiving here, with more vaccines in people's arms, with children receiving vaccines, i think we can come together in most situations at the family dinner table and have thanksgiving together. it's been a long time. and we need to celebrate and be thankful for where we are with the pandemic. we need to be careful and safe as well. but i think it largely can be done. >> so help me walk through some
9:18 am
of the how you get it done. i'm just going to bring up vaccination by age right now. these are americans who have one shot. people over 18 have one shot. in the 62 to 75 age group, 75%. 5 to 11, the newly eligible group is 11% partly vaccinated right now. how do you make these decisions whether it's about rapid testing, whether it's we better keep the meal outside, whether you have a younger kid who is not fully vaccinated in the presence of a grand parent who may have immune issues or simply age issues? how do you yjuggle all that? >> your question really shows the gamut of possibilities. if everyone is vaccinated, and especially if you're in a part of the country that doesn't have high or substantial amounts of transmission within your county, for example. if you're in that kind of situation, i think you can gather inside without masks and
9:19 am
be very confident that everyone will be safe. if you're in a situation where you're in a very high transmission area, and you've got a substantial number of people in the household, for instance, that are not vaccinated, that's a much riskier situation. in that kind of a scenario, you may want, out of an abundance of caution, to have people be tested before they come into the house and make sure that, in fact, they are negative using the rapid tests that are pretty widely available. so it really depends on who is gathering, where they're gathering, and to a very large extent, what's happening in the community around them. >> lastly, to that point, i just want to bring in this from an "axios" ipsos poll. more than half of americans say they will be with unvaccinated people on thanksgiving, 17% said they don't know. i assume you ask that question before you walk into someone else's home or invite them to
9:20 am
your own home that you know the answers to this question and then you decide how to deal with it. >> it's going to be on your mind, no doubt about that. it's on all of our minds. it has been for a year now. have the conversation, ask the question. don't do it in a volatile or hostile way, but simply inquire. if they're not vaccinated, perhaps use that for an opportunity to say, look, i love you. i want the best for all of you, for all our family and friends. i really would appreciate it if you got vaccinated. it's something i want for you just as it's something i want for my own family as well. >> doctor, thank you for being here. have a great thanksgiving. >> to you as well. kevin mccarthy is learning
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fascinating new reporting about the battle within the republican party and efforts by trump loyalists to flex their and his power. some house republicans are warning kevin mccarthy he's no shoo-in for speaker if the gop wins the majority next year. sometimes they even float trump himself as a potential speaker. even so, they make clear to mccarthy if he wants their votes, he better keep the former
9:26 am
president happy. lauren boebert, trump ally in the house. of course trump wants to know who the next speaker is. voice carries weight. marjorie taylor greene, trump will have big impact, 100%. they like this. they enjoy the idea that they poke kevin mccarthy, you want to be speaker? keep us happy and keep trump happy. >> exactly, this will be the dance for the next year in the republican party. many think trump will be behind mcdarcaccarthy. he's been an ally of trump and having an ally will be helpful to trump if he runs again. they don't want to give up the leverage to say, yes, we'll vote for you as speaker. they want to be able to prod him to behave how they want, and it's going to be a delicate
9:27 am
balancing act when he was under fire for not defending these republicans who voted for the infrastructure bill. he turned around and defended gosar. >> trump is volatile. there's the understatement of the year, trump is volatile and unpredictable. this is from mike rogers, another republican quoted in your piece. if trump came out against him, it would be ugly. one of the things we watch, we know trump is unhappy because kevin mccarthy has not cracked down. 1300 voters voted for the bipartisan infrastructure bill but trump said if i'm not present, you're not supposed to do anything. to your point, does mccarthy do something that trump blows up about? >> we'll have to see in the months ahead, but you know who will be running the show on capitol hill for the next couple months? the right wing of the republican
9:28 am
party. this is where trmccarthy will g his marching orders, marjorie taylor greene. that's who mccarthy will have to take his direction from in order to ensure he has the speakership. i know in your great speech also conversation with trump himself being the speaker. i don't necessarily see that happening, right, this is not a ceremonial job. this is a difficult job and i'm not sure i necessarily see trump wanting that demotion. >> they want to put mccarthy on notice. it's a wild idea, it's not going to happen, but they want mccarthy to know who holds the keys. >> they want mccarthy to know that he stands on a trap door every day. it's these trumpy websites out there, trumpy organizations out, there they promote jim banks. he's a member of the house leadership committee now. he says he has no interest. you always say that. it's the right thing to say at this moment. the idea that you're heading into a midterm cycle, the wind is at your back, history says
9:29 am
you should be able to take back the house, and yet you're the leader of the house republicans -- i've criticized him many times for not having the principle to stand up on many issues, including the big lie. but for many days you're on a tightrope. >> if you asked paul ryan or steve bannon about their experiences, i'm sure they would be happy to share them. for mccarthy, this has been a single focus in his climb for leadership, is he wants the lead the way as speaker. how you're thinking about getting to november, in order to be the speaker, your party has to win the majority, and then you have to be the guy who reaps the benefits of winning. so you have these two strategic games to play if you have 13 members of your party, some of whom are running for reelection, some of whom are in swing districts where that infrastructure will help them stay in office, you want to help those guys be reelected because
9:30 am
it will more than likely help you be speaker again. but if you've got the former president suddenly threatening you, breathing down your neck, and you've got number two in the wings and number three in the wings that would stab you in the back for a second to get that job because they want it, too, that's a lot of calculus and that's where it is right now. >> and the part i think mccarthy doesn't spend much time on is do you really want the job? do you want the job if the foundation of your support make the key point. they used to be the clown cars or even their own members said we really don't listen to he or she. matt gaetz says, we're not the fringe, we're the party. >> the incendiary force of politics on the right doesn't emerge from the liz cheneys or the adam kinzingers. we need backup because we need
9:31 am
more people like laura boebert and marjorie taylor greene. >> we need more characters who post things online where a colleague kills a woman. we need more people who make death threats. that's what we need more of? >> it could get even more trumpy next year because a lot of moderates or who voted to impeach are being pushed out and trump is tarktargeting them. you're seeing more marjorie taylor greenes winning in these areas. >> usually in a midterm election, it's, what do you think of the president? that motivates your votes which is a perfectly logical reason to motivate your vote, but i hope people also think about what's the alternative if we act on our
9:32 am
frustration? why is the national committee footing legal bills for our president. more cnn reporting, next. this season head to walmart's black friday deals for days. ♪ ♪
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more new reporting now on a different slice of the gop's what to do about trump debate. we're hearing frustration over
9:37 am
the republican party's willingness to make a $120,000 payment just last month alone to help trump with his legal bills, the payment raising questions among current and former officials about party priorities ahead of a critical election year. some grumbling that, why are we doing this? >> absolutely. after we learned of these payments yesterday to donald trump's defense attorneys, i spoke to republican officials, both former and current inside the party, and their reaction ranged from dismay to disapp disappointment. some said this could run afoul of the republican committee's own by-laws around neutrality if trump does become a candidate in 2024, but some said this is a money pot going not to a self-pro if he said bil-- profed
9:38 am
billionaire. the campaign actually asked for money from the republican party in september. they asked for help to put him over the finish line. republican bill palatuci was one who made that request. here's what he said. he said, we sure as heck could have used $121,000. we were in the middle of hand to hand combat trying to win and those resources could have helped here. it just speaks for itself of what the priorities were. so there is discussion about where those funds went and why it went to the trump campaign. >> especially since he's not only a former president but a billionaire? what does any of this have to do with assisting republicans in 2022 or preparing for the primary? it's a great point, but even a former official is still anonymous. many of these people are afraid to speak on the record, because
9:39 am
they know if they speak about trump critically, there will be recriminations. >> absolutely, and it's not just people who serve on the rnc or the rules committee, as you said, it's people who formerly worked at rnc who are still afraid to cross donald trump because they know how he treats those that in the republican pa. >> some recent headlines. there is a lot of trump in the news lately. one of the things i want to talk to you about is why he sat down with the mypillow guy for 30 minutes. he's going to make a coffee table book. every caption is mine, some in my own handwriting. some of it is trivial, but some is not, including his sway over the party, and not just being
9:40 am
tight, but why would the republican party say we need help now that we're going to pay donald trump's lawyers? >> i think gabby is right. there is a tremendous amount of sway he still has in the party. there is a tremendous amount of fear of donald trump. there are very few people who have spoken out against him. there's not fear of recrimination itself, there is fear that he could take his voters and form an alternative third party of his own, which i doubted he would do, but what he could do is depress turnout. he could keep republicans from voting. but that can be enough to have a lot of power, so that's what you're seeing. >> if you only see in your in box five or six trump fundraisers, that's a slow day. i'm not recommending this by any
9:41 am
means, but official trump wrapping paper with his santa hat on there. they're constantly raise questions. this is a power play. epts to make the fl krpt. if you think about, in recent days, they marked their own polling. then they said, if we reran 2020 right now, trump would win overwhelmingly. is this insecurity on his part? is it just narcissism, he wants it all to be about trump? or is this some strategic piece of trying to keep the plan together in 2024. >> it's also that donald trump will never spend a dollar of his own that he doesn't have to. in terms of keeping himself relevant, look, i think that they are aware that there has been some movement from potential contenders out there. whether or not they are afraid of chris christie, i know that chris christie exhibits a specific space in donald trump's head that most people don't
9:42 am
because they have been friends for so long. i think donald trump is very aware of ron desantis out there and the potential threat in recent weeks, there are some who could run from trump's right, the fact he remanld. so i think you're seempgt. we have no twrd what the next juror is going to look like, so the fact they felt they needed to do this st. they were celebrating the governor's victory in virginia, but making clear that the money
9:43 am
they have will go to seek support from the know-hows. they are saying the nga will devalue incumbents. this is what they find themselves again. they do see, to your point on glenn youngkin, i don't think his way can work in a number of states, but there is a way you can talk about policy and not have it be all this sort of personality contest that has existed around donald trump. basically, one of trump's major successes was reorienting, frankly not just his own party, but both parties around reacting to his emotion.
9:44 am
>> maggie, thank you for your insight on our states. if you're hitting the road for thanksgiving, don't expect lower gas prices just yet. how much should you expect to pay for your thanksgiving meal? turkey and potatoes a little more this year. stuffing a little less.
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some positive economic news
9:49 am
today, unemployment benefits are way down, not to pandemic level but a level we haven't seen since 1969. the way you process that is a different question, and that's the biden economic and political challenge right now. 40 million americans are traveling this thanksgiving. gas is averaging $3.40 a gallon. that's the highest since 2012. to help, president biden released 50 million barrels of oil. but he said be patient. >> this will not lower gas prices overnight. i will do what i can do to lower your price at the pump. from the lower class to middle class families, i know it's a strain. i was sent to look out for. >> belatedly, some would say, but the president is trying to help with the price of gas.
9:50 am
if you're focused on the price of gas, if you're focused on inflation, you're seeing negative effects. if you're looking at job creation, the weekly unemployment claim, there is good news. people say it's not as bad as you think. >> let's play a little exercise called what would trump do, because you know he would pick all of the indicators that are good news, lean hard sinto them take credit for them yourself, say, look what i'm doing and eliminate the bad stuff and find someone else to blame. this is not a mantle that the biden administration has seized on, but it works sometimes, at least for a while. we're seeing a recognition, something clicked, an effort by the white house and congress to say, we're going to focus on these kitchen table issues, the price of gas, the nation, the supply chain stuff and do the things we can message around, which you're seeing them do, and
9:51 am
whether it's the strategic petroleum reserve, it's two days oil consumption, three days oil consumption, but it's something. >> they're failing communication 101. on the day the president makes an announcement like this, it's imperative you run all your traps and you check around the paterno. joe manchin said yesterday it's a petroleum band-aid. a disciplined white house checks base with who is not going to like this. and you say not today. please not today, the president needs this. be quiet. >> i think ironically this stretch is komcoming off what i arguably his best stretch. they are coming off the biden agenda. those issues will not kick in right away and they don't touch
9:52 am
what voters right now care about, which is inflation and gas prices and are there going to be presents under the christmas tree. yes, those issues are huge for the biden presidency and america, but right now it's not enough to save the biden presidency or the democratic majority. >> the way you fight and get the credit for that, and you're absolutely right, especially when they come back and fight the presidency. you have to fight through that. one way you get through that is forced errors. there are people who say, no one can fight joe manchin, joe manchin will be joe manchin. there is also an administration announcing on the day you say you're going to tap the strategic reserves and this happens. >> how much barrels of oil does america consume every day? >> i don't have those numbers. >> some would argue that it's 300 million, which would mean that you're releasing only a
9:53 am
third of our supply. >> they wanted to know how much oil america needs a day. why didn't the white house have a talking point for all democrats with those numbers on it so these things don't happen? >> it seems like a confusing moment that she wouldn't know that. i wonder if she didn't want to say, if she wondered if folks at home would be doing the math, 50,000 barrels, that's not much in the issue we're facing here. we have seen this administration finally coming around to try to message on inflation, right? they were running from it for a long time. it's evident to them they can't outrun this issue anymore. and they are, even though it's a bit of not really a disciplined effort, as we can see they are making an effort to address this. >> they are making an effort but they are clouding their effort by unforced errors. we'll see as we go.
9:54 am
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topping our political radar today, president biden nominating young as the leader
9:59 am
of the budget agency. she would be the second black woman in the administration. now we have the leader of the lone star state. >> i want you to know i'm running for reelection to protect and secure our border. i'm running for reelection to support our police officers in the great state of texas. >> before abbott even made it official with that video, he put out an attack ad against democratic candidate beto o'rourke. he strongly edited o'rourke's comments about policing. >> he mashe made this comment t of her democratic colleagues of the. >> he said he would wrestle me for this internship, but madison hawthorne has some pretty big guns, so i would like to challenge him to a sprint instead. let's make this fair.
10:00 am
>> if you didn't know it already, the north carolina congressman, corthawn, uses a wheelchair after an accident left him paralyzed. xi jinping and "the stakes for america" is on sunday night at 9:00 p.m. an a ad cabrera picks up our coverage right now. hello, i'm ana cabrera. thanks so much for joining us. day two of deliberations in the ahmaud arbery trial are underway. anticipation for a potential verdict to come today ahead of thanksgiving is high. the jury right now weighing the fate of these three men who are accused of hunting down and killing arbery. jurors made a request just hours ago to rewatch graphic video o


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