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tv   CNN Newsroom With Alisyn Camerota and Victor Blackwell  CNN  November 22, 2021 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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fleeing or attempting to flee from a felony, burglary is a felony. entering a dwelling place without authority, with the intent to commit a theft in there. not an actual theft, but the reason, the mindset for going into a place that is not yours. so how do you know that if there wasn't actually a theft. judge will tell you, the law will allow you to infer an intent to steal if there is an unlawful entry, meaning crossing into a place that is not yours, a place where valuables are stored and you heard testimony that plenty of values were stored at 220 satilla drive. there is no other apparent motive for being there.
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that means every single time ahmaud arbery goes into that house, he is committing a burglary. but you hardly needed a jury instruction. >> okay, folks we want to go to you to waukesha, wisconsin, the press for the tragedy at the christmas parade where a car plowed into parade marchers, let's listen in. >> through barricades and to a crowd of people celebrating the waukesha christmas parade which resulted in killing five individuals and injured 48 additional individuals. i just received information that two of the 48 are children and their in critical condition. we have information that the suspect prior to the incident was involved in a domestic disturbance which was just moments prior and the suspect left that scene just prior to
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our arrival to that domestic disturbance. when the suspect was driving through and into the crowd, one officer did discharge his firearm and fire shots at the suspect to stop the threat but due to the amount of people had to stop and stop and fire -- not fire any other additional shots. officers on administrative leave as part of the department protocol. no one was injured as a result of the officer discharging his firearm. the subject was taken into custody a short distance from the scene and we are confident he acted alone. there is no evidence that this is a terrorist incident. due to the wind yesterday, there was a power outage in downtown waukesha to further complicate our emergency response.
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i want to identify the victims that we know of at this time. and i say this with great sorrow. virginia sorenson, 79-year-old female. leanna oems, 71-year-old female. tamara durant, 52-year-old female. jane coolich, 52-year-old female. will hospital, 81-year-old male. the suspect involved in this tragic incident is identified as darrell e. brooks. he is now 39 years of age who is a resident of milwaukee. at there time, the waukesha police department is referring five counts of first intentional homicide with additional charges based on the investigation. but those will come in time.
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there are many roads in downtown area that were closed as investigators worked through the crime scene. those roads have since been opened. i'll say this, minutes after this incident occurred, i responded to the scene and what i saw out of chaos and tragedy was heros. first responders in the community coming together and working together on triaging victims, the fire department working in partnership with the fire department getting these victims to the hospital, fire department transported multiple victims, chief harr will talk about that. officers picked up victims and put them in their squad and rushed them to the hospital and citizens also picked up victims and rushed them to the hospital. there is also off-duty law
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enforcement, fire and ems personnel that were attending this event who got involved and took part in saving lives. i want to thank our community partners. i want to disspell some rumors. there was no pursuit that led up to this incident. this is not a terrorist event. i want to thank our first responders partners. it is a long list and i apologize, we apologize if i forgot anyone. waukesha fire department, no words to express the partnership that we have with the waukesha fire department and how we work together as one in this incident. mavis box alarm system and the
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suburban mutual aid response team which we call smart, responded which includes a dozen local law enforcement agencies. fbi, atf, the state, the vision of criminal investigations, school district of waukesha, the milwaukee police department fusion center, the wisconsin state crime lab, wisconsin state patrol. after this press conference, we'll provide a link on our website for any questions regarding witness information, if there is any additional video that assisted that could look at this link, or any family members or individuals that need to recover property, the waukesha police department was cited as the only source for information. do not release information from any other source as it has not been vetted and could lead to
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false information. thank you. >> chief holleran. >> thank you, dan. before i get started on behalf of the men and women of the waukesha fire department, i would like to say our prayers go out to the families and the whole community that was affected by yesterday's tragedy. on the city walk, see fire department responded to a mass casualty incident yesterday afternoon. all 26 on duty personnel responded to the incident from five stations. our closest downtown station was within sight of the parade route. our units started to s spontaneously respond based on radio contact and dispatch information. we immediately activated our mass casualty protocol and utilizing the mavis, which is our mutual aid system, mutual box alarm system to the second
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level to provide us with additional resources to treat the victims. we received resources from 12 area fire departments. we were also aided greatly by off-duty firefighters and ems personnel. medical personnel and just civilian bystanders, they greatly assisted us with our initial treatment and triage of patients. patients were transported to six area hospitals. with the fire department, ems transporting 22 patients. law enforcement personnel and bystanders also transported additional personnel or additional victims to the hospital. at this time we believe that 48 people were treated at local hospitals, although this number might increase based on information being gathered. like chief thompson, i also had an opportunity, i did respond to
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the incident. got there just a little bit after the chief did. and based on my observations, very, very overwhelmed by the response of the community to this tragedy. people banded together to do the best they could to deal with this incident. last night going out and visiting the fire stations an the people that responded overwhelmingly our personnel expressed their sincere thanks for everyone who stepped up and assisted with the treatment of the citizens that were injured. again, our hearts go out to the families and the victims of this senseless tragedy. and we appreciate all of the assistance and support that has been offered to the city of waukesha fire department. >> mayor sean riley. >> thank you. last night we experienced a senseless tragedy. many of us were participants in
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the parade and witnessed these horrific actions. we are all trying to process what we experienced. our police, firefighters, partners and so many others sprang into action immediately last night to help the people that were injured. for those of you who do not live in waukesha, you need to know that waukesha is a community that helps their neighbors. waukesha is a community that takes pride in its identity and has a wonderful spirit. waukesha looks after each other. waukesha enjoys its celebrations and the entire community joins in those celebrations. we are a close community. waukesha is a community where many of its residents have lived for generations. waukesha is also the type of community where new residents tell their friends to move here because it is so special. waukesha has held what could be
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described as a norman rockwell type of campus parade for almost six decades. last night our wonderful waukesha parade became the scene of a horrific tragedy. last night that parade became a nightmare. last night many were severely youred. last night lives were lost during the middle of what should have been a celebration. last night many were severely injured, lost their live and all who were there were traumatized. we experienced a horrific tragedy. we have so much healing that needs to occur. waukesha, though, will not be defined by the horrific events of last night. we are a kbhub community that will come together and we will help those who experienced a loss of a loved one or were injured, we will work together to bring healing. the healing needs to begin now.
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with that in mind, i share the following. our prayer vigil will be held tonight at 5:00 p.m. at cutler park. the waukesha public library which is immediately adjacent to it will be closing at 4:00 p.m. so that the public could utilize that parking lot. the downtown south street parking ramp which is also immediately near it will also be open for free parking. we know that members of community want to help out and help the victims. the waukesha county community foundation and united way of greater milwaukee and waukesha county has joined together to create the united for waukesha community fund. this fund will support the needs of the families impacted and there will be a website on our page that will tell you how to access that fund. many people witnessed traumatic events last evening. if you need to talk to someone, you could call or text
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800-985-5990 to be connected to a trained caring counselor and they are available 24/7. that number will also be on our website. please only call 911 for true emergencies. there will be a resource center set up at carol university for all victims from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. tuesday and 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on wednesday. that information will be placed upon our website. the district attorney victim assistance program is also available to provide assistance and an email for that service will be shared on social media. our community needs to heal from physical injure and emotional trauma and what was taken from us by this senseless act. what we do today and the day as head is what will define us as a city and i know we will come together and help waukesha heal.
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thank you. >> dr. jim seibert. >> good afternoon, everyone. i'm deeply saddened by yesterday's events and the tremendous impact they are having on both our school community and the larger waukesha community. i want to begin by thanking our partners at the city and the police department and fire department for their leadership and partnership we are focused on our kids and our staff and our families and making resources available to them. we stand with our community, and are one of the resources for support as we navigate this tragic event. the school district of waukesha is providing internal assistance and resources outside of the district to support kids, staff, and families. should families need guidance on how to address trauma with your children, please do not hesitate to reach out to the student services staff at your child's school. we're actively dispatching additional support to our schools for staff and students.
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your school administration and student services team could connect you with our crisis counseling staff in a very timely manner. school psychologists, social workers and school counselors and community mental health providers are available and trained to support children and families in crisis today and into the future. i also want to thank our surrounding school districts, waukesha county, our local health care partners, the department of public instruction and the governor's office for their support of the school district of waukesha during this time. we also provided meals today from noon to 1:00 p.m. across the district and we will do the same tomorrow at the following sites via their maybe int ranc. butler, horning and less paul middle school and as well as north and south and west high schools. i'm announcing at this time that the school district of waukesha will again be closed for classes on tuesday, november 23rd. our counseling and lunch
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services will be available to students and staff again tomorrow. the district will resume classes after the thanksgiving holiday per our school calendar on monday november 29th. we ask that you respect the privacy of our students, staff and families, and that you do not try to interview students, staff or families at our school sites. further information and any additional updates will continue to be available on our district website and i am deeply sorry that we are here today and we look forward to healing both as a school community, and a larger waukesha community. >> allen johnson. >> good afternoon. i'm vice president of critical care and specialty services for prohealth care. in my role i work closely with our emergency departments, our critical care units and our mass casualty incident command process. i'd like to start by expressing
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my sympathies and those of everyone at pro-health care for the victims and their families. this was truly a tragedy for our entire community. i'd like to thank all of the first responders and the others who came together to do what was required last night. all involved did outstanding work. among the 48 victims of the parade tragedy who were transported to area hospitals, 29 arrived at waukesha memorial hospital. the hospital is just blocks away from the parade route. and victims started arriving very quickly after the incident. in fact, many of pro-health care staff were attending the parade, witnessed this tragedy, and provided immediate first aid to victims. there were many children among the victims brought to waukesha memorial. after initial assessment, stabilization and treatment, we transferred 11 of those to
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children's of wisconsin. four victims were admitted to waukesha memorial, they are all currently stable and many of them will likely discharge from the hospital today. those patients admitted including both children and adults. 12 people were treated in our emergency department and released. one patient presented to us and left without being seen. sadly, one of the victims who was brought to waukesha memorial was pronounced dead on arrival. in addition to those who were on duty at waukesha memorial last night, many others rushed to the hospital to help. they included nearly every one of our emergency department physicians, countless surgeons and an thesyologists, hospitalists and nurses. what i saw on display last night in response to this crisis was nothing less than the highest level of professionalism.
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our coordination with local fire and local ems worked flawlessly into the face of this incident. and on behalf of pro-health care, i want to thank everybody for participating. thank you. >> at this time we'll open it up for a few questions. but be mindful, nick i'll start with you from channel 12, be mindful that we're going to be limted in scope with the information that could be released at this time due to maintaining the integrity of the investigation, moreover to the judicial process. we want to be transparent but we're also mindful that we're not going to compromise this investigation. we're dealing with five counts of intentional first-degree homicide. please be mindful of those. nick. >> what could you tell us about arrest and where was he located and was there an incident there, was he injured? did he say anything about what led up to this and what happened and why he kept going?
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>> there is about five questions in that one question. so i'm going to do my best to try to answer that. we can tell that you the investigation that indicate that there is any type of domestic or national type of terrorism. we can tell you there was some type of disturbance that we suspect was between the suspect and another individual, individuals in a different location just prior to the incident. shortly after this tragedy occurred, officers immediately identified the suspect vehicle and shortly after that they apprehended the suspect. the suspect had no injures. and then after he's detained, he was taken into custody. >> did he say anything about why he didn't -- >> that is still ongoing. and this is -- this is a fluid investigation. what we do not want to do is
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jeopardize thein integrity of ts investigation at any point. right now the waukesha police department focus is the families and the victim, and due process, because that is important. >> yes -- >> is this for the chief? >> yeah. >> go ahead. >> there was a domestic situation, we understand there may have been a knife involved and did he know someone in the -- [ inaudible question ]. >> so we have no information that brooks new anybody in the parade. but i will say this. we weren't able to even respond to that domestic call before it actually -- so we can't even investigate it. so was there an initial complaint, yes. do we know if there was one there, we don't know. because we didn't even make it
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there. we ended up immediately responding to the crisis. >> was this 458? chief -- >> there is no -- just how this person go to the parade. i question about barricade and that kind of thing. is there anything that came up with nur investigation that you could speak to about why that would be -- [ inaudible question ]. >> i'll tell you this. we had a squad and barricades up. and he drove right through the barricades and the officers. when the officer tried engage and stop the threat, he still continued through the crowd. >> chief, what was the distance -- >> i'm going with channel four next. be mindful of the rules. >> we really appreciate it if you could go back and spell the names of the victims you mentioned earlier. >> just be give me a moment. >> while we're waiting. i will come back to you. nikki from -- go ahead. and who is this for?
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>> -- that the vehicle traveled down and where the vehicle was in. >> the parade route where the vehicle entered was in the air of hartwell and main street. and the end of the parade route where the vehicle took off was around veterans park, main and maple area, main and wisconsin avenue. back to 4. are you ready? >> yes. i'm going to repeat the names. and again i apologize for getting emotional about it. >> we're going to put it on the release. i'll put the names out on the press conference and we'll get all outlets. state where your agency is from and who you would like to speak to. >> cbs, we have a check for chief howard. >> chief howard. >> chief, what did your first responders see and many of them were there for the parade. what did they see? >> um, it was just -- i guess for a lack of a better -- just
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carnage. liking it to a war zone. there were adults, children that were injured. some of our first responders were there with their families, they left their families to treat people, helped with incident command, helped transport, along with many other medical personnel and people that were there. but i guess what stands out in my mind from our conversations is that we do have people who have military backgrounds and likened to it a war zone. >> i'll get two more questions. i'll go back right there. with your hand up. your agency and who would you like to question to. >> abc news, to chief please. could you tell us anything about the suspect's previous record and allegations that he may have tried to run over his girlfriend or other -- >> my focus, our focus right now is this incident. this tragic incident is what we're focused on. and the families and victims of this incident. thank you. >> chief, from cnn.
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>> who would you like to speak to? >> chief thompson. for cnn. talk to us about those who are grieving that you know, who memories do you have? >> i'll talk about the incident and being there and seeing -- i'll give you one, as i'm watching officers and fire personnel triaging and taking victims and putting them in ambulances and putting them in squad cars, i have a nurse who walks up to me and said my mother was injured, can we get her help. sure enough, we helped her get her mother into a vehicle and we escorted here, the vehicle out of the scene safely. this is for the family, i want to ask respect for the family. this is very tragic incident.
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and again, still fluid. so, and ongoing. >> we're going stop the questions right there. like i said earlier, we put a press release out shortly within the next 60 minutes will identify the links, identify some of the phone numbers that people can reach out to. at this time we do not have a follow up press conference at this time. everything will be done via press releases. if there is a press conference we will give all of our affiliates ample amount of time to come back to the city hall. thank you very much. >> all right, you've been listened to the waukesha, wisconsin, police presser. they've begin us a lot of information about this horrible crime. this horrible mass casualty event as they've just called it, including the names and ages of the victims. we know now that there were two -- well there was a
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79-year-old woman, a 71-year-old woman killed and two 52-year-old woman killed and a 81-year-old man. there with scores of victims still in the hospital including children and we also learned more about the suspect who has been taken into custody including his name, darrell brooks and his age 39 years old. he is a resident of milwaukee. and we only know skants details about what led up to this horrible crime. joining us now is cnn's senior law enforcement analyst charles ramsey and cnn national security analyst julie a cayenne. and commissioner ramsey, what did you hear there at the press conference? >> well, i mean we did get a lot of information from this particular press conference. was no pursuit, which was a rumor before. this is not associated with any kind of terrorist attack. and at the individual was
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involved in some kind of domestic dispute prior to driving off. we don't know exactly any information about that. was anybody injured or anything like that. and also they verified which we knew last night that a police officer did discharge a weapon at the vehicle, that was moving toward the crowd. so there was a lot of information that came out of this. and obviously there is still a lot of work that has to be done. >> yeah, i agree. there was lot that we didn't know but still so many questions, juliette. it is -- i guess it is comforting to know that this wasn't part of some larger plot, but what happened? are we just going to find out this that suspect was under the influence of something? we just didn't get many details. >> yeah, that's hard to tell. if there is not a pursuit, why was he speeding like that. because you would understand speed like that if you're trying to evade police. and so we don't know what the altercation was that was being alluded to between him and a --
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someone he knew or a family member. he's not from the area, but nearby. so that will come out. but fact that it was not a pursuit, but just a flee is interesting because that doesn't -- you would have more control say over your speed. i think the most important thing coming out of this in the way that we measure news and good news is that there is going to be no more press conference. it is not having national consequences in terms of terrorism or some racial issue. which people were speculating about yesterday. it is a tragedy for the community and for those of us who feel for such things, but they are closing this down as sort of a national event. which it has been for last 24 hours. >> yeah, commissioner, so again, the suspect is named darrell brooks, 39 years old, the police chief there said there was some disturbance prior to the event. why not put more details on that? i mean the community wants to
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know, they seem to be playing that very close to the vest? >> well, i mean, just trying to be cautious because what we don't know is if during the course of the disturbance, is if another charge this person may face if he injured an individual there. so they're just being cautious as to amount of information that they put out. but this is going to put police agencies and emergency managers around the country on alert because, i mean, everybody has thanksgiving and christmas parades coming up. this one happened to be a little earlier than many. but looking at how they're securing the area, using vehicles to block streets, those kind of things i'm sure right now there is some additional planning going on. >> we want to bring in aid re on broadous, there on the scene for us. what is the latest there? >> reporter: well this was an emotional news conference for chief thompson as he told us the names of the five decease the victims at moments he paused,
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swallowing his words, struggling to get out their names and their ages. those victims range in age from 52 to 81 years old. we also learned in this news conference that one of the deceased who was transported to a nearby hospital had already tr transpired before they arrived at the hospital. and as you have been talking we do know the same of the suspect in this case. he has been identified as 39-year-old darrell brooks, facing multiple charges according to law enforcement here. initial charges will be five counts of first-degree intentional homicide. this all happened just a few blocks from where we are right now at what was supposed to be a celebration, a traditional parade for families, starting, beginning to kick off the holiday season. about an hour ago, we heard from the president of the united states,' dressed it before
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talking about other news of the day. and he also mentioned that he hopes people can hold on to that hope and that celebration. i do want to give you some more information about some of the victims, allison. sev we did hear from the children's wisconsin, where some of the patients were transported. they have at least ten children in the intensive care unit at children's wisconsin. and the injuries range. there is a variety of injures ranging from facial abrasions to broken arms to serious head trauma. we learned earlier that when some people showed aup the hospital, they were not conscience. they were unable to speak and tell about what happened. others were conscience. this after what one member of law enforcement here called a night here when describing that parade on main street. so there is a lot that we still want to learn about this suspect, the 39-year-old darrell
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brooks. investigators here told us prior to this incident there was some sort of domestic incident. we don't know a lot about that. but police were clear and said that there was no chase. they did mention a member of law enforcement fired his weapon or fired their weapon but didn't fire any additional shots. no one was hurt because of the number of people in the crowd. so, this community will need support. and the injuries are beyond physical. some of the children, three sets of siblings that were injured and school in this district has been canceled until after the thanksgiving holiday. allison. >> it is just horrible. on so many levels. stick around for us if you would. juliette, so about that, this wasn't just as we now know, i mean i think people suspected right away, this was not spl sort of horrible accident. this was intentional. this driver had to blow a
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barricade, and so the chief was talking about how what do you do about this? this is the parade season. this is the season for thanksgiving and christmas and hanukkah and everything coming up. and so do you think that communities around the country will change their policies because of this? >> i think some will. but it is hard to do. it is expensive. here was the thing about the press conference, at maximum capacity, they said they had something like 30 firefighters working. that is a small community. so these take resources. so some of the things that we think about is can you do cheap things like trash a big trash truck, you put them in away where there might be people congregating at the beginning and end of the parade or other cars that could stop vehicles from coming through. there is planters that are put down. all of them are expensive and they do -- they have an aura of sort of security in the sense that people want to go to a
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parade and not want to feel their under threat all of the time. so it is sort of a balancing at this stage of given what each community is going to feel as a particular vulnerability. but there are certain ways that you could secure openings and the beginnings and ends that communities are learning about. their relatively cheap. you just take some trash trucks and put them there to protect the moment number of people. >> chief, as we've learned, a police officer fired his gun trying to stop this driver. you know, thank god nobody was injured from that. but what else could any police officer have done once this guy blue through the barricade? >> well, i mean he's being down the street and the question is whether or not at the time of the officer fired the rountds, whether or not that was, you know, the best course of action. obviously many departments actually prohibit the firing of a gun at a moving vehicle. unless there are exigent
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circumstances. obviously this would fall within that category. but you have to be concerned about the background, are you likely to strike any innocent person, should you miss. all of those kinds of things. but the reality is, that we've seen in europe where cars have been used to run down people, it is part of terrorist attacks. this is not easy. it is a decision that has to be made in a split-second. and so i wouldn't question the officer's judgment but the internal investigation will take a look at all of those types of things. >> one last question, chief, police are asking the public for any video that they have to aid them in their investigation. >> yeah. >> what more could the video tell them than what we know about the aftermath of this horror? >> well, again, they're just making sure that they collect every bit of evidence that they possibly can. there is going to be a criminal trial. that is going to take place. you have someone charged with five counts of homicide. and so they don't want to leave any stone unturned. and when you have parades like this, people have their cell
11:37 am
phones out and taking photographs and videotaping, anything that they have, even if they don't think it is evidence, they should still give it to the police and let them determine as to whether or not this is something that could be used as evidence in a trial. >> chief ramsey, juliette cayenne and aid ye an proud rouse, thank you. >> it is a very busy news day. now to another story we've been following. trump's former personal attorney and mixer michael cohen was released from prison and house arrest today. in 2018 cope was sentenced to three years in prison for a series of financial crimes stemming from his hush money payments to stormy daniels and karen mcdougal, two women who say they have had affairs with donald trump while he was married to melania. cohen vowed to expose all that he knows. >> today i will not cease my
11:38 am
economiment to law enforcement. i will continue to provide information, testimony, documents and my full cooperation on all ongoing investigations to ensure that others are held responsible for their dirty deeds and that no one is ever believed to be above the law. >> as of this morning, michael cohen is a free man and he is stopping by our newsroom set for his very first interview. while serving his sentence, he woke the book "disloyal" and the host of the mea culpa podcast and joins us now. great to see you. >> it is great to be here. i've been waiting for this day for a long time. >> how are you feeling? >> i feel tiredp i had to get up very early and i went to the bronx to pick up the papers at 6:00 a.m. and down to 500 pearl street which as you saw had quite a few gaggle going on there. it was an interesting day to say the least. >> people have been following these past three years.
11:39 am
of your journey and the fact that you've been speaking out about what you've learned from your association with donald trump and having gone to prison and house arrest. you know, i talked about how all of this stemmed from the hush money payments to stephanie clifford, known as stormy daniels and karen mcdougal. you were the only person prors cuted for the hush money payments. how do you explain that? >> you can't explain this. but i make this promise, i may have been prosecute and right now i am the only one, but i will not be the only one at the end of the -- >> for this crime? >> for this crime and for others whoirks else will be prosecuted. >> i will leave that to the district attorney and the attorney general to continue their investigations and continue their -- >> but i mean who else was involved? >> well there were quite a few people involved. eric trump was involved, allen wisenberg was indictment and don jr. and ivanka, there were a
11:40 am
slew of people involved in this. i was certainly not alone. this wasn't a one-on-one conversation with donald. it was a -- it was a much bigger group, let's just leave it at that. >> as we just played, this morning you vowed to continue helping investigators and we know that you have been helping the manhattan district attorney in their investigation against the trump organization and allen wisefulberg, the cfo who you just mentioned. i think that you've met with them, according to reports, like a dozen times or something. >> yes. >> and what is the status. >>er that working on it hard and as you know donald is -- they want to ensure that they have everything in order before they bring this. obviously they don't want to bring disrepute to the office and they have to make sure that when they do final those indictments against anyone whose last name is trump or others, that those indictments stick. >> when did you last meet with them? >> i can't say any of that. but it's on a regular and
11:41 am
ongoing basis. >> you've always predicted on our air and elsewhere, that donald trump and his adult children would be indicted. but that hasn't happened. >> not yet. >> why not? >> the wheels of justice turn slowly. but at the end of the day, they do ultimately turn full circle. >> i mean, if you have been providing valuable and legitimate information to the investigators, what is taking so long? >> that you'll have to ask mr. mr. pomeranz and si vance and mr. james. he believe they personally have more than enough to bring the indictments yesterday. >> so you believe that you have provided actual receipts, actual evidence of crimes being or do you just directionally point them in the right -- >> or a combination of both. a combination of both. >> that is what you think? that you have? >> mm-hmm.
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>> and as you sit here today you still believe that donald trump will be indicted for something? >> i do. >> and what do you think he will be indicted for? >> again, i can't say. i don't want to get into the sum and substance of the investigation. other than to say that they are working very hard and they're working on a daily basis in terms of bringing this indictment. and again, your point is very well taken an one of the reasons that i made the statement that i did today when i left the 500 pearl street, that i will continue to cooperate and i will continue to provide more documents and information and the reason that i did that is because i received so many text messages, tweets and asking me once your free, are you going to continue to do what we're hoping that you're going to continue to do and that is provide the information and so the answer is an emphatic yes. >> on a larger note, you've paid a very steep price for your association with donald trump. you're not alone. by our last count at least 11
11:43 am
close donald trump associated have been charged with crimes for work that they've done that was somehow connected to donald trump. why do you think so many people around donald trump get charged with crimes and he does not? >> because we're stoop itd. i have no idea. i mean, in all fairness. >> i don't have an answer. donald never had an email address. and so even, i talk about this in my book, he doesn't tell you what to do. he'll never tell you, go get my a coke. he just screamed out coke. so this is the way a mob boss speaks. this is what a mob boss does. they speak in code. and that way he thinks that that is going to stop them from being able to prosecute him for the actions that are taken at his direction and for his benefit and woe be wrong. >> as you know, there is a lot of speculation about whether or not donald trump will run for president again in 2024. bill mar has been talking about
11:44 am
this a lot. including he was just on with chris cuomo last week and here is what he said that night. >> trust me, he's going to run. absolutely. he's going to get the nomination and i certainly wouldn't be surprised if he just won the election. but even if he doesn't win the election, he'll say that he won the election. >> do you agree? >> no. i don't agree. and bill mar is a great guy, i was on his show and i enjoy is very much but he's absolutely wrong. donald will not run. >> why. >> because he has a fragile ego. he lost by what, 9 million sots he will will lose by more than 9 million and his fragile ego could not stand to be considered a two-time loser. >> wouldn't he say that he want. even if he loses, he'll say that he won't. >> he's already saying that for the 2020 election and he'll continue that. this is nothing more than the world's greatest grift. he's bringing in money, greater than when he had the trump organization with all of the its
11:45 am
assets. so why would he give this up and he will only give it up on the day of the election. he will drag this thing on all the way to the end. i have the original document that donald penned and he decide not to run in 2011. and the reasons was his real estate. he was on the apreprentice and e other difference this time versus last is that he's making money each and every day by sending out more texts, donld is running, send $25. >> doesn't he like the power, enjoy liking to be the president. >> he's addicted to the power but he doesn't need to be the president in mis mind to be the man behind the power which goes to his adage, come and kiss the ring. that is a donald adage. >> he said that. >> of the time. they're all coming to mar-a-lago to kiss the ring. >> so that is why you think --
11:46 am
he still holds sway over so many leading republicans? >> because he still has a base. a base of people who i truly don't understand who don't understand that donald trump does not want to be president of this country. he wants to be a dictator anato crat or a monarch, he wants to be the kim jong-un and the bin salman of america and that is not what we want. we're a democracy. and you know we have a constitution and he's trying to shred this constitution on a daily basis by violating people, like my first amendment constitutional rights and doing other things in order to grab the power that he thinks he's entitled to. >> today, a federal judge was sentencing one of the u.s. capitol rioters and said this. al gore had a better case to argue than mr. trump but he was a man about what happened to him. he accepted it and walked away. meaning his loss. do you think that donald trump will ever move on from talking about his claiming that he won
11:47 am
when in fact he lost by million -- >> no chance. no chance. because again it would mean that he would have to acknowledge that he's a loser, that he lost to -- oh, my god, joe biden. how could i, the great donald, lose to sleepy joe biden. it is just not possible. his mind, he is like i said, he has a fragile ego. so he cannot allow that to ever happen. not in his mind, and what his goal is to convince you that he won the election and he's done that with this percentage of americans that are so deep into the cult of trump and trust me i know about the cult of trump. i was one of its leaders. maybe one of its founders and i see exactly the stupid of people as i walk in the city or i get certain text messages on occasion from individuals who are so entrenched into this cult that they can't see straight. >> what is the answer to getting out of it. >> maybe incarceration. it was for me any way. >> for all of that.
11:48 am
let's talk about what is next for you. he were seen recently meeting with kanye west known as ye. >> he's changed his name. >> what is that about? >> i would rather not talk about it. one thing that i've done very well virtually my entire life was help resolve issues for people, we'll call it being a fixer, right. this time, though, some of the issues that i'm talking about with ye are nothing to do with porn stars or playboy playmates. a rot lot it is -- >> are you giving him political advice i don't want to get into the sum and substance. coy geoff you his phone number. >> yes, i'd like that. what is that number? i'd like to call him. but he also wore a mask when you were meeting with him. he's been known to recently been wearing masks.
11:49 am
we have a picture. i don't think this is as creepy as the one that he wore with you. okay, we'll pull that up. here is one that he's been wearing around town which is not as creepy as the one that he wore with you. what is that about? >> he took it out because the second we sat down we were getting mobbed by individuals who wanted photographs with him, who wanted -- he's exceptionally popular. more than even i expected. i knew people would go crazy for it but not to the level that they did. we sat down within five minutes and there were at least 20 or 30 people that were there and then as soon as that 20 or 30 left, 20 or 30 more and we had things to talk about so he decided to put on this mask. he put on his hat, his glasses, and we ultimately were able to engage in a conversation because when those final 30, nobody knew who it was. >> as long as you don't mind engaging in a conversation with
11:50 am
i nobody really knew who it was. >> as long as you don't mind engaging in a conversation with a ghoulish looking mask-clad. >> i was in otisville for 13 1/2 months, i can pretty much talk to anybody. >> in the few seconds we have, left, what's next for you, michael? >> i don't know. one day at a time, i just know that tomorrow i'm going to be joined by a friend of mine for a long awaited pancakes with chocolate chips, something i have been looking forward to for a long time. believe it or not, when you're on home confinement, you can't go to restaurants with friends. i was allowed out twice a week. other than that, that was about it. i'm looking forward to that he is pancakes. >> congratulations on your freedom, michael, and we know this won't be the last time we're talking to you. . >> thank, alisyn. >> thank you so much for being here. attorneys are delivering closing arguments in the trial of three men accused of killing ahmaud arbery. we are going to look at their key points next. autiful ideas that remain in the dark.
11:51 am
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closing arguments are underway in the trial of the three men accused of killing ahmaud arbery. the prosecution argues the defendants hunted down arbery based on assumptions. the defendants claim they were fearful for their lives and had to act in self-defense. cnn's ryan young is live at the courthouse in brunswick, georgia, we just heard from the defense attorney from gregory mcmichael who's the father. what were her arguments? >> her argument was basically, this is a life changing decision that quite honestly she believes that her client was forced in this position based upon the actions of ahmaud arbery. they had reasonable suspicion to believe that something was wrong that day when they got in their
11:56 am
truck and were chasing behind him. they believe he would have said something, they could have avoided this entire situation. of course we also watched in court people reacting to some of the words she was saying. one thing sort of stood out to a lot of us there. at one moment, wanda cooper jones, left court, when she got upset over statement laura hog. the -- hogu. that was said during the part, that upset the family at that point. from tlhere we've heard descriptions of basically how this family was a tight knit family and trying to protect their community after so many calls to 911 about what was going on at that abandoned house. and we should also mention, they're in recess right now for about ten minutes, and during that recess, there was a defense attorney, actually moved for
11:57 am
another mistrial again and the reason why is because outside we have had loud protests and there are people who have shown up with long weapons, and long rifles today. we're told there's going to be a second amendment protest around 4:00 this afternoon. the defense attorneys walked by that during lunch. that upset them, and so they moved for a mistrial. that was denied by the judge. i will also tell you from this standpoint, so far things have remained very calm outside. you can't hear it when you're inside the court. that was one of the questions, has the jury seen any of the action that has happened outside today. so far they believe the jury has been kept away from what's happening outside. one other thing that's an inside detail. there's one juror they believe is falling asleep. there's an argument back and forth. they're going to continue watching that juror to make sure they're not falling asleep during heroes hearings. that happened before when we had long testimonies going on. so far with this back and forth between the defense and the prosecution, it's kind of
11:58 am
surprising that anyone would be drifting off today. at this point we believe one one more defense attorney who's going to go and the prosecution will have a chance to bring it all together in the next hopefully few hours or so. >> thank you for catching us up on all of that. joining us now to discuss, cnn legal analyst elie honig, criminal defense attorney and form prosecutor, mark o'mara, and civil trial attorney eric guster. elie, what jumped out at you today. >> the theme of the argument that we heard from greg mcmichael's lawyer, what did my guy do, he pulled no trigger, and i think she's trying to drive home to the jury, my guy did not pull the trigger. he was standing in the bed of the truck at the time. forget about him. >> he was chasing ahmaud arbery down the street. >> and look for the prosecutor to come back on rebuttal, if they had anything to do with this, if they promoted this, if they were part of it, if they encouraged it, legally they are
11:59 am
all liable. t that's the battleground to watch later. >> one of the things the prosecutor pointed out, how can you claim self-defense if you have been chasing the victim for five minutes while he is running away from you. so here's that moment. >> that's travis mcmichael pulling that shotgun out. what are they going to tell you? they're going to tell you, oh, he was running towards me, and i could tell he was going to attack me. is that reasonable? who brought the shotgun to the party? who took the shotgun out of the car? >> who pointed the shotgun? the guy is running. running away from them for five minutes. you can't create the situation and then go, i was defending myself. you just can't do it. >> what about those points, mark? >> very well made because, again, if you just stop this trial and only looked at ahmaud
12:00 pm
taking that left-hand turn around the front of the car, if that began the evidence, you would look at mcmichaels say, he came at me, he saw i had a gun, i'm allowed to protect myself. you must take it in context, and i thought she did a very good job of saying, look, you can't be the aggressor, and start all of this, and put everything in play and at the last minute, time-out, now i get to argue self-defense. i'm looking forward to what she's going to say on rebuttal, it needs to be brought home again. >> on the flip side, what one of the defense attorneys who we heard from said there's been a lot made of how can they say that they were affecting a citizens arrest when they never mentioned that, never mentioned it to the police. there are no magic words that you need to utter while you


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