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tv   New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar  CNN  November 22, 2021 4:00am-5:00am PST

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his teammates quick to come to his defense. he said, hey, he would never do this on purpose. and it was pretty funny also that russel westbrook didn't realize that he also got a technical foul. he said i got teed up too? a strange situation. >> it was a dirty play. whether it was intentional i think is the issue. >> probably didn't mean to bloody his face. >> "new day" continues right now. >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm john berman with brianna keilar. it is monday, november 22nd. we are getting new information on the tragedy in waukesha, wisconsin. a driver plows through a christmas parade. at least five people are dead. that number could change. more than 40 people are injured. >> there was a red suv seen seed speeding through the parade route there in waukesha.
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one witness described the horror of seeing the holiday celebration turn suddenly tragic. >> the next thing i heard were screams. i saw the car plow into the band that was just past my balcony at that point. it hit two people, rolled over both of them, continued down the road by peoples park which is at the end of the block, and then kept going. it didn't stop. >> this morning, the vehicle has been recovered and a person of interest is in custody. the police chief said their investigation remains very fluid. natasha chen is on the ground in waukesha. you have been covering this all night, talking to people there at the scene. tell us, natasha, the very latest here. >> reporter: yeah. brianna, the police are really focusing on why this happened. they have a lot of the downtown historic court blocked off.
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we are next to main street here, the parade route. you can see in the distance there is still a lot of debris, people's belongings strewn across the street. police markings there. this is the sign of a very festive occasion where people were happy. they were gathered with families. a lot of local leaders here turned very quickly into tragedy. the moment that that red suv made impact to the first group of people, that spot was just three blocks east of where we're standing here. and we know that the archdiocese of milwaukee has even said a catholic priest and catholic schoolchildren are among the injured. here's the mayor talking about his own experience at the parade on sunday. >> today we experienced a horrible, senseless tragedy. i walked in the parade at the beginning. i saw the happy children sitting on the curb. i saw the happy parents behind their children.
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i can still see the smiling faces. a parade is a celebration for our community. today our community faced horror and tragedy in what should have been a community celebration. >> reporter: in a couple of the witness interviews we have heard and also the clip that you played, angela oboyle, hearing parents call out their children's names in desperation in those moments. another witness saying she heard thuds had the car made impact with people, just absolutely terrifying. and of course the police have a lot of work to do right now. this he didn't answer a lot of questions last night. with he hope to get more tails from them when they update the press early. brianna and john. . >> we are struck by the video as well of the little girl. she looks past only once the car
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has passed. she was so incredibly lucky. natasha, thank you so much for your continued reporting on this. >> joining me now is angelito, you are running for a different office, you were there campaigning. why don't you tell me what you saw, what you went through. >> good morning. thank you for having me. i'm an alderman. i'm a candidate for wisconsin state treasurer. and i was initially marching the parade with the waukesha county democrats. we had just finished the route. we decided we wanted to circle back to watch the rest of the parade, dancers, musicians and enjoy the evening. as we were heading back towards main street, that's when i saw the suv just zooming down along the parade route. and then all of a sudden i heard
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this loud bang. and immediately deafening cries and screams from people at the area, people at the parade. it was absolutely chaotic. it was horrifying. a lot of uncertainty, a lot of unknown. nobody knew if this was an attack or an accident or if it was deliberate attack on the people of the parade. people started fleeing, grabbing their children, calling, screaming, looking for their loved ones. and when the crowd cleared out, that's when it looked like i saw people who appeared to be lying in the middle of the street, lying still, lying lifeless. quickly first responders came in, police, ambulances came in and secured the area. >> i'm sorry you had to go through that. i am glad that you and your family are doing well. you say you saw the suv driving
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the parade route. what exactly did you see? . >> it was zooming. and more clearly i remember what i heard. the last thing i heard was the band music, and then i heard the vehicle, almost the engine revving, speeding up. it sounded like the driver was putting pedal to the metal and speeding out. i just heard a loud bang and screams and cries. people in pain, free, and agony. >> ugh. it's a vivid, painful description you're giving there. who did you see on the ground? describe the types of people you saw that were injured. >> it's hard to tell from where i was standing, but it did look like children, kids were lying on the ground. after the initial impact. it was truly a horrific scene. the last thing we would have
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expected being at this parade. . >> were there a lot of kids marching in the parade. dance groups. >> before the tragedy happened, we were waving, smiling, greeting people, music playing, dancers, performers. and even while we were marching, i thought how impressive the turnout was in terms of participants and attendants. people wanted to gather together in person, especially after last year's parade being canceled due to covid. people wanted to gather together and celebrate going into the holidays. >> any security visible? what was present in terms of security before or during the parade? . >> so there were different streets that were blocked off from -- with road barricades, with the police officers.
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so there were different side streets being blocked off towards the main street. that was the security i did see. and i think them being there, they're able to quickly come into the area of the scene. >> you say you saw people being treated there. how long did it take between when you saw the car and when it was clear that there was just a huge catastrophe? >> it took minutes. it really happened so quickly. everything happened so fast with the crowd. the crowd fleeing, running away from the area. and then police, first responders coming in. came in very quickly to address and to help people and secure the area, secure the perimeter. . >> you're saying you were with your family. who was with you? . >> i was. i was with my campaign manager and with my mom, brother, sister, and my sister's boyfriend. and we -- after we marched, we
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just wanted to enjoy the rest of the evening and celebrate the holidays. but that quickly changed when tragedy struck. >> i understand the theme for this year's parade was supposed to be comfort and joy. and i know that's got to be hard to think about this morning. but i know you and others in the community need to be offering comfort to those who were there this tragedy, looking for answers this morning. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. thank you for having me. closing arguments about to start in the trial of the three men charged with killing ahmaud arbery. we're going to talk about the legal strategy for both sides next. plus, a mob of looters armed with crow bars storm a california department store. and three senators calling out what they call sexist coverage of kyrsten sinema's clothes. bad... try this robitussin honey. the real honey you love...
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just hours from now, closing argument in the trial of the three men charged in the fatal shooting of ahmaud arbery in georgia. in virginia, the jurgens its second day of deliberations in the civil case involving white nationalists who organized the unite the right rally back in 2017. a woman was killed when a man drove his car into a crowd of counterprotesters. and the rittenhouse acquittal triggers protests in several u.s. cities. i want to talk about the case in the killing of ahmaud arbery out
4:15 am
of georgia first. i am ginned by cnn senior legal analyst and former federal prosecutor elie honig. i want to get a sense of what you expect. start with the prosecution. . >> the most traumatic high-stakes moment is the closing argument is in a murder case. they have travis mcmichael, the person who shot and killed ahmaud arbery. his father greg standing in the bed of the pickup next to the scene. and william roddie bryan in a different pickup truck down the street. malice murder, they did it without legal justification. and then two counts of aggravated assault. one by pointing the shotgun at ahmaud arbery. the second, using their pickups to chase him, threaten him and at times make contact with him.
4:16 am
relatedly, two counts of false imprisonment. that means they used the pickup trucks to restrict his movements. gregory mcmichael said they had him trapped like a rat. and one count attaches to each of these four felonies. assault, imprisonment and he decide as a result, they are liable for murder even if they did not intend to kill ahmaud arbery. really we are going to see 27 verdicts. the three defendants times the nine counts. . >> i was just going to ask that. each of these three defendants will be considered separately. what do you think as a prosecutor? is it possible a jury could split them up? >> absolutely. you could see one or two or all three. some could be convicted on four of the nine, nine of the nine, zero of the nine. 27 straight verdicts today. >> what do you expect from the
4:17 am
defense? >> there is a two-pronged argument. they were operating under an old georgia law which has since been repealed that allows in certain circumstances private citizens to make arrests. the argument that we married from the defendant is this is travis mcmichael's testimony. he said the guy that's been breaking into the houses that ran past our house, i was under the impression it was the same guy from the 11th two weeks prior. two problems here, when they talked to the police, they said nothing. and this is not enough. you have to have witnessed a crime or have reasonable paves to think a felony was committed. the guy running past i thought was the guy from two weeks ago, prosecutors will argue that is not enough. and the traditional self-defense claim. travis mcmichael testified he had my gun. he struck me. it was obvious he was attacking me. if he had gotten the shot done from me, it was a life or death
4:18 am
situation. big problem there. here's what he said to police on the day of. i want to say he did, but honestly i do not remember. the prosecutor will argue there is a world of difference between he had my gun and i do not remember. >> where does it go from here? >> today we will see closing arguments. the lead prosecutor gets to go first. she has the burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt. we will then hear closing arguments for the lawyers for each of the three defendants. then the prosecutor can come back and give rebuttal. that's the final word. vital to keep in mind all three defendants are also charged federally. so no matter what happens in this state trial, it's very important what happens in the state trial, whether they're acquitted, convicted or some mixture, they are all going to be tried in federal court in early 22. they are charged with hate crimes in a death, attempted kidnapping, firearm during crime. they have a federal charge
4:19 am
looming. kwe conviction rates are higher than state courts typically. >> today is very important. we'll be watching closely. thank you. new division over gun laws. on friday, kyle rittenhouse was found not guilty in the name of self-defense after killing two men and wound agriculture i third. the country is divided by the outcome from head coach steve kerr to madison cawthorn, to kyle rittenhouse's own lawyer. >> i think the thing that i'm most concerned about is gun laws in this country. you know, the fact that, it is seemingly okay a teenager's right to take an ar-15 into an area where there is civil unrest. that is really scary and concerning.
4:20 am
this is america. we are treading down a dangerous path. >> to me, and i know people will go nuts when i say this, there are too many guns in our society. i wish it wasn't perceived as so dangerous that people need to arm themselves. >> be armed, be dangerous and be moral. >> let's talk about all of that with former white house communications director under the trump administration alyssa farah. i guess, firstly, i want to know what you think about the verdict. i want to know if you think it encourages militias. >> something can be legally sound but not the morally right decision. it was self-defense under the laws of the state. however, it raises so many questions. why do you have a 17-year-old man arming himself to do vigilante justice. his mom supporting this. this goes back to most problems in society can be solved at the
4:21 am
kitchen table. why his mom thought he needed to be there, put himself in this situation. it's terrible, and it was avoidable. i do worry that it encourages vigilanteism in the future. i'm a little frayed of my friends on the right, and i am a republican, making him a martyr for the cause. we are the party of law and order, allow the police to do their job. and if they're not, there is a way to do this that is short of arming yourself and taking up arms in the streets and allowing something like this to happen. >> what do you think the effect is of lionizing him or the fear you have over what the effect may be? . >> for one, it encourages others. this young man is being used as a pawn right now. he is on this tucker carlson program around his trial and what happened next. he's a 17-year-old with his whole life ahead of him who, you know, i think there's going to be a moment where what happened, what he saw. yes, it was self-defense.
4:22 am
but he killed people. and that is going to come to bear for him and be very challenging. rather than kind of using him to earn cheap political points, maybe it's time to move on. i actually thought joe biden's statement was very effective to say we've got to allow the rule of law to play out. it did in this case. but it's also time to heal and move on. we shouldn't be putting kyle rittenhouse on tv, we shouldn't be making him a hero. he's not. he got off, and we need to move on and the state needs to heal. >> it is not something to celebrate. sit clearly something to mourn. but that's not what we're seeing. two fox news contributors are quitting because of that special. it's total b.s. that tucker carlson put on. and they released a statement where they were talking about this basically being the last straw. what do you think of what they're saying and what they're doing, and also do you think it's going to matter? >> well, so good for both steven hayes and jonah goldberg, old
4:23 am
school intellectual. jonah's book is something that inspired me to be a conservative. they're both absolutely right. do i think it will have an impact? probably not. i hope, though, for some of the folks, there are very good journalists at fox news. dana re perino, bret baier. what tucker carlson is putting out there could be straight out of propaganda in a foreign nation trying to interfere in our system. it's not true. it's conspiracy mongering. it is meant to divide. it will help lead to things like the insurrection happening again. that's what's scary about it. there have to be standards for what we put on air. it should start with the truth, but it should also be is this dangerous to put out into the public eye without any explanation that this isn't in fact, true. this is pure conspiracy
4:24 am
mongering. >> we talked about the celebration of violence. that's what this special did. i want to ask you about three female senators, bipartisan. you have two republicans and a democrat. they published a letter to the editor in the "new york times" where they call out "the times" for printing what they call sexist coverage of their democratic colleague kyrsten sinema of arizona saying that they are focused too much on how she dresses. what do you think? >> i think sit a great bipartisan moment. it's true, if it was a man, we wouldn't be having these conversations. >> obama's beige suit. >> true. it is a bipartisan discussion where both sides work together on massive influential legislation for the good of the country. kyrsten sinema embodied that. she is criticized by the left
4:25 am
and the right to get bipartisan agreements. that's what she should be noticed for. i don't care wears a clown costume on the senate floor if she's going to live up to what the senate should be. in today's age seems kind of rare. people retreat into their partisan corners, which is the easiest thing to do. what she does is brave and good for the country. i totally agree with the female senators coming out in her defense. it is pure sexism. >> could you care or not care if she or anyone else, male or female, would wear a clown costume? >> maybe not. but i'm there for a denim vest. >> you have a line. alissa, thank you so much. disturbing new details on the suv that plowed through the christmas parade in waukesha, wisconsin. we are now learning where the suspect is coming from. plus, looters ransacking a
4:26 am
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>> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. we do have breaking news on the investigation of the suv driver that ran through a christmas parade in waukesha, wisconsin, killing five and injuring 40. multiple law enforcement sources now say there are indications that the suspect was fleeing another incident when he drove into this parade route. they also say there is no known connection to international or domestic terrorism, and it does not appear to be connected to the verdict in the kyle rittenhouse case in nearby kenosha. here's how one witness described this horrifying scene. >> there were a lot of screams. we almost thought maybe it was san attachment it was a red suv, and it hit a lot of people.
4:31 am
after the suv left, there were multiple people on the ground, and the police came through a little bit later saying at least 30 on the ground. and the police said shots were fired. >> the police chief said shots were fired by a police officer to try to stop the vehicle and no bystanders were injured as a result. let's discuss this with senior law enforcement analyst and former fbi deputy director andrew mccabe. andy, i think there's so much we still want to know. but this appears to be linked to this person fleeing another scene, another incident. what does that tell you? what questions does that raise? >> well, it kind of confirms some of the suspicions many of us had last night. the first few videos that came in, you saw the redford escape careening through the parade route but not -- suspiciously not hitting many of the people that had passed. and so it causes many of us to
4:32 am
speculate maybe he was trying to get through that route at a high rate of speed for some reason. there were opportunities he could have inflicted more carnage and did not do so. it confirms the initial suspicion there might have been something else going on rather than someone targeting paradegoers. >> what about the scene, which is a huge crime scene. . >> or there two separate lines oven choiry going on right now. first, of course, is fully exploiting that scene. imagine, you know, a serious car accident where there are injuries. it takes a long time for the road to get cleared because the police officers do an extensive investigation that includes measurements and photographs and collection of evidence. so you have that going on here. but across several cities blocks where numerous individuals were injured. so very complicated and extensive work there. and the second channel, you have investigators really trying to
4:33 am
piece through exactly what led to this tragedy. if the suspect or the person of interest who is in custody is speaking to investigators and being interviewed, that obviously helps that along much more quickly. but if not, they have other avenues to follow. they will be executing search warrants at this person's residence. they'll be looking through the vehicle. they will be trying to establish maybe his associates and family members and interviewing those people as well. . >> obviously, this person wasn't thinking reasonably. i don't know what kind of incident they were fleeing. it is hard to imagine them fleeing an incident and thinking plowing through and killing five people is somehow a solution to whatever they were fleeing. >> really hard to put any kind of logic on the decisions that were clearly at play here, right. and if i've learned one thing over a 20-plus year career in law enforcement, i've learned that desperate people do strange
4:34 am
and dangerous things, right. so someone who is fleeing a scene of violence, maybe, you know, a felony level potential arrest and just wants to get away from the authorities, get away from people that might be pursuing him or her, those folks are liable to do dangerous and desperate things in that moment of desperation. >> do you think we'll hear about charges soon? >> oh, i expect we will. i expect we will. at least by the end of the day, charges based simply on that we all saw that happened on the video, but that investigation will go on. >> it's just horrific. . >> it really is. incredible tragedy. >> andrew mccabe, thanks so much. >> thanks, brianna. police near san francisco are looking for dozens of suspects after this band of looters in ski masks ransacked a department store. polo? >> reporter: when you see the pictures, it was clear. it was a huge smash and grab operation on saturday. police saying at least 80
4:35 am
suspects ransacked a nordstrom department store in walnut creek, california. officers stopped one of several vehicles, managed to detain three people. they hope they will lead them to more suspects. this incident following similar lootings on friday night in union square and other surrounding areas in san francisco. unclear, though, right now whether or not they are actually related. san francisco has been struggling with a surge in crime this year. take the central district, for example. larceny any and theft incidents are up 88% from a year earlier. overall crime up almost 52% according to police statistics. and san francisco not the only city that's grappling with these kind of group grab and go crimes. on wednesday afternoon, several people swarmed into a louis vuitton store in oak brook, illinois. they took $120,000 worth of merchandise according to wls.
4:36 am
philadelphia police searching for a motive and the person who shot and killed a pregnant woman and her unborn child saturday night. investigators say the 32-year-old was shot as she was carrying gifts from her own baby shower. the city is offering $50,000 for any information that leads to an arrest, john. we heard from the police commissioner who said even after they recorded a record number of weapons off the streets, more needs to be done to address this issue of gun violence. we heard from the police commissioner, elected officials and police officers included, need to be as angry as they can about this. >> just awful. polo sandoval, thank you very much. so jacob blake's mother speaks out here on "new day" coming up. her reaction on the jury's decision to acquit kyle rittenhouse on all charges in kenosha.
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new this morning, a report in the "washington post" that is raising some eyebrows. normally it's a given that an incumbent president will run for re-election. you won't even think to ask. and insiders won't even think to tell people. but they are making a point to tell supporters that he does plan to run for re-election. president biden and members of his inner circle have reassured allies in recent days that he plans to run for re-election in 2024 as they take steps to deflect concern about the 79-year-old's commitment to another campaign and growing democratic fears of a couple republican return to power. cnn legal analyst ron brownstein. >> i have not been in my hometown for two years.
4:42 am
this is my first return. . >> you and i have covered campaigns for a minute or two. i have never seen an incumbent -- i have never seen an article like this. >> yeah. >> where there is a feeling there needs to be reassurance. >> it obviously starts with his age, radio it? but i think there are other things going on here. there is existential dread. making it harder to vote and easier to subvert the result. everything you are hearing from donald trump, accelerating the big lie, intensifying it. con couple tphapbt with that there is a concern that no one else in the democratic party looks capable of beating him. there's doubts about buttigieg.
4:43 am
we have a president coming in, having a bad economy when they arrive, a bad midterm and recovering to win fairly comfortably. that is the story from reagan 82 to 84, clinton 94 to 96, obama, 10 to 12. there is reason for the white house to say, look, this is the strongest bet we have even if the midterm goes bad >> who needs to hear this message, do you think? >> well, look, democratic donors and democratic activists are broadly speaking unnerved. they have unified power. given what's happening in the red states on so many issues, particularly on the right to vote, there is a sense that it is republicans on the march. i think it has given a lot of democrats a sense of drift, even though they are passing major
4:44 am
legislation. and biden is trying to reassure the hole activist base. stkphrp one democrat involved in the campaign said they couldn't think of a single person they had spoken to in the last month who considers biden running again to be a real one. i have to say, that's not the impression that i get from democrats. >> biden is at 42%. people are unhappy with inflation, covid. they are worried about the supply chain. all of those kinds of things. at that moment, sure. if the inflation is down, jobs are up, his approval is back in the 50% range. we have a lot of precedent for exactly this arc. sure, there are other examples in history. reagan lost 26 seats in '82, won 49 states in '84. clinton lost the house and the senate in '94. won comfortably in '96.
4:45 am
and then obama. so there is an arc to a presidency. many of the things they are passing now, if they in fact, pass the build back better agenda will not be felt in time to affect '22. >> it's not just a possibility. history would say that there is some precedent here. it goes into what bay toe o'rourke said over the weekend. dana asked directly if he would want joe biden to go to texas to campaign him as he runs for governor. listen. >> this campaign in texas is not going to be about joe biden. it's not going to be about donald trump. it's not going to be about anyone from outside of our state. this is going to be about the people of texas and what the people of texas want. >> does that mean that you would prefer that he not come based on what you just said? >> it means that i'm focused on texas and on my fellow texans. those are the people most important to me. there is no politician, no other
4:46 am
person from outside the state who can help to change the course of the election for better or worse. that's why i'm traveling to every part of the state, to make sure no one is written off, no one is taken for granted and we keep the focus on texas. . >> what do you think? >> politics 101. midterm elections are almost always tough for the president's party. you try to localize and separate. what is he at in texas? there is a larger point here. when bill clinton was elected in '92, california was a swing state. he had someone in the white house who thought about how do i move california further into the democratic column. i thought biden, when he won the election, got closer in texas, did very well in the big metros but still lost, would be doing something like that, would think how to engineer the long-term shift in texas. they haven't really done that. he's in a weaker position. all the fights with the
4:47 am
governor, which isn't a negative. he hasn't figured out how to align all the forces in all the big metros that have been moving democratic. there is a lost opportunity in texas that beto o'rourke is referring to. the build back better plan, if they can get it done, and one of the key provisions is expanding health to all the people who did not expand medicaid, a huge calling kaurd in texas. >> all the negativity democrats are feeling could be vastly different one year from now, two years from now. ron brownstein, nice to see you. >> nice to be back, john. breaking news moments ago. a suspect plowed an suv through a parade in wisconsin. why it may not have been a deliberate attack. >> next, freedom for two hostages who were kidnapped by a gang in haiti.
4:48 am
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in haiti, two missionaries are free today after they were kidnapped by a gang as part of a larger group more than four weeks ago. these two hostages were released, part of this group of 17, which includes several very young children who were traveling on a mission when they were kidnapped by a haitian gang. cnn's matt rivers is live for us with the latest on this. matt? >> reporter: brianna, it had been several weeks since we got any substantive updates on the status of these 17 missionaries, 16 of them being american, one canadian, but it was yesterday afternoon relatively later in the day that we heard from christian aid ministries, that is the group that this group of missionaries was in haiti working on behalf of, and they put out this statement, basically confirming that two of the 17 hostages were freed in haiti and they didn't give a ton more information beyond that, saying in a statement in part, "these two hostages are safe,
4:53 am
they are in good spirits and cared for. we cannot provide or confirm the names of those released, the reasons for their release, where they are from or current location." they say "obviously our hearts are with the 15 people still be held." haiti security forces confirmed the release two of people. this is very good news and a sign perhaps the gang that kidnapped these missionaries called 400 mawozo, on the outskirts of haiti they're willing to let some people go free as negotiations to free 15 other people trapped there are ongoing. there remains a lot of concern over the status of those 15 people. it's now been more than a month. this group was kidnapped originally october 16th. they're not held in great conditions so obviously all of their loved ones back in the united states and the u.s. state department, the canadian foreign
4:54 am
ministry, all involved remain very concerned about the status of those 15 people, still being held by this very powerful gang on the outskirts of port-au-prince. >> matt rivers, thank you for that update. so big loss for fans of classic baseball movies. veteran character actor art lafleur has died. in "field of dreams" with kevin kostner, mr. baseball with tom sellic and played the ghost of babe ruth in "the sand lot" and one of the most memorable moments. >> think about that, kid. i'll see you later. remember, kid, there's heroes and there's ledgends. heroes get remembered, but legends never die. >> art lafleur died after a decade-long bat well atypical parkinson's disease. he was 78. it was a big weekend in
4:55 am
entertainment, including the return of iconic film franchise. >> i'm chloe milass. who you gonna call? sounds like ghostbusters answered the box office call this tweak understand. the film ghost busters afterlife brought in an estimated $44 million in north america. good news for sony who released the film exclusively in theaters. the movie stars paul hud and kerry koon and aykroyd, bill murray and ernie hudson all returned to the movie to reprise their beloved roles and fun fact, the movie is directed by jason wrightman, whose father ivan directed the original 1948 and 1989 films. i'm polo sandoval in new york city, a controversial statue of theodore roosevelt will be removed. if you visit the natural history museum you've seen it, in 1940,
4:56 am
roosevelt an horseback flanked by a native american man and african american man as well. the city commission voted unanimously to remove the statue. some members of the family and library set to open in north dakota in 2025 agreed the statue is problematic in its compo composition. in a statement that library wrote that this statue in its current location denies passersby consent and context. the agreement with the city allows the library to relocate the statue for storage while considering a display that would enable it to serve as an important tool to study the nation's past. >> thanks to polo and chloe for that. we have breaking news out of wisconsin, so "new day" continues right now. >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. >> good morning, to viewers here in the united states and around the world.
4:57 am
i'm brianna keilar with john berman. it is monday, november 22nd. at least five people were killed overnight and more than 40 injured sunday in wakashaw, wisconsin. an suv plowed through police barricades and it kept going at a high speed into the crowded parade route. for those on the scene who witnessed this, belief turned to horror. >> it was truly horrifying, and shocking, and very saddening and upsetting. parents were running around the area, looking for their kids, looking for their families, looking for their friends, people quickly trying to get out of the area, trying to get to safety. >> i saw three people in front of me get hit and i saw people on the ground, there's blood and it was really bad. >> and we're getting new information just in to cnn.
4:58 am
investigators believe the suspect was fleeing another incident when he drove into the parade route. cnn's natasha chen on the ground in wakashaw. first shimon prokupecz. fleeing from one place to another. >> reporter: that's what law enforcement officials say they believe he was fleeing another crime scene and while fleeing, he drove through this parade route striking several people. one thing on social media they say that there's some belief this wasn't intentional. he didn't mean to hit some of the people. when you look at the video it seems like he avoided a number of people. so that's one of the things law en, fomt forcement was looking .
4:59 am
no connection to local or domestic or domestic or international terrorism. the fbi's work has not seen any connection to terrorism. everyone has been on heightened alert with the kenosha verdict. they say there is no connection to that as well. the person is driving through the parade route and striking all of these people. that's the information that law enforcement right now is working with. officially they've not identified the person of interest, they know who he is. is he designed by the police and hopefully we will learn more about him in the coming hours. >> we should know whatever the level of planning obviously a tragedy for the people who lost loved ones, five dead at least so far, the death toll could rise as the morning continues. shimon, if you're still with me. >> reporter: yes.
5:00 am
>> investigators say no evidence they can see of premeditation for what happened at the parade, because fleeing a different crime scene, any information as to the nature of that other alleged crime? >> reporter: it may have been some kind of a fight or something. it's not entirely clear to us what that is. obviously law enforcement has that information, but it's not entirely clear, but they learned this information pretty early on. that's why when the fbi was brought in to assist, they said, they issued a statement saying that the local, the police there, the local police, the state police were going to be taking the lead on this, because very early on, they could see that there was no connection to any kind of terrorism or any obviously the other issues that are going on, since the verdict, because of course, that's something they were concerned. they do not see any kind of planning behind this. of course, there were early reports that shots were fire


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