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tv   CNN Newsroom With Alisyn Camerota and Victor Blackwell  CNN  November 19, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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consultant and we have some information based upon a pool reporter of what the jury's response was through some of this. and i'll just read it to you. they looked fatigued. the pool reporter says today. friday afternoon, some of them looked fatigued in the jury box. some of them looked uneasy. some had their hands on their chins, they were rubbing their ease, others ill at ease, folding their arms across their chest. given that, and given that you know it was 25 plus hours of deliberations, what can you divine about what we know about the jury's thought process? >> right. even though on the five counts, he was not guilty. i think leading up to it was a harder, arduous process, and it's also telling that they didn't come to the judge. they didn't say, hey, we're stuck, we need help. they really went right into these questions and the law. a lot of juries start off and
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they have an idea, a predetermined outcome in their mind what they want the result to be, and they work backwards and into a verdict. i don't think that happened here at all. i think the jury came in, they had some leanings one way, and then they went at it. they argued with each other, and they certainly very me tick lou -- meticulously looked at the law, and tried hard to get it right. as has been said, the prosecution had a tough burden in this case. there might be some jurors on the jury who felt that kyle rittenhouse engaged in wrong doing, shouldn't have been there but looked at the letter of the law, and felt ultimately the prosecution didn't have that you are burden of proof on the case. >> eric, you have been so patient, i need you to stand by a little longer. we want to reset for our viewers who are just joining us. it's past the top of the hour, i'm alisyn camerota, following breaking news out of kenosha, wisconsin. a jury has acquitted kyle rittenhouse on all counts.
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rittenhouse who he was 17 years old when he fatally shot two men and wounded a third with an ar style rifle that he brought to a racial justice protest in august of 2020. you saw there him reacting to hearing the not guilty verdict. he collapsed down under the desk and then had to sit down. he did take the stand during this trial. he sobbed. he explained why he thought he was acting in self-defense. and you see his emotional reaction when the verdict is read. >> joseph rosenbaum, we the jury find the department kyle rittenhouse not guilty. as to the second count of information, richard mcginniss, we the jury find the defendant kyle h. rittenhouse not guilty. as to the third count of the information, unknown male, we the jury find the defendant kyle h. rittenhouse not guilty. as to the fourth count of the information, anthony kuber, we
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the jury find the defendant kyle h. rittenhouse not guilty. as to the fifth count of the information gaige grosskreutz, we the jury find the defendant kyle h. rittenhouse, not guilty. >> members of the jury, these are your unanimous juries? is there anyone that does not agree with the verdict as read? >> rittenhouse's lead attorney just spoke explaining his client's reaction. >> kyle is not here. he's on his way home. he wanted to get on with his life. he has a huge sense of relief for what the jury did to him today. he wishes none of this would have ever happened. >> we have a team of reporters on the ground in kenosha, and we
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want to go out to shimon prokupecz who has been watching this case every day. shimon, the response. >> reporter: right. so we're just getting in some new information out that i want to tell you off the top from the prosecutor in this case, mark binger. as you know, as you heard mark richards there state. during the trial these two guys really fought against each other. there were personal attacks, mark richards, the defense attorney, lobbing many of those personal attacks during the closing arguments saying how prosecutors rushed this case, that it was political, that they wanted to bring this case for political reasons. the prosecutor just now issuing a statement saying that they are disappointed with the verdict but that it must be respected. they say this they are grateful to the members of the jury for their diligence, and thoughtful deliberations. s kenosha community has endured much over the past 15 months, yet we remain resilient and strong. we ask that members of our community to continue to express
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their opinions and feelings about this verdict in a civil and peaceful manner. there you go, you have another official here obviously urging peace and calm and so far, that's exactly what we're seeing out here. but these two lawyers, the defense attorney, mark richards, also we should say another of kyle rittenhouse's attorneys, who did one of the probably most important cross-examinations at this trial was against one of the shooting victims, grosskreutz, gaige grosskreutz when he got him to admit he point add gun at kyle rittenhouse and rittenhouse fired. the prosecutors and the defense, they really went at it for much of the case, especially during the closing arguments, and you heard mark richards there when he was talking, the defense attorney saying how this case, for the prosecutors he felt was
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about winning. he was angry about how they proceeded in this case. he said this was not about truth, and so that's how he failed. that's certainly that they should not have brought this case. they made it very clear during the case when they were really just attacking the prosecution personally, but here we have the prosecutor responding saying that they respect the verdict and that they urge people to be peaceful and calm. >> i think that is so important. that's losing with grace. they say we're disappointed but the verdict must be respected. and we thank the jurors. they could say different things, but clearly going towards bringing down the temperature outside the courthouse, and that's rare and valuable! >> reporter: it certainly is, and the temperature here, there was a lot of concern over what might happen if there was -- either way, whichever way the verdict may go. you know, one day we were out here, there was a person who was walking around with an ar-15 style rifle, the police diffuse,
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the deputy sheriffs are the ones that are manning the security at the courthouse. they diffused the situation, you can't have your gun here within a thousand feet of a school, you have to leave. different groups would gather, it was peaceful, small incidents but for the most part people got an opportunity to voice their opinions. it was remarkable to watch how close the security officials here allowed people to get on to the steps of the courthouse. they allowed anyone who wanted to come in. they allowed people to stay on the stairs, voice their opinions, say whatever they want to say. really all the action that was happening here was inside the courtroom, right, i mean, you had a real battle between these attorneys who really fought for kyle rittenhouse. of course the prosecutors fighting for their case and when you look at this case, the problems that there were with the prosecution's witnesses, you know, for us who covered the story, who are here, we didn't really get an inside look into the case until many witnesses
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took the stand, and day by day you started seeing witnesses, hearing their testimonies, you saw the holes and issues the prosecutors had with their case, and the defense seized on every opportunity they could, and here they have been, you know, they have their win, and certainly the jurors who listened to kyle rittenhouse's testimony know there was a pool report, one of the reporters who was watching this during the testimony of kyle rittenhouse, where they felt that the jury was sympathetic to kyle rittenhouse. a key moment when he testified, that was an important moment and probably something that the defense attorneys are very happy that they did. >> shimon, thank you for all of that really important context. let's go to sara sidner who's standing by, also on the ground there in sekenosha. give us the reaction and what happened when all of those not guilties were heard. >> reporter: when we first heard
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the first not guilty in the case, you could hear kyle rittenhouse's mother gasp audibly. and then as each of them, all five at the very end, when all five were read out, kyle rittenhouse himself realized that he was a free man. and he sort of collapsed on to the table. his attorney, one of the his attorneys helping him up, helping him to regain, you know, his composure, but it was a very emotional time, not just for the rittenhouses but also for those whose families members were shot and killed by kyle rittenhouse or injured by kyle rittenhouse, and, you know, as you sat in the courtroom, you know, everyone -- it was very quiet, the jury seemed a little fatigued. and as they, you know, listened to this being read out, in this particular courtroom, it was the clerk that read out each and every verdict one by one. not the foreperson or the judge that happens in some other states, and so it was up to the clerk to make sure that she got
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all the details right, and she did. the jury did their service, the judge has been very thankful for the jury and repeatedly said that he thinks often courts do not treat juries well, and that they should be treated better. this jury did its skjob, the jue said, and you know, everyone stood up as the jury came in and stood up as the jury left. and then the families started coming out, and those, anthony huber's aunt has been in court this whole time throughout this trial, and one of his other family members, his parents, however have not. anthony huber, i will remind you is the second person who was shot and killed that night in august 25th by kyle rittenhouse. and his parents said that they were not able to attend because they simply could not sit there and watch the video of their son being killed over and over again. they also sent out a statement saying this, that they are heartbroken and angry that kyle rittenhouse was acquitted in his
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criminal trial for what they call the murder of their son. anthony huber, and they said there was no justice for anthony or for mr. rittenhouse's other victims, joseph rosenbaum and gaige grosskreutz. to be clear, the juror has decided he did not commit murder, that he indeed was acting in self-defense, which is what the defense had presented to them, the prosecution obviously fighting against that. we, you know, we expect to hear from some more of these families. we expect to hear from the -- at least the attorney potentially for gaige grosskreutz who was severely injured in this, and who did take the stand. his testimony paramount in this case, as well as all of the video that this jury had and could watch as many times as it wanted. there was a lot of consternation by the defense in letting this jury watch the video, you have to be careful putting so much
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onus on one piece of evidence. the judge being very clear, that may apply to witness statements, but that should not apply to video that shows the action that they are deciding. it shows the very moments of these killings, and so the jury did so. they did take a look at the video again, and their decision was that he was not guilty on all five counts. and that decision is final. the prosecution coming out and being very clear that while they are disappointed with the jury's decision, they respect it. and of course the defense saying, you know, this is a good day for them. this is a day they had hoped for, that they were tortured as they waited for this. this is the longest time that the attorney mark richards, one of the defense attorneys for kyle rittenhouse waited for a jury verdict, and he didn't know what to think, but that it was very difficult during that wait. they are of course relieved now, and they are talking about all of the fundraising that has come in for kyle rittenhouse, and for his defend, and what will happen
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with the money in the end which is being discussed but this was a day of relief, if you will, for the defense, and a day or sorrow for those who lost family members in the shooting in august because of kyle rittenhouse holding that ar-15 style rifle. but again, the jury decided. he did so, he killed people and injured people in self-defense that day. >> stand by if you would for us. we want to go to adrienne broaddus where we have seen tensions running very high. what's the mood now? >> it's calm at this hour. alisyn. and you know, the jury deliberated for more than 24 hours over the course of four days. but outside on the steps of the courthouse we have seen deliberations between people supporting kyle rittenhouse and those who believe kyle rittenhouse should have been found guilty on all charges, and those deliberations continue. to the left of us, there's a group of people gathering.
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they have been going back and forth talking about why they don't agree with the verdict the jury handed down. earlier on these steps, we spoke with the uncle of jacob blake, justin, now you can't say the name kyle rittenhouse without bringing up jacob blake. that's the reason we are here. if you remember that night in august, people were protesting against what they called police brutality because jacob blake had been shot by police, and that shooting left him paralyzed. his nephew, excuse me, is nephew is still fighting to walk again. when i spoke with blake's uncle on the steps, he told me he's disappointed. he said he was not surprised. he talked about the history of the city of kenosha, and he spoke about the day in january when we were here, and it was cold and they were protesting then after the officer who shot
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his nephew, whom he calls little jake was cleared of all wrong doing. i can't help but to think about the past two weeks here in kenosha. earlier this week, while the jury was deliberating, people were out here and the sun set. it was beautiful. but that sunset was a stark contrast to some of the different beliefs we have seen out here. some folks are passionate. a short time ago, about 30 minutes ago, there was a medical situation, a woman walked up to the set. she was upset with the jury's verdict. soon after she collapsed. sheriffs deputies rushed in. they surrounded her, created a perimeter to keep the public away from her. i'm no doctor so i can't say what happened but as she was laying at the foot of the steps, i did hear her say, i can't breathe, i can't breathe. she was transported, we believe to a nearby hospital. so people are on one hand feeling relief.
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others are disappointed in the outcome of today. it's unclear if today's outcome led to that medical situation. but jacob blake's uncle told this group to leave. go home. there's still work that needs to be done, and the work is not going to happen here on bull horns shouting and yelling at each other. ho he's talking about the work that needs to be done with the justice system in his eyes, even pointing to the case in georgia where three white men are on trial for the killing of ahmaud arbery, alisyn. >> i think the message that everyone who is disappointed today has been saying is this needs to be peaceful, and you know, we will all fight another day in right, most peaceful way, and we have heard that echoed by even the prosecutors who feel that they lost today. thank you very much, for all of that. thank you to sara, and shimon
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i just heard a moment ago. >> do you have any reaction. >> i didn't watch the trial, so. >> do you stand by your past
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comments. [ inaudible ] >> i stand by what the jury has concluded. the jury system works, and we have to abide by it. >> that was president biden weighing in just moments ago. he says the jury system works. this is in response to the breaking news out of kenosha, wisconsin. kyle rittenhouse has been found not guilty on all five counts. he faced a life sentence possibly, but today he walks free. let's bring in our legal panel. a criminal and civil trial attorney. mark o'mara is a criminal defense attorney, paul, and e lee elie honig a former prosecutor. and i know you have listened in on all of the developments since the verdicts were read. your thoughts. >> the defense attorney had an interesting press conference after the case. as defense attorneys we have to
12:23 pm
deal with the facts of the case despite what the media may be reporting, what the streets may say or the neighbors may say, and the prosecution had a very tough case in this particular one. when a person raises a self-defense claim, the prosecution has to prove that it's not self-defense, and when rittenhouse and the video, rittenhouse testified and the video was shown t made it extremely tough on them, especially when the witness said he pointed a gun to rittenhouse, and that's when rittenhouse started reacting, it made it very very difficult. and another thing to point out that was interesting to me in reference to the defense, this was a very well funded defense. they had two mock juries. they had jury consultants. they had enough money to really work hard to build rittenhouse's case, and his defense, unlike so many other people in the united states. but it does weigh heavy for some people who think of a guy going to a protest with an ar-15, he's possibly going out there to
12:24 pm
cause trouble, and then he uses self-defense case, so a lot of people don't feel solid about it, and don't feel good about it, but unfortunately, that's the way the law works in this one. >> it's legal. i mean, that's what the jury decided and that's what the law in wisconsin says. so on the flip side, elie, assess for us the prosecution's performance. >> i think there are fair criticisms of the prosecutor here. first of all, they had a difficult factual scenario, for reasons eric just laid out, and we have been talking about throughout the hour. that said, they had several missteps, strategic and legal. >> like what. >> the defense lawyer highlighted some of them. they oversold their case. trying to brand kyle rittenhouse as an active shooter did not stand up, and the defense showed here he is walking through the streets, he's not shooting indiscriminately. he's shooting people who have attacked him first. they made legal mistakes: they got yelled at by the judge. judge was over board but the prosecution was wrong. they made comments that implicated kyle rittenhouse
12:25 pm
fifth amendment right to silence. he got overly angry, but that was a mistake. the judge said that is inadmissible, that is an amateur move by the prosecutors. all of that said, i have to say this, the statement that the prosecution issued just a few moments ago saying we respect the process, we respect the verdict. that's the right thing to say, they get credit for saying that. >> mark, your thoughts. >> i thought they had a difficult case to begin with. there's no question. we know self-defense laws are very strong, and whenever anyone is attacking you, lunging on you or advancing on you, that's going to put you in the position that you can defend yourself and in this case, on all of the shootings, it really became a question of who's going to get the gun even though it was in kyle's hands. once you put that in place, it's very difficult, and i would tell you, the worst part about the state's case was their first
12:26 pm
witness. the one witness who came up there with the state's strong case, and he was the one the daily caller reporter who was talking about the events approaching and advancing on rittenhouse, and lunging towards the gun, if you're the state, and that's going to be a first out of the box witnesses, you have a long road to hoe, and obviously they couldn't convince the jury it's not self-defense. >> you're a former d.a., is there anything the d.a. could have done differently for a different outcome. would you have done anything differently? >> i would have done things differently. my sympathies go out to the families of victims. i'm going to call them victims. the judge's ruling that you don't call them victims is standard operating procedure. i don't think he was inappropriate at any time reading down the prosecution.
12:27 pm
i have had my -- and commenting certainly on the defendant's right to silence. but doesn't make a difference today. he overtried it, over charged it. had i been the d.a. in this case, and remember, they're charging off the table. they're not charging off of live testimony. i would have charged three counts, this is a straight up homicide count, two counts of first-degree, one count of attempted first-degree, recognizing you're in for the fight of your life on self-defense. i credit the jury for standing firm, and i think all of us under read, i did, how smart this jury was and how focused they were on the jury instructions. complicated case. the verdict is the verdict. the government has to accept it. i lost a major case, and just have to admit that the jury works and thank you very much. and move on. but kyle rittenhouse is not a hero. he's not a vigilante, and he's not white supremacy, and anybody who looks at this case x walks away and says this is a signal that i can go to these mass
12:28 pm
protests armed, they are in for a huge surprise. >> eric, it was interesting to hear from kyle rittenhouse's defense attorney, mark richards, saying that he found the 25 hours of jury deliberations, his word was hell, he said it was the longest he has ever waited for a jury verdict, and does that tell you that this wasn't a slam dunk for the jury, that they really were, you know, having to not duke it out in there, but go kind of meticulously through anything. >> yes, alisyn, anytime you have a jury considering a case, even if you think you have a slam dunk, you're nervous. if you're not nervous, you don't need to be a lawyer. people will go in the jury room and they will bring in their thoughts, their beliefs, and sometimes they will sway other people, and when you're having a criminal defense client, unlike the civil side, you're dealing with someone's life, where they may have to spend the rest of their life in prison, so you're
12:29 pm
very very nervous about what they're talking about, what they're doing, and every single day they go home, that's another night that you have to restless sleep, is my client going to go home, and anytime you have one that they deliberate 25 hours, that's equivalent of a whole day. that's a lot of deliberation, and i'm sure they were nervous and had butterflies through the process. >> let's go to sara sidner on the ground and getting more reaction from people involved in this case, what are you learning? >> reporter: we had a statement for the attorney for gaij gross ku -- gaige grosskreutz, the sole person who did not die. he had his biceps blew off by
12:30 pm
the round his attorney said today, and i'm going to read it. today we grieve for the families of those slain by kyle rittenhouse, anthony huber and joseph rosenbaum did not deserve to die. we ask for peace from everyone who is hurting and that the public respect the privacy of the victims and their families. that night in kenosha, gaige grosskreutz, anthony human beinger and others acted hero -- huber acted heroically. we need justice, not more violence. today's verdict may mine justice delayed, it will not mean justice denied. we are committed to uncovering the truth of that night and holding those responsible to account. so that is the statement from kimberly motley who is the attorney for gaige grosskreutz. she is also suing the city civilly in the case of gaige being shot. that's how she sees it and
12:31 pm
speaking on behalf of her clients as well, she has been paying close attention as you might imagine to this case. she was in court when her client testified on the stand in this case. and her sentiments are, you know, very similar to those of anthony huber's family who were very disappointed with what happened in court, and that kyle rittenhouse was found not guilty on all charges. kyle rittenhouse for his part and his attorney's part, they are relieved that he is a free man and will not be facing any charges in this case. going forward because he can not, you know, retry anything once a jury has comeback and acquitted someone. very strong feelings, that you might imagine on all sides. i talked to someone today who said, look, there are no winners. there are two families who are in mourning. there is one person who has got an injury that will be a problem for him for life, and then there is kyle rittenhouse himself, and
12:32 pm
no matter what people think of kyle rittenhouse, his life has been impacted greatly by this and you heard his attorney talking, mark richards, about how he has been, you know, unable to sleep, and going through a lot of mental anguish, over all that he has experienced as well. there is so much vitriol that is out there right now. on all sides of this. depending on where you stand, and what you believe. one of the things, i think, that a lot of people who are making some of these very strong statements, some of them, which are factual i ly incorrect, the didn't watch the trial and watch the evidence that the jury looked at. the jury didn't just look at it for the trial, for the couple of weeks, one person after another, more than 30 witnesses came through. they looked at this for the past three and a half days. they've gone over it and over it and over it. they came to a decision as juries do. some people will be very unhappy with this decision, and we've
12:33 pm
seen that very clearly, and some people obviously think it is the right thing to do. the prosecutor himself said look, we are disappointed but we respect the jury's decision. that is the law of the land in this country. so that is where they are. all not guilty verdict for mr. kyle rittenhouse, and for those who were hurt or who were killed on that day, on august 25th, by rittenhouse, they are very upset about this, and they feel like justice has not been done. >> thank you very much for the development. please stand by. i'm getting in now a statement from president biden who is now reacting in a more fulsome way than he was when reporters approached him coming back to the white house. president joe biden acknowledged that the verdict in the kyle rittenhouse trial will leave many americans feeling angry, and concerned, myself included, everyone must acknowledge that the jury has spoken. this is a statement just released by the white house. he said he ran on a promise to
12:34 pm
bring americans together because i believe that what unites us is far greater than what divides us. he said i know we're not going to heal our country's wounds overnight but i remain steadfast in my commitment to do everything to ensure that every american is treated equally with fairness and dignity under the law, and encouraged all of the protesters to quote express their views peacefully, and consistent with the rule of law. he says violence and destruction of property have no place in our democracy. i want to quickly go back with response to that, listening to president biden's statement because it does seem as though people outside of the courthouse there are heeding that practice. we haven't seen violence. we have seen disappointment, but generally very peaceful. there has been anger, arguments, feathers ruffled, if you will, between those who stand with kyle rittenhouse, and those who stand against him. but all in all, there have been,
12:35 pm
you know, two people detained. there have been a few people, about three, who this either ar style weapons or pistols on their side, and the sheriffs deputies have been on it. they have come out and said, look, you're within a thousand feet of a school. you cannot have those weapons out here like this outside of the court because it so happens to be close to a school. most people complied, one person did, and that person was detained. for the most part, it has been chanting, and yelling and using meg phones from both sides of the argument here. but there has not been violence. there has not been any kind of major upset here. there has just been people voicing their concerns, and using their first amendment rights peacefully out here including the uncle of jacob blake who has been out here every single day outside on the court steps with a few other people, but for the most part, and i'm just going to look
12:36 pm
behind me, just to see what the scene is now, yeah, there are much fewer people than there have been throughout this entire trial. and so right now, there is a peaceful scene outside of court. >> sara sidner, thank you very much for all of the reporting. please continue to stand by, and we want to thank all of our legal experts, elli elie honig,k you very much for helping us get through this breaking news. we reesappreciate it. we'll be staying on top of the kyle rittenhouse news. he's been found not guilty on all charges of kenosha, wisconsin. we have other breaking news as well because the cdc's vaccine advisers have made a big decision on boosters. so stay with us, we'll be right back. superpowers from a spider bite? i could use some help showing the world how liberty mutual customizes their car insurance so they only pay for what they need. (gasps) ♪
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that'll have you cooking like a pro. the longer you've been with us... the more rewards you can get. join for free on the xfinity app. our thanks. your rewards. we have more breaking news, the cdc advisory panel has just unanimously voted to recommend covid-19 boosters for all americans 18 and older. they recommend getting the booster six months after you received the second dose. this recommendation now goes to cdc director dr. rochelle walensky for a final signoff. cnn chief medical correspondent dr. sanjay gupta joins me now. does this mean that everyone who wants one this weekend can get a booster? >> yeah, that's basically what it means, alisyn. we'll hear what dr. walensky
12:42 pm
says. there's a final signoff necessary. but there's a unanimous recommendation, so expected she'll sign off on this. and alisyn, even before today, the vast majority of adults were eligible for boosters because it was people over the age of 65 but also any adult who had some sort of medical condition that put them at risk, and when we added up all the medical conditions, that was, you know, close to 80, 90% of the adult population, so this will make it clearer, i think it's just been a little muddled. now they're basically saying two things, everyone who's an adult can now, it's recommended they get a booster. they did a second vote, alisyn wrrks where everyone over the age of 50 should get a booster. a little different semantics, but strengthening the language for people specifically over the age of 50. one other thing i'll point out, alisyn, there was a lot of discussion about adverse effects and one of the things that came out here, the side effects that
12:43 pm
they saw with the third shot were actually less in terms of severity and number as compared to the first two shots as well. a lot of people asked that question. >> it's really interesting because people want to know, do i have to take the day off of work, what's going to happen to me. the idea that it's less is really important. we're seeing a bit of a winter surge as some of the experts in the upper midwest are saying, so do you think that the booster will turn that around? because is the winter surge an effect of immunity waning? >> yeah, that's a big question, i mean, we do know that the surge in part is sort of the nature of the season. it's colder and it's dryer and respiratory viruses like to spread, but let me show you quickly in terms of impact. unvaccinated versus vaccinated so we're talking about boosting the vaccinated. this shows you what capacity will be in hospitals if you get the 75% icu capacity, there could be 12,000 excess deaths in a couple of weeks.
12:44 pm
that's because hospitals may have a harder time taking care of not just covid patients but other patients as well. that's that ripple effect that we have talked about alisyn. if we have this graphic, unvaccinated versus vaccinated. if you look at hospitals, the vast majority are unvaccinated. that's something that we have known for some time, vaccinated make up a small proportion. that's the green line. that takes you to the end of august. there has been missing data for some time that people have been wondering about. i israel is a few weeks ahead of us. let me show ryou the graphic ou of israel, who are the people with covid in the hospital, still the vast majority are unvaccinated. you see a trickling up of those who had two doses and then for people who got boosted, there was a significant protection there, so that's the story, alisyn, the vast majority of the problem is still among the unvaccinated, but you can see the case that was made for
12:45 pm
boosters in that graph. >> those visuals really help tell the story. dr. sanjay gupta, thank you very much for helping us understand this breaking news. >> okay. so for one hour and 25 minutes today, kamala harris became the first woman with presidential power. that's when president biden underwent a colonoscopy, biden is back at the white house, and what he's doing, how he's feeling, how is his health, next. - [announcer] meet the ninja foodi family, with pressure cookers that steam crisp, ovens that flip up and away, grills that bring outdoor flavors indoors, and blenders that spin up healthy eating. ninja foodi, be proud of what you make. you have always loved vicks vapors. and now you'll really love new vicks' vapostick. it goes on clear and dries quickly. no mess. just the soothing vicks' vapor for the whole family.
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12:50 pm
colonoscopy. arlette saenz joins us now. the turkeys have been saved. how is the president doing? >> president biden appeared to be in good spirits today as he participated in this annual tradition of pardoning turkeys here at the white house. the president granted a pardon to both peanut butter and jelly. but he was joking and jovial as he par took in this thanksgiving tradition. but this just came a few hours after the president spent the morning at walter reed medical center where he underwent his annual physical as well as a colonoscopy. listen to the president talking about that visit when he returned here to the white house a bit earlier today. >> sir, what is the state of your health? >> good. they're going to release all the detail. i feel great. nothing has changed. we're in great shape. and so i'm looking forward to celebrating my 58th birthday. >> the president, i should
12:51 pm
clarify, is actually turning 79 tomorrow, not 58, but the white house, while the president was at walter reed, he did have to undergo anesthesia for that colonoscopy. due to that process, the president transferred power to vice president kamala harris for an hour and 25 minutes. she is the first woman to receive the presidential power. so a history-making day also here at the white house. now the white house is expected to release a summary of the president's visit to walter reed a bit later today. we'll see what further details we get from the white house about this. but this will be the first snapshot at the president's health in two years. he underwent a physical back in 2019 when he was running for president. of course, he did so annually as well when vice president. but pretty soon, we will have a look at what the president's health is like in this current moment. of course, there has been his -- he has had past history having that aneurysm back in the 1980s. we'll see how exactly the president is operating as of
12:52 pm
today. alisyn? >> arlette saenz, thank you for all the news from the white house. just days after signing the infrastructure bill into law, biden celebrates the social safety net package passing the house, but its fate in the senate is unclear. ovens that flip up and away, grills that bring outdoor flavors indoors, and blenders that spin up healthy eating. ninja foodi, be proud of what you make. it's the season of smiling. and at aspen dental, we make it easy to gift yourself the smile you deserve. new patients, start today with a full exam and x-rays, with no obligation. if you don't have insurance, it's free. plus everyone saves 20% on their treatment plan
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president biden and the democrats celebrating a win today after the house passed that historic $1.9 trillion social safety net plan. the president calls it a giant step forward for his agenda. >> on this vote, the yeas are 220. the nays are 213. the build back better bill is passed! >> the landmark vote was delayed when kevin mccarthy gave a record-breaking all-night speech delaying the democratic victory until this morning. in the end, no republicans voted for the bill, and one democrat voted against it. the sweeping plan is expected to transform the nation's social safety net and provide billions
12:58 pm
to fight climate change. melanie zanona is live on capitol hill. the celebration may be short lived since it now goes to the senate. what's next? >> that's right. this was a big step forward for democrats in advancing joe biden's economic agenda. but it's just that. it's a step. we're not at the finish line just yet. it now heads to the senate where its fate is much less certain because democrats can't afford to lose a single senator over there. all eyes are turning to joe manchin, the cent rift from west virginia. he has some concerns with the bill as is. the one that passed the house includes four weeks of paid family leave. he is against that. so that could be stripped from the bill. of course, bernie sanders, the progressive, he wants to put his stamp on it as well. he has some issues with some of the tax provisions in there. he wants to strengthen the bill in other areas so there is still a negotiation ahead. but no doubt, this is a huge victory for democrats. biden and democrats are ecstatic. listen to what joe biden had to
12:59 pm
say earlier today about its passage. >> the build back better plan, now that it's passed the house, when do you expect it to land on your desk? >> i don't know. it's going to take a while to get through the senate. probably after thanksgiving. >> so look, this contains so much of biden's economic agenda. it includes universal pre-k, an expansion of the child tax credit. expansion of health care, access to child care as well. it has provisions to combat climate change. it also has lowering prescription drug prices in there. so there's a ton in there that democrats have been pushing for for years and at one point it also looked like this bill may not ever pass. this is a huge victory for democrats. but all eyes now turned to the senate. >> and we'll be watching that. melanie, thank you very much. it's been a very busy day, as you know here. kyle rittenhouse was acquitted on all charges. and the cdc just approved
1:00 pm
boosters for all adults over 18. they are waiting for the cdc director to sign off on that. she's expected to do so and that means that everyone over 18 can begin getting their boosters. have a wonderful weekend, everyone. thanks so much for joining me. "the lead" starts right now. kyle rittenhouse is now a free man. "the lead" starts right now. tensions high across the country after kyle rittenhouse who was facing life in prison was found not guilty on all charges. but his legal fights may not be over. also breaking, you get a booster and you get a booster and you get a booster. the cdc goes full oprah, recommending the jab for every adult. dr. sanjay gupta is here with what it means for you. plus, the tennis star who vanished after accusing a former communist leader of sexual


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