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tv   Inside Politics With John King  CNN  November 19, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PST

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i know, right? and even save with special offers just for movers. really? yep! so while you handle that, you can keep your internet and all those shows you love, and save money while you're at it with special offers just for movers at hello, everybody, welcome to "inside politics." i'm john king in washington. this big news day includes a giant step forward for the biden agenda. a package that includes universal pre-school, lower drug costs and landmark climate investments clears the house.
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yes, senate passage remains dicy, but democrats today are celebrating. >> on this vote the yays are 220 and the nays are 213. the bill back better bill is passed. >> plus, a routine physical brings a moment for the history box. joe biden gets the first physical of his presidency a day before he turns 79 and while the support under and therebyia, kamala harris is the first woman to assume presidential power, and breaking today, the fda gives a green light to covid boosters for all adults. we begin though with that big win for the president and a vote that brings massive changes to your life, a big step closer to reality. just a short time ago in the house it passed, the build back better act 220-213. no republicans voted yes. one democrat voted no. the nearly $2 trillion bill heads to the senate where it
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will likely need to be trimmed some to win all 50 democratic votes. yes, that senate debate is dicy and passage is not a sure thing, but today's vote is both a giant win and it is evidence democrats understand they best figure this out. look, republicans are going to call them big spending liberals and socialists in next year's campaign regardless. democrats see their odds much better if they can show that that spending from washington gave you, among other things, free pre-k, help with child care costs and lower drug costs. cnn is covering all the developments this hour at the white house and on capitol hill. we begin at the white house. arlette saenz, a big victory for the president, not to the finish line but he can see it now. >> after months of cajoling and negotiating this is a major breakthrough for president biden's economic agenda. president biden spoke by phone with house speaker nancy pelosi today to offer her congratulations, and they also released a statement, the white house released a statement from the president celebrating this win. that statement says today the
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united states house of representatives passed the build back better act to take another giant step forward in carrying out my economic plan to create jobs, reduce costs, make our country more competitive and give working people and the middle class a fight chance. the white house hopeful that this bill will make good on some of the campaign promises that biden made back in 2020, but they are also keenly aware of the steep climb that this bill will face in the senate as there are expected to be major changes made to the bill in order to win support from people like senator joe manchin, but today it's a moment of victory. we'll see the president later today for pardoning the turkeys, an annual tradition and certainly he's likely to comment on that. >> let's get straight up to capitol hill with cnn congressional correspondent. still, there's his old haunts, the united states senate. what's next? >> this morning house leaders really jubilant, the house speaker really moving around the
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house floor as this vote was ongoing knowing she was going to be secured a victory that for weeks was outside of her grasp. what we saw this morning was house leaders really doing a victory leader, even while they acknowledge there's more work to do in the senate. >> it's a big win for the people. for the average working men and women of america, for those who struggle every day and hope that somebody is on their side. >> what an incredible morning, what an incredible vote, what an incredible time for the american people to be seen and heard. >> the senate do what it is going to do, and we'll come together on behalf of the american people and try to have a coordinated approach as we go off into the future. >> thank you. >> reporter: but, of course, the key question there, what will the senate do, specifically what will senator joe manchin, the moderate, much watched from the state of west virginia?
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he made it clear that he may be comfortable with the bill coming to the floor before the christmas break but he hasn't made any assurances that he would be a yes on the these of legislation and also there's major changes they wants to see in the bit. one of them the fact that the legislation includes paid family leave. that is a policy that joe manchin has said he supports but not using a democratic-only process like reconciliation. john. >> more to come after the thanksgiving holiday. lauren fox, appreciate the live report up on the hill. with she in studio on this big day to share their reporting and insights cnn's dana bash and cnn's ryan nobles and a reporting from mcclachty. let's show what's in the house version of this, $273 billion for child care, $205 billion for paid leave, universal pre-k, electricity tax credits, home
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health care help, obamacare subsidies and more. there's a lot of politics but in terms of policy the challenge for democrats now is to tell the american people, look, we're doing what you like. the republicans have said big spending, your liberals and socialists. if you go through the individual items most of them are still popular. >> that's right, and the challenge that they have is what people, if they have been tuning in, what they have heard is democrats fighting one another, reconciliation, what does that mean to me. they have no idea. trillions of dollars and the fight over the price tag. not the specifics, and that is because of the nature of the sausage being made. i cannot tell you how many democrats i've spoken to. i'm sure you have as well on capitol hill who have said explicitly we need to do better about messaging which is going to be the whole ball game over the next few weeks. they will be home for thanksgiving break. they are going to be doing whatever it takes to explain the things that are in this bill that really will affect their
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lives, and the question is whether or not it's too late because republicans have already tried to in some ways successfully define it as a big liberal spending bill. i talked to some moderate democrats. actually with josh gottheimer back home to new jersey, and he insists it's not because there are some things in there like the northeastern democrats, especially they can say we're going to lower your taxes. >> that's one of the big debates as we move forward to the senate. the one house democrat who voted know, jarred golden of maine, tends to be a more conservative or centrist government. doesn't like the local and state tax deduction wiped out in the trump tax cuts. if you live in a state with high taxes you get to deduct that from the taxes. that's going to be a huge issue for senator sanders. >> bernie sanders said he welcomed but said the senate will strengthen the bill.
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define strengthen. for bernie sanders it would be getting rid of the s.a.l.t. deduction because he believes it benefits the 1% as you've described it but what you've seen from sanders is a different posture in his position than the majority of his career in the senate. in the past he's been the guy that's like the purist. i only want this if it's the most progressive policy ever, but here we see a man in the sunset of his career, the head of the budget committee, the sherpa, if you will, of this bill in the senate. he wants to get something done, so will he concede on something like that because at the end of the day he sees $1.2 trillion in spending for a lot of issues that he's cared about over the bulk of his career. already made a lot of concessions, but i think at the end of the day he's probably willing to come to the table and allow something like that. >> if the progressives like sanders are willing to do that, what about sinema and manchin on the centrist side? if you talk to them they are more and more there. they understand in the next campaign republicans will be just like this. this is the house republican leader kevin mccarthy. no matter what the democrat do.
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if this bill passes or if this bill collapses republicans will say this. >> speaker pelosi has crammed even more radical policies into a partisan bill that costs trillions in dollars we don't have. for government-run programs that nobody wants. what we have before us isn't a social spending bill. it's a pathway to socialism. >> now it's not a pathway to socialism, simply is not and the a lot of it is popular but that's the republican framing of the campaign which is why nancy pelosi says if we pass this bill we can go to the american people and say this. >> we have the build back better bill that is historic, transformative and larger than anything we have ever done before. if you are a parent, a senior, a child, a worker, if you're an american, this bill -- this bill is for you, and it is better.
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>> and that's the president's challenge now on the senate side to tell democrats, look, we need to campaign on this. if we don't have this to campaign on, we're done. >> and two key policy changes that we've touched on here. look, on paid family and medical leave, advocates are arguing it's very popular and should be included, but senator manchin does not believe that this bill is the place for paid family leave. he hasn't changed his position on that and continues to believe that it could get bipartisan support potentially as a stand-alone bill at some point in the future. when you talk about the state and local tax deduction and compromises that could be made on that, one pathway forward that's being talked about is having anyone who makes under $400,000 a year lifting the cap on that for them. the white house, where are they on this? they are a little agnostic to be honest. they are saying that this isn't something that the president ever wanted in the first place that understands in order to get the bill passed that that might need to be what's in a final version of the bill so can they come together around something like that $400,000, obviously, being the number that the
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president has typically put forward as well. >> the new fox news pollack sentates the challenge for the democrats to get this done and troy to tell poem that it looks that this is good for you. is the biden administration focused on the right issue or wrong things, 54% say the wrong things and 40% say the right issues. the challenge for the president is to sign this and go out and campaign and say actually free pre-k, expanded child care options, landmark investments in climate. that's the right thing. >> that's it. it's all about communications and messaging right now, and it's -- it's -- the sound bites that you just played, nancy pelosi explaining what's in it beyond build back better. it's a nice slogan but nobody knows what it means versus kevin mccarthy claiming social. up next for her, just heard now from the white house, that president biden is in good spirits after getting his first physical as president of the united states.
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if you do something for your health now. just moments ago from the white house, the president of the united states has resumed his full duties. president biden though does remain at walter reed after his physical this morning. he underwent a routine colonoscopy and that procedure did require and therebyia this morning. right now we're not exactly sure how long the president was under, but we do know that when he was under and therebyia he transferred power temporarily to the vice president of the united states and that's history. we'll get to the that in a moment. our medical expert joins our panel to discuss. let's focus on that. you understand how the white house medical unit works. the president turns 79 tomorrow. >> yeah. >> what is a physical for the president, and in terms of this colonoscopy, it's routine. you're out for 20 minutes or so?
9:17 am
>> yeah, about that. so, first of all, a presidential physical is a big endeavor. typically the president might see as many as a dozen consultants. the medical care the president gets is the same care that you'll get, but they do it in an incredibly compressed manner with elaborate kind of kabuki theater coordination so that you can see -- you can have a cross cope and can see a cardiologist and have your eyes and ears checked and maybe see an ent doc, and you can do that in six or seven weeks but can you do that in three or four hours so this takes weeks to schedule and kevin o'connor, the president's physician, is very experienced at doing this. he has a long history. he's been with the vice president since he was vice president, and -- and this would have taken weeks of preparation. the colonoscopy requires unconscious sedation for just
9:18 am
about everybody. typically including a medicine cold propafol and maybe something like fentanyl which gives you a good sleep for half an hour, and during that period of time the president would be impaired, and it isn't completely -- it's completely appropriate to transfer the power to the vice president under section 3 of the 25th amendment. >> happened during the bush administration, president bush did to vice president cheney i think twice. >> yeah. that should always be done when the president would be incapable of making an important decision immediately. >> now we're waiting to get the details of this physical from the white house and we'll see there's a briefing scheduled in ten minutes or so. we do know when he had his last physical then vice president biden, he was former vice president biden at that point in public life, 178 pounds, body mass index 24.38. being treated for non-valvular atrial fibrillation.
9:19 am
pretty routine stuff. what are you looking for now? >> we're looking for changes. has the president developed something that he didn't have when we last saw his comprehensive report prior to his taking office? we're looking at his vital signs and weight. by my eye it looks like the president has put on a couple of pound and that's a good thing. i thought he looked too thin. i would like to see what his lipid panel. is he's 79 years old. 79-year-old folks get vascular disease so let's see what the president's cholesterol is, blood pressure is. if they do something like a comprehensive cardiac exam let's see what his heart function is like and then obviously if he had a colonoscopy, we want to know whether the team found any polyps or anything that they needed to biopsy. >> and as we dish want to come back to you in a couple of questions about the president and i want to mark this moment in history. we're now told by the white house that the white house transferred his powers to kamala harris for one hour and 25
9:20 am
minutes and for the first time the united states had a woman and bomb color who had presidential power and that's a big deal. >> the vice president we expect her to go to ohio later on today, but the president he'll have to pardon those turkeys later, and i -- i also had a question. how would he be feeling after that? are you going to want to give up and give a really big speech after you went through all that have today? >> you probably will. if you've ever had propofol, 30 minutes of the best sleep you've ever had. might look quite rest. >> i lost my dad to colon cancer so i'm a routine colonoscopy, you get the best sleep in the world and you're up and at 'em. it's a routine physical. it's a moment that -- but it is a moment that will be noted in the history books that america for an hour and 25 minutes had a woman commander in chief. >> just went to my phone to look at the date. november 19th, 2021. it is the first time that a woman, a woman of color had presidential power.
9:21 am
it was brief, but it happened, and it is a moment to mark in history. at some point, maybe in our lifetime, there will be a woman who is elected to the highest office in the land. >> it's a little disappointing that they -- that this is how we get to this point. >> through a colonoscopy. >> through a colonoscopy. >> and this far into the history of this country. many other nations of america's ilk have taken a step and given women power at this level. >> well said. >> and but i would say it is significant. we should not underplay the fact that we've gotten to this point and, you know, it is significant, but perhaps it comes in a more natural -- >> doctor, there was a dig backslide during the trump presidency on the question of transparency from our leaders about everything, but especially including the president's health. joe biden is the oldest man ever elected first-term president. there are some out there on the republican/conservative side who routinely question his ability
9:22 am
to conduct this office. i don't want to wander you into the politics but from a transparency point of view, a, what should any president, whether that president is in his 40s or in his 70s make available to the american people, and should there be a different standard, even a demand for fully transparency when you have a president who is about to hit 79 and then 80? >> i think the transparency requirement should apply to candidates and presidents of all ages. look, the public has a right to know anything that might be reasonably considered to interfere with the ability of the president to perform in office, whether it's a physical challenge, whether it's a psychological, psychiatric problem, whether that's a medication that the president has to take because of an illness. anything that might reasonably interfere with the performance of the president should be publicly known. now, there are -- there are very few things that should i think
9:23 am
prohibit someone from running for office. i do think there are some mental illnesses that can and should prohibit someone from running for office, but whatever a person's medical history contains, the public has a right to know when they elect the most powerful person on the planet, and i think we saw that with the prior administration what happens when there is no transparency, when there is opacity and the public knows nothing about the health of a candidate. we know nothing about the health of the prior candidate, and i think are serious questions to be -- to be made about the prior candidate's psychiatric -- the prior president's psychiatric health and the public has a right to know these issues. >> certainly. we'll see what the biden white house puts out moments ago from the briefing and we'll carry on the conversation there, but i think the key point about transparency is a very important one we should keep for this one and as we move forward. when we come back, booster blitz. we're one step closer to all adults in the united states being eligible for booster
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$1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities. there's more huge news on this very busy friday. a cdc panel is meeting right now, and by day's end it's likely the government will recommend booster shots for all adults who received the pfizer and moderna covid vaccines. cdc director dr. walensky makes
9:29 am
the time call after the adviser's meeting happening right now. the fda gave its green light for boosters for all adults earlier today. joining me now is a member of the fda advisory committee and a director for vaccine education at philadelphia hospital. i just want to bring up on the screen for our viewers. right now 195.7, so 196 million americans are fully vaccinated by the governor's definition about that, about 72% of them, 32.5 million have received boosters already. now that we expect by the end of the day that the government will green light boosters for all adults so we have to change our definition of fully vaccinated? does fully vaccinated mean you now have a bhoefrt six months after the second dose? >> that depends on what we expect. if we expect the vaccine to protect against serious illness, the kind that makes you go to the hospital with the exception
9:30 am
of people recently who are 65 years of age or others over the age of 50 with a high-risk medical condition in which case you could reasonably argue for those groups because you want to make sure you have a high level of protection against serious illness. on the other hand, and the reason that's true is because all you need for protection against serious illness is immunological memory cells, so-called memory b-cells and they are apparently induced at fairly high frequency and for years so we're good. on the other hand, if you're trying to argue i also want protection against even a.ik infection or mildlysy. iatic and antibodies will fade over time, true for the whooping cough and flu advantages own so if we're not willing to accept wild or a.ik infection you are you're talking about booster now and in the future because neutralizing anti-bod list always fade over time. >> when will we know how frequently to get boostered?
9:31 am
boostered first authorized for immunocomp miasmized for americans back in september. when is it enough to say the people who got boostered and super charged is starting to fade and therefore they should have one every "x" number of months? >> i think you would know that within six, nine months a year from now. what is it that we expect from this vaccine and i think what dr. walensky and dr. fauci who have been on tv saying, we're having an emotion in protection against serious illness. we need to know who those groups are and make sure we target those groups because that's the most important group. keep people out of the hospital, out of the morgue, and i -- and, again, i just want to make the point that dr. walensky has made, we're not going to boost our way out of pandemic. we need to vaccinate the unvaccinate, they are the ones most likely to transmit the virus and become sick and be hospitalized and die. i feel like the booster story has been somewhat of a detour.
9:32 am
>> let me bring you back to that. it's in the news and we have to cover it. the question is what does it to do this and i'm showing our viewers a map. new cases compared, if you look at a state and you're red or orange, that means more new infections than last week. 36 states are trending in the wrong direction and a good number are the deeper red which means 50% new infections this week compared to last week. if we went back a month ago, a month ago it was five states trending in the wrong direction. again, you come now to a point where we have 36 states trending in the wrong direction. boosters i help is the argument you're making. you supercharge some people so they don't get a mild breakthrough infection but the main way to change this is for everyone to be vaccinated, right? >> of course, and i think we need to make sure that we distinguish infection from serious infectionist mean, again, vaccines over time will not be good at protecting begins mild or serious infections. what should start to come down is hospitalizations.
9:33 am
unfortunately, the cdc hasn't put the hospitalization data up on their website at the end of august. i imagine over time what will happen is you'll see a disassociation between hospitalization and infection and death. the virus will still circulate and cause asymptomatic or mightily symptomatic infection but natural infection or immunization will cause you to be protected against severe illness than will come down. >> grateful for your time. very much appreciate it. >> thank you. big decisions today in two big trials, day four of deliberations in the kyle rittenhouse case and word that one of the defendants in the ahmaud arbery case tried to strike a last-minute plea deal. we'll go live to boat courthouses next.
9:34 am
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late et now on two important trials getting national attention. in kenosha, wisconsin, it's day four of deliberations in the kyle rittenhouse trial. the jury has been behind closed doors for nearly 24 hours total, and in that time has asked the court a handful of questions. one juror even asking to take the jury instructions home. cnn's shimon prokupecz is live outside the courthouse with the latest. >> reporter: the judge agreeing to allow this juror to take the jury instructions him, 36 pages and certainly caught a lot of people off guard. no one expected the judge to allow it. i spent the day talking to the defense attorneys. everyone is just waiting, right,
9:39 am
sitting around waiting. the jury is now eating. they have ordered sandwiches so they are working through lunch but we've heard nothing from them. yesterday he with no note from the jury. they worked a full day. the judge sent them home at 4:30, but other than that we didn't see or hear from them at all yesterday, and so far today we've heard nothing from the jury. you know, of course, a lot of people trying to figure out what's going on. the big question now what happens if they don't reach a verdict today? do they work through the weekend? all of that is still up in the air, but the jury is continuing to work, and we still haven't heard from them now, and it's going to be about two days. >> raise your hand, shimon, if we do get any notice. appreciate the live update. and also now to georgia and the trial of three men accused of murdering aorbury. cnn just learned the attorney representing one of the men apparently asked for a plea deal for his client. prosecutors declined that offer and the defense attorney is now denying that request was ever made. cnn's martin savidge live outside the courthouse for us.
9:40 am
martin, what do we know? >> reporter: people that follow the case, that's kevin goff who reasons william bryan and this is according to the mother of ahmaud arbery. she said she was told by the prosecution that as the defense rested yesterday, just after that, the attorney went to the prosecution and said i want to make a plea deal for my client. we don't know what that was. we don't know what he was offering. we do know it was rejected by the state. why would wanda cooper jones tell this? it's because the state defense attorneys keep in very close contact with the victim's family. it would suggest that kevin goff has great concerns having heard the state's case and feels rather desperate at this point. we don't know exactly. he denied it going into court today but we'll wait to see. no sooner did that finish than as they were in court today, not in sight of the jury, he got up again and demanded a mistrial. it's about the fifth time he has done that, and he was saying it was due to protests that were
9:41 am
o'curing outside of the courthouse yesterday that might have influenced the jury. the state rebutted and said you can not complain about the protests you are the cause for because remember the attorney has spoke ebb out against plaque pastors being in the courtroom supporting ahmaud arbery's family. the judge reject it the once more, john. >> critical case with a lot, a lot of drama around, it outside as well. thanks for the live report there. up next there, the republican agenda and priorities as outlined by the leader. donald trump gives congressman paul gosar a public endorsement the day after the arizona congressman is censured for posting a violent video.
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9:47 am
some of trump's closest allies in the house question leader kevin mccarthy's loyalty though they were happy with an agent-plus hour that delayed by 12 hours or so passage of the biden big spending. sometimes you're attempted to ignore these things, but paul gosar was censured for doing something reprehensible. posting a video, sure, his character was animated. who talks and kills alexandria ocasio-cortez and then turns on the president of the united states. he says no big deal. it's just a video. he says that ten monies after january 6th and all that. donald trump gives him a glowing endorsement. he's on the floor with the leader this morning. there is no shame in today's republican party. correct? >> you know, you used the word shame as you're explaining what happened and that's exactly the reality. it is the end of shame, and if you don't have shame, then you can't be held accountable, and that is the honest problem with
9:48 am
that wing of the gop, the wing of the gop which tends to dominate right now, and that is the challenge when you have someone like paul gosar who by the way, it's not like this reprehensible to use your word video is the first thing. i mean, he's also an election denier and so many other things that puts him in a category that causes the former president to think he's best guy in the world. >> take it a step further. not just a lack of shame. many of these members are rewarded by the base of the republican party for this kind of conduct, you know. not only did paul gosar re-tweet the video that he claimed he took down and gave a half-heard somewhat of an apology for moments or he was censured. many of his colleagues are raising money off of this. they are talking about how they are fighting the woke left when it comes to things like this as a way to kind of fire up this base even more, and when we see reward, he immediately gets the endorsement which did you ever
9:49 am
think that was in doubt of the former president donald trump and that's the status of the republican party now. this type of activity is welcomed by the base of the party. >> and the man that trump called my kevin, kevin mccarthy was in the well of the house today. gosar was there. jim jordan, four or five other big lie promoters, and he was standing around saying if the republicans are elected next november, if they win the mid terms and he takes power next january, gosar will get her committees back and also marjorie taylor greene, among her latest episodes, dal what you will, posting the known fums online of the republicans who voted for the bipartisan infrastructure bill. one of them is receiving death threats and kevin mccarthy says time to reward them. >> they will have committees. the committee assignment they have now, they may have other committee assignments. may have better committee assignments. gosar, those are the ones that
9:50 am
he wants. taylor greene, she was just a freshman. she has a right to serve of on committees. >> no shame, no standard. just no standard of decency that if you do this, like post phone numbers of lawmakers online, you will not get a key perk which is the committee assignment. why is that so hard? >> and the democrats that i'm talking torque john, they are saying his conduct since that ken sure vote is exactly why they thought this needed to happen in the first place. they never thought that he was actually remorseful and so they thought that this is why this needed to be the path forward, but when you talk about kevin mccarthy, another really notable comment that he made it was if republicans take power and they are in control of the how is that he could make democratic lawmakers have to essentially apply for the committees that he want to be on and it's up to the majority to approve them. that would affect comembers of the democratic caucus who again it's not clear if you meant all lawmakers or certain members. >> can i just add that a lot of times we talk about political differences and people making choices that are strategically
9:51 am
good for them. this is about the safety and security of people who are elected by everyday americans. marjorie taylor greene put their phone number up there and gets people ride upled up and it's a bipartisan bill, by the way, that some republicans think is the right policy. >> there are threats against people who don't join the cult and. >> and we've seen evidence that the threats are not not a vacuum. it was the republican who was a victim of a shooting on a baseball field in northern virginia. >> republican leader. >> a republican leader. >> because people who take in this information through various means who might not necessarily be all that stable hear what these leaders are saying and take action on it so if you post a video of an elected leader killing another elected leader and think that that has no consequences, what has already happened in history.
9:52 am
>> so kevin mccarthy for a day is a hero to the trumpees because he gave a speech for agent-plus hour hand delayed, delayed what happened, still happened, they passed the biden agenda. so they are happen we him today but just about every day they question his loyalty to the trumpiness including former chief of staff mark meadows, listen. >> i would love to see the gavel go from nancy pelosi and donald trump. you're talking about melting down. people who could crazy. as you know, you don't have to be an elected member of congress to be the speaker. wouldn't you see -- she would go from tearing up a speech to having to give the gavel to donald trump. oh, she would go crazy. >> you know. you can say that's just playful fantasy land or you can say it's shaded kevin mccar think. on the matt gaetz, threw shade at kevin mccarthy and kevin mccarthy who needs those votes gives the eight-hour speech. >> and the reason kevin mccarthy didn't become speaker in the first place, paul ryan did, because mark meadows led the
9:53 am
group to block it. >> what is mark meadows going to do next time around when kevin mccarthy is positioned to be the next speaker of the house if the republicans take back the majority. his conduct during this period of time very interest, and i think it could tell us. >> kevin mccarthy playing up his relationship with the president saying they spoke on the phone, right? >> that's his rejoineder to all of that, but because he needs the votes he won't allow shame or decency to be part of the family. up next for his, justice this afternoon, justice for two very lucky turkeys. president biden takes his first turn at a decades-old white house thanksgiving tradition.
9:54 am
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9:58 am
topping our political radar today. an outrageous turn during an already contentious confirmation hearing thursday. republican senator john kennedy of louisiana suggesting the nominee who grew up in a country that was still under soviet union control might still support communist policy. president biden's pick to be comptroller of the currency. >> i don't mean any disrespect. i don't know whether to call you professor or comrade. >> senator, i'm not a communist. i do not subscribe that ideology. could i not choose where i was born. >> she grew up in then soviet-controlled kazakhstan and says her family suffered under
9:59 am
the communist regime and she's very proud to be an american. her confirmation is still in limbo because many lawmakers, including some democrats, do have questions on big banks. dr. oz apparently thinking about a run for senate in pennsylvania. the tv doctor has not said that but he's reportedly hiring a scheduler and policy director and off to ohio. since republican candidates running to replace senator rob portman gather on thirst. j.d. vance and former state treasurer josh mendel argued, they say, won the 2020 election which, of course, is a lie. >> technology rigged the 2020 election. >> let me say this very, very clearly. i believe this election was stolen from donald j. trump. >> reprehensible.
10:00 am
>> a smile. it's beanpot butter and jelly time. two turkeys will be pardoned a bit later today by president biden. those turkeys are named peanut butter and jelly. the birds spent last night at the willette hotel here in washington, d.c. they will move to the rose garden this afternoon where justice and a little pumpkin pie will be served during the ceremony. later, these two turkeys raised in indiana will head home, new home, perdue university. have a fantastic weekend. ana cabrera picks up our coverage right now. >> jolo and thanks for joining us on this friday. i'm ana cabrera in new york. after months of division and dysfunction house democrats come together and deliver a major victory to the white house. erupting in cheers, the house now sends the president's build back bette


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