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tv   New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar  CNN  November 18, 2021 4:00am-5:00am PST

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not too many people traveling today. this is the area that will move on by and cool our temperatures down from the 70s all the way down into the 50s. lunar eclipse tonight, john, 4:00 a.m. you'll be up, i know. so will i. if you are going to be out there, here's what the clouds will be. northeast looking cloudy. all of canada as well. the northwest looks great for the big lunar eclipse. . >> any time there is an eclipse my phone is on speed dial to bonnie tyler. chad myers, thank you very much. good morning to our viewers in the united states and all around the world. it is thursday, november 10th. trial watch on three major cases. in kenosha, wisconsin, day 3 of deliberations in the kyle rittenhouse trial. jurors reviewed drone video. travis mcmichael, one of the three men accused in the killing of ahmaud arbery testified in
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his own defense. he described his confrontation before the fatal shooting. >> he looks very angry. >> describe that. what do you mean. >> mad. >> it wasn't what i expected. for just coming up and talking to him. it was clinched teeth. he was mad. which made me think something -- something's happened. >> mcmichael will be back on the stand today as prosecutors resume their cross-examination. >> in charlottesville, virginia, jurors will hear closing arguments in the unite the right civil trial for the deadly violence that erupted in 2017. assistant professor of law alexis hogue and civil rights attorney and former new york prosecutor charles f. coleman jr.
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i want to start with the professor. one of the defendants on the stand, travis mcmichael, describing the moment that shots were fired there. his justification for self-defense. what's the defense trying to do here and do you think it worked? >> the defense has a massive hill to climb here. you can't have it both ways. you can't be an individual who claims to be trained in de-escalation tactics and law enforcement, the constitutional limitations of force, and then go out hunting actively a black man jogging down the street. and what you heard in mcmichaels testimony were racial stereotypes. you have a person jogging in the street and you have this presumption of criminality, this presumption of dangerousness. some of the language he used to described he was like a running back ready to bolt, that he was focused on me. and i want us to take a moment
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to think about what it is that was going through ahmaud's mind as he was running. you are by yourself in a largely white neighborhood and you spaoe two pickup trucks, you see three white men, you see a 12-gauge shotgun. that's my worst nightmare. and so i don't think mcmichaels is doing himself any favors here. he is opening himself broadly to cross-examination. the fact that he says he has training in de-escalation. we have seen the prosecutor coming at him saying, well, if you knew to deescalate, if you knew the limitations of force, why is it then that you're pointing a gun and essentially hunting down an unarmed black man? >> and there will be much more on cross-examination today. it is very clear the prosecutor i think will focus on some of the very issues you bring up, including the statement he just made describing the moment that shots were fired. the prosecutor will try to
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describe it may not have gone the way travis mcmichael said. i want to play a little bit more of this testimony. and this gets to travis mcmichael trying to explain in his mind, justify why he was chasing ahmaud arbery. because he thought he might have been a person who was on video that he had seen trespassing. watch. . >> travis, the guy that has been breaking in down the road, just went by. >> i was under the assumption that it was the same individual i saw on the 11th. i thought it was reasonably, okay, there's something to this. this guy may have just ran by. matt may have just seen him either caught him breaking in, stealing something. >> so a guy tells me he saw a video that may have been ahmaud arbery jogging by. he assumed it might have been been him and that's why he went
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out there. . >> first of all, none of that matters because it's all hearsay. let's start there. these are not things that he observed with his own eyes. let's start there in terms of evidence and what is actually going to be able to move the jury. that's all hearsay. that's what someone told me and it may have been and so on and so forth. two things i want to point out about his testimony that i thought were critically important. one of them was his tone. he was one of the earliest witnesses for the defense's case in chief. it was a stark difference between his tone and that we saw from the prosecution. the prosecution, rightfully so, put on strong images of ahmaud arbery. you saw him in the street. you saw what it looked like, that horrific video. that is what the prosecution focused on. when travis mcmichael took the stand, he was very casual, conversational. if you were paying attention you would not have thought he was on trial for a murder case. that was number one. i thought that was intentional. what he wanted to do was disarm the jury for what it is he's on
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trial for to begin with because ahmaud arbery is not there to talk about what happened to him. alexis alluded to this already, the fact that in this case one of the things that the defense is trying to play on is the fact that they have 11 white jurors and one black juror. when you talk about the state of mind, there are a lot of decisions and questions that were asked by the defense attorney to mcmichael in terms of explaining or trying to get out what he thought was reasonable in his state of mind. without more black people on that jury to explain what alexis said, it is reasonable for someone in that situation who has the cultural experiences and experiences that ahmaud arbery had as a black man, they may go unaddressed. >> what does the prosecution have to do on cross? there are two questions here? one, is it just how this is being portrayed. but the other question is will it work. if you're the prosecutor, how do
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you address the will it work part? >> you have to go through each of the statements really that travis mcmichael is making on direct examination, that he had this specialized training, that he knew how to deescalate situations, that he knew what probable cause meant, that he had experience in arrest and de-escalation. and basically in cross-examination you can ask leading questions that result in a yes or no response. so this state's attorney, who is not from tkphreupb county, is in from cobb county, suburb of atlanta. we know this case has had a lot of time in terms of who is going to prosecute, who is the most appropriate prosecutor and who didn't have bias in this case. and so the prosecutor on cross-examination is going to carefully go through all the statements that travis opened himself up to during direct examination. >> i think this trial has been fascinating to watch. in some cases, painful to watch.
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if there's one day you want to focus on, it would be fascinating, it's today when this cross happens. >> exactly. . >> what we saw was the jurors asking to see drone video of one of the killings, right? and this drone video is video that the prosecution i think likes and wants in the case. what's interesting is the prosecution wanted the jurors to see it as many times as they wanted. the defense wanted them to see it only once. what should we read from this? >> well, i think from this point it may be too early to tell exactly. but i can tell you more than likely what is happening is that the jury is in that room and they're trying to compare the competing narratives from both parties. one paints kyle rittenhouse as a vigilante who came looking for trouble. that's where the provocation charge becomes so important that the judge read and that the prosecution really hammered home during the summation.
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another narrative makes kyle rittenhouse the victim. he was just defending himself. what they will likely look for in reviewing this video is was it reasonable that kyle rittenhouse says he thought his life was threatened. was it reasonable that he decided to respond by using deadly force and was it reasonable given the fact that he provoked this altercation that he wants to claim he was the victim and fired in self-defense. i think just those competing narratives, watching the drone footage is driving the jury right now to see which of those they believe is established as fact. . >> it seems like they're doing their jobs. . >> exactly. they are considering evidence. 16 hours of deliberation. we know they will get started today central time at 9:00 a.m. i don't think -- i don't want to make too explicit a prediction that they will come back with an across the board acquittal.
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they are carefully considering each of the five charges, including the lesser included offenses on that top charge of intentional first degree homicide. even though the judge excused, dismissed the gun charge, there is still a weapons charge attached to each of those five charges. the fact that he endangered others with a deadly weapon. that is still relevant. . >> really quickly, to make a point, i think in a lot of ways viewers and the public, we were spoiled by the very fast verdict in the derrick schaaf in case. this is a much different different case. three different sets of victims, charges, much more complicated. so it is not unusual for them to deliberate. >> no. they should do it right. the important thing is to be careful. this is a really good discussion. appreciate you both being here. thank you. the house, paul gosar
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stripped of his committee assignments. this major rebuke comes after gosar, who is a republican from arizona, posted a violent an violent anime video. . >> what is so hard about saying that this is wrong? this is not about me. this is not about representative gosar. but this is about what we are willing to accept. >> there is no threat in the cartoon other than the threat to what immigration poses to our country. >> our work here matters. our example matters. there is meaning in our service. and as leaders in this country when we in cite violence with depictions against our colleagues, that trickles down into violence in this country.
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>> for democrats, this vote isn't about a video, it's about control. >> this is about this incident of a member using whatever medium you want to say on the public dime threatening and showing the killing of a member of this house. can't that appall you, even that act? do you have no shame? >> today we're critiquing paul gosar's anime. next week we might be indicting the wiley e. coyote for an explosive ordinance against the road runner. >> the resolution on the floor today is about accountability. >> here we go again, censoring speech. the most fundamental issue we have. our right to speak, talk, to communicate, and they are going after that today because they don't like freedom. joining us at the magic wall
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is chris cilizza. gosar doesn't have a lot of company, and the company he has is pretty bad. >> yeah. that's exactly right. only 24, two dozen members have ever been censured before. as you noted in the open, it hasn't happened in a decade. i want to highlight one, kind of the company he keeps. lovell rouseau, he was censure approximated we're not there. but i want to note this. look, since the 1890s, this has been extremely worse. i want to highlight a couple more recent ones to show you the company he's in. all right. so these two games, gerry studds and daniel crane. they had relationships with
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17-year-old pages. they were both censured. both remained in office. imagine that happening now. this is the one most people are familiar with. charlie rangel had been found guilty of 11 separate campaign finance violations. this is not reporting all of his income. this is using campaign income to pay for stuff in his congressional office. this was a long time coming. the house ethics committee investigating for a long time. and obviously mr. gosar. now, let's go through what happened. as you know, the video showing a photo shop of gosar killing alexandria owecasioocasio-corte. he puts the video back up. he retweets the video where someone included. not exactly the picture of remorse, brianna.
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this is important. this is not paul gosar's first trip around the controversy machine. in 2017, he said that an obama sympathizer, his words, was responsible for the charlottesville. the day after john mccain was diagnosed with a brain tumor, gosar's chief of staff texted a lawyer for the governor, doug ducey, and said he would be interested in the seat. he has been on the front end of promoting qanon conspiracy theories. appeared at a february event with a height supremacist. and he has called for not just another recall of the arizona results but re-running of them. he wants joe biden and donald trump to run that election again in arizona which, by the way, isn't a thing. how will the republicans respond? as the tape showed, you had jordan, mccarthy and others saying this is just partisan.
4:16 am
well, if republicans take over the house in 2022, as i would say, seems likely based on history and everything we know from the 2021 election, these are folks who i think will come in for some attention. eric swalwell is based on a relationship he had with a woman named christina fang, a shy niece spy. no wrongdoing there. maxine waters is another one that has come under a lot of criticism from republican lawmakers, including yesterday, for a comment she made at a black lives matter rally in minneapolis last year, saying they needed to get more confrontational. ilhan omar has come for a lot of criticism. adam schiff, led the impeachment inquiry. these are people who are likely to face the bending back of t the -- the boomerang coming back if the republicans take the
4:17 am
majority. that is the risk that democrats know they are taking. they already removed marjorie taylor greene earlier. didn't censure but removed her from her committees. now this. i think republicans are itching to target some of these folks. and i think you'll see that if and when they do take back the majority in 2022. >> yeah. they are promising retribution. no reason to think they won't make good on that. chris, thank you. >> thanks. the guy with the horns who stormed the capitol, some are saying the sentence is too harsh. the whereabouts of a top tennis star is unknown. julius jones scheduled to be executed today. will oklahoma's governor step in? so, who's it going to be? tom? could be danny.
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closing arguments set to begin shortly in the unite the right civil trial in charlottesville, virginia. 14 white nationalists and 10 height supremacists organizations at the two-day rally in 2017 that killed heather heyer and left many others injured. jason carroll joins us live from charlottesville. jason. >> reporter: and good morning to you. it's going to be a long day here in charlottesville, john. we are getting a sense of what we are likely to hear. some of the defendants representing themselves. and actually during opening statement, the judge said it sounded like a closing statement. that is giving us a hint in terms of what we are likely to hear. you take chris officer cantwell, known as being a neo-nazi. we heard a lot of propaganda
4:23 am
during his opening, heard some of his political leanings. likely to hear some of that again today during closing arguments as well. defense attorneys, though, are going to try to stay away from that. they will be reminding jurors about the foundation of their case saying the plaintiffs did not show enough evidence though show they conspired to commit acts of violence. they will say it was inspired by those on the far left and that things basically spiraled on it of control. plaintiffs attorneys for their part are going to remind jurors that during the course of this three-week trial that they did show evidence that these defendants conspired to commit acts of violence. they showed evidence through text messages, social media posts. they will remind jurors there was an intent for violence here all driven biracial hatred.
4:24 am
a reminder here, jurors when they end up getting this case, they have to show a preponderance of the evidence. skwraorsz to to look and say after all they have seen and heard, basically they have to say is there a 51% chance or greater that these defendants are basically guilty. long day here. they will start deliberating tomorrow. >> very important to point out the different standard in the civil trial. jason carroll, thank you very much. here in a few hours, political operative steve bannon will be in federal court to face criminal contempt of congress for defying the house committee investigating the january 6th. >> i think it will be a brief
4:25 am
hearing. this is the second of this week. this is just a formality. steve bannon is going to fight this at every step he can. here is what he told reporters as he left the courtroom on monday. >> this is going to be the misdemeanor from hell for merrick garland, nancy pelosi and joe biden. joe biden ordered merrick garland to prosecute me from the white house when he got off marine one. we're going to go on the offense. we're tired of playing defense. we're going to go on the offense on this and stand by. >> this is just the first of several court appearances we are going to see. this is going to be a lengthy court battle. certainly a case to watch. there is an added nuance. the judge overseeing this case, a judge named carl nichols, trump appointee has deposit appearance as he did during an official, defending executive privilege claims.
4:26 am
however, brianna, i would certainly caution against making any kind of assumption about where his sympathies may lie or how he may rule. it is important to provide viewers an understanding that he has a deep foundation here. so he understands the nuances which is important. this case simply doesn't have a ton of definitive case law. a lot of arguments to be made. you are the attorney earlier this week. you did the brilliant interview with him. we have some idea what the defense will be. today, well, really the second of many more cases to come. . >> interesting. the judge has a lot of working knowledge, which is important to note. whitney, thank you for the report. >> this afternoon, 5:00 p.m. eastern time, julius jones is scheduled to ob executed by the state of oklahoma unless the governor grants him clemency, as has been recommended by the parole board. he had this message for his
4:27 am
family. >> i wish i was there to protect them, comfort them, lift them up. but hopefully if i'm not here, they will remember that that was always my intention. i'm sorry i was a bad kid. i'm sorry i made mistakes. but you know i'm not a killer. i'm not a murderer. >> joining me is co-arpbgor of "early start" and attorney at law. difficult to hear that. explain what this case is and why there are questions. >> it's a fascinating case. also infuriating for a lot of jones's defenders and supporters who say this is another example how our criminal justice system is broken.
4:28 am
a little bit of background for those who might not have been following all the twists and turns. it starts in 199 9, a father named powell howell is killed in front of his young daughters. a terrible, terrible murder. his sister is there watching. his sister tells authorities i saw a black man with a white t-shirt and red bandana. he is he is picked up a few days later and found a red bandana and a gun. his family said he was home on the night of the murder. bad lawyering going on. they didn't introduce a lot of trial that he said should have come out. his co-defendant bragged that he blamed jones and he got a sweetheart deal and is out of prison. perhaps most troubling of all, one of the jurors is accused of calling him the "n" word. there is a ton of problems.
4:29 am
6 million people have tried to get him -- not to get out of prison. the parole board said he shouldn't get out scot-free. they are saying he should get another trial. >> if the governor is looking for political cover, he said he is praying on this and taking his time to make the decision today. but the board gives him cover here. >> they recommended 3-1 to have the sentence commuted. not that he would walk through but it would be committeed from death sentence to life in prison. unless they intervene, he will, executed at 5:00 p.m. tonight. >> that is the last thing to happen. no match nations before then. just the wait. >> for 20 years, twists and
4:30 am
turns. this is his last chance. . >> laura jarrett, thank you very much. so we have new cnn reporting how the white house plans to handle hundreds of afghan evacuees who failed to pass the vetting process. why an alleged message from china's most popular tennis star saying she is fine and not missing has people thinking the exact opposite. (laughing) did i do that? (laughing) every time. shh. you think she's still awake? don't worry. stealth mode? yeah. (shh shh shh) don't pta meetings end at 9? -ran late -got lost... what'd you guys talk about? -libraries -maps fine. you can drive to practice this weekend. (laughing) that was easy. what! i mean, i love you guys. the lexus rx: built for modern families.
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all right. we have new cnn reporting. the biden administration is considering sending some evacuees at a u.s. military base in kosovo back to afghanistan if they cannot clear the intense vetting price. cnn's kylie atwood is joining us now. kiley, this is a fascinating
4:35 am
report. tell us about this. >> reporter: well, this is a complicated situation, brianna, right. these are afghans who left afghanistan as part of the u.s. evacuation of the country. they are now at a military base in kosovo. about 200 family members and the like, they haven't been able to yet pass the u.s. security vetting system, right. to get into the united states with tens of thousands of other afghans who have already gotten here. now, this doesn't mean they could never come to the united states. because we're told by senior administration official this doesn't mean all of them have been deemed unsuitable for entry. what it means is there are still security vetting that needs to go through a process. and it's not going to take a few hours, a few days, this could take months. so the u.s. military has this agreement with kosovo, a u.s. military pays, to keep them there for now while the u.s. tries to figure out what they are going to do with those who
4:36 am
could potentially not pass this security vetting process they're going through. the national security spokesperson said this demonstrates the process is working, right. the fact that these persons have been flagged, not let into the united states demonstrates they have a process under way that is going well. but this is complicated. because if they do try and send them back in afghanistan, which is one of the few options that they have on the table right now, that is fraught with legal complications. because internal law prohibits refugees from being forcibly sent back to a country and prohibits anyone from going back to a place where they would be tortured. there has to be agreement with the taliban. and human rights activists say you can't trust anything to what they are going to agree to. so this is a complicated situation. the state department says they're confident the afghans will be sent to the united states or to other third countries. but as folks watch what is going on here, there are real concerns
4:37 am
that they could be at this camp in kosovo for the long term. we have an agreement with the country for a year. they're worried it could extend beyond that. for the afghans there, they don't know exactly what is holding them up. so for a lot of them, it's really personal. they aren't telling their family members they're there because they don't want to be deemed terrorists for having to go through this additional security screening. >> it may demonstrate the vetting process is working. it also demonstrates the aftereffect of a rushed evacuation. we are seeing that as well. k kiley, thank you for the report. new developments in the case of missing tennis star peng shuai. a former vice premier of china she alleges sexual assaulted her. the allegation of sexual assault is not true. i'm not missing, nor am i
4:38 am
unsafe. i've just been resting at home and everything is fine. thank you again for caring about me. joining me now cnn international correspondent kristie lu stout and patrick mcenroe who knows peng shuai. tell me about the details around this alleged email. >> this alleged email has been described as being bizarre, creepy and even frankly disturbing. you have cgtn, the tkpwhreurbg language chinese state-run media outlet posting on twitter, which is not available inside mainland china, a screen grab of an email allegedly from peng shuai. in it she says everything is fine. then she back trabs, recants other sexual assault allegation made against this very powerful man, the former vice premier of china. and that has prompted a number of people and organizations to step forward and say we don't believe this.
4:39 am
you have the wta casting serious doubt on the voracity of this email, and also a number of human rights organizations, including china human rights defenders saying this should not be taken at face value and the burden of proof should be on the chinese government to provide verifiable evidence that peng shuai is safe and hasn't been detained. let me just quickly mention we did monitor the ministry of foreign affairs briefing that took place earlier today. we asked the question about peng shuai and her case. they said basically no comment. this is not a diplomatic issue, they said. >> so, patrick, you know her. you played with her. what's your human response to everything that's going on here? >> what's going on, is she okay? that's what the tennis world is all wondering and extremely concerned about it. you heard from chris evert, novak djokovic, naomi sew psaki. the year-end championships just
4:40 am
concluded last night in mexico. it was in china and got canceled because of covid. so there are a lot of layers to the story. but the biggest question is where is peng, srb s okay? >> you would think with all the contacts she has and all the people she knows, someone would have heard something. she might have reached out and responded to something. there is another side of this, too, the tennis side, the sports organization side. you are a former usta official, the wta put out a strong statement to this alleged email that reads, i have a hard time believing that peng shuai actually wrote the email or believes what is being attributed to her. peng shuai displayed incredible courage in describing an allegation of sexual assault against a former top official in the chinese government. the wta and the rest of the world need independent and verifiable proof.
4:41 am
>> kudos to steve simon stepping up to the plate, questioning where she is. we need more information. we need a thorough investigation. but then shortly thereafter receiving this supposed email from peng, which no one buys, that this actually came from or did come. i have that it did come from her email account. but that doesn't mean anything. they are the wta, to find peng, to communicate with her via phone or preferably on video, which of course in today's world should be very simple, right? and none of that has happened. then there are the economic ramifications of this. >> which had rouge. >> the nba got all timid with china. this is not timid, what the wta is doing. >> that's why you have to give them credit. this is way more important for tennis economically and financially because there are so many big events that have occurred in china. the women's championships is supposed to continue there for the foreseeable future.
4:42 am
the men have big events there as well. that to me is why this is a bigger statement from steve simon to take this stand, the morally correct stand to take. when is it going to be enough is snuff with some of these issues happening in china. they are saying, as you heard from your reporter in hong kong, this is not even a story to them. it is a story for us and the rest of the world. . >> people step up, they can make it a story. thank you for coming in. kristie lu stout, appreciate your reporting on this. just in, a big announcement from disney. the new rules regarding children and vaccines on their cruises. and we do have some new cnn reporting on how a ground swell of frustration among parents with schools is influencing the ballot box.
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so disney cruises just announced that bijany january 1 all passengers will have to be vaccinated, everyone 5 years and older. children younger than 5, must show proof of a negative covid test before departure. passengers can complete the testing requirements online. >> new cnn reporting on the political battle over education and the growing voice of parents angry and frustrated over the impact of the pandemic on their kids. cnn's gabe cohen is joining us live with more on this. this is -- look, so many parents are just very frustrated. and we're seeing a lot of this play out at the local level. . >> yeah, we definitely are, brianna. we are starting to hear the
4:48 am
message even more. education was a huge issue to voters when they elected glenn youngkin governor this month. now we are seeing it in other states. it's not just these polarizing politicized issues like critical race theory. there is a larger frustration that a lot of parents are feeling with their school system that organizers are now trying to tap into. do you think a movement is growing here? >> i know a movement is growing. >> reporter: watching from her pennsylvania home, clarise wasn't surprised when he won the governor's race. >> i think it woke a lot of people and said okay, there is a ground swell. >> reporter: the political divides playing out from critical race theory to mask and vaccine mandates. but beyond the weekly fireworks and beyond virginia, there is a common thread tieing many
4:49 am
parents together, the feeling they have been ignored. "usa today" poll found 55% of parents say their kids fell be lined because of virtual learning. tens of thousands are in facebook groups focused on keeping schools open. in pennsylvania, schillinger harnessed the frustrations this past election. the suburban mom, a republican, helped run a political action committee that pumped close to $700,000, mostly from a republican venture capitalist into statewide school board elections, all on one issue, keeping schools open. >> we gave the parents a voice to run and try to win. >> they supported more than 200 candidates across pennsylvania, nearly two-thirds republican. and they say many won. >> how many parents have you heard from this on? . >> tens of thousands across the state. >> carey is one of them. she's on the verge of removing her sons from the public schools
4:50 am
in the philadelphia suburbs. . >> if it closes down again, that's going to be the last straw. . >> she is opposed to school mask and vaccine mandates but says her main focus is keeping classrooms open. >> the children are still trying to make up for last year. >> we also met with suarez. . >> says she can't afford to work outside her home. >> i need to be here with my children. >> reporter: she supported virtual learning but quickly faced problems getting her kids online and the help they needed. one daughter can't keep up in class and another one doesn't feel challenged. she moved her from public school to an online program. >> they dropped the ball in not being able to provide them with what they needed to brighten their future, to secure their future. >> reporter: this past election, suarez supported democratic school board democrats that vowed to keep classrooms open, as did a local pac run by pastor earl harris. >> school frustrations aren't just a suburbs issue. >> absolutely.
4:51 am
it is a human issue. >> reporter: harrisburg is predominantly african-american, and even before covid, 26% of families lived below the poverty line. >> they made the choice to keep their children safe, and they stay home. they lose their jobs. it was a sense of abandonment. >> reporter: it is not clear the role education will play in next year's midterm elections in a state like pennsylvania. a pole from axios shows three quarters of american parents believe local schools have done a good job balancing health and safety with other priorities. but organizers from virginia to pennsylvania and beyond are already trying to weave this common thread. >> i felt ignored. >> reporter: -- into a political pattern. >> i think it is frustration is being invisible. >> reporter: now, i also spoke with the head of the national parents union, she's a long time democratic organizer, and she says they are hearing from thousands of these angry parents from all backgrounds, again, not about critical race theory, but about these crises they say their kids are now dealing with
4:52 am
that connect back to decisions that were made by school systems and by leadership during the pandemic. she says special interests were prioritized over the parents, and that candidates need to start communicating speaking more to these moms and dads. brianna? >> great report. thank you for going to harrisburg for it. coming up, a shock to the courtroom as the man who shot unarmed black man ahmaud arbery takes the stand. why he says he had to do it. a new warning about an uptick in hospitalizations among those who are fully vaccinated but have not yet received boosters. here comes the interception. oh...shh -shawn? yes. thank you. you're welcome. have a great day. if it's s “that will leave a mark season,” it's walgreens seasoson. we're carvana, the company who invented car vending machines and buying a car 100% online. now we've created a brand-new
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4:57 am
laden's death. so what's next? you got it, children's book author. his newly released book "make your bed with skipper the seal" is an adaptation of his new york times best-selling book m, and joining me now is william mccraven. so nice to see you. it is so nice to check out your new children's book here. who knew? years of training set you up for this. you have a, what, 5-month-old grandson. >> 5 week old. >> 5 week old granden is right n now. how much of this was for him? >> more of it was about my kids. i have three kids, grown adults now. when i was a young parent, i read to them, i enjoyed reading to them, as we were talking before the news, just you have this remarkable sense of connection with your children, you have an opportunity to kind of teach them values as you read them. i was thinking about my three kids, but my first reading was
4:58 am
to william thomas mcraven, my grandson. >> how did he respond? >> at 5 weeks old, he kind of stared at me, which was okay. >> look, the book, your best-selling book "make your bed" was based off a speech. that was a terrific lesson for kids. you almost don't even need the illustrations to give that lesson for kids. there are so many other great lessons in here including how to deal with bullies. skipper the seal, i like all the obviously navy speak there, stands up to a bully that's a shark. what is the lesson? >> even at a young age, kids need to understand, you know, that they're going to deal with bullies, deal with bullies on the playground, deal with bullies in the schoolyard, you know, they have got to learn to address and parents need to help them through this, and, of course, much like the book make your bed where i talk about swimming with the sharks, i kind of kidify to teach them this value. there is values about respect and how to smile when things don't go well, and how to be a
4:59 am
good teammate. so i think all those values are important, and incorporated into the book. >> you obviously had such a storied military career, such a big impact in so many aspects of you as history over the last 20 years. but it is possible and you notice this that one of your biggest impacts might be with the message that you're sending with the make the bed idea. >> at one point in time, i told an interviewer i thought in my life when i did the bin laden raid that, you know, destiny had led me to that point to do the bin laden raid. and then i realized later on that the bin laden raid allowed me to do the commencement speech at the university of texas at austin in 2014 and that speech ended up being seenl by 100 million people. i've taken great satisfaction and pride, people write me every week to say how much they enjoyed it and how that affected their lives. >> it has a huge impact. people talk about it inside their families, i can tell you
5:00 am
from personal experience. the lesson about bullies, let's go back to that, it has real world implications not just for kids. china, the vice chief of staff of the army said the other day that he thinks china is developing a first strike capability with a hypersonic missile. a version of being a bully. how should the u.s. stand up to it? >> he's right. he's the vice chairman of the joint chiefs of staff and incredibly bright guy and knows his business. i had a chance to see the interview. the interviewer asked him if this was a sputnik moment for us, we can wake up and smell the coffee and realize china is advancing on the technologies faster than we expected. a hypersonic missile could be used as a first strike capability meaning that, you know, we wouldn't have a mutually assured destruction that china would strike first before we were in a position to do something about it. it is something to be concerned about, but, look, i don't think china is going to go to war with


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