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tv   Early Start With Christine Romans and Laura Jarrett  CNN  November 18, 2021 2:00am-2:59am PST

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the longer you've been with us... the more rewards you can get. join for free on the xfinity app. our thanks. your rewards. all right, good morning, everyone. it is thursday, november 18th. 5:00 a.m. exactly here in new york. thanks for getting an early start with us. i'm christine romans. >> nice to have you barks, christine. i'm laura jarrett. women come to our viewers around the united states and around the world. we have reports from paris, georgia, hong kong and capitol hill. >> we begin this morning with an important gut check on the u.s. economy. inflation fears have been dominating the headlines. it's the downside of the covid reopening. but a broader look at the economy shows a remarkable recovery. america's factories are humming.
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consumers are shopping. and paychecks are fatter. let's connect the dots. first manufacturing. industrial output is racing ahead at a nearly two-year high, back above prepandemic levels. factory output would be even stronger if not for supply chain hiccoughs. corporate profits enviable. the biggest publicly traded companies have fatter margins today than before the pandemic. big companies are managing well through supply chain woes passing costs onto their consumers. the dow was up 17% this year. that is a remarkable performance. the nasdaq 23.5%. the s&p 500 up nearly 25% since the market crashed in 2020. stock averages have doubled in some cases. still, a big challenge for companies, the great worker resignation. workers have the upper hand. they are quitting their jobs in record numbers for better jobs and better pay. a record 4.4 million last month jumping ship for a better job,
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and this has been months of that trend. after decades of sluggish wage growth, paychecks are getting fatter, especially for low wage workers. wage growth nearly 5%. and it shows in american savings. americans have an excess $2.3 trillion in savings since the crisis began. look at this. jpmorgan chase says its median checking account balance, 50% higher this summer compared to the summer of 2019. and we have learned that the summer job creation was pres -- wasn't as bad as feared. 626,000 jobs added june to september the government initially reported. overall 5.8 million jobs added back this year. so why don't opinion polls reflect this in the economy? two things, covid exhaustion from the american public and higher prices at the grocery and at the gas station. grocery store and gas station. those are real-feel economic indicators every week that are dragging down people's opinions about an overall strong economy. >> speaking of gas, as prices at
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the pump soar, president biden is asking the federal trade commission to investigate whether oil and gas companies are illegally driving up costs. in a letter to the ftc, mr. biden writes this. the unexplained gap between the price of unfinished gasoline and the average price at the pump is well above the pre-pandemic average. >> gas prices have had a negative impact -- effect on americans' view of the recovery. while the president notes oil and gas companies are seeing profits of higher energy prices. not likely to affect gas prices right away, but it could shed light on how companies set gas prices. the american petroleum institute, a trade lobby group, is calling the investigation, quote, a distraction. now to an unexpected twist in the trial of three white men accused in the killing of ahmaud arbery in georgia. the gunman travis mcmichael took the stand in his own defense. he described the moment he pulled the trigger, killing arbery, a young black man, who his father gregory mcmichael had just seen running down a street.
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>> he grabs the shotgun and i believe i was struck on that first instance that we made contact. >> what were you thinking at that moment? >> i was thinking of my son. it sounds weird, but it was the first thing that hit me. >> what did you do? >> i shot. >> mcmichael and his two codefendants are facing felony murder and other charges. today prosecutors will cross-examine travis mcmichael on his claim of self-defense. cnn's ryan young is on the ground for us in brunswick, georgia. >> reporter: good morning, laura. day nine inside the courtroom was pretty explosive. everyone got a surprise. travis mcmichael took the stand saying, he wanted to tell his own story of what happened on
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that fateful day. he went through describing not only the training that he received in the coast guard, but what led up to the moments where the shots were fired that changed his community. in fact, take a listen to some of his testimony. >> he had my gun. he struck me. it was obvious that he was -- it was obvious that he was attacking me, that if he would have got the shotgun from me, then it was a life or death situation. and i'm going to have to stop him from doing this. >> reporter: and, laura, today should be another big day because the prosecution obviously will get another chance to go at travis mcmichael about his story. and some of the details they may want to go back and forth with him about. but outside the court, this will take center stage as well. because so many pastors from around the country are headed here to brunswick. they plan to stand out in front of the court and do a prayer vigil. there will also be a march tomorrow. so as this all happens, there will be extra attention, not only inside the court, but
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outside as well. laura? >> that's fascinating. the second time in two weeks, laura, we've seen a defendant take the stand in a closely watched trial. what stood out to you? to me the idea that prosecutors say these three men were chasing down ahmaud arbery, and he's turning it around that he was being attacked. >> yeah, it's interesting. in both of these cases, both the rittenhouse trial and the case of the mcmichaels and roddy bryant, it's all about who can claim self-defense. that's the key issue in both of these cases. but i think in the travis mcmichael case, his claim is far, far weaker. you heard him there in his testimony say that he remembers arbery grabbing the gun. but when he's cross-examined later today, watch the prosecution bring up what he said to police. i want to say he did, but i honestly cannot remember. that is fatal to his defense. i think you're going to see the prosecution hammer him on that today. >> all right. let's go to kenosha, wisconsin, where it is day three watch of the kyle rittenhouse homicide trial. the jury spent day two
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revisiting evidence. they watched a video that triggered a second motion for mistrial from the defense. sarah sidner is in kenosha, wisconsin. >> reporter: day two of the kyle rittenhouse double homicide trial, the jurors asked to review evidence. what they wanted in particular were several videos, very pertinent videos to this case that show in one case the killing of joseph rosenbaum. and there is one video that has become a point of contention with the defense. the defense saying that this drone video that was brought in by a civilian to the prosecution came in weighed too late. they didn't have a good chance to review it. the prosecution said, look, it came to us five days into the trial. it was a high-resolution version of video that had already been put into evidence. but what had been put into evidence was low resolution video. here is why the defense says this is a problem, and they're going to ask for a mistrial because of it. >> we would have done this case in a little bit different manner
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if that was the situation. we didn't have the quality of evidence that the state had until the case had been closed. i'm going to be asking the court for a mistrial. but -- >> your client lied about this on the stand is the state's position. there seems to be evidence to support the position that he lied on the stand about raising the gun. he was confronted with the exhibit. he denied it. the jury wants to see these exhibits. >> reporter: the jury is going through each and every thing. they have a lot to go through. clearly paying close attention, but right now there is already a filing for a mistrial in this case. the defense saying there was prosecutorial overreach. now they're saying they're going to file again for a mistrial, this time about that drone video. christine? >> meanwhile, the jury continues to deliberate. and obviously wants to see all this video. they specifically asked to see it. sarah, thank you for that report. still ahead for you, steve bannon set to face a judge again
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welcome back. former trump strategist steve bannon is set to go before a judge again today to face criminal contempt of congress charges. this case could have wide implications for others who are still refusing to cooperate with the january 6 committee. cnn's kaitlan polance is live in washington for us. kaitlan, good morning. so, is bannon expected to plead not guilty today, i assume? >> reporter: we have a not guilty plea submitted into the court docket for steve bannon. what that does is it is kicking
2:14 am
off his criminal proceedings in court. we already saw him in court once. this is the first time he's going before the federal district judge who is going to oversee his case the whole way to trial if he does eventually go to trial. so, right now he's entered this plea of not guilty. and they're probably in court today. it's not a huge day for him in court. it just really is a check-in with the judge where they're going to talk some schedule setting. they're going to talk when could a trial potentially be, when could the trial be over. every time there is an appearance like this, it does give the house a little bit more leverage, a little bit more information and a little bit of a platform for them to say, you know, we're stepping forward as we're trying to get witnesses to talk to us. we already know that the house is looking to talk to lots and lots of people, including bannon and others that they had subpoenaed. there were 200 witnesses that they have already spoken to. everybody ranging from experts and scholars to even people who were in the white house on january 6. and they have issued 35
2:15 am
subpoenas including that one to bannon that they made a criminal referral on when he didn't show up. but there are big names aside from bannon who they are still trying to get to. that's why they made this sort of criminal referral. people like chief of staff mark meadows they're saying right now they're not talking unless there is more signal out of court that members of trump administration could talk. here's what we heard yesterday or recently from jamie raskin, he's a member of the committee and he gave a little insight into the thinking of what the members are thinking right now as they are subpoenaing people. >> you can't stay home and sit on your couch and, you know, talk to people about the 5th amendment or executive privilege, but not show up. you have a legal duty to show up. once you show up, you begin to answer questions. >> reporter: so, even with every single step forward we have, you hear raskin there talking about what they are hoping this signals. we still don't know how much the
2:16 am
committee has learned that we already don't know out there from public reporting. >> kaitlan, yesterday juan of the most memorable faces really of the riot at the capitol, the qanon shaman, he's going to serve some serious prison time. tell us more. >> reporter: that's right. this is a man named jacob chansley, essentially the most recognizable image from the capitol riot aside from those pictures of the capitol with smoke coming out of it. i mean, this is a guy, he was shirtless. he wore these viking horns inside the capitol. he had a bull horn where he was directing rioters. he left a menacing note for mike pence at the dais. he is getting 41 months in prison for his guilty plea to a felony obstruction charge for obstructing congress. now, he's nonviolent and so this sort of prison sentence, that's more than three years. that's quite significant for any of the rioters. we have known in this case from the very beginning chansley was the person that the justice department really wanted to use as an example of how harsh this
2:17 am
prosecution could be. they wanted to indict him first. now he's one of the first people who is being sentenced for one of these obstruction cases. and even though the judge in this case really did buy chansley's statements in court yesterday that he was remorseful, he was disavowing what he did on january 6th, he still did receive quite a significant sentence. and that could serve as a benchmark going forward as many other rioters are still pleading guilty and will be sentenced ultimately. >> be really interesting to watch what happens to some of the others. there are still people that they still have not found. >> we're in the very early innings of all this, right? there are hundreds of people. all right, nice to see you, kaitlan. >> thanks, kaitlan. >> reporter: thank you. there is growing concern for a chinese tennis star missing since she accused an official of assault. but then ray went from no to know. with freestyle libre 2,
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three a migmigos at the whi house, reviving the three amigos shunned by his predecessor. daniela at the white house. this will be front and center. tell us why. >> reporter: christine, as biden has been working this week to promote his landmark infrastructure bill that he signed earlier this week, another separate bill is probably going to come up in these discussions that he has with canadian prime minister justin trudeau and mexican president lopez obrador when they meet later today for the first time since 2016 that these three representatives of these three countries meet after former president donald trump
2:23 am
shutdown this so-called three amigos conference that has happened previously. some of the sticking points that are expected to come up, christine, of course, include the proposed electric vehicle tax credits that are included in this build back better act, this bill that democratic leaders are still negotiating in congress because it would favor these tax credits would favor u.s. manufacturers, causing concerns about protectionist policies. trudeau and mexican officials have voiced concerns about these proposed tax credits. also expected to be discussed in these meetings later today is the line five oil pipeline which the state of michigan wants to shutdown as well as mexico's overhaul of its electricity industry. but, look, these discussions are not just going to be about sticking points or disagreements. there will be an announcement later today that on covid vaccine donations, actually. earlier this year the united states, quote, lent millions of
2:24 am
vaccine doses to the neighboring countries, to mexico and canada. and today they will return them by donating millions of vaccines to countries in the western hemisphere. but bottom line here is this is the first meeting we will see of these three leaders since 2016. it will be very interesting to see what comes out of these discussions considering this hasn't happened in almost more than four years. >> powerful, powerful next door neighbors, an awful lot of business at hand. danielle diaz, nice to sigh. thank you. well, the u.s. conference of catholic bishops is approving new guidance upon who should receive holy communion. this after much internal debate about whether catholic politicians who support abortion rights like president biden should be eligible. these new guidelines don't directly prohibit biden and others from receiving the sacrament, but they don't prevent individual bishops from denying them either. the president says pope francis gave him the go ahead when they met in italy last month. he says the pontiff told him he
2:25 am
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this is "early start." i'm laura jarrett. >> and i'm christine romans this thursday morning. it's 30 minutes past the hour. time for our top stories to keep an eye on today. beginning with two highly charged court cases. the man who shot and killed georgia jogger ahmaud arbery testifying he acted in self-defense. >> prosecution will cross-examine today. and day three of jury deliberations in the kyle rittenhouse homicide trial in kenosha, jurors spent day two reviewing drone footage that prompted a call for a mistrial by the defense. relief could be on the way for rising gas prices. u.s. oil prices fell sharply wednesday to their lowest level since october 7th. the sell off coming after a government report showed oil inventories at a key hub in cushing oklahoma rose the first time in weeks. the civil trial for white nagg naggalist -- nationalist who
2:31 am
planned the rally in charlottesville, the trial could be begin friday. julius jones is scheduled for execution unless the governor grants him clemency. jones has been on death row nearly 20 years for the 1999 murder of paul howell. jones maintains he's innocent and the parole board recommended the governor commute his sentence. the popular rapper young dog was killed in a drive by shooting wednesday. reports say the 36-year-old was buying cookies at a bakery when someone drove up and shot him. police so far have no suspects or motive for that killing. the longest partial lunar eclipse in almost 600 years, yes, 600 years happens tonight and early friday across the entire country. the total cycle will last about three hours 28 minutes. and unlike a solar eclipse, you will not need special glasses to view it. it starts a little after 2:00 a.m. eastern friday morning, just in time for our alarm
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clocks. >> exactly. america's drug epidemic deadlier than it has ever been. new federal data shows 100,000 people died of overdoses in one year. experts tell cnn the pandemic explosion in opioid use are the main culprits. officials are hoping new strategies could make next year less deadly. dr. sanjay gupta has more. >> laura and christine, this has been an issue long before the pandemic. but it is clear that the problem has never been worse. and i want to break it down a little bit for you. first of all, the numbers that you see on the screen reflect a one-year period. as you mentioned, between april of 2020 and april of 2021, right in the middle of this pandemic. more than 100,000 people have died of drug overdoses. and to give you an idea, that's a significant increase compared to the year before. but i think it's also worth digging a little deeper and understanding the problem. most of this is from opioids and most of this is specifically
2:33 am
from a type of opioid known as fentanyl. >> this year alone, the ea has seen enough fentanyl to provide every member of the united states population with a lethal dose. and we are still seizing more fentanyl each and every day. >> i can tell you as part of our reporting, we've seen that fentanyl is often used to cut other drugs as well. nonopioids, such as methamphetamine, psycho stimulants, cocaine even. for sometime the strategy was mostly to try and decrease the number of prescription drugs because people often started taking opioids as a prescription. we now know the problem is far more -- far more has to do with fentanyl actually being brought into the country or being illicitly produced and then again used to cut other drugs. different strategies such as using bupernorphene, to treat addiction, and narcan toe try and make narcan available would
2:34 am
give people, even families who are often the first responders, an option, a possibility of potentially saving someone's life, reversing an overdose. so there's too much of it. it's causing a problem. it's leading to all these deaths. and strategies, laura and christine, need to be implemented as quickly as possible. >> sanjay, thank you. as we talk about all of these stressors this morning, nearly two dozen school districts across the country are extending their thanksgiving breaks to allow for mental health days for students and staff. public schools in at least six states, missouri, kansas, virginia, florida, north carolina and maryland, have all booked wellness days into their school calendar. one superintendent said the extra days will hopefully give everyone more time for themselves and their families. where is peng shuai? she has been missing since she accused a top communist party leader of sexual assault. there is growing concern for her safety.
2:35 am
cnn's kristie lu stout joins us live from hong kong. there is a new email allegedly sent by peng, but women's tennis official don't believe it is from her. bring us up to speed. >> reporter: they are calling for verifiable evidence because of what happened on wednesday. you have cgtn, the english language chinese state-run media outlet, posting a screen cap of an email on twitter allegedly from peng shuai. she says, everything is fine. she goes on to recant her sexual assault allegations against a powerful man, former vice premiere zhang gaoli. they say they don't believe it is from her, casting doubt on the purported email, the wta and human rights organizations. i want you to look at this statement. it is from chrd, chinese human rights defenders. the statement should not be
2:36 am
taken at face value. the chinese government has a long history of arbitrarily detaining people in controversial cases, controlling their ability to speak freely, making them give forced statements. until she is free, the burden of proof should be on the chinese government to prove she is not detained. christine, earlier today the ministry of foreign affairs gave their daily press briefing. her case was raised. their statement, we decline to comment because it is not a diplomatic issue. she is a national icon, a sporting hero in china. she brought home two victories in doubles tennis for women, wimbledon, as well as the french open. and it was on november 2nd, just a couple weeks ago, when she accused zhang gaoli of having sex with her. she made the post on chinese social media. it was immediately taken down. she has not been seen or heard from publicly since then. there is a lot of concern about her and her safety, and also concern about the jen safety of athletes, especially now because the beijing olympic games is less than three months away. listen to this.
2:37 am
>> it takes it right to the front burner of speaking out, athletes' rights, how you're treating women, how you're treating athletes in jen and hu -- in general, and human beings in general. two months before the olympics, this is at stake for china. >> reporter: a lot is at stake. the eyes of the world are locked on the fate of this woman, peng shuai. >> the me too moment opened the floodgates there. she makes this post, and then goes silent, you know, disappears. a different kind of censorship. >> it's chilling. >> chriskristie lu stout, thank so much. two men convicted of killing malcolm exexonerated.
2:38 am
he began a speech in 1965? new york, three men were convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison. two always maintained their innocence. >> the manhattan district attorney's office will move today to throw out the convictions of management aziz who was released from prison in 1958 and khalil islam who died in 2009. a nearly two-year investigation found the prosecutors withheld evidence from the jury that pointed to other suspects. joining a notorious group, republican congressmen paul gosar owe fen-- essentially censured and stripped. it is the first time in more than ten years. it happened because he posted a bizarre revenge fantasy anime video that appears to show him killing alexandria ocasio-cortez and president biden. gosar and the gop are not backing down. >> i voluntarily took the cartoon down, not because itself was a threat, but because some
2:39 am
thought it was. if i must join alexander hamilton, the first to be censured by the south, so be it. >> under the pelosi president, all the members that i have mentioned earlier will need the approval of a majority to keep those positions in the future. >> comparing himself to alexander hamilton. just over an hour after being censured, retweeted the tweet praising him that included the offending video. kinzinger and liz cheney sided with the democrats. >> what is so hard about saying that this is wrong? this is not about me. this is not about representative gosar. but this is about what we are willing to accept. >> gosar has a history of offensive behavior. his own family has raised a public concerns about his conduct. stop focusing on the past. that is the blunt advice to the
2:40 am
former president from an unlikely source. fox news boss rupert murdoch at his publishing company's annual stockholders meeting. murdock said this. the current political debate is profound. it is crucial that conservatives play an active forceful role in that debate. but that will not happen if president trump stays focused on the past. the past is the past and the country is now in a contest to define the future. >> trump has spent a full year claiming he won an election he lost and he's had plenty of help. but in the words of cnn's brian stelter, fox isn't pro trump any more as it is anti-biden. he sounded the alarm. >> what he is doing now is behind the scenes. he has spent all his time since he lost putting people in place who will find the votes. that's what is so disturbing, because next time that happens, i think they are going to find
2:41 am
the votes. he is purging the republican party of people like that. people who -- i think only ten republicans voted for his impeachment. two of them are already gone. because they see that they cannot win an election. he will primary them. he will destroy their reputations. >> to reiterate, folks, none of the president's voter fraud claims have any merit. >> that does not stop him from making them. >> it doesn't. now to this. a 20-year-old man who raped four teenagers in new york city will not see the inside of a jail cell. niagara county judge matthew murphy instead sentenced christoffer better to eight years probation. he said it would be like a sword hanging over his head. he also said, quote, jail time would be inappropriate. a lawyer for one of the victims calls the case of in equal justice. >> he is privileged. he comes from money. he is white. he's being sentenced as an adult
2:42 am
appropriately. and for an adult to get away with these crimes without doing jail time is unjust. >> belter's victims were all assaulted at his home. no words there. we'll be right back. with age comes more... get more with neutrogena® retinol pro plus. a powerful .05% retinol that's also gentle on skin. for wrinkles results in one week.
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just in time for the holidays, the resurgence of coronavirus in europe, now health restrictions that mark the worst of the pandemic are being put back in place. let's bring in cyril vanier live in paris. covid has been exacerbated by some stalled vaccination efforts. also it's colder weather, people are moving back indoors. what's happening here? >> reporter: right. all of these things coming together to create a surge of
2:47 am
infections in many european countries. as you say, colder weather driving people indoors where they have a chance to infect one another. waning immunity from those people who got the vaccine earlier in the year. think about it. people who got vaccinated between february and may, their six months are up now that we know immunity is only guaranteed for six months. and also the fact that people went back to living life as normal, so some of the social distancing rules, et cetera, well, they've been a lot more lax in their implementation of them recently. the headline this morning, christine, germany with its 65,000 cases, infections have been multiplied by six. get that, by six since the beginning of the month. it's dramatic according to the outgoing chancellor angela merkel. even that official number vastly under representatives what is likely the real number according to the chief -- country's chief health officer. what are countries doing building it? well, several countries are putting restrictions on the unvaccinated first and foremost.
2:48 am
in multiple federal states in germany, there is what's been described as a kind of lockdown on the unvaccinated. they can't go to pubs, bars, restaurants and other public venues. and in austria, the neighboring country, there is an actual stay-at-home order on the unvaccinated. countries that have a higher vaccination rate, let's say france, let's say ireland, are still putting in place new measures. they're just giving themselves a bit more time before they get to really the harsher measures. listen to this. dublin pub owner in ireland after an 8:00 p.m. curfew was imposed earlier this week. >> sir, there is huge anxiety and a real struggle for people to get through the lockdown. to be fair, the government is exemplary. i don't know of any business in ireland that went bust due to covid. so i think it is just a matter of biting the bullet. i would have confidence that between the e.u. support and between the e.u. direction and the irish government, i think support would have to be there
2:49 am
to keep business going because tourism and pubs, you know, are very important part of our economy and our identity in ireland. >> reporter: and just ten days after the u.s. reopened its doors to european travelers, the cdc is looking at this surge in cases in multiple european countries and adding several of them to its level 4 travel list where it discourages americans from going to those countries. hungary, the czech republic, iceland have been added recently to that list, christine. >> no question, we are not out of this. we are still in a pandemic heading into a winter still need to do a better job at vaccinations and boosters really around the world. cyril vanier in paris. thank you. laura? >> just when you thought it was safe to go to grandma's house, a major storm system could derail your plans. here's our meteorologist derek van dam. >> good morning, christine and laura.
2:50 am
we are getting closer and closer to the busiest travel week of the year. if you have the option, i would recommend leaving this weekend, because look at what the weather pattern has in store. high pressure means we will have no problems on the roads or at the airports, but i think things are going to change as we edge into monday and tuesday. getting closer to thanksgiving day. look at this cold blast of air that's going to settle in from canada for the first parts of next week. and this is going to initiate that change in our weather patterns as well. in fact, some of our computer models picking up on a rain and wind event for monday. one of the busier travel days from new york to boston as well as d.c. behind it, cold enough air mass bringing in the chance of snow for some of the higher elevations of northern new england, and then we monitor the potential of a storm system on thanksgiving day across the nation's mid section. here's monday's forecast. storm system moves through, cooling off with wind along the eastern seaboard. back to you. >> that's your weather.
2:51 am
here's your business this morning. let's look at markets around the world. asian markets closed lower. wall street futures are higher after a down day wednesday. still, the headline was strong retail earnings. the strong earnings season has boosted corporate profits. target said it avoided supply chain snags and posted strong sales. the stock, though, fell almost 5% because the c.e.o. warned it was going to absorb rising costs instead of passing them on to you the consumer. lowe's also posted strong sales, americans are investing in home projects. macy's and kohl's report their results later today. disney cruises will soon require all passengers to be vaccinated against covid starting january 13th. that includes everyone over the age of 5. children under 5 must show proof of a negative covid test before departure. passengers can complete the testing requirements online. stepping up its covid protocols before the holiday.
2:52 am
corey wire has it on the bleacher report. >> covid-19 cases could poe pensionly rise into the holiday season. they're going to do everything they can to help keep players even more healthy and safe this holiday season. the league sent an amendment to all 32 teams, players, coaches and anyone in direct contact with players has to submit covid-19 tests november 29th, december 1st regardless of the vaccination status. all players and staff vaccinated or not, will be required to wear masks inside club facilities between november 25th and december 1st. the league is also encouraging teams to offer drive-thru testing for any friends and family members who are maybe going to be visiting over the holiday season here. the nfl is making the moves after consulting with their health and safety experts. the league saw a covid spike in the latest round of testing. 81 players and staff testing positive. that's the most we've seen this season. let's go to the hard courts. giannis and the defending
2:53 am
champion bucks hosting lebron and the lakers. attack the rim like no one else can, giannis with a season high 18 points, 18 for 23 shooting. he had plenty of help from buddy dris middleton. he missed the last eight games because of covid. helping the bucks pull away, look at this. spacial, a 109-102 win snapping a two-game losing skid. lakers say they could get lebron back here on friday when they play in boston. meanwhile, the phoenix suns are hotter than one. ten straight wins after making the mavericks head spin, the defending western conference champs orchestrating a big fourth quarter rally. look at this right here. chris paul falling out of bounds, but still finding a way to get it to the rim. rattler. yes, sir. devin booker with a huge 3 from the edge of the logo. 24 points for him on the night. bye-bye, mavs. they were without luka doncic, though. phoenix is 11 and 3 in the
2:54 am
season just behind the warriors in the west. finally, rams quarterback matthew stafford had a rough monday night against the 49ers. he threw two interceptions. it was a blowout loss, but it's his wife who is apologizing. miss kelly stafford reportedly threw a soft pretzel at a fan who had clearly been talking trash in the stands. another fan saw the incident and called her out on instagram. kelly's reply which was discovered and published by tmz admitting she was an idiot for behaving that way. she reportedly said she tried to apologize. quote, in the end, i knew it was wrong, unquote. >> the fan -- >> no, trash talking him because he wasn't playing well. got to keep up with sports, christine. >> as far as what? >> at least it was a soft pretzel. maybe don't throw anything. you're going to get caught. >> you are wasting a perfectly good pretzel.
2:55 am
that's my woman, she tossed a pretzel at people for me? don't do if again, but i love you. >> thank you, coy. >> thanks, coy. thanks for joining us this thursday morning. i'm christine romans. >> i'm laura jarrett. "new day" is next. ♪ ♪ kiss the people you love. mark this moment in time, and celebrate every kiss. get zero down special financing with the kay jewelers credit card. paul loves food. but his diabetes made food a mystery.
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