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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  November 17, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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only comcast business' secure network solutions give you the power of sd-wan and advanced security integrated on our activecore platform so you can control your network from anywhere, anytime. it's network management redefined. every day in business is a big day. we'll keep you ready for what's next. comcast business powering possibilities. good evening. quite a day. just two republican house members stood up about the fact
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you can not face any consequences for it. only four voted to strip him of his assignments, depicting himself murdering alexandria ocasio-cortez. he neither apologized to the congresswoman. he's boasting of being called a warrior by the former president and comparing him to the murder of the charley ebdough and he retweeted a tweet with the very same clip he was censured for. so much for regrets or decency. he has none. his fellow republicans have excuses for not doing anything about them. you should see them all the same because they express the conspear torrial clime that video itself embodies. that and a sprinkling of
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hypocrisy on top. this is only the second time a house member has been censured. the last time was in 2010, when democrat was taken into account for ethics violations. democrats led the effort and a wide majority voted for sensor. thitime only liz cheney and kinsinger voted yet. and after a week of silence, pointing fingers else wear and neglecting the fact that it was democrats disciplining themselves on the last vote. >> when a democrat congresswoman said israel was hiypnotized, tht supporting israel is all about the benjamins and that 9/11 was -- some people did something. the democrats actually defended her. why? rules for thee but not for me. >> keep him honest.
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when she tweeted those remarks, the house democratic leadership condemned them, which she apologized for, which did not stop them from launching a string of allegations against her and other colleagues. >> the jihad member from minnesota has paid her husband, and not the brother husband, the other one, over a million dollars in campaign funds. this member is allowed on the foreign affairs committee while praising terrorists. a democrat chairwoman incited further violence in the streets outside of a court houses and then the carry on top. my colleague and three-month presidential candidate from california, who is on the intelligence committee, blessed with fang fang, a chinese spy. >> there's a lot of things inaccurate in those statements. but even going through them is going down a rabbit hole designed to deflect from the
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actual reflection at hand. is it okay for a congressman to photo shop a video in which he kills another colleague. >> this is a monument. highly popular. styleized, intended to demonstrate the alienation people feel, particularly young people in their cultures. now, does anime have violence? yes, it's highly styleized violence. >> okay. now it's art apparently or congress is a special place where threatening violence is okay. >> my colleague referenced the phrase any other environment that there would be some consequences. this is not any other environment. this is the house of representatives.
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we have constituents who elect us, send us to washington to represent them, engage in debate, engage in often heated discussions with each other. >> this really wasn't a discussion, heated or otherwise, unless debate is condukted via anime revenge policy. >> and we're now getting in the business of chilling debate and discussion about censuring our members and going down the road of pulling each other off of committees. where is this going to end? when republicans are back in majority, when is this going to end? >> he's condemning the move against gosar and perhaps threatening partisan retribution down the road. his colleague underscored that threat. >> i just think it's a mistake to take people off committees
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because this is a pres dnlt democrats have to live by when they're a minority. i think it's bad for the institution. retribution is not good, i think it's going to happen. >> by the way, congressman bacon is one of the republicans who voted for the bipartisan infrastructure bill and facing being stripped from committee assignments by fellow republicans. in today's gop voting for infrastructure is heresy and violence is not. it wasn't robust political debate, it was the opposite. it was reducing a colleague to a fantasy cartoon victim. >> what is so hard about saying that this is wrong? this is not about me. this is not about representative gosar. but this is about what we are willing to accept.
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>> political correspondent, dana bash, joining us. for anyone wondering about the sincerity, do they need to look no further than the fact he retweeted it tonight? >> no, it's complete defiance. you said a lot of the republicans defended him. it was mostly deflecting. deflecting from the reality of what he did and alexandria ocasio-cortez at the end really boiled it down the most basic question. a question that most republicans said no to, which is is it okay -- are you willing to condemn your colleague for threatening the life of another? now, they say -- some of them said it's art. i don't remember that defense coming out when comedians did the same thing, a similar thing about a republican president. i don't remember them saying
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that about countless other examples. and it is completely hypocritical. there is no question about it. when you talk about at its core what this was about, which was inciting violence, anderson. it was inciting violence and it shouldn't be done against any member but it definitely shouldn't be done against somebody who you know has serious threats against her. >> were you surprised just how hard republicans went to the matte today in support of gosar. only cheney and kinsinger who voted to sensor. how much of that was about him and how much of it was not running afoul of the former president or mccarthy? >> i think some of it was afoul of the former president and other was the culture moment they think they are in right now. which is don't get -- from their perspective. i'm not saying this is the reality that we're living in.
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but don't get railroaded by democrats trying to tell us what to do or tell us what to say. that is not what was going on. what was going on was democrats trying to use the means that they have in the house of representatives to punish somebody for doing something they believe was untoward. i did speak with one republican member, who tends to be a lot more sympathetic to this kind of punishment. who said if the resolution was just about a sensor, there would have been a lot more republican votes. but because it was a censor and taking him off committees, that's why it limited the votes to the two republicans. >> do you think if republicans take over the house, with mccarthy possibly becoming speaker, they're going to go after democrats who they called out today? >> would not surprise me. there is absolutely no shame left.
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the notion of irony is pretty much gone these days. and the fact that you have republicans in their -- congresswoman -- and you were right going down the rabbit hole. but i mean, the jihad squad? are you kidding me? just that term alone in any other time might be enough to have leadership say condemn it or maybe even go further to have some kind of condemnation. irony is kind of dead when it comes to the republicans, who came out and famed with outrage that the house democrats would act on something as poor and basic as this. >> appreciate it. thanks. fewer reporters are better equipped to put the climate
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perspectival in better perspective than our next guest. his book "betrayal, the final act of the trump show." so much news coming out of this book. is this, what we saw today, the latest example of what the former president's republican party is now? >> it's so reminiscent of what i saw in 2019. i don't know if you remember this but there was a video at the doral trump resort at a pro-trump event that showed an animate animated donald trump shooting down and stabbing people in a church, cnn, abc news organizations. so reminiscent. so, what he did is entirely in keeping with what we've seen donald trump himself doing. >> when you see gosar saying tonight he's a warrior for trump, how much does the former president need to hear those
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things? live for those things? >> he absolutely lives for those things. i visited him in the writing of this book. all he wanted me to know was how many people were coming to see him. it's grand central station he told me. >> his version of a rating. >> and i describe the scene where, at dinner, all the guests at mar-a-lago stand and applaud. he loves the adulation. obviously it was a tough transition going from being at the white house, when they play hail the chief as you walk in the room and he's trying toriate it. >> and the republicans, the fact they're all defending gosar, were you surprised only two would censure him? >> i think dana got exactly what that was about, and that was they were going to strip committee assignments. i would love to see just how many republicans refuse to
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actually simply condemn his words. because this was condemn and take away -- but it is striking it is just liz cheney and adam kinsinger. just those who were willing to serve on the january 6th -- >> in all the reporting in the book, do any of them express embarrassment, shame, concern about the future of the the party? >> oh, yes and i'm shirr dana can speak to this. but gosar, the way republicans would talk about gosar privately is entirely different than the spectacle today of effectively defending him. >> more along the lines of the way his family thinks of him? >> i mean, they say he's lost it. i've had top republicans tell me about gosar specifically before this episode. he's not all there.
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>> is it just fear of being primaried by somebody farther to the right supported by the former president that keeps people from speaking out, republicans? >> it's a real fear. i -- go back to the impeachment vote. it would have been interesting to see, back when the house voted to impeach donald trump, if there had been simply a censure resolution. you can get into tangled arguments of condemning a former president. and that impeachment debate condemned trump and say that he was responsible. he survived. when i talk to trump, he's still bitter at mccarthy. >> and at mcconnell. he called him a broken old crow, saying he should resign. it reminded me of what came out in your book of something he said when he was leaving the white house, that he was going to create his own party and he said words to the effect of you
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can't do that and he said he didn't care about the party. i mean, mitch mcconnell, there's a lot of things you can say but he's certainly a loyal republican who's worked very hard for republican values. >> there's a scene in the book right after ruth bader ginsburg died, he was at a rally, he came over, talked to reporters and pretending he was hearing for the first time. he walked up the stairs of air force 1 and called mcconnell and he told him there and then, wait until the memorial is over and announce amy coney barrett is your nominee for the supreme court. he did that. it was much mcconnell that got donald trump another appointment on the court. and the scene at air force 1, when he gets on the plane for the last trip to go to florida and gets a call from mcdaniel -- this is what you're preferring
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to -- i am leaving the party and creating my own party and she pleads with him you will devoy the party. and all those who worked for you and he didn't care. he thought they should be punished because he lost, everybody should lose. >> stick around that. i want to talk a lot more about john's book and how the reporting fuels the tension between liz cheney. and in the kyle rittenhouse trial, the jury asking to see a specific piece of video. ♪ limu emu... & doug ♪ ♪ superpowers from a spider bite? i could use some help showing the world how liberty mutual customizes their car insurance
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talking to abc news washington correspondent talking about the end of the former administration, author.
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and some of course, utter ly without irony. including senator cruz, who was so badly bruised by donald trump. >> i look at liz cheney and i think it's sad. she's in the group of people who donald trump just broke. she's shattered. and she's become a democrat and it's sad. it's trump derangement syndrome. >> congresswoman, cheney, had this all to say about this today. >> ted used to say he was a constitutional conservative, but now he's so desperate for political approve, that he will even advocate suggest, succession and i think a real man would be defending his wife and his father and the constitution. >> what is it with somebody like
9:22 pm
cruz? is it a pure failed political calculation? he spoke against donald trump when he thought he had no power and he obviously saw the writing on the wall. >> i mean, it was the harshest condemnation of donald trump and he did it for good reason. he accused cruz's faulgther of being part of the kennedy assassination. he attacked the looks of his wife. but if the cal kuculation is qu simple. the vast majority of republican voters, at least two-thirds fully support donald trump, want him to run for president again. and even after all of this. ted cruz still wants to be president. there's no doubt about that and he wants to do so, he has to get elected, nominated by a party, where rank and file voters support donald trump. >> had they just stuck to their
9:23 pm
guns after january 6th and lindsey graham -- not that anyone's waiting to hear what's coming out of the mouth of lindsey graham but he said he was out. mcconnell, would it have brokeen the trump hold over the republican party? or would all of those people just been killed off by the gosars of the world? >> it is the critical moment. when the senate came to hear the impeachment trial and mcconnell ends up coming to the position that we can't convict a former president, removing a president that's already out of office doesn't make any sense. that is his position. it's his position one way or another. it was close. mcconnell i know was having conversations about jumping on board to finally be rid of him and he goes to mar-a-lago and somehow the hold on the party
9:24 pm
faithful is still there and mcconnell reverses course. i describe where mcconnell comes out against forming an independent commission to investigate january 6th on the 9/11 commission. and liz cheney sends him a text message, pointing to this statue of the goddess cleo and she's writing notes. she keeps notes for history, the goddess of history, the muse of history and mcconnell doesn't answer her and she gets a call a couple of weeks later. she thinks mcconnell is basically going to apologize and say sorry. but instead, mcconnell is calling liz cheney to tell her layoff trump. for it's not good for you, it's not good for the party. whatever you or i think of him, enough. >> wow. so many fascinating things in the book. you interviewed the former president about mike pence and how he handled the election results.
9:25 pm
i'm going to play a clip from your interview. >> there was a report and excuse me language, not mine, it was in the report. that you talked to him that morning and you said you can be a pate riot or you can be [ bleep] did you really say that or is that incorrect? >> i wouldn't dispute it. >> really? >> i wouldn't dispute it. >> they do talk and trump had called him on the birth of the grandchild just after i'd been down there but there's no real relationship. and listening to the rest of the interview, as you know, he justified, explained, defended the people chanting for the execution of mike pence. so, he says he's a great guy, i like him but those guys chanting to execute him were justified. yeah, they were very angry.
9:26 pm
how could he pass on a fraudulent vote and says flatly if pence did what he wanted to do, then he'd still be president. >> you know what's fascinating, mike pence, who -- not that he had a huge career before he became vice president anymore but he did everything the president wanted him to do. he was loyal -- >> everything. he stood by him through it all. i remember seeing mike pence the day after the access hollywood tape broke, he didn't criticize him then. nothing, charlottesville, none of it. but mike pence, i think, is ultimately a constitutional conservative. and he knew it was insane to say one person could turn over the will of the voters and the pressure on him was immense. i got chance to see these photographs. there's one particularly kind of searing. these are photos taken by the
9:27 pm
official white house photographer that tracks the vice president. and in one of these, after pence has been evacuated and brought to the room behind the senate, he's sitting at a desk, this is before he goes into the bowels of the capitol building. and karen pence is behind him, pulling the drapes closed, pulling the curtains closed because she can see out the window the rioters coming. and she's worried that they'll see pence. >> will those photos ever be seen? >> they absolutely should be seen, they're at the national archives along with all the other photos taken. i asked pence's office if they would let me use them and they refused. but i've gut to believe the committee's going to subpoena them. you see where he was afterwards. he was in the bowels of the capitol in a parking garage, an
9:28 pm
underground parking garage because he refused. this is a moment of true bravery, mike pence. mccarthy, mcconnell, pulohsy, schumer, all the leaders were taken away, off the capitol to a safe location. he refused to leave. i think one of the big moments we'll look forward to here is when they have their hearings, they will want mike pence to testify. will he testify? will he testify voluntarily? and if he does, what does he say about that day? does he finally dramatically break from trump? >> and again the book "betrayal, the final act of the trump show." good read. and a lot of drama outside the jury room surrounding the defense and remotion for a. a plan with tax-smart investing strategies designed to help you keep more of what you earn. this is the planning effect.
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there was drama in the kyle rittenhouse trial. the jury has ended for the second day with no verdict. before that, they asked for footage and that led to the first call for mistrial. there was one motion for mistrial filed already. what's the latest one? >> reporter: the first motion is tied to what the defense is calling prosecutorial overreach and that would be with prejudice, meaning it can't be tried again. this one is tied more
9:33 pm
specifically to the argument from the defense that they had access to a lower quality of evidence than the prosecution did. specifically around drone video that shows the moments leading up to the shooting and killing of joseph rosenbalm, the first aperson killed that night. they air dropped it to the proskugds, then separately mailed this video to the prosecution but it compressed the file. meaning there was a loss in quality and that was the version that was sent to the defense. and the defense is arguing that's not fair, especially because they didn't find out about it until after the evidence had closed in this case and when they said they're going to file for a mistrial, they said it's because this loss in quality unevened the playing field. take a listen. >> i can tell you what we think but it doesn't matter what we think because we don't get to present that to the jury anymore. we got a compressed version,
9:34 pm
which was not of the quality they had. we learned that friday, after the evidence had been closed. >> reporter: now, the prosecution says that they didn't know that loss in quality was going to happen, one, but also the defense and the jury had the chance to view the high-quality version of this in court as this played out and that it doesn't matter what's on someone's phone or laptop. what matters is the exhibit played in court. the judge did not make a ruling on this motion and that's where things stand as of now. >> i want to bring in criminal defense attorney who's no strange toorb high-profile cases, having defended george zimmerman. >> this most recent one should not be granltsed. it's an interesting issue because of the compression and degrading of evidence. the one that was shown the jury is the proper one.
9:35 pm
that's the one in evidence and although the defense has an argument to say it was fuzzy and we couldn't present our defense with the more precise video, it is so minor in relation to most everything else that was presented, the judge should not grant the mistrial on this one. >> what about what we heard from the jury? the questions the jury had today? >> interesting that they're thinking it through. we want them to spend their time on it. we know what they mugs be struggling with after two days of deliberations is, no question he killed two people. the question is did he provoke it by walking around, sort of like a gi. joe and therefore putting himself into position? and i think the strongest thing the state didn't focus on is one shooting, maybe you thought of in the moment you had to decide. the second shooting and third
9:36 pm
shooting, that didn't end in a death, i think the jury is thinking this kid is just using the gun as the default response, rather than the last response, which is what it's supposed to be. >> does the fact there's been two days of deliberations mean anything? >> we love to read the tea leaves. so, i'll try but no basis in this. i think that they are considering, obviously the two sides. one, self defense, two, murder. and i think they're considering a compromised verdict, perhaps lesser included on some of the death counts and that's something the jury may do. don't forget, there could be 8-2, 6-2 but they know they want to come to a verdict or resolution and one way to do is not horse trading, it's the justice they decide to compromise the verdict. >> what do you make of the prosecution's case in this
9:37 pm
trial? >> i thought they did a fair job. and it's easy to arm chair quarterback it but i thought they had strengths in their case they didn't focus on and i don't think they properly took on the huge obligation they had to prove beyond a reasonable doubt and to disprove self defense beyond a reasonable doubt to get to that jury and focus on the fact that -- and like i said the second shooting with the second death and second injury, i think is much more significant. it gives the sense to the jury of the way this guy was thinking that his gun is what he's allowed to use, even though we know he shouldn't have had it. >> there was reporting jurors looked fatigue today. i'm sure -- i'm fatigued. i'm sure they're incredibly fatigued. they have a huge weight on their shoulders. >> they're fatigued, they're tired. they want to go home. they don't want the pressure of
9:38 pm
the iscase. we look at it as observers and commentators and think do your job and keep going. they're not used to the system at all and now they're trying to decide for a person's life, sort of, and yeah, i think that can also lead to the frustration. we might hear yelling and back and forth out of the jury room to try and get to a result. it might hang. meaning we may come back and try the case again. there could be a conviction and this judge w some of his previous positions, he still had the other motion for mistrial in his pocket and they could get a conviction and watch it be overturned by the judge granting the mistrial. >> thank you. now to the killing of ahmad aubrey. one of the victims described the moment and you hear the reaction from his mother next. only from discover.
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the defense teams for the three defendants charged in the death of ahmaud arbery started their first defense this afternoon. he and his neighbor accused of killing aubrey, who was out for
9:43 pm
a jog. on the stand, travis mcmichael said he wanted to tell, quote, his side of the story, end quote and, quote, he was attacking me. here's the latest from georgia. a warning some of the images you're going to see are graphic. >> what did you do? >> shot him. >> he fired his shotgun three times and took the stand in his own defense today. >> he had my gun. he struck me. it was obvious that he was -- it was obvious that he was attacking me, that he would have got the shotgun and it is a life death situation. i wanted to stop him from doing so. >> reporter: his defense described as emotional at times.
9:44 pm
>> got his handout from under him and realized he was deceased and the police were right there and after that, it was a blur. >> reporter: during his testimony, mcmichael said a neighbor pointing towards the direction are arbery was first running. he said he got in a shotgun and he and his father got in the pick up truck to try and find him. >> he never says anything to me. and i'm like, man, this can be volatile, you know? we got to watch him here. >> reporter: they believed the man running was involved in the recent break ins they heard about on social media. days into the chase, things took a dangerous turn. >> i took the first shot i knew i shot and the second shot i shot again because i was still -- i was still fighting. he was all over me. still all over the shotgun and he was not relenting.
9:45 pm
>> reporter: in cross examination, the prosecution struck at the heart of the defense's claims. they were geing for a citizen's arrest. >> not once during your direct examination did you state that your intention was to efecktuate and an arrest mr. arbery until your attorney asked you the leading question. is that right? >> yes. >> reporter: and they pointed out that none of the defendants knew why arbery was running that day. >> your dad said he was running down the road, right? and you didn't know where he was running? >> i did not. >> and you had no idea what he'd actually been doing that day? >> not that time. >> you didn't tell your dad this could go really wrong and we should stay and call 911? you didn't say that, did you? >> no.
9:46 pm
>> reporter: ahmaud arbery's mother was on the stand. >> travis was on the stand wiping tears from his eye but he's alive. the tears he shed -- can you imagine the tears we have shared. >> what happens tomorrow? >> reporter: yeah, the prosecution really gets another go at this, anderson because there's so many questions they're going to have to ask in the court room, especially with all the talk about the training he received when he was in the coast guard. let's not forget something else we talked about last night, anderson. the fact so many pastors are going to show up for their demonstration. a prayer vigil. they're expecting hundreds of pastors. there's going toby a march through the streets. you can feel the temperature rising around this case but today was such a surprise that the first defense witness was travis mcmike. -- mcmichael. >> appreciate it. and a star tennis player is
9:47 pm
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the women's tennis association, and some of the biggest names in the sport, is
9:51 pm
concerned about wimbledon and french open doubles champion peng shuia. the chinese state media has released an e-mail alleged to be from her claiming she's fine. the e-mail also appears to backpedal the alleged claim that a former top communist party leader coerced her into sex at his home three years ago. the post was deleted by chinese censors within 30 minutes. ivan watson has more. >> reporter: the royalty of professional tennis, expressing concern about the welfare of one of their own. >> honestly, it's shocking that she's missing. >> reporter: warnings echoed by other champions past and presence. i hope peng shuai is safe and okay, writes naomi osaka. i've known peng since she was 14, chris everett writes.
9:52 pm
the chinese tennis champion -- >> moves into the quarterfinals. >> reporter: -- hasn't been seen or heard from in weeks. >> this is extraordinary, a top athlete, 35 years old, formerly number one ranked doubles player in the world, just goes missing, gone? >> reporter: in early november peng published this post on her social media account, an open letter to a top communist leader, now age 75, who peng accuses of sexually assaulting her after the two had an affair. why did you have to come back to me, take me to your home, force me to have sex with you? yes, i did not have any evidence and it was simply impossible to have evidence. cnn cannot independently confirm these allegations. we reached out for further comment with no results. shortly after the controversial post, peng's online profile more
9:53 pm
or less disappeared. until recently she was one of the biggest tennis stars in china. look what happens when you try to search for people with her name of on the chinese internet. you get the message "no result found." censors have all but scrubbed this woman from the chinese internet. now today, a new twist. with chinese state media releasing this email purportedly written by peng to the women's tennis association. it completely disavows the allegation of sexual assault adding, i'm not missing, nor am i unsafe, and i hope chinese tennis will become better and better. wta chairman steve simon responded in writing saying, the statement released today by chinese state media concerning peng only raises my concerns as to her safety and whereabouts. i have a hard time believing peng actually wrote the email we received.
9:54 pm
unable to communicate directly with peng despite multiple attempts, he's calling for independent and verifiable proof that this chinese tennis star is safe. >> ivan watson joins us now from hong kong. this isn't the first time someone who embarrassed the chinese government has disappeared. what happened in those cases? >> reporter: this has happened previously this year. slightly different circumstances. you have two well-known actresses who were both canceled with their movies and tv shows, stripped from chinese streaming services, their fan clubs erased, and suddenly their very public profiles kind of disappeared online. one of those actresses was accused of tax evasion to the tune of tens of millions of dollars. the others, there was no real explanation. you have another example, the
9:55 pm
tech mogul jack ma, for some three months at the end of last year he kind of went dark and reemerged as almost a shadow of his former public self, even as chinese regulators were going after his companies hard. in the case of peng shouai, this is different because of the allegations of sexual assault. i can't stress enough the difference in tone between the allegations she made weeks ago in her initial post, somebody who is in real distress, and this bizarre email that the head of the wta is suggesting is basically a hostage email, anderson. >> it's incredible. ivan watson, thank you, we'll stay on it. up next, the charges against two people convicted of killing malcolm x are thrown out.
9:56 pm
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10:00 pm
including fbi documents, was withheld at trial. in a statement, the innocence project and the lawyers for the two men say with the agreement of the d.a. they'll file a joint motion tomorrow to vacate the 1966 convictions. malcolm x, one of the most powerful voices for the fight against racism, was murdered in new york city where hundreds had gathered to hear him speak. let's hand it over to chris for "cuomo prime time." chris? hey, everybody, i'm chris cuomo. welcome to a special edition of "prime time." bill maher is our guest for the full hour. the world's different, right, since we last got together in 2019. maher is a voice that does what we need.


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