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tv   Early Start With Christine Romans and Laura Jarrett  CNN  November 17, 2021 2:00am-2:59am PST

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to build a future of unlimited possibilities. good morning, everyone. it's wednesday, november 17th. it's 5:00 a.m. here in new york. thanks so much for getting an early start with me. i'm laura jarrett. christine is off today. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. we begin in kenosha, wisconsin in a town that braces for a verdict that captured national attention. the kyle rittenhouse homicide trial will have five counts and a morass of jury instructions.
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the key is convincing the jury he acted in self-defense when he killed two people and injured another. in the courtroom, a highly unusual scene there as the judge had rittenhouse himself randomly pick six juror numbers from a raffle drum of 18. those six numbers, people that the court then dismissed as alternates. the final 12-person jury, seven women and five men, nearly all white, cnn's omar jimenez starts our coverage off this morning from the courthouse. >> reporter: laura, good morning. well, after close to nine hours of deliberations, this jury could not come to a verdict on day one. but they will be back this morning. what we saw early in the day over the course of tuesday, though, was the jury asking for more copies of the juror instructions, instructions that deal with crucial concepts like self-defense, provocation, intent and, of course, the circumstances around the charges in this case as well. to begin the day, though, on
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tuesday, what we saw was kyle rittenhouse himself drawing the names or numbers of jurors from an old-school lottery tumbler. the names are numbers of jurors that will be selected as alternates in this trial. some saw that as unusual. but the judge made a point at the end of the day to say that this is how he's done things in his courtroom for at least 20 years in this process. now, one thing that is crucial and one thing that many people are wondering now is the mentality of these jurors as they will continue to deliberate later this morning. and the defense hired a consultant as part of this to try to get to the core of it, at least, when the jury selection process was beginning. this is a consultant who helped create the juror profile in the 1995 o.j. simpson trial. joe ellen demetrius, they hired her to find the right jurors, how her firm described it to me, and to give the defense
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confidence the arguments they had been making over the course of this trial were actually resonating with a jury. and, of course, that's what matters at this point. and her influence is likely among the 12 that were selected to deliberate in this. outside the courtroom, we have seen folks come. tuesday was maybe the largest group we've seen, but still overall pretty small. people have come against kyle rittenhouse, calling him a killer. some have praised, people like gauge grosskreutz kulcalling hi hero, the only survivor. others praised kyle rittenhouse saying he was a hero. based on those groups alone and what we've seen around this case overall, i think it is safe to say, no matter what this verdict is, whenever it comes, there will be people that are unhappy. laura? >> omar, thank you for that. it's time for three questions in three minutes. let's bring in criminal defense attorney julius kim. he is a former assistant district attorney for milwaukee
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county. julius, so nice to have you on "early start" this morning. >> thank you. good morning, laura. >> good morning. let's start here with how this jury was whittled down from 18 to 12 people, with rittenhouse as omar just showed you being the one to actually randomly select those jurors. he doesn't know, you know, the names and the numbers. he's just picking them out of a hat, essentially. i have never seen anything like that. have you? >> well, i've tried lots of cases in wisconsin, and picking a name out of a hat or a bucket or something like that or by lot is not unusual to whittle down alternate jurors. but having the defendant himself pick the names was a little unconventional. i had never seen that before. usually it's the clerk or the judge him or herself that will pick the names. affording the defendant the opportunity, that was a little weird, but if the judge has been doing that the entire time, it doesn't seem like he's providing any type of favoritism to kyle rittenhouse here. >> right. it seems to be just the judge's practice and that there isn't
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any downside to letting rittenhouse do it, especially since it was random. it seems notable perhaps the judge adding to sort of the spectacle and the drama of this as he knows the cameras are watching every move. very quickly, yetsterday i noticed the jury asked for extra instructions. these instructions are not easy to understand, not easy to work through for a lawyer let alone a layperson. but accthe fact they each want have these to read through. as a defense lawyer, i would take this as a good sign. >> i would take it the opposite in all honesty. it is based upon the video evidence, people felt self-defense was clear in the situation. i thought that a quick verdict would favor the defense this this particular case. but the fact that they asked for the jury instructions here means that they are going to take their time and they're really going to peruse the law and try to apply it to the facts in this case. and they're going to really see
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if what kyle rittenhouse did was a crime or justified self-defense. so it seems to me that they are not going to just do what may seem at first on your initial look at these videos, they're going to take their time making this decision. >> yes, they are taking their time. i know jury predicting is always a dangerous business nobody wants to be in. but typically in your experience, is it the case that the longer a jury goes, the better it is for the defense? is that actually -- does that actually bear out in cases that you've seen? >> it does. every case is fact-specific obviously. the longer a jury deliberates, a lot of times it is more favorable for the defense. but here we had strong evidence where a lot of people saw the defense as having a very strong case from the outset. so my gut is telling me that the longer that this goes, there are going to be people there fighting and trying to counter veil the evidence that they saw with their own two eyes. >> and they also have those lesser-included charges to work through if they don't find him
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guilty on the main charges. they can certainly look to those, which is going to take a little bit of time, i should say, to work through. julius kim, so nice to have you. thank you, sir. >> you're welcome. my pleasure. all right, the other big trial we're following in georgia, the prosecution has now rested its case against three men charged in the death of ahmaud arbery. their final witness was the state medical examiner as jurors were shown graphic autopsy photos of arbery's fatal gunshot wounds. cnn's ryan young is on the ground in brunswick, georgia. >> reporter: good morning, laura. another tough day in court for the family because they had to hear so much from the medical examiner who was detailing all the things that they were able to collect with the evidence over the last few weeks and months, especially after the shooting. but one of the exchanges that really stuck out to us was about the fact of his -- ahmaud arbery's condition at the time of the shooting. take a listen. >> in other words, is there anything they could have done on scene to save his life? >> well -- >> reporter: there were very tough graphic images shown in
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court once again. and then kevin goff went back again to what he's been complaining about the last few days, the fact that so many pastors have been showing up in court. he made another motion about maybe even trying to figure out who was coming to court, mabel even the court having a sign-up sheet. the judge didn't really want to hear this, but this was the pushback from kevin goff in court tuesday. >> this morning we did file a motion to prohibit any further conduct that may intimidate or influence jurors and otherwise interfere with a fair trial. >> reporter: laura, in a little bit of surprise, william bryan took the stand. kevin goff, his attorney, were having him describe the conditions at the glen county jail in hopes of getting him out. the judge denied that. we'll have more court. as this moves forward it will be interesting to see what the defense decides to put on in court during the trial to see how they can get their clients free from jail and out of this situation. laura? >> all right, ryan, a lot to watch there. still ahead for you, he used
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twitter to air a violent 1rid y -- video, gosar stripped of his committee assignments. we'll have an update on that house vote next. to create 400 scholarships this month alone. because we believe everybody deserves a chance. see what scholarships you may qualify for at to make progress, we must keep taking steps forward. we believe the future of eney is lower carbon. and to get there, the world needs to reduce global emissns. at chevron, we're taking action. tying our executives' pay to lowering the carbon emissions intensity of our operations. it's tempting to see how far we've come. but it's only human... to know how far we have to go.
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2:14 am
it's exactly what you were talking about. it's an anime. you are trying to reach out to the newer generation that likes these anime, these cartoons fabricated in japanese likeness to actually show them what's harmful in this world. >> trying to reach out to the younger generation. cnn's jessica dean has more on what to expected to with that vote. >> reporter: laura, the house of representatives set to vote on a resolution to censure congressman paul gosar and strip him from both committees on which he serves. this, of course, following the video that he published and then later took down, but never a poll apologized for. we are looking for an afternoon voet on thi vote to censure him and strip him of those committees. it is of note censuring a congress person is. it is the most severe punishment. it is largely symbolic.
2:15 am
the last time this happened was back in 2010 with congressman charlie rangel over multiple ethics motions. marjorie taylor greene was stripped from her committees, she was not censured. it underscores the gravity of the situation. what is unique about a censure situation, congressman gosar will be required to stand in the well of the house and listen as this resolution is read. we know that there will be an hour of debate divided evenly on both sides and they will proceed and vote. it is required that gosar is there. now, he could not show up and the sergeant at arms could go and find him and haul him into the house of representatives, although house democrats have underscored that that is highly unlikely that that will transpire. gosar has said that he had no ill intent with any of this, but he's never apologize and had congresswoman alexandria
2:16 am
ocasio-cortez telling cnn she never got an apology from gosar or house leader kevin mccarthy. gosar doubled down on everything and made her some sort of representative for undocumented people and that should result in death or murder. so it will be interesting to see if any republicans besides congressman adam kinzinger and liz cheney join the democrats. that is something we are keeping our eye on. laura? >> jessica, thank you for that. california congresswoman jackie speier is the latest high-profile democrat to announce she will not run for reelection in 2022. spear telling cnn the decision was made for personal reasons. >> i've been in public life now for 39 years. it's time to pass the torch to a new generation. i have a spouse at home who has put up with a weekend wife for 20 years, and he's now retired and wants us to spend some time together and with our family and friends. so it's time for me to go home.
2:17 am
>> she has served in the house since 2008. she is the 15th house democrat who plans to leave at the end of the current term compared to just ten republicans. after dodging the question for months, congresswoman marjorie taylor greene reveals she has not been vaccinated against covid-19. >> i haven't been making it public, but i started making it public because it's such an issue. i'm not vaccinated, and i believe it's up to every single american to make that choice on their own, and the government has no business to tell americans that they should take the covid vaccine or not. >> the conservative republican has pushed plenty of misinformation and conspiracy theories about vaccines. greene has also violated house rules by refusing to wear her mask on the floor incurring tens of thousands of dollars in fines in the process. all right. just ahead, migrants continue to face uncertainty at the poland/belarus border.
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really? yep! so while you handle that, you can keep your internet and all those shows you love, and save money while you're at it with special offers just for movers at another day of anguish and uncertainty for migrants at the poland/belarus border. violence erupted on tuesday with polish guards firing water cannons to push back migrants who tried to rush the border. now some of the most vulnerable migrants are being moved indoors. cnn's matthew chance is live inside one of these processing centers. matthew, good morning. temperature us, what exactly are you seeing there and what happens in one of these processing centers?
2:23 am
>> reporter: well, you're right. we are right in the middle of this processing center. over the course of the past skb just 12 hours or so after the violence ended, belarusian forces, officials have been moving the migrants from that forest camp, bringing them indoors at this location about a mile back from the border crossing with poland. it's still rudimentary conditions that people are in, but at least we are inside with some shelter from the increasingly cold weather conditions outside. you know, people have got mattresses to sleep on and they've got blankets to put over them. they are being given food. outside they've been given hot tea and bread. the belarusian officials that we've spoken to say they aim to provide these people with at least one hot meal a day. still not very much, but it's better than no hot meals a day. and you can see the general
2:24 am
atmosphere here is a lot, i wouldn't say happy, but people are a lot more comfortable than they were outside in the freezing forest camp right up against the razor wire of the polish border. the big question is, of course, what is going to happen next to these people. are they ever going to achieve their, you know, objective of getting into the european union? it doesn't look like it at the moment. the reaction of the polish authorities yesterday spraying the crowds with water cannons to push them back from any prospect of getting near to the barricades was an indication that the poles, at least, the european union in jgeneral, are reluctant to take these people in. we're being told by belarusian officials that they are waiting for a decision from germany about whether there is some kind of humanitarian corridor that could be opened, possibly via poland, possibly by air, straight from here to germany. but that is not confirmed at all. in fact, over the past couple of
2:25 am
days, the germans have made it clear they don't intend to take these people in either. the alternative, according to belarusian officials, is that these people will ultimately be deported back to their countries of origin. for the most part, that would be iraq, the majority of people here are from iraqi kurdistan, laura. >> matthew, who is going to take care of that? in the meantime, you have babies, you have children there. sort of it sounds like just in a holding pattern? >> reporter: yeah, i mean, they're just in this holding facility here. as i say, the belarusian society of the red cross are coordinating the aid effort. we're told that they are receiving aid donations from the various other multinational aid institutions like the unhcr and international aid for migration. they're the people that are funneling the aid such as it is directly to these people. you know, people are being given some new coats, for instance.
2:26 am
these are the sort of coats and clothes and blankets and sleeping bags that are being distributed. again, they're getting that one hot meal a day. they're getting hot tea, they're getting bread. it's not much. it's not good. but it's a lot better, as i say, than they were getting out there. now, also, laura, not everybody is here. it's just a thousand people in this room. you can see they're spread out across this holding facility. it's a logistics center usually used for cargo and they've cleared out the cargo and they're using it to house these migrants, these refugees. there are still nearly a thousand other people still at the camp because a lot of people in that camp, a lot of the migrants are at this point not wanting to come -- they're refusing to leave that front line position near the fence. still carrying those hopes they're going to get through, going to get into the european union, laura. >> good reminder people are outside and it is freezing out there. matthew, thank you so much for your lord & treporting. it's spectacular.
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gold bond. champion your skin. good morning and welcome back to "early start." i'm laura jarrett. it's about 31 minutes past the hour here in new york. senator chuck schumer hoping to deliver the christmas present
2:32 am
pete butti president biden wants the most. there is a way to get the safety net package passed before the holidays are over. >> the b.b.b. is very important to america. we believe it's very popular with americans. we aim to pass it before christmas. it's a huge agenda. we have funding the government. we have debt limit. we have b.b.b. and we have the defense bill. that's a huge agenda for december and the end of november. but we aim to get it all done. >> here's the thing. house democrats still need to win over centrist holdouts and in the senate they cannot afford to lose even one vote. joining me now from capitol hill is daniela diaz whose following all the twists and turns. daniela, so many things have to happen. so many things have to go right for the democrats to actually get the votes that they need. break it all down for us. >> reporter: laura, so many things indeed. senate majority leader chuck schumer said, of course, as you
2:33 am
guys just played, he wants to pass this bill by christmas. however, there's still one democratic senator who has not offered his assurances yet that he would get behind this bill and that is, of course, senator joe manchin of west virginia. he has said he has concerns about the price tag, namely what it could do for inflation in this country. there is some data that shows that this bill, the build back better act, that would expand the nation's social safety net, could affect inflation at least short term in the country. and he has said he still has, quote, a lot of concerns as recently as yesterday. look, a new analysis from the joint committee of taxation says that the economic bill would likely benefit high earners, especially those making more than $1 million annually, which could be a huge problem for democrats as they try to promote this bill with americans. this is something republicans will likely seasize on.
2:34 am
meanwhile, the house is trying to pass this bill this week and house majority leader steny hoyer actually told reporters and the caucus yesterday that they were trying to have the debate on this bill which is the first part of starting the process of voting on this bill as soon as today. but as the day progressed and the schedule came out, that debate was not listed on the schedule. so it's unclear whether that time line will be shifted in the house. and not only are democratic leaders dealing with this bill, the build back better act. they also have to deal with government funding and the debt ceiling before the year is over. so lots of issues here that democratic leaders are trying to address. it's a really -- going to be a really busy day on capitol hill today. laura? >> it seems we're at that phase where it's all about getting an agreement to agree, which is still a challenge. daniela, thank you. okay. it's time for three questions in three minutes. let's bring in white house correspondent john harwood. john, good morning. hard infrastructure is done. >> good morning. >> good morning. we focus on the hard part, the build back better plan, much
2:35 am
more massive, much more life changing immediately for people. how is this going to work out? how are they going to convince these senate holdouts? >> well, the signs are looking positive for getting this done in the house. and what is benefiting democratic leaders at the moment is a bit of momentum that comes out of the passage of that hard infrastructure bill. all the democrats are watching joe biden and people who got behind that bill celebrate its passage, promote its passage. that feels a lot better to them than the in fighting that they've been experiencing over the last several weeks, drag down the president's poll numbers, drag down the democratic party. so they're getting on a bit of a roll in terms of sentiment for getting this did you think. so, some of the moderates in the house who have expressed resistance over the potential cost of the bill, they want to see how the congressional budget office assesses whether it adds to the deficit. some of those people seem to be falling in line even before they
2:36 am
get that final number. so prospects are good in the house. and i think democrats, democratic leaders and white house officials are confident that even the resistant senators like joe manchin ultimately with some changes are going to fall in line and they're going to get this done. democrats are eager to put this in fighting behind them and try to make themselves in a healthier position once the holidays are over and you turn into 2022 when, of course, you have midterm elections. >> so one of the sticking points is how to pay for it. we understand the white house is bracing for an estimate from the congressional budget office that will show that this plan will add likely to the federal deficit. so with some lawmakers already sort of having hang ups here, how will the bill survive a negative roar or what's perceived as a negative report? >> well, one of the things they've done is lay the groundwork for members to not be surprised by this number. a lot of difference we expect to see has to do with how both the
2:37 am
congressional budget office and the white house and the treasury assess the impact of steps they're going to take to strengthen tax enforcement, to thereby to collect taxes that are already owed, but not paid by especially wealthy people at the top. and you have different estimates and different rules for how you count money that may come in. and i think people are prepared for that number. it's not going to come as a shock. i think having done that, democrats are going to be able to get passed certainly in the house. it is somewhat more of a challenge in the senate as you mentioned, and as daniela mentioned in the run up. that is, people like joe manchin are saying, is this going to make inflation worse? in reality, economists say that even if some things the biden administration did earlier this year in terms of the size of the rescue plan, contributed to inflation, this build back better plan is not likely to make much difference on inflation. i think they're counting on that argument prevailing with the holdouts. >> while i have you, i also want
2:38 am
to ask today about the house voting to censure republican congressman paul gosar and strip him of his committee assignments after he, of course, posted that horrendous anime nonsense of a.o.c. on the one hand it seems obvious that you don't get to post a video on social media, even joking about killing one of your fellow congressmen. but the fact we even have to ask, is this a resolution that passes, sort of signals where we are. >> yeah, i think it's going to pass. look, this is sick behavior by congressman gosar. there is something wrong with him. you hear that in statements from his own family members who have been speaking out against him for sometime. >> yes. >> and there is something wrong with the republican party more broadly, which is that you have a segment of the republican party which has embraced the idea of threatening americans who are on the other side with actual violence as a political
2:39 am
weapon. and i think that's something, even if you have a democratic party that's divided internally by some ideological splits, some political concerns, everybody can get behind the idea that it is deeply wrong and antithetical to democracy for a political party or segment of a political party to use physical threats as a tool. and i think that's something that is likely to unite democrats and maybe even a small number of republicans in censuring this behavior and trying to do something about it. it's a very difficult problem because you've got a former president in donald trump who inspired an insurrection and is now praising the insurrectionists and laying the groundwork for more activity of that kind. and that's something that decent people in politics know that they can't stand for, and i think we're going to see that in the house today. >> sometimes i think this gets too easily dismissed as sort of a statement about civility and
2:40 am
how low civility has sunken. to your point, this is about actual violence. we know this type of behavior inspires violence and that we saw it firsthand when people were hurt on january 6. and we know that this congresswoman receives swipes that are serious. thank you for being here to break it down, including all of the nonsense. thank you. all right, now to the story, possible arms control was a key topic of president biden's virtual meeting with leader xi this week. the talk of the growing arms race across the indo-pacific region, countries like japan, taiwan and australia all ramping up their arsenals in response to china's military expansion. cnn's will ripley is live in taipei city with more on this developing arms race that could threaten the rest of the world. will, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, laura. yes, these talks couldn't come at a more critical time.
2:41 am
analysts are telling me, because china has been expanding its arsenal at an alarming pace, and other countries in the indo-pacific region are doing the same. u.s. president joe biden and chinese president xi jinping meeting virtually this week as the world faces what analysts call a growing threat. an intensifying arms race across the indo-pacific, potential flash points across the region, raising the risk of a nuclear conflict, threatening to u.s., its allies and the world. >> if you have a serious conflict, you could end up with nuclear weapons being used and we're not talking atomic bombs. we're talking hydrogen bombs and this is a different warfare entirely. >> reporter: the world's most assertive power, china. the united states us suggests beijing is building nuclear capable silos, testing more ballistic missiles than the rest of the worldcom bi-- world
2:42 am
combined. the chinese navy the largest in the world with a catch. most of their warships are small, but they are getting bigger. a new aircraft carrier in shanghai could launch earlier next year with technology rivaling the larger, more advanced u.s. carrier fleet. how long is it going to take for china's navy to pose a credible threat to americans? >> i assume they still need to -- a lot of time. >> reporter: are we talking years or days? >> 20 to 30. >> reporter: 20 to 30 years? >> years. >> reporter: warships dot the desert in shin zon, possibly for target practice, analysts say. china also flexing its flight muscles. flying war planes near taiwan in record numbers. the island's leaders warn cross strait tensions are at 40-year highs. taiwan racing to modernize its military. new ships, more missiles,
2:43 am
billions of dollars in american-made weapons, all to guard against an invasion taiwan's defense minister says could be possible by 2025. a war that could involve the u.s. and other democratic allies. taiwan's president tsai ing-wen told cnn last month in this exclusive interview. is taiwan's strategy to be able to defend for a period of time before other countries could assist? >> we definitely want to defend ourselves as long as we can. but let me reiterate, it is important that we have the support, the support of our friends. >> reporter: taiwan's closest friend, at least geographically, japan. signalling support for taipei, a thinly veiled warning for beijing. >> what could happen in taiwan would likely be an issue for japan, in which case japan would need to respond accordingly. >> reporter: japan is staging its largest military drills in
2:44 am
decades, moving missiles, radar and troops to its southern islands about 100 miles from the taiwanese coast. sending ships to the east china sea, the site of territorial disputes with china. japan also facing a threat from north korean missiles. pyongyang believed to be ramping up production of uranium for its growing nuclear arsenal. south korea speeding up its own weapons development, including submarine-launched ballistic missiles. australia will get nuclear-powered submarines, part of a deal with the u.s. and the uk to counter china's rapid expansion. militarizing manmade islands in the south china sea. another military buildup in the himalayas, the site of deadly border clashes last year between china and india, another nation with nuclear weapons. >> military forces are definitely being built up and getting into arms races like that is certainly a difficult
2:45 am
path. >> reporter: a path charted primarily by presidents biden and xi today and whoever leads tomorrow. the stakes could not be higher particularly here in taiwan. a self-governing island that has literally scores of chinese missiles pointed at its capital as we speak. they could arrive in a matter of minutes. and even as they continue to spend billions more every year on defense, they are still vastly outspent, about 15 to 1 by beijing, laura. >> will, great piece. thank you. well, this weekend fareed zakaria is doing an in-depth look at china's leader. china's iron fist, xi jinping and the stakes for america begins sunday night at 9:00 p.m. but his diabetes never seemed to take one. everything felt like a 'no'. everything. but then ray went from no to know. with freestyle libre 2, now he knows his glucose levels when he needs to. and... when he wants to. so ray... can be ray.
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the committee feels that the witnesses that have refused to appear have no basis to do so.
2:50 am
and that we need to hold them accountable, and we're discussing the best ways to do it. >> that was congressman adam schiff who, along with his colleagues on the january 6 committee, are trying to sort through how to deal with former trump chief of staff mark meadows along with other trump allies who have been rebuffing investigators' efforts. the house committee is giving meadows, though, one more chance to comply with the panel subpoena and face questioning. pfizer is seeking fda authorization for its experimental anti-viral pill to treat covid. it would be taken with an older drug called ritonavir. the treatment would be for patients with mild to moderate symptoms. the committee will meet november 30 to discuss the application. meanwhile, cdc advisers will meet ahead of the fda official on officially green lighting the booster shot for everyone over 18. well, golden state made a huge statement win in brooklyn
2:51 am
against the nets. coy wire has more on this morning's bleacher report. coy, a great night for steph curry. >> incredible, laura. good to see you. the last two seasons have been ones to forget for the warriors and their fans. but this season they are on fire. steph curry and company are letting everybody know, we're back. curry faced former teammate kevin durant arguably the best player on the planet. this is in brooklyn. sharp shooting steph curry had something to say about that debate. cu curry raining down three's. nobody else in nba history has had more than nine such games. curry finishing with 37 points, was even getting mvp chance at several points from the brooklyn crowds. warriors 117-99. they're 12 and 2 on the season, that's best in the nba. u.s. men's soccer team traveling to jamaica, man. get out of my way, dancing
2:52 am
around for this finish. his first goal for the national team. that lead wouldn't last long. check out an tontonio with a hu strike. it ends in 1-1. the u.s. securing another point in its bid to qualify for qatar next november. the u.s. is now one point behind canada for the top spot in their qualifying group. canada getting a 2-1 win against mexico in cold edmonton. lift off, sam soaring through the air. torpedoing into a pile of snow. team canada and its fans erupting after that eventual match-winning goal. the new college football playoff rankings are out. georgia, alabama, oregon and ohio state holding onto the top four spots. notre dame is the only new team in the top eight. but big chances -- changes could be on the way saturday, laura. alabama hosted arkansas. oregon has a tough game in utah.
2:53 am
cincinnati and michigan are waiting for one of those top four teams to stumble so they can peek their way in. finally tom brady's ten-part docuseries debuting last night, man in the arena. the kchamp reflecting on the moment he was finally drafted in the nfl as the 199th overall pick. >> finally the phone rang. and it was the patriots. sitting down stairs in my living room with my parents and everyone was excited. and i remember my dad opened a bottle of champagne, not even realizing where new england was. i mean, i was like, new england patriots, i didn't even know, where is that? >> where is new england? viewers, also see how brady became the starter and led the patriots patriots to their first ever super bowl title. ten super bowl appearances, it gives you wia chance to take a
2:54 am
glimpse at any sport like steph curry's incredible stuff. >> thanks, coy, appreciate it. some good news for caffeine fiends. that cup of coffee or chai tea may lower streak or dementia. a study finds those who drink four to six cups of coffee had the lowest risk. that's a lot. there's a caveat here. those who drank more than six cups a day could be a heighter risk for dementia. finally, new year's eve, the party is at times square. the mayor announcing party goers will be able to ring in 2022 in person as long as they can prove they are fully vaccinated. children who can't get vaccinated yet must be accompanied by a vaccinated adult. i don't know what 4-year-old convinced their parent to go down to times square, but more power to you. if you can't get vaccinated for
2:55 am
a medical reason, you'll have to show a negative covid test within 72 hours and you will be required to wear a mask. thanks so much for joining me. i'm laura jarrett. christine is back tomorrow. "new day" is next. johnson & johnson is building a future where cancers can be cured. strokes can be reversed. and there isn't one dedefinitin of what well feels like. there are millions. johnson & johnson is building your world of well. >> man: what's my safelite story? my my livelihood. so when my windshield cracked... the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me... with service i could trust. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ bipolar depression. it made me feel like i was trapped in a fog. this is art inspired by real stories of people living with bipolar depression. i just couldn't find my way out of it. the lows of bipolar depression can take you to a dark place... ...and be hard to manage. latuda could make a real difference
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