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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  November 17, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PST

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are you a christian author with a book that you're ready to share with the world? get published now, call for your free publisher kit today! hello and warm welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm max foster. >> his cause of death was multiple gun shot wounds. >> everyone has different biases and views. >> you will pay no heed to anyone even the president of the united states. >> two political trials. possibly revealing flaws in the
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nation's justice system. deadly flooding in the pacific northwest. what this could mean for holiday travel and in europe, a surge of covid cases have officials worried it could still get worse. >> wednesday, november 17. right now two high-profile cases are gripping the united states highlighting race, guns and legal trials. in brunswick, georgia. arguing that mcmichael's shot arbery. he was accompanied by two others
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in this case. americans are awaiting a verdict in the kyle rittenhouse trial. his lawyers argue he shot three in self-defense amid racial justice protest in kenosha, wisconsin last year. prosecution say rittenhouse instigated the shootings. >> after close to nine hours on day one. still no verdict. early in the day, they requested more copies. that is significant because those pages deal with crucial concepts like self-defense and provocation and the concept of intent along with the charges connected to the killing of joseph rosebaum. later in the day, the jury
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requested extra copies to the jury instructions indicating that they want to be through as they move through this. we saw kyle rittenhouse pull the names or numbers of jurors out of a lottery. some saw that as unusual but the judge made a point at the end of the day, tuesday that this is how he's done things in this courtrooms for at least 20 years. moving forward or outside the courtroom, we have seen protests that have come in at points throughout this trial but maybe got to its largest in size over the course of tuesday. even still overall. among the people that have come. some have been in support and some called him a killer and others praised survivors for being a hero. what is clear, no matter the
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verdict, there will be people upset here in kenosha. >> the jurors asked the judge in the trial for extra copies of their instruction and asked a juror from another high-profile case what to interpret from this move? >> the instructions are tough. with the chauven case, the judge was great with this. with this case, the language is more difficult. it will take them time to go over it and get an idea of what is being asked. that is a discussion is how to interpret each one of these counts that they are going for. >> it is possible the rittenhouse jury could reach a
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verdict. >> another lawsuit has been filed in the wake of a deadly crowd surge at the astroworld festival. a suit filed on those attending and family members. performers along with scott and drake are among those named. 10 people died and dozens hurt during the festival when the packed crowd surged the stage. at least 140 lawsuits have been filed. the u.s. house of representatives will vote today on paul gosar and stripping him. he posted a graphic video showing him attacking alexandria
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ocasio-cortez. he said he didn't watch it before he posted it but didn't apologize. the migrants at the border of poland. meeting that anger with water and tear gas. some are ready to a bapd on the goal of reaching europe, others won't give up. >> we are fighting to stay alive here. >> will you go back to iraq? >> no. no. >> on the polish side of the border with cnn. and with me in the studio talking the more regional concerns. >> is it calmer there or are tensions still high? >> i think it was more calm overnight after that standoff. it seems as though a lot of people out there were
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demoralized after not being able to get through the polish border crossing and get into th e eu territory the night was more calm. yesterday, you did have that massive malae. some were throwing stun grenades that they say they only could have gotten from polish forces. europe really concerned about this situation. i want us to listen into accounts of the human rights commissioner had to say about what's going on there. let's listen in. >> the situation is complex and
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problematic. we can see enormous suffering of people left in limbo. it is unacceptable what belarus is doing and how the people are manipulated. >> there you have obviously europe very concerned about what is going on there and what germany is saying is where a lot of these folks want to go is that they are not going to be taking in migrants near the eastern border with poland. they say they need to return to their home countries. you have that full court press going on. right now, i think the most important thing we have from that border area is that some of these people were able to spend the night inside a shelter with a roof over their heads with a blanket and warmth. a lot are still camped outside.
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the situation is dire and dangerous. the big question is what is going to happen next. the only solution could be they say going back to the countries of origin but a lot of them say they don't want to go back. >> what conversations are going on in the european capitals and moscow, for example? >> there are people, some of these migrants who have been taken into a center close to the border. that reflects a conversation the chief was having with the belarus leader that it was important to stand down but that humanitarian help should be given to the people at the
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border. we are seeing a space for deescalation. that can also turn if they accept the turn of the union politicians. so, yes, there are conversations being had. speaking with them on monday and friday. you had merkel speaking with putin. the russian foreign minister was in paris meeting his country part. those conversations are being had. if the upshot is this little deescalation we might be seeing, then you can see there is this path for diplomacy and a way
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back interest this. i think it is in the hands of the belarus anand the migrants. >> they've made this very clear they are not going to do it. this is a tough message for the migrants but very clear for lukashenko and putin. european leaders will stand together despite disagreements with poland and other issues, they will stand together on this and not feel manipulated, coerced, pressured into a migrant crisis which becomes a political point inside the eu. >> thank you. also fred there from the border. isis claiming responsibility of two suicide bombings in uganda capital. security footage shows the time each explosion went off.
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one happened at the parliament building and the other at the police station. policemanaged to thwart another bomb before it went off. they are still facing a bomb threat. right now, indian supreme court is taking up the issue of pollution. a thick fog has been choking new delhi for days now. schools and colleges in and around the city will remain closed and all nonessential construction and thermal plants will be halted as well. washington state after days of heavy rain and flooding. in a northwest town say flood waters have damaged 75% and workers are trying to restore power.
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the town shares a border with canada. rescue efforts are also under way in british columbia. two people are missing after a mudslide and two people have died. much more ahead for you. >> let's bring in cnn meteorologist with the details. really frightening scenes. >> you know, the way things have played out is pretty incredible. the amount of moisture and persistence of this rainfall. widespread coverage of 4 to 6 inches. a few pockets exceeding 8 inches. we have this plume of moisture that is a narrow band of moisture about two miles above the pacific ocean. in the month of november, december, january, it typically spells trouble. that is the case here with the amount of rain that has played
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out. the persistence that has been the problem. there has been good news in the way we think the last round of it for places like seattle on thursday and friday. rain showers beyond friday we think will taper off a little bit. saturday and sunday, maybe a dry weekend. certainly not ideal conditions but will be far drier than we've been. that's across the far western u.s. it gets easier across the western u.s. some areas. 20 degrees above average. new york, philadelphia, washington, temperatures in the 70s the week before thanksgiving. that front comes through thursday and friday. significantly colder air back behind us. temperatures will nose dive. chicago will climb up to 60 on wednesday, drop to 40 on thursday and stay in that range for the next few days. washington enjoying a 74 degree
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afternoon on thursday. notice beyond that. friday, 49. atlanta also trends in that direction. maybe a sign of things to come. you look beyond this to early next week, potentially brings arctic air, maybe snow. it is quite a ways out looking into next wednesday and next thursday. by initial indications are that much colder air going to be on the horizon. forecast looks as such right the now for monday. 29 degrees in chicago. mind you, it's almost 70 in areas across the region wednesday and thursday of this week. and then you'll notice new york city about 53 degrees, but again, that colder air shifts farther towards the east next tuesday. temps 41 in new york city, maybe as cold as 49 down in atlanta. so massive changes in the forecast going into the busy week. max? >> it's interesting. pedram, thank you very much
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indeed. drug maker pfizer is seeking emergency use from the fda for its experimental covid antiviral pill. pfizer's c.e.o. says the drug's latest clinical trials showed overwhelming efficacy. data shows the pill is nearly 90% effective of preventing hospitalization or death from covid-19. the biden administration is optimistic as well. a source says it plans to purchase 10 million doses of the pill. pfizer also plans to offer it to developing nations once it's approved in the u.s. now, still to come, new york becomes the center of the pandemic as countries struggle to contain surging covid cases. we'll look at the new rules some are imposing to try to slow the outbreaks. plus, a new phase of the ahmaud arbery trial will start today as the defense begins presenting its case. details just ahead.
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the 25-year-old black man who was out for a jog last year near the city of brunswick in georgia. the prosecution rested after calling 23 witnesses in the case, and on tuesday, jurors heard graphic medical testimony in arbery's injuries. cnn's ryan young has the details. >> your honor, at this time the state rests. >> reporter: with that, the ahmaud arbery murder trial late this afternoon, defense attorney kevin goff previously reserved the right to delay his opening arguments and is expected to deliver them starting tomorrow. >> and what was his cause of death? >> his cause of death was multiple shotgun wounds. >> reporter: after eight days, the last of the state's 23 witnesses took the stand today, including the forensic pathologist who conducted the 25-year-old jogger's autopsy. arbery was shot and killed after he was chased and got into a confrontation in a brunswick
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neighborhood with three white men. travis mcmichael, his father gregory mcmichael, and william brian back in february 2020. disturbing x-ray images of arbery body were shown while dr. edmond donohue described the multiple injures he sustained. >> you see shotgun pellets in the lower portion of the chest. that's the right lateral chest or the right side of the chest. we also see shotgun pellets in the right chest -- left chest and shoulder injury. the shoulder area. >> did it break in 5 through 10? >> yes. >> all right. so all the ribs over here got broken 5 through 10? >> yes. >> what happens when you break all these ribs on the right lateral side? >> it becomes difficult and painful to breathe. and also there is -- the inter costal arteries run on the lower
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edge of those ribs, so you would bleed into the chest cavity. >> reporter: donohue said there was nothing to be done to save his life once the first shot was fired. >> was there anything ems or officers could have done on the scene to save his life from the torso shot? >> well, they could have put an occlusive dressing, but you would have the exit defects in the back of the chest. they couldn't do anything about the bleeding as long as the heart was bleeding. >> in other words, is there anything they could have done on scene to save his life? >> no. >> reporter: the attorney questioned the doctor about wounds, trying to illustrate how hard arbery fought in those last moments. >> it leads me to believe that somehow it had gotten into the barrel of the shotgun, possibly while they were struggling, and maybe pointed it down into the ground and came up with this
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botanical material. well, this is what is called the flight or fight reaction, and when you run into a situation that is stressful or that you are afraid of or is going to cause anxiety, well, we call that a flight or fight response. >> reporter: but the defense took issue with that. >> i believe you testified on direct examination that someone in the fight or flight mode, when they can no longer flee, can fight. >> they can, yes. >> you didn't see any evidence that mr. arbery could no longer flee, right? >> well, no, i depth. >> -- didn't. >> so there was nothing physically preventing him from continuing to run? >> no. >> you have no idea what he was afraid of at that point in time, correct? >> well, there's a man holding a shotgun out there. >> so he could have been afraid of being shot. >> and there was a man following
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him in a pickup truck. >> could have been afraid of being caught. do you know if mr. arbery was afraid of being caught? >> i don't. >> all right. you don't know what you don't know. >> reporter: today's graphic testimony of arbery's last moments was overwhelming for the arbery family. >> i wouldn't put that on nobody's family. look at your kid all laid up blowed apart. >> reporter: earlier in the day kevin goff told the court he filed a motion asking the record to reflect who is sitting in the public gallery during the trial. it comes one day after he took issue with civil rights icon reverend jesse jackson's presence in court with the arbery family, and days after a similar appearance from the reverend al sharpton. >> this morning we did file a motion to prohibit any further conduct that may intimidate or influence jurors. otherwise interfere with a fair trial. it raises the same issues perhaps with more authority than were raised previously.
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>> reporter: the judge denied the request at the end of the day. the med ca examiner was talking about some of the evidence he was able to gather. you have a lot of tough images they had to see. we also saw william bryan talk for the first time in a limited capacity because his attorney kevin goff was trying to get him out of the glen county jail. that didn't happen. ryan young, cnn, brunswick, georgia. >> the defense attorneys said their clients were trying to conduct a citizen -- lawful s citizens arrest. that may be hard to prove. >> citizens arrest is it going to be hard to prove here. georgia law used to allow somebody go chase someone down, hold them for the police if they saw them commit a crime or had direct knowledge that they had committed a serious felony offense. none of that is present in this case. even if there is some argument this may have been criminal
1:27 am
trespass, that ahmaud arbery was on private property, the mcmichaels didn't see him on private property, and they certainly had no evidence he had committed a felony offense that would have authorized them to go chase him down and then arguably get into the scuffle and then shoot him. so it's going to be a stretch for the defense. >> well, we'll have continuing coverage of this trial throughout the day here on cnn. closing arguments are expected to begin tomorrow in charlottesville, virginia, against the organizers of the unite the right rally. some of those injured in that rally in charlottesville are suing two dozen white nationalists and organizations. the lawsuit accuses the defendants in the case conspiring to commit violence. the defense is expected to call two more witnesses later today. now, in the coming hours, u.s. president joe biden is set to focus on his infrastructure win during a visit to michigan. even as he continues to make the case for another major bill, we'll have the details for you
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from washington. and mr. biden says talks with his chinese counterpart led to some progress on taiwan. he is now clarifying comments related to his independence. more on that just ahead. pplemen, neuriva plus fuels six key indicators of brain performance. more brainin performance? yes, please! neuriva. think biggeger. ever rushed to a doctor's appointment and thought: [whispers] "couldn't i do this from home?" only to get inside, where time stands still. "how long do i have to wait here?" healthcare makes many of us feel anxious, confused, exposed, and overwhelmed—but it doesn't have to be that way. letsgetchecked offers virtual care with home health testing.
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the severe weather also caused mudslides in british columbia, canada. authorities say several people are still missing. u.s. president joe biden is set to travel to michigan later today where he'll discuss the benefits of the new infrastructure bill just signed into law this week. he still faces other hurdles on capitol hill. the white house and top democrats are expected an estimate from the congressional budget office to show their sweeping plan to expand the social safety net will fail to meet the president's promise not to add to the federal deficit. cnn's phil mattingly has the details on that. >> reporter: president biden wasted no time getting out into the country trying to sell that $1.2 trillion infrastructure proposal he signed into law just 24 hours prior. he was in new hampshire standing on an 80-year-old bridge that is sorely in need of repairs, trying to underscore, trying to hammer home the tangible benefits he and his administration see in that bipartisan proposal. thanking him, new hampshire
1:33 am
democratic delegation, several of whom are considered top targets by republicans in the midterm elections, underscoring the idea this isn't just a policy win for the administration. they see it as a potential political boon as well. however, it is not the end of the president's legislative efforts. there is a second piece of his $3 trillion domestic agenda, and that piece still a number of hurdles ahead. the president and house democrats at least trying to get it through that chamber by the end of this week and the president seems optimistic. >> i'm confident the house is going to pass this bill. and when it passes it will go to the senate. i think we can get it passed within a week. and it's fully paid for. it will reduce the deficit over the long term as i said. >> reporter: one of the outstanding issues has been whether the kbill will be paid for. that is why it has been delayed. a group of house moderates wanting to seal the score before they are willing to vote for the proposal and that it will lineup with what the white house has been estimating the last several
1:34 am
weeks. there is expected to be some divergence. but to this point, moderates seem pretty comfortable it is going to land where they expect it to, and that means the expectations of the president that the bill is going to pass the house by the end of the week. most democrats are increasingly comfortable that will be the case. however, there is another chamber involved. the president does not a path to all 50 democrats signing on. joe manchin, centrist democrat from west virginia, still raising concerns about the trillion dollar proposal, it is a three-decade-high proposal. there is a lot of work to do. senator schumer saying the senate wants it done by christmas. obviously a lot of work in the coming weeks. phil mattingly, cnn, the white house. the u.s. and china have agreed to ease visa restrictions on journalists from each other's countries, an issue that's been a source of contention between the two sides. this development comes after the high stakes summit between u.s.
1:35 am
president joe biden and chinese president xi jinping. tensions over taiwan dominated those talks with mr. biden citing some progress on the issue. he also made clear the u.s. is not changing its policy on taiwan, and clarified an earlier comment when it came to its independence. >> i said that they have to decide -- they, taiwan, not us, and we are not encouraging -- we are encouraging they do exactly what the taiwan act requires. >> cnn's will ripley joins us from taipei. the language is so sensitive around this issue. it does cause concerns when there is a slight slipping in the language. >> reporter: and that's why the ministry foreign affairs in taipei blasted beijing, and particularly chinese state media for mischaracterizing in their view what president biden said. he supports the one-china policy the urgnited states has had for decades. what they didn't mention is the
1:36 am
taiwan relations act you just heard president biden mention. the act compels the united states to sell taiwan defensive weapons, taiwan about the $5 billion in weapons in the u.s. just last year. but it's being vastly outspent 15 to 1 by beijing, which is building more weapons, more missiles, more ships, more planes, and some fear that if this regional arms race doesn't get under control, it could escalate and perhaps even tip over. >> okay. in terms of how this moves forward, what's the talk in taiwan, for example, about the future of the relationship between the u.s. and china and how taiwan falls in between? because, you know, a lot of people there feel quite insecure about their future, don't they? >> reporter: taiwan is a small island 23 1/2 or so million people, a self-governing democracy that has a behemoth of a neighbor, 1 1/2 billion people. massive military and it claims
1:37 am
this island as its own territory. it has ever since the end of china's civil war, even though beijing never controlled this island. it had its own military 70 years. the last 40 years what beijing has done is diplomatically isolate the leadership here. countries in the u.s. cut off formal diplomatic ties more than 40 years ago and now have these friendships with taiwan, friendships taiwan is counting on to keep beijing at bay even as president xi jinping consistently says that if taiwan were to try to formally declare its independence, beijing would forcefully reunify with this island if necessary. and so we know there are discussions happening at the lower level between u.s. officials, taiwanese officials about the biden/xi summit. they want to know where the u.s. stands now. they put out a statement they were reassured the policy hasn't changed. biden made it clear he supports the status quo which is a
1:38 am
self-governing taiwan that continues to bolster its self-defense kaep abilities as well as continuing to have this one-china policy with the government in beijing. but from the beijing point of view, the u.s. has been calling for a bigger voice for taiwan at the united nations, much to beijing's chagrin. beijing doesn't like to see all of those american-made weapons being purchased and utilized and they don't like to see hundreds of military personnel here in taiwan over the last couple of years training taiwanese troops. so it's certainly a situation where the two sides need to talk, and with all of the regional arms race that's unfolding here, it's a good thing analysts say that they're talking about this. it couldn't come soon enough. >> okay, will in taiwan, thank you. now, the sudden disappearance of a chinese tennis player is raising concerns amongst the sporting world. earlier this month she took to social media to accuse a retired chinese state leader sexually assaulting "her". the post was quickly removed and she hasn't been seen in public
1:39 am
since. tennis authorities called on the kmaenz g chinese government to investigate her allegations. she should be heard, not censored. now naomi osaka is adding her voice. i am in shock of the current situation and sending love and light her way. other stars like novak djokovic, billie jean king and na vratalo vrks a voice their support. they se ri leasing documents requested by the january 6 committee would give the legislative branch tooch much power. now more from cnn's jessica schneider. >> reporter: the committee is planning to issue more subpoenas according to bennie thompson. so far they have issued 35 according to key trump officials like chief of staff mark
1:40 am
meadows, press secretary kaylee mcenany. they have faced fierce resistance. former chief strategist steve bannon has been in contempt of congress for refusing to comply with his subpoena. they are considering referring mark meadows for criminal attempt after he refused to comply. the committee is being hampered here by time. members are only in d.c. until friday. that's when they'll head back to their districts for the thanksgiving holiday. examine there is really no way to play out a criminal contempt referral that fast. any decision on med owes will likely not play out until the last week of november. plus we learned the chairman of the committee is going to be sending out one more letter to meadows to give him another chance to comply. the committee also has a looming legal fight. it will go to court to argue against trump's attorneys' claims of executive privilege. that will be november 30. in fact, the attorneys filed their brief on tuesday, arguing that if the court does not stop
1:41 am
the select committee from accessing these presidential records, it could forever change the dynamic between the political branches, even warning that congress could use its power as a weapon to harass political rivals. the appeals court, though, likely won't decide that case until early december. and at that point it would likely be appealed to the supreme court, meaning any turnover of documents to the committee could maybe not even be until 2022. jessica schneider, cnn, washington. now for mask mandates to restrictions on leave, countries are using a variety of measures to fight coronavirus outbreaks. we're live in paris for the latest next. and get back to your rhythm. ♪ the relief you need. the cash you want.
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world health organization warns new covid infections are on the rise around the world. up 6% from last week. in its weekly report published tuesday, the w.h.o. recognized
1:45 am
europe, the americas and regions showing 6% higher increase in new cases. more americans could be he will skbribl for covid booster shot within a matter of days. cdc advisers are set to meet friday to discuss expanding eligibility for pfizer's vaccine booster for adults. the panel meets typically after the fda has given the green light, so friday's meeting is a sign fda approval could come at any time. but some states aren't waiting on official approval. these five states have now expanded booster shot eligibility to anyone 18 and older. meanwhile, new york is encouraging any adults who feel at risk to get the booster. parts of asia are also taking precautions to slow new infections. beijing is now limiting all flights from high-risk areas to just one per day due to outbreaks of the delta variant. anyone entering the city must test negative for covid. and hong kong disneyland closed its gates on wednesday after park guest tested positive for
1:46 am
covid-19. all park workers are now being tested and the government is requiring testing for any guests who were present at the time. countries in europe are also doubling down on restrictions. in germany, more states are putting restrictions on the unvaccinated by requiring both shots or proof that they have recovered from the virus in the last six months to enter some public venues. and two regions in france are now requiring masks outdoors to slow the spread of new infections. the french government says the country is in a state of alert over rising cases, but is still faring better than some of its neighbors. cyril vanier joins us from paris with more. interesting to be wearing masks outside. it's a real indication of how seriously the authorities are taking the risk here. >> reporter: well, absolutely. authorities have said here in france that we're in a state of alert. now, this country has a high vaccination uptake, 75% of the french population is fully vaccinated. and if you finesse that number,
1:47 am
max, 90%, i think it's actually the number that matters a bit more. 90% of the eligible population -- that's to say, people here age 12 and up are fully vaccinated. so france can take its time relative to neighbors like germany or countries like austria which you're seeing high or record high infection numbers. france can take a little bit more time before it imposes more drastic measures. but certainly this appears to be only the beginning, the measure that you raised, max, the idea that now in certain parts of france, two administrative regions have reimposed a mask mandate outdoors in multiple towns. it's something that the french, you know, nationwide had to abide by for many months, and certainly everyone here was very ha happy when they were able to go out in the street without wearing a mask. it is starting to come back and the likelihood is it's only a
1:48 am
start, max. >> and this being a mild winter so far, going into winter, does it look as though from the outside europe is locking down this winter? >> reporter: well, right now you have several factors converging. you have the low temperatures of winter that is going to be gradually more and more driving people indoors where they have more opportunity to infect one another. it's also the fact of waning immunity. if you think of all the people who got vaccinated in the early stages, say from february to may, just do the math. we're six months later and we now understand that immunity wans after six months. so you have tens of millions of people in france and across the continent who have lost their immunity or are losing their immunity. those two factors combined are why so many european countries are worried. both those that are currently experiencing high infection numbers and those that think they will relatively shortly like france. >> okay. cyril in paris, thank you. still to come, supply chain
1:49 am
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congress is facing a big deadline. president u.s. federal government is expected to run out of money on december the 15th. thus the new estimate for hitting the debt ceiling from treasury secretary janet yellen. the previous estimate was december the 3rd. it's not clear how lawmakers will manage the issue. if no action is taken, the united states us could default for the first time in history and not be able to pay its bills. speaking of money, retail experts say it's time for holiday shoppers to reach for their wallets. supply chain disruptions have left companies scrambling to keep inventory in stock. experts advise you should start shopping now, as cnn's tom foreman explains. >> reporter: over 2 billion times, that's how often the words "out of stock" came up as researchers tracked just 18 different product categories online in october. that's worse than last year, and much worse than two years ago. among the hardest-hit items according to adobe analytics,
1:54 am
electronics, jewelry, clothing, home wares and pet supplies. the trend has been driven in large part by months of people sitting at home shopping online in the pandemic, and the holidays are amping it up. >> the demand for the products as well as the materials to make those products is just far outpacing the available supply of those products materials, as well as what's needed to move those products through the supply chain to the consumer. >> reporter: imported goods are especially vulnerable. not only are manufacturers and schippers navigating a maze of periodic shutdowns, but even when their cargos arrive, they're piling up in ports waiting to unload. rosemary coats is an expert. >> there is a shortage of truck drivers, a shortage of warehouse space and workers all along that supply chain. so this is not, you know, a snap your fingers and organize a solution. >> reporter: that means for
1:55 am
consumers the day after thanksgiving could be more like bleak friday, with some products hard to find and prices rising. best tips? shop early. if you see what you want -- >> buy it now. >> buy it. definitely buy it now. >> reporter: and have faith just like many retailers that the holidays will wind up happy anyway. >> so, are you ready to fly to grandma's? >> okay. >> reporter: retailers met at the white house recently trying to corral the grinchiness of the supply chain problem. but experts say it is unlikely we'll see anything like normal until after the holidays, maybe in time for christmas 2022. tom foreman, cnn, washington. meanwhile, the 95th annual macy's thanksgiving day parade will be back in full swing next week in new york with six new floats making their debut this year. the usual crowds will also be
1:56 am
allowed to line the parade route once again. last year's parade was for tv only and the route was shortened due to the pandemic. it's been more than two years since spiedderman has appeared on the big screen. fans don't have to wait much longer. here's a look at spiderman, no way home. >> ever since i got bit by the spider, i've only had one week, and my life has felt normal. that was when you found out. >> actor tom holland appears this his third solo film in spiderman racing to fix the universe while fighting off his enemies and villains. stretching back to the early 2000s, fans will have to wait until december 17th, though, when the film swings into theaters to see if spidey saves the day. thanks for joining us. i'm max foster in london. laura jarrett is up next. you're watching cnn.
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this is elodia. she's a recording artist. 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students, past...
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and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities. good morning, everyone. it's wednesday, november 17th. it's 5:00 a.m. here in new york. thanks so much for getting an early start with me. i'm laura jarrett. christine is off today. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. we begin in kenosha, wisconsin in a town that braces for a verdict that captured national attention. the kyle rittenhouse homicide trial will have five counts and a morass o


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