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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto  CNN  November 15, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PST

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prices, the core of inflation is the pandemic. >> the pandemic has been calling the shots for the economy and for inflation and if we want to get inflation down, i think continuing to make progress against the pandemic. >> wages are rising, the stock market, home prices near record highs. big companies are doing well and passing their highest costs on to consumers and fattening profit margins, good for wall street. it's a strong xhe but the inflation bite is on top of everyone's mind on main street, record high gas prices in california for the second day in a row, a gallon of gas in california $4.68. >> romans thank you very much. cnn's coverage continues right now. good monday morning to you, start of the week, i'm jim
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sciutto. >> i'm erica hill. an hour from now closing arguments in the trial of kyle rittenhouse, the most serious charge carries a mandatory of life in prison. the 18-year-old testified he was acting in self-defense when he shot three men, killing two and injuring one during protests in wisconsin last year. over the weekend the judge indicated he will allow the jury to consider lesser charges. we'll have more on that new development for you in a moment. also this news in washington, trump ally former white house adviser steve bannon is expected to surrender to authorities after being indicted on two counts of contempt of congress for defying requests from january 6th committee for testimony and documents. the committee is warning former trump chief of staff mark meadows could face the same charges after he refused to appear for a deposition following a subpoena last
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friday. simone prokupecz, what happens in the next few hours in the courtroom? >> reporter: jim, one of the things we get word there may be more discussions about those charges that the jury is going to potentially be considering. the judge on friday agreeing he may include instructions to the jury to consider lesser-degree charges. what we're now getting word is that perhaps the judge is going to come in, more discussions this morning on that before a final decision is made and then after that, we will start to hear closing arguments, each side is going to get about two and a half hours for the defense obviously, their whole thing hangs on self-defense, saying that kyle rittenhouse was justified in firing his weapon, that he was attacked, rittenhouse testifying himself saying he was ambushed, how he was cornered, that he had no
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choice but to fire his weapon. prosecutors arguing there were choices. he could have made better decisions, he could have ran in different directions, he could have done different things to avoid having to fire his weapon. all of that will be up to the jury. the final jurors will be chosen today. 18 yoor jurors in the courtroom have been listening to the case but only 12 will decide the case. those 12 will get chosen later today after closing arguments, and we will then know who the final 12 jurors are that are going to decide this case. by the end of today later this afternoon it's expected the jurors will begin deliberations. >> shimon prokupecz, thank you. joining us is charles f. coleman, a civil rights attorney, former new york prosecutor and trial attorney. good to have you with us this morning. on friday, the judge agreed with the request from the prosecutors that the jury can be given
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instructions on provocation. how much do you think that figures into the closing arguments today we'll hear from the prosecution? >> good morning. i think that's going to be a huge part of what the prosecution tries to drive home during its submission. we are like ly going to see the prosecution hammer home the narrative around trying to prove or establish rittenhouse went there and these encounters he pulled the trigger, he did so because he was the one who was the aggressor, because he was the one who wanted to end off the story of him leaving his home, crossing state lines with an assault rifle being the hero. he was looking for the trouble he had not not been able to get into for the entire night before this incident occurred. that is going to ultimate ly pu the jury in a position they have to make a decision whether it is
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self-defense as the defense is trying to make out or whether rittenhouse went there looking for trouble. the fact they get this provocation instruction from the judge is huge for the prosecution, because now they have a narrative that they can really sell during summation around kyle rittenhouse starting this problem that resulted in the death of two people. >> one reason they are asking for the consideration of these lesser charges are concerns they did not prove the highest most serious charge there of homicide, and i wonder based on your experience as a prosecutor, do you agree it's unlikely to convince a jury beyond a reasonable doubt of that highest charge here? >> well, jim, in this case, i do think that the prosecution is being honest with themselves, they understand that they're given the facts how things unfolded throughout the course of this trial. it's not very likely they will be able to prove the highest count, which is why you've seen them go for lesser charges. usually as a prosecutor and one
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of the things that even the judge mentioned in this case, you don't always necessarily want to include lesser charges or lesser counts for the jury to consider, because as a prosecutor, what you usually want to do is try to get the top count, because that's going to give you the harshest sentence possible. one of the reasons the prosecution is considering lesser charges or is going after the lesser charges, sometimes what you will end up doing is getting the jury to compromise. maybe you don't necessarily get the top count when it comes to having the harshest sentence or biggest charge that's on the indictment, but ultimately you walk away with something and sometimes that's what happens when juries get together they decide we don't want to go for the top thing but what are some things we can convict him on in order to hold the defendant responsible. i think that's a big part of what the prosecution is trying to do in this situation, is ultimately not walk away with nothing, and so they're trying to put more charges in front of the jury and hope that they'll consider more and potentially
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compromise and be able to come away with a conviction for kyle rittenhouse. >> in terms of the defense and what we will hear in their closing arguments, a lot was made how effective kyle rittenhouse was himself as a witness, in his testimony, talking about why he was acting in self-defense. what do you expect we'll hear from the defense? >> i think you're going to hear a lot about how kyle rittenhouse went through the entire evening and went through a number of different situations not necessarily trying to get in trouble with folks, not necessarily looking to bother folks. a number of times he had run-ins during the evening that could have resulted in different types of altercations, but he avoided them or he basically did not draw his weapon during those. wasn't until he got in the confrontations with the two deceased victims and one injured he decided to fire his firearm.
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they'll use that any in a huge to establish the fact in their minds kyle rittenhouse was not looking for the type of trouble the prosecution is going to insist that he was looking for, but that he was trying to be a good samaritan or good citizen basically by coming in and trying to protect businesses and stop fires and things of that nature. that's going to be a huge part of the narrative, basically looking at the totality of the evening and trying to explain or express that there were a number of different scenarios under which under which he could have used his firearm, more reason why the jury should defend, sorry, why the jury should believe what the defense is saying. >> we'll be watching closely, thank you. we'll bring you the start of the closing arguments when they begin at the top of this hour. you're looking at live pictures now, another story we're following the home of former trump senior adviser steve bannon. bannon is expected to turn himself in to authorities this
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morning. he would then likely make his first court aexperience appearance this afternoon. >> he's charged with two counts of contempt of congress. whitney wild is live outside the district court of washington and at this point it's a waiting game once things start moving this morning, what can we expect, whitney? steve bannon will show up to court for the first of probably many appearances. this is a lengthy process here, just the beginning. it could cull minutite if convicted with 30 days in jail, thousand dollar fine, up to a year in jail at the maximum, class "a" misdemeanor. the significance here is, i guess i should say there are several significant elements here. the first is that they want
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testimony. they think he was the center to overturn the election. they point out in the indictment that he was at this war room we've been talking about, this was the war room at the willard hotel on january 5th, the night before the riot the same day on his podcast he said "tomorrow all hell is going to break loose." they want to know who he was talking to, what his intentions were with the words and what they expected was going to happen on january 6th, when we know that rally preceded this insurrection. they want to know everything he knows, all of his conversations he had with people surrounding trump as well as the then president himself. steve bannon has been a long time adviser to the president, a confident of him so a trump whisperer. the committee wants to know the president's intention and mindset on the day of riot. more broadly, this is a warning shot to other people blowing off the subpoenas because the question has been is this the real deal?
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does the house select committee have the power to hold people in criminal contempt? this department of justice says yes, they do. so that is the warning shot for anybody else planning to blow off the subpoenas. back to you. >> whitney wild watching that door closely to see if and when bannon turns himself in. thanks very much. let's speaka former federal the procuter host of the "on comic" podcast. ry rinato good to have you here. bannon has been indicted. the last conviction for contempt of congress was 1977. what is the likelihood that's convicted based on reading the tea leaves, the judge, et cetera? >> i think it's certainly possible, given that bannon took a ham-handed approach to the subpoena. he didn't even have his attorney respond until after the subpoena was due and he was supposed to appear. he didn't really assert any valid privilege or make any
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plausible claim so he certainly made the doj's job as easy as possible, but as you point out, jim, the reason that there hasn't been a conviction since 1977 is this is a difficult type of case to prosecute, and unfortunately for the congressional democrats, i do think that bannon still has some potential defenses like an advice of counsel defense. >> meaning this is what his attorney told him to do. it's interesting, though, you write in an opinion piece over the weekend, you think he practically would go to the justice department to prosecute him because as you pointed out, they didn't engage, they ignored requests for specific documents that they wanted to be a little bit more clear in why they were not speaking, meaning bannon, his attorney. was it practically goading or do you think this was part of the plan all along? this is sort of badge of honor for steve bannon. >> i think steve bannon may be trying to prove his loyalty to donald trump. they had a falling out.
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he got back into trump's good graces and trump i think likes people who are thumbing their nose at congressional democrats, so it wouldn't surprise me if bannon is pleased with this. he's also someone who is not afraid of being prosecuted. most of us don't want to be indicted by the justice department, but mr. bannon has found a way to be indicted twice by the doj, that actually takes quite a bit of doing on his part so i think it's certainly possible he wanted this to happen and now that's been indicted, he now has just, i think this morning it broke he hurd a new attorney. i expect him to call the old attorney as a witness and waive attorney/client privilege and say that he was just following that guy's advice. >> so adam schiff, congressman adam schiff says he thinks that the doj's decision to indict here has an impact to have an impact on other witnesses. do you see the same? as you say, not everybody relishes the idea of being indicted by the justice
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department, perhaps mark meadows and others feel pressure here, is that what you see happening? >> i think that it will have an impact. there's no question that if i represented people, i'm sure the first thing they ask is what are the chances i'm going to be indicted, too? i don't think mark meadows wants to be indicted. that said, they are pursuing much more sophisticated strategies and we have seen mark meadows attorney wrote an op-ed over the weekend for "the washington post," speaking publicly, talking about his negotiations, what could be a reasonable compromise. it's all about appearing reasonable and taking, showing that you're taking the subpoena seriously so it will be harder for doj to prosecuting and inducing doj to take a pass on him >> renato marriotti, good to have you. thank you. >> thank you. president biden set to find the hart-out if bipart stand infrastructure bill today and
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selected a point person to oversee the investment. sad news the 9-year-old boy critically injured at the astroworld festival has died and the family of another victim speaking to cnn this morning. also ahead, a terrorist incident at a british hospital may have been thwarted by a heroic taxi driver. we just got dramatic surveillance video of that deadly explosion. we'll have it coming up. is struggling to manage your type 2 diabetes knocking you out of your zone? lowering your a1c with once-weekly ozempic® can help you get back in it. oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! my zone... lowering my a1c, cv risk, and losing some weight... now, back to the game! ozempic® is proven to lower a1c. most people who took ozempic® reached an a1c under 7 and maintained it. and you may lose weight.
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biden will finally sign that $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill into law today. the legislation includes $550 billion to repair and replace roads, bridges and ports. $65 billion to improve the nation's broadband infrastructure and more than $7 billion to build a network of electric car chargers. >> there's a lot of money there in so many categories, many of which do need improvement in repair. jeremy diamond joins us from the white house. this was bipartisan in the senate and the house. will we see a bipartisan signing at the showing? >> we will. that is a rarity. senate republicans who helped pass this legislation are expected to attend, including lisa murkowski, susan collins and rob portman. you will not see every one of the 32 republican lawmakers in the senate and house who passed
6:21 am
the legislation attending. mitch mcconnell is not expected to attend and bipartisan showing at the state and local level as well with governors and mayors of major american cities expected to attend to show just how popular this piece of legislation is, and indeed, that is the aim of the signing ceremony that you're going to be seeing today on the south lawn of the white house. president biden at a moment where he has faced sagging poll numbers, economic concerns in particular over inflation and rising gas prices, he is looking for a win, a political boost here, and that is exactly what the white house is aiming to do with this, as they look to highlight what is undoubtedly the central legislative accomplishment of joe biden's presidency thus far and of course we have heard officials talk about the fact that these infrastructure investments will indeed help at least in the medium and long-term with some of the supply chain concerns to make it more efficient to move goods around the united states. the white house looking for its next legislative wins with that
6:22 am
social spending and climate investment portion on the docket for the white house to accomplish. >> jeremy diamond with the latest, thank you. right now the white house is coming to the defense of vice president kamala harris. press sec tar jen psaki tweeting qut, vp is not only a vital partner to president biden but a bold leader taken on key important challenges from voting rights to addressing root causes of immigration to expanding broadband." >> there is the tweet there. new reporting suggests there is some tension building between the west wing and the harris team. edward isaac dovere joins us with more. i wonder the source. is the vice president's team disappointed with the roles they've been afforded by the west wing? >> reporter: that's part of it. also part of it that is some folks in the west wing the first year of harris' vice presidency and pretty much throwing their
6:23 am
arms up as they think about the dysfunction that has continued to plague it, a lack of focus they see in the office and all of this is wrapped up in the concerns people have, many of them harris loyalists, people who want good things for the vice president and her political future. they don't think enough is done to position her well, should she be president or running for president any time soon. >> i noticed two interesting threads in your reporting here. the concern and pushback that she's not being adequately prepared or positioned. there's some frustration from people who worked closely with her over the years that they are not getting the access they used to have, that that things are tough to come by when it comes to communications with harris' office. how much are those two feeding on one another? >> feeding on each other quite a bit. on the first part of it, one of the people that we spoke to is a woman alaini kounalakis, a long
6:24 am
teerm supporter of kamala harris said she looks at this and says kamala harris is honored to be vice president. she's proud to do the work she's doing, but for these people like kounalakis feel she could be doing more, looking what the white house and president assigned her to do and think she's able to do more than she's being given and that is where the frustration's coming from. on the other hand you have donna brazile, another long time friend or supporter of kamala harris, democratic operative for many years who said to me that she looks at this and says you need to have consistent clear and concise message coming out of the vice president. she months more of that being done. the vice president to be out more, she said leave air force two gassed up all the time, let her out, is the way she summed it up to me. that say feeling about what's going on, not only in how the vice president's being treated by the assignment out of the white house but also how things
6:25 am
are running within her own shop. >> can i ask a question here? is this looking forward as soon as 2024? is that some of the messaging back there potential plan b for the democratic party in 2024 or not even publicly or privately articulated at this point? >> of course the vice president is a heartbeat away from the presidency at any time. 2024 joe biden said he's running for re-election. he will be 82 years old and who his running mate will be, what his vice president is like, how that vice president is viewed will be an essential validator, if he's running for re-election. if he's not running for re-election, for whatever reason, he doesn't follow through on how he said it's going to be, she'll be running for president and the campaign would be under way in a year, 18 months at the most. >> yes. some great reporting, edward-isaac dovere, thanks so much. >> thank you. just in to cnn, dramatic new
6:26 am
video -- >> ooh. >> -- of a deadly explosion outside a uk women's hospital, so the surveillance footage shows that black taxi as you just saw pulling up to the hospital in liverpool yesterday morning moments before an explosion occurs. police are calling this a terrorist incident. >> police say the passenger got into the taxi with the device, asked to be taken to the hospital, the passenger died in the blast but the driver managed to escape thankfully with non-life-threatening injuries. the taxi driver should be credited for his action, says the mayor of liverpool. police have not identified a motive for at tack, goodness, just alarming, alarming pictures there. still ahead, heartbreaking news overnight of the tenth person to die from injuries sustained during the astroworld concert. this victim is just a child, just 9 years old. we are moments away from the opening bell on wall street,
6:27 am
futures slightly higher this monday morning, nothing major. stock did finish higher on friday but ended the week lower overall with concerns about inflation continue to weigh on investors, this week the focus shifts to how the consumer is doing, october retail sales data due tuesday, we expect some big corporate earnings as well later in the week. sales are down from last quarter, but we're hoping things will pick up by q3. yeah... uhhh... doug? [children laughing] sorry about that.'s uhh... you alright? [ding] never settle with power e*trade. it has powerful, easy-to-use tools to help you find opportunities, 24/7 support when you need answers, plus some of the lowest options in futures contract prices around. get e*trade and start trading today.
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a 9-year-old boy trampled and severely injured at the astroworld music festival in houston, ezra is the tenth and youngest victim of last week's tragedy. >> he offered brain, liver and kidney trauma, placed in a coma and never recovered. rosa flores joining us live from houston. i know his family is behind one of dozens lawsuits filed against festival organizers. i can only begin to imagine the pain they must be feeling this morning having to say good-bye. >> reporter: hearts are heavy here in houston. his attorney represents more than 200 concertgoers but again ezra blunt, the youngest victim, only 9 years old, according to his family the concert was supposed to be a bonding moment between son and father. pice fahis father had ezra on h
6:33 am
shoulder, at points during the concert he couldn't breathe, he passed out. little ed rah had fell onto the crowd and fighting for his life ever since and tragically, he died over the weekend. his attorney's family, excuse me, the attorney representing his family issuing a statement saying, "the blunt family tonight is grieving the incomprehensive loss of their precious young son. this should not have been the outcome of taking their son to a concert, what should have been a joyful celebration." the statement goes on to say they are asking for answers and for justice for ezra blount, only 9 years old, as the ninth victim's family is also grieving, 22-year-old ba barti shahani died last week. her sister and her cousin were on cnn's "new day" today saying they were at the concert as well and they remember those intense moments when they didn't know if they were going to make it out
6:34 am
alive. now of course, they're grieving 22-year-old bhati shahani's death and they want answers as well. take a listen. >> we just want to know like what happened, like why exactly this happened and make sure it never happens again to anyone. this is a feeling no one should experience. it's terrible. >> exactly. i feel like no family should ever see what we're having to see today and should never feel as broken as we feel this this moment. >> reporter: i checked in with the houston police department, they do not have updates on the investigation. they're not expecting any press conferences today. again, this as the death toll increases to ten individuals, the ages of the victims between 9 and 27 years old. erica? >> those poor families, rosa flores, good to have you there. thanks very much. still ahead this hour, migrants facing razor wire and
6:35 am
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breaking news to cnn, steve bannon the former president trump's senior adviser has now appeared at the fbi field office here in the district of columbia to turn himself in. this following his indictment on two counts of contempt of
6:40 am
congress, this is just moments ago and there you see him arriving at the fbi field office following this indictment. let's watch these pictures as it happens. >> reporter: any comments mr. bannonon this? >> reporter: how are you feeling, mr. bannon? >> reporter: mr. bannon, what are your plans now ahead of this? >> thank you, everybody move back . move back. >> you see steve bannon there making comments, difficult to hear those comments given there's a scrum of photographers
6:41 am
between us and the president's former chief strategist, now ofce.we have renato field mariotti, former federal prosecutor with us now. renato, can you walk us through what happens next? >> sure. he's inside. he's going to be asked a bunch of routine booking questions. he can't take the fifth. he has to answer those. they're going to be routine things asking questions about his, where he lives, his background, that sort of thing, just basic stuff that they get down. they're going to be generally fingerprinting him. there can be a mandatory dna swab, things like that, so that once that all happens, then he will be proceeding later today to the u.s. district court and once he's there, a judge is going to be essentially reading him his rights, telling him what he's facing, the prosecutor will tell him the maximum punishment
6:42 am
and going to advise him, for example, the judge as to whether or not he should not speak to the government without an attorney, that sort of thing. >> whitney wild is at the district court. this indictment includes two counts of contempt. wha walk us through the two counts, if you would. whitney may not be able to hear us. we'll work on that audio. renato, refusal to appear for a deposition and refusal to produce documents, that's what we're working with here. you noted to us earlier this morning, one of the things that stood out is a change in attorneys for steve bannon. why is that important? >> well, steve bannon one of i think the best defenses for him is going to be what's called an advice of counsel defense. it's rarely asserted, usually attorneys aren't advising people to do things that later are indictable for crim malactivity but here i could see the attorney making the stand and saying, yes, i advised steve
6:43 am
bannon that he should not comply with the subpoena and as long as steve bannon can demonstrate to the jury or convince the jury that he relied on good faith on the attorney's advice, that is a defense. you have to waive attorney/client privilege but that is something that is viable, which means of course that he needs a new attorney to do that. >> renato, over what time period does this play out as the judge considers, are we talking days, are we talking weeks? >> it's going to be weeks, months. so what's going to happen, for example, is the indictment's going to be presented to him today, but then there's going to be discovery produced to mr. bannon, there will be a schedule for motions to be filed, where he could challenge certain aspects of the indictment of the prosecution. once the judge rules on those motions which could take some time they'd set a trial date. right now the courts are very backed up. i have clients that are waiting
6:44 am
for years for their criminal trials, so i think as a practical matter, this is going to play out over an extended period of time. >> hurry and wait. renato, always good to have you with us, thank you. stay with us for the dramatic standoff we've been following in europe, live on the border between poland and we lar belarus.atatatatatatatatatatata. i mean just cause you look like someone else doesn't mean you eat off the floor, [ chuckles ] or yell at the vacuum, or need flea medication. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ bipolar depression. it made me feel like i was trapped in a fog. this is art inspired by real stories of people living with bipolar depression. i just couldn't find my way out of it. the lows of bipolar depression
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he says together we can push past the small and divisive politics we see in texas today and get back to the big, bold division that used to define texas, a texas big enough, he writes, for all of us. right now, the standoff intensifying at the border between belarus and poland in eastern europe as thousands of migrants try to cross into poland. new video this morning shows some migrants being confronted with razor wire, water cannons. cnn senior international correspondent matthew chance is live at the border. matthew, tell us what you're seeing there. >> reporter: sorry, a few technical glitches here on the border between belarus and poland. it's a chaotic situation. there have been some dramatic scenes unfolding in the course of the last three, four hours. all of the thousands of people in that camp, in the forest up against the barbed wire fence
6:50 am
suddenly earlier on today, picked up their staff, packed up their sleeping bags, and trekked all the way down here right to the main border checkpoint with poland. there had been a rumor circulating in the camp that the poles were going to open up this corridor into the european union and allow them to go on to germany, where most of these people wanted to go. the poles have been trying to dispel that rumor. they're gietting text messages n their phones saying that's not true. razor wire fences, water cannon with the barrels pointed towards the crowd in cases of a breach attempted, but nothing to be fired at this point. and military police and border police all categorically sending a message that these refugees are not welcome in poland and in the european union. it's a desperate situation for them.
6:51 am
of course washington, the eu, countries like poland accuse belarus of orchestrating this crisis,apon newsing they're saying, the sanctions the eu has placed against belarus for various human rights abuses. but these migrants are stuck in the middle. they have belarusian force at their back and this razor wire and the polish border guards in front of them. they are quite literally stuck in the middle and it's a truly desperate situation. it's freezing. i've watched this mother wrap up her children as tightly as she can in the sleeping bags in the hope they can get through the night without freezing. it's just horrible. as a father myself, it's horrible. these little girls are playing on the razor wire and getting
6:52 am
stuck. it's just a matter of time before one of them cuts -- gets cut or badly injured. i've tried to get them off and they keep on going back. a bleak situation, a desperate situation with these people who are, you know -- had a terrible plight, a terrible experience, a cold night ahead of them. >> so important, though, that you are there and we're continuing to follow the story. matthew chance, thank you. new reporting in to cnn this hour. the u.s. intelligence committee is struggling with what they fear could be an intelligence blind spot because it has dwindling sources inside russian president vladimir's inner circle. this is important because u.s. officials are increasingly concerned about russia's military buildup, along the border with ukraine. ngatasha brer ertrand joins us. they're concerned about the size of the force, the components but
6:53 am
they don't have the intel to read russia's true intentions. >> exactly right. they don't know if russia intends to launch a full-scale invasion into ukraine because they have not had great intelligence into vladimir putin and his inner circle since around 2017 when a high-level source was extracted from the russian government by the u.s. amid concerns over that source's safety. we're seeing a blind spot by the u.s. intelligence agency that this is becoming a denied area and it's concerning because russia is engaging in concerning military activity near ukraine's borders. u.s. officials have said they are still trying to figure out what russia's true intentions are privately. they say that is because of this blind spot. they don't want it to get to the point it was at in 2014 when russia moved to invade ukraine kind of in crimea under everyone's noses, right? they've been signaling publicly to the extent that they can that, look, this is very serious
6:54 am
to the european allies, to nato allies, this is very serious. this is not a bluff. this is something that we need to monitor closely and of course trying to signal as much as they can that, hey, vladimir putin, russia, we are watching what you're doing. >> deeply concerning because of the increasing tensions between the two countries there. in the midst of that, you have public messaging about u.s. support for ukraine. we have a picture of what the u.s. embassy and ukraine tweeted out last night about what is a significant shipment of munitions to ukraine. tell us what the importance of that signalling is right now in terms of western support. >> ukraine always wants kind of more weapons from the united states, more protection, as much as they can get from the west as they try to fend off this russian threat, which they emphasize has been hanging over their heads for the better part of six, eight years now. so this signaling of support for ukraine also shows russia that, hey, the united states, nato, the european allies are backing
6:55 am
ukraine and they have to be careful with their military maneuvering around the border. ukraine's defense minister is coming to washington this week to meet with defense secretary lloyd austin. it will be their first meeting since the new defense secretary and ukraine has been sworn in. all of this kind of differentic flurry of activity is meant to convey to russia to the extent possible they need to be careful with their movements because the world is watching. >> we did have the nato secretary-general note that while ukraine wants to be in nato, it is not and therefore there is not a defense treaty obligation to defend ukraine from russian attack. >> ukraine wants to be a member of nato. they have been pushing for this, and that is one of the main sources of tension with russia. russia says if ukraine joins nato, that is a direct threat to russia and they will be forced to respond. moments away from the jury
6:56 am
arriving to hear closing arguments in the kyle rittenhouse trial. we'll take you thrive wisconsin after this break. potent blend of nutrients so you can emerge your best with emergen-c. ♪ ♪it's a most unusual day♪ ♪feel like throwing my worries away♪ ♪as an old native-born californian would say♪ ♪it's a most unusual day♪ ♪it's a most unusual sky♪ ♪not a sign of a cloud passing by♪ ♪if my heart won't behave in the usual way♪ experience the power of sanctuary at the lincoln wish list event.
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good monday morning. i'm erica hill. >> i'm jim sciutto. we are watching live pictures from kathlee kenosha, wisconsin. at any moment, closing arguments begin in the trial of kyle rittenhouse. he faces six charges, the most serious of which would carry a mandatory life sentence, but there are many charges possible short of that. >> he has pleaded not guilty t


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