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tv   New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar  CNN  November 15, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PST

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something on your facebook feed about someone famous getting dramatically arrested. >> tell us about this clip circulating claims the vice president harris contrary to the cdc's facts said virtually every individual hospitalized with covid-19, with the vaccine, that everyone hospitalized with covid-19, pardon me, is vaccinated, which obviously is not true and she did not say. >> she did not say that. in fact, this clip was edited pretty crudely in fact to make it seem like the vice president said the opposite of what she actually said in this july speech. i think we have that clip if you want to listen. >> and the vaccine will protect you from it and here's how i know. virtually every person who is in the hospital sick with covid-19 right now is unvaccinated. >> so again, plain lies, crude
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editing but again going viral. >> i will say you hear anything about draft the dallas zoo died because of the covid-19 vaccine, totally not true. always helpful, daniel dale, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> "new day" continues right now. good morning to our viewers here in the united states and all around the world. i'm john berman with brianna keilar. it's monday, november 15th, and we are awaiting a major development in the january 6th investigation, steve bannon expected to surrender. >> we actually have some live pictures of bannon's home in washington, d.c. the former chief strategist for president trump expected to turn himself in this morning to face a two-count indictment for contempt of congress. bannon defied a subpoena from the house select committee investigating the january ofth insurrection and faces up to a year behind bars on each count. he's scheduled to make his first court appearance this afternoon. >> joining me cnn senior legal
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analyst ellie hodig, former federal prosecutor. >> the united states department of justice charged steve bannon with criminal contempt of congress. two counts, one relates to ban none's refusal to testify and the other refusal to produce documents. bannon did not appear before the se committee. he did not certify he conducted a diligent search for responsive records, that is stonewalling. now, it's an interesting law that's been charged under here. it's a misdemeanor. so the maximum penalty here is one year in prison and $1,000 fine, which really unusual, most misdemeanors people don't go to prison. here if he's convicted he has to go to prison for at least one month and pay $100. important thing to note this is about punishment. if he is convicted it will not force him to testify.
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it's about punishment and deterring others. >> if he wants to eat the one month in jail, he could. >> he could do that and never get in front of congress. >> what's the process here? >> the judge here, judge carl nichols appointed to the bench in 2019 by donald trump. government lawyer and private career he gave a broad view of executive privilege, in his limited time on the bench, he has ruled against donald trump's interests, including on the tax returns cases. now, today we will see steve bannon arraigned. will go into court and be fingerprinted back behind the scenes, have his mug shot taken, not his first time. he was indictly federally in 2020 and pardoned by donald trump. the judge, not this judge, a magistrate judge will advise steve bannon of the charges against him, advise him of his rights and ask him for a plea. he will most certainly plead not guilty. then the judge will consider bail. in some cases, judges will lock a defendant up pending trial. steve bannon is going to get bail, not locked up.
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it's a misdemeanor, not a violent crime. bannon will make motions ask the judge to throw out the charges, allege there are problems legally. then most cases at this point, the vast majority of federal cases plead guilty, steve bannon doesn't strike me as the pleading guilty type. ultimately, if bannon wants it, he will have a trial. there's an interesting question here about who will decide guilty or not guilty. if bannon wants a jury, he gets a jury. but he might say no, judge, i would like you to be the trior here, you decide guilty or not guilty. in that case it's up to the justice department if they say we're okay with you, judge, the judge will preside over the trial. if the doj says we want a jury. hen the judge dies. i don't make the laws, i just explain them. i know it's confusing. after trial if he's convicted he'll be sentenced to at least one month in prison and he'll have the right to appeal. >> what's his defense? there's no dispute over the fact
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he didn't show up and not the cooperating. >> executive privilege. yes, i did not testify but i had legal justification. a couple problems with that, however. one, the indictment points out the president, the former president donald trump he's never formally invoked the privilege, never said hey committee i invoke executive privilege. bannon says the president told me over here. also donald trump is a former president, trying to invoke the privilege outside the executive branch and even if all those things are true, then the court still has to do this balancing test. is this the kind of policy discussion that's protected or is this something else? is this about wrongdoing? >> what is what happens with steve bannon matter to the other witnesses here? people think this will open the floodgates in terms of contempt for other witnesses who don't want to testify but maybe not. >> not necessarily. again, merrick garland has to decide separately if and when any people are referred over by congress for contempt. adam schiff said over the weekend the committee will act
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soon to refer mark meadows. they're not necessarily in the same position as steve bannon most importantly because meadows for example worked for the executive branch. so what the bannon indictment does is tell all these folks you might get indicted, convicted, sent to prison but it does not assure that. >> elie, i wish you wrote the laws. >> we'd have fun with it. i'd make it were simpler. >> thank you. here's what the chairman of the january ofth committee said about former trump chief of staff mark meadows being a no show at last friday's deposition. >> we have been moving very quickly to make these decisions and i'm confident we'll move quickly with respect to mr. meadows but when ultimately witnesses decide as meadows has that they're not even going to bother showing up, that they have that much contempt for the law, then it pretty much forces our hand and we'll move quickly. >> joining us now, former republican congresswoman barbara
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comstock. thank you for being with us this morning. we're seeing in this new tweet from the january 6th committee, they're raising questions about mark meadows' communications, whether he used a private cell phone and it appears essentially asking if he destroyed texts or other communications. is that how you read it? >> certainly it sounds like that's what they're looking at and it's interesting that if you go back to 2014, i believe it is, when mark meadows was in congress himself and on one of the major investigative committees, he was complaining about not being able to get emails from the obama administration. so this is somebody who apparently doesn't want to practice what he was preaching back then, and i think probably if he went back and looked at some of his rants at that time, he was very upset about documents and emails not being turned over. so i think the committee is going to treat him very seriously and they can just use his own words and actions from the past and i can tell you even though he is a white house
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official, when i was chief counsel in congress of an investigative committee, we held white house counsel at that time in contempt and they then turned over the documents. we also held in contempt the attorney general, she, janet reno at the time, turned over the documents. so it really is unprecedented what he's doing to not cooperate at all. john dean during nixon did come forward and talk about things. so the way this trump team is just refusing to cooperate at all invites these contempt citations and i think they should be indicted, and hopefully convicted. >> we've also learned that there was another memo, a couple more coup memos, another clear about instructions that pence would take to overturn the election from, from trump lawyer janet ellis and this was something
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meadow sent to pence via a top aide. what does that tell you about the orchestration of that day? >> well, again, i've called mark meadows the worst chief of staff ever, and the fact that he would forward a memo like the one written by janet ellis, not a constitutional lawyer, you know, considered by any experts, that he would forward that to the vice president's office as well as remember mark meadows according to previous system was forwarding italy gate conspiracies to the justice department. when i was at the justice department, the chief of staff was not sending over anything like that, nor was the white house counsel's office and that's what's really interesting here. the white house counsel's office getting their documents is going to be important because they're the dog that you haven't heard bark yet and i would imagine since in the white house counsel's office those lawyers were telling the president he couldn't do these things, that these things were off the wall. we certainly have heard bill
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barr already on the record saying that these things were nonsense and that he told trmpb trmp himself that he had i think it was clowns for lawyers, was the effect of the representation that barr made to trump and told him how ridiculous these things were and then he himself left and i think that whole story probably still has more information there and these were serious conservative people respected by conservative organizations, so i think as we hear more of that and as we get, because even if mark meadows did for some reason, i don't know at all, but even if he did destroy emails, emails were sent to other people so they're going to show up on another end. all of this information coming forward that was sent to pence's office i imagine pence people did not destroy those documents so hopefully they will be subpoenaed to come in and tell those same stories also and i
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don't think they're going to spend tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars to prop up the big lie nor should they. >> it's still a whole oath goose chase obviously as well. congresswoman barbara comstock, thank you for being with us. >> thank you. just ahead a religious leader reacts to a former trump adviser calling for only one religion in the u.s. we also have new reporting on tension inside the white house between the offices of the vice president and the president. and closing arguments about to begin in the kyle rittenhouse trial.
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michael flynn, donald trump's former national security adviser, at least for a brief spell, made it clear over the weekend that he believes christianity should become the sole religion in the united states. >> so if we are going to have one nation under god, which we must, we have to have one religion, one nation under god and one religion under god, right, all of us together, working together. >> let's talk about this now edward ahmed mitchell, the deputy director of the council on american islamic relations, which is a muslim advocacy group. sir, thanks for being with us this morning. what is your reaction to what
5:16 am
you heard flynn say? >> look, honestly, i was not surprised. michael flynn has been saying crazy things for years, including about the muslim community, when he left the military under the obama administration, he joined an anti muslim hate group that advocated for restricting the rights of muslim-americans. not surprised at all to see what he said over the weekend. michael flynn is not a serious person but he's a dangerous person because so many people take him seriously including the former and potentially future president of the united states and wasn't long ago michael flynn was in the oval office giving advice to the president about how to overturn the election, so whenever something like this is said, we have to take it seriously, and people of good faith, of all faiths have to speak up against it and say it's un-american. >> listening to this one might say why is he doing this and when you look at the motive for it, it seems that it may be because in qanon circles where he is courted a lot of folks,
5:17 am
they kind of turned on him and suggested that he was a satanist and here he is trying to prove no. does that matter at all in what he's saying? >> well, no, it doesn't matter. michael flynn is a former general, former national security adviser and he is a person who has the ear of the former president. that is what makes him dangerous. i don't care what his explanation for this is. he has got to understand and respect the constitution of the united states. the first amendment guaranties religious liberty, religious freedom for all americans including muslims and jews and christians and others. he has no right and no one has any right to impose one religion on the entire country, so this shows you the danger of conspiracy theories. it never stops. it gets worse and worse and these people turn on each other. we have to speak up against this, because you can't just dismiss this stuff. i thought that donald trump was not serious, that he would never become, be able to implement a muslim ban but you saw what
5:18 am
happened. i think we've learned our lesson when someone says something crazy, we take them seriously and we have to speak out against it very quickly. >> edward, thank you for being with us this morning. we appreciate it. >> thank you. all eyes on steve bannon this morning as he is expected to turn himself in to authorities at any moment. he's been indicted for contempt of congress. a consequence for defying a subpoena from the january 6th select committee. john avlon with a reality check. >> years ago back i passed through a town truth or consequences, new mexico. i loved the name even after i found out it was inspired by '50s radio show. telling the truth is a bedrock virtue and there should be consequences when people willfully lie but we're living in the time when the truth is under attack, sometimes a frontal assault from disinformation, other times treating the truth as a matter of opinion, the most sickening
5:19 am
twist there could be more consequences for telling the truth than lying especially in politics. liz cheney got knocked out of leadership for righteously condemning trump's attempted coup replaced by stefanik who backed the lie. conseq consequences can change the calculus. steve bannon's indictment could be a turning point, trump is trying to block the release of 700 pages of white house documents around the attack. now a second memo how to overturn the election there's plenty to hide. trump's strategy has been to deny and delay. he ordered his flunkies to ignore subpoenas. presidents are not kings, an executive privilege exists for the benefit of the republic, not any individual. accountability is essential because without consequences we
5:20 am
will continue to define deviancy down leading to more division and dysfunction in our democracy guaranteed. today's republican party doesn't seem to care if you try to overturn an election or threat on it kill a colleague. what they consider a firing offense working with democrats because there was no evident republican outrage when republican paul gosar released the video we apparently killed alexandria ocasio-cortez and president biden. when they voted for a bill that would benefit constituents they were called traitors and communists. goe is asr. gosar is in the sam seat but the 13 republicans will face challenges or targeted for redistricting. defending democracy doesn't seem like a big deal to you look at the life or death consequences of lying about covid because newly released emails and testimony from trump cdc officials show that they were pressured to downplay the pandemic in its earliest days
5:21 am
out of white house fears the truth would make trump look bad. the trump white house tried to interfere in the release of accurate covid data, refusing cdc requests to hold briefings about mask guidance and pediatric covid cases leading officials to feel muzzled. dr. debra birx aide said scott atlas pushed for less testing. it adds more detail to what birx told cnn back in march. >> there were about 100,000 deaths that came from that original surge. all of the rest of them, in my mind, could have been mitigated or decreased substantially. >> all of the rest, america's new past 750,000 lives lost to covid. that's the consequence of not confronting the truth sooner. all this has a downstream effect on our culture with continued politicization of this deadliest pandemic in our history.
5:22 am
i don't know what vince lombardi would have done about aaron rodgers lying to teammates about being vaccinated but guess there would have been some consequences but when rodgers did get caught he blamed the woke mob quoted martin luther king and got fined. not a lot of money for americans but not for a guy who makes over $30 million a year and dallas cowboys wide receiver got fined more money by the nfl for having his jersey untucked twice. that's a side of misplaced priorities and reflection of our society right now. we fixate on small thing, culture war infractions and ignore the big stuff like lying and putting your fellow citizens at risk. that includes covid, and january 6th. we want more truth, we're going to need to insist on more consequences. that's your reality check. >> the untucked shirts, man. >> telling you. >> if that doesn't hurt people i don't know what does. >> civilization falling apart. >> thank you very much.
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new cnn reporting describes tension and frustration inside the white house between the offices of the president and the vice president, kamala harris. reading now from the reporting, "worn out by what they see as entrenched dysfunction and lack of focus, key west wing aides have largely thrown up their hands at vice president kamala harris and her staff deciding there isn't time to deal with them right now, especially at a moment when president joe biden faces quickly multiplying legislative and political concerns. she's perceived to be in such a weak position that top democrats in and outside of washington speculate privately why the white house has allowed her to
5:28 am
become so hobbled in the public consciousness as thee see it. joining me bakari sellers and evan osnos. it's interesting and may be responsible for some of the struggles or perceived struggles that joe biden has had the job that kamala harris has. >> yes, i think any of us knows that it's hard to have a job that your boss had before you, because after all, they have distinct ways of doing things. they think there's a way that you should spend your time and issues you should devote yourself to. joe biden focused on foreign affairs and dealing with capitol hill, two things that president obama at the time didn't want to focus on, needed to dedicate his energies elsewhere. in this administration that's not where joe biden needs kamala harris and as a result there's a question what does he want her to be doing? and the issue that she's been most closely associated with, which couldn't be more important, question of voting
5:29 am
rights, shoring up democracy, something he considers hugely important has been the hardest issue for this administration, not through quality of her own but simply because it is the central nerve running through american politics. that's a hard hand she's been felt with from the outset. >> bakari, the cnn article was not the only article that dealt wither us for the vice president inside the white house, and in that article, someone who endorsed kamala harris in her presidential bid is quoted as saying "i have a problem with her portfolio mainly because of the way the president engages on that issue, those issues. it's hard to pass voting rights for the president being mute on the filibuster." that aide you can see by the handsome face associated with the person, quote is you, bakari. you have an issue with some of the things that kamala harris has been given to deal with inside the white house. >> there's no question. for the past six months i've been beating the same drum that when you talk about voting rights as evan just did it's difficult to pass voting rights
5:30 am
or to have any success with that issue in your portfolio when the president refuses to lean in or advocate for some narrowing of the filibuster. that's simply a fact. you're in a no win situation, but i have a larger issue with the tone and tenor which kamala harris is covered, and i think we saw that in this article. i had to push back heavily on this article and throw cold water on it. i spent time with the vice president's office and no one's frantic but more importantly she just got back from a flawless overseas trip to france dealing with a prickly issue where we had some freezing of our diplomatic relations with france and she by all means performed extremely well and by all grades performed enxtremely well. in the article they mentioned the right wing trope she was utilizing a french accent saying thee instead of the. it puts a lot of us in defense
5:31 am
of posture. we see a lot of people are treating kamala harris the same way they treated hillary clinton, attempting to end her political career in a death by a million cuts. >> i should note just so people know that there were i guess three dozen people talked to for this article inside and outside. not everyone named, there are anonymous sources but that's the way reporting works and you know that, bakari. >> i know that. i just want people to know my criticism or my criticism, though, i at least put my name on it and i think that drives a lot of people crazy as well, although i know that doesn't mean anything about the jum journalism. >> you were quoted by name in the "the washington post" post. do you sense any frustration inside the vice president's orbit at a minimum about the assignment she's been given, whether it be the northern triangle, whether it be voting rights, are there other things you'd rather be doing? >> i mean, yes. i think that we want to see her out more and that's also the angle of the article, the cnn
5:32 am
piece stated that it was this theory of her being hand in hand with the vice president. the fact is, she's come into this being a great team player because there was a thought that she would not be a team player and she's been nothing but a great team player but yes, we want to see her on the trail. we want to see her selling the agenda. we want to hear her on black radio every week, we want to see her out and about because as i stated yesterday, has to be stated again, kamala harris and pete buttigieg are the two best communicators this party has. they are the future of the democratic party and we need to see her in particular out on the campaign trail and out on the trail selling the agenda to the american people, not caught up in becoming a creature of the washington bubble. >> evan, it's interesting. bakari just brought up the future and that might be another piece of this that really needs to be focused on, because president biden needs to figure out his own future, right, and that plays in here. >> well, as you know, the oldest dynamic in washington is tension between a president and a vice president and part of that comes
5:33 am
down to who is going to be running in the next presidential race, and i think kamala harris, the vice president has been very wise and sort of mindful about not allowing that dynamic to become the story. bakari is absolutely right, she's been sort of kept under wraps here close to town, close to washington, and we're now entering a period in the buildup to the '22 midterm elections where you can get her out on the road, get her doing things that can establish both more of her own individual voice and also show that she can speak for parts of the party that are not getting heard every day. she has a huge role to play and over the horizon is the question of '24 but nobody in her office is going to start talking about that now, that would be in a form of political malpractice. the focus, how can she help contribute to democratic wins in '22. >> it does matter from the white house side from the biden team side. what he wants to do has some impact on how that relationship works, yes? >> it does. his decision what to do in 2024 will hinge partly on his perception of who stands strong
5:34 am
on the democratic party side. is there somebody in a position to run for president who can win, who can beat whoever the republican challenger is. is that kamala harris, is it pete buttigieg? is it joe biden? i can tell you one thing, in 2020 part of the reason joe biden ran for president, he looked at the field and decided i'm in the best position to win this. we don't know. i know it sounds like the political clock is ticking and it is still early days. the biden/obama relationship started in rocky moments, too, and became one of the strongest vice president/president relationships we've seen. stay tuned. >> evan and ba khaki, appreciate you joining me, thank you. >> my pleasure. mitch mcconnell planned to disinvite donald trump from the biden inauguration. >> president biden and chinese president xi jinping have the opportunity to reset their relationship perhaps in a virtual summit today as tensions prize between the world's two largest economies.
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5:39 am
jonathan karl's new book "betrayal" coming out tomorrow, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell planned to disinvite trump from joe biden's inauguration because he "felt he could not give trump another opportunity to disrupt the peaceful transfer of power." joining us now, cnn chief political correspondent dana bash, co-anchor of "state of the union." it's a really interesting data point that jonathan from abc news pults out there. we knew how angry mitch mcconnell was at donald trump in the days between january 6th and january 20th but the idea that he didn't want him to show up on january 20th no matter what is interesting. >> it's very interesting. and if you jux to pose it with kevin mccarthy, no, we're not going to ban him, we want him to come, fast forward a year is still pretty much the position and posture that the two republican leaders have and doesn't necessarily reflect
5:40 am
their own personal feelings although in fairness to mitch mcconnell, he was truly angry and disgusted by what happened but it reflects the political realities of what their tasks are. in the house of representatives, kevin mccarthy all he needs to do is keep donald trump in the fold. that's what he believes in order to become speaker or for republicans to get the majority because of the dinchs difference in the makeup of the house versus the senate, mitch mcconnell who wants to be majority leader again but you have purple states if donald trump is successful in getting a trump-like nominee in a lot of these races, mitch mcconnell will be relegated once again he believes to minority leader. >> i want to talk about your new episode of "being" chris christie former new jersey governor and donald trump ally who is admitting here that
5:41 am
former president trump was pretty much responsible for january 6th. let's watch. >> reporter: was president trump responsible for the insurrection on the capitol? >> i don't think the speech he gave that day caused what happened. i think everything he was saying from election night forward incited people to that level of anger. >> reporter: that's worse than one speech. >> that's my point. my point is that i think people minimize what happened on the 6th pointing to the speech that he gave on the ellipse on the 6th. >> reporter: sounds to me like you're saying he was responsible for it. >> what i am sea saying is that you can never be wholly responsible for the conduct of other people and each one of those individual people are responsible for what they did. >> reporter: would they have not done that, had the president not said it was rigged? >> i don't think they'd gone there had they thought the election had been fair. >> cass nating answer, dana. what do you make of the timing
5:42 am
of the answer to that question from chris christie? what is it? >> he has a new book coming out, and like a lot of people -- >> well -- >> but this is in keeping with what we have heard more and more from him which is something that separates him from other republicans, we were talking about kevin mccarthy, because he's clear on what he sees in the january 6th insurrection and more importantly heard there in the clip how we got to the point and puts the blame on the former president. from the day after election on, he fed his supporters with a bunch of lies and we know much more about how he tried to overturn free and fair election results. he can't ready to go there on
5:43 am
completely closing the door to supporting the former president if that is where we are in 2024, meaning if donald trump ends up getting the nomination. i asked whether he'll wait to run and you'll have to watch tonight. >> i'm not going to spoil that. it's fascinating, berman. i love this series that dana does. it takes you behind the scenes here and look, where is chris christie on all of this? it's i think showing how you have to thread the needle if you're a republican, trying to distance yourself from trump and not obviously distance yourself from trump and we'll watch him do some acrobatics. >> is chris christie a herald of what might come from other republicans? to me that is such an interesting question. >> he wants to be. he wants to be explicit in saying he wants to give other republicans cover to say what he's saying, which is that the election in 2020 was free and fair. joe biden was freely elected,
5:44 am
let's move on. >> that's why this is essential viewing if you're trying to understand the state of politics i think more republicans here and you can see this tonight being chris christie, it will air at 10:00 eastern on cnn. dana, always wonderful to have you here in the morning with us. thank you. here is what else to watch today. the r
5:45 am
florida governor ron desantis targeting the federal vaccine mandates. we have new developments today. a short time from now, closing arguments in the kyle rittenhouse trial. stay tuned for special live coverage. you're never responsible for unauthorized purchases on your discover card. it's my 4:05 the-show-must-go-on migraine medicine. it's ubrelvy. for anytime, anywhere migraine strikes, without worrying if it's too late, or where i am. one dose can quickly stop my migraine in its tracks within two hours. unlike older medicines, ubrelvy is a pill that directly blocks cgrp protein, believed to be a cause of migraine. do not take with strong cyp3a4 inhibitors. most common side effects were nausea and tiredness. ask about ubrelvy. the anytime, anywhere migraine medicine. hi, my name is tony cooper, and i'm going to tell you about exciting medicare advantage plans that can provide broad coverage and still may save you
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finally! a totally different way to finance your ride. only from carvana. the new way to buy a car. time now for five things to know for your new day. steve bannon is expected to turn himself in to authorities and make his first court appearance this afternoon after being indicted for ignoring the subpoena from the congressional committee that is investigating the january 6th insurrection. >> closing arguments set to begin this morning in the homicide trial of kyle rittenhouse. prosecutors will try to portray him as a vigilantie who killed
5:50 am
two people last year in kenosha, where 500 national troops are on standby. the defense team will say he acted in self-defense. danny fennster freed from prison in myanmar after being sentenced to 11 years hard labor, negotiated by former new mexico governor bill richardson during a trip to myanmar. president biden and chinese president xi meet in a virtual sum hit it evening. the stakes are high with both parties agreeing or trying to say they want to lower the temperature on issues that include trade, security and human rights. british counterterrorism police declaring a deadly taxi cab explosion that occurred outside a women's hospital in liverpool a terrorist incident. authorities believe the device was built by the passenger, the driver was able to escape and hailed a hero for locking the suspect inside. >> those are five things to know
5:51 am
for your "new day." more on the story all day long on cnn and and download the 5 things podcast every morning, go to this morning, florida lawmakers return to the state capitol to work on bills to block vaccine mandates, part of a special session called by governor ron desantis. his state could become the first to pass a law punishing businesses and hospitals that comply with president biden's effort to get the workforce vaccinated. cnn's steve contorno is joining us now more. this is a fascinating tug-of-war to watch and it really has major implications for the health of the state. >> yes, florida's one of the biggest states in the country and has one of the largest senior populations, and obviously this summer had one of the worst coronavirus surges of anywhere in the country so we're just seeing the continued battle between governor desantis and president joe biden over the future of the pandemic, and how it's going to be handled and
5:52 am
governored. >> so what is at stake here in terms of this question that is being asked? what is the policy and what is desantis' opposition to it? >> governor desantis has been vocal against vaccine mandates for the last few months ever since president biden put that out there. however, he wanted lawmakers to come back into special session to put in harsh new laws that are going to not only ban mandates but potentially penalize companies that decide to go through and side with the biden administration. lawmakers have reeled him back a bit. republicans control the house and senate there. they are very close with the business industry that operate in florida. you have a lot of large employers, like disney, walmart, who have already implemented some vaccine mandates for their employees, so instead of banning vaccine mandates outright, you just can't force anyone to get a
5:53 am
vaccine that could have ways to get exemptions and you can get tested, you can prove that you have already gone through the virus and have natural immunity, you can have religious exemption, so there are certain ways that you could potentially not run afoul of the florida law but also maintain compliance with osha. >> covid's bad for business, right, and vaccines are good to get rid of covid, so you're seeing this play out, it shouldn't play out the way it is politically, but thank you so much, steve. thanks for the report. >> absolutely. just hours from now on the white house south lawn, president biden will sign the bipartisan infrastructure bill into law. >> and adele makes everything better. see how she helped a fan pull off an epic surprise, in concert. as someone who resembles someone else, ♪ for a million years to make you feel my life ♪ ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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time for "the good stuff." adele helped a fan pull off an epic marriage proposal at her televised concert special. let's watch.
5:58 am
♪ to make you feel my love ♪ >> take it off. >> babe, look at me. look at me. look at me. look at me. will you marry me? hello, ashley. >> real? >> in real life. >> yeah. >> yes? [ cheers and applause ] >> hello, ashley. >> so adele then serenaded the couple with her song "make you feel my love." clearly the bride-to-be was very overwhelmed there, berman. >> it's beautiful. i will say i'm not sure adele is synonymous with long-term commitment but we'll leave that. what can the white house do to fight inflation? cnn's chief business correspondent christine romans. >> you come to me with a diss of adele? >> no, all her songs are about splits. presidential approval numbers are falling and prices for just about everything else rising the white house is now on
5:59 am
inflation watch. >> inflation is high right now and it is affecting consumers in their pocketbook and also in their outlook for the economy but those concerns underscore why it's so important that we move forward on the build back better legislation, this legislation that the house is going to consider this week. this will go at the cost americans face. >> the idea there investments in working families would lower their housing, child care and health care bills insulating americans from inflation. the fed is the official inflation fighter but the white house does have a few other tools, too. they could cut tariffs on chinese imports imposed by the trump administration, they could cut more steel and aluminum tariffs and tap the strategic petroleum reserve leading to a temporary relief for rise in gas prices and also ease regulations to fix the trucker shortage and port backlogs. jared bernstein reported some progress on untangling the signals moving goods from ports
6:00 am
but at the core of rising prices, the core of inflation is the pandemic. >> the pandemic has been calling the shots for the economy and for inflation and if we want to get inflation down, i think continuing to make progress against the pandemic. >> wages are rising, the stock market, home prices near record highs. big companies are doing well and passing their highest costs on to consumers and fattening profit margins, good for wall street. it's a strong xhe but the inflation bite is on top of everyone's mind on main street, record high gas prices in california for the second day in a row, a gallon of gas in california $4.68. >> romans thank you very much. cnn's coverage continues right now. good monday morning to you,


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